County Borough of Huddersfield Directory (1956)

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In presenting this, our First Edition of the Huddersfield County Borough Directory, we hope that we have published a volume which will assist those engaged in the task of successfully administering the commercial and civic affairs of Huddersfield, and we would like to take this opportunity of placing on record our thanks and appreciation of the assistance which we have received

from public officials and private individuals.

It is, as the reader can imaginé, no sinecure to comprile a volume of this kind, and whilst no expense has been spared in our efforts to provide a book of general utility, and to obtain the best and latest information, we wish to make it clear that, notwithstanding the fact that every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, we, as publishers, can accept no responsibility for

amy omissions or errors.

Particulars of any corrections or suggestions for the improvement of subsequent issues will be gratefully received and appreciated .

We wish to thank all the many business firms who have supported our advertising columns.


January, 1956. 30, Corporation Street,


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Librarian and Curator: Mr. Horace Goulden, Fr.L.A. Deputy Librarian : Mr. Stanley T. Dibnah, r.L.A.

The central building comprises an adult lending library (101,467 volumes) with a music department (8,338 titles) a reference library (16,882 volumes) with a collection of patents (full specifications for the last twenty years, abridgements since 1855) and a local history department (3,857 items) and a children's combined lending and reference library (16,927 volumes). The Newspaper room contains a good selection of the leading daily newspapers and popular weekly periodicals, while the magazine room has a further eighty weekly, monthly, and quarterly periodicals including trade and technical publications. Bound copies of local newspapers from 1850, national newspapers from 1898 and files of technical periodicals are available for consultation. Huddersfield residents and persons employed or attending a full-time educational establishment in Huddersfield are enrolled without charge and others may enroll on payment of a subscription. The Art Gallery contains six rooms of varying sizes, each decorated in a different colour. The walls are covered with a finishing fabric of cotton and jute, and have recessed metal picture rails to obviate the necessity for unsightly nails or suspension chains. Central Library and Art Gallery, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 1956) Lending Library and Reference Library: 10 a.m. to 7-30 p.m. each weekday except Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Negvsroom, Magazine and Ladies' Rooms: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. Art Gallery. - Periodical exhibitions, weekdays 10 a.m. to 7-30 p.m., Sundays 2-30 to 5-30 p.m. Permanent Collection-Weekdays 10 a.m. to dusk. Almondbury Branch, Church Walk, Almondbury, Huddersfield Lending Library (4,000 volumes): 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Newsroom: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. each weekday.

Library Centres ' LONGWOOD MECHANICS' INSTITUTE (1,500 volumes): 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Mondays LOCKWOOD MECHANICS' HALL (2,000 volumes): 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Tuesdays. CROSLAND MOOR CENTRE, Moorfield, Park Road West (4, 250 volumes) Lending Library 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Newsroom 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. each weekday. LINDLEY CENTRE, 22, Lidget Street (4,500 volumes): 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. NETHERTON CENTRE, Moor Lane, Netherton, Huddersfield (2,000 volumes): 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Tuesdays. MILNSBRIDGE CENTRE 17a, Morley Lane (3,750 volumes): 3 to 5 p.m., 5-30 to 7-30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. The Lending and Reference libraries are closed on Easter Tuesday, Whit Tuesday, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Bank Holidays and the Newspaper Rooms and Magazme Rooms on Christmas Day and Good Friday. .

HUDDERSFIEL D BOROUGH POLICE Police Headquarters: Peel Street (Tel. 1938, 3 lines)

. Chief Constable ... ... Mr. James Chadwick Chief Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable ... Mr. C. H. Broadbent Detective Chief Inspector ..._ Mr. D. Bradley Chief Inspectors, Uniform ... _ Mr. N. Gudgeon and Mr. J. Sykes Chief Clerk, Inspector ... ..._ Mr. W. Brown _ Police Surgeon -... ..._ Dr. F. J. Sale, M.A., D.M., B.CH. Borough Coroner ..._ Mr. S. D. Lister Deputy Borough Coroner ... __ Mr. F. Mills

Local Taxation and Motor Registration Office Hours of Business: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Suturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon

LIST OF VEHICLE PARKING PLACES (All are indicated by prominent signs)

No vehicle is allowed to stand in any street longer than is necessary to take up or set down passengers, or load or unload goods (Penalty 40/- or imprisonment).

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Street Time allowed _ Are lights required _ No. of cars Ramsden Street (3 parks) ... 3 hours No 60 Bradley Street do. Yes 14 Bull and Mouth Street do. No 8 Brook Street ... do. N 6 Byram Street do. No 20 Commercial Street _... do. No 11 Corporation Street -... do. No 14 Milford Street do. Yes 16 Page Street -... do. 15 Peel Street _ ... do. No 15 Queen Street South ... do. No. 37 Springwood Street -... do. Yes 40 St. Paul's Street do. No 11 Zetland Street do. No 40 Armitage Road do. Yes 35 Princess Street do. hfe 18 East Parade (2 parks) do. Yes 26 Queen Street ... do. NO 30 Church Street (2 parks) do. No 11 St. Peter's Street (4 parks) ... do. No 26 St. George's Square ... do. No 8 Railway Street do. NO 20 New North Road - ... do. No 30 Dundas Street do. NO 20 PUBLIC CAR PARKS Time allowed Charge No. of cars Rear of Electricity Showrooms, Market Street ...___ No limit 6d. 64 Rear of Ritz Cinema, Market Street - ... do. 1/- 30 6d. if patron Junction Manchester Street, Water Lane and John Street ... do. 200 Junction John Street and Albion Street do. 120 Between Railway Station and side of George Hotel ... do. 50

HUDDERSFIELD COUNTY COURT AND DISTRICT REGISTRY OF THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE The County Court is held at the Court House, Queen Street, Huddersfield (Tel. 1043). The District . Registry of the High Court of Justice is at the same address, the hours of attendance being from 10 a.m. to 3-30 p.m., except on Saturdays, when the office opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 12 noon. His Honour Judge Myles Archibald is Judge; Mr. G. S. Charlesworth, Registrar; Mr. J. W. Wood, Chief Clerk.

HUDDERSFIELD LICENSING COMMITTEE Chairman, James Harold Shires, Esq., Deputy Chairman, Harry Rodgers, Esq., Oliver Rodgers, Esq., Mrs. E. C. Tinker, Alderman R. H. Browne, Alderman J. Armitage, Colonel Reginald Rippon, G. E. Hill, Esq., Alderman G. B. Jones, Colonel G. B. Faulder.

OFFICERS OF THE CORPORATION (Telephone Nos. are shown in brackets.) Town Clerk's Department Offices: Town Hall. (3720-1-2) Town Clerk and Solicitor: Harry Bann, Clough House, St. Helen's Lane. (2528) Deputy Town Clerk: E. D. Spencer, LL.x., 24, Talbot Avenue, Huddersfield. (7195) Senior Assistant Solicitor: E. V. Hartley, LL.B., Castle Hill, Horbury. (Horbury 59) Assistant Solicitor: (Conveyancing): Brian Slater, LL.B., 61, Norman Road, Birkby. Assistant Solicitor (Prosecutions) : G. W. T. Pitt, 11.B., Old Clergy House, Almondbury. Managing Clerk and Mayor's Secretary: William Stoney, 174, Taylor Hill Road. (5336)

Blind Welfare Department Offices: 32, Ramsden Street. (3034) Blind Welfare Officer: Stanley Swallow, 10, Stainecross Avenue, Crosland Moor. (Milnsbridge 1111) Home for the Blind: " The Holly," Marsh. (3072) Sales Shop for the Blind :: 32, Ramsden Street. (3034) Social Centre for the Blind :: 32, Ramsden Street. (3034) Workshop for the Blind : Southgate. (7550) Borough Treasurer's Department Offices: 3-5, Buxton Road. (6655-8) Borough Treasurer, Registrar of Stock and Chief Rating Officer: J. H. Wilkin, F.L.M.T.A., F.S.A.A., 30, Talbot Avenue, Huddersfield. (3612) Deputy Borough Treasurer: W. N. Lever, B.COM., AL.M.T.A., a.S.A.Aa., 78, Birkby Lodge Road. (6419)

Borough Engineer and Surveyor's Department Offices: High Street Buildings. (3724-5-6) Borough Engineer and Surveyor: T. F. Cliffe, A.R.IL.C.S., M.I.,STRUCT.E., Ashton House, Scar Lane, Golcar. (Milnsbridge 584) Deputy Borough Engineer: K. B. Manning, aA.M.INST.C.E., A.M.INST.MUN.E., Southfield, 60, Daw Royds, Almondbury. (2875) - Chief Clerk and Accountant: A. Lionel Taylor, a.c.w.a., 142, Halifax Old Road. (6420)

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Borough Architect's Department Offices: High Street Buildings. (6300-1-2) Borough Architect and Planning Officer: Sidney M. Richmond, F.R.I.B.A., A.M.T.P.1I., 12, Gledholt Road. (38785) Deputy Borough Architect: C. E. Aspinall, a.Rr.1.B.Aa., 8, Hazel Grove, Bradley Bar. (Brighouse 1210) Managing Clerk: H. Sykes, 36, Broken Cross, Almondbury. (7473)

Borough Auditors Messrs. Smith & Garton, John William Street, Huddersfield. (3788)

Children Department Offices: 26, Ramsden Street. (4731) Children Officer: Miss E. R. L. Makin,, 155, Halifax Old Road. (3167) Superintendent: Miss P. Fernsides, Fieldhead, Lindley. (Milnsbridge 1307) Childrens' Homes: Fieldhead Cottages, Lindley; Boys' Home, Lindley Moor; Briarcourt, Occupation Road; Fartown Grange; Ash Villa, Ashenhurst. Hostel for Boys: Laurel Bank, Cowlersley. Children's Nursery : Fieldhead, Lindley.

Civil Defence Department Offices and Instructional Headquarters: South Parade. (4820) Civil Defence Officer: H. Neaverson, m.B.E., 392, Bradley Road. (Brighouse 830)

Cleansing and Haulage Department Garage and Offices: Vine Street, Leeds Road. (2961) Cleansing: Hillhouse Depot. (1031) Cleansing and Haulage Superintendent: W. Pitchforth, 62, Cowclifie Hill Road, Huddersfield. (5906)

Education Department Offices: Ramsden Street. (7701-8) Chief Education Officer: H. Gray, B.a., 18, Broadgate, Almondbury. (1477) Deputy Education Officer: G. H. Grattan-Guinness, B.A., B.SC., A.K.C., 41, Broad Lane, Dalton. (1926)

Estate and Property Management Department Offices: Railway Street. (7800-1-2-3) Estate and Property Manager: W. R. Birks, a.R.1.c.s., " Bryn Tor," Oakes Road South. (Milnsbridge 1448) Deputy Estate and Property Manager: F. J. Ward, a.a.1., 142, Fleminghouse Lane. (5376) _ Housing Manager: Miss E. K. Sawers, v.a., m.s.4.M., 125, Huddersfield Road, Halifax.

Fire Brigade Offices: Fire Station, Princess Street. (5436-7) Chief Officer: James H. Thomas, 48, Springwood Avenue. (4220) Divisional Officer (Deputy Chief Officer): Wilfred H. Brown, 11, Park Avenue. (6575)

Health Department Offices: Ramsden Street. (3641-3) ' Medical Officer of Health and Chief School Medical Officer: J. R. Murdock (Mod.) B.A. M.D., D.P.H., D.C.H., Springwood Hall, Huddersfield. (3168) Senior Assistant Medical Officer of Health: Marjorie Haynes,, cu.B., The Loft, Sands, Thongsbridge. (Holmfirth 628) Senior Assistant School Medical Officer: Honora J. Twomey, .p., o.P.4., 150, Halifax Old Road. Chief Sanitary Inspector: D. Drake, M.R.SAN.I., M.S.I.A., F.R.C.O., 20, Savile Road, Lindley. Superintendent of District Midwives' Home: Alicia Carroll, s.c.m., 22, Greenhead Road. (884) Duly Authorised Officer: Ernest W. Hoyle, 122, Dewshurst Road, Fartown. (6472) Domestic Help Organiser: Phoebe England, s.rRr.x., 2, Bremen House, Edgerton. Ambulance Officer: G. Lunn, 25, Alder Street, Fartown. (1361) Lay Administrative Officer: B. Pilkington, 40, Ripon Avenue, Fartown. (142)

Borough Analyst Raymond Maillinder,, F.R.1.¢., The Borough Laboratories, 26, Ramsden Street. (843)

Markets and Fairs Department Offices: Bull and Mouth Street (3290) and Great Northern Street (1163) General Manager of Markets, Public Slaughter Houses and Cold Stores: John E. Ballantyne, M.INST.R., M.INST.M.O., Great Northern Street.

Parks and Cemeteries Department Offices: Greenhead Park. (2323) General Superintendent: Capt. J. H. Irons, m.B.E., Greenhead Park. (2323)

Passenger Transport Department Offices: John William Street. (6310-5) Manager and Engineer: Harold Muscroft, m.INST.T., M.1.E.T., Bracken Edge, Woodside, Fartown. (5469)

Police Department Offices: Central Police Station, Peel Street. (1938) Chief Constable: James Chadwick, 15, Longley Road, Almondbury. (4289) Inspector under Contagious Diseases of Animals Acts, Local Taxation Officer, etc. Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable: C. H. Broadbent, 22, Arnold Street, Birkby. (2104) Prosecuting Solicitor (Sessions and Assize Cases): Harry Bann, Town Clerk. Police Surgeon : F. J. Sale, m.a., o.m., B.cH., (Oxon). (5434)

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Public Baths Cambridge Road. (3385) Ramsden Street. (2671) F. C. Oldman, a.r.san.1., 2, Cambridge Road.

Public Library and Art Gallery Ramsden Street. (1956) Librarian and Curator: Horace Goulden, ®.L..A., 6, Beech Avenue, Dalton. (4418) Roy K. B. Aldridge as from lst April, 1956.

Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages o (4777) Superintendent Registrar: H. A. Willis, 0.B.E., Peel Street. Registrar of Births and Deaths (Huddersfiled 1si Sub-District): F. Pickering, 32, Ramsden Street. Registrar of Births and Deaths (Huddersfield and Sub-District): E. L. Stafford, 32, Ramsden Street. Registrar of Marriages: T. Whitehead, Peel Street.

Road Safety Department Office: South Parade. (4820) Organiser: H. Neaverson, v.B.E., 392, Bradley Road. (Brighouse 830)

Sewage Works Department Offices: Deighton. (7294 and 7295) . Manager: H. H. Goldthorpe, D. és Sc., a.R.1.C., F.1.S.P., '" Heymoor,"' Shepley. (Kirkburton 294)

Stationery Department Offices: 22, Ramsden Street. (5885) Manager: W. L. Wade, a.c.1.s., 336, Bradley Road.

Tolson Memorial Museum and Meteorological Station Ravensknowle Park, Dalton. (591) Director: E. W. Aubrook, a.m.Aa., 42, The Village, Thurstonland. (Honley 561) Chief Assistant: Albert Broadbent, 100, Huddersfield Road, Meltham. (Meltham 233)

Waterworks Department Offices: 24, Ramsden Street. (3860-1) Engineer and Manager: J. P. Beveridge, M.INST.C.E., M.INST.W.E., Lake House, Blackmoorfoot. (Slaithwaite

Deputy Engineer and Manager: A. Jackson, A.M.INST.C.E., M.INST.w.E., 76, Oakes Road South, Huddersfield. (Milnsbridge 1517)

Weights and Measures Department Offices: Bull and Mouth Street. (1995) Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures, Chief Shops Acts Inspector and Petroleum Officer: John Dransfield, M.INST.W.M.A., B.O.T.CERT., 128, Yews Hill Road.

Welfare Department Offices: Peel Street. (4777) Director of Welfare: H. A. Willis, 0.B.E., " Stansted," 41, Birkby Lodge Road. (2860) Deputy Director: J. E. Bottomley. Welfare Officer: B. V. Pickles. (3918) Welfare Visitor: Miss J. Smith. HOMES FOR THE AGED ETC.

St. Luke's Home (Milnsbridge 781) Pennine Grange (Milnsbridge 180) Oaklands ... __ (Huddersfield 5778) Sandymount | ... (Milnsbridge 664) Lands House - ... (Brighouse 1317) Heathfield (Milnsbridge 79) Stoneleigh ...__ (Huddersfield 1133) Bryan Lodge | ... (Huddersfield 217) Moor View (Milnsbridge 909)

Mayor's Attendant, Mace Bearer and Superintendent of Town Hall: H. E. Jenkins, Town Hall. (51) Residence. (4090)

Court of Quarter Sessions Date of Grant-4th September, 1919 Recorder : Clerk of the Peace: E. D. Spencer, LL. m

Borough Coroner Office: 34, New Street. (3480) ' Stephen D, Lister, '' Glenroy," Longley Road, Huddersfield. (1407) DrErputTty BOROUGH CORONER F. Mills.

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THE BOROUGH JUSTICES Date of Commission, May 20th, 1870 Justices: His Worship the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee). The Recorder of Huddersfield-yet to be appointed. The Stipendiary Magistrate-Waldo Raven Briggs, 0.B.E., M.A., LL.B.

Name Residence Date of qualification Arthur Gardiner, 0.B.E. ... __ '"Aldonholme," Jackroyd Lane, Newsome May 14, 1937 Oliver Rodgers ... _ 9, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill September 1, 1939 Mrs. Ethel Booth - ... 572, Wakefield Road, Greenside September 1, 1939 Mrs. Eileen Caroline Duncan Tinker - Meal Hill, New Mill .. September 1, 1939 Richard Harry Browne | ... o erholme "" Arkenley Lane Aldmonbur; March 23, 1942 Miss Emily Phyllis Brierly ... ..._ 29, Le Marchant Avenue, Lmdley March 23, 1942 David Crawshaw 98 Deighton Road .. March 23, 1942 James Harold Shires ..._ 85, Edgerton, Huddersfield March 23, 1942 John Armitage .._ 32, Woodbine Road, Fartown ... February 26, 1945 Mrs. Margaret Ramsden Crowthel C Reinwood,” Reinwood Road ... March 5, 1945 Mrs. Alice Lilian Gardiner ... “Aldonholme,” Jackroyd Lane, Newsome February 26, 1945 Reginald Rippon | ... .._ _" Honley House ' Honley February 26, 1945 Miss Marion Shires ... Glenroyd," Gledholt Bank - ... February 26, 1945 Henry Vincent Wood .._ _" Oakleigh," 32 Lightridge Road, F 1xb} February 26, 1945 Mrs. Kathleen Coward _" 8'3 Lockwood Road December 20, 1948 George Ernest Hill ... ..._ 50, Beaumont Park Road, Lockwood ... December 20, 1948 George Bishop Jones, M.B.E. ... 2, Reinwood Avenue, Lindley - ... December 31, 1948 Mrs. Emma Raffan ... ...__ 8, Talbot Avenue, Edgerton December 20, 1948 Harry Rodgers .._ _" The Yews," Lindley Moor December 20, 1948 Mrs. Amy Brook ..._ 63, Longley Road . August 24, 1953 Mrs. Barbara Cole ... 67, Kaye Lane, Almondbury August 24, 1953 Mrs. Florence Mary Rose Dawson M.A. " Fixby House Huddersfield -... August 24, 1953 George Bertram Faulder | ... .._ 3, Park Drive, Huddersfield August 24, 1953 Frank Lawton ..._ 31, Thorpe Lane, Almondbury ... August 24, 1953 Leonard Sharp a 57 Alandale Road, Bradley August 24, 1953 Mrs. Mary Elaine Browne Arkholme, Almondbury, Huddersfield September 14, 1955 (known as Mary Elaine Sykes) George Cecil Chadwick .. . __" Beechwood," 29, Tunnacliffie Road, Newsome, Huddersfield - ... September 14, 1955 Arthur James Hazelden ..._ 31, Cherry Nook Road, Delghton Huddersfield Spetember 14, 1955 Robert Thornton Hirst 113 Lamb Hall Road, Longwood, Huddersfield - September 14, 1955 Thomas Ritchie 32, Thornhill Road, Lindley, Huddersfield September 14, 1955 Colonel John Bairstow ngden T.p. - Birch House, Birch Road, Berry Brow, Hudders- \_ field September 14, 1955 Harold Neville Sykes ..._ 31, St. Helen's Gate Almondbury, Huddersfield September 14, 1955 Supplemental List of Magistrates Name Residence Date of qualification Ernest E. Hirst . ..._ 63, New North Road February 14, 1917 Arthur Longden Woodhead M.A. ... '" Deveron House," Queen's Road Huddersfield February 14, 1917 Lawrence Crowther ... ... 4, Cedar Mount _... November 19, 1923 Albert Pennington Nichol, 0.B.E. ... ' The Coppice," 86, F1xby Road Huddersfield _ November 19, 1923 Gerald Cozens Hardy Willans ..._ _" Rose Cottage," Netherton November 19, 1923 John Theodore Crofton Broadbent 29, Mountjoy Road © May 14, 1937 Harry Andrew Bennie Gray, c.B.E. 46 Gledholt Road Marsh May 14, 1937 Mrs. Fanny Elizabeth Eaton Smith - " Monksgate," 68, Beaumont - Park Road Lockwood . .. . September 1, 1939 Joseph Barlow 48, Lea Street, Lmdley - September 1, 1939

Clerk to the Magzstmtes C. Drabble, Magistrates' Clerk's Office Town Hall. (1513)

The Magistrates sit at the Borough Magistrates' Court, Town Hall, Huddersfield, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except Good Friday, Bank Holidays and when Christmas Day falls on any of those days) at 11 a.m. The Juvenile Court sits in the Justices' Second Court Room every Thursday (except when Christmas Day falls on that day) at 10 a.m.

List of County Magistrates for Huddersfield District

Name Residence Date of qualification Percy Crowther (Chairman) '"Ashfield," 75, Wellhouse, Golcar June 27, 1932 Reginald Hartley - ... 'The Nook," Bradley Road, Bradley, Huddersfield October 4, 1937 Colonel Gilbert, P. Norton C.B. E D.S.0., T.D., D.L., M.A. =... . nghroyd Honley October 4, 1937 Thomas Garnet Holden c.. 00; .... " Hythe," Station Road, Sheple June 26, 1939 Harold Mathers ..._ Lidget Holme, West End Skelmanthorpe June 26, 1939 Mrs. Lilian Milnes | ... ... 7, Bolster Moor Road, Golcar | ... June 26, 1939 John Edwin Sykes ... 66, New North Road, Slaithwaite June 26, 1939 Laurence Kenworthy ..._ 142, Leymoor Road, Golcar June 23, 1941 Wilson Senior Temple View, Briestfield Lane, Grange Moor ' near Wakefield . . June 23, 1941

Mrs. Jessie Smith | ... l. =.... Wood View, Marsden - ... October 11, 1943

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Herbert S. Jackson ... ... Cambrai, Skelmanthorpe June 26, 1944 Lt.Col. Cecil W. Lockwood, M c. .... Black Rock House, Linthwaite ... June 24, 1946 Ernest Victor Quarmby | ... ... 98, Helme Lane, Meltham June 24, 1946 William A. Woodhouse ... Laneside House, Kirkheaton - ... . June 24, 1946 Harold Varley Crabtree ..._ Eden House, 16, Swallow Lane, Golcar October 9, 1950 Miss Mary A. Freeman, LL.B. ... _ Stoneycroft, Slaithwaite ... October 9, 1950 Frank Gill | ... ... Knowle, Shepley -... October 9, 1950 Lewis Calvert ..._ Bath House, Scisset . October 8, 1951 Mrs. Muriel V. Wllby ... Denby House Denby Dale October 6th, 1952 The following are ex-officto Magistrates, as Chairmen of District Councils. Name Residence Council Councillor H. E. Eastwood ... ... 3, Lewisham Road, Slaithwaite ... ... Colne Valley U.D.C. Councillor J. W. Hollingworth _ ... 55, Wessenden Head Road, Meltham ... (Meltham U.D.C.) Councillor V. Walker ...- Grove House, Kirkburton ... (Kirkburton U.D.C.) Councillor H. S. Netherwood ..._ Green Hollow, High Flats ...__ (Denby Dale U.D.C. Supplemental List of Magistrates Name Residence Date of qualification Fred Priestley ... Crafnant, Wakefield Road, Lepton June 24, 1935 Mrs. Kate Haigh ..._ Bank Vlew Slaithwaite ... June 29, 1936 James E. Lumb ... Pole Royd, Scammonden October 4, 1937

The Magistrates sit in Petty Sessions at Huddersfield, every Tuesday and the first and third Tharsday of each month, at 11 a.m. Petty Sessions will be held at the West Riding Magistrates' Court House, Princess Street, Huddersfield, every Tuesday and the first and third Thursday of each month, at 11 a.m., for the Huddersfield Sub-Division of Agbrigg Upper and on any other day that may be found necessary, for General Business, and every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (except Good Friday and Christmas Day) for the purpose of hearing indictable offences being dealt with summarily. Attendance will be given at the West Riding Magistrates' Court House daily, for the purpose of preparing Informations, Summonses and Warrants, and for any other Magisterial Business.

Clerk to the Justices: George S. Nicholson, Solicitor, West Riding Magistrates' Court House, Princess Street, Huddersfield. (7456)

Justices Sitting at Holmfirth

Name Residence Date of qualification Colonel Keith Sykes, o.B.E., M.C., T.DpD. (Chairman) ... The Mount, Honley October 15, 1923 Major Brian Tinker ... ... _ Meal Hill, New Mill May 7, 1928 William Haigh ... Lea House, New Mill June 26, 1939 Maurice Barber ... Sunnymede, Holmbridge October 11, 1943 Herbert Lee ... ... Mount View, Mearhouse, New Mill October 11, 1943 Mrs. Beatrice A. Dickinson .. ... Cliffe House, Holmfirth -... June 24th, 1946 Booth Rodgers ... '"Arkenleys," New Road, Holmfirth - ... October 11, 1948 Mrs. Nora Denton ... Stoney Bank House, New Mill ... October 11, 1948 Mrs. Muriel M. Butterworth M.B.E. Kirkside, Honley ... October 9, 1950

Ex-officio ¢ Councillor E. Beever, Kirklands, New Mill (Chalrman Holmfirth U.D.C. )

Supplemental List of Magistrates

Name Residence Date of qualification Chas. Edward Butterworth ... __" Barnend,"' Upperthong Lane, Holmfirth | ... December 30, 1912 Jabez Hoyle ... ... Lansdowne, Lane Bottom, Thongsbndge June 27, 1932 Mrs. S. M. F. Roberts ..._ Pastelan, Holmfirth . June 27, 1932 Mrs. Kate Margaret Mellor . ... _ Lynton, Holmfirth June 26, 1939

The Magistrates sit in Petty Sessions at the Council Chamber Council Offices Holmfirth every alternate Saturday, at 10-30 a.m. Clerk to the Justices: George S. Nicholson, West Riding Magistrates' Court House, Princess Street, Huddersfield

Commission of the Peace Anyone wishing to recommend a person for appointment to the Commission of the Peace should send the recommendations to : The Secretary of Commissions, House of Lords, London, S.W.1.

LIST OF ALDERMEN AND COUNCILLORS according to order of Election

Aldermen , 1935, November 9th, A. Gardiner, 0.B.E., J.P. 1949, May 23rd, A. P. Nichol, 0.B.E., J.P. 1938, November Oth, H. A. Bennie Gray, c.B.E., J.P. 1952, May 20th J. A. Bray. 1939, December 6th, S. Kaye, LL.B. 1953 January 7th J. F. Best. 1942, November 9th, J. L. Dawson, M.A., J.P. 1955, March 2nd, G. B. Jones, M.B.E., J.P. 1945, November 9th, J. Armitage, J.P. 1955 May 24th, J. L. Brook. 1945, November 9th, R. H. Browne, j.P. 1955, May 24th, W. Mallinson 1947, November 10th, N. A. Haywood. 1955, October 5th, N. Day

1949, May 23rd, J. F. C. Cole.

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1939, C. Hickson, F.R.I.B.A.

1940, November 9th to 1945, re-elected 1946, J. T.

Gee (Mayor).

1942, December 2nd, G. Tomlinson.

1943. June 2nd, R. Wood.

1944, November 9th, H. F. Brook

1945, May 2nd to 1947, re-elected 1951, Alice L.

Gardiner, J.P.

1945, June 6th, F. Rowecliffc. 1945-1949, re-elected 1950, R. Hartley, j.P.

1945, John Sykes

1945-1949, re-elected 1950, H. Rattigan.

1946, A. J. Hazelden, J.P.

1946, H. L. Simpson. 1947, F. Harker. 1947, N. Hopkinson.

1947, M. L. Middlebrook-Haigh . 1947, December 10th, A. T. K. Sykes, m.c. 1948, May 31, F. W. Fielding, x.c. 1948, August 5th, A. England.

1949, G. Beighton. 1949, R. T. Hirst, J.p.

1949-1952, re-elected 1953, F. Lawton, Jj.P. 1949, June 28th, N. Wimpenny, m.c. NotE.-Where the month of the year is not given in the list of Councillors, the member entered the Council on the ordinary day of election of Councillors in that year.

Name John Armitage, j .P. (Deputy Mayor) John Arthur Bray

Richard Harry Browne, J.P.

John Llewellyn Dawson, M.A., J.P.

Arthur Gardiner, O.B.E., J.P.

Norman Armitage

Haywood Sidney Kaye, LL.B.

James Flower Best Joseph Louis Brook James Frederick Collard Cole Norman Day Harry Andrew Bennie Gray, C.B.E., J.P. George Bishop Jones, M.B.E., A.M.INST.C.E.,

F.R.I.C., J.P. Wilfrid Mallinson

Albert Pennington Nichol, 0.B.E., J.P.

1949, July 4th, N. Lander. 1949, July 4th, T. Walker.

1950, H. Firth.

1950-1953, re-elected 14th July, 1955, T. Jackson. 1950, August 26th, 1952, re-elected 1954, Kenneth


1951, H. Armitage, 1952, G. C. Chadwick, J.P. 1952, C. Shaw, M.Sc., PH.D. 1952, July 3rd, H. Halstead. 1953, Florence M. R. Dawson, J.P.

1953, Brian Garner.

1953, Douglas Graham, c.B.E. 1953, Stephen G. M. Shires. 1954, Thomas Douglas McGill. 1954, John Herbert Scott. 1955, Harry Wolf Davis. 1955, Kenneth Hoyle. 1955, Brian Mitchell Schofield. 1955, Clifford Stephenson. 1955, Norman Henry Wardman Wood. 1955, July 28th, R. B. Brooke. 1955, July 28th, T. P. Cliffe. 1955, November 10th, L. Ward.


(Telephone Numbers are shown in brackeis.) Aldermen

ltesidence 32, Woodbine Road, Fartown (2308) 10 Royal Terrace, Scar Lane, Milnsbridge (Milnsbridge 857) '"Arkholme," Arkenley Lane Almondbury Fixby House

(368) (930)

'*Aldonholme," 43, Jackroyd Lane, Newsome 18, Edgerton Grove

Road (1111) '* Hill Crest," 8, Occupation Road, Lindley (464) '" Greenbank," 24, Imperial Road (2561)

436, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor (Milnsbridge 383) * Glenfield," Kaye Lane, Almondbury " Park Royd,"


19, Westbourne Road

Marsh " Duneira," 46, Gledholt Road, Marsh (1703) 2, Reinwood Avenue, Lindley (Milnsbridge 1615) 70, Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor (Milnsbridge 155) * The Coppice,"


86, Fixby Road, Fixby

(Brighouse 1497)

Place of Business

Winsley Grange Farm, Ripley 4714, Birstwith 281)

Marsh Mills (689) Market Place (348) Station Street Buildings (181) St. Thomas' Road (6400) 24, Greenhead Road (1993) Central lronworks (5520) Colne Road (247)


Description Retired

Engineer's Fitter

Locomotive Engine Driver Farmer



Solicitor Solicitor Engineer Colour and Chemical Merchant Engineer Consulting Engineer Retired Chemical Works Manager

Structural Engineer

Retired Dyer and Finisher

Retire 1958

1958 1958 1958 1958

1958 1958


1961 1961 1961 1961


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No. 1.-ALMONDBURY WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 8,623 Returning Officer, Alderman Norman Day

Frank Lawton, J.P. 31, Thorpe Lane, Firth Street Mills Woollen Yarn Spinner Almondbury (1412) (4303) Noel Wimpenny, M.c. 25, Lumb Lane, Moldgreen (211) _ Builder and Contractor Almondbury (1337) Frank William 9, Longley Road Moldgreen (32) - Pile Fabric Fielding, m.c. (2981) Manufacturer

No. 2.-DALTON WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 7,828 Returning Officer, Alderman JamEes F. C.

Norman Lander 429, Wakefield Road, Wakefield Road (543) - Chemist and Pharmacist Dalton (543) Thomas Douglas 156, Ravensknowle Commercial Works, Clothier McGill Road, Dalton (1411) Ramsden Street (1935) Clifford Stephenson Mayio, Almondbury New Street, (2602) _ Radio and Television Common (6414) Retailer

No. 3.-DEIGHTON WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 7,833 Returning Officer, Alderman J. A. Bray

John Sykes 755, Leeds Road Insurance Agent Alice Lilian Gardiner, 43, Jackroyd Lane, --- Housewife J.P. Newsome Arthur James 31, Cherry Nook Road, --- Insurance Agent Hazelden, J.P. Deighton

No. 4.-FARTOWN WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 6,593 Returning Officer, Alderman N. A. Haywoop

Reginald Hartley, j.Pr. * The Nook," Bradley --- District Inspector, Road (Brighouse 691) British Railways Harry Armitage, B.Sc., 33, Storths Road, ~--- Retired Schoolmaster Birkby (6425) Kenneth Hoyle 22, Blacker Road, Blacker Road Greengrocer Birkby

No. 5.-NEWSOME WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 5,546 Returning Officer, Alderman W. Marrinson Douglas Graham, c.B.E. 162, Woodside Road, Hillhouse Lane (334) - Chemical Works

Lockwood Manager (Milnsbridge 855) Fred Harker 17, Wood Lane, Station Street Accountant's Clerk Ashenhurst - (4150) Buildings (1425) Norman Henry 90, Barcroft Road, 3-5, Windsor Chambers, - Secretary Wardman Wood Newsome (5193) John William Street (3891)

No. 6.-NORTH CENTRAL WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 4 600 Returning Officer, Alderman James F. Brst

Harry Rattigan 2, Halton Close, --- Storeman Almondbury . . Marie Louise 9, Halifax Road Citizens' Advice Middlebrook-Haigh (3535) Bureau (5240) George Cecil Chadwick, 29, Tunnacliffe Road, N.E. Gas Board, Clerk J.P. Newsome (5025) - Leeds Road

(6680, Extension 29)

No. 7.-SOUTH CENTRAL WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 5,946 Returning Officer, Alderman A. P. NICHOL, 0.B.E., J.P.

Brian Garner 8, Lincoln Grove, Engineer Almondbury Norman Hopkinson 56, Rawthorpe Lane Aspley (1370) _ China and Hardware (5610) Merchant Harry Wolf Davis 4, Halifax Road, 47, Newsome Road Medical Practitioner Edgerton (5065) 3523

No. 8.-BIRKBY WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 6,302 Returning Officer, Alderman R. H. BrRowNE, J.P.

Florence Mary Rose Fixby House (930) --- Married Woman Dawson, M.A., J.P. George Tomlinson 101, Birkby Hall Road --- Retired (2284) ' - Harry France Brook 385, Wakefield Road 21, St. John's Road Woollen Merchant

(5932) (2245)

1956 1957 1958

1956 1957


1956 1957


1956 1957 1958


1957 1958

1956 1957 1958

1956 1957 1958

1956 1957 1958

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No. 9.-CROSLAND MOOR WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 6,471 Returning Officer, Alderman A. GARDINER, O.B.E., J.P. 444, Blackmoorfoot Retired Road, Crosland Moor (Milnsbridge 251) 23, Everard Street Crosland Moor (Milnsbridge 636) 363, Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor (Milnsbridge 325)

Arnold England

Thomas Walker Retired

Thomas Painter Cliffe Cloth Hall Street



No. 10.-LINDLEY WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 5,691 Returning Officer, Alderman H. A. BENNIE GRAY, C.B.E., J.P.

Harold Lawson '' Woodleigh," District Bank Chambers, Chartered Accountant Simpson 15, Thornhill Road, Market Street (1435) in practice (2350) Frederick Rowcliffc 34, Thornhill Road Standard House (1538) - Firework Manufacturer (672)

Brian Mitchell Schofield _ Bredon, Daisy Lea Lane (3030)

Cloth Hall Street (465) - Solicitor

No. 11.-LOCKWOOD WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 6,269 Returning Officer, Alderman G. B. JONES, M.B.E., J.P.

Clifford Hickson "* Five Gables," 4, St. Peter's Street Architect F.R.I.B.A. South Crosland (2507) (Honley 217) Robert Benjamin 183, Moor End Road, A Engineer

Lockwood 43, Longden Avenue, Crosland Moor


Lewis Ward Company Director

No. 12.-LONGWOOD WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 4,146 Returning Officer, Alderman J. ARMITAGE, J.P. Alpha House, Garage, Outlane 715, New Hey Road, (Stainland 2273) Outlane (Stainland 2273) 9, Raw Nook Road,

John Thomas Gee, J.P. (Mayor) .

Garage Proprietor

John Herbert Scott Parkwood Mills, Company Director

Salendine Nook, Longwood (Milnsbridge 414) (Milnsbridge 610) . Robert Thornton Hirst, 113, Lamb Hall Road, Longwood Woollen Manufacturer

J.P. Longwood (Milnsbridge 481)

(Milnsbridge 500)

No. 13.-MARSH WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 6,711 Returning Officer, Alderman S. KayE, LL.B. 5, Edgerton (1323) - George Street Mills, Milnsbridge (Milnsbridge 522)

Stephen George Moore Woollen Manufacturer


Reginald Wood 111, Trinity Street Half Moon Street, General Motor Factor (494) Huddersfield (2771) Alfred Theodore 1, Sunny Bank Road, 1, St. George's Street Woollen Merchant Knowles Sykes, m.c. Edgerton (1166) (2755) .

No. 14.-MILNSBRIDGE WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 5,013 Returning Officer, Alderman J. L. Dawson, M.A., J.P. 21, Wood End Road, Traveller Armitage Bridge 123, Farfield Road, Almondbury

Thomas Jackson

Harold Halstead

Gas Inspector

Cecil Shaw,, px.D _ The Bungalow, I.C.I. Ltd., Research Chemist Staniforth Place, Turnbridge Dalton (5835) Laboratories (2000)

No. 15.-PADDOCK WARD. No. of Local Government Electors 5,774 Returning Officer, Alderman J. L. BRoOK

Harold Firth 10, Heaton Road ' -_ (8587) Kenneth Brooke 6, Heaton Road (1278) Godfrey Beighton 187, Church Street,


(2898) -

34, Upperhead Row Transport and

(3853) Forwarding Agent Manchester Road Master Builder (5670)

Church Street (2898) - Haulage Contractor






1957 1958





1957 1958

1956 1957 1958




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ARTS COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Friday 19 days before the first Wednesday, at 3 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, j;.P.), 13 other members of the Council and 7 co-opted members. Councillor H. Armitage, Chairman. Councillor F. Rowclifie, Deputy Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. L. Dawson, A. Gardiner, S. Kaye. CouncILLORS: T. P. Cliffe, F. W. Fielding, D. Graham, H. Halstead, F. Harker, J. H. Scott, C. Stephenson.

Co-opted Members : Mrs. E. Booth, j.r., 572, Wakefield Road, Mr. H. W. Hallas, 51, Raw Nook Road, Salendine Nook. Mr. C. R. Napier, 62, Mayfield Avenue. Mr. Frank Netherwood, r.R.c.0., Kingston House, Dalton. Mr. C. E. Roebuck, Currer Hall, near Ilkley. Mr. D. Sisson, " The Spinney," 222, Somerset Road.

CHILDREN COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Monday 9 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, j.Pr.), and 12 other members. Councillor H. F. Brook, Chairman. Councillor M. L. Middlebrook-Haigh, Deputy Chairman. ALDERMEN: R. H. Browne, W. Mallinson. CouncILLORS: G. Beighton, A. L. Gardiner, F. Harker, N. Hopkinson, T. Jackson, B. M. Schofield, J. H. Scott, C. Stephenson.

CLEANSING AND HAULAGE COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Wednesday 21 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, ;.P.) and 13 other members. The Mayor, Councillor John T. Gee, Chairman Alderman N. A. Haywood, Deputy Chairman. ALDERMEN: R. H. Browne, N. Day. CounciLLrors: G. Beighton, K. Brooke, F. W. Fielding, H. Firth, B. Garner, H. Halstead, K. Hoyle, T. Walker, N. Wimpenny.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE Meets monthly at the Education Offices on the Thursday 6 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-15 p.w. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, ;.Pr.), 17 members of the Council and not less than 5 or more than 8 persons (of whom 2 shall be women) who shall not be members of the Council. Alderman J. L. Dawson, Chairman. Councillor F. Lawton, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. A. Bray, N. Day, G. B. Jones. CouNncILLORS: H. Armitage, H. W. Davis, F. M. R. Dawson, A. England, D. Graham, A. J. Hazelden, K. Hoyle, M. L. Middlebrook-Haigh, C. Shaw, S. G. M. Shires, C. Stepehnson, G. Tomlinson. , Not Members of the Council : Mrs. J. F. C. Cole, J.P., Glenfield, 67, Kaye Lane, Almondbury. Mrs. K. Coward, J.P., Wrentham, 83, Lockwood Road. Mr. T. Joyce, 20, Central Avenue, Fartown. Mrs. E. Raffan, B.A., J.P., 8, Talbot Avenue. Miss Marion Shires, J.P., 67, Gledholt Bank. Mrs. E. Ward, 62, Wood Lane, Ashenhurst.


Youth Employment Meets as required at the Education Offices on Friday, 26 days before the first Wednesday, at 5 p.m. Representatives of Local Education Authority. The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Chairman. Alderman N. Day, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. A. Bray, J. L. Dawson. CouncILLORS: Mrs. J. F. C. Cole, F. Lawton, M. L. Middlebrook-Haigh. Representatives of Employers :

Mr. J. Harold Shires (Textiles). Mr. Herbert Blackburn (Chemicals). Mr. N. Brooke (Building). Mr. J. S. Hudson (Engineering). Representatives of : Mr. L. Sharp (Textiles). Mr. A. B. Armitage (Building).

Mr. W. H. Edmondson (Engineering). - Mr. O. Clynne (Scientific Workers Association). Representatives of Teachers :

Mr. R. A. Bielby. Mr. F. Jordinson. Mrs. H. R. P. Doherty. Mr. G. L. S. Wressell. Other Members : Mr. D. Crawshaw. Mr. D. F. Juniper. Mr. H. Davies (1 Vacancy). Welfare

Meets monthly at the Education Offices on the Thursday 20 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-15 p.m. The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Councillor F. Lawton, Chairman. Councillor S. G. M. Shires, Deputy Chairman. ALDERMAN: J. L. Dawson. Councirtrors: H. W. Davis, A. England, K. Hoyle, C. Stephenson, G. Tomlinson. Not Members of the Council : Mr. T. Joyce, Mrs. E. Raffan, Miss M. Shires, Mrs. E. Ward.

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xii Finance Meets Monthly at the Education Offices on the Thursday 20 days before the first Wednesday on the rising of the Welfare Sub-Committee. The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P. Councillor G. Tomlinson, Chairman Councillor A. England, Deputy-Chairman ALDERMAN: J. L. Dawson CouncILLORS: H. W. Davis, K. Hoyle, F. Lawton, S. G. M. Shires, C. Stephenson. Not Members of the Council : VIr T. Joyce, Mrs. E. Raffan, Miss M. Shires, Mrs. E. Ward.

ESTATE AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Monday 16 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-45 p.m

Consits of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, ;.Pr.) and 15 other members two of whom shall be members of the Housing Committee.

Councillor H. L. Simpson, Chairman Alderman J. F. Best, Deputy-Chairman ALDERMEN: J. A. Bray, J. L. Brook, RK. H. Browne, J. F. C. Cole G. B. Jones, S. Kaye, W. Mallinson

&C , J. L. Dawson, N. A. Haywood, CouncILLORS: G. C. Chadwick, R. T. Hirst, C. Shaw, T. Walker


The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P Councillor H. L. Simpson, Chairman ALDERMEN: R. H. Browne, S. Kaye

Alderman J. F. Best, Deputy-Chairman

SUB-COMMITTEE Meets on the same day as the Estate and Property Management Committee at 2-15 p.m.

The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Councillor H. L. Simpson, Chairman ALDERMEN: J. -

. Alderman J. F. Best, Deputy-Chairman J. A. Bray, N. A. Haywood, G. B. Jones. CoUNCILLORS: G. C. Chadwick, R. T. Hirst, T. Walker


FINANCE COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Thursday 6 days before the first Wednesday, at 10-30 a.m namely :

Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, j;.P.,) the Chairman of the Standing Committees

ed » Arts, Children, Cleansing and Haulage, Education, Estate and Property Management, Fire Brigade and Civil Defence Health, Highways and Town Planning, Housing, Markets and Fairs, Parks, Cemeteries and Allotments, Passenger Transport, Sewage Works, Watch, Waterworks and Welfare, and three members of the Council who are not Chairmen of any of the said Standing Committees Alderman G. B. Jones, Chairman Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Deputy-Chairman ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, J. L. Brook, R. H. Browne, J. F. C. Cole, J. L. Dawson, N. Day, A. Gardiner S. Kaye.

Councitrors: H. Armitage, H. F. Brook, R. Hartley, R. T. Hirst, H. L. Simpson, N. Wimpenny, R. Wood

FIRE BRIGADE AND CIVIL DEFENCE COMMITTEE Meets Monthly on the Wednesday 14 days before the first Wednesday, at 3-45 p.m Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, and 12 other members. Councillor R. T. Hirst, Chairman. Councillors :

Councillor H. Firth, Deputy-Chairman. G. Beighton, K. Brooke, F. W. Fielding, B. Garner, H. Halstead, R. Hartley, C. Hickson, K. Hoyle, B. M. Schofield, A. T. K. Sykes.

GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE _ Meets monthly on the Tuesday 8 days before the first Wednesday, at 3-30 p.m Consists of all members of the Council. The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, ;.Pr.), Chairman

Alderman J. Armitage, Deputy-Chairman GENERAL PURPOSES (ESTABLISHMENT AND WAGES) SUB-COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Friday 26 days before the first Wednesday, at 10-0 a.m The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P. Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Chairman Councillor R. Wood, Deputy-Chairman ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, R. H. Browne. COUNCILLORS: F. Rowcliffe, T. Walker

GENERAL PURPOSES (BLIND WELFARE) SUB-COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Thursday 20 days before the first Wednesday, at 3-30

The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P. Councillor N. Lander, Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, N. Day.

p.m Consists of 10 members of the Council, 4 members of the Huddersfield Society for the Blind and 1 blind person. Councillors :

Alderman J. L. Brook, Deputy-Chairman. R. Hartley, A. J. Hazelden, R. T. Hirst, N. Hopkinson, M. L. Middlebrook- -Haigh. Not Members of the Council Mrs. S. Kaye, Hill Crest, Occupation Road, Lindley Mr. D. Beaumont, 163, Trinity Street. Mrs, J. H. Shires, 5, Edgerton, Huddersfield. Mr. J. Haigh, 36, Kelvin Avenue, Dalton Mr. S. K. Baldwin, 106, Church Street, Paddock

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HEALTH COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Wednesday 7 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, j.Pr.) and 17 other members. Alderman R. H. Browne, Chairman. Councillor H. F. Brook, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, N. A. Haywood. CouncILLORS: T. P. Cliffe, H. W. Davis, F. M. R. Dawson, A. L. Gardiner, D. Graham, F. Harker, N. Lander, F. Lawton, T. D. McGill, H. Rattigan, J. H. Scott, G. Tomlinson, N. H. W. Wood.

HIGHWAYS AND TOWN PLANNING COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Thursday 13 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-15 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, and 17 other members. Councillor R. Wood, Chairman. Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, W. Mallinson. CouncILLORS: K. Brooke, A. England, H. Halstead, C. Hickson, N. Hopkinson, T. D. McGill, H. Rattigan, H. L. Simpson, J. Sykes, G. Tomlinson, N. Wimpenny, N. H. W. Wood.

HOUSING COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Friday 19 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) and 12 other members. Alderman G. B. Jones, Chairman. Alderman J. A. Bray, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMAN: J. E. Lunn. CoUuNcILLORS: A. England, B. Garner, C. Hickson, R. T. Hirst, T. Jackson, M. L. Middlebrook-Haigh, H. L. Simpson, A. T. K. Sykes, R. Wood.

MARKETS AND FAIRS COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Wednesday 21 days before the first Wednesday, at 3-30 p.m. Consist of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, j;.Pr.) and 12 other members. Alderman N. Day, Chairman. Councillor J. Sykes, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMAN: J. Armitage. CouncILLORS: R. B. Brooke, A. England, D. Graham, F. Harker, N. Hopkinson, H. Rattigan, B. M. Schofield, J. H. Scott, A. T. K. Sykes.

PARKS, CEMETERIES AND ALLOTMENTS COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Wednesday 14 days before the first Wednesday, 2-45 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, and 12 other members. Alderman A. Gardiner, Chairman. Alderman J. Armitage, Deputy-Chairman. Alderman N. Day CounciLLORS: H. F. Brook, G. C. Chadwick, A. England, F. Harker, N. Hopkinson, N. Lander, A.T.K. Sykes, T. Walker, N. H. W. Wood. '

PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE Meets when required. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, ;.Pr.) and 5 other members. Alderman S. Kaye, Chairman. Alderman G. B. Jones, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. F. Best, J. L. Dawson, A. Gardiner.

PASSENGER TRANSPORT COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Monday 23 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, j.Pr.) and 12 other members. Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Chairman. Alderman R. H. Browne, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, J. F. Best, J. A. Bray, N. A. Haywood. CounciILLOrs: H. F. Brook, F. W. Fielding, H. Firth, F. Rowcliffe, C. Stephenson, A. T. K. Sykes. Executive Sub-Committee Meets when required The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Chairman. Alderman R. H. Browne, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMAN: J. A. Bray. CourncILLORS: H. F. Brook, F. W. Fielding, A. T. K. Sykes. ' Uniforms Sub-Committee The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Alderman H. A. Bennie Gray, Chairman. Alderman R. H. Browne, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMAN: N. A. Haywood. CouncILLORS: H. F. Brook, F. W. Fielding, A. T. K. Sykes.

HUDDERSFIELD JOINT OMNIBUS COMMITTEE Consists of 8 members-4 representatives of the Huddersfield Corporation and 4 representatives of British Railways. The Corporation representatives are: The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Aldermen H. A. Bennie Gray and R. H. Browne, Councillor A. T. K. Sykes. First Substitute: Alderman J. A. Bray. Second Substitute: Alderman J. F. Best.

RATING AND VALUATION COMMITTEE Meets when required Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) and six other members. Councillor H. L. Simpson, Chairman. Councillor F. Harker, Deputy Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. F. Best, S. Kaye. CouncILLORS: H. Armitage, F. Roweliffe.

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ROAD SAFETY COMMITTEE Councillor H. F. Brook, Chairman. The Mayor (Councillor J. T. Gee, J.P.), Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: R. H. Browne, N. Day, H. A. Bennie Gray, S. Kaye, A. P. Nichol. CouncILLo®Rs: A. England, R. Wood. Co-opted Members : Mr. F. Vautrey, 104, Barcroft Road, Newsome (Huddersfield Public Service Vehicles Drivers Safety First Committee). Councillor H. Firth, 34, Upperhead Row(Road Haulage Association, Ltd.) Mr. D. Custance, Oak Ridge, 80, Beaumont Park Road (Huddersfield Automobile Club). Mr. G. Wilson, 49, Cherry Nook Road, Deighton, Huddersfield (Cyclists' Touring Club).

SEWAGE WORKS COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Thursday 20 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, and 12 other members. Alderman James F. C. Cole, Chairman. Alderman Wilfrid Mallinson, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. L. Brook, H. A. Bennie Gray, A. P. Nichol. Councitrors: R. B. Brooke, T. P. Cliffe, A. J. Hazelden, N. Lander, C. Shaw, J. Sykes, R. Wood.

WATCH COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Thursday 27 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) and 12 other members. Alderman S. Kaye, Chairman. Alderman A. P. Nichol, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. Armitage, J. F. Best, R. H. Browne, J. F. C. Cole, J. L. Dawson, A. Gardiner, H. A. Bennie Gray, W. Mallinson. CoUuNcILLORS: H. F. Brook, R. Wood.

Watch (Road Fund and Drivers Licensing) Sub-Committee Meets when required. The Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) Alderman S. Kaye, Chairman. Alderman A. P. Nichol, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: A. Gardiner, H. A. Bennie Gray. CouncILLOR: R. Wood. WATERWORKS COMMITTEE Meets monthly on the Tuesday 8 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, J.P.) and 12 other members. Councillor N. Wimpenny, Chairman. Councillor S. G. M. Shires, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: J. A. Bray, H. A. Bennie Gray, G. B. Jones, W. Mallinson, A. P. Nichol. CoUNcILLORS: K. Brooke, G. C. Chadwick, A. J. Hazelden, F. Rowclifie, R. Wood.

WELFARE COMMITTEE Mcets monthly on the Monday 23 days before the first Wednesday, at 2-30 p.m. Consists of the Mayor (Councillor John T. Gee, ;.Pr.) and 12 other members of the Council. Councillor R. Hartley, Chairman. Councillor G. Tomlinson, Deputy-Chairman. ALDERMEN: W. Mallinson, A. P. Nichol. Councitrors: G. Beighton, R. B. Brooke, A. L. Gardiner, T. Jackson, T. D. McGill, M. L. Middlebrook- Haigh, J. H. Scott, T. Walker.

LIST OF COMMITTEES , PUBLIC BODIES AND CHARITIES and the Corporation Representatives thereon

Authority Representative Appointed for Period Expiring Almondbury Poor Charity - ... Mr. Harold Whiteley . 3 years 4th February, 1956 Councillor F. Harker .. . ___ 3 years 4th July, 1956 Alderman A. P. Nichol, 0.B.E., J. p. 3 years Ist August, 1956 Alderman J. F. C. Cole c.. __ 8 years 7th July, 1957 Councillor F. Lawton, J.P. ... ... __ 3 years 3rd July, 1957 Firth's Dole ..._ Mr. J. Barlow, ... ... __ 4 years 9th November, 1957 Alderman S. Kaye, LL.B. -... ... __ 4 years 9th November, 1957 Honley and South Crosland Alderman J. F. C. Cole ...__ 1 year 24th May, 1956 Joint Sewerage Board Alderman W. Mallinson | ... ... __ 1 year 24th May, 1956 Councillor J. Sykes ... 1 year 24th May, 1956 Councillor R. Wood ... ...__ 1 year 24th May, 1956

Huddersfield Advisory Alderman J. F. Best - - Committee of the Ministry of National Insurance Huddersfield and District Alderman J. F. Best -- - Advisory Committee of the Alderman W. Mallinson | ... -- -- National Assistance Board

Huddersfield and District Adult Councillor R. Hartley, J.P. ... ... __ 1 year 24th May, 1956 Deaf and Dumb Institution Councillor G. Tomlinson | ... ... _- 1 year 24th May, 1956 LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1933 Honorary Freemen Date when Honorary Freedom conferred Viscount MONTGOMERY, o.c.B., Dp.s.0. 26th October, 1945 JOSEPH BARLOW, Esq., 23rd June, 1949

The Council conferred on the DUKE OF WELLINGTONS REGIMENT the privilege, honour and distinction of marching through the streets of the County Borough of Huddersfield on all ceremonial occasions with bayonets fixed, colours flying ~ and bands playing on ... . . ... 13th September, 1952

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Past Honorary Freemen

Alderman Wright Mellor, J.P., p.L. (Died May 17th, 1893) .. Henry Frederick Beaumont, J.P., D.L. (Died 6th October 1913) .. .. Lt.-Col. Sir Albert Kaye Rollit, LL.D, D.C.L., LITT.D., J.P., D.L. (D1ed 12th August 1922)

James Nield Sykes, ;.P. (Died 4th March 1903) Joseph Woodhead, (Died 21st May, 1913)

Sir Joseph Crosland, KT., J.P., D.L. (Died 27th August, 1904)

Colonel Harold Wilson (D1ed '11th December, 1930) Major Charles Brook (Died 14th June, 1930) . Sir Thomas Brooke, BART., J.P., D.L. (Died 16th July, 1908)

The Rev. Robert Bruce, M.A., p.D. (Died 6th November, 1908)

William Brooke, j;.Pr. (Died 16th February, 1920)

John Sykes, J.P. (Died 9th August, 1914)

Alderman William Henry Jessop, J.P. (D1ec1 .2.6th August 1921) -

George Thompson, J.r. (Died 10th October, 1921) ..

Sir John Arthur Brooke, BART., M.A., J.P. (Died 10th July, 1920) - Benjamin Broadbent, C.B.E., M.A., J.P., LL.D. (Died 25th June, 1925) James Edward Willans, LL.D., J.P. (D1ed 10th May, 1926) .

Ernest Woodhead, M.A., J.P. (D1ed 10th June, 1944)

Earl Beatty, G.C.B., 0.M., G.C.V.O., D.S.0. (Died 11th March 1936) . The Earl of Oxford and Asqulth K.C., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D. (Died 15th February, 1928) Sir William Pick Raynor, KT., J.P. (D1ed 26th August 1927) ». .. Alderman Wilfrid Dawson, J.P. (Died 11th August, 1936) James Albert Woolven, J3.Pr. (Died 14th March, 1941)

Rowland Mitchell, (Died 5th November, 1944)


Charles Henry Jones, J.P. 1868 Charles Henry Jones, J.P. 1868-9 Charles Henry Jones, J.P. 1869-70 Charles Henry Jones, J.P. 1870-71 Wright Mellor, J.P., p.L. ... 1871-72 Wright Mellor, J.P., p.L. ... 1872-73 Henry Brooke, J.P. 1873-74 David Sykes, J.P. ... 1874-75 John Fligg Brigg, J.P. 1875-76 Joseph Woodhead, J.P. 1876-77 Joseph Woodhead, J.P. 1877-78 Alfred Walker, J.P. 1878-79 Alfred Walker, J.P. 1879-80 Thomas Denham, Jj.r. 1880-81 John Fligg Brigg, J.P. 1881-82 John Fligg Brigg, j.P. 1882-83 Wright Mellor, J.P., D.L. ... 1883-84 John Varley, J.P. 1884-85 John Varley, J.P. ... 1885-86 Wright Mellor, jJ.r., p.L. ... 1886-87 Joseph Brooke, J.P. 1887-88 Joseph Brooke, J.P. 1888-89 Godfrey Sykes, J.P. 1889-90 Godfrey Sykes J.P. 1890-91 Reuben Hirst, J.P. 1891-92 Reuben Hirst, J.P. 1892-93 John Joshua Brook, J.P. ... 1893-94 John Joshua Brook, J.P. . 1894-95 John Lee Walker, J.P. 1895-96 John Lee Walker, 1896-97 William Henry Jessop, J.P. 1897-98 William Henry Jessop, J.P. 1898-99 George William Hellawell, j.r. .. 1899-1900 Robert Mac Shaw, J.P. ... .._ 1900-1 Ernest Woodhead, M.A., J.P. 1901-2 Frederick Calvert ... 22. 1902-3 Richard Henry Inman, 1903-4 Benjamin Broadbent, C.B.E., M.A. J P. LI .D. 1904-5 Benjamin Broadbent, C.B.E., M.A., J.P., LL.D. 1905-6 Owen Balmforth, J.P. ..._ 1906-7 Owen Balmforth, j.Pr. 1907-8 John Holroyd, J.P. 1908-9 John Holroyd, 1909-10 George Thompson, J.P. 1910-11

George Thompson, J.P. Joseph Blamires, J.P. Joseph Blamieres, J.P. Joseph Blamires, j;.P. Joseph Blamires, J.P. . William Henry Jessop, J.P. William Henry Jessop, J.P. Carmi Smith, J.P. ... James Albert Woolven, J P. James Albert Woolven, J.P. Wilfrid Dawson, J.P. Wilfrid Dawson, 1;.P. Joseph Berry, J.P.... Law Taylor, J.P. Law Taylor, J.P. ... Rowland Mitchell, J.». Rowland Mitchell, J.P. Thomas Canby, J.P. . Walker Thomas Priest, J. p. Walker Thomas Priest, J.P. Thomas Shires, J.P. ... Thomas Shires, J.P. Albert Hirst, J.P. ... Albert Hirst, J.P. ...

. Joseph Barlow, J.P.

Joseph Barlow, J.P. Alfred Willis Fred Lawton Norman Crossley ... Arthur Edwin Sellers Arthur Gardiner J.P.

. 25th September, 1889 28th August, 1894 28th August, 1894 12th March, 1895 28th October, 1898 28th October, 1898 23rd May, 1901 23rd May, 1901 25th July, 1906 25th July, 1906 15th October, 1913 15th October, 1913 ... 18th September, 1918 ... 18th September, 1918 ... 18th September, 1918 ... 18th September, 1918 ... 18th September, 1918 . 18th September, 1918 24th July, 1920 6th November, 1925 17th December, 1926 25th July, 1934 25th July, 1934 25th July, 1934

1911-12 1912-13 1913-14 1914-15 1915-16 1916-17 1917-18 1918-19 1919-20 1920-21 1921-22 1922-23 1923-24 1924-25 1925-26 1926-27 1927-28 1928-29 1929-30 1930-31 1931-32 1932-33 1933-34 1934-35 1935-36 1936-37 1937-38 1938-39 1939-40 1940-41 1941-42

Walter Halstead, Oth Nov., 1942—30th March 1943 John Ernest Lunn 5th May, 1943-9th Nov., 1943

Arthur Samuel Moulton M.B.E., J.P.

Sidney Kaye, LL.B. . Mary E. Sykes, B.A., LL.B. Thomas Smailes .. Oliver Smith, J.P. ... 22. David James Cartwright, o B.E. ... John L. Dawson, m.A., J.P. George B. Jones, M.B.E., J.P. James F. C. Cole Wilfrid Mallinson .. John Armitage, J.P.


Joseph Batley .. 1868-1885 George Bellamy Nalder 1885--1890 Henry Barber, LL.B. 1890-1895

Frederick Charles Lloyd Joseph Henry Field, 0.B.E., LL.B. Samuel Procter, 0.B.E. .

1943-44 1944-45 1945-46 1946-47 1947-49 1949-50 1950-51 1951-52 1952-53 1953-54 1954-55

1895-1903 1903-1930 1930-1945

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Alphabetically Arranged

Abbey & Hanson, Land Surveyors, 11 Cloth Hall Street Abbey National Building Society, Barclays Bank Chambers * Abell, Dr. W. Clifford, Medical Practitioner, Ashville, Lockwood . Adaptable Account Books Ltd., 15 Railway Street Addison & Co. Ltd., Wine Merchants, 25 Westgate Addy, Edgar, Lime, Cement, 30 Grasscroft Road, Marsh Adega Ltd., Billiards Hall, Westgate Advertiser Press Ltd., Printers, Publishers, Page Street Affleck, A. Murray, M.D. Physn., 40, New North Road Affleck, J. & Sons Ltd., General Warehousemen, 16 New North Road Ainley, John & Sons Ltd., Brewers, Wapping Springs Brewery Lindley Moor Ainley, J. & Son, Chimney Sweeps, 76 Dalton Green Lane Ainley, Winifred G., Stationer, P.O., Lockwood Airedale Co-operative Worsted Manufacturing Society, Wholesale Warehousemen, Woodhouse Mills, Leeds Road Airey, Robert & Son Ltd., Coopers Vats, Woodware Manufacturers, Kuvo Works, Kings Bridge Road. Tel. 976 Akroyd, Jas, Cotton Spinner, Woodhouse Mill Albert Hotel, 38 Victoria Lane Albion Hotel, Buxton Road Albion Inn, Longroyd Bridge Albion Yard Garage, General Repairs, South Parade Alcock, Charles, Family Butcher, 17 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Alder, Miss, Ladies' Hairdresser, 8 Station Street Algar, C. G. C., Haulage Contraction, 522 Leeds Road Aline, Ladies' Hairdresser, 240A, Lockwood Road Aline, Ladies' Hairdresser, 38 Trinity Street All Saints Home, Dark Lane, Almondbury Allen, Ernest V., Marsh House Hotel, Marsh Allen, W. H. & Co. (Insurance) Ltd., Insurance Brokers, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Allied Building Commodities, Little Royd Allison, John, Undertaker, Upperhead Row Altham, Abram Ltd., Tea Merchants, Cross Church Street Anders & Kitchen Ltd., Precision Engineers, 3 Cloth Hall Street Anderson & Catton, Mechanical Engineers, Barr Street, Leeds Road Anderson, Dr. M. C., Medical Practitioner, Somerset House, Aspley Andre Rubber Co. Ltd., 11 Cloth Hall Street Andrew, Joe, Tripe Dresser, Beaumont Street

Appleyard & Crossley, Patent Agents, 19, John William Street Appleyard, W., "" Spinners Arms," 100 Leeds Road Appleyard's, Butchers, 21 Northgate - Archard, Arthur, Ophthalmic Optician, Market Hall Archibald, L. D., Sportsman's Arms, St. John's Road Arctic Café, 6, New Street Armitage, A., Grocer, Confectioner, 26 Newsome Road Armitage, E., Fish, Fruit, 58, Luck Lane Armitage, Frank, Commission Agent, 451 Wakefield Road Armitage, Frank, Farmer, Sunny Bank Farm, Cowcliffe Hill, Birkby Armitage, G., Starling End Farm, Lockwood Armitage & Grimshaw, Mineral Waters, Mark Street, Paddock Armitage, Hewitt & Hellowell, F.A.I., Chartered Auctioneers, Valuers, 37 Westgate Armitage, Hubert, Auctioneer, Valuer, Estage Buildings, Railway Street Armitage, J., Newsagent, 28 Swan Lane Armitage, James & Son (Coal) Ltd., Coal Factors, 3 Standard House. Tel. 646, after office Hours 3257. Established 1873. Armitage, James & Sons Ltd., Fancy Drapers, 14 John William Street Armitage, J. E., Plasterer, Slater, 349 Leeds Road Armitage & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Station Street Buildings. Tel. 1425 Armitage, Robinson, Butcher, 265 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Armitage & Son, Seedsmen, Florists, New Street Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, Solicitors, Lloyds Bank Building * Armitage, Sylvia, Ladies' Hairdresser, 37 Wakefield Road, Aspley Armitage, Grocer, Fruiterer, 63 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge. ° Arnold, J. I., Physn., Surgeon, 30 Percy Street, Fartown Arnold, William & Son, (Huddersfield) Ltd., Birkhouse Boiler Works, Paddock Arnott, Robert, Journalist, 108 Birkby Hall Road Arts and Crafts Shop, The (W. Halstead), Arts and Crafts Dealers and Artists' Materials, 10 Byram Street. Tel. 3402. Ashton Beaumont Ltd., Jeweller, 1 Market Building, King Street Ashton, N. C. Ltd., Non-Ferrous Metals, St. Andrew's Road ' Ashworth Ross & Co. Ltd., Weighing Machinists, 37, Kirkgate Askham, V., Taxi Proprietor, 608 Wakefield Road, Waterloo


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Aspinall & Heron, Piece Carbonizers, Woodhouse Mills, Deighton . Aspinall, R. & Co., Radio Electricians, Contractors and Engineers, 7 Victoria Lane. Tel. 1804 Aspley Saw Mills, Packing Cases, Carr Pit, Moldgreen , Aspley Sub P.O. Asquith, George A. Ltd., Wholesale Foods, Chapel Lane, Moldgreen Atack (Best Defence) Fire Prevention Works, (Night) 100, Birkby Hall Road Atack, Stanley, New Central Ballroom, East Parade Atha, Thos. & Son, Joiners, Undertakers, Lockwood Road Atkinson, Albert, Confectioners, 11 Cross Church Street Atkinson, E., Longley Riding School, Lowerhouses Atkinson, E. B., Taxis, 72 Carr Street, Marsh Atkinson, G., Decorator, 78 New North Road Atkinson, H., A.R.P.S., Photographer, 51 Byram Arcade Atkinson, J. W., Dentist, 63 Norman Road, Birkby Atkinson, Thos & Sons, Pork, Provisions, 20 Cross Church Street Atkinson, W. H. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Automobile Engineers, 4 St. John's Road. Tel. 4505 Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd., 46 Standard House Avery, W. & T. Ltd., Weighing Machine Manu- facturers, Wells Mills, Northgate Avison, Frank, Registered Accountant, 25, Market Street Avon Insurance Co. Ltd., 315 Windsor Chase, John William Street

Babyfair Ltd., Pram Manufacturers, 15 Queen Street Bacon, A. S., Medical Representative, 34 Jackroyd Lane, Newsome Bagnall, A. & Sons Ltd., Painting Contractors, Dalton Bali-Far, J. H., Grocer, Confectioner, 13-15 Chapel i Bairstow Sons & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers and Costumiers, 84 Fitzwilliam Street Tel. 3605-6 Bairstow, Dr. T. E., Physician, Surgeon, Clevelands, Gledholt Ballantyne, D. Bros. & Co. Ltd., Woollen Manu- facturers, 19 Railway Street, St. George's Square Bailéona Dr. Leslie, Physician, Surgeon, 58 Bradford oa Balmford, J. A. & E. V., Chartered Accountants, Royal Buildings, 15 Railway Street Balmforth, R., Dairyman, 10, Wakefield Road Bamforth, C., Baker, Confectioner, 12 Bridge Street, Lockwood Bamforth, G., Florist and Fruiterer, 10 Buxton Road. Tel. 207 Bafinflcirth, Geo., Market Gardener, 66 Top Market a Bamforth, Leonard, Solicitor, 4 New Street Bankfield Mill Co., Woollen, Worsted Manufacturers, Thornton Lodge Mills Bannister, Horace, The Fishery, 8 Acre Street, Lindley Bannister, J. E. & Sons, Huddersfield Dairies, 3, Byram Street Barbara, Ladies' Hairdresser, 23 Main Road, Primrose Hill Barber, J., Decorator,§92 Halifax Old Road Barber, L., Fish Frier, 67 St. Andrew's Road Barclay, Wm., Surgeon, 5 Murray Road Barclays Bank Ltd., Market Place


Barden, Harry, Printer, 66 Lockwood Road Barker, Bros., Farmers, Storth Farm, Birkby Barker, Clifford R., Reap Hurst Farm, Grimscar Barker, F. Ltd., Wholesale Confectioners, Ash Street, Halifax Old Road Barker, Fred, Carpenter, Joiner, Croft Mills, Almondbury Barker's Kennels, Fenay Bridge Barkers Corner House, Sports Outfitters, 23 Market Place Barlow, A. J. E., M.D., Dermatologist, 40 New North Road Barnes, C. C. Ltd., Furnishers & Upholsterers, 222 Wakefield Road and 74-74a John William Street. Tel. 1139 and 3194 Barnes, C. C. Ltd., Upholstery Works, Fartown Bar, Bradford Road Barnes, W. (Elland) Ltd., Queens Mill Road Baron, Kenneth, Hairdresser, Tobacconist, 9 Sheepridge Road Barratt, W. & Co. Ltd., Footwear, 4 New Street Barrett & Barrett Ltd., 12 Kingshead Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Barrett, C., Shirts, Hosiery, King Street Barrett, Dr. D. F., Physician, Surgeon, 292 Bradford Road Barrett, Herbert, Painter, Decorator, 71 Spaines Road, Fartown Barrie, Joan (Bolton) Ltd., Ladies' Fashions, 56 New Street Barron & Lewin, Patent Agents, Station Street Buildings Barrow, L., Grocer, 1 New Hey Road, Marsh Barton, E. & Son, Bakers, Confectioners, 154 Luck lane, Paddock Head Basnett, N. E., Newsagent, Shop Lane, Kirkheaton Bassindale, H. B., Wool Waste, Mill Street, Crosland Moor Bateman, A., Grocer, 18 Central Avenue, Fartown Bates, Albert W., Cattle Dealer, Blagden Farm, Newsome Bates & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Fairfield Mills Bates, James Ltd., Railway Saw Mills, Burbeary Road, Lockwood Bates, Miss K., M.S.S.Ch., Chiropodist, 88 West- bourne Road, Marsh Batley, N., Weaving, Mending, Seedhill Mill Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Oil Refiners and Merchants and Paint Merchants, Lubrica- ting Oils, Greases, 2 Henry Street, off Upperhead Row. Tel. 7201-2 Battye, Stanley & Co., Stock and Share Brokers, 11 Station Street. Tel. 1718-1719 Battye, Tailor, 42a Buxton Road

' Baxter, Caulfield, Chadwick & Co., Solicitors,

2 St. Peter's Street Baxter & Crossland, Newsagents, 131 Northgate Beardsell, F. & Son, Joiners, Spring Gardens, Lockwood Beatrix, Ladies' Hairdresser, 12 Trinity Street Beaumont Arms, Kirkheaton Beaumont, D., Ophthalmic Optician, 163 Trinity St. Beaumont, E., Haulage Contractor, 270 Leeds Road Beaumont, E., Consulting Ophthalmic Optician, 2 New Street Beaumont, F., Fruiterer, 138a Westbourne Road, Marsh Beaumont, Florence, Hairdresser, 71 Sheepridge Beaumont, G. Greengrocer, 26 Woodhouse Grove, Fartown , Beaumont, Geoffrey, Painter, Decorator, 8 Ashenhurst Close, Newsome Beaumont, J., Engraver, 1 Battyes Yard, Market l'lace

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Beaumont, J., Property Repairs, 3 Winton Street, Lockwood Beaumont, John M., Pharmacist, 38 Harvey Royd, Almondbury Beaumont, Jos. E., Hairdresser, 8 Market Street Beaumont, K., Grocery, Wine, 76 Trinity Street Beaumont, R. F., Motor Engineer, 140 Blacker Road, Birkby

Beaumont, W. & Sons Ltd., Furniture, Mattresses, -

Spring Grove Works Beaumont, W. L., Rag, Waste Paper, Henry Street Beaumonts' (Huddersfield) Ltd., Men's Outfitters, 6, Queen Street Beaumonts, Wholesale Warehousemen, Imperial Yard Beaverbrooks, Jewellers, King Street Bedforth, M. & Sons, Drysalters, Soap, Aspley Beever, James & Co. Ltd., Uniform Clothing Manufacturers, 25 Brook Street. Tel. 427 Beever, John & Sons Ltd., Hearthrug Manu- facturers, Brook Street Beevers, A. & Sons, Painters, Decorators, Great Northern Street Beevers & Barrett Ltd., Paper Merchants, Fern Mills, Leeds Road Beevers, M. A., Draper, Outfitter, 201 Church Street, Paddock & Beevers & Shaw Ltd., 27 John William Street Beighton, Godfrey, Taxi, Haulage, 187 Church Street, Paddock Belgrave, The, 8 Belgrave Terrace, New North Road Bell, P. H., Autmobile Engineer, Kelvin Garage, Kelvin Avenue, Dalton Bell, R. A., Drysalter and Manufacturing Chemist, Brook's Yard, Market Street. Tel., 2665 Bellarby Wardle Ltd., Confectioners, 7 High Street Belle Vue Hotel, Sheepridge Bellwood, Janet, Snack Bar, 43 Trinity Street Benly's Gaberdines, Rainwear, 19 Market Avenue Bennett, Harry, Fruit, Fish, 22 Acre Street, Lindley Bennis Combustion Ltd., Power Station, St. Andrew's Road Benomley Bakery, 1 Benomley Road Bentley, F. W. & Co., Stocks, Shares, Estate Buildings Bentley, G. W., Grocer, off Licence, 45, Church Lane, Moldgreen Bentley & Shaw Ltd., Brewers and Wine and Spirit Merchants, Lockwood - Brewery. Tel. 3380 and 3381. Established 1795 Bentley's Yorkshire Breweries Ltd., Westgate Beresford Bros., Paper Bags, 8 Pack Horse Yard Beresford, J. H., Tobacconist, 1 Market Building, King Street Bergan, Dorothy, Music Teacher, 4 Jackroyd Lane, Newsome Berjo Engineering Co. Ltd., Engineers, Old Rookery Forge, Wakefield Road Berlitz School of Languages, 14 Greenhead Road Berry, Arthur, Butcher, 226 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Berry Bros. Ltd., Woollen Merchants, 70 John William Street Berry, C. E. & Son Ltd., Drapers, Retail, 120-4, Market Hall. Tel., 4337. Est. 1883 Berry & Co., Manufacturers, Wholesale, 7 Brook Yard, Market Street Berry, Joseph & Sons, Architects, 5 Market Walk Berry, Walter & Sons Ltd., Yarns, Deighton Mills Berry, W. D. & Sons, Steeplejacks, Queens Mill Road Berwick, Phylis, Ladies' Hairdresser, 34 Ramsden Street

Best, John, House Furnishers, Rugs, Carpets, Linos. etc., 63 Northgate. Tel. 3524 Best, Walter, Plumber, 503 Wakefield Road Better Repairs, 47 King Street Bevers, John, Tailor, 14, Glebe Street, Marsh Billiard Supply Co., Market Place Chambers Billington, G. C. Ltd., Pawnbrokers, Jewellers and Clothiers, 58 Kirkgate. Tel. 3223 Billington, G. C., Clothiers, 56 Sheepridge Road Biltcliff, H. & Son, Meat Purveyors, 76 Wakefield Road Bingham, J. H., Confectioner, 1 King Cliff Bingley Building Society, Revenue Chambers, St. Peter's Street Binns, Mrs. G., Grocer, 15/17 Main Road, Primrose Hill Binns, J. O., Spangled Bull Inn, Kirkheaton Binns, John & Co., Rope, Twine, Cords, Per- severance Ropery, Queens Mill Road Binns, L., Painter, Decorator, 15 Dawson Road, Newsome , Binns & Taylor Ltd., Industrial Equipment, Angorfa, Heaton Moor Road, Kirkheaton Bird, Stanley, Taxi Proprietor, 11 Aldonley Birfix Utilities, Queen's Mill Road Birkby Hall Motors Ltd., Fiats, Birkby Hall Road Birkby P.O. Birks, W. A., Footwear, 60la, Wakefield Road, Waterloo Birrell, Godfrey Ltd., Tablet Manufacturers, 24 St. John's Road Bisby, J. & Son, Chimney Sweeps, 177 Wakefield Road Black, Thomas, L.D.S., R.F.P.S. (Glasgow), 7 Chapel Hill Blackburn Bros., Florists, 85, King Street Blackburn, Frank, Art Florist, 12 Victoria Lane Blackburn, George A., Newsagent, Stationer, 225 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Blackburn, J. H. & Son, Metal Merchants, Sand Street Blackburn, William, Nurseryman, Ashbrow Gardens Blackburns, Art Florists, Seedsmen, 12 Victoria Lane Blacker, H., Baker, 147-9, Northgate, Almondbury Blakeley, Harry, Textile Engineer, Alfred Street Blakeley, H. B., Fish Fryer, Eldon Road Fisheries, Marsh Blamires Ltd., Shirting, Flannels, Phoenix Mills Bleazard, R., Plumber, Electrician, 104 Bradley Road, Bradley Bletcher, W. & A., Fruit, Potatoes, Wholesale Market Bletcher, W. & A., Wholsesale Fruiterers, Wholesale Market Blue Bell Hill Post Office Boar's Head Inn, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Bolam & Shaw, Domestic Woodware, Upperhead Row Bolland, T. E., Farmer, Lumb Head Farm, Castle Hill Bolt & Shuttleworth Ltd., Joiners, Funeral Directors, Leeds Road Bonser, George F., Plumber, 38 Westbourne Road, Marsh . Books (Fashions) Ltd., 50 New Street

Boot & Shoe Hotel, New Street Booth, Arthur N. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wholesale Warehousemen, 22 Byram Street. Tel. 1537 Booth, C. E., Fish Frier, 156 Northgate, Almondbury Booth, C. & Son, Saw Makers, Cutlers and Tool Dealers, Sheffield House, 13 Cross Church Street. Tel. 457

Booth, Fred, Fish, Fruit, Longley Road

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Estate Agent and Valuer

24, QUEEN STREET, HUDDERSFIELD Telephone Huddersfield 910

Booth, George, Estate Agent, Valuer, Insur- ance Broker, Business Transfer Agent etc., 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910 Booth, H. A., Milk Bar, 29 Northgate Booth, H. A., General Dealer, 27 Northgate Booth, H. & Son Ltd., Cloth Manufacturers, 78 John William Street Booth & Topping, Accountants, Auditors, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Booth, W., Dentist, 17 St. Peter's Street Boothroyd, A., Joiner, Undertaker, 87 Luck Lane, Marsh Boothroyd, A. & Co., Battery Service, Back Spring Street Boothroyd, A. & Son, Family Butchers, 191, Leeds Road Boots, The Chemists, 16-18, King Street Borough Club, Ramsden Street Borval Fabrics Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, 5 Dundas Street. Tel. 1723 Bostock, H. N. & Co., Incorporated Accountants, Barclays Bank Chambers, Market Place Bottomley Coach Service, Excursions, Tours, Private Hire, Luck Lane, Marsh Bottomley, E. & Sons Ltd., Dyers, Holme Dyeworks, Bradley Bottomley, G. A., Family Butcher, 40 Dudley Road, Gledholt Bottomley, J. C. & Emerson Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Bottomley, W., Painter, Decorator, 37, Grove Street Bottomley's Motors Ltd., Luxury Coaches, Private Hire, Luck Lane, Marsh Boultons, Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agents and Land Agents, 15 High Street. Tel. 6013 Boustead Bros., Caravan Towing Contractors, Miln Road Garage, Birkby Boustead, J., Towing Contractor, 9 Mitchell Avenue, Waterloo Bowdell, G. R., Gardener, 2 Mulberry Street, Moldgreen Bowden, Arthur, Haulage Coal, 37 Highcroft Crescent, Almondbury Bower & Child, Ironmongers, Moldgreen Bower, F. & Son, Librarians, Booksellers, 8 Imperial Arcade Bower, Frank, Decorator, 30 Upper George Street Bowser, J. W., F.I.M.T., 164 Trinity Street Boyes, A. G. & Co. Ltd., Auto Engineers, East Parade Boys' Shop Ltd., The, Clothiers, Outfitters, 29 John William Street Bradfield Yarns Ltd., Yarn Waste, Littleroyd Mills, Queen's Mill Road Bradford Equitable Building Society, District Bank Chambers, Market Street Bradford Homecraft Co., Huddersfield Showrooms, Kirkgate Chambers, Kirkgate Bradford Road Sub P.O. Bradley, Bakers and Confectioners, 39 Blacker Road, Birkby Bradley, A., Draper, 1.O., Paddock Bradley & Co. (Mincral Waters) Ltd., 86 Firth Street Bradley Enginecring Co., Leeds Road, Bradley

Bradley, G. H., Masseur, Chiropodist, 25 Market Street Bradley Lane Nursing Home Co., 2 Highfields Road Bradley Motors, Taxis, Leeds Road Bradley Post Office Bradley, W., Pleasing Printer, Radiant Works, Back Union Street. Tel. 46 Bradley, W. M., Egg Distributors, 27 Commercial Street Bradley, Bakers, Caterers, 54 New Street Braham, Dr. H. G., Physician, Surgeon, Portland House, Lindley Braithwaite, W. R., Chimney Sweep, 9 Arnold Street, Birkby Bramald, P., Electrical Contractor, 27 Bentley Street, Lockwood Branch, H., Butcher, 26 Trinity Street Branch, H., Pork Butcher, 98 Bradford Road Bray, J. M., Commercial, Industrial and Press Photographer, Cloth Hall Chambers Bray, John & Co. Ltd., Ale, Porter Bottlers, 8 Rook Street Bray, N. & Co., Worsted Manufacturers, 18 Princess Street Bray, Nora, Dancing School, 131 Trinity Street Bray, Walter, Catering Establishments, 113 Bradford Road Brearley, D. W., Newsagent, Tobacconist, 2 Fitzwilliam Street Brellon & Co. Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, 6a Kings Mill Lane Brellon & Co. Ltd., Fine Worsted Manufacturers, Westfield Mills, Dalton Brennan, W., Florist, 2a Market Walk Brentwood Mending Co., 316 Bradford Road Brett & Co. Ltd., Gowns, 26 John William Street Brewer Bros. Ltd., Picture Frames, 5, Shambles Lane Brewer, W. L., Watchmaker, 70 Bradford Road Brian, A. J., Grocer, P.O., Greenside Brian, C., Plumber, Electrician, 539, Wakefield Road, Dalton Brier, Edward, Family Butcher, 347 Leeds Road Brierley Bros. Ltd., Woollen Spinners, Albert Mills, Lockwood Brierley, J. L. Ltd., Cotton Spinners, Doublers and Dyers etc., Turnbridge Mills. Tel. 2800 (2 lines) Brierley, G. K. & Co., Stockbrokers, 11 Cloth Hall Street Brierly, J. P. & Co. Ltd., Fancy Worsteds, Stanley Mills, Marsh Brigg, Dr. Joyce, M. F., Physician, Surgeon, 42 Mount Joy Road Briggs, J. E., Property Repairer, 43 Ruskin Grove, Sheepridge Briggs & Sutcliffe, Decorators, 307A Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Briggs, T. H. & Son, Cloth Hall Chambers Briggs, W. & Co. Ltd., Tyre Factors, Firth Street Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd., 20 Trinity Street British A.1 Dental Laboratory (S. Fairbrother) Dental Laboratories, 23 Brook Street. Tel. 5008 and 1093 British Electricity Authority, St. Andrew's Road

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British Engine Boiler & Electrical Insurance Co. Ltd., 13 Railway Street British Oak Inn, Taylor Hill, Lockwood British School of Motoring Ltd., Driving Tuition, Commercial Chambers, 3 Chapel Hill British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd., Lamp Depot, 7 Brook Street British Thunderstorm Survey, Research Meteoro- logists, Laboratories, Lockwood Road Broadbent Bros., Plasterers, Slaters, Smithy Lane, Moldgreen Broadbent, G. S., Physician, Surgeon, 6 New North Road Broadbent, H., Elephant and Castle, 143 Leeds Road Broadbent, J. A., Motor Engineer, William Street Broadbent, J. & Co. (Printers) Ltd., Bookbinders, Stationers, High Street Broadbent, S., Baker, Confectioner, 5 Brow Road, Paddock Broadbent, Thomas & Sons Ltd., Engineers, Central Ironworks. Tel. 5520 (6 lines) Broadbent, T. W. Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Contractors, Victoria Electrical Works, East Parade. Tel. 5371 Broadhead, B. F. Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, Lloyds Bank Chambers Broadhead & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Westfield Mills Broadhead & Graves Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Kirkheaton Mills Brockholes Motor Co. Ltd., Ford Depot, East Parade Brodrick, John Ltd., Auto Engineers, Leeds Road. Brodrick's Coachworks Ltd., Coach Painters, Firth Street Mills Brogan, J., Window Cleaner, 19 Commercial Street Brook, A. P., Burnieside, Board Residence, Queen's Road, Edgerton Brook, Clifford, Decorator, 378, Wakefield Road, Dalton Brook & Crowther Ltd., Engineers, Machines, Albion Works, Leeds Road North Brook, C. W., Painter, Decorator, 101 Blackmoorfott Road Brook Dransfield & Dyson, Architects and Sur- veyors, 14-15 Estate Buildings. Tel. 2536 Brook, D. T., Commercial Hotel, Paddock Brook, Ernest, Plumber, Heating, 14 South Parade Brook, F., Speech Therapist, 61 Lightridge Road, Fixby Brook, Frank, Gent's Hairdresser, 7 Macauley Street Brook, Freeman & Co., Solicitors, Notaries, 7 St. George's Square Brook, George, Sanitary Plumber, Longroyd Bridge Brook, G. R., Grocer, 227 Bradford Road Brook, Henry & Co. Ltd., Structional Engineers, Leeds Road Brook, Henry & Co. Ltd., Ir9nfounders, Engineers, Colne Road Brook, H. F. & Co. Ltd., Woollen Merchants, 21 St. John's Road Brook, Irvin, Furs, 17 New North Road Brook, J. A. Ltd., Domestic Engineers, Smith Lane, Moldgreen Brook, John & Son, Coal Merchants, Lockwood Station Brook, J. W. & O. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Motor Engineers, 368 Leeds Road Brook, K., " Clothiers Arms," 84 Kirkgate Brook & Learoyd, Litho. Printers, Chancery Lane Brook, Mark & Sons Ltd., Builders, Contra- ctors, Stone Yard, Leeds Road. Tel. 1040 Brook Motors Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Empress Works

Brook, S. B., Family Butcher, 6 Folly Hall Brook, Taverner & Co., Woollen Merchants, 16 Northumberland Street Brook, T. & Sons Ltd., Engineers, Chapel Hall Brook & Woodhouse Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Queen's Mill Brooke, Ben. H. & Son, Farmers, Carters, Lodge Farm, Bradley Brooke, J. B. & Sons Ltd., Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, Joinery Manufacturers, 264-274 Manchester Road. Tel. 5670-1. Established 1890 ' Brooke, J. L., Decorative Artist, 33 Birkby Lodge Road Brook, R. B. (Engineers) Ltd., Textile Machinists, Water Street, Lockwood Brooke, Wilfred G., Haulage, 15 Jagger Lane, Kirkheaton Brooklyn Worsted Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Bank- Field Mills, Moldgreen Brooks, Leather Goods, 51, Market Street Brooks Arms Hotel, 19 Broad Lane, Dalton Brooks, Mary, Ladies' Fashions, la, Half Moon St. Brooksbank, H., Painter, Paperhanger, 15 Ravens- knowle Road Broomfield Engineering Co. Ltd., Precision Engineers, Broomfield Road, Marsh Broscombe, A., Remis, 46, Highland Avenue, Almondbury Broscombe, S. E., Carting Agent, 92 Hillhouse Lane Brougham, E., Furniture Dealer, 234A, Lockwood Road Broughs Ltd., Grocers, 6 Kirkgate Brown, B. & Son, Printers, Stationers, 23 Westgate Brown Bros., Textile Engineers, 2 Flint Street, Fartown Brown Bros. & Taylor Ltd., Housefurnishers, 41-43, New Street Brown & Cheetham, Automobile Engineers, Canker Lane Garage Brown, David & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Gear Cutters, Park Works, Lockwood Brown, David & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd. (Welded Fabrications), St. Andrew's Road Brown, David, Tractors (Engineering) Ltd., Agri- cultural Implements, Meltham Mills Brown, Fred & Son, Wholseale Newsagents, 15 Station Street Brown, H. B., Farmer, Church Farm, Newsome Brown, H. &. Son, House Furnishers, 109 Bradford Road Brown, J. & J., Market Gardeners, 84, Greenhead Lane, Dalton Brown, J. R. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wholseale Drysalters and Grocers, Firth Street. Tel. 692 Brown, Roy, Wholesale Newsagent, 218 Halifax Old Road Brown & Thomas, Decorators and Painting Contractors, and Sign Writers, Painters, Paperhangers, 6 Spring Street. Tel. 448 Brown, William, Medical Practitioner, 128 Halifax Old Road, Birkby Brown's, Fishmongers, 34 Westgate Bruce Bros., Painters, Decorators, 30, Crosland Street, Crosland Moor Bruce, T. A., Decorators, 16 Ashmere Grove, Fartown Bruck & Engelsmann Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Taylor Hill Mills Brunton, R. & Son, Blacksmith, Millwright, Commercial Street Brunyate, Miss, Ladies' Hairdresser, 3 Chapel Hill Brunyate, J. M.,. Buying Agent, 10 Byram Buildings, Station Street _

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Bryancliffe Residential Flats, Hungerford Road, Edgerton Bucei's, Ice Cream Manufacturers, 79 Lockwood Road Buckingham, C. A. & Co., Bakers and Confectioners, 122 Lockwood Road Buckingham Dental Laboratory, 229 Long Lane, Dalton Buckley, Mrs. E., Grocer, 90 Bradford Road Buckley, Gilbert, Farmer, Ivy House Farm, Fixby Buckley, J., Maintenance Engineer, 25 Moor End Road, Lockwood Buckley, Roy, Dental Laboratory, 229 Long Lane, Dalton Buckley & Warburton, Coal Merchants, Lockwood Station Budge, Fred, Tobacconist, 26 Victoria Lane Bull and Mouth Hotel, Victoria Street Bull's Head Hotel, Beast Market Burman & Greenwood, Decorators, Merchants, Albion Street Burnet, John, House Furnisher, 70 Market Street, Paddock Burnett Dyes Ltd., Dyes, Chemicals, 8 Princess Street Burnett, F. & Co., Aniline Colours, 8 Princess Street Burnley Building Society, 1 Princess Street Burnley, F., Fish, Fruit, 591 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Burns, Dr. G., 14 Belgrave Terrace, New North Road Burns, G., Physician, Surgeon, Vernon House, New North Road Burton, J. Guymer, D.0O., M.R.O., Osteopath, 30 Queen Street Business Equipment Co. Ltd., Typewriters, and Office Equipment etc., 8 Standard House. Tel. 4433 Busy " B" (Wakefield) Ltd., Meat Purveyors, 8 Shambles Lane Butlin Bros., Cycle Dealers and Toy Dealers, East Parade. Tel. 2096 Butlin, Edward, Watchmaker, Jeweller, 26, Buxton Road Butterfield, F. J. & Sons, Haulage Contractors, 9, Highroyd Crescent, Moldgreen Butterworth, F., L.I.0.B., Builder, 18 Mount Joy Road Butterworth, Frank I., 161, Halifax Old Road, Fartown Buttery, Madame, Ladies' Hairdresser, 32 Grass- croft Road, Marsh

Cairns, D. Louis, M.D., Physician, Surgeon, 4 Cedar Avenue Calam, H. Ltd., Bakers, Caterers, Royd Bakery, Ashbrow Road Calam, H. Ltd., Bakers, Rialto Buildings, 65 Sheepridge Road Calverley, James M., Solicitor, 43, Benomley Road, Almondbury Calvert & Co. Ltd., Engineers, Ironfounders, Hope Foundry, Folly Hall Calvert, Wilfred, Plumber, Electrician, 24 Scar Grove, Lockwood Campbells, House Furnishers, 44 New Street Campenot, Fred, Grocer, Confectioner, 658 Leeds Road Canby, Thos. Ltd., Dyers, Finishers, Victoria Mills, Lockwood Canney's (Automobiles) Ltd., Commercial Street Canning, J. Ltd., Tyre Factors, 6 John Street Capper & Burkitt, Battery Services, Electrical Engineers etc., 60 Chapel Hill

Cardno, C. W. & Son, Family Butchers, 2a Halifax Old Road Caribonum Ltd., Carbon Ribbon Manufacturers, Alexandra Chambers, 32 John William Street Carlton Cinema, Blacker Road Carr, C. & Son, Babyland, 3 Victoria Street Carr, Stanley, Chartered Accountant, King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Carrel Estates Ltd., Estate Agents, 2 Station Street Carrick, R. A. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Builders, Contractors, 26 Woodhouse Hill, Fartown Carruthers, Dr. Wm., M.B., Ch.B., Physician, The Crescent, Paddock Carson, J., Builders, 52A Church Street, Paddock Carter, A. & H. (Grocers), 11 St. John's Road Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Builders and - Plumbers' Merchants, Kirkgate. Tel. 4382 (3 lines) Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Showroom, Market Place Carter, E. H. & Co. Ltd., Rubber Specialists, 10 Albjon Street Carter, T. E. & E., Grocers, Confectioners, 50 Bradley Road Carter, William P., Sports Journalist, 19 Railway Street Carter's Agricultural Ironmongers, 109 Northgate Cartwright & Fieldhouse, Solicitors, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Cartwright, Tom, Agricultural Implements, 82 Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton Cascade Water Coolers Ltd., 44 Lion Chambers, John William Street Cash Carpet Stores, 5 Byram Arcade Cash, J. R. & Co. Ltd., Letterpress Printers, Chapel Hill Cash Supply Stores, Grocers, Wines, 58 New Street Cavalry Arms, 81 Halifax Road, Birchenclifie Celairic Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton Central Drawing Office (Huddersfield), 19 Exchange Buildings Central Hairdressing Services Ltd., Gent's Hair- dressers, 1 and 3, Cloth Hall Street Central Hostel, 61-62 Kirkgate Central (Kayes) College, Secondary, Commercial, 70 New North Road Central School of Dancing, 17a East Parade Century Insurance Co. Ltd., 6A St. Peter's Street Chadwick, A., Grocer, 376 Bradford Road Chadwick, L., Ladies' Hairdresser, 1 Wren Street, Paddock Chambers, A. & W., Dripping Refiners etc., Taylor Hill Chambers, F., Textile Engineer, Templet Maker, 50A Church Street, Paddock Chambers, H. & Sons Ltd,, Tripe Dressers, 4 Bradford Road Chamber of Trade, 8 Byram Arcade, Westgate Chambers, Walter, 53 Dog Kennel Bank Chapman, G. & Son, Motor Engineers, Helms Garage, Leeds Road Chapman, T. & Son, Haulage Contractors, 54 Leeds Road Chapman, T. & Son, Haulage Contractors, 10 Barr Street Chapman's Ivy Coaches Ltd., Helms Garage, Leeds Road Chapmans (Casks and Drums) Ltd., 54 Leeds Road

Chappell, H., Painter, Decorator, 99 Victoria Road, Lockwood

Charlesworth, C., Grocer, 90 Firth Street, Aspley

Charlesworth, H. & Co., Printers, Bookbinders, Carisbrooke House, Fitzwilliam Street West

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Charlesworth, W. H., Potatoes, Fruiterer, 60 Moor End Road, Lockwood Charlton, Robert F., 7 Grange Avenue, Birkby Chatterton's Ltd., Grocers, Princess Street Cheetham, H. &. Co. Ltd., Heating Engineers, 121 Trinity Street Chillingsworth, L., Radio, 4 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Chilton, E. N. & Herbert, Textile Agents, 3, Upperhead Row. Tel. 1789 Chrispin, F.M., Woollen Manufacturer, Rookery Mills Christine, Ladies' Hairdresser, 31 Trinity Street City of Glasgow Friendly Society, Standard Buildings, Half Moon Street Claire, Ladies' Hairdresser, 1 Upperhead Row Clarence Hotel (J. Priestley), 23 Towngate, Newsome Clarence House, Millener, 4 Station Street Clark, Dr. A., 168 Penistone Road Clark, D., Coal Merchant, 45 Storths Road, Birkby Clark, E. E., Guest House, 315 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Clarke, W. E., Automobile Engineer, Gledholt Garage, Gledholt Road Clarkson, F. & Son, Butchers, 18 Northumberland Street Class & Son, Fish Merchants, Wholesale Market Clay, Ramsay, Painter, Decorator, 487 Bradford Rd Clayton, Harold, Haulage, Coal, 296 Leeds Road Clayton Lockwood Properties Ltd., Karrier Works, St. Thomas Road Cleanpress Ltd., Dry Cleaners, 68 John William St. Cleave, J. H. & Son Ltd., Tennis Rackets, 56 Fitzwilliam Street Clegg, A. E., Worsted Coatings, 4, St. Peter's Street Clegg, Harry H., Journalist, 219 Newsome Road Clegg, J.. Grocer, Baker, 62 Moor End Road, Lockwood Clegg & Sons (Wallpapers) Ltd., Merchants, 1 Lord Street Cliffe, Arnold, Incorporated Accountants Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Cliffe & Co. Ltd., Machinists, Longroyd Bridge Cliffes, Chocolates, Sweets, 9 Cloth Hall Street Cliffes, D. J. & E., Sweets, Tobacco, 1 Albert Street, Lockwood Clifford, Sidney Ltd., Tubes, Fartown Green Close Hill Industrial and Provident Society Limited Cloth Hall Branch P.O. Cloth Hall Trust Ltd., Motor Finance, Balmoral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Clough, Ernest Ltd., Hatter and Shirtmaker' Westgate House, Westgate Clough & Lawton (Huddersfield) Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, 3 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Coal Distributors (Yorks) Ltd., Whitestone Lane Coates & Bairstow, Booksellers, Stationers, and Art Dealers etc., 3-7 Station Street. Tel. 475 Cock, Son & Whitworth Ltd., Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Surveyors and Valuers, Central Auction Rooms, Kirkgate and Wood Street. Tel. 2351 Cockcroft, Edward, Chemist, Optician, 66 Wakefield Road, Aspley Cockcroft, R., Chemist, 51 Northgate Cockhills (Grocers) Ltd., 6-8, Manchester street Cockin, T. A. Ltd., Engine Packing, Waterloo Mills, Leeds Road Cole, Alec, Tailor, 63 New Street Cole, Alec (Halifax) Ltd., Ladies' Wear, 4 Market Avenue Cole & Wilson Ltd., Colours, Chemicals, 24 Green- head Road


Coletta, A. & Sons, Ice Cream, 42 Bradford Road Coletta, A. & Sons, Imperial Café, 72, John William Street Colletta, Rosie, Venetian Café, Westgate Collins, Leonard, Masseur, 32 Somerset Road, Moldgreen Collins, Wm., Bespoke Tailor, 14 Cloth Hall Street Collinson, T. & Sons Ltd., Tea, Coffee (Caterers), 39 New Street Colne Valley Conservative Association, 1 Imperial Arcade Colne Valley Division Liberal Association, 24 Westgate Comins, L., Carrier, 54 Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd., 2 St. Peter's Street Conacher, Peter & Co. Ltd. Spring wood Conally, Stanley, Painter, Decorator, 89 Lockwood Road Connelly, M. J., Tailor, Outfitter, 60 King Street Connelly, Wright & Co., Accountants, Auditors, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Convent of the Cross and Passion, 3 Brunswick Street Cook, W. H. Ltd., Printers Booknbiders, 7 Albion Street Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Concreters, Contractors, Little Royd Cooper, Daniel S. Ltd., Horse, Sanitary Depot, Hillhouse Cooper, Frank, Entertainer, 24 Woodbine Road, Fartown Cooper, Frank, Optician, 6 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5384 Cooper, Henry, Commission Agent, 70 John William Street Cooper, N., Painter, Decorator, 399 Wakefield Road, Dalton Cooper, Norman, Haulage Contractor, 349 Bradford Road, Fartown Cooper, Webb & Son, Provision Merchants, 30 Westgate Co-operative Dental Association Ltd., Dentists, 13 Trinity Street Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd., Fire, Life, General, 3 Cloth Hall Street Co-operative Permanent Building Society, 39A King Street Co-operative Wholsesale Society Ltd., Green Fruit, Wholesale Market Copland, James G., Physician, 28 New North Road Copley, Teddie, Decorator, 1 Somerset Crescent Cornish, T., Rag Merchant, Zetland Street Cosy Taxis, 86 Hammond Street Cotton, A., Turf Agent, 22 Lion Chambers, John William Street Cotton, Miss M. I., Chiropodist, 3a Station Street Coulborn, James & Son Ltd., Haulage Contractors, Coaches, Private Hire, 15 Canby Grove, Waterloo County Court Registrar, Queen Street County Motors (Lepton), Ltd., Penistone Road Garage, Waterloo Cousen, L. & Sons, Consulting Opticians, 88 Chapel Hill Covent Garden, High Class Fruit, 14 Trinity Street Cowan, Sam A., Tailor, Draper, 15 Storths Road, Birkby Coward, Mrs. K., Strodex Corsetiere, 61 Trinity Street Cowlings, Fruit, Flowers, Cherry Tree Corner, Westgate. Tel. 6216 Cowms Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., Fenay Bridge Road, Lepton Cox & Co., Funeral Carriages, Lockwood Road

Organ Builders,

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Craigie, Thomas & Co., Upperhead Mills Craven, S. & Co., Accountants, Auditors, 1 Imperial Arcade Crawshaw, Frank, Gardener, 47 Heatherfield Road, Marsh Crawshaw Bradley Crawshaw & Mellor, Shoddy Manufacturers, Cros- land Moor Mills, Manchester Road Creaser, J. A., Butcher, 329 Bradford Road, Fartown Crescent Hotel, Byram Street Crimea Inn, Cross Lane, Newsome Crompton, E., Butcher, 97 Westbourne Road, Marsh Crompton Manufacturing Co., Ltd., The Clothing Contractors, Melbourne Works, Firth Street. Tel. 7167/8 Crook, Benj. & Sons Ltd., Sports Goods Manufac- turers, 56 Fitzwilliam Street Crooks, A. Edward, Drapers, 597, Wakefield Road Waterloo Croppers Arms, Marsh rosland Hill Quarry Co. Ltd., Quarry Owners, 11 St. John's Road Crosland Moor Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., Grocers, 56 Blackmoorfoot Road Cross Keys (Yorkshire) Ltd., 15 Railway Street Cross Lane Sub P.O., 229 Cross Lane Crossley, A. N., L.D.S., Dental Surgeon, 22 Queen Street Crossley & Drinkwater Ltd., Plumbers, Electricians, 124 Hall Bower Lane, Newsome Crossley, John J., Waste Dealers, 22, Beech Street Crossley, Joseph & Sons, Waste Dealers, 22 Beech Street, Paddock Crossley, Nurse L. F., 6 York Place, New North Road Crossley, N., Dentist, 22 Queen Street Crossley Posters, Posters, Showcards, Dupli- cating etc., 18 Byram Arcade, Westgate. Tel. 6546 Crossley, Sam, Newsagent, Tobacconist, 67 West bourne Road Crossley, Tom, Waste Merchant, 33 Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen Crossley, T. W., Plumber, Electrician, 46, Trinity Street Crown Engineering Co. Crown Hotel, Westgate Crown Wallpapers Ltd., 2-4, Cross Church Street Crowther, Alfred (Huddersfield) Ltd., Plumbers' - Merchants, - Northumberland Street. Tel. 1275/1276 and 3045 (3 lines) Crowther, F., Farmer, 186 Lowerhouses Lane, Almondbury Crowther, F. T., Grocer, Wines, North Street, Paddock Crowther & Gee, Engineers, Brassfounders, Firth Street Works Crowther, G. & G. H., Land Agents, 1 Princess St. Crowther, J. & E., Sheet Metal Workers and Welders, Tinkers Yard, Longroyd Bridge Crowther, J. M., Fruit, Potatoes, 84a Wholesale Market, Brook Street Crowther, John & Sons (Milnsbridge) Ltd., Lock- wood Mills Crowther, J. W. & Son, Decorators, 59 East Street, Lindley Crowther & Nicholson Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Ash Brow Mills Crowther & Shaw Ltd., Sanitary, Refrigeration Engineers, Market Street Crowther & Stansfield, Sanitary Plumbers, 86a Westbourne Road, Marsh

, H. R., Fish Frier, 54 Bradley Road,

Crowther & Vickerman Ltd., Fancy Worsteds, Crosland Moor Mills Crowther, W., Grocer, Greengrocer, 14 Arnold Street, Birkby Crowther & Wilkinson Ltd., Joiners, Funeral Directors, Marsh Croxfords, Home Furnishers, 71 Westbourne Road, Marsh Culina Products Ltd., 37 Market Street, Paddock Culley, Norman, Architect, 23 John William Street Culpan, P. A. & Co., Furnishers, 20 Bradford Road Cummins, W. J., Saddler, 15 New North Road Currie, Thomas & Co., Taxis, 10 Zetland Street Curtis, F., Registered Hairdresser, 51 Bradley Mills Road - Curzon American Snack Bar, 30 Buxton Road Curzon Cinema, Buxton Road Cuthbert, Ralph Ltd., Chemists, Westgate Cuthbert, T. A. & Co., Woollen Manufacturers, Manor Mill, King's Mill Lane

Dagostino, D., Caterer, 9 Beast Market Dalby, R. & P., Butchers, Dairymen, 587 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Dale, J. E. & Co., Incorporated Accountants, District Bank Chambers, Market Street. - Tel 201 Dale, Oscar E. & Co., Insurance Brokers, Balmoral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Dalton Grange Club, Bradley Mills Road Dalton, W. M., A.M. Brit.I.R.E., 25 George Avenue, Birkby Danesford, T., Tailor, Furrier, 277 Alder Street, Fartown . Darwent, M. & Son. French Polishers, Kirk- gate. Tel. 887. Established 100 years Darwin, J. H. & Son, Taxi Proprietors, Fartown Lodge Garage Dathan Tool & Gauge Co., Thornfield Road, Lockwood - Davies, G. D., Grocer, 20 Cloth Hall Street Davies, Miss I. L., Waverley School, Edgerton Davies & Wood, Greengrocers, 143 Bradford Road Davis & Brook, Wholesale Confectioners, Westgate Davis, Dr. H. W., The Grange, Bryan Road Davison, J. R. & Co., Incorporated Accountants, Lion Chambers Davison, R. E., Newsagent, Tobacconist, 145 St. John's Road Dawson, A. & Co., Stocks, Shares, Standard Buildings Dawson, Bob W., Butcher, 5 Market Hall Dawson, E. & Son, Mungoes, Shoddies, Cloth Hall Street Dawson, H., Sons & Co. Ltd., Wool Brokers, 16 Estate Buildings, Railway Street Dawson, M., Commission Agent, 132 Fitzwilliam Street Dean & Dawson Ltd., Railway, Shipping, St. Peter's Street Dean, Richard & Sons, Manufacturers Agents, 14-16, Byram Buildings, Station Street Dean's Herbal Clinic and Health Food Stores, 34 Trinity Street Deane, Mrs. E., Boarding House, 387 Bradford Rd. Denes, Mrs. D., Board Residence, 13 Westbourne Road, Marsh Denham Bros., Leather Belting Manufacturers and Merchants etc., Pack Horse Yard. Tel. 748 Dennis, R., Painter and Decorator, 13 Roydfield Street, Fartown Denton, George & Sons, Taxis, Auto Engineers, Gledholt Garage Denton, Walter L., Road Transport Contractor, Longroyd Bridge Dewhurst Fisheries, 1 Dewhurst Road, Fartown

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Dewhurst, J. H. Ltd., Butchers, 19A King Street Dews, G. H., Taxi Proprietor, 2 Lime Street, Lockwood Dews, J. H. & Sons, Haulage Contractors, Park Terrace, Yew Green Road, Lockwood Diamond Vitality Foods Ltd., Kay Street Dickinson, E., Threshing Contractor, 49 Broadgate, Somerset Road Dickinson, Herbert & Co., Woollen Merchants, Upperhead Mills Dickinson, L. & J., Tyre Factors, 70 Manchester Rd. Dickson, R., Motor Engineer, Waterloo Dickson, Dr. W. S., Gynaecologist, 40 New North Road Dictograph Telephones Ltd., Telephone Manufac- turers, Upperhead Mills Direct Woollen Supply Ltd., Drapers, 60a New Street Diskin, J., Grocer, Confectioner, Tram Terminus, Waterloo Diskin, P., Decorator, 16 Chestnut Street, Sheep- ridge Distillates Lubricant Manufacturers, Crossley Lane, Kirkheaton District Bank Ltd., 8 Market Place District Valuers, 25 Lord Street Dixon, H. R., Taxi Proprietor, 47 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown Dixon, R., Railway Inn, Bradford Road Dobson, Joseph, Manufacturing and Wholesale Confectioner, Regent Confectionery Works, 252 Deighton Road, Sheepridge. Tel. 3805 Dobson, S., Off-Licence, Mixed, 115 Fartown, Green Road Dodd, J. & Co. Ltd., Chemists, Herbalists, 44 King Street Dodson, C., Fish, Fruit, 93 Northgate, Almondbury Dodson, J. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Building Contrac- tors, 27 Thorne Road, Thornton Lodge Dodson, W., Butcher, 3 New Hey Road, Marsh Volatalise Flannel Ltd., 38 Westgate Don The, Ladies' Hairdresser, Westbourne Road, Marsh Donkersley, Roy, Decorator, 23 Roundwood Avenue, Waterloo Dorothy's, Florist, 17 Market Avenue Downey, T. P., Solicitor, Britannia Buildings Downs, H. & Sons, Iron Founders, St. Andrew's Rd Drake, C., Painter, Decorator, 181 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Drake, Ernest, Primrose Hotel, 2 Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Drake, E. S. & Co. Ltd., Upholsterers, Brook Street Works, Moldgreen Drake & Hirst, Wholsesale Warehousemen, 62 Fitzwilliam Street Drake, J. Neville, L.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Arnold House, Birkby Hall Road Drake, L., Painter, Decorator, Hillside, Kirkheaton Drake, Mrs. M. D., Draper, Outfitter, 94 Blacker Road, Birkby Drake, N., Butcher, 37-39 Birkhouse Lane Dransfield, V., Newsagent, Tobacconist, 162 Man- chester Road, Longroyd Bridge Draper, E. & Son, Joiners, Undertakers, Town Bottom, Kirkheaton Drinkwater, B., Plumber, Electrician, 124 Hall Bower Lane, Newsome Drinkwater, Spence & Sons, Builders, Contractors, 114 Penistone Road Driscoll, A. W., Press Reporter, 86, Hall Cross Road, Longley Drummond-Jackson & Matheson, Dental Surgeons, 29 New North Road

Duce's Café, Bakers, Confectioners, 99 Northgate, Almondbury Duffin & Peace, Woollen Merchants, 5 St. John'sRd Dugdale Bros. & Co. Ltd., Woollen Merchants, Shippers, Northumberland Street Dumont Studio, Photographers, 4 Buxton Road Duncalf, J., Haulage Contractor, 8 South View, Church Street, Paddock Dundas Rug & Textiles Ltd., Hole Bottom Mills, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen Dunning, A. S., Watchmaker, Clockmaker, 24 Queen Street and Top Market Hall. Tel. 6804 Durrans Miss Bessie, Soft Furnishings 54 Larch Road Paddock Dyson, Ellis, Grocer, 519 Wakefield Road, Dalton Dyson, Frank & Son, Concreters, Asphalters, Birkhouse, Manchester Road Dyson, Frank (Waverley Garage) Ltd., Motor Agents and Engineers, St. Thomas Road. Tel. 973 Dyson, G. H. & Sons, Decorators, 16 Spaines Road Fartown Dyson, H., Electrical Engineer, 198 Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge Dyson Hall & Co. Ltd., Bearskins, Astrachans, Greenside Mills Dyson, K., Baker, Confectioner, 14, Acre Street, Lindley Dyson & Nalson, Engineers, Viaduct Street Dyson, Philip, Radio Electrical, 72 Kingston Avenue, Dalton Dyson, R. S. & Co. Ltd., Provision Merchants, Wholesale, Macaulay Street. Tel. 3370/1. Established 1869 Dyson, Tom, Baker, Grocer, 151 Church Street, Paddock E. X. A. Agencies, Plumbers' Merchants, 2 Rook Street Eagle Star Insurance Co. Ltd., 19, Railway Street Earnshaw (Garage), Motor Dealers and Engineers, Garage and Motor Cycle Agents etc., Manchester Road. Tel. 1232. Estab- lished 1907 Earnshaw, B. & Co. Ltd., Engineers and Machine Makers, Manchester Road, Cros- - land Moor Bottom. Tel. 1004 Earnshaw, Burt, Peacock Inn, Leeds Road Earnshaw, Fred & Sons, Builders, Contractors, 34 Kelvin Avenue Earnshaw, Fred & Sons Ltd., Building Contractors, 339 Wakefield Road Earnshaw, L. & Sons, Bakers, Confectioners, Ravensknowle Road, Dalton Earnshaw, R., Commisssion Agent, 70, John William Street Earnshaw, Reg. & Terry, Commission Earnshaw, Reg. & Terry, Commission Agents, Exchange Buildings, 70 John William Street. Tel. 2960/2324/6242 Earnshaw, W., Earnshaw's Fisheries, 182A Leeds Road Easter, R. H., Car Hire, 31 Blagden Lane, Closehill Eastwood, C., Manufacturers' Agent, Market Place Chambers Eastwood & Co., Chartered Accountants, 107 Birkby Hall Road Eastwood, D. R., Grocer, 109 Swan Lane Eastwood, G., S. Heating, Electrical Engineer, Conservative Club Works, Lockwood Eastwood, R. C., Cleaning Plate, Chapel Hill Eastwood, Wm., Rope Agent, Lynton Avenue, Greenhead Road Eaton, Smith & Downey, Solicitors, Britannia St. Peter's Street

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Eaton, Smith, G. H., L.D.S., R.C.S., Dental Surgeon, 56 Trinity Street Eccles, John Ltd., Cotton Spinners and Doublers, Upper Aspley Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 287 Eccles & Watson Ltd., Manufacturers, St. Andrew's Road Economic League, 28 Queen Street Eddison, Taylor & Booth, F.A.I., Auctioneers and Valuers, High Street Eder, W. J., " Plough '" Inn, Westgate Edgerton Nurseries, Edgerton, Grove Road Edgerton Post Office Edinburgh Assurance Co. Ltd., St. Peter's Street Edison Swan Electric Co. Ltd., 15 Dundas Street Edmondson, J., Plumber, Electrician, Middle Carr Works, Deighton Edmondson Ltd., Fruiterers, Wholesale Market Edson, F., Baker, Confectioner, 168 Deighton Road Education, Ministry Of, H.M. Inspectors' Office, 62 New Hey Road, Lindley Edwards, Dr. T. H., Surgeon, 10 New North Road Edwards, Thos. H., Surgeon, 5 Brunswick Street Edythe, Gowns, Corsets, 293¢ Wakefield Road Edythe, Ladies' Hairdresser, 135 Church Street, Paddock Eglinton, G., Butcher, 1 Norman Road, Birkby Elbourne, E. G., Chemist, Pharmacist, 80 New Hey Road Elcar Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Elcar Works, Colne Road. Tel. 1814-5 Eldon Combing Co. Ltd., Colne Road Electrical Components Ltd Electrical Wholesalers, Knight Street Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Contractors, Brook Street. Tel. 6015. And at Garner's Yard, Trinity Street Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Radio Dealers, 216 Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge Electricians' Hotel (G. H. Riley), Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge Elite Café, 10-12 High Street '" Elizabeth," Ladies' Hairdresser, 27 Market Street Ellam, Mrs. E., Bakery, 23 Scar Top, Lockwood Ellam, H. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Tailors, 39 Kirkgate Ellam, Joe, Plumber, Electrician, 212 Lockwood Road Ellam, S., Garage, Whitestone Lane, Hill House Ellams Duplicator Co. Ltd., Duplicator Manufac- turers, 4 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Elliot, A. C., Corn Dealer, 66 Birkby Hall Road Elliott, Benjamin & Sons Ltd., Colliery Owners, Lepton Elliott, R. J. & Co. Ltd., Cigar Manufacturers, Pack Horse Yard Elliott's Bricks Ltd., Lepton Ellis, A., Fruiterer, Florist, 316 Bradford Road Ellis, Arthur, Chiropodist, 83 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown Ellis, J. T. & Co. Ltd., Cabinet Manufacturers, Moldgreen Ellis, Norman & Son Ltd., Printers and Stationers, 158 Longroyd Bridge. Tel. 2791 Ellis, R., Watch Repairs, 98a Halifax Old Road Ellis, Ronald Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, 28 ueen Street Ellwood (Silks) Ltd., 52 New Street Ely Fruit Preservmg Co., Jams, St. John's Road Emmerson Bros., Sports Outtters 11 Market Street Emmott, John, Electrical Engineer, 242 Manchester Road, Crosland Moor Bottom Empire Cinema, John William Street

Employers' Mutual Insurance Association Ltd., 22n Standard House Empress Hall, Venn Street Emsley & Collins (Huddersfield) Ltd., Fruit, Vegetables, 11 Brook Street Engine Tavern, Bradford Road Engineering & Allied Employers' Heavy Woollen District Association, 2 Cloth Hall Street Engineers Small Tools Co., Brooks Yard, Market Street England, W. P. & Co., Drysalters, William Street Enid, Ladies' Hairdresser, 90 Northumberland Street Etam Ltd., Ladies' Wear, 25-27, New Street Ewarts Butchers Ltd., 517 Wakefield Road Ex-Service Taxis, 21 Lord Street Exide Battery Service Station, 217 Leeds Road

Fahey, B., Painter, Decorator, Painting Contractor, 361 Wakefield Road, Dalton Fairburn, Frank, Leather Grindery, 28 Victoria Lane Falck, J. H. & Sons, Sausage Casings, Public Abattoir, Great Northern Street Falck, J. W., Wood View Farm, Birkby Road Fancy Worsted Designs Ltd., Worsted Manufac- turers, Crosland Moor Mills Farm Stores Ltd., Pork Butchers, 17a King Street Farmers Butchers Ltd., Market Avenue Farrar, A. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cotton Doublers Waterloo Bridge Works, Kirkheaton Fartown & Birkby Liberal Club Ltd., Cobcroft Road Fartown Conservative Club, Halifax Old Road Fartown Post Office Fawcett, H. S., Fruiterer, 11 Church Lane, New- some Fearnley, Walter & Sons Ltd., Woollen Yarns, Holme Mills, Bradley Fent Shop, The Remnant Dealers, 30 Spring Stree Fern Skip & Basket Co., Fern Mllls Leeds Road Fescol Ltd., Electro-Deposrtors Karrier Works, Cable Street Fiechter Ulrich, Watchmaker, Jeweller, Top of Westgate Field, Cyril, Musicians' Union, 85 Senior Street, Moldgreen Field, R. & Son Ltd., Coffee, Tea, 11 Westgate Fieldhouse, Arthur, Accountant, Pubr., 66 Trinity Street Fields, George & Sons Ltd., Drapers, Furriers, 15 John William Street Fillans & Sons Ltd., Jewellers and Watch- makers etc., 2 Market Walk Tel. 889. Established 1852 Finch, Reginald, Car Batteries, 59 Wakefield Road Findlay, Dr. H. R., 202 Somerset Road Fine Art & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 43 Standard Buildings Fine Tools Ltd., Tool Manufacturers, Wakefield Road, Waterloo Firth, A., Painter, Decorator, 87 Clevelands Road, Marsh Firth, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Wholesale Floor-Covering Factors, 50 King Street Firth & Co. (Huddersfield Textiles) Ltd., Woollen Merchants, 6 St. Peter's Street Firth, Colin, Grocer, 35 Northgate Firth, Dan (1953) Ltd., Tailors, Revenue Chambers, St. Peter's Street Firth, F., Grocery, Provisions, 174 Victoria Road, Lockwood Firth, J. & Sons, Cotton Spinners, Grove Mills Firth, Leonard, Plumber, Electrician, Newsome Firth, L. H., Journalist, 11 Wheathouse Terrace, Birkby

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Firth, S. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Shoddy Manufacturers, St. Helens Mill, Almondbury Firth, Wadsworth & Son, Auctioneers, Valuers, Sun Chambers, Cross Churh Street Firth, Walter & Sons, Builders, Contractors, 32, Blagden Lane, Newsome Firth & Wilson Ltd., Wholesale Grocers, 3 Bradley Street South. Tel. 3980/1 Established 1865 Firth Wright, Haulage Contractor, 69 Blackmoor- foot Road, Crosland Moor Fish; Wm., Fruit, Potatoes, Wholseale Market Fisher & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Woollen Merchants, Upperhead Row Fisher, Harold, Plastic Mouldings, Milan Works, Albert Street Fisher, R. E., Gestetner Representative, 10741 Fitzwilliam Street Fisher, W. & Sons (Tilers) Ltd., Tilers, Marble, Lord Street Fitton, A. W., Radio Engineer, 192 Taylor Hill Road Fitton Bros., Fruit, Potatoes, Wholesale Market Fitton, H. & Clarke, Electrosweeps, 23 Kingsley Avenue Fitton s Fruit Stores, 41 Westgate Fitzwilliam Hotel, Northgate Fleece Hotel, Kirkgate Fleetwood Fish Shops, 2 Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen Fletcher, Joe A., Birkby Hall Road Fletcher, Dr. L., Physician, Surgeon, 193 Newsome Road South Fletcher, S., Grocer, 115 Bradford Road Flinders, Edward, Corn Millers, Back Blacker Road Flower, F. & Son, Motor Upholsterers, St. Thomas Road, Longroyd Bridge Folly Hall, Sub P.O. Food, Ministry of, Local Food Office, Chapel Street Forbes & Fish, Fish Curers, 36 Wholesale Market Fowler's, General Merchants, 46 Top Market Hall Fox, George, Arts, Crafts, 10 Byram Street Fox and Grapes Hotel, 87 Northgate Fox's Acadamy of Dancing, 85 Trinity Street Fox's College, 47 Trinity Street France, Louis, Rubber, Upperhead Mills France, M.P., Tailor, Costumier, 10 Albion Street Frank, Toni, Laboratory Technician, Glenwood Cottage, Kaffir Road, Edgerton Fraser &" Chalmers, Supervising Erector, St. Andrew's Generating Station Freeman, J. G., Solicitor, 7 St. George's Square Freemasons' Hall, Fitzwilliam Street Freer, J. H., Architect, Surveyor, 10 Cambridge Rd Friend, E. I., B.Ch.D., L.D.S., Dental Surgeon, 122 Trinity Street Friend, G., Outfitter, 298 Bradford Road, Fartown Friend, Vic., Tailor, 1 Wood Street Friendly & Trade Societies Club, Northumberland Street Friend's Provident & Century Life Office, 6a St. Peter's Street Frobisher, H., Pork Butcher, 237 Lockwood Road Frost, Charles, School of Dancing, 9, Brook Street Frost, H. I. & T. W., Dentists, 34 Bradford Road Fuel & Transport (Huddersfield) Ltd., Haulage Contractors, Hillhouse Sidings Furness, Donald, Washers and Service, 94 Northgate Furnishall Ltd., Wholesale Carpets, 6a Manchester Road Furniss & Co., Patent Glaziers, Little Royd Furniture - Exchange - Furniture - Dealers, Imperial Yard, New Street and 3 Union Bank Yard. Tel. 1905

Nurseryman, Fruiterer, 158

Gabrielli, E. & Sons, Ice Cream Manufacturers, 25 Bow Street Gabrielli, L., Milk Bar, 101 Trinity Street Gallagher, D. J., Café Director, 11 Abingdon Street, Fartown Gallagher, J. F., Joiner, Undertaker York Place, New York Road Galloway, George & Sons, Typewriter Dealers, 7 Byram Street Gamm, F., Ophthalmic Surgeon, 53 New North Road Garfield Mending Co., 1 Threadneedle Street Garner, Jeffrey, Fruiterer, 72 Wakefield Road Garner & Mellor, Tailors, Outfitters, 74 Manchester Road Garrards (Huddersfield) Ltd., Timber Merchants, Great Northern Street Garside, Allison & Fletcher, Estate Agents, 7 St. George s Square Garside, E. G., Newsagent, Tobacconist, 18 Colne Road Garside, Emily, Confectioner, Mixed, 55 Wakefield Road Garside, F. & A., Window Cleaners, 137 North Street, Lockwood Garside, S., Swan Hotel, Swan Lane, Lockwood

Garton, George & Son Ltd., Plumbers,

Heating and Electrical Engineers, Market Place and Kirkgate. Tel. 196. Established 1852 Gaukroger, P. & N., Baker, Confectioner, 48 Sheepridge Road Gawthorpe, Fred, Sweets, Tobacco, 156 Luck Lane, Paddock Gawthrop, Dr. S. E., Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Gee Bros., Model Aeroplanes, 26a Cross Church Street Gee, Edward & Sons, Paper Blinds, Back Croft Street, Paddock General Accident, Fire and Life Assurance Corp., Ltd., Britannia Buildings General Carrying Co., 43 Viaduct Street George Hotel (Huddersfield) Ltd., Commercial Hotel, St. George's Square, adjoining Rail- way Station. Tel. 5000/1/2 George, T., Dairy Farmer, Lower Castle Hill Farm, Almondbury Gibb, C. N., Physician, Surgeon, 24 New North Road Gibson, J. S. Ltd., Wholesale Tripe Dressers, 117 Leeds Road Gill, Albert, Cabinet Maker, Undertaker, Greenhead Road Gill, M., Spring Gardens P.O. Gill, M. & A., Grocers, Confectioners, 120 Lockwood Road Gilleard, P. B., Radio Electrician, 59 Northgate Almondbury Gilmour, Dr. W. M. C., M.B., D.O.M.S., Ophthalmic Surgeon, 158 Trinity Street Ginty, J. B. Ltd., Esquire Shirts, 81 Fitzwilliam Street Girl Guide Hall, 34 Leeds Road Gisbourne, Dr. M. S., 25 Kennedy Avenue, Fixby Gledhill, Mrs. A., Corsetiere, 7 New Hey Road Gledhill Brook Tlme Recorders Ltd., 23 Market Street Gledhill Bros. & Co. Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Lockwood Road Gledhill, E., M.D., F.R.C.S., Gynaecologist, Gran- num Lodge, Edgerton Gledhill, G. V., Taxis, 48 Carr Street, Marsh . Gledhill, J. E. & Co., Woollens, Worsteds, 19 John William Street,

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Gledhill, Joseph, Waggon & Horses, Leeds Road Gledhill, N., Tobacconist, 46 Viaduct Street Glendinning Bros. Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Cloth Manufacturers, Tanfield Mills, Leeds Road. Tel. 4277/8 Globe Promotions, 25 St. John's Road Glow Coal Co. Ltd., Coal Meachants, Midlands Railway Coal Depot, off St John's Road. Tel. 4812 (2 lines) Goddard, H., Pianos, Radio, 18 Imperial Arcade Goldthorpe, C., Caterer, Brook Street Goldthorpe, Clifford, Confectioner, Caterer, 157 Bradford Road Goldthorpe & Co. Ltd., Mill Furnishers and Textile Engineers, 17a Lord Street. Tel. 4295/4296 Goldthorpe, J. W., Family Butcher, 105, Fartown Green Goodall, F. A., Chemist, Optician, 186B Westbourne Road, Marsh Goodman, C., Dentist, 60 Bradford Road Goodsons, Costumiers, 5 King Street Goodwill, E., Sweets, Tobacco, Rendezvous, St. John's Road, Birkby Goodworth & Hollos, Bespoke Tailors, 3 Page Street Goodyear & Longbottom, Painters, Decorators, Westbourne Road Gormal, Les & Co., Turf Accountants, 2 Green Street Gothard, Guy, Butcher (Wholesale, Retail), 38 Victoria Lane Gothards Ltd., Dripping Refiners, Tripe Dressers, Myrtle Street Goulder, J. & Sons Ltd., Precision Engineers, Albany Works, Kirkheaton Gowing, W. P., Radio Engineer, 33 Westbourne Road, Marsh Graham, Abraham & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Builders, Contractors, Fartown Bar Graham, Andrew H., Chemist, Optician, 65A Northgate, Almondbury Graham, A. W., Dentist, 5 Observer Chambers, Market Street Graham, Geo. H. (Contractors) Ltd., Contractors, Builders, District Bank Chambers, Market Street Graham & Graetz, Physicians, Surgeons, 81 Lockwood Road, Rashcliffe Graham & Jessop (1935) Ltd., Stone Merchants, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Graham, J. H., Grocer, Draper, 68 Market Street, Paddock Graham, Norman Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Upperhead Mills, Upperhead Row Graham, Reginald, Physician, Surgeon, 81 Lockwood Road Grand Picture Theatre, Manchester Road Grant, M. & Son (Joiners) Ltd., Joiners, Under- takers, Marion Street, Hillhouse Grater, John, Haulage Contractor, Turnbridge Road Gray, H. A. Bennie (Consulting Engineer,) Duneira, Gledholt Road Greaves & Co., Photographers, Albert Chambers Grebecki, Dr. Z., 175 Trinity Street Greeley, Hardware, 273 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Green, A. W. & Co., Fish Merchants, 28 Wholesale Market Green & Co., Plumbers, Electricians, 95 Wakefield Road Green, Ernest, Dismantler, Field House Lane, Leeds Road Green, Ernest, Sanitary Plumber, 23 Honoria Street, Fartown Green, J., Newsagent, Tobacconist, 1 Thornhill Avenue, Lindley .

Green, Lewis, Joiner, Undertaker, 160 Newsome Road Greener, Mrs. E., Draper, 12 Acre Street, Lindley Greenhalgh, Douglas, Painter, Decorator, 6 Thorn- field Avenue, Lockwood Greenhalgh, Wm. & Sons Ltd., Wholesale Drapers, 44 Wood Street. Tel. 1277 Greenhead Park Café Greenside Post Office Green smith, Fred, Joiner, Builder, Thistle Hill, Tandem, Kirkheaton Greenwood, C. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Worsted Spinners, Commercial Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 407/8 Greenwood, F. W., Music Teacher, 97 Trinity Street . Greenwood, H., Grocer, Confectioner, 176 Cowcliffe Hill Road, Cowcliffe Greenwood, W. & Sons, Jewellers and Silversmiths, 5 New Street Greenwoods, Wools, Crafts, 17a Victoria Street Greggs Laundry, Sheepridge Gregory Construction (Yorkshire) Ltd., Builders, Contractors, 15 King Street Gregory & Sutcliffe, Engineers, Machinery, 6 St. John's Road Griffiths, H., Dairy Farmer, Gledhill Hill Farm, Almondbury Grimwood, Geoffrey L., A.M.I.E.E., Woodlands, Longley Road Grist Bros. Ltd., Wool Waste, Bath Street Groves & Lindley Ltd., Cloth Merchants, 7 Lord Street Grundy & Jagger, Hardware Factors, Radiant Works, Back Union Street Grundy, Tom, Commission Agent, St. John's Road

Hadfield, T. H. & Son, Merchants and Manufac- turers' Agents, 3 Union Bank Yard Hadfields, Bakers, Confectioners, 521 Wakefield Road, Dalton Hagenbach, C. & Sons Ltd., Confectioners, Market Walk Haigh, A. & Co., Confectioners, Grocers, 313 Leeds Road Haigh, A. & Son, Motor Dismantlers, Firth Street Haigh, C. & Co. Ltd., Skip Manufacturers, Bankfield Road Haigh, David & Son, Whitesmiths, Miln Road Haigh, D. & P., Newsagents, Tobacconists, 46 South Street Haigh, Miss E. A., Confectioner, 4 Imperial Arcade Haigh, E. B., Electrical Engineer, 59 Imperial Road Haigh, Edward (Wool) Ltd., Wool Merchants, 8la Fitzwilliam Street. Tel. 5127/8 Haigh & Ellis, Success Welding Works, Turnbridge Haigh, Miss F. M., Spirella Corsetiere, 15 Birkby Lodge Road Haigh, Geoffrey, Architect, Surveyor, 19 John William Street Haigh, Geo. H., Building Contractor, 115 Long Lane, Dalton Haigh, Harold H. & Sons Ltd., Wool Scourers, Carbonisers, Bleachers, Garnetters, Springdale Mill, Longroyd Bridge Haigh, Harry (Prop. J. W. Wood), Joiner, Undertaker, 9a Albion Street. Tel. 2371 Haigh, J., Grocer, 115 Tunnacliffe Road, Newsome Haigh, James & Co. (Wool) Ltd., Wool Waste, Springdale Mills, Longroyd Bridge Haigh, James Ltd., Dyers, Finishers, Globe Works, Colne Road. Tel. 248. Established 1875 Haigh, J. D. Ltd., Banana Merchants, Wells Yard, Beast Market '

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Haigh, Joe & Sons, Metal Brokers, Paddock Haigh, Jones & Co. Ltd., Manufacturers' Agents, Waverley Buildings, Kirkgate Haigh, J. & Sons Ltd., Textile Machine Makers, Ironfounders, Priestroyd Ironworks, Firth Street. Tel. 1503 (2 lines). Established 1835 Haigh, Law & Sons, Fireplaces, Tilers, 16 Bradford Road Haigh & Oakes, Commission Weavers, Phoenix Mill, Folly Hall Haigh, P. A. & Co., Industrial Caterers, 1 Mountjoy Road Haigh, V., Fish Frier, 20 South Parade Haigh, Willie, Motor Coaches, Springdale Garage, Bulay Road Haighs' (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers, St. John's Road Halford Cycle Co. Ltd., Cycles, Accessories, 34 Cross Church Street Halifax Building Society, 6-8 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 3700/1. Established 1853 Halifax -& District Manufacturers Association, 9 Imperial Arcade Hall, Frank, Solicitor, 25 Mountjoy Road Hall, George (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ladies' and Children's Outfitters, Knitwear etc., 19 Cloth Hall Street and 18 Market Street. 1el. 560/561. Established 1885 Hall, Harding Ltd., Drawing Office Materials, 76 John William Street ' Hall, Harry, Butcher, 1 Stile Common, Primrose Hill Hall, Norton & Atkins, Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths, 9 Station Street. Tel. 3190/3191 Hallas Elliott & Sons Ltd., Belting and Textile Leather Goods, Elothas Leather Works, Stoney Battery. Tel. 7940/7941 Hallas, H. Ltd., Newsagents, Library, 202 Man- chester Road Hallas, Harold, Pork Butcher, 47 Northgate Halstead, Joe, Scrap Metal, Barr Street, Leeds Road Halstead, Walter, Taxis, Fartown Lodge Garage Hamer & Hartley, Builders, Undertakers, South Street, Paddock Hamer, H. & Son, Joiners, Undertakers, King's Bridge Mill, Colne Road Hamill, Jane E., M.Ch.S., Chiropodist, 17 Venn Street Hammond, Mrs. J., Wardrobe Dealer, 21 St. Peter's Street Hampson, J. & Sons, Painters, Decorators, 13 Water Street Hampson, T., Nurseryman, Florist, Standiforth Nurseries, Dalton Hannam, Frank, Silcock Agent, 45 Springdale Avenue Hanratty, J. J., Physician, Surgeon, 74 Trinity Street Hanson, Albert Ltd., Grocers, Provisions, 51-52 Lower Market Hall Hanson Coach Service, Excursions, Tours, Private Hire, 35, John William Street Hanson, D., Printer, 20, West View, Paddock

Hanson, Dale & Co. Ltd., Lead Manufacturers, The Lead Works, Colne Road. Tel. 3653/4. Established 1833 Hanson Haulage Ltd., Transport, Removals, Storage, Shipping Agents, St. John's Road Hanson, J. & Sons (Pickfords Removers, Storers), 72 King Street Hanson Properties Ltd., St. John's Road Hanson Travel Service Ltd., World Travel Agents, 35 John William Street

Hanson's Buses Ltd., Omnibuses, Coaches, St. John's Road Hardcastle, F. B., Chemist, Druggist, 203 Luck Lane, Paddock Hardcastle, W., Textile Welding, Grffin Forge, Crosland Moor Hardwick's Boot Stores, 1A Victoria Street Hardy, F., Pattern Maker, Upper Bankfielu Mills, Moldgreen Hardy, Richard, Electrical Engineer, 20 Prince Royd, Birchencliffe Hardy's (Bakers) Ltd., 11 Broad Lane, Moldgreen Hargreaves, J., L.D.S., Dental Surgeon, 258 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Harland, J. L., Gestetner Representative, 31 The Holays, Dalton Harling, George, Temple Maker, Waverley Works, St. Thomas Road Harrison, G. D. & Sons Ltd., Electrical Wholesalers, 55 Northgate Harrison & Sykes, Linen Merchants, Upperhead Mills Harrison, William, Greengrocer, 123 St. John's Road, Birkby Harrop, John Ltd., House Furnishers, 20 King Street Harry & Co., Commission Agents, Waverley Chambers. Tel. 2953/4 and 6358/9 Hart & Co., Curtains, 13 Buxton Road Hartley, B., Grocer, Confectioner, 380 Huddersfield Road Hartley & Tee, Family Butchers, 2 Cross Church St. Hartley, W. & Sons, Brass Founders, Engine Bridge Brass Works, Chapel Hill. Tel. 1327 Hastings & Henshaw, Covers, Rubber, Springdale Millls, Longroyd Bridge Hawkes, A. & Son. Motor Body Builders, Folly Hall Hawkins, W. T. & Co., Bltfood, Cemt., Chapel Hill Haworth, C. & Son, Sheet Metal Workers, 47a Colne Road Hay, V. H., Baker, Confectioner, Warrenfield Bakery Hayes, John, Thorpe Farm, Finthorpe Lane, Almondbury Hays (Huddersfield) Ltd., Boot Repairers and Clog Makers, 39 Northgate. Tel. 2396 Haywood, F., Property Repairs, 67 Cowcliffe Hill, Birkby Haywood, J. & Sons Ltd., Woollen, Worsted Manufacturers, Marsh Mills Headlands Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Manufacturing Tailors, 7 Lord Street Headrow Furnishers Ltd., Stotts Yard, Upperhead Row Healey, F., Poultry Dealer, 6 Cemetery Road, Kirkheaton Health Food Stores, 13 Queen Street Health Food Stores Ltd., 6 King's Head Arcade Health, Ministry of, Regional Medical Officer, Waverley House, Portland Street Heap, E. S. & Co. Ltd., Motor Accessories, Factors Page Street » Heap, Marshall & Heeley, Solicitors, 24 John William Street Heaps, Stanley, Decorator, 433 Wakefield Road, Dalton Heaton, A., Gent's Hairdresser, 54 King Street Heaton, G. H., Wellington Hotel, Westgate Heaton, Norman, Painter, Decorator, 155 Church Street Heaton, P. R., Newsagent, Stationer, 41 Market Street, Paddock Heaton, S. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Confectioners, 6 Northumberland Street

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Hebble Auto Services, Automobile Engineers, Bradford Road Hebblethwaite Bros. Ltd., Leviathan Belting, Leviathan Works, St. John's Road Heeley, L., Ladies' Hairdresser, 138 Westbourne Road, Marsh Hellewell, Carter & Co. Ltd., Rubber, 10 Albion Street Helliwell, J. E., Grocer, Confectioner, 30 Spaines Road, Fartown Hemingway, H. & Son, Rug Manufacturers, 88 Leeds Road. Tel. 3433 Henderson & Co., Engineers, Railway Arch, Manchester Road Hendry & Bishop Ltd., Golf Clubs, 56 Fitzwilliam St Heneghan, Anthony P., Physician, Surgeon, 30 New North Road Henry's Stores Ltd., 6-8 John William Street Heppenstall, F. L., Fisheries, 3 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown Hepworth, Geo. A. & Son, Wool, Waste, 48 Leeds Road Hepworth, James, Pianos, Radio, 135 St. John's Road . Hepworth, R., Wardrobe Dealer, 8 Chapel Hill Hewer, G., Plumber, Electrician, 24 Benomley Drive, Almondbury Heywood, A., Newsagent, Grocer, 53 Bradley Mills Road Heywood, J. E., Baker, Confectioner, Melville Bakery, Great Northern Street Heywood, J. H. (Drapers and Furnishers) Ltd., Market Street Heywood, W. H. & Co. Ltd., Glazing, Roofing, Bayhall Works Hickson, Clifford, F.R.I.B.A., Architect, 4 St. Peter's Street Higgins, J. E., Harp Inn, Bradford Road, Fartown Higgins, Leonard, Light Haulage, 40 Merton Street Higgins, W., Tobacconist, Confectioner, 34 Spaines Road, Fartown Highfield Gear & Engineering Co. Ltd., Engineers and Millwrights, Gear Cutters etc., Karrier Works, Nile Street, St. Thomas Road. Tel. 4490 (2 lines) Hildred, A. & Son, Newsagents, Tobacconists, 8 Crescent Road, Birkby Hill & Ainley, Poultry Farmers, Roydhouse Poultry Farm, Kirkheaton Hill, Charles, Commission Agent, 140 Somerset Road Hill, Claude, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, 83 King Street Hill, Mrs. H., Grocer, Greengrocer, 84 Trinity Street Hill Top Co-operative Society Ltd., Paddock Hillhouse & Birkby Bowling Club, King Cliffe, Birkby Hillhouse Cash Stores, 35-37, Wasp Nest Road Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly & Industrial Society Ltd., 4 Eleanor Street Hills, Arthur, Plasterer, Slater, 129 Lockwood Road Hillthorpe Private Hotel, 94 Fitzwilliam Street Hilton, J. S., Coal Merchant, 27 Beech Street, Paddock Hinchcliffe, C. & Co., Manufacturers, Eagle Mills Hinchcliffe, C. W. & Sons, Wool Merchants, Cambridge Buildings, Upperhead Row Hinchcliffe, F., Footwear, 7 New North Road Hinchliffe, J. & H., Woollen Merchants, 37 Broadgate Hinchliffe, John, Ironmonger, Hardware, 9a Church Street Hinchliffe, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Asphalters, Concreters, Bradley Mills

Hinchliffe, W. (Reliance Garage) Ltd., Auto Engineers, 22 Sunny Mead, Waterloo Hinchliffe W., Hardware Dealer, 24 Salford, Leckwood Hinchliffe's Butchers, 7 Manchester Street Hindle Bros., Motor Body and Coach Builders, Shorefoot Mills, Wakefield Road. Tel. 2897. Established 1914 Hine, Eric R., Builders, Demolitions, Carr Mount, Kirkheaton Hine, Joseph & Sons, Haulage Repairs, Penistone Road Hird, James H., Manufacturer, Market Place Chambers Hirst, Ben & Sons, Wheelwrights, Smiths, Wakefield Road Hirst Bros., General Drapers, 7 Church Street Hirst & Elmslie, Chartered Accountants, 19 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 4192 Hirst, Gerald S., Physician, Surgeon, 1 York Place Hirst & Hutchinson, Automobile Engineers, Garage, Colne Road Hirst, Joseph & Sons, Woollen Merchants, 17 Brook Street Hirst, Dr. J. W., Physician, 40 New North Road Hirst, Kettlewell & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers, Progress Works, Milford Street Hirst, Norman, P.O., Kirkheaton Hirst, Ronald, Butcher, 2 Mill Street, Crosland Moor Hirst, Shaw, Engineer, Westfield Mill, Carr Green Lane Hirst, Stephen, Dispensing Chemist, Lounge Buil- dings, Newsome Road Chambers Hirst, Violet, Ladies' Hairdresser, 2 Cloth Hall Chambers Hirst, Westwood & Co., Gent's Outfitters, 34 Buxton Road Hirst, W. H. & Son, Typewriters, Office Equipment, 14, 16 and 18, Byram Street Hirst, Wm. & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cotton Dyers, Doublers and Spinners, Turnbridge Mills. Tel. 2800 (2 lines) Hirst, W. Rex T., Manufacturers' Agent, 27-28 Lion Chambers Hobson, J. W. & Son, Tobacconists, Cigars, 39 Market Street Hobson, Lewis Ltd., Flint Street Garage, Fartown Hobson, Son & Co. Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, Manor Mills Hobson's Bakers, Confectioners, Edgerton P.O., 37 Glebe Road Hodgkin, Mrs. Alice, Confectioner, 60 Wakefield Road Hodgkinson, E., Printer, Stationer, 4 Manchester Road Hodgson, G. & W., Grocers, 21 Central Avenue, Fartow . Hodgson, William, Decorator, 47 Central Avenue, Fartown Holbrook, Concrete & Asphalt Co., The, 16 Farfield Road, Almondbury Holdsworth & Hanson (Estates) Ltd., St. John's Road Holdsworth, James & Bros. Ltd., Card Clothing, Marsh Works, Colwyn Street Holgate & Williams, Brassfounders, St. Andrew's Road, Aspley Holland, Alfred, Fruiterer, 32 Ash Brow Road, Sheepridge Holland, John, Radio, Electrical, 82 North Street, Lockwood Holland, Winston, Painter, Decorator, 18 Grange Avenue, Birkby

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Hollas, H. & Co., Joiners, Undertakers, 2528 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Hollas, S., Farmer, Gawthorpe Green Farm, Kirkheaton Holliday, L. B. & Co. Ltd., Aniline Dyes, Deighton Hollingworth, A., Fish Frier, 64 Wakefield Road, Aspley Hollingworth, H. & Son, Joiners, Contractors, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Hollingworth, Wood & Co. Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, Albert Mills Holmes, B. H., Grocer, Norman Park P.O. Holmes, G., Confectioner, 74 Wakefielld Road Holmes, Heaton & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Engineers and Millwrights etc., New Grove Works, Honley, near Huddersfield. Tel. Honley 163 Holmes Mending Co., 36 St. John's Road Holmes Motors, 101 Trinity Street Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., Coal By-Products, Engineers, Turnbridge. Tel. 5280 (6 lines) Holmfirth Meat Retail Committee, 6 Central Close, Fartown Holroyd, Geo. D., Grocer, Newsagent, 76 Birk- house Lane Holroyd, J. & Co. Ltd., Cleaners, Laundrymen, Seed Hill. Tel. 3780 Holroyd, W. & P., Painters, Decorators and Signwriters, 1 Albion Street. Tel. 112 Holroyd's, Gent's Outfitters, 10 Chapel Hill Holset Engineering Co. Ltd., The, Turnbridge Holywell Dyeing & Cleaning Services Ltd., 36 Trinity Street Home & Colonial Stores, Grocers, 9 Shambles Lane Home & Country Tea Co. Ltd., Flint Street Home Electric Services, 22 Chapel Hill Hooton, T. R., Philatelist, 39 Byram Arcade Hoover Ltd., 2 Manchester Street Hopkinson, Norman, China, Hardware, Warehouse, Aspley Place Hopkinsons Ltd., Valve Makers, Britannia Works Hopson, Battye & Co. Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Damside Mills, Queen's Mill Road Hopton, R. S. & Son, Paint, Varnish, 58a New St. Hopwood, James, Brass Founder, Central Brass Works, Bradley Horne, Dr. H. F., Merville, Lightridge Road, Fixby Horne, Miss Margaret, Ladies' Hairdresser, 3 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Horner, A., Jeweller, 13 Cloth Hall Street Horse Shoes Inn, Blacker Road, Birkby Horsfall, B., Decorator, 35 Spring Street Horsfall, Jonas & Sons Ltd., Commission Manufac- turers, Riverside Mill, Firth Street Horsfall, J. W., Manufacturers Agent, 4 Ashfield Road, Birkby Horsfall, Lilian, Art Needlework, 12 Cross Church Street Howards, Grocers, Off-Licence, 2 Blacker Road, Birkby Howarth, A., Fruiterer, 158 Luck Lane, Paddock Howarth, G. H., Jnr., Fruiterer, Shambles Lane Howarth, G. H., Jnr., Fish, Fruit, 307 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Howarth, Jno. T. (Chemical Works), Dighton Howarth, J. W., Fruiterer, Victoria Lane Howarth, Roger, Fruiterer, Market Walk Howe, Miss B. L., Ladies Hairdresser, 3 Forest Road, Dalton Hoyland, Clifford, Farmer, Spangled Bull Farm, Kirkheaton Hoyle, D., Cycles, Motorcycles, Accessories $1? lllzggirs, 47 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. el. |

Hoyle, Herbert & Son, Plumbers, Electricians, 48 Westgate, Almondbury Hoyle, H. M., Off-Licenced Grocer, 106 Newsome Road Hoyle, I. & E., Mixed Business, 75 Blackmoorfoot Road Hoyle, J. B. & Co. Ltd., Clothing Manufacturers, Shop Lane, Kirkheaton Hoyle, J. E., Fish, Poultry, 3 Crescent Road, Birkby Hoyle, Jos. & Son Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Gledholt Mills, Paddock Hoyle, Norman & Son, Chartered Accountants, Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Hoyle, R. Q., Butcher, 17 Bracken Square, Brackenhall Hoyle, S. R., United Kingdom - Provident Institution, 29 Deighton Road Hoyle, William, Plumber, 15a Chapel Hill Huck, S.,. Boarding House, Corra-Lynn, Bath Street Huddersfield Area Meat Retailers' Association, Public Abattoir Huddersfield Automobile Club, Lion Chambers, St. George's Square Huddersfield Boy Scouts' Local Association, 10, Grove Street Huddersfield Brick, Tile & Stone Co. Ltd., Birchencliffie Huddersfield Builders' Exchange Ltd., 30 Wood Street Huddersfield - Building Society, Building Society, Britannia Buildings. Tel. 3074. Established 1864 Huddersfield Carpet Warehouse, Carpets, Lino- leums, Market Walk Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce (Inc.), Half Moon Street Huddersfield Citizens Advice Bureau, 10 Market Place . Huddersfield Club, John William Street Huddersfield Conservative Association, Sergeantson Street Huddersfield & County Conservative Club, Byram Street Huddersfield Cricket & Athletic Club, Bowling Pavilion, Fartown Huddersfield & District Adult Deaf & Dumb Institution, 28 Ramsden Street Huddersfield & District Bill Posting Co. Ltd., The, East Parade Huddersfield & District Chamber of Trade, 8 Byram Arcade, Westgate Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., Monumental Masons etc., St. Thomas Road. Tel. 4290 Huddersfield & District Master Dyers & Finishers' Association, 9 Imperial Arcade Huddersfield Engineering Employers' Asso- ciation, Midland Bank Chambers, 2 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 466-7 " Huddersfield Examiner,'' Newspaper, Ramsden St. Huddersfield Executive Council, National Health Service, 49 New North Road Huddersfield Gauges Ltd., Wakefield Road, Waterloo Huddersfield General Carrying Co. Ltd., 43 Lower Viaduct Street Huddersfield Girl Guides Association, 34 Leeds Road Huddersfield Golf Club, Fixby Hall Huddersfield Guild Society Ltd., Builders, Con- tractors, 16 Viaduct Street Huddersfield Funeral Supplies, Undertakers, Merchants, 25 Brook Street

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Huddersfield Happy Snaps, Banquet and Dance Photographers, Cloth Hall Chambers Huddersfield Labour Party, Byram Buildings, 2 Station Street Huddersfield Lawn Tennis Club, Cemetery Road Huddersfield Liberal Association, 24 Westgate Huddersfield Lighting Co., 5 Victoria Street Huddersfield Lighting Co., Hardware, Electrical, 34 St. John's Road Muddersfield Mission & Women's Home, 18 Queen Square Huddersfield Motor Utility Co. Ltd., Tyre Distri- butors, Firth Street, Aspley Huddersfield Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd., 12 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Huddersfield - Parcels Co., Shipping - Agents, Removals, Storage, 4 Railway Street Huddersfield Plate Glass Co., Glass Merchants, 3 Grafton Place Huddersfield Plating Co. Ltd., Union Ironworks, Colne Road Huddersfield Railway Circle, Hon. Sec. E. J. Corke, 36 Clifton Road, Marsh. Tel. 7000 Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Green Lea, Lindley Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club, The Pavilion, Waterloo Ground Huddersfield Safe Deposit Ltd., The, Station Street Buildings. Tel. 1425 Huddersfield Savings Bank, Bank, Buxton Road. Tel. 844 Huddersfield Sanitary Steam Laundry Co. Ltd., Sheepridge Huddersfield Savings Committee, Chamber of Commerce Offices Huddersfield School of Motoring, 101 Trinity Street Huddersfield Slaughtering Association, Corporation Abattoir, Great Northern Street Huddersfield Socicty for the Blind, 32 Ramsden Street Huddersfield Streamlined Taxis Ltd., Taxis and Private Hire, 2 Railway Street. Tel. 3426 Huddersfield Temperance Hall, Princess Street Huddersfield Timber Co., Timber Merchants, Chapel Hill Mills Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ltd., Road Huddersfield Tyre House, Tyre Factors, Firth Street Huddersffeld & Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank, 23 Buxton Road Huddersfeld Woollen & Worsted Federation, 9 Imperial Arcade Hudson, G, K., Grocer, 79 St. Andrew's Road Hudsoe & Pritchard, Books, Models, 91 Northgate Hughes, H. E., Joiner, Undertaker, 311 Bradford Road Hull, T. E. (Lead Pipes Ltd.), 26 Macaulay Road, Birkby Humpleby, F. & Son, Millwrights, Queen's Mill Road Hunt, Amalia, Nurse, 19 Lyndale Avenue, Birkby Hutchinson, G. E., Solicitor, 15a Westgate Hutchinson, Hollingworth & Co. Ltd., Atlas Works Hutchinson, Margaret Ltd., 32 Market Street Hutchinson, Wilfred, Car Hire, 10 Fleminghouse Lane, Waterloo Hutton, H. E., Fire Equipment Maintenance Services, 29 Grand Cross Road, Dalton Hyde, J. & Co., Accountants, Auditors, 22 East Parade Hygeia (One Day Master Cleaners) Limited, 8 Trinity Street Hygienic Stove Co. Ltd., Catering Equlpment St. Thomas Road

Bradley Mills

Hyslop, James E., Contractor, 27 Clifton Road, Marsh

Ibberson, B., Painter, Decorator, 166 Lockwood Road Ideal Advertising Press, 16 Harvey Royd Ideal Bakery Co. (Golcar) Ltd., John Street Ideal Prepared Vegetable Co., Brook Street Illingworth, Maurice, Dealer, 196 Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., Division, Dalton Grange Imperial Typewriters (Agents, Hirst & Son), 14-18, Byram Street Industrial Drafting Co. Ltd. (Drawing Office), Broomfield Road, Marsh Industrial Economy Ltd., Welding Suppliers, 25 New North Road Ingham, Mrs. W., Prime Hotel, Northumberland Street Ingham, Dr. W. Leslie, Physician, Surgeon, North House, Swan Lane, Lockwood Ingra, Ladies' Hairdresser, 250 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Inman, R. H. Ltd., Mineral Waters, 86 Firth Street Instruments (Huddersfield) Ltd., Precision Gauges, Trinity Street Iredale, Ronald, Decorator, 39 Holyehouse Fold, Linthwaite Ireland & Sons Ltd., Grocers, 85 Top Market Irene, Ladies' Hairdresser, 49 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Iris, Ladies' Hairdresser, Poplar Cottage, Town Road, Kirkheaton Isthmus Size Co. Ltd., The, Isthmus Mill Ives, Frank, Pattern Maker, Phoenix Mill Ives, Miss L., Grocer, 1 Hebble Street


Jackman, C. & Son, Tailors, Outfitters, 106 Lock- wood Road Jackson, Allen & Co., Paint, Varnish, Wall- Paper, 8 Church Street. Tel. 5151/2 Jackson, H. W., Solicitor, Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Jackson's Stores Ltd., Street Jacquette, Dressmaker, 9 Pelican Chambers, Brook's Yard, Market Street Jaggar, Fred, Accountant, Auditor, 8 Kirkgate Buildings Jagger, C. A., Provision Dealer, 91 Market Hall Jagger, G., Pork Butcher, 293 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Jagger, John & Sons, Ltd., Builders, Contractors, 10 Fixby Road, Fixby Jagger, J. T., Fish, Fruit, 6 Swan Lane, Lockwood Jagger, T., Butcher, 121 Bradford Road Jakeman, A., Motor Engineer, Bridge Garage, Water Street, Lockwood Jarmain & Son Ltd., Wool Carbonisers, Minerva Works, Kirkheaton Jarratt, Pyrah & Armitage Ltd., Saw Mills and Timber Merchants, Dock Yard Saw Mills, Quay Street. Tel. 3995/6/7/ (3 lines) Established 1770 Jax Stores Ltd., Ladies' Wear, 71 New Street Jay's Furnishing Stores, Home Furnishers, 2 Queen Street Jean, Ladies' Hairdresser, Elite Salon, Newsome Road South Jean's, Lingerie, Knitwear, 22 Trinity Street Jelhnek & Howard, Woollen Manufacturers, 50 Standard House Jenkinson Bros., Motor Funerals, 32 Fitzwilliam Street

Housefurnishers, Queen

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Jenkinson, Ernest, Builder, Undertaker, Church Lane, Newsome Jenkinson, J. E., Fruiterer, 107 Whitehead Lane Jennens, Welch & Co. Ltd., London Shrinkers, Springwood Works Jepson, J. E., Shoe Factor, 24 Meltham Road Jepson, W. E., Shoe Factor, 37 Westbourne Road, Marsh Jerseycraft Ltd., Lockwood Jessop, Mrs. A., Ladies' Hairdresser, 101A Bradford Road Jessop, A., Ladies' Hairdresser, 150 Lowerhouses Lane Jessop Bros., Electrical Engineers, 17 Beast Market Jessop & Co., Commission Agents, Market Place Chambers Jessop, G. E., Taxi Engineer, 11 Broomfield Road, Marsh Jessop, Jack, Painter, Decorator, 44 Oxley Road, Sheepridge Jessop, S., Newsagent, Grocer, 44 Prince Royd, Birchencliffe Jessop, T., Plumber, 90 Deighton Road Jetleys Ltd., Business Systems, 9 Alfred Street Johnson, Bert, Chimney Sweep, 100 Swan Lane, Lockwood Johnson, E. Austen, Chartered Architect, 18 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Johnson, E. Austen, Chartered Architect, 10 Vernon Avenue Johnson, Hilda, Licensee, The Wellington, Newsome Johnson, Mary, Kirkgate Inn, Kirkgate Johnson & Riddell, Drapers, 185 Manchester Road Johnson, W. T. & Sons, Dyers, Finishers, Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen Jones & Farrand, Cabinetmakers, Shopfitters, Sunblinds, 3 Hammond's Yard, King Street Jones, F. W., Fish, Fruit, 112 Lockwood Road Jones, J., Grocer, Beer, 96 Deighton Road, Deighton Jones & Lingard, Accountants, Auditors, 14-15 Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Jones, W., General Stores, Thorne Road, Thornton Lodge Jones, William C. Ltd., 84 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury Jordan, James, Woojlen Merchant, 15 Lord Street Jowitt, B., Licensed Broker, 4 Queen Street Jowitt, Wm. E., Plasterer, Slater, 58 Fitzwilliam Street Jowsey, Lawrence S., Fisheries, 1 Browning Road, Sheepridge Jubb, Alfred & Son Ltd., Printers, Stationers, St. John's Road Jubbs (Grocers) Ltd., Trinity Street Juliet, Ladies' Wear, 18 Market Avenue Junction Garage, Moldgreen Junction Hotel, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Junction Inn, Westbourne Road Junction Inn, Manchester Road Jury, F. & Co., Woollen Merchants, 35 Queen Street Jury, Norman Ltd., Monumental Craftsmen, Cemetery Road, Edgerton. Tel. 1060

Jersey Fabrics, Scarr Mills,

Provision Merchants, 3

Kahn, M. & Co., Clothiers, lla Northumberland Street Kaye Brown Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, King's Mil) Kaye, Chas. H., The Quarries, Gledholt Kaye & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ironfounders, Moorbottom Ironworks. Tel. 3773/4 Kaye, F. & M., Commission Menders, 46 Leeds Road Kaye, J., Coal Merchant, 14 Sunny Mead, Waterloo

Kaye, Jos. & Sons, Rope Manufacturers, 8 High Street Kaye, J. W.., Chimney Sweep, 22 New Street, Paddock Kaye & Littlewood Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Broadfield Mills Kaye, Miss M., Music Teacher, 61 Heatherfield Crescent, Marsh Kaye, Oscar Newsagent, Tobacconist, 70 Chapel Hill Kaye, Samuel & Son Ltd., Wholesale Tea and Coffee Merchants, Plantation House, Dundas Street. Tel. 506. Established 1891 Kaye & Stewart Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, Broad- field Mills Kaye, T. Herbert & Son, Accountants, 23 John William Street Kaye & Wood, Accountants, Auditors, 4 Kirkgate Buildings (Kayes) Central College, Secondary, Commercial, 70 New North Road Kayes Drapers Ltd., Drapers, Ladies' and Children's Wear, 11 King Street. Tel. 5401. Also at 23 King Street for Furnishing Fabrics Keep, Percy Ltd., Motor Engineers, Fartown Green Garage Keighley Gear Co., Park Works, Lockwood Keith Engineering Co. Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Albany Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 4532 Kelsall, J. Ltd., House Furnishers, 22 Victoria Lane Kelso, Hamilton, Dentist, 81 St. John's Road Kelson Nursing Home, 95 New North Road Kelvinator Automatic Electric Refrigerators, Market Street Kendall, S., Painter, Decorator, 6 Byram Street. Tel. 2511. Established 1877 Kendall's Engravers, Engravers, 8 Queen Street. Tel. 2626 Kennedy, D. & B., Newsagents, 33 Blackmoorfoot Road Kennedy, G. M. & Co. Ltd., Joiners, Builders, 26 Arch Viaduct Street Kennedy, Gordon, Decorator, 83 Blackmoorfoot Road Kennedy, Mrs. L., Mixed Business, 66 Acre Strect Kennedy, M. L., Surgeon, 1 Mount Edgerton Kent & Hirst, Blacksmiths, Lockwood Road Kenworthy, Jas. & Son Ltd., Railway Wagon Works, Hillhouse Sidings Kenyon, Peter Ltd., Drysalters, George Street Kerfoot, Miss, Dressmaker, 20-21 Lion Chase, John William Street Kershaw, G. W., Builder, Joiner, 2 North Bank, Birkby Hall Road Kershaw, W., Farmer, New House Farm, Sheepridge Kilburn (Bakers) Ltd., Malvern Bakery, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Kilburn C. & Sons, Metal, Coal, Lodge Row, Ravensknowle Road - Kilburn, H. Ltd.,: Fish Merchants, 327 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Kincey, W. B., Plumber and Electrician, Engineers, Heating and Ventilating, Triangle, Paddock. Tel. 1665 King, Norman, Dental Practitioner, Broad Lane Kingsway Café, 8a King Street Kirkheaton Brickworks Ltd., heaton Kirkheaton Co-operative Society Ltd., Grocers, Fieldhead, Kirkheaton Kneeshaw, W., Optician, 10 Queen's Street Knight, Allen & Son (Boilers) Ltd., Boiler Merchants, Viaduct Street Works

Bellstring, Kirk-


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Knight, E. H., Butcher, Leeds Road, Bradley Knight, G., Greengrocer, 5 Westgate Knight, H. & Sons, Family Butchers, 134 West- bourne Road, Marsh Knowles, Kaye & Co. Ltd., Textile Manufacturers, King's Mill Knowlson, R., Potato Merchant, 170 Penistone Road Koronet, Ladies' Hairdresser, 18 Chapel Hall Kyle, Dr. J. H., Physician, 11 Westbourne Road

Laing, J. & Son Ltd., Contractors, Bradley Estate, Bradley Lake, C. W., Carpet Fitter, 59 Cowcliffe Hill Road, Birkby | _ Lamb, James, " The Jolly Sailor Inn," Broad Lane, Dalton Lander, Norman, Chemist, Druggist, Wakefield Road Lanning, J. W., Inspector R.S.P.C.A., 120 Long Lane, Dalton Lauries Film Service Ltd., Photographic Dealers, 12 Queen Street La Vogue, Ladies' Hairdresser 8 High Street Law Accident Insurance Society Ltd., Estate Buildings, Railway Street Law, Frank & Son, Gent's Outfitter, 48 King Street Law, Nurse, Certified Midwife, 64 Westbourne Road Law Union & Rock Insurance Co. Ltd., Estate Buildings, Railway Street Lawleys Ltd., Glass, China, 16 Buxton Road Lawton, Arthur Ltd., Yarn Spinner, Albany Mills: Firth Street Lawton, Fred & Son Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Firth Street Mills. Tel. 4303/4 Lawton, Fred (Yarns) Ltd., Yarn Merchants, Firth Street Mills Lawton & Lodge Ltd., Rug Manufacturers, Storths Mill, Moldgreen Lawton, William Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Paddock Laycock, A. & Sons (1930) Ltd., Woollen Manufac- turers, Turnbridge Laycock, Dyson & Laycock, Solicitors, Midland Bank Chambers, 2 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 466 (2 lines) Laycock, Guy V., Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Contractors, 12 Cloth Hall Street Laycock Hainsworth Ltd., Electrical Contractors, 20 Imperial Arcade, New Street Laycock Mrs. L. Dressmaker 101 Westbourne Road Marsh Laycock, W. H., Electrical Contractor, 20 Imperial Arcade, New Street Lea, H. T. & Mallinder, Analytical Chemists, Borough Laboratory, Ramsden Street Lea-Scott Ltd., Qualified Opticians, 15 King Street Leadbeators & Peters Ltd., Consulting Opticians, 54A New Street Leaders, Gowns, Mantles, 14 Buxton Road Leah, Henry A., Music Teacher, Hill Crest, Bow -_ Street Learoyd Bros. & Co., Worsted Manufacturers, Trafalgar Mills Learoyd, Sisson & Co., Solicitors, Lion Chambers, St. George's Square. Tel. 7291-7292 Lee, A. J., General Stores, 66-68 Colne Bridge Road, Bradley Lee, D. W., Garage Engineers, Canal Street Lee, Fred & Son, Accountants, Auditors, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Lee, George, F., Accountant, 7 Balmoral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Lee, S. & Co., Drapers, Furnishers, 11 Armitage Road, Birkby


Leeds Permanent Building Society, 32 Market Street Leeds Road Conservative Association & Club, 273A Leeds Road Leek & Moorlands Building Society, Building Society, 2 Trinity Street. Tel. 1888 Established 1856 Leeper, Dr. B. C. A., 9 Mountjoy Road Leigh, Knight (Bradford) Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, 48 St. John's Road Levell, Kenneth Ltd., Electrical Engineers, and Fittings, Lampshades Etc, Australia Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 2294 Levy, Donald, Fish, Fruiterer, 152 Taylor Hill Road, Lockwood Lewis, Mrs. A., Ladies' Hairdresser, 60a St. John's Road Lewis, A. L., Birkby Taxis, 47 Sufton Street, Birkby Lewis, P.. Provision Merchant, 37 Eldon Road, Marsh Liddell & Brierley Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Stanley Mills Lilian (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ladies' Outfitters, 3 High Street Lindley Bowling Club, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley Lindley, F. &. Co., Builders, Contractors, 398 Wakefield Road Lindley, S. H., off Licensed Grocer, 9 Yews Hill Road, Lockwood Link Sound and Vision Services Ltd., 41 Market Street Lion Estate & Investment Co. Ltd., 23 John William Street Lion Restaurant (Huddersfield) Ltd.,. Caterers, John William Street Lipschitz, Dr. R., 26 Brooklyn Avenue, Dalton Lister, G. A. & Co., Incorporated Accountants, 4 New Street Little Bros., Drapers, Woollens, Brook Street Littlewood, Charles, Grocer, 8 St. John's Road Littlewood, George, Mill Furnisher, Waverley Works, St. Thomas Road Littlewood, Miss H., Milliner, 2, Imperial Arcade, New Street Littlewood, Harry, Plumber, Electrician, 151 Halifax Old Road Littlewood, W. E., Signs, Commercial Art, 15 Trinity Street Albert, Successors, Joiners, Under- takers, Paddock Foot, Longroyd Bridge Liverpool & London & (Globe Insurance Co. Ltd., 13 Station Street Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, Lion Buildings, St. George's Square . Liversidge, H., Goodham Farm, High Lane, Newsome Liversidge, Tom & Sons Ltd., Dyers, Cotton Merchants, Canal Bank Works, Leeds Road Livesey, Kenneth, French Polisher, 19 Spring Street Livesey, L., Greengrocer, 53 Blacker Road Lochhead, A. R., Grocer, Fartown Bar Lockwood Cricket Club, 19 Swan Lane, Lockwood Lockwood, Geoffrey, Grocer, 5 St. Helen's Gate, Almondbury Lockwood Motor Garage Co., Motor Engineers, Lockwood Road Lockwood, N. S., Florist, Fruiterer, 80 King Street Lockwood Picture Palace, Lockwood Lockwood & Salford Conservative Association 246 Lockwood Road Lockwood, Stanley, Carrier, 19 Highlands Avenue, Almondbury Lockwood Toy Factory, 2 Meltham Road Lockwood, W., Taxis, 86 Close Hill Lane

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Lockwood's Cords Ltd., Cotton, Gledholt Millis Lodge, Nurse Dorothy, Midwife, 3 Northfield Avenue Lodge, F. & A. E., Grocers, St. Thomas's Road Lodge, Frank, L.D.S., D.D.S., Dental Surgeon, 56 Trinity Street Lodge, Frank, Stockbroker, 4 Storths Road, Birkby Lodge, Fred, Weighing Machinist, Scale Repair Service, 11a Chapel Hill. Tel. 1518 Lodge, N., White Horse Inn, Deighton Lodge & Nunwick, Mechanical Engineers, 43 School Street, Moldgreen Lodge, S., Builder, Contractor, The Bungalow, Spa Green, Lepton London Assurance, The, 19 Market Street London Guarantee & Accident Co. Ltd., King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street London & Lancashire Insurance Co., Estate Buildings, Railway Street London & Manchester Assurance Co. Ltd., King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street London & Scottish Assurance Corporation Ltd., 7 King's Head Buildings Longbottom, A. & Son, Yarns, Wastes, 3 Lord Street Longbottom, Hervin, Decorator, 3 Dudley Avenue, Marsh Longbottom & Powell, Newsagents, Tobacconists, 14 Ashbrow Road, Sheepridge Longbottom, Vernon, Shoddy Manufacturers, West- fieldhouse, Carr Green Lane Longley Park Golf Club, Somerset Road Longley's Silverline Taxis Ltd., Taxis and Private Hire, 13 Venn Street. Tel. 772 Longroyd Bridge Post Office, Longroyd Bridge Lord, Albert, Pianos, Furniture, 66 King Street Lord Nelson Inn, Leeds Road Lounge Cinema, Newsome Road Lowerhouses Sub P.O. Battery (Elcar) Service Station, Elcar Works, Colne Road Lucette, Madam (Huddersfield) Ltd., Costumes, Gowns, 56 John William Street Lum, Frank, Radio, Electrical, 207 Luck Lane, Paddock Lumb Bros., Haulage, 44 Firth Street Lumb, Frank, Hire Car, 5 Belle Vue Farm, Heaton Road, Paddock Lumb, H., Grocer, Junction Buildings, Kirkheaton Lumb, Joseph & Sons, Ltd., Worsted Yarn Spinners, Folly Hall Mills Lunn Bros., Wireless, Electrical, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Lunn & Cardno Ltd., Decorators, Painters and Furnishers, 15 Upperhead Row. Tel. 362. Established 1868 Lunn, G. C., Baker, Confectioner, 3, Browning Road, Sheepridge Lyceum Cinema, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Lynn, Ladies' Hairdresser, 25 Westgate

M. & A., Baby Linen, Hosiery, High Street Buildings M. & B. Drapery Warehouse, Pack Horse Yard Mac's Wireless Stores, Electrical Engineers, 593 Wakefield Road McCreath, J. S. & R., Watchmakers, Material, Central Buildings, Market Place McCrone, F., Tailor, 38 Springwood Avenue McCurdy, Dr. J., Bryn Garth, Skipton Avenue, Fartown Macdonald & Co., Builders, Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen McGill, T. D., Wholesale Clothier, 44 Ramsden Street

McGill, T., Tailor, Draper, 20 Byram Arcade, Westgate McKinna, J. & Son, M.R.C.V.S., Veterinary Surgeons, 20 Ramsden Strreet McKitrick Bros. Ltd., Builders' Merchants, Sheet Metal Workers etc., Ironmongers, Mill Furnishers, 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Mackness, Lawrence, Jnr., Funeral Director, 318 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen McMillen & Ross, Drs., 62 Daw Royd, Almondbury McNab, Peter, Slater, Plasterer, 27 Highlands Avenue, Almondbury McNair, E., Credit Traders, 98 Fitzwilliam Street McNulty, C. F., Joiner, Funerals, 485 Bradford Road Macrae, C. D., Physician, Surgeon, Greengarth, Waterloo McShane, Francis, Upholsterer, 23 Wakefield Road Madden, Dr. Stephen, M.B.Ch.B., 85 Newsome Road South, Berry Brow Madden, T. H., Dentist, 78 New Hey Road Maddocks, A. E., Grocer, 1211 Leeds Road, Bradley Maffin, Dr. H., Sugeon, 60 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury Magee, James & Co., Accountants, Auditors, 23 Byram Arcade, Station Street Mahon, John, Tailor, Costumier, Balmoral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Majestic Cinema, The, Viaduct Street Makin, Grocer, 104, Blackhouse Road, Fartown Mallalieu, A. E., Hosiery Wastes, Springdale Works, St. Andrew's Road Mallinson, D. & Son, Corn Seed Merchants, 34a King Street. Tel. 1648 Mallinson, George & Sons Ltd., 8 Estate Buildings Mallinson, Irvin, Sculptor, Woodfield Road, Lockwood Mallinson, J., Plumber, Electrician, 78 Greenhead Lane, Dalton Mallinson, R., Grocery, Beers, 291 Wakefield Road Mallinson, S., Confectioner, 3 Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen Mallinson, Wm. & Sons, Contractors, Albert Street, Lockwood Malone, Herbert, Motor Engineer, Broadway Garage, New North Road Malvern Weavers (Huddersfield) Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, 11, Albion Street lun Manchester Furnishing Co., Carpets, Market Avenue Manfield & Sons Ltd., Boot Manufacturers, 14 New Street Manford (Huddersfield) Ltd., Textiles, 32 St. John's Road Manners, John Ltd., Tailors, Outfitters, Westgate Maplestones, Baby Linen, 11 Market Avenue Marchant, G. M. Ltd., Rashcliffe Brass and Iron Works ‘ Marchini, Ben, Ice Cream, Old Brewery, Birchen- cliffe Margaret, Ladies' Hairdresser, 11 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Marie Shops Ltd., Ladies' Outfitters,; 5 and 7, Standard House '' Marjon '" Salon, 505 Wakefield Road, Dalton Market Hall, Public Market Marks & Spencer Ltd., Store Proprietors, 21 New Street - Markwell Lubricants Co., Oil, Grease, Poplar Terrace, Moldgreen Marlborough Mending Co., 50a Buxton Road Marsden Building Society, 521 Bradford Road Marsden, Mrs. D., Grocer, 434 Bradford Road Marsden, E., Sweets, Tobacconist, Bracken Hall

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Marsden, E., Wardrobe Dealer, 26 Beast Market Marsden, Frank, Farmer, Bradley Gate Farm, Sheepridge Marsden, Geoffrey, Plumber, Electrician, 23 Trinity Street Marsden, G. Wilson Ltd., Manufacturers Agents, 37 Market Street, Paddock Marsden, Joe, Caterer, 13 Northgate . Marsden, Jno. & Sons, Plumbers, Heating Elec- tricians, 1 Upperhead Row Marsden, W., Radio, Cycles, Dalton Marsh Garage, Motor Engineers, New Hey Road, Marsh Marsh Liberal Club, 31 New Hey Road, Marsh Marsh Sub P.O. Marsh United Bowling Club Ltd., Eldon Road, Marsh

28 Long Lane,

Marshall Cockcroft & Co. Ltd., Bankfield Mills,

Moldgreen Marshall, E., General Stores, 16 Smithy Lane, Moldgreen Marshall, Fred & Co. Ltd., Woollens, Linings, Lord Street Marshall, F. (Textiles) Ltd., Hollins Mill, Marsh Marshall, H. & Co., Account Book Publishers, 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910 - Marshall, Hubert, Grocer, Confectioner, 81 Longley Road Marshall, Shaw & Lister, Solicitors, Hawksby's Crescent, New Street Marshall's Taxis, 90 Heaton Road, Paddock Martindale, M. & Co., Coal Merchants, Green Street St. John's Road Martins Bank Ltd., Market Place Martins, Corn Merchants, Aspley Wharf Martyn, Brian, Chimney Sweep, 61 Halifax Road, Edgerton Mason, F. A., Coal Merchant, 59 Coniston Avenue, Dalton Mason, George & Son, Tailor, Clothier, King Street Mason's Arms, Lower Houses Masonic Hall, New Hey Road, Lindley Masonic Hall, Greenhead Road Matthewman, H., Grocer, Fruiterer, 89 Northgate Matthews, William, Manufacturers' Agent, King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Maud, O. F. & Sons Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Green Lea Mills, Dalton Maude & Co., Plumbers, Electricians, 98 St, John's Road Mawer, F. & Son, Haulage, 11 Northgate Mawers Dairies (Huddersfield) Ltd. 31 Beast Market May, G. C., Nurseryman, 54 Ash Brow Road, Sheepridge May, Harold (Builders) Ltd., Builders, Contractors, Chape) Hill Maynard & Field, Wholesale Drysalters, Tinkers Yard, Longroyd Bridge Maynard, P., Private Hire, 38 Eastwood Street, Moldgreen Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd., 31 King Street Maypole Hotel, Brackenhall Meagh, T., Joiner and Undertaker, 72 Lawrence Road, Marsh Mee, F., Fruit, General, 37 Northgate Mellor, 'Alfred & Sons Ltd., Motor Agents, Mold- green Engineering Works Mellor Bros., Confections, Caterers, 271 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Mellor, Harry & Co. Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, Colne Bridge Mills, Bradley Mellor, Horace & Sons, Rag Pullers, 14 Arch, Crosland Moor


Mellor, H. & Son, Woollen Merchants, Brook's Yard, Market Street Mellor, James, Grocer, Cheese Factor, 46 King Street Mellor, L. G., Estate Agent, Valuer, Surveyor, 117 Trinity Street Mellor, P. & M., Complete Furnishers, 20 Blacker Road, Birkby Mem Services, Leeds, Leeds Road Mendel, Jules, Cloth Merchant, Standard House, Sergeantson Street Merchant, Peter Ltd., Industrial Caterers, Empress Works Metcalfe Products Ltd., Grove Works, Lockwood Metcalfe, R., Coach Builder, Bridge Works, Commercial Street Metcalfe, T. S., Watchmaker, Jeweller, 5, King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Metrodent Ltd., Dental Manufacturers, 78 John William Street Mettrick Bros., Pork Butchers, High Street Mettrick, Philip, Grocer, 13 Bridge Street, Lock- wood Middlemost Bros. & Co. Ltd., Clough House Mills Middleton, J. & Sons, Bakers, 95 King Street Midgley, Raymond, Painter, Decorator, 7 Oxford Place Midland Bank Ltd., Banks, Cloth Hall Street and Market Place. Tel. 3081/2/3 and 2667/8 Midland College of Hairdressing, 198A King Street Midland Opticians' Sight Testing Service, 33A John William Street Mildred's, Ladies' Hairdresser, Paddock Head Milford Engineering Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Milford Street Millett's Stores (1928) Ltd., 42 Cross Church Street Millman Hunt & Co. Ltd., Manufacturers, St. Andrew's Road Mills Best & Wilson, Solrs, Station Street Buildings Mills, Edwin & Sons, Hydraulic Engineers, Aspley Works Mills, W., Watchmaker, 10 Market Avenue Millward, A. J. & Son, Glass Merchants, 3 Grafton Place Milnes, D., Ladies' Hairdresser, 24 Bridge Street, Lockwood Milnes, Miss Joan N., Veterinary Surgeon, 83 Birkby Lodge Road Milnes, S., Butcher, 83 Longley Road Milnes, S. & Sons Ltd., Canvas, 11 Victoria Street '' Mimi,"' Ladies' Hairdresser, 70 King Street Mitchell Bros., Fish, Fruit, 23 St. Helen's Gate, Almondbury Mitchell, C. E., Physician, Surgeon, Wakefield Road Mitchell, C. H. & Sons (Motor Engineers) Ltd., Nuffield Distributor, Southgate Mitchell Construction, Civil Engineers, Newsome Reservoir site Mitchell, F. A., General Builder, the Mount, Hill Side, Kirkheaton Mitchell, George, Plumber, Electrician, 3 Northgate Mitchell, H. Butcher, 33 Trinity Street Mitchell, Jack Ltd., House Furnishers, 35 Chapel Hill Mitchell, Mabel, Ladies' Fashions, 2 Northumber- land Street Mitchell, R. & Co., Worsted Manufacturers, Spa Mills, Lepton Mcdern Gowns, 61 Upper Market Hall, King Street Mohammed Sher, Retail Draper, 14 Commercial Place Moldgreen Conservative Club, Bankfield Road Moldgreen Engineering Co. Ltd., Structural Engineers, Upper Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen


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Moldgreen Liberal Club, 311 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Mollett, John Ltd., Fireplace Manufacturers, 42 John William Street Monteith, Dr. R. D., Medical Practitioner, Somerset House, Aspley Montgomery, F. D., Commercial Photographer, 19 Exchange Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 6132 Monument, The Insurance Co. Ltd., 22 Standard House Moodys Engineers Ltd., Hydraulic, Page Street Ironworks Moore, Arnold, Oxford Street Garage, Northgate Moore, R. L., Butcher, 85 Westgate, Almondbury Moore, Vera, Ladies' Hairdresser, 6 Imperial Arcade Moorhouse & Brook Ltd., Woollen, Worsted Manufacturers, Upperhead Mills Moorhouse, F., Electrical Engineer, 105 Bradford Road Moorhouse, F. A., Chemist, Birkby Pharmacy, Crescent Rold Moorhouse, H., Grocery, Provisions, 47 Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe Moorhouse, Mrs. H., Ladies' Hairdresser, 5 Heather- field Road, Marsh Moorhouse, H. & Son, Tailors, Revenue Chambers, Byram Street Moorhouse, H. W., Grocer, Mixed, 111 Westgate, Almondbury Moorhouse, Norman, Taxi Service, 10 De Lacy Avenue, Almondbury Moorhouse, Sam & Son, Metal Refiners, Hillhouse Lane Morley Bros., Sheet Metal Workers, Follyhall A., Ices, Sweets, 256 Wakefield Road Morrison, Arthur, Fish, Fruit, Shop Lane, Kirk- heaton Mort, Jack B., Dental Surgeon, 7 Chapel Hill. Tel. 1333 Mortimer, R. W. & Son Ltd., Packing Merchants and Paper Bag Manufacturers, 2 George Street. Tel. 2531 Morton, F., Haulage Contractor, 78 Branch Street, Paddock Morton, S., Sun Electrical Co. Ltd., 17 Dalton Green Lane Mosley, F. Fish Frier, 109 Halifax Old Road Mosley, H., Haulage, 48 Wakefield Road Mosley & Sykes, Commission Agents, Alexandra Buildings, East Parade Moss, T. & Son, Bakers, Confectioners, 192 Rashcliffe Hill Road Motor Exchange (Huddersfield) Ltd., Motor Agents and Dealers, Automobile Engineers, Leeds Road. Tel. 4280 (2 lines) Moxon, George & Sons Ltd., Merchants (Coal, Coke), Hillhouse Mulroy, F., Manufacturing Confectioner, 18 Long Lane, Dalton Murdoch, Thompson & Co., Wholesale Clothiers, 5 St. John's Road Murgatroyd, A., Farmer, Jilly Royd Farm, Fixby Murgatroyd, G. & Son, Fruit Salesmen, 119 Wakefield Road Muriel, Ladies' Hairdresser, 57B Westgate, Almondbury Murrant, H. G., Dentist, 12 Wheathouse Road, Birkby Murray, C. P. & Co. Ltd., Building Material Merchants, Midland Yard, Newtown Murray, D. & M. E., Grocers, Confectioners, 2 Grimscar Avenue

Murray, James, Off-Licence, Grocer, 121 Almond- bury Bank Mutual Mending Co., Fern Mills, Leeds Road

National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Society Ltd., 315 Windsor Chambers, John William Street National Insurance Company of Great Britain Ltd., St. Peter's Street National Provincial Bank Ltd, 1 King Street National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 104 Trinity Street National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers, 41 Fitzwilliam Street Neaversons Ltd., Glass, China Merchants, 4 Byram Street - Nelson, Norman, Crumpet Baker, 222a Manchester Road Nelson Weaving Co., 46 Leeds Road Nelson Weaving Co., Shore Foot Mills, Aspley Netheroyd Dog Shop, 72a John William Street Netheroyd Hill Sub P.O. Netherwood, Dalton & Co. Ltd., Printers, Caxton Works, Bradley Mill Netherwood, Miss Edith, Music Teacher, 33 Yew Street, Fartown Netherwood, Edwin & Sons, Chartered Accountants, Crescent Buildings, Sergeantson Street Nettleton, M., Pianoforte Teacher, Tuner, Re- pairer, 25 New Hey Road, Marsh New Central Ballroom, East Parade New Victoria Hotel, Lockwood Road Newby's Ltd., Fishmongers, Fruiterers, 19 Westgate Newman, E. C., Cloth Manufacturers, Crescent Buildings, Half Moon Street Newsholme, T. E., Pork Butcher, 57 Westbourne Road Newsome, G., Plumber, Electrician, 7 Spa Terrace, Lepton Newsome Working Men's Club, St. John's Avenue, Newsome Newton, E. A. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Provision Merchants, 72 Lower Market Hall Newton, Harold, Chemist, Town Bottom, Kirk- Heaton Newton of Huddersfield, Motor Engineer and Motor Car and Commercial Agents, Viaduct Street. Tel. 3311/2/3 Newtown Laundry, 10 King's Head Arcade Nichol & Pratt Ltd., Dyers, Finishers, Lockwood Mills, Bridge Street Nicholson, Mrs., Wardrobe Dealer, 21 Ashmere Grove, Fartown Niven, Dr. W., Radiologist, Gledholt Hall No Worry Garage, Motor Engineers, Syringa Street, Marsh Noble, F. A., Baker, Confectioner, 129 Northgate Noble, Herbert (Huddersfield) Ltd., Caterers, 39 Blacker Road, Birkby Noel Fashions Ltd., Ladies' Costumiers, 45-47 New Street Noon, D., English Butcher, 32 Buxton Road North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. Ltd., Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street North Central Wagon & Finance Co. Ltd., 14 East Parade North, C. & Son, Grocers, 5 Byram Street North Eastern Gas Board, Group Office, Leeds Road. Tel. 6680/5 Northern Assurance Co. Ltd., The, Crescent Buildings, Half Moon Street Northern Caterers Ltd., Industrial Caterers, Rut- land House, Springwood Street Northern Dairies (Huddersfield) Ltd., 31 Beast Market

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Northern Theatres Co. Ltd. (Tudor Cinema), Ramsden Street Northern Trade Protection Ltd., Mercantile Agents, Kirkgate Chambers Northrop, F. & Sons, Sheet Metal Workers, 1 Smithy Lane, Moldgreen Norton & Lindley, Plasterers, 218 Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge Norwich Union Insurance Societies, Station Street Norwood Engineering Co., Norwood Road, Birkby Novello & Co. (Milliners) Ltd., 19 King Street Nunns Commercial House, 3 South Parade Nu-Style Wallpapers, 18 Cross Church Street

Oakes, Reg., Motor Engineer, Smithy Garage, Bradford Road Oakes Sub P.O. Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Ltd., St. Peter's Street Oddy, Wm. & Co. Ltd., Manufacturers, Dyers, Finishers, Sales Office, Park Valley Mills Odersfelt Worsteds Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Lloyds Bank Chambers Ogley Bros., Joiners, Plumbers, Duke Street Oldfield, George & Son, Decorators, Painting Contractors, 507, Wakefield Road, Dalton Oldfield, Mrs. J., Sweets, Tobacco, 87 Trinity Street Oldfield, J. W., Plasterer, Slater, 59 Arnold Street Oldfield, Leslie, Painter, Decorator, 4 Beaumont Park Road, Lockwood Oldfield, S., Butcher, 31 Towngate, Newsome Oldfield, Scott, Butcher, 93 Wakefield Road Oldfield & Studdard, House Furnishers, 18 Kirkgate Oldfield, W. & J., Gardeners, Albany House, Albany Road, Kirkheaton Oldham Battery Service, Car Electrical Services, Half Moon Street Oldroyd, Edgar, Fine Drawer, 52 Springdale Avenue, Thornton Lodge Oldroyd, L. G., Rawthorpe Bakery, 59 Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe Oldroyd, Mrs. M., Ladies' Hairdresser, 191 Bradford Road

Olga, Ladies' Hairdresser, 66 Almondbury Bank, .

Moldgreen Olympia Hairdressing Salon (Bruno Szemelka), 31 Westbourne Road, Marsh O'Neill, Henry T., Medical Practitioner, Bryans- ford, Acre Street, Lindley Orme, Mrs. B., Newspapers, General, 97 Halifax Old Road Ormerod, H., Grocer, 131 Hillhouse Lane Osborne, J. W., Boy and Barrel Inn Osborne & Calverley (H. Osborne & Co. Ltd.), Clothiers, Gent's Outfitters, Hatters and Hosiers, 37 John William Street. Tel. 412 O'Shaughnessy Bros. Ltd., Building, Roofing, 12 Rosedale Avenue O'Shaughnessy Bros. Ltd., Builders, Contractors, 341 Wakefield Road O'Shaughnessey, James & Co., Building, Roof Repairs, 110 Trinity Street O'Shea, L., Physician, Surgeon, Oaklands, Whitacre Street Outsize Shop, Costumiers, 60 New Street Owen, Bailey & Hulme, Solicitors, Yorkshire Bank Chambers, New Street. Tel. 3842/3 Owen, G. W. & Son, Printers, Stationers, 29 Queen Street Owen, R. J., Grocer, 5 Benomley Road, Almondbury Oxford Hotel, Southgate Oxley, A., Decorator, 38-40 Primrose Hill Road, Primrose Hill

Pack Horse Hotel, Kirkgate Paddock Cricket & Bowling Club, Church Street Paddock Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Motor Garage and Engineers, Triangle Service Station, Paddock. Tel. 4607/8 Page, A. D., Dental Surgeon, Field House, Lock- wood Page, Maison, Furriers 11 Byram Street, Paints (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cloth Hall Street Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Motor Garages and Repairers etc., Venn Street. Tel. 2783 . Palace Theatre, Kirkgate Palfreeman & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Flowers and Vegetables, Wholesale Fruit- erers, Wholesale Market. Tel. 2728 Palmer, Fred, Tailor, 15 Trinity Street Palmer, Thos. W., Painter, Decorator, 114 New- some Road, Stile Common Palphreyman, Arthur R., Signwriter, 15 Scott Vale, Sheepridge Pape, T. E., Fish, 32 King Street Paradise Farm Nurseries Ltd., Thorpe Lane, Almondbury Parisian Pleating and Valet Co., Dry Cleaners, 10 Kirkgate Park Commercial Hotel 12 Greenhead Road Park, N., *General Cooper, 36 Viaduct Street Parker, A. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cloth Manufacturers, 3 King's Head Buildings Parker, L., Millinery, Gowns, 9 New North Road Parkin, Allan & Son Ltd., Printers, King's Mill Lane Parkin, G. Butcher, 62 King Street Parking, H. & K., Grocers, Church Lane Parkin & Smith, Motor, General Sheet Metal Workers, Grimscar Avenue Parkwood Universal Supplies Ltd., Hotel Equip- ment, 20 St. George's Square Parochial Hall (St. Peter's), Springwood Street Parsons, C. A. & Co. Ltd., Engineers, Contractors, Site Office, Power Station Patricia, Ladies' Hairdresser, 1 Norman Road, Birkby Patterson, A., Baker, Confectioner, 111 Bradford Road Patterson, George D., New Inn, Bradford Road Patti, Madame, Ladies' Hairdresser, Windsor Chambers, John William Street Pattimore & Dyson, Accountants, Auditors, Bar- clays Bank Chambers Paviour & Co., Clothiers, 29 St. Peter's Street Paxton, G. D. Ltd., Tailors, Drapers, 2 Green Street Peace, Bernard, Combustion Engineer, 54 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury Peace, C., Masseur, Chiropodist, 180 Penistone Road Peaker, H., Painter, Decorator, 116 Springdale Street, Longroyd Bridge Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd., 55 New Street Pearson, Ben, Tailor, 6 Standard House, Half Moon Street Pearson, Miss Doris, Draper, 13 Church Lane, Newsome Pearson, Edgar, Yarn Agent, 7 Observer Chambers, Market Street Pearson, Harold, Butcher, 56a Blacker Road, Birkby Pearson, H. & Son, Builders, Contractors, 46 Stile Common Road, Newsome Pearson, L. W., Decorator, 28 Ripon Avenue, Fartown Pearson & Moody Ltd., Coal Merchants, 19 John William Street Pearsons Stores, Grocers, 162 Blacker Road

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Peel, Frank & Co., Fruiterers, 25 Trinity Street Pennine Radio & Television, Radio Manufacturers, Page Street Works, Back Page Street People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (Social Office), 6 Lion Chambers Perrin, Fred, Sheet Metal Worker, Thomlinson's Yard, Northgate Pet Food Store, Pets, Aquaria, 24 and 38 Lower Market Hall Petrie, Dr. D. A., Medical Practitioner, Somerset House, Aspley Pexton, S. & Son Ltd., Wheelwrights, Body- builders, The Forge, Kirkheaton Phillips, Fish Friers, 118 Bradford Road Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd., King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Pick, Madame Selma, Corset Maker, 11 Byram Arcade, Westgate Pickard, G. R., Grocer, Beers, Silver Street, Moldgreen Pickard, G. R. & Sons, Wines, Spirits, 117 St. John's Road Pickering, Miss May, Ladies' Hairdresser, 6 Byram Arcade Pickersgill & Schofield, Precision Engineers, Spring- field Place, Swan Lane, Lockwood Pickfords Removal & Storage Service, 72 King Street Pickles, A. H., Farmer, Roydhouse Farm, Almond- bury Pickles Bros. (Slaters) Ltd., Slating, Tiling Contractors, Wakefield Road, Aspley. Tel. 860. Established over a Century Pickles, C. H. Ltd., Wholesale Newsagents, Stationers, 19 Byram Street Pickles, Herman Ltd., Wholsesale Fish, Wholesale Market Pickles, J. W. (Furnishers )Ltd., House Furnishers, 147 Wakefield Road Pickles & Morgan, Coachpainters, Signwriters, 2 Beech Street, Paddock Pickup, W. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers, 36 Upperhead Row Pidgeon, J. A., Greenside Fisheries, 513 Wakefield Road, Dalton Pidgeon, J. A., Caterer, Greenhead Park Café Pile Textiles Ltd., Bay Hall Works, Birkby Pilling & Sons, Jewellers, 33 John William Street Pirelli General Cable Works Ltd., Site Office, B.E.A. Power Station, St. Andrew's Road Pitcher, Ward, Woollen, Worsted Manufacturer, Albert Street, Lockwood Planers (Huddersfield) Ltd., Machine Tools, Prospect Ironworks, Lockwood Plasticraft Displays (Huddersfield) Ltd., Prince Royd Mills, Birchencliffie Platt, Mrs. Dorothy, Ladies' Hairdresser, 5 Hill House Lane Platt, J. H., Caterer, 13A Chapel Hill Platts, Henry, Nurseryman, Wood Nook, Grimscar Plaza Picture Theatre Co. (Huddersfield) Limited, Manchester Road Plumber's Arms Hotel, Macaulay Street Pneumatic Conveyors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Willow Lane Pogson, H., Textile Card Nailer, 16 Burbeary Road, Lockwood Pogson, H. & M., Caterers, Confectioners, 35 Westbourne Road, Marsh Polish White Cross Club, The, 86 Fitzwilliam Street Pollard, A. & E., 939 Leeds Road Pontefract & Porritt, Chartered Accountants, Royal Buildings, 15 Railway Street. Tel 2560 Poppleton, W. D. Ltd., Coal Factors, 11 Buxton Road

Potter & Wild, French Polishers, Garner's Yard, Trinity Street Pownall, Brian, Medical Practitioner, 62 Church Street, Paddock Pownall, Wm. & Son, Framers, Carriers, 68 King Street Powner, Greenleaf Ltd., Grocers, Confectioners, 57 Tanfield Road, Birkby Powney, J. H., Tailor and Costumier, 4 John Street. Tel. 747 Premac Ltd., Precision Engineers, 3 Cloth Hall Street Premac Ltd., Garden Street Works, Lockwood Premier Advertising Agency, 46 Bath Street Premier Cinema, Paddock Preston, Arnold, Painter, Decorator, Longroyde Bridge Preston Bros. & Co., Manufacturing Stationers, Printers and Lithographers etc., Fox Street. Tel. 58. Established 1870 Prewer, W., Florist, Nurseryman, 58 Somerset Road Price, L., Grocer, Newsagent, 386 Newsome Road Priest, Allen & Sons Ltd., Angola Yarns, Bath Mills Priest, H., Painting Contractor, 49 Spaines Road, Fartown Priestley & Taylor, Mixed Grocery, 74 Whitehead Lane, Primrose Hill Primrose Hill Post Office Primrose Hill Working Men's Club, Perseverence Street a Princess Pictures Ltd., Northumberland Street Pritchard, Dr. R. R., 16 Ripon Avenue, Fartown Proctor Bros. (Wireworks) Ltd., Wire Workers, 39 High Street Procter, E. W., Restaurant Engineer, Triton Works, Leeds Road Prospect Laundry, Luck Lane, Marsh Protection Engineering Services Ltd., Technical Consultants, 100 Birkby Hall Road Provincial Building Society, Building Society, 6 St. Peter's Street. Tel. 7067 Provincial Insurance Co. Ltd., 22 Standard House Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., The, New Street Pullars of Perth, Cleaners, Dyers, 37 Westgate Pulman, Abram & Sons Ltd., Structural Engineers, Stockholders, 25 Vance's Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Pye-Smith, Physician, Surgeon, 40 New North Road Pyrah, J. F. & R. Ltd., Builders' Merchants, Mill Furnishers, Iron Founders etc., Wharf Mills, 29 Wakefield Road. Tel. 1694

Quality Furnishers Ltd., 44-48 Buxton Road Quarmby, A. E. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ladies' and Gent's Tailors, 7 St. George's Square. Tel. 3150 Quarmby, J. & Son Ltd., Paper, Boxes, Paper Merchants and Printers, East Parade. Tel. 5134/5. Established 1872 Queen Frozen Confections, 11 New North Road Queen Hotel (Huddersfield) Ltd., Market Street Queen's Head Hotel, King Street Quinn, A., Plasterer, 49 South Street Quinn, B., Plasterer, Luck Lane, Marsh Quinn, Joseph & Sons, Plasterer, Property Re- pairers, Springwood Street

Raby, C., Gent's Hairdresser, 638 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Radcliffe, John & Sons Ltd., Builders, Contractors, St. John's Road Radio Craft, Repairers, Manufacturers, 9 Albion Street Radio Disposals, 27 Beast Market

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Radio Equipment (Yorkshire) Ltd., 32 New Street Radio Rentals Ltd., 16 Victoria Lane Railway Passengers' Assurance Co., Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Railwaymen's Club, Threadneedle Street Ramm, Arthur, Haulage, Coals, 2 Una Place, Birkby Ramsden Bros., Commission Manufacturers, Cros- land Moor Mills Ramsden, J. L., Manufacturers' Agent, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Ramsden, Robert & Co., Stockbrokers, Byram Arcade Ramsden, Sykes & Ramsden, Solicitors, Station Street Buildings. Tel. 2502 (3 lines) Ramsden, T. D., Tobacconist, 76 King Street Rashcliffe Mending Co., Burling, Mending, 54-56 Lockwood Road Ratcliffe, C., Fruiterer, Florist, 77 Birkby Lodge Road Ratcliffe, J. H., Dental Surgeon, 409 Wakefield Rd. Ravensknowle Park Café, Dalton. Rawlin's Dance Service, Carnival Novelties, 73A Northgate Rawson, Frank L., Physician, Surgeon, 79 New North Road Rayner, Haulage, Arch 31, Viaduct Street Rayner & Keeler Ltd., Dispensing Opticians, 5 New North Road Rayner, R., Motor Dismantler, 19 Viaduct Street Rayner, T. H. & Sons Ltd., Heating Engineers, 25 Market Street Rea, B., Greengrocer, 27 Bracken Square, Sheep- ridge Readicut Wool Co. Ltd., The, 27 Cross Church Street Red Circle & Handy Libraries, The, 2 Buxton Road Red Lion Inn (J. Slicer), Lockwood Bar Redman Ltd., Provision Merchants, Market Hall Rees, Fashions, Tailoring, 56 John William Street Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd., Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate Regal Cinema, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Regan, J. & T.; Haulage, Demolition, 9 Bow Street Regent Cinema, Bradford Road, Fartown Reliance Gear Co. Ltd., Engineers, Union Street Reliance Welding Co., Oxy-Acetylene Welders, 53A Colne Road « Remploy Ltd., Albany Mill, Firth Street Rennards & Garside Ltd., Fancy Yarns, Wentworth Mill, Fitzwilliam Street Rent Tribunal (Huddersfield Area), Waverley House, Portland Street " Retlaw Shop, The," Outerwear and Rain- wear Distributors, Ritz Corner, 10 Market Street. Tel. 5658 Revell & Revell, Chartered Accountants, 7 St. George's Square Rhodes & Brierley Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Vale Mills, Kirkheaton Rhodes, William, Fruiterer, 55 Trinity Street Rialto Cinema, Sheepridge Richardson, A. Newsagent, Deighton Road, Deighton Richardson, E., Grocer, Greengrocer, 278 Wake- field Road, Moldgreen Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. Ltd., General Engineers, B.E.A., St. Andrew's Road Ridley & Hall, Solicitors, 7 Britannia Buildings Ridley, J. & Co., Footwear Repairers, 13 High Street Riess, H. & Co. Ltd., Sports Equipment, 48 Man- chester Road Riley, B. & Co. Ltd., Bookbinders, Booksellers, Leeds Road ' .

Riley, Harry, Upholstery, Carpets, 8 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Riley, K., Plumber, Electrician, 265 Alder Street, Fartown Riley, W., Plasterer, 1 Quaker Lane, Paddock Ripley Bros., Painters, Decorators, 108 Westbourne Road, Marsh Rippon Bros. Ltd., Coach Builders, Engineers, Viaduct Street. Tel. 7070 (10 Lines) Road Transport & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 7 St. George's Square Roadway Services Ltd., Haulage Contractors, Transport, Forwarding, Shipping, Insur- ance, 34 Upperhead Row. Tel. Traffic 3853, Accounts 5353, Garage and Warehouse 4033, Night 3587 Roberts, A. C., Painter, Decorator, 32 Long Lane, Dalton Roberts, B. M., Joiner, Builder, 231 Leeds Road Roberts Castings Ltd., Non-ferrous Castings, Colne Road Roberts, Leslie, Haulage Contractor, 1 Primrose Hill Road Roberts, R. D., French Polisher, 3 Packhorse Yard Robertshaw, G. A., Stationer, Tobacconist, 22 New Hey Road, Marsh Robertshaw, J. A., Linen Merchant, 4 Byram Arcade, Westgate Robinson, A., Grocer, Confectioner, 94 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Robinson, B., Floral Artist, 9 Broad Lane, Dalton Robinson, F. C., Ladies' Hairdresser, 24-26 Standard House Robinson, Frederick C., Ladies' Hairdresser, 52 Benomley Crescent Robinson, George Herbert, Ladies' Hairdresser, 33 Blacker Road, Birkby Robinson, H. & Son, Grocer, 136p Westbourne Road, Marsh Robinson, Mrs. I., General Stores, 1 Mill Street, Crosland Moor Robinson, James & Co. Ltd., Hillhouse Lane Robinson, Jno. & Son, Plasterers, Slaters, 140 Westbourne Road, Marsh Robinson, J. T. (Oyster Refreshment Bar) 7 Market Street Robinson, T. H., Gent's Hairdresser, Swan Lane, Lockwood ' Robinsons, Gowns, Mantles, 9 Market Walk Robson, I. & Sons Ltd., Dyers, Sizers, Dalton Dyeworks Rockett, J. F. & Sons, Fat Refiners, Grimscar Works Roden, Mrs. K., Fancy Drapery, 26 Springwood Avenue Rogers, H. B., Vulcan Inn, St. Peter's Street Rodgers, Miss Ida, The Lounge Hairdresser, Stile Common, Newsome Roebuck & Battye, Transport Accountants, Lloyds Bank Chambers Roebuck, H., House Furnisher, Somerset Cabinet Works, Moldgreen Rogers Bros. (Haulage) Ltd., Rookery Garage, Moldgreen Rogers, E., Haulage, Removals, 2 Knowle Avenue Rogers, Thomas, Commission Agent, 78 Kirkgate Rogers, W. H., Drapery, Taxis, 133 Northgate Rolla Sheet Metal Works, Ltd. Ventilating Engineers, 36 Upperhead Row Roper, Alan L., Black Bull Hotel, Halifax Old Road Roper, Lawrence, Motor Engineers, Crown Garage, Waterloo Roseann's, Ladies' Hairdressing, 151 Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge

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Ross, Dr. G., Ingfield House, Northgate, Almond- bury Rostron, H., Farmer, Benomley Farm, Town End, Almondbury Rothery, Herbert, Caterer, 16 Pack Horse Yard Rothwell, R. & Sons Ltd., Healds, Reeds, 481 Victoria Street, Mold Green Rowlands Bros., House Furnishers, 23 Queen Street Roxana Ltd., Reinforced Concrete Flooring, Queen's Mill Road Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., Insurance Company, 13 Railway Street. (Tel. 4274-4275 Royal Liver Friendly Society (Assurance), 32 John William Street Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd., 28 Queen Street Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Lanning, J. W., Inspector, 120 Long Lane, Dalton Royal Swan Hote', Westgate Royce, J., Bull & Mouth Hotel, Victoria Street Royle, C. E., Grocer, Draper, 52 Luck Lane, Marsh Royle, G. H., Grocer, 10 Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen Royston & Dyson, Crockery, Hardware, 93 North- ate Ruggby Garage, 1 Percy Street, Fartown Rushworth, F. A., Master Tailor, 13 Lord Street Rushworth, P. & Son, Busy Bootmakers, 106 Northgate Rushworths Ltd., Drapers, Fancy Goods Dealers, Westgate. Tel. 2329 Russell's Ices Ltd., Ice Cream Manufacturers, 255 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Ryan's Gift Shop, 18 John William Street Ryans, Newsagents, Tobacconists, 17 Byram Street

S. & A., County Estate Agents, 7 St. George's Square ' S.T. Distributing Co. Ltd., Manufacturing Jewellers, 33 Water Street St. George's Square Taxis, St. George's Square St. John Ambulance Brigade, Albany Hall, Clare Hill Sale, Dr. Frederick, J., M.D., Physician, Surgeon, 67 New North Road Salmon, Jack, Carpet Fitter, 30 Manchester Road H., Ltd., Jewellers, Watchmakers, 17 King Street Sanderson, F., Worsted Coatings, Seed Hill Mills, Seed Hill Sanderson, Jack (Motor Engineers) Ltd., Reliance Garage, Wakefield Road, Waterloo Sanderson & Pogson, Auto Electricians, 14 York Buildings, Trinity Street Sandow Appliance Co. Ltd., 56 Fitzwilliam Street Savoy Cinema, Marsh Saxby, D., Auctioneer, Valuer, 5 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street - Saxone Shoe Co. Ltd., Boot Manufacturers, 30 John William Street Sayles Brooke & Booth, Printers, Stationers, 312 Bradford Road Scahill Bros., Iron Founders, Emerald Ironworks, Emerald Street, Hillhouse Scarfe, P., Decorator, 2 Kirk's Place, Trinity Street Schofield, Alfred, Chartered Surveyor, 72 Carr Green Lane, Dalton Schofield, C. F., Grocers, Butchers, The Corner Stores, Victoria Street, Deighton Schofield, E., Farmer, Butcher, 8 Brooklyn Avenue, Dalton Schofield, F., Town Hall Inn, Swan Lane, Lockwood Schofield, H. & Son, Plumbers, Electricians, 10 Acre Street, Lindley

Schofield, John C., Family Butcher, 3 Broad Lane, Dalton Schofield & Oldfield Ltd., Drapers, 61 New Street Schofield, S. & Co. Ltd., Wallpaper Merchants, 41 King Street Schofield & Sims Ltd., Publishers, 17 Market Street Schofield & Smith (Huddersfield) Ltd., Hollins Hill, Marsh Schofield & Sutton, Television Supplies and Contractors, 41 Wakefield Road. Tel. 6033 Schofield, Walter Ltd., Loom Repairs, Alma Works, Lockwood Schofield, W. E., Optician, Lockwood Bar, Lock- wood Schofield, William, Royal Oak Hotel, Paddock Schofields, Bakers, Confectioners, 32 Trinity Street Scholes, H., Slater and Tiler, 90 Upper Mont Street, Lockwood Scholes, W. A., Dental Surgeon, 56 Trinity Street Scholl's, Dr., Foot Comfort Service, 19 MarketAv School of Motoring, Driving Tuition, 25 Beech Street, Paddock Scotch Bakery, Confectioners, 7 Kirkgate Scott, John H., Grocer, 763Leeds Road Scott, Ronald, Private Hire, 16 Orchard Terrace Scott, T. W. & Co., Manufacturing Furriers, 5 Trinity Street Scott, Dr. W. E., 68 Church Street, Paddock Scott's Motor Services (Halifax) Ltd., 5 Market Walk Scottish Union & National Insurance Co., 5 Market Walk Scrimshaw, P., Pork Butcher. 54 Buxton Road Seddon, H. H. & Sons Ltd., Dyers, Finishers, Spa Field Dyeworks, Lockwood Seedhill Manufacturing Co., Seedhill Mills, Seedhill Selbie, Gordon S., Physician, 395 Wakefield Road Selbie, William, Dr., Physician, 45 Broad Lane, Moldgreen Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Textile Engineers, Dyehouse and Finishing Plants etc., Engine Bridge Machine Works, Chapel Hill. Tel. 4271 (2 lines), Night 3331 Senior, A. E., Plumber, Electrician, 1 and 3 Broadgate Farm, Lowerhouses Senior, B., Draper, 4 Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen Senior, G. K., Fruiterer, 294 Bradford Road Senior, H. & Son, Plumbers, Electricians, 5 Lock- wood Scar, Lockwood Senior, Jim, Commercial Inn, Moldgreen Senior, Leonard, Sanitary Engineer, Fields Place, Kirkheaton Senior, P. H., Grocer, 123 South Street Senior, Preston, Removals, Haulage, 190 Trinity Street Senior, P. S., Dentist, 10 New North Road Senior, Raymond (Removals and Storage) Ltd., 79-81, King Street Service Taxis, 53 Estate Buildings, Railway Street Services Café, 10 Wood Street Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., Wholesale Jewellers, 1 Kirkgate Buildings Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., Jewellers, 166 Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge Shakespeare Hotel, Northgate Sharpe, Edmund Ltd., Sanitary Engineers, 7 St. John's Road, Birkby Sharpe, H. & A., Grocery, Confectionery, 37 Bentley Street Sharps (Floor Furnishers) Ltd., 36 Westgate Sharratt, David & Sons Ltd. (Fire Bricks), S. Gibson, 50 New Hey Road Shaw, A. & Son, Property Repairer, 10 Syringa Street, Marsh '

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Shaw, Arthur & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Leather Beltings, Albion Street Shaw, Arthur W., Painter, Decorator, 11 Saxton Place, Almondbury Shaw, Benj. & Sons Ltd., Mineral Water Manufacturers, Willow Lane. Tel. 383 Shaw - Bros. Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, - Larchfield Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 5066/7 Shaw, B. H., Pile Fabric Dyers and Finishers, Britannia Mills, Stoney Battery, Manchester Road. Tel. Milnsbridge 285 Shaw, Dr. C., The Bungalow, Standiforth Place, Dalton Shaw, Chas. H., Radio, Music, 7 Shambles Lane Shaw, C. L., Baker, Confectioner, 28 Carr Street, Marsh Shaw, Ernest, Paper, Smallwares, 3 Rosemary Lane. Tel. 2240 Shaw, Fred, Tin-Plate Worker, Lord Street Shaw, Gerald, Motors, Motor Cycles, 311-313 Manchester Road. Tel. 3560 Shaw, Gerald, Motors, Savoy Garage, Marsh Shaw & Hallas Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers, Retail, 10 John William Street. Tel. 241 Shaw, Henry & Co., Chartered Accountants, 44 Standard House Shaw, J., Wharf Hotel, Aspley Shaw, J. E., Butcher, 147 St. John's Road Shaw, John R., Insurance Broker, 176 Somerset Road Shaw, John & Sons, Haulage Contractors, Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen Shaw, J. Son & Co., House Furnishers, 30 Victoria Lane Shaw, J. Son & Greenhalgh Ltd., Engineers, Albert Works Shaw, K., Ladies' Hairdresser, 186 Long Lane Shaw, S. T. Ltd., Chemists, 14 Spaines Road, Fartown Shaw, S. T. Ltd., 9 Church Lane, Newsome Shaw, W., Shirtmaker, Hosier, 1 St. George's Street Shaw, W., Grocer, 170 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Shaw, William & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Coal Contractors and Factors, Market Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milnsbridge 519/520 Shaws, General Ironmongers, 91 Northgate, Almondbury Shaws (Huddersfield) Ltd., Malt Vinegar, Storths Mills, Moldgreen Sheard & Co. Ltd., Oil Refiners, Cable Oil Works, St. Thomas Road Sheard, Fred & Sons, Incorporated Accountants, 5 Kirkgate Buildings Sheard, Geo. & Son, Woollen Manufacturers, Bay Hall Mills, Fern Street Sheard, J. E., A.R.C.O., Music Teacher, Croft House, Almondbury Sheard, Dr. Jessie, Physican, Surgeon, 154 Trinity Street Sheard, Norris, Upholstery, Carpet Fitters, 3a Station Street. Tel. 6772 Sheard, R., Decorator, 80 Springdale Street, Thornton Lodge » Sheard, William, Motor Body Builders, Griffin Works, Crosland Moor Bottom. Tel. 2012 Sheepridge Industrial Society Ltd., Sheepridge Sheepridge Post Office Shelley, R., Wholesale Newsagent, 1a Upperhead Row Shepherd, Frank, Waterloo Hotel Shepherd, H., Motor Engineer, Roundwood Garage, Waterloo Shepherd, H., Taxi Proprietor, 28 Penistone Road, Waterloo

Sheridan, James & Sons, Slaters, Tilers, 40 Black- moorfoot Road Ship Inn, Ramsden Street Shirley, Ladies' Hairdresser, 2 Standard House, Half Moon Street Shirley, Ladies' Hairdresser, 589 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Shoesmith, W. & Co., Shipping Merchants, 33 Lord Street Silent Bloc Ltd., Engineers, Mechanical, 11 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5491 Silver Martin, " My Valet," 14 Imperial Arcade, New Street Silverwood, Irving, Insurance Broker, Central Buildings, Market Place Silvio's Ltd., Caterers, Confectioners, Chocolatiers (Café), 22 Westgate Simmonds, Mrs. M., Hairdresser, Grove House, Lockwood Scar Simpson, W. C., Painter etc., 6 Highlands Avenue, Almondbury Simpson, Wood & Co., Chartered Accountants, Bank Chambers, Market Street. Tel. 1345/1346 Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., Sales and Service, 16 Cross Church Street Singh, D., Household Linen, 12 Wakefield Road Singleton, G. & Co., Plumbers, Wheatroyd Farm, Almondbury Sisson, D., Solicitor, Lion Chambers, St. George's Square Sisson, John, Butcher, 127, Halifax Old Road Sisson, S. A., Ladies' Hairdresser, 14 Market Avenue Slater, G. & Son, Plumbers, Wormald's Yard, King Street Smailes & Walker, Solicitors, 25 Market Place. Tel. 6140 (2 lines) Smiles, R. L., Haulage Contractor, 16 Cecil Street Smith, A., M., Grocer, 142 Victoria Road Smith, Arthur, Electrical Engineer, 333 Bradford Road, Fartown Smith Bros., Woollens, Worsteds, St. John's Road Smith Brothers (Huddersfield) Ltd., Carriers, 41 Viaduct Street Smith, C. R., Pork Butcher, 8 Bridge Street, Lockwood Smith, Mrs. E. E., Confectioner, Sweets, 70 Norman Road, Birkby Smith, Eli, Ltd., Boot and Shoe Repairers, 1 and 3 Pack Horse Yard. Tel. 4763 Smith, Eric, Farmer, Hall Farm, Rawthorpe Terrace, Rawthorpe Smith, F. H., Butcher, 289 Bradford Road Smith, Frederick, Lay Reader, 40 Malvern Rise, Primrose Hill Smith, G., Coal Merchant, 23 Abingdon Street, Fartown Smith & Garton, Chartered Accountants, 23 John William Street Smith, G. B., Plasterer, 31 High Lane, Newsome Smith, Jas. & Sons (Cleaners) Ltd., Dyers and Cleaners, 6 Station Street Smith, Lily, Newsagent, 49 Market Street Smith, Lindon, T., Fruiterer, 19 Shambles Lane Smith, Norman, Haulage Contractor, 340 TL.eeds Road Smith, R., Newsagent, Tobacconist, 64 King Street Smith, S., Tailor 2a Queen Street Smith & Walton Ltd., Paint Manufacturers, 5 St. John's Road Smith, W. H. & Co., Electrical Engineers Ltd., Dalton Smith, W. H. & Son Ltd., Wholesale Newsagents, 11 John William Street Smith & Wilkinson, Drapers, 42 New Street

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Smithies, C. G., Grocer, 84 Birkhouse Lane Smithies, F. M. & Son, Radio Engineers, 64 Sheep- ridge Road, Sheepridge Smithson, Frank, Builder, Contractor, 23 Viaduct Street Snack Lunches Ltd., Gledhills Restaurant, 16 Pack Horse Yard Snowden, H. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, General Merchants, 26 Kirk- gate. Tel. 2858 Snowden, J. & Sons (Sports) Ltd., Billiard Tables, 56 Fitzwilliam Street Soldiers, Sailors & Airmens Families Association, 7 Upperhead Row Somerville-Jones, Owen C., Solicitor, Notary, 32 John William Street Southgate Hotel Southgate Motors, 9 Rosemary Lane Sowden, C., Commission Agent, 47a Globe Hotel Yard, King Street Spencer, G. & E., Poultry Farmer, 47 New North Rd Spencer, G. Herbert, Plasterer, 2 Speedwell Street, Paddock Spencer Surgical Supports (Mrs. Peace), 54 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury Spenwyn Tools Ltd., Hand Tools, Upper Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen Spillane, Padraig, Physican, Surgeon, " Oaklands," Whiteacre Street, Deighton Spink Nest Hotel, Blacker Road, Birkby Spinkfield Garage, Motor Engineers, Grasmere Road, Marsh Spinning Wheel Knitting Wool Co. Ltd., 7 Shambles Lane Spivey, T. W. & H., Painters, Decorators, 101 Wakefield Road, Lepton Sportsgear, 4 Market Place Chambers Spotted Cow Inn, 2 Northgate Spratts Signs Ltd., 79 Fitzwilliam Street Springdale Laundry, Laundries, Longroyd Bridge. Tel. 85 Springdale Weaving Co., Commission Weavers, Longroyd Bridge Springwood Auto Repair Works, Bow Street Spurr, H. E., Chemist, Folly Hall Stables, E., Potato Merchant, 13 Wholesale Market Stafford, B. K., Joiner, Undertaker, Moor View, Cockley Hill, Kirkheaton Stafford & Co., Caravan Distributors, Kirkheaton (Display Premises) Stafford & Co., Caravan Distributors, Town Office, 4 New Street Stancliffe, J. & Sons, Haulage Contractors, Kirk- heaton Standard Fireworks Ltd. (Head Office), Standard House Stanley's Antiques, China, 51 King Street Stansfield, J. & Son, Joiners, Undertakers, 26 Kaye Lane, Almondbury Stansfield, J. & Son, Joiners, Undertakers, Westgate, Almondbury Stanton, L. R., Travel Organiser, 76A John William Street Star Inn, King's Mill Lane Star Inn, Lockwood Starkey, A., Rose and Crown Inn, 43 Northgate, Almondbury Starkey, James Ltd., Potato Merchants, Myrtle Street Statham, H., Decorator, 4 Oxley Road, Sheepridge Station Taxis, St. George's Square Stavordale, K., Queen's Head Hotel, King Street Stead, John, Building Contractor, Luck Lane Stead, Law & Sons Ltd., Builders, Hillhouse Lane Stead & Simpson Ltd., Boots, Shoes, 1 New Street

Stead, Stanley, Coal Merchant, Square Hill, Kirkheaton Steel, T. N. & Co., Incorporated Accountants, 7 St. George's Square Stephens & Co., Incorporated Valuers and Surveyors, 5 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5461 Stephens, H. D., Dental Surgeon, York House, New North Road Stephens, Miss R. B., M.Ch.S., Chiropodist, 3a Station Street Stephenson, Beatrice (1936) Ltd., Fashions, 46 John William Street Stephenson, C. H. & F., Mushroom Growers, Canal Wharf, St. Andrew's Road Stephenson, I. Ltd., Butchers, 3 Market Buildings, King Street Stephenson & Roberts, House Furnishers, 61-63 King Street. Tel. 2204 Stevenson, James Wm., Painters, Decorators, 47 Reed Street, Marsh Stock, Percy Ltd., Insurance Brokers, Ex- change Buildings, 19 Market Street. Tel. 983 Stocks, A. Greengrocer, 7 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Stocks, J. C., Signwriter, 48 Cobcroft Road, Fartown Stocks, Sykes & Hickson, Architects, Surveyors, 4 St. Peter's Street Stones, Wm. Ltd., Wines, Spirits, Pack Horse, Yard Stopper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Closures, Con- tainers, 614, Wakefield Road, Waterloo Stores, V. & K., Fish, Fruit, 143 Bradford Road Stork Bros. Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Bayhall Milis Stott, A. F., Beef, Pork, 6 Wakefield Road Stott, T. W. & Son, Tailors, Outfitters, 37 Bradford Road Strange, Alfred, Ladies' Hairdresser, 8 Northum- berland Street Streamlined Taxis (Huddersfield), 2 Railway Street Stringer, S., Dalton Fold Farm, Dalton Stubb's Ltd., Trade Protection Society, 24 John William Street Stylo Boot Co. Ltd., 15 Chancery Lane Styring, J. G., Joiner, Builder, Undertaker, 97 Lockwood Scar, Newsome Sugden, Mrs. A. M., Ramsden's Arms Sugden, J., Jeweller, 12 Imperial Arcade, New Street Summers, G. E., Card Nailer, 23 Grosvenor Road Sun Insurance Office Ltd., Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Sunderland Bros., Whitesmiths, Hillhouse Sunderland, J. & Sons, Joiners, Undertakers, Bridge End, Lockwood Sunley, Arthur, Tailor, Outfitter, 44 Trinity Street Sutcliffe, Alonzo & Sons Ltd., Underclothing Manufacturers, 37 Beast Market Sutcliffe, J. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Waste Merchants, Richmond Mills, Fitz- william Street. Tel. 2211 (2 lines) Sutcliffe, Leonard, Newsagent, Tobacconist, 1 Water Street, Lockwood Sutcliffe, N., Newsagent, Greengrocer, 523 Wakefield Road, Dalton Suttie, George, Electronic Supplies, 43 Somerset Road Suzanne, Ladies' Hairdresser, 9 Byram Street Swallow, Betty, Milliner, 10 Bridge Street Lockwood Swallow Bros., Waste Merchants, Dalton Mills, Dalton Swallow, G. W., Photographer, Burlington House, Park Drive

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Swann, Norman Ltd., Hotel Furnishers, 15 Byram Street Sweetnam, W. P., M.D., Paediatrician, 79 New North Road Swift, John W., Builder, Plumber, 73 Blackmoor- foot Road, Crosland Moor Swift, J. W. J., Plumber, Victoria Road, Lockwood Swift, R. M., L.D.S., Dental Surgeon, 122 Trinity Street Swindlehurst & Nicholson Ltd., Printers, Stationers, 43 Market Street Sykes, Albert H., Off-Licence, 15 Colne Road Sykes, Alfred & Co., Mungo, Shoddy, Viaduct Street Sykes, Bill (Radio) Ltd., Radio Factors, Radio House, Kennedy Avenue, Fixby Sykes Brothers, Motor Engineers, Rice Street Garage Sykes & Co., House Furnishers, 30 New Street Sykes, D., Waste, Shoddy, Spring Garden Works, Lockwood Road Sykes, D. M. & Co. Ltd., Cotton Waste, 27 Green- head Road Sykes & Dyson Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Queen's Mill Road Sykes, E., Grocer, 66 Crescent Road, Birkby Sykes, Geo. & Sons, Automobile Engineers, Crosland Moor Mills Sykes & Hebblethwaite, Worsteds, Woollens, Paddock Field Mills, Crosland Moor Sykes, Henry & Son (Chemists) Ltd., 4 Pack Horse Yard Sykes, Herbert, Newsagent, Tobacconist, 27 Main Road, Primrose Hill Sykes, Hilda, Chiropodist, M.I.C.H.S., 13a High Street Sykes, J., Painter, Decorator, 44 Victoria Street Sykes, James & Son Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton Sykes, J. E. & Co., Certified Accountants, 30 Estate Buildings, Railway Street Sykes, J. G. & Co., Tailors, Costumiers, Pear Street, Crosland Moor Sykes, Joe, Fish, Poultry, 318 Bradford Road Sykes, John & Co., Solicitors, Rolls Office, Market Place. Tel. 4580 (2 lines) Sykes, John E. (Motor Engineers) Ltd., Motor Engineers, 12-14 Albion Street. Tel. 62 Sykes, John F. Ltd., Family Butchers, 10 Trinity Street Sykes, John S. & Co. (Tobacconists) Ltd., Union Bank Yard, New Street Sykes, John & Sons Ltd., Machine Makers, Canal Works, Aspley Sykes, Jonathan, Joiner, Undertaker, 172 Somerset Road Sykes, Kathleen W., Hairdresser, 34 Ramsden Street Sykes, Lucie, Ladies' Hairdresser, 103 Town End, Almondbury Sykes, Mary E. & Co., Solicitors, Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street. Tel. 3520 Sykes & Mercer, Accountants, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Sykes, M. Haigh & Co., Woollen Merchants, 1 St. George's Street Sykes, N., Fine Drawer, 70 Birks Fenay Bridge Sykes, Stanley, Pharmacist, Waterloo Pharmacy, Waterloo Sykes & Ltd., Mohair, Rugs, Northfield Mills, Almondbury Sykes, W., Butcher, 14 Bridge Street, Lockwood Sykes, Walter, Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds, Zetland Mills Sykes, William, Ironmonger, 17 Macauley Street Tailford, R., Fish Merchant, Wells Mills, Northgate

Tandem Rug Co., Wakefield Road, Kirkheaton Tate & Smith, Certified Accountants, 19 John William Street Tattersall, G., Chartered Accountant, 19 John William Street Taxi Services, Huddersfield Streamlined Taxis Ltd., 2 Railway Street St. George's Square (Taxi-cab rank). Taylor, A., Grocer, Confectioner, 26 Spaines Road, Fartown Taylor, Alfred, Millwright, Diamond Forge, Diamond Street Taylor, A. & Son, Joiners, Crosland Moor Mills Taylor, Benton Ltd., Tailors, Outfitters, 22 Cross Church Street Taylor Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Sheet Metal Workers, 15A Beast Market Taylor, David & Sons, Plumbers 248a Lockwood

Taylor, D. E., Grocer, 201 Lowerhouses Lane, Longley Taylor, Edmund (Teazle) Ltd., Teazle Merchants, Chardon Mill, Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen ° Taylor, Ernest & Co., Tailors, Breeches Makers, 12 Byram Street Taylor, E. & V., Transport Café, 240 Lockwood Road, Lockwood Taylor, F. (Electro) Ltd., Electrical Wholesalers, Upperhead Mills, Upperhead Row Taylor, Herbert (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wool Waste, Carr Green Works, Dalton Taylor & Hobson, Furniture, Carpets, Uphol- stery, Cabinetmakers, 9 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street and Hawksby's Court, New Street. Tel. 4830/1. Established 1851 Taylor, J. A., Dairy Farmer, 76 Birkby Lodge Road Taylor, J. E. & Co. (Eng.) Ltd., St. Thomas's Road, Longroyd Bridge Taylor, J. Edgar, Physician, Surgeon, Kirklands, Cemetery Road, Kirkheaton Taylor, J. H. & Sons Ltd., House Furnishers, 14 Cross Church Street Taylor, J. H. & Co., Carpet Dealers, 34 John William Street Taylor, J. H. & Co., Electrical, Radio, Macaulay Street Taylor, Joseph, Mill Furnisher, Commercial Street Taylor, K., Greengrocer, 26-28 Church Street, Moldgreen Taylor, Linton, Plumber, Electrician, 46 Beech Street, Paddock Taylor & Littlewood Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Newsome Mills Taylor & Lodge Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Rashcliffe Mills. Tel. 679 Taylor Mills Ltd., Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton Taylor, Ronald, Commercial Photographer, 26 Blagden Lane, Close Hill Taylor, T. H., Grocer, 75 Hall Bower Taylor, W. A., 73 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury Taylor, W. Harold, Butcher, 302 Bradford Road, Fartown Taylor & Wood Ltd., Deaf Aids, Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate Taylors, John Ltd.,. Woollen, Worsted Manufac- turers, Colne Road Mill " Telegraph & Argus," Market Street Telfer, H. & Son, Wholesale Drapers, 9 Dundas Street Tennant Rotherford & Co., Ltd., Coal and Coke Merchants, Lime, Office, Buxton Road. Tel. 3200 Terry, Maison, Ladies' Hairdressers, 21a Cross Church Street

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Tetley, S. & Sons Ltd., Cigar Importers, Tobac- conists, 9 Market Street Thatcher & Son, Carpet Planners, 7 Albion Street Theaker's Grocery Stores, Broad Lane, Dalton Theatre Royal, Ramsden Street Thewlis, H. H., Motor Engineer, Gorse Garage, Marsh Thomas, Edwin, Pharmacist, Waterloo Pharmacy, Waterloo Thomas, W. H., Woollen Worsteds, Hollins Mill, Marsh Thompson, B. H., Journalist, 138 Westbourne Road, Marsh Thompson, W. E., Surgeon, 84 New North Road Thomson, Dr. D. B., 11 Broomfield Road, Marsh Thomson, Wm. & Sons (Worsteds) Ltd., Wood- house Mills Thornhill Yorkshire Estates Co., Fixby Park (Workshop) Thornton, A., Joiner, Undertaker, 33 Brow Road, Paddock Thornton, B. & Son, Rug Manufacturers, Pioneer Mill, Fountain Street Thornton, B. Ltd., Engineers' Contractors, Per- severance Works, Turnbridge Road Thornton, Frederick & Son, Carpet Distributors, Thornton, 18 St. George's Square Thornton, . Dr. F. W., 3 York Place Thornton, J. W., Fish Fryer, 4 Wakefield Road Thornton Lodge Bowling Club Ltd., Thornton Lodge, Brook Street Thornton Marsden & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Woollen, Worsted, Park Valley Mills, Lockwood Thornton, Mason & Hoyle Ltd., Manufacturing Woodworkers, Fartown Bar Works Thornton, V. B., Hardware Stores, 5 Broad Lane, Dalton Thorp, Fred, Grocer, Houses Hill Stores, Kirkheaton Thorp, H., Hillhouse Post Office Thorpe, J., Fish, Fruit, 29 Westbourne Road, Marsh Thorpe, J. L., Chartered Architect, 21 Exchange Buildings, Market Street Tiffany, R., The Woolpack, Deighton Road Tiltscher, O. T., Manufacturing Merchant, 26A Water Street Time Recorders Gledill Brook Ltd., 23 Market Street Timmins, Isaac Ltd., Contractors, Greenhead Estate, Dalton Timothy Whites & Taylors, Dispensing Chemists, 56, Buxton Road Timpson, Wm. Ltd., Footwear Retailers, 61 New Street Tindall, J. H. & Son, Carriers, Firewood, 9 Beau- mont Street Tinker, Jack, Fruiterer, 67 Westbourne Road Tinker, John & Sons Ltd., Steeplejacks, 7 Market Place Chambers Tinker, Tedbar, Shepherd's Arms, Cowcliffe Tiny, Miss, Gay 90's, 77 Greenhead Road Tip Top Cleaners, Dry Cleaners, 119 Northgate, Almondbury Todd, George, Croppers Arms, Westbourne Road Todd, John & Son, China, Brushes, 22 Upperhead Row Toffold, L. & Sons Ltd., Terrazzo, Mosaic, 179 Victoria Road, Lockwood Tolson, Selwyn, Café, Restaurant, 31 Manchester Road Tomlin, H., M.D., 114 Fitzwilliam Street Tompkins, Alfred, Chiropodist, 14 Bradford Road Topham, W. J., Undertaker, Garden Street, Lockwood Topping, F. C., Chartered Accountant, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street

Tower Table Water (Huddersfield) Co., Mineral Water Manufacturers, Tower Works, Far- town. Tel. 1087 Tower Spinning Co, Spinners (Yarns), Doublers (Yarns), Britannia Mills, Stoney Battery Road. Tel. Milnsbridge 495 Town Café, 290 Leeds Road Townend, D. L., Chiropodist, 3 Sergeantson Street Townend & Whiteley, Gent's Outfitters, 22 King's Street Townson, William & Sons Ltd., Builders, I.C.I. Works Tractors (Yorkshire) Ltd., Engineers, Crosland Moor Mills Transport & General Workers' Union, 30 Byram Arcade, Westgate Trawler Shops Ltd., Fish Merchants, 74 Westbourne Road, Marsh _ Trinity Garage Co., Ltd., Automobile Engineers, Union Street True-Form Boot Co. Ltd., 29 New Street Truelove, Fred, Commission Agent, 22 Vance's Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Tudor Cinema, Ramsden Street Tullis, John & Sons Ltd., Belting Manufacturers, 78 Birkby Hall Road Tunnacliffe, T. B., Plasterer, Slater, Trinity Street Turner & Hollingworth, General Dealers, 37 Carr Street, Marsh f Turner, J. E., Grocer, 246 Deighton Street Turner, Sir Joseph & Sons, Aniline Dyes, Viaduct Street Turner, Miss M., Chiropodist, 10 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Turtle, F. J., Greengrocer, 62 Sheepridge Road Turton, D., Fish Frier, 55 Belton Street, Mold- green Turton, F., Cash Stores, 122 Albert Street, Lock- wood Turton, Walter, E. Photographer, 61 Blacker Road, Birkby Tweed, S. & Co. Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton Twomey, T. & H. J., Drapers, 150, Halifax Old Road Tyas, H. E., Dentist, 1356 Lockwood Road Tyres, H. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Gents' Outfitters, 13 Market Avenue. Tel. 6759

Unicorn Inn, 2 Victoria Street Union Electrical Co., 153-155, Bradford Road Union Publishing Co., Advertising Publishers, 30 Queen Street Union of Shop, Distributive & Allied Workers, Estate Buildings, Railway Street United Friendly Insurance Co. Ltd., 25 New North Road United Indigo & Chemical Co. Ltd., Dye Manu- facturers, Longroyd Bridge United Kingdom Provident Institution, S. R. Hoyle, 29 Deighton Road United Yeast Co. Ltd., John Street Universal Sporting Press, Advertising Agents, Vance's Chambers, Cloth Hall Street University Caterers Ltd., Hoteliers, Caterers, 20 St. George's Square Uttley, Albert E., Victoria Inn, Victoria Street Uttley F. & Son Ltd., Mill Furnishers, Bobbin Makers, Prospect Street Works -

Vallance Ltd., House Furnishers, 8A Victoria Street Venus Electrical Co. Ltd., 217 Leeds Road Vera, Madame, Gowns, 13 Market Walk Verity, L. Hudson, Optician, 31 Cross Church Street Vick, S., Sweets, Tobacco, 3-5 Grimscar Avenue, Birkby

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Vickerman, Kathleen, Ladies Hairdresser, 1B Manchester Road Victoria Mills Spinning Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Victoria Mills, Beaumont Street Vulcan Boiler and Generl Insurance Co. Ltd., Exchange Buildings, Market Street Vyner, George, Account Books, 2 Brook's Yard, Market Street. Tel. 4137

Waddington, Charles A., Chartered Physiotherapist, Waverley Road, New North Road Waddington, D., Piano Tuner, 7 Red Doles Road, Fartown Waddington, D., Taxis, 4 Meltham Road, Lock- wood Waddington, D. S., Photographer, 37 Forrest Avenue, Marsh Waddington, N., Tailor, Costumier, 10 Albion Street. Tel. 2230 Waddy, Dr. S. H., 342 Newsome Road Wade, B. & Co. Ltd., Tobacco, Cigar Merchants, 15 Lord Street. Tel. 2842 Wade, Harry, Painter, Decorator, 25 Percy Street, Fartown Wadeson, Miss Edith, Ladies Wear, Westbourne Road, Marsh Wadsworth, A. B., Builder, Contractor, 24 Prospect Street Wadsworth, Firth & Son, Auctioneers, Valuers, Sun Chambers, Cross Church Street Wadsworth & Smith, Bakers, Confectioners, 177 Leeds Road Wadsworth, T , Organ Builder, 6 Smith's Avenue, Marsh Waggon & Horses Inn, 108 Bradford Road Wainhouse, Henry, Butcher, 12 Wren Street, Paddock Wainman, Mrs G., Groceries, Provisions, 74 Long Lane, Dalton Wainwright, Removals, Haulage, 160 Northgate Wainwright, R, Manufacturers Agent, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Wakefield, Greenwood & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Knitting Wools, 6 Railway Street, St. George's Square. Tel. 6560/1 Walkden, Reynold A., Ltd. Motor Engineers and Garages, Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milnsbridge 532. Walker, A , Confectioner, 74 Wakefield Road Walker & Aldridge, Leather Goods, 9A Cloth Hall Street Walker Bros,, Fireplace Builders, Contractors, 7 Beast Market Walker, David T , Decorator, 219 Bradford Road, Fartown Walker, Edwin & Co. Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Field Mills Walker, E., Geoffrey L., Physician, Surgeon, 1 Spring Bank, New North Road Walker, F., Grocer, 190 Cross Lane, Newsome Walker, G. S. & Son, Wholesale Clothiers, 2 St. John's Road Walker & Hammond, Eastwood Stores, Flint Street Walker, Horace, Ophthalmic Optician, 116 Trinity Street Walker, Jas. D., Physician, Surgeon, 32 Meltham Road, Lockwood Walker, J. L. & Sons Ltd., Dyers, Finishers, Woodhouse Mills Walker, John & Sons, Joiners, Funeral Directors, Acre Street, Lindley Walker, M. O., Coach Painter, Ash Street, Hillhouse Walker, N. & Son, Jagger Hill Farm, Kirkheaton Walker, S. & Son, Corn Millers, Birchencliffc

Walker, Thomas (Established 1814) Ltd., Shoe Retailers, 8-10 Cross Church Street. Tel. 2621 Walker, W. H., Butcher, 7 Browning Road Walkley, F., Clog Manufacturer, 110 Northgate Wall, John, Motor Engineer, Glebe Street Garage, Marsh Wallaces Ltd., Grocers, Provisions, St. John's Road Wallhead, C. G., Grocer, 53 Fartown, Green Road Wallis & Co. Ltd., Tinsmiths, Polishers, Spring Street Wallis, F. & N., Tailors, Drapers, 127 Farrtown Green Road, Fartown Walters, A. T., Grocer, 11 Willow Lane East Walton, E., Off-Licence, 31 Bradford Road Walton, H., Tailor, 2 Station Street Ward, Dr. E., 10 Imperial Road Ward, Lewis & Sons Ltd., Brake Linings, Seed Hill Road. Tel. 7366/7 Ward, R. H., Magician, 25 Newsome Road Wardle, F., Grocer, Confectioner, 2 Second Avenue, Long Lane Ware, Hubert (Props. Harvey Bros.), Builder, Contractor, Leonard Street, Fartown Warwick, Miss Jean, Journalist, 43 Mitchell Avenue, Waterloo Washington, G. M., Solicitor, King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Washington's (Outfitters) Ltd., Men's Outfitters, 7 Cloth Hall Street Waterhouse Bros. Ltd., Woollen Yarn Spinners, Britannia Mills, Stoney Battery, Crosland Moor. Tel. Milnsbridge 199 Waterhouse, Norman, Motor Haulage, 7 Birkby Lodge Road Waterloo Cinema, Wakefield Road, Waterloo Waterloo Subscription Bowling Club, Waterloo Waterprufo Co., 43 Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Watkinson, A. W., Radio Engineer, 130 West- bourne Road, Marsh Watkinson, R. P., Baker, Confectioner, 41 Taylor Hill Road, Lockwood Watkinson, W., Bakers, Confectioners, 210 Man- chester Road Watson, C. & Sons Ltd., Engineers, Whitesmiths, William Street Watson, Geo. (Huddersfield), Confectioners, Tobac- conists, 37 New Street Watson, John, Commercial Hotel, 9 South Parade Watts, S. & J. & Co., Warehousemen, 32 Wood Street Waverley School, Edgerton Webb, Jarratt & Co., Ltd., Brush Manufacturers, Flint Street, Fartown Webster, Evelyn, Ladies' Hairdresser, 55 New Street Webster, Herbert, Plumber, Electrician, Lepton Wellsfield General Engineering Co., Precision Engineering, Wellffield Road, Marsh Wellington Hotel, Westgate Wesleyan & General Assurance Society, 4 St. Peter's Street Westbourne Fruit Stores, 72 Westbourne Road Western Australian Insurance Co. Ltd., Insurance Companies, All Classes, 26 Queen Street. Tel. 1908 Westfield Cotton Co. Ltd., The, Cotton Doublers, Dyers, Green Lea Mills, Dalton Westwood Co., Manufacturers' Agents, George Street Wharfe Motor & Engineering Co., Motor Engineers etc., Firth Street. Tel. 4821. Night, Milnsbridge 1102 Wheal Friendly Mining Co. Ltd., Tin Mining, Kirkgate

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Wheathouse, Haulage Co., 10 Wheathouse Road, Birkby Wheatley, B. C., A.Ch.S., Chiropodist, 28 Queen Street Wheatley, C. W., Painter, Decorator, 33 Queen Street Wheatley, Dyson & Son, Ltd., Printers, Sta- tioners and Bookbinders etc., 12 New Street. Tel. 3583/3584 Wheawill & Sudworth, Chartered Accountants, 35 Westgate. Tel. 3690 (4 lines) Whitaker, J. & R. (Bakers), 2 Swan Lane, Lockwood White, Ernest Ltd., Fruit Merchants, Wholesale Market White, Frederick & Son, Accountants, Auditors, Revenue Chambers, St. Peter's Street. Tel. 4678/4679 White Hart Hotel, Cloth Hall Street White Horse Restaurant (Huddersfield) Ltd., 17 Market Place White Lion Hotel, Cross Church Street White & Lockwood Ltd., Auto. Engineers, Paragon Garage, Fartown

White Swan Hotel, Kirkgate

White, Wm. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Silk Merchants and Yarns, Mulberry Mills, 77 Fitzwilliam Street. Tel. 761, Established 1843 Whitehead, F., Joiner, 6a Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen Whitehead, George E., Chiropodist, 139 St. John's Road, Birkby Whitehead, Harry, " The Photographic Shop," Printers and Enlargers etc., Photographic Dealer, 26 Victoria Lane, Market Hall. Tel. 1883 Whitehead, Norman, Butcher, 111 Northgate, Aldmondbury Whitehead, N. & Sons, Coal Merchants, Lockwood Station Whitehead, R., Grocer, 1 Woodhouse Hill, Fartown Whitehead, W. I., Accountant, Auditor, Market Place Chambers. Tel. Office 877, Home 4897 Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Confectioners, Bakers and Caterers etc., Westgate. Tel. Shop 514, Café 1550. Established over 150 years Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Canal Street Whiteley & Dodson, Ladies' Hairdressers, 26 Queen Street Whiteley, E. P., Chemist, 79 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Whiteley, Harry, Grocer, 5 Browning Road, Sheepridge Whiteley, J. A. & E., Grocers, 33 Commercial Street Whiteley, J. & Co. Ltd., Cotton Spinners, Albion Mills Whiteley, J. H., Confectioner, Market Walk Whiteley, J. L., Manufacturers' Agent, 59 Heaton Road Whiteley, T. K., Bespoke Tailor, 13 Venn Street Whiteley, Wm. & Sons Ltd. (Incorporating J. Charlesworth), Textile Engineers, Prospect Iron- works Whiteley's Advertising Agency, Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd, Tailors., Drapers, Footwear and Furnishers, 20 Manchester Road. Tel. 623 and 4825. Established 1854 Whitfields Ltd., Pianos, Radio, Television, Ramsden Street Whitham & Schofield Ltd., Wholesale Shoe Merchants, 11-13 Chancery Lane. Tel. 184. Established over a hundred years

Whiteley, T. & E., Grocers, 27 Westbourne Road Whittaker, Edgar S., Motor Dealer, 47 Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen Whittaker, Olga, Ladies' Hairdresser, 66 'Almond- bury Bank, Moldgreen Whittell, T. K. & Son, French Polishers, 12 Bradley Street Whitterons, Confectioners, Caterers, Acre Street, Lindley Whittick, T. & Son Ltd., Yeast Merchants, Gledholt Bank, Triangle, Paddock Whitwam, M., Worsted Manufacturer, Colne Bridge Mills, Bradley Wholesale Meat Supply Association Ltd., The, Abattoir, Great Northern Street Wigfall, Hy. & Son Ltd., Radio, Cycles, 18 Buxton Road Wil-Be-Fort (Rainwear) Ltd., Raincoats, Macs, 44 John William Street Wiley Bros, Cycle Dealers, 6 Trinity Street Wilkinson, Charles, Insurance Broker, 20 Queen Street Wilkinson, Henry, Insurance Broker, 15 Bal- moral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 4700 Wilkinson, Herbert, Victoria Hotel, Bumroyde, Nowsome Wilkinson, H. M., Textile Waste Merchant, 3A Blackmoorfoot Road Wilkinson, H. & S. B., Tailors, Drapers, 1 Grimscar Avenue, Birkby Wilkinson, Irving, Photographer, 24 Trinity Street Wilkinson, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Merchants' Shippers, 12 St. George's Square Wilkinson, J. S. & Sons, Family Butchers, 11 Kirkgate Willans, Wm. & Co. Ltd., Wool Merchants, 10 Dundas Street. Tel. 188 and 428 Williams, F., Grocer, 44 Town End, Almondbury Williams, Mrs. L., Herbalist, 19 Macauley Street Williams, S., Royal Hotel, Fartown Williams, Walter, Joiner, Undertaker, 13 Freehold Street, Primrose Hill Williamson, A. & Co., Textile Machinists, Priestroyd Mills, Firth Street Williamson, R., Boarding House, 99 Bradford Road Williamson's Book Stall, Newsagent, 51 Wakefield Road Willow Garage Service Station, Luck Lane, Marsh Willow Haulage Ltd., Transport Contractors, 34 Upperhead Row Wilmhurst & Kaye, Solicitors, Market Place Wilson, A. & A., Fruit, Potatoes and Com- mission Agents, Wholesale Market. Tel. 1918 Wilson, Arthur, Hairdresser, 83A Longley Road, Lowerhouses Wilson, Bernard, Chartered Accountant, 14 Albany Road, Dalton Wilson & Carruthers, Drs., Physicians, Surgeons, The Crescent, Paddock Wilson, C. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Tractor Dealers, Somerset Garage, Moldgreen Wilson, George & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Iron, Steel Merchants, Canal Iron and Steel Works, Manchester Road Wilson, H. & J. Ltd., Costumiers, 6 King Street Wilson, J., Pork Butcher, 283 Wakefield Road Wilson, James (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ironfounders, St. Andrew's Road - Wilson, J. W., Shoulder of Mutton, Neale Road, Lockwood Wilson, J. W. & Son, Plumbers, 9 Orchard Terrace, Primrose Hill

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Wilson, J. W., & Sons, Sheet Metal Workers, Lockwood Road Wilson, S., Fruiterer, 12 Shambles Lane Wilson, Sidney, Fruiterer, Wholesale Market Wilson, T. & Sons, Gents' Tailors, 10 St. George's Square Wilson, Travis & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Packing- cases, William Street Wilson, W. E. & M., Bakers, 1 Long Lane Wilson, W. E. & M., Bakers, Confectioners, 87 Westbourne Road, Marsh Wilson, Dr. W. S., 5 Marsh Grove Road, Edgerton Wilton's Bargain Corner, Drapers, Chapel Hill Wimpenny, J. & Co. Ltd., Contractors, I.C.I. (Dyestuffs) Ltd., Dalton Works Wimpenny, W. E. & Co., Stockbrokers, 15New Street Winifred, Ladies' Hairdresser, 401 Bradford Road, Fartown Winn, Robert, Fish, Game, 21 Market Hall Winpenny, J. A., Tailor, 53 Market Hall Winpenny, Robert, H., Builder, 45 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown Winpenny, W., Grocer, Confectioner, Coventry Stores, St. Andrew's Road Winterbottom, J., Plumber, Electrician, Back Barr Street, Leeds Road Winterbottom, J. C. & Son, Plasterers, Slaters, 4 Elm Street, Newsome Road Winterbottom, S., Saddler, Leather Goods, 79 Northgate Withers, J. T., Masseur, 70 Trinity Street Woffenden, Edgar, Printer King Cliffe, Birkby Women's Voluntary Services, Somerset Buildings, Church Street Wood Auto Supplies Ltd., Motor Accessory Factors, 9 Standard House Wood Auto Supplies Ltd., Armature Works, Portland Street Wood, Miss Brenda, Ladies' Hairdresser, Thorn Road, Thornton Lodge Wood Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Woollen Merchants, 82 Fitzwilliam Street Wood, Clement, Sweets, Tobacco, Kirkgate Wood, Miss Eleanor, Drapery, 4 Blacker Road, Birkby Wood, Frank (Decorations) Ltd., Cinema Specialists, 26A Water Street Wood, James, Motor Haulage, 49 Benomley Road Wood, J. B., Chemists Ltd., 23 Bridge Street, Lockwood Wood, J. E. Son & Co., Fish, Game, Poultry, Victoria Street Wood, J. F., County Hotel, Princess Street Wood, J. H. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Fish Merchants Brook Street Wood, John, Fish, Game, Poultry, 23 Victoria Straet Wood, John H., Cattle Dealer, Corporation Abattoir, Great Northern Street Wood, Joseph (Confectioners) Ltd., 13 William Street Wood, J. & Sons Ltd., Pianos, Music, Radio, Records, 67 New Street Wood, J. T., General Stores, 113-117, Wakefield Road Wood, J. W., Funeral Directors, 39 South Street Wood, M. L., Grocer, 39, South Street Wood, Ralph & Co. Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds Bradley Mills Wood, T., Painter, Decorator, 29 Lockwood Road Wood, Timothy Ltd., Ironmongers, 7 Queen Street Wood, W., Confectioner, Tobacconist, 78 School Street, Moldgreen Wood, Walter & Sons, Jewellers, 3 Shambles Lane Wood, W. E., Grocer, Baker, 515 Wakefield Road, Dalton


Wood, William (Export) Ltd., Whitestone Lane Wood, William & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Coal Contractors, Whitestone Lane, Hillhouse Woodcock, Edgar, Estate Agent, 9 District Bank Chambers Woodfield Park Police Sports Ground, Meltham Road Woodhead, H., Portland Fisheries, 40-42 Trinity Street Woodhouse Hill Dairy, Fartown Woodhouse, Jas. & Son, House Furnishers, 36 New Street Woodhouse, T., Grocer, 1 Brian Avenue, Dalton Woodman Inn, 862 Leeds Road Woods, Ethel G., Antiques, 21 Beast Market Wool Comb Manufacturers Ltd., Crown Comb Works, Princess Street Woolpack Hotel, Lockwood Road Woolpack Inn, Almondbury Woolworth, F. W. & Co. Ltd. (General Merchants), 49 New Street Worsley, Ben., Tailor, Outfitter, 1 Imperial Arcade, New Street Worth, Derek D., Painter, Decorator, 19 Clough Road, Birkby Worthy, A., Butcher, 39 Market Street, Paddock Wortley, Arthur H., Greengrocer, Fruiterer, 14 Whitby Avenue, Fartown Wortley, B. & Son, General Pyndr., Bradford Road Wortley, B. & Sons, Poultry Food, 17 Wakefield Road, Shorehead Wortley, Kenneth, Dispensing Chemist, 3 Benomley Road, Almondbury Wright, E., Dressmaker, Furrier, 575A Wakefield Road, Dalton Wright, Geoffrey, Cabinet Maker, Bull's Head Yard, Southgate Wrigley, A. M. & Co. Ltd., Grocers, 25 Queen Street Wrigley, I., Griffin Inn, Crosland Moor Wrigley, J., Fish Frier, 249 Wakefield Road Wrigley, Joseph & Son, Hosiery, Waste, Littleroyd Mills

Wrigley, L., Painter and Decorator, 11 Grange Avenue, Birkby Wrigley, M., Grocer, Confectioner, 63 Spinkfield Road Wultex Machine Co., Textile Engineers, Progress Works, Bankfield Road Wylie, Edward S., L.D.S., Surgeon, Dentist, 80 New North Road Yorkshire Butchers, Meat Purveyors, 96 West- bourne Road, Marsh Yorkshire Dyeware & Chemical Co. Ltd., M Bedforth & Sons Branch ' Yorkshire Evening News," 5 St. Peter's Street '' Yorkshire Evening Post," 13 Byram Street Yorkshire Film Co. Ltd., 14 Wood Street Yorkshire Insurance Co. Ltd., Insurance, 15-17 Railway Street. Tel. 2043. Established 1924 '" Yorkshire Observer,'"' Market Street Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd., Huddersfield '"' Yorkshire Post & Leeds Mercury," 13 Byram Street Yorkshire Traction Co. Ltd., Omnibus Services, 7 Lord Street Yorkshire Warehouse Co., Drapers, 38 Cross Church Street Young, Andrew & Co., China, Earthenware, 40 King Street Young Women's Christian Association, 3 New North Road Zetland Arms, Queen Street South Zetland Hotel, Ramsden Street Zucker, J. Ltd., Fabrics, 1 Victoria Lane

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Alphabetically Arranged to Trades, etc. and to Names


Vyner, George, 2 Brook's Yard, Market Street. Tel. 4137

ACCOUNT BOOK PUBLISHERS Marshall, H. & Co., 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910

ACCOUNTANTS Armitage & Norton, Station Street Buildings Avison, F., 25 Market Street Balmford, John A. & E. V., 15 Railway Street Booth & Topping, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Bostock, H. W. & Co., Barclays Bank Chambers, Market Place Carr, Stanley, King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Cliffe, A., Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Connelly, Wright & Co., Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Craven, S. & Co., 1 Imperial Arcade, New Street Dale, J. E. & Co., District Bank Chambers, Market Street. Tel. 201 Davison, J. R. & Co., 10-11, Lion Chambers, John William Street Eastwood & Co., 107 Birkby Hall Road Hirst & Emslie, Chartered, King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 4192 Hoyle, Norman & Son, Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Hyde, J. & Co., 22 East Parade Jagger, Fred, 8 Kirkgate Buildings

Jones & Lingard, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Kaye, T. Herbert & Son, 23 John William Street Kaye & Wood, 4 Kirkgate Buildings, Kirkgate Lee, G. F., 7 Balmoral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Lister, G. A. & Co., 4 New Street Magee, Jas. & Co., 22 Byram Arcade, Station Street Netherwood, Edwin & Sons, Crescent Buildings, Sergeantson Street Pattimore & Dyson, Barclays Bank Chambers, Market Place Pontefract & Porritt, Chartered, Royal Buildings, 15 Railway Street. Tel. 2560 Revell & Revell, 7 St. George's Square Roebuck & Battye (Transport), Lloyds Bank Chambers Sharpe & Sharpe, Market Place Chambers Shaw, Henry & Co., 44 Standard House Sheard, Fred & Sons, 5 and 6 Kirkgate Buildings Simpson, Wood & Co., District Bank Chambers, Market Street. Tel. 1435 and 1436 Smith & Garton, 23 John William Street Steel, T. N. & Co., 7 St. George's Square Sykes, J. E. & Co., 30 Estate Buildings, Railway Street Tattersall, G., C.A., 19 John William Street Wheawill & Sudworth, Chartered, 35 Westgate. Tel. 3690 (4 lines) White, Frederick & Son, Revenue Chambers, St. Peter's Street Whitehead, W. I., Market Place Chambers, Market Street. Tel. Office 877, Home 4897 Wilson, B., 14 Albany Road, Dalton

3-year editlon 17/-

(including Purchase Tax)

REDUCE THE BOGEY of making your


by using the Simplest Method of Book-keeping in the World

The " SIMPLEX 3 "

ACCOUNT BOOK Obtainable from all Leading Stationers.

Published by GEORGE VYNER, 2, Brook's Yard, Market Street, HUDDERSFIELD

1-year edition

(including Purchase Tax)


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Ohe flris and Cralts Shop



ADVERTISING AGENTS AND CONTRACTORS Ideal Advertising Press, 16 Harvey Royd Premier Advertising Agency, 46 Bath Street Union Publishing Co., 30 Queen Street

Universal Sporting Press, 24 Vance's Chambers, Cloth Hall Street

AGRICULTURAL CONTRACTORS Dickinson, E., 49 Broadgate, Somerset Road

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MAKERS Brown, David, Tractors (Engineering) Ltd., Mel- tham Mills Carter's, 105-109 Northgate Cartwright, Tom, 82 Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton

AGRICULTURAL MERCHANTS Carter's, 105-109 Northgate

ALUMINIUM CASTINGS Barnes, Wilfred (Elland) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road Crowther & Gee, Firth Street Works Robert's Castings Ltd., Colne Road

ALUMINIUM INGOTS Robert's Castings Ltd., Colne Road

ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETIES People's Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor (Incorporated), 6 Lion Chambers Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Lanning, J. W., Inspector, 120 Long Lane, Dalton

ANTIQUE FURNITURE REPAIRERS Potter & Wild, Garner's Yard, Trinity Street

ANTIQUES AND ART DEALERS Stanley's, 51 King Street Woods, Ethel G., 21 Beast Market

APRON MANUFACTURERS Kaye, Brown Ltd., King's Mill

ARCHITECTS AND SURVEYORS Abbey & Hanson, 11 Cloth Hall Street Berry, J. & Sons, 5 Market Walk Brook, Dransfield & Dyson, 14-15 Estate Buildings. Tel. 2536



Culley, Norman, 23 John William Street Freer, J. H., 10 Cambridge Road Haigh, G., 19 John William Street Johnson, E. Austen, 10 Vernon Avenue Johnson, E. Austen, 18 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Stocks, Sykes & Hickson, 4 St. Peter's Street Thorpe, J. L., 21 Exchange Buildings, Market Street

ART AND CRAFT DEALERS Arts and Crafts Shop (Prop. W. Halstead). The 10 Byram Street. Tel. 3402 Coates & Bairstow, 3-7 Station Street. Tel. 475

ART NEEDLEWORK Horsfall, Lilian, 12 Cross Church Street

ARTISTS Brooke, J. L., 33 Birkby Lodge Road Littlewood, W. E., 15 Trinity Street


Arts and Crafts Shop, The, 10 Byram Street. Tel. 3402

ASBESTOS MANUFACTURERS France, Louis, Upperhead Mills


AND MAUNFACTURERS Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd Dyson, F. & Sons, Birkhouse, Manchester Road


CONTRACTORS Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd ,

AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS Armitage, Hewitt & Helliwell, 32 Queen Street Armitage, Hubert, Estate Buildings, Railway Street . Boulton's, 15 High Street. Tel. 6013 Cock, Son & Whitworth Ltd., Central Auction Rooms, Kirkgate Street. Tel. 2351, also at Wood Street

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Local Agents for Otley Building Society





Telephone: Huddersfield 6013


Eddison, Taylor & Booth, High Street Firth, Wadsworth & Son (Hotel Valuers), Sun Chambers, 36 Cross Church Street Hanson, Donald, 35 John William Street Mellor, L. G., 17 Trinity Street Stephens & Co., 5 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Ward, Frederick, J., 142 Fleming House Lane, Waterloo

AUTO ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Elcar Ltd., Elcar Works, Colne Road. Tel. 1814/1815 Sanderson & Pogson (Dagenite Service Station), 14 York Buildings, Trinity Street

BABY CARRIAGES Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments

BABY WEAR SPECIALISTS Halls', George, 19 Cloth Hall Street, Tel. 560-561 Knowles, Kaye & Co. Ltd., King's Mill M. & A., High Street Buildings, High Street Maplestones, 11 Market Avenue Swando, King's Mill

BAGGING MERCHANTS Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street

BAKERS Benomley Bakery, 1 Benomley Road Blacker, H., 147-9 Northgate, Almondbury Bradley's, 54 New Street Dyson, Tom, 151 Church Street, Paddock Ideal Bakery Co. (Golcar) Ltd., John Street Kilburn (Bakers) Ltd., Malvern Bakery, Cross Lane, Primrose Hill






FRANK G. WHITWORTH, F.A.L.P.A., (Hons.), F.V.1., F.C.I.A. (Officer of the Sheriff of Yorkshire)

Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors and

Estate Agents

Offices, Estate and General Salerooms

Kirkgate and Wood Street Huddersfield

Middleton, J. & Sons, 95 King Street . _ Nelson, Norman (Crumpet), 22Z2a Manchester Road Oldroyd, L. G., Rawthorpe Bakery 59 Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe Shaw, C. L., 26-28 Carr Street, Marsh Stead, Miss G1, 52 Carr Green Lane, Dalton Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., 38/42 Westgate Tel. 514 and branches Wilson, W. E. & M., 87 Westbourne Road Marsh Wilson, W. E. & M., 1 Long Lane Wood, C., 36 Bulay Road, Springdale

BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS Bamforth, C., 12 Bridge Street, Lockwood Barton, E. & Son, 154 Luck Lane, Paddock Head Bellarby Wardle, Ltd., 7 High Street __ Broadbent, S., 5 Brow Road, Paddock Buckingham, C. A. & Co., 122 Lockwood Road Calam, H. Ltd., Royd Bakery, Ashbrow Road Duce's Café, 99 Northgate, Almondbury Dyson, K., 14 Acre Street, Lindley Earnshaw, L. & Sons, 16 Ravensknowle Road, Dalton Edson, F., 168 Deighton Road Ellam, Mrs. E., 23 Scar Top Bakery Gankroger, P. & N., 48 Sheepridge Road Hadfield's, 521 Wakefield Road Hagenbach, Charles & Sons Ltd., Market Walk Hardy's (Bakers( Ltd., 11 Broad Lane, Moldgreen Hay, V. H., Warrenfield Bakery Heywood, J. E., 8a Great Northern Street Hobson's, Edgerton P.O., 37 Glebe Road Jessop, Joe, Cottage Bakery, Leeds Road Lynn, G. C., 3 Browning Road, Sheepridge Moss, T. & Sons, 192 Rashcliffie Hill Road Noble, F. A., 129 Northgate ‘ Patterson, Amy, 111 Bradford Road

Page 52


Agents by Appointment for the Sale of Ordnance Maps


Booksellers, Stationers and Art Dealers

3, 5 and 7, Station Street

HUDDERSFIELD Telephone 475

Subscription Library

Fountain Pens and Propelling Pencils


Schofield's, Bakers and Confectioners Ltd., Crass- croft Bakery, Almondbury Schofield's, 32 Trinity Street Scotch Bakery, Kirkgate Smith, Jack, Laund Road, Salendine Nook Wadsworth & Smith Ltd., 177 Leeds Road Watkinson, R. P., Park View, 41 Taylor Hill Road Watkinson, W., 210 Manchester Road Whitaker, J. & R., 2 Swan Lane, Lockwood Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Canal Street Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Westgate. Tel. Shop 514, Café 1550. Established over 130 years Whiteley, J. H., Market Walk


WHOLESALE Morris, C. H., Sprinkfield Road Bakery

BALL AND ROLLER BEARINGS Premac Ltd., 3 Cloth Hall Street

BANKS Barclays Bank Ltd., Market Place Huddersfield & Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank, 23 Buxton Road. Tel. 844 Lloyds Bank Ltd., Market Place Midland Bank Ltd., Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 3081/2/3 National Provincial Bank Ltd., 1 King Street Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd., Huddersfield -

BATTERY SERVICE STATIONS Boothroyd, A. & Co., Back Spring Street Capper & Burkitt, 60 Chapel Hill Exide Battery Service Station, 217 Leeds Road Finch, Reginald, 59 Wakefield Road

" Lucas '"' Batteries, Elcar Service Station, Elcar Works, Colne Road Sanderson & Pogson (Dagenite Service Station), 14 York Buildings, Trinity Street

BEAUTY SPECIALISTS Dyson, Mildred, Byram Street

BEL TING MANUFACTURERS Denham Bros., Pack Horse Yard Wallas Elliott & Sons Ltd., Elothas Leather Works, Stoney Battery. Tel. 7940/7941 Hebblethwaite Bros. Ltd., Leviathan Works, St. John's Road Shaw, Arthur & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Albion Street Tullis, John & Son Ltd., 78 Birkby Hall Road

BILL POSTERS Huddersfield and District Bill Posting Co. Ltd., The, East Parade


BILLIARD ROOMS Adega Ltd., Billiards Hall, Westgate

BIRD AND ANIMAL DEALERS Fountain, H., 84 King Street

BITUMEN PAINTS Stilton, H. & Co., Croft Mills, Almondbury


Charlesworth, A., Canal Street, Leeds Road Humpleby, F. & Sons, Queen's Mill Road Kent & Hirst, Lockwood Road

BLANKET MANUFACTURERS Celairic Ltd., Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton Knowles, Kaye & Co. Ltd., King's Mill

BLIND INSTITUTIONS Huddersfield Society for the Blind, 32 Ramsden

Street BLOUSE MAKERS Bona, J. A., 37A Westgate Stephenson, Beatrice (1936) Ltd., 46 John William Street BLUE PRINTERS AND PHOTO. PRINTERS Hall, Harding Ltd., 76 John William Street

BOILER MAKERS Arnold, Wm. & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Paddock

BOILER REPAIRERS Knight, Allen & Son (Boilers) Ltd., Viaduct Street

BOOKBINDERS Preston Bros. & Co., Fox Street, Tel. 58. Est. 1870 BOOKSELLERS

Bower, F. & Son, 8 Imperial Arcade, New Street Coates & Bairstow, 3-7 Station Street. Tel. 475 Riley, B. & Co. Ltd., 366 Leeds Road, Tel. 1506


(WHOLESALE) Whitfield, Eric, 70 Kingston Avenue, Dalton Whitham & Schofield Ltd., 11-13 Chancery Lane. Tel. 184. Established over 100 years

Page 53



Telephone 3380

Founded 1795


Brewers and Bottlers of THE CELEBRATED TOWN ALES High Class Wines and Spirits


Order Office


Telephone 2165

BOOT AND SHOE REPAIRERS Hays (Huddersfield) Ltd., 39 Northgate. Tel. 2396

Ridley, J. & Co., 13 High Street Smith, Eli Ltd., 1-3 Pack Horse Yard. Tel. 4763

BOOT AND SHOE RETAILERS Barratt, W. & Co. Ltd., 4 New Street Birks, W. A., 60la Wakefield Road, Waterloo Hardwick's Boot Stores, la Victoria Street Hinchcliffe, F., 7 New North Road Hoyle, A. & D., 13 Storths Jaggar, J. A., 74 Lidgett Street, Lindley Jepson, W. E., M.Ch.S., 24 Meltham Road, Lock- wood Jepson, W. E., 37 Westbourne Road, Marsh Manfield & Sons Ltd., 14 New Street Rushworth, P. & Son, 106 Northgate Shaw & Hallas Ltd., 10 John William Street. Tel. 241 Stead & Simpson Ltd., 1 New Street

Stylo Boot Co. Ltd., 15 and 17 Chancery Lane Timpson, W. Ltd., 61 New Street True-Form, 29 New Street Walker, Thomas (Est. 1814) Ltd., 10-12 King Street. Tel. 2621. Established 1814 Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd., 20 Manchester Road. Tel. 623 and 74825

BOTTLERS-ALE AND STOUT Bentley & Shaw Ltd., 9, Westgate, Tel. 2165

BOTTLERS' TRADE REQUISITES Stopper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Waterloo


MANUFACTURERS AND STOCKISTS Ward, Lewis & Sons Ltd., Seed Hill Road. Tel. 7366/7

BRASS FOUNDERS Barnes, Wilfred (Elland) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road Holgate & Williams, St. Andrew's Road, Aspley Hopwood, James, Central Brass Works, Bradley

BRASS FOUNDERS AND FINISHERS Crowther & Gee, Firth Street Works Hartley, W. & Sons, Engine Bridge Brass Works, Chapel Hill. Tel. 1327 Marchant, G. M. Ltd., Rashcliffe, Brass and Iron Works, Albert Street Shaw, J., Son & Greenhalgh Ltd., Albert Works, Albert Street

BREWERS AND BOTTLERS Ainley, John & Sons Ltd., Wapping Springs, Lindley Moor Bentley & Shaw Ltd., Lockwood Brewery. Tel. 3380/3381. Established 1795 Bentley's Yorkshire Breweries Ltd., Westgate

BRICK AND TILE MAKERS Huddersfield Brick, Tile & Stone Co. Ltd., Birchen- cliffe Kirkheaton Brickworks Ltd., Bellstring, Cemetery Road, Kirkheaton

BRUSH MAKERS Webb, Jarratt & Co. Ltd., Flint Street

Page 54


General Manager Branch Manager FRANK CLAYTON, F.C.1.S. E. E. TENNANT, A.C.L.S.



6a, St. Peter's Street Huddersfield

Telephone No. 7067

Head Offices Equitable House, Market Street, Bradford

Provincial House, Albion Street, Leeds

BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS Ansell, T. W., Moor End Road, Lockwood Bates, F. & Son, 233 Leeds Road Brook, Mark & Sons Ltd., Stone Yard, Leeds Road. - Tel. 1040 Brooke, J. B. & Sons Ltd., 264-274, Man- chester Road. Tel. 5670/1. Established 1890 Butterworth, F., 18 Mountjoy Road Carrick, R. A. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 26 Woodhouse Hill, Fartown Carson, J., 52a Church Street, Paddock Denton, T. V., 125 Crosland Road, Oaks Dodson, J. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 27 Thorne Road' Thornton Lodge Drinkwater, Spence & Sons, 114 Penistone Road, Fenay Bridge Earnshaw, Fred & Sons Ltd., 34 Kelvin Road, Dalton Earnshaw, Fred & Sons Ltd., 339 Wakefield Road, Dalton Free, Edward, 97 Royds Villa, Luck Lane, Marsh Graham, Abrabam & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., 11 Fartown Green Road Grayson, J. & Son, 4 Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen Gregory Construction (Yorkshire) Ltd., Gordon Chambers, 15 King Street Haigh, George H., 115 Long Lane, Dalton Hamer & Hartley, South Street, Paddock Huddersfield Guild Society Ltd., 16 Viaduct Street Jagger, J. & Sons Ltd., " Glenwood," 10 Fixby Road Jenkinson, Ernest, Church Lane, Newsome Kershaw, G. W., Flat 2, North Bank, Birkby Hall Road Laying, John & Son Ltd., Bradley Estate, Bradley Lindley, F. & Co., 398 Wakefield Road Littlewood's, Albert (Successors), Paddock Foot, Joinery Works, Longroyd Bridge

Lodge, S., The Bungalow, Spa Green, Lepton MacDonald & Co., Carr Pitt Road, Moldgreen May, Harold, 99 Tunscliffie Road May, Harold (Builders) Ltd., Chapel Hill Mitchell, F. A., The Mount, Hill Side, Kirkheaton O'Shaughnessy Bros. Ltd., 10 Rosedale Avenue, Moldgreen O'Shaughnessey, James & Co., 110 Trinity Street Pearson, H. & Sons Ltd., 46 Stile Common Road, Newsome Radcliffe, John & Sons Ltd., St. John's Road Smithson, Frank, 23 Viaduct Street Stead, Law & Sons Ltd., Hill House Lane Sutcliffe & Waterhouse, 27 Spinkfield Road, Birkby Swift, G. B., White Point, Kirkheaton Swift, John W., 73 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Thompson, Wm. & Son, I.C.I. Dyeworks, Dalton Timmins, Isaac Ltd., Greenhead Estate, Dalton Timmins, W. H., 631 Leeds Road Wadsworth, A. B., 24 Prospect Street Walker Bros., 7 Beast Market Ware, H., Leonard Street, Fartown

BUILDERS' MERCHANTS Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Kirkgate. Tel. 4382 (3 lines) Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Murray, C. P. & Co. Ltd., Midland Yard, Newtown

BUILDING SOCIETIES Bradford Equitable Building Society, District Bank Chambers, Market Street Co-operative Permanent Building Society, 39a King Street Halifax Building Society Ltd., Cloth Hall Street Huddersfield Building Society, Britannia Buildings. Tel. 3074. Established 1864 Leek & Moorlands Building Society, 2 Trinity Street. Tel. 1888. Established 1856 Marsden Building Society, 521 Bradford Road Provincial Building Society, 6a St. Peter's Street. Tel. 7067 White, Frederick & Son, Revenue Chambers, St. Peter's Street. Tel. 4678/4679


Electrical Installations and Motor Rewinds Ltd., Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015

BURLERS AND MENDERS Brentwood Mending Co., 316 Bradford Road Holmes Mending Co., 36 St. John's Road Kaye, F. M., 46 Leeds Road Marlborough Mending Co., 50a Burton Road Rashcliffe Mending Co., 54-56 Lockwood Road

BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENTS Booth, George, 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910 Carrel Estates Ltd., Room 31, 2 Station Street

BUTCHERS Alcock, Charles, 17 Blackmoorfoot Road Appleyard's, 21 Northgate Armitage, Robinson, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Berry, Arthur, 226 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Biltcliffie, H. & Son, 76 Wakefield Road Boothroyd, A. & Son, 191 Leeds Road Bottomley, G. A., 40 Dudley Road, Gledholt Brier, Edward, 347 Leeds Road Brook, S. B., 6 Folly Hall Busy, B. (Wakefield) Ltd., 8 Shambles Lane Card, C. W. & Son, 2a Halifax Old Road

Page 55


A 1

pen the Door ershl ae


> a)

Cu ---- ® UJ

"Mm" 0m.Wmmmnn'..,



M o






Page 56



Estate Agent and Valuer

24, QUEEN STREET, HUDDERSFIELD Telephone Huddersfield 910

BUTCHERS (cont.)

Creaser, J. A., 329 Bradford Road, Fartown Crompton, E., 97 Westbourne Road, Marsh Dalby, R. & P., 587 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Dawson, Bob W., 5 Market Hall Dewhurst, J. H. Ltd., 19A King Street Dobson, W., 3 New Hey Road Drake, N., 37-39 Birkhouse Lane Eglinton, G., 1 Norman Road, Birkby Ewarts, Butchers Ltd., Briggate, Dalton Farmers Butchers Ltd., Market Avenue Freer, J. H., 220 Halifax Old Road Goldthorpe, J. W., 105 Fartown Green Gothard, Guy, 260 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Hall, Harry, 1 Stile Common, Primrose Hill Hartley & Tee, 2 Cross Church Street Hinchcliffe's, 7 Manchester Street Hirst, Ronald, 2 Mill Street, Crosland Moor Hoyle, R. Q., 17 Bracken Square, Brackenhall, Sheepridge Jagger, T., 121 Bradford Road Knight, H. & Sons, 134 Westbourne Road, Marsh Milnes, S., 83 Longley Road Mitchell, H., 33 Trinity Street Moore, R. L., 85 Westgate, Almondbury Noon, D., 5 Victoria Lane Oldffield, S., 31 Towngate, Newsome




Wool Sample Boxes. Stock Boxes. White or Fancy Covered Boxes. For Knitting Wools, Etc. Advertising Absorbent Drip Mats. Sole Makers of Patent "Fetherlite"



Parkin, G., 62 King Street Pearson, Harold, 56a Blacker Road, Birkby Schofield, John C., 3 Broad Lane, Dalton Shaw, J. E., 147 St. John's Road Sisson, J., 127 Halifax Old Road Smith, F. H., 287 Bradford Road Stephenson, Isaac Ltd., 3 Market Buildings, King Street Stott, A. F., 6 Wakefield Road Sykes, John F. Ltd., 10 Trinity Street Taylor, W. H., 301 Bradford Road, Fartown Wainhouse, Henry, 12 Wren Street Walker, W. H., 7 Browning Road, Sheepridge Whitehead, N., 111 North Gate, Almondbury Wilkinson, H., 3 Longroyd Bridge Wilkinson, J. S., & Sons, 11 Kirkgate Worthy, A., 39 Market Street Yorkshire Butchers, 96 Westbourne Road, Marsh

BUTCHERS-PORK Farm Stores Ltd., 17a King Street Frobidhrt, H., 237 Lockwood Road Hallas, Harold, 47 Northgate Jagger, G., 293 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Mettrick Bros., 8a Hight Street Newsholme, T. E., 57 Westbourne Road Scrimshaw, P., 54 Buxton Road Smith, C. R., 9 Bridge Street, Lockwood Wilson, J., 283 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen


Brunyate, J. M., 10 Byron Buildings, Station Street

CABINET MAKERS Carr, C. & Son, 3 Victoria Street Ellis, J. T. & Co. Ltd., Moldgreen Gill, Albert, 17A Greenhead Road Jones & Farrand, Hammond's Yard, King Street Roebuck, Harry, Bridge End Roth, W. L., 40 Clara Street, Fartown Taylor & Hobson Ltd., Chapel Hill

CAFES AND RESTAURANTS Arctic Café, New Street Baldick, Mrs. W. G., 55 South Street Bellwood, Janet, 43 Trinity Street Booth, H., 29 Northgate Chapel Hill Restaurant, 84 Chapel Hill, Folly Hall Colletta, Rosie, Venetian Café, Westgate Curzon, American Snack Bar, 30 Buxton Road Elite Café, 10-12 High Street Field, R. & Son Ltd., 11 Westgate Gabrielli, L., 101 Trinity Street Gallagher, D. J., 11 Abingdon Street, Fartown Kingsway Café, 8a King Street Plews, G. R., Castle Beaumont Park Ravensknowle Park Café, Dalton Services Café, 10 Wood Street Taylor, E. & V., 240 Lockwood Road, Lockwood Tolson, Selwyn, 31 Manchester Street Town Café, 290 Leeds Road Whiteley's, Westgate and Market Walk, Tel. 1550

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Now under the same Management


Both Old Established Firms renowned for Quality and Value

CANVAS MERCHANTS Milnes, S. & Sons (1944) Ltd., 11 Victoria Street CARAVAN AND TRAILER BUILDERS Stafford & Co., Display Park, Kirkheaton CARD CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS English Card Clothing Co. Ltd., Arc Mills, Lindley

Holdsworth, J. & Bros. Ltd., Marsh Works, Colwyn Street, Marsh

CARD NAILERS Pogson, H., 16 Burbeary Road, Lockwood Summers, G. E., 23 Grosvenor Road CARDBOARD BOX MAKERS Quarmby, John & Son Ltd., East Parade. Tel. 5134/5. Established 1872

CARDING MACHINE MAKERS Cliffe & Co. Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Haigh, John & Sons Ltd., Priestroyd Ironworks


Rawlins Dance Service, 73A Northgate

CARPENTERS AND JOINERS Barker, Fred, Croft Mills, Almondbury Beardsell, F. & Son, Spring Gardens, Lockwood


__ _ BEATERS Willsons, 6a King's Mill Lane

CARPET FACTORS (WHOLESALE) Firth, A. W. & Sons Ltd., 50 King Street Hemmingway, H. & Son, 88 Leeds Road

CARPET FITTERS Sheard, Norris, 3a Station Street. Tel. 6772


MERCHANTS Cash Carpet Stores, 7 Byram Arcade Firth, A. W. & Sons Ltd. (Wholesale), 50 King Street Manchester Furnishing Co., Market Avenue Reliable Manufacturing Co., 18 Byram Arcade Salmon, Jack, 30 Manchester Road Sharps (Floor Furnishers) Ltd., 36 Westgate Taylor, J. H. & Co., 34 John William Street

CARPET MANUFACTURERS Furnishall Ltd., 6a Manchester Road

CARPET PLANNERS Lake, C. W., 59 Cowcliffe Hill Road, Birkby Thatcher, J. H. & Son, 7 Albion Street

CARPET YARN SPINNERS Lawton, Fred & Son Ltd., Firth Street Mills

CARRIERS Chapman, Thomas, 52 Leeds Road Comins, L., 54 Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Grater, John, Tumbridge House, Tumbridge Road Lockwood, Stanley 19 Highland Avenue Noble, Herbert (Huddersfield) Ltd., 39 Blacker Road, Birkby Pownall, Wm. & Son, 68 King Street Smith, Ben, 18 Ainley Top Smith Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 41 Viaduct Street Tindall, J. H., & Son, 11 Beaumont Street

CARTAGE CONTRACTORS Broscombe, S. E., 92 Hillhouse Lane

CATERERS Booth, H. A., 96 Leeds Road Court, Mrs. Edith, 164 Halifax Old Road Dagostino, D., 9 Beast Market Goldthorpe, C., 30 Wholesale Fish Market Merchant, Peter Ltd., Empress Works Northern Caterers Ltd., Rutland House, Spring- wood Street Pidgeon, J. A., Greenhead Park Café Platt, J. E., 13a Chapel Hill Pogson, H. & M., 35 Westbourne Road University Caterers Ltd., 20 St. George's Square Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Westgate. Tel. Shop 514, Café 1550. Established over 130 years

CATERERS' APPLIANCES Hygienic Stove Co. Ltd., St. Thomas Road


FARMERS Bates, Albert W., Blagden Farm, Newsome Horne, T., Park View, Lepton Wilkinson, F., 523 Bradford Road Wood, J. H., Abattoir, Great Northern Street


Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated), Half Moon Street Huddersfield & District Chamber of Trade, 8 Byram Arcade, Westgate

Page 58


For Prompt Deliveries of


2 6 6 5

¥ % * % *


Brook's Yard, Market Street


Established 1898

CHEMICAL MANUFACTURERS Bottomley, J. C. & Emerson Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Cole & Wilson Ltd., 24 Greenhead Road Holliday, L. B. & Co. Ltd. (Aniline), Deighton Howarth, John T., Deighton Chemical Works Robinson, James & Co. Ltd., Hillhouse Lane

CHEMICAL MERCHANTS Percival, C. & Sons, 165 New Hey Road, Oakes

CHEMISTS Beaumont, John M., 38 Harvey Royd, Almondbury Boots, The Chemists, 16-18 King Street Cockcroft, Edward, 66 Wakefield Road, Aspley Cockcroft, R., 51 Northgate Cuthbert, Ralph Ltd., Westgate Dodd, J. & Co. Ltd., 44 King Street Elbouren, E. G., 80 New Hey Road Goodall, F. A., 136b Westbourne Road, Marsh Graham, Andrew Harold, 65A Northgate, Almond- bur Hardcistle, F. B., 203 Luck Lane, Paddock Lander, Norman, Wakefield Road Moorhouse, F. A., Birkby Pharmacy, Crescent Road Newton, Harold, Town Bottom, Kirkheaton Peach, C. W. (Chemists) Ltd., 62 Westbourne Road, Marsh Peel, Malcolm, Lounge Buildings, Newsome Road Shaw, S. T. Ltd., 14 Spaines Road, Fartwon Spurr, H. E., Folly Hall Thomas, Edwin, Picture House Buildings, Wake- field Road, Waterloo Timothy Whites & Taylors Ltd., 56 Buxton Road Whiteley, E. P., 79 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Wood, J. B. (Chemists) Ltd., 1 Meltham Road, Lockwood Wortley, Kenneth, 3 Benomley Road, Almondbury

CHEMISTS-ANALYTICAL Lea, H. T. & Mallinder, 26 Ramsden Street

CHEMISTS-MANUFACTURING Bell, R. A. & Co. Ltd., Brook's Yard, Market Street. Tel., 2665 Birrell, G. Ltd. (Tablets), 24 St. John's Road Culina Products Ltd., 37 Market Street, Paddock Teasdale Chlorodyne Co., 75 Fitzwilliam Street

CHEMISTS-WHOLESALE Sykes, Henry & Son (Chemists) Ltd., 4 Pack Horse Yard

CHIMNEY BUILDERS - Tinker, John & Sons Ltd., 7 Market Place Chambers

CHIMNEY SWEEPS Ainley, J. & Son, 76 Dalton Green Lane, Dalton Banon, H., 5 Hubert Street, Salendine Nook Bisby, J. & Son, 177 Wakefield Road Braithwaite, W. R., 9 Arnold Street, Birkby Fielding, W., 299 Ing Terrace, New Hey Road, Salendine Nook Fitton, H. & Clarke (Electric), 23 Kingsley Avenue, Crosland Moor Johnson, Bert, 100 Swan Lane, Lockwood Kaye, J. W., 22 New Street, Paddock


Hopkinson, Norman, Aspley Place Lawley's Ltd., 16 Buxton Road Neaversons Ltd., 4 Byram Street Royston & Dyson, 93 Northgate Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments Todd, John & Son, 22 Upperhead Row Young, Andrew & Co., 40-42 King Street

CHIROPODISTS Bates, K., M.S.S.Ch., 88 Westbourne Road, Marsh Cotton, Miss M. L., 3a Station Street Ellis, Arthur, 83 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown Farrar, Miss B. M., M.Ch.S., 24 Meltham Road, Lockwood Hamill, Jane E., 17 Venn Street Jepson, W. E., M.Ch.S., 24 Meltham Road, Lockwood Scholl's, Dr., Foot Comfort Service, 19 Market Avenue Sykes, Miss Hilda, 13a High Street Tomkins, Alfred, 14 Bradford Road Townend, D. L., 3 Sergeantson Street Turner, Miss M., 10 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street - Wheatley, B. S., 28 Queen Street Whitehead, G. E., 139 St. John's Road, Birkby


MANUFACTURERS Elliott, R. J. & Co. Ltd., Pack Horse Yard Huber, Miss L. J., 43 New North Road Tetley, S. & Sons Ltd., 9 Market Street Wade, B. & Co. Ltd., 15 Lord Street


Carlton Cinema, Blacker Road Cosy Nook Cinema, Raw Nook Road, Salendine Nook . Curzon Cinema, Buxton Road Empire Theatre, Picture House, John William Street

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Grand Picture Theatre, Manchester Road Lion Picture House & Estate (Huddersfield) Ltd., Lion Chambers, John William Street Lockwood Picture Palace, Lockwood Lounge Cinema, Newsome Road Lyceum Cinema, Wakefield Road Majestic Luxury Cinema, Viaduct Street Picture House, Ramsden Street Premier Cinema, Paddock Head Princess Pictures Ltd., Northumberland Street Regal Cinema, 236 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Regent Cinema, Corner of Bradford Road and Flint Street Rialto Cinema, Sheepridge Ritz Cinema (Booking Hall) Savoy Cinema, Marsh Tudor Cinema, Ramsden Street Waterloo Cinema, Wakefield Road

CLEANERS Tip Top Cleaners, 119 Northgate, Almondbury


PLATES Eastwood, R. C., Engine Bridge Works, Chapel Hill

CLEANING RAGS AND WASTE Marshall, Cockroft & Co. Ltd., Bankfield Works, Moldgreen

CLOG MANUFACTURERS Walkley, F. (Wholesale), 110 and 120 Northgate

CLOTHIERS-RET AIL Books (Fashions) Ltd., 50 New Street Boys' Shop Ltd., 29 John William Street Kahn, M. & Co., 1l1a Northumberland Street Osbornel 28: Calverley, 37 John William Street. Tel. 4

CLOTHIERS-WHOLESALE Bairstow, Sons & Co. Ltd., Fitzwilliam Street. Tel. 3605-6 Booth, H. & Son Ltd., 78 John William Street Clarke & Smith (Clothiers) Ltd., Seed Hill Ellam, H. & Co. Ltd., 39 Kirkgate Haigh's (Huddersfield) Ltd., (Costumiers), St. John's Road Hirst, Kettlewell & Co. Ltd., Progress Works, Milford Street McGill, T. D., 44 Ramsden Street Murdoch, Thompson & Co., 5 St. John's Road Paviour & Co., 29 St. Peter's Street Pickup, W. & Co. Ltd., 36 Upperhead Row Walker, G. S. & Son, 2 St. John's Road

CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS Crompton Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Melbourne Works, Firth Street. Tel. 7167/8 Hoyle, J. B. & Co. Ltd., Shop Lane, Kirkheaton


Conservative Clubs Hgddersfield & County Conservative Club, Byram treet

Leeds Road Conservative Association & Club, 273A Leeds Road * Moldgreen Conservative Club, Bankfield Road

Liberal Clubs

Fallitown & Birkby Liberal Club Ltd., Cobcroft oad Marsh Liberal Club, 31 New Hey Road, Marsh

CLUBS-SOCIAL AND GENERAL Economic League, The, 28 Queen Street Huddersfield Corporation Passenger Transport Employees' Social Club, 70 John William Street Polish White Cross Club, The, 86 Fitzwilliam Street Railwaymen's Club, Threadneedle Street

County and Town Clubs Borough Club, Ramsden Street Huddersfield Club, John William Street

Trades Clubs British Dyestuffs Corporation, Huddersfield Rec- reation Club, Leeds Road

Working Men's Clubs Friendly & Trade Societies Club, Northumberland Street Newsome Working Men's Club, St. John's Avenue, Newsome Primrose Hill Working Men's Club, Perseverance


Bowling Clubs Hillhouse & Birkby Bowling Club, King Cliffe, Birkby Lindley Bowling Club, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley Marsh United Bowling Club Ltd., Eldon Road, Marsh Thornton Lodge Bowling Club, Thornton Lodge, Brook Street Waterloo Subscription Bowling Club, Waterloo

Cricket, Football and Athletic Clubs Huddersfield Cricket & Athletic Club, Bowling Pavilion, Fartown Huddersfield Old Boys' Rugby Football Club, The, Pavilion, Waterloo Ground Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ltd., Bradley Mills Road Lockwood Cricket Club, 19 Swan Lane, Lockwood Paddock Cricket & Bowling Club, Church Street

Golf Clubs Huddersfield Golf Club, Fixby Hall Longley Park Golf Club, Somerset Road

Lawn Tennis Clubs Huddersfield Lawn Tennis Club, Cemetery Road

CLUTCHES (for Power Transmission) Broadbent, Thomas & Sons Ltd., Central Ironworks. Te. 5520 (6 lines)

COACH BUILDERS Bankfield Coach Works, Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen Flower, Fred & Son, St. Thomas' Road, Longroyd Bridge Hindle Brothers, Shoefoot Mills, Wakefield Road. Tel. 2897 Metcalfe, R., Bridge Works, Commercial Street

COACH PAINTERS Pickles & Morgan, Beech Street, Paddock Walker, M. O., Ash Street, Hillhouse

COAL BAG MAKERS Andersons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills

COAL AND COKE MERCHANTS AND RETAILERS Armitage, James & Son (Coal) Ltd., 3 Standard House Bowdell Bros., Lascelles Hall Lane, Kirkheaton Buckley & Warburton, Lockwood Station

Page 60










Clark, D., 45 Storths Road, Birkby Coal Distributors (Yorks) Ltd., Carlton House, Whitestone Lane Glow Coal Co. Ltd., The, Midland Coal Depot, off St. John's Road. Tel. 4812 (2 lines) Hilton, J. S., 27 Beech Street, Paddock Hoyle, Alfred & Sons, 81 Raw Nook Road, Salendine Nook Kaye, J., 14 Sunny Head, Waterloo Martindale, M. & Co., Green Street, St. John's Road Mason, F. A., 59 Coniston Avenue, Broad Lane, Dalton Moxon, George & Sons Ltd., Hillhouse Pearsons & Moody Ltd., Hillhouse Coal Depot Smith, G., 23 Abingdon Street, Fartown


FACTORS Shaw, Wm. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Market Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milns- bridge 519-520

COAL DISTRIBUTORS Shaw, Wm. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Market Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milns- bridge 519-520 Stead, Stanley, Square Hill, Kirkheaton Tennant, Rotherford & Co. Ltd., 11 Buxton Road. Tel. 3200 Whitehead, N. & Sons, Lockwood Station

COFFEE MERCHANTS Field, R. & Son Ltd., 11 Westgate Kaye, Samuel & Son Ltd., Plantation House, Dundas Street. Tel. 506. Established 1891

COLLIERIES Elliott, Benjamin & Sons Ltd., Lepton National Coal Board, Area No. 6, Marketing Department, Fitzwilliam House, Fitzwilliam Street

COLLIERY AGENTS Wood, William & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., White- stone Lane, Hillhouse

COMMISSION AGENTS Armitage, F., 451 Wakefield Road, Dalton Cooper, Henry, 70 John William Street Cotton, A., 22 Lion Chambers, John William Street Dawson, M., 132 Fitzwilliam Street Dichter, L., 15 Forrest Avenue, Marsh Earnshaw, R., 70 John William Street

Earnshaw, Reg. & Terry, Exchange Buildings, 70 John William Street. Tel. 2960-2324- 6242 Gorman, Les & Co., 2 Green Street Harry & Co., Waverley Chambers. Tel. 2953/4 and 6538/9 Hill, Charles, 140 Somerset Road Jessop, Allen, 23 Fitzwilliam Street Jessop & Co., 3 Market Place Chambers Moseley & Sykes, 2 Alexandra Buildings Rogers, Thomas, 78 Kirkgate Sowden, C., 47A Globe Hotel Yard, King Street Wilson, A. & A., Wholesale Market. Tel. 1918


AND WEAVERS Cuthbert, T. A. & Co., Manor Mill, King's Mill Lane Haigh & Oakes, Phoenix Mill, Folly Hall Hobson, Son & Co. Ltd., Manor Mills, King's Mill Lane Horsfall, Jonas & Sons Ltd., Riverside Mills, Firth Street Malvern Weavers (Huddersfield) Ltd., 11 Albion Street Marshall, F. (Textiles) Ltd., Hollins Mill, Marsh Nelson Weaving Co., Shore Foot Mills, Aspley Pitcher (Ward), Waterhouse Mills, Albert Street, Lockwood Ramsden Bros., Crosland Moor Mills Sanderson, F., Seed Hill Mill Springdale Weaving Co., Springdale Mill, Long- royd Bridge Sykes & Hebblethwaite, Paddock Field Mills, Crosland Moor


Parsson, A., 56 Stile Common Road

CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION AND REINFORCEMENT Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd Dyson, F. & Sons, Birkhouse, Manchester Road Holbrook Concrete & Asphalt Co., 16 Forfield Road, Almondbury Roxana Ltd., Queen's Mill Road


MANUFACTURING Dobson, J., 245 Deighton Road, Sheepridge Tel. 3805 Mulroy, F., 18 Long Lane, Dalton Snow8den, H. & Co. Ltd., 26 Kirkgate. Tel. 285

Page 61


CONFECTIONERS-RET AIL Atkinson, Albert, 11 Cross Church Street Cliffes', D. J. & E., 1 Albert Street, Lockwood Cliffes, 9 Cloth Hall Street Flynn, Mrs., 110a Fitzwilliam Street Gawthorpe, Fred, 156 Luck Lane, Paddock Goodwill, E., 600 St. John's Road, Birkby Haigh, A. & Co., 313 Leeds Road Haigh, Miss E. A., 4 Imperial Arcade Hodgkin, Mrs. A., 60 Wakefield Road Holmes, G., 74 Wakefield Road Kendall, Clifford, 55 Blacker Road, Birkby Lindley, H. V., 18A Spaines Road, Fartown Mallinson, S., 3 Somerset Crescent Marsden, E., Bracken Square, Brackenhall Mellor, Bros., 271 Wakefield Road Orme, B., 157 Bradford Road Pearson, Jack, 14 Newsome Road, Primrose Hill Riley, Arthur, 173 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Silvio's Ltd. (Café), 22 Westgate Smith, Mrs. E. E., 70 Norman Road, Birkby Vick, Stanley, 3-5 Grimscar Avenue, Birkby Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., 38-42 Westgate. Tel. Shop 514, Café 1550. Established over 130 years Whitterons, Acre Street, Lindley Wood, W., 78 School Street, Moldgreen Yeoman, W., 55 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen

CONFECTIONERS-WHOLESALE Barker, F. Ltd., Ash Street, Halifax Old Road Davis & Brook, Westgate Heaton, S. & Co. Ltd., 6 Northumberland Street Watson, G. (Huddersfield), 37 New Street Wood, J. (Confectioners) Ltd., 13 William Street

CONTRACTORS Houfton, A. F. & Co. (1935) Ltd., Mount Pleasant, Bracken Hall Estate Hyslop, James E., 27 Clifton Road, Marsh

CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd., Green Fruit, Wholesale Market Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd., Green Fruit, Department Office, 14 Upperhead Row Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. (Drapery Department), 14 Upperhead Row Cowms Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., Fenay Bridge Road, Lepton Crosland Moor Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., 56 Blackmoorfoot Road Hill Top Co-operative Society Ltd., Paddock Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly & Industrial Society Ltd., 4 Eleanor Street Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., Bacon Factory, Hill House Lane Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., Bakery (Bread), New Hey Road, Oakes Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., Building and Decorating Department, Aspley Works, St. Andrew's Road Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., Transport Department, Nile Street Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., 31 Buxton Road Kirkheaton Co-operative Society Ltd., Fieldhead, Kirkheaton Sheepridge Industrial Society Ltd., Sheepridge


AND DEALERS Park, N., Arch 36, Viaduct Street

COPPERSMITHS McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines)

CORN AND FLOUR MERCHANTS Elliott, A. C., 66 Birkby Hall Road Flinders, Edward, Back Blacker Road


MERCHANTS Walker, Samuel & Son, Halifax Road, Birchencliffe

CORN AND SEED MERCHANTS Mallinson, D. & Son, 34a@a King Street. Tel. 1648 Martins, Aspley Wharf

CORSETIERS Coward, Mrs. K., 61 Trinity Street Hall's, George, 18 Market Street, Tel. 560-561 Pick, Madame Selna, 21 Byram Arcade, Westgate Spencer Surgical Supports, Peace, Mrs., 54 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury

COSTUMIERS Bairstow, Sons & Co. Ltd., Fitzwilliam Street. Tel. 3605/6 Goodsons, 5 King Street Hall's, George, 18 Market Street, Tel. 560-561 Hutchinson, Margaret Ltd., 32 Market Street Noel Fashions Ltd., 45-47 New Street Powney, J. H., 4 John Street. Tel. 747 Rushworths Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments Wilson, H. & J. Ltd., 6 King Street

COTTON DOUBLERS Farrar, A. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Waterloo Bridge Works, Kirkheaton Westfield Cotton Co., Green Lea Mills, Dalton

COTTON GOODS MANUFACTURERS Lockwood's Cords Ltd., Gledholt Mills

COTTON SPINNERS Akroyd, Jas., Woodhouse Mill Brierley, J. L. Ltd. (Fancy), Trunbridge Mills. Tel. 2800 (2 lines) Eccles, John Ltd., Upper Aspley Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 287 Firth, J. & Sons, Grove Mills, Leeds Road Hirst, Wm. & Son (_'uddersfield) Ltd., Turn- bridge Mills. Tel. 2800 (2 lines) Whiteley, J. & Co. Ltd., Albion Mills, Milford

Street COTTON WASTE Sykes, D. M. & Co. Ltd, 27 Greenhead Road


DYERS I. & Sons Ltd., Dalton Dye Works


Electrical Installations and Motor Rewinds Ltd., Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015

CRANE MAKERS Brook & Crowther Ltd., Albion Works, Leeds Road Gledhill, J. & E. Ltd., St. Stephen's Ironworks, Lindley

A CRANKSHAFT GRINDING Hebble Auto Services, Bradford Road

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@ oiet

C. BOOTH & $0 N

Saw Makers, Cutlers, Ironmongers, Grinders, etc. SHEFFIELD HOUSE, 13, CROSS CHURCH ST.


Direct importers of American Hickory, Butchers' Skewers

CREDIT CHECK TRADERS Battersby, G. W., 22 South Cross Road Bradford Homecraft Co., Kirkgate Chambers, Kirkgate McNair, E., 98 Fitzwilliam Street Ness, W., 10 Armitage Crescent, Lockwood Permanent Supply Co., Central Chambers, Cloth Hall Straet

CURTAIN DEALERS Hart & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Buxton Road


Booth, C. & Son, Sheffield House, 13 Cross Church Street. Tel. 457


CYCLE ACCESSORY DEALERS Butlin Bros., East Parade. Tel. 2096 Earnszhaw (Garage), Manchester Road. Tel. 123 Halford Cycle Co. Ltd., 34 Cross Church Street Hoyle, D., 47 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen. Tel., 1458 Wigfall, Hy. & Son Ltd., 18 Buxton Road

DAIRY UTENSILS Garters, 105-109 Northgate DAIRYMEN Balmforth, R., 10 Wakefield Road Bannister, J. E. & Sons, 3 Byram Street Northern Dairies (Huddersfield) Ltd., 31 Beast Market

DANCE BANDS Frost, Charles, 9 Brook Street






DANCING Bray, Miss Nora, 131 Trinity Street Central School of Dancing, 174 East Parade Fox's Academy of Dancing, 85 Trinity Street

DEAF-INSTRUMENTS FOR THE Taylor & Wood Ltd, Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate

DECORATORS Atkinson, G., 78 New North Road Barber, Jack, 92 Halifax Old Road Barker, T., 92 Halifax Old Road Briggs & Sutcliffe, 307a Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Brook, Clifford, 378 Wakefield Road Brown & Thomas, 6 Spring Street. Tel. 448 Bruce, T. A., 16 Ashmere Grove, Fartown Crowther, E., 507 Wakefield Road Disking, P., 16 Chestnut Street, Sheepridge Donkersley, Roy, 23 Roundwood Avenue, Waterloo Dyson, G. H. & Sons, 16 Spaines Road, Fartown Heaps, Stanley, 433 Wakefield Road, Dalton Hodgson, William, 47 Central Avenue Kennedy, Gordon, 83 Blackmoorfoot Road Longbottom, Hervin, 3 Dudley Avenue, Marsh Oldfield, George & Son, 6 Dalton Green Lane, Dalton Oxley, A., 38 Primrose Hill Road, Primrose Hill Pearson, L. W., 28 Ripon Avenue, Fartown Sheard, R., 80 Springdale Street, Thornton Lodge Statham, H., 4 Oxley Road, Sheepridge Walker, David T., 219 Bradford Road Wood, Frank (Decorators) Ltd., 26a Water Street

DECORATORS AND PAINTERS Ball, Fred, 151 New Hey Road Beevers, A. & Sons, Great Northern Street Bottomley, W., 37 Grove Street Bowker, F., 30 Upper George Street

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Established 1854

A Welcome awaits you where Credit is concerned




General Drapers, Tailors, Outfitters, Footwear and Furnishings etc

Tel. 623 and 4825


Brooksbank, H., 15 Ravensknowle Road Brown & Thomas, 6 Spring Street. Tel. 448 Copley, Teddie, 1 Somerset Crescent Crowther, J. W. & Son, 59 East Street, Lindley Dennis, R., 13 Roydfield Street, Fartown Goodyear & Longbottom, Westbourne Road Hampson, J. & Sons, 13 Water Street Heaton, Norman, 155 Church Street Holroyd, W. & P., 1 Albion Street Horner, Fred, 53 Riddings Road, Sheepridge Horsfall, B., 35 Spring Street Ibberson, B., 166 Lockwood Road Kendall, S., 6 Byram Street Kitchen, Squire, 33 Victoria Street, Lindley

Lunn & Cardno Ltd., 15 Upperhead Kow.

Tel. 362. Established 1868 Oldfield, A. G. & Co., 35 New North Road Palmer, T. Wm., 114 Newsome Road, Stile Common Preston, Arnold, Longroyd Bridge Ripley Bros, 108 Westbourne Road Roberts, A. C., 32 Long Lane, Dalton Spivey, T. W. & H., 50 Wakefield Road, Lepton Sutcliffe & Holland, 9 Dalton Street, Lindley Taylor & Hobson Ltd., Hawksby's Court, New Street and 9 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 4830/1. Established 1851 Wade, H., 25 Percy Street Wells & Walker, Luck Road, Paddock Wheatley, C. W., 33 Queen Street


(WHOLESALE) Burman & Greenwood Ltd., Albion Street Dyson, W., 64 Westbourne Road, Marsh Jackson, Allen & Co., 8 Church Street. Tel. 5151/2

DENTAL LABORATORIES British A.1. Dental Laboratory (S. Fair- brother), 23 Brook Street. Tel. 5008 and 1093 Buckley, Roy, 229 Long Lane, Dalton Metrodent Ltd., 78 John William Street

DENTISTS Atkinson, J. W., 63 Norman Road, Birkley Booth, W., 17 St. Peter's Street Co-operative Dental Association Ltd., 13 Trinity Street Crossley, N., 22 Queen Street Drake, J. Neville, Arnold House, Birkby Hall Road Drummond-Jackson & Matheson, 29 New North Road

Friend, E. I., 122 Trinity Street Frost, H. I. & T. W., Derby House, 34 Bradford Road George, A. E., 46 Meltham Road, Lockwood Goodman, C., 60 Bradford Road Graham, A. W., 5 Observer Chambers, Market Street Hargreaves, J., 258 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Kelso, Hamilton, 81 St. John's Road King, N., Mulgrave House, Broad Lane, Dalton Madden, T. H., 78 New Hey Road Mort, J., 7 Chapel Hill. Tel. 1333 Murrant, H. G., 12 Wheethouse Road, Birkby Page, A. D., Field House, Lockwood Ratclifie, J. H., 409 Wakefield Road Scholes, W. A., 56 Trinity Street Senior, P. S., 10 New North Road Stephens, H. D., 44 New North Road Tyas, H. E., 156 Lockwood Road Weir, H., 27 Trinity Street Wylie, Edward S., 80 New North Road

DESIGNERS AND DRAUGHTSMEN Industrial Drafting Co. Ltd., The, Broomfield Road, Marsh


Dictorel Sales & Service (Trevor-Johnstone Co. Ltd.), 4 New Street

DOG BREEDERS Netheroyd Dog Shop, 72 John William Street


MANUFACTURERS Bolam & Shore, 36 Upperhead Row

DOUBLERS Longbottom, A. & Son, 3 Lord Street

DRAPERS-RET AIL Armitage, James & Son Ltd., 14 John William Street Beevers, M. A., 201 Church Street, Paddock Berry, C. E. & Son Ltd., 120/4 Market Hall. Tel. 4337. Established 1883 Bradley, A., Post Office, Paddock Crooks, A., Edward 597 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Direct Woollen Supply Ltd., 60a New Street Greener, Mrs. E., 12 Acre Street, Lindley Hall, George (Huddersfield) Ltd., 19 Cloth Hall Street and 18 Market Street. Tel. 560/561 - Heywood, J. H. (Drapers and Furnishers) Ltd., Emporium, Market Street

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DRAPERS-RETAIL (cont.) Hirst, Bros, 7 Church Street Johnson & Riddell, 185 Manchester Road Kaye, Thos, & Sons, 21 King Street Kayes Drapers Ltd., 9-11 King Street. Tel. 5401 Lees, S. & Co., 11 Armitage Road, Birkby Little Bros., Brook Street Mohammed, Sher, 14 Commercial Place Pearson, Miss Doris, 13 Church Lane, Newsome Poole, G., 94 Blacker Road, Birkby Roden, Mrs. K., 26 Springwood Avenue Rogers, W. H., 133 Northgate Rushworths Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments Schofield & Oldfield Ltd., 61 New Street Smith & Wilkinson, 42 New Street Street, Mrs. Edgar, 163 Northgate, Almondbury Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd., 20 Manchester Road. Tel. 623 and 4825. Established 1854 Wilton's Bargain Corner, Chapel Hill Wood, Miss E., 4 Blacker Road, Birkby Yorkshire Warehouse Co., 38-40 Cross Church Street Zucker, J., Ltd., 1 Victoria Lane

DRAPERS-WHOLESALE Greenhalgh, W. & Sons Ltd., 44 Wood Street. Tel. 1277 Telfer, H. & Son, 3 Dundas Street

DRAWING OFFICE MATERIALS Hall Harding Ltd., 76 John William Street


SURVEYING EQUIPMENT Hall Harding Ltd., 76 John William Street


FABRICS Kaye, Thomas & Sons, 21-23 King Street. Tel. 5401 DRESSMAKERS

Kerfoot, A., 20 Lion Chambers, John William Street Laycock, Mrs. L., 101 Westbourne Road, Marsh Lockwood, Joyce, 23a Westgate " Phyl Jean," 9A St. John's Road Wright, E., 575a Wakefield Road, Dalton

DRIPPING REFINERS Chambers, A. & W., Taylor Hill Gothards Ltd., Myrtle Street, Ray Street

DRYSALTERS Bell, R. A. & Co. Ltd., Brook's Yard, Market Street Brown, J. R. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Firth Street England, W. P. & Co., William Street Maynard & Field, Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge DRY CLEANING PLANT Broadbent, Thomas & Sons Ltd., Central Ironworks. Tel. 5520 (6 lines)


Crossley - (Posters), 18 - Byram - Arcade, Westgate. Tel. 6546


COPIERS AND ACCESSORIES Ellams Duplicator Co. Ltd., 4 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street

DUST REMOVING ENGINEERS Pneumatic Conveyors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Willow Lane

DYE MANUFACTUTERS Bedforth, M. & Sons, Soap Works, Aspley Bottomley, J. C. & Emerson Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Holliday, L. B. & Co. Ltd. (Aniline), Deighton Robinson, James & Co. Ltd., Hillhouse Lane Turner, Sir Joseph & Sons (Aniline), Viaduct Street United Indigo & Chemical Co. Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Yorkshire Dyeware & Chemical Co. Ltd., M. Bedforth & Sons Branch


MACHINE MAKERS Jaggar, John S., Lockwood Mills Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Engine Bridge Machine Works. Tel. 4271 (2 lines). Night Phone 3331

DYERS Bottomley, E. & Sons Ltd. (Wool, Cotton, Rayon), Holme Dye Works, Bradley Liversidge, Tom & Co. Ltd. (Wool and Cotton), Canal Bank Dye Works, Leeds Road Waddington, J., 25 Westbourne Road, Marsh

DYERS AND CLEANERS Cleanpress, Ltd., 68 John William Street Holroyd, J. & Co. Ltd., Seed Hill Holywell Dyeing & Cleaning Services Ltd., 36 Trinity Street Hygeia (One Day Master Cleaners) Ltd., 8 Trinity Street Parisian Pleating & Valet Co., 10 Kirkgate Pullars of Perth, 37 Westgate Wilver, Martin, " My Valet," 14 Imperial Arcade, New Street Smith, Jas. & Sons (Cleaners) Ltd., 6 Station Street Springdale Laundry, Longroyd Bridge. Tel. 85

DYERS AND FINISHERS Canby, Thos. Ltd., Victoria Mills, Lockwood Haigh, James Ltd. (& Fullers), Globe Works, Colne Road. Tel. 248. Established 1875 Johnson, W. T. & Sons, Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen Nichol & Pratt Ltd., Lockwood Mills, Bridge Street Seddon, H. H. & Sons Ltd., Spa Field Dye Works, Albert Street, Lockwood Walker, John Lee & Sons Ltd., Woodhouse Mills, Deighton


Burnett Dyes Ltd. (Aniline Colours), 8 Princess Street

EGG MERCHANTS Bradley, W. M., 27 Commercial Street


MANUFACTURERS Pirelli General Cable Works Ltd., (Site Office) B.E.A. Power Station, St. Andrew's Road

ELECTRIC CLOCKS Dictograph Telephones Ltd., Upperhead Mills, Upperhead Row

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manned» £8 09” flit! o



Australia Buildings, Market Street Huddersfield


Brook Motors Ltd., Empress Works, St. Thomas Road

ELECTRICAL APPARATUS MANUFACTURERS British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd., 7 Brook Street Electrical Components Ltd., Knight Street General Electric Co. Ltd., Erectors' Hut, St. Andrew's Generating Station

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Aspinall, R. & Co., 7 Victoria Lane. Tel. 1804 Bramald, P., 27 Bentley Street, Lockwood Broadbent, T. W. Ltd., Victoria Electrical Works, East Parade. Tel. 5371 Crossley, T. W., 46 Trinity Street Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds 53:15, Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. Graham, J. W. & R., 38 York Avenue, Fartown Graham, Norman Ltd., Upperhead Mills, Upper- head Row Jessop Bros., 17 Beast Market Laycock, Guy V. Ltd., 12 Cloth Hall Street Laycock, Hainsworth Ltd., 20 Imperial Arcade, New Street Levell, Kenneth Ltd., Australia Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 2294 Taylor, J. H. & Co., Macauley Street Venus Electrical Co. Ltd., 217 Leeds Road

ELECTRICAL FACTORS Harrison, G. D. & Sons Ltd, 55 Northgate Huddersfield Lighting Co., 5 Victoria Street Taylor, F. (Electro) Ltd., Upperhead Mills


APPLIANCES-RETAIL Broadbent, Thomas W. Ltd., Victoria Elec- trical Works, East Parade. Tel. 5371 Levell, Kenneth Ltd., Australia Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 2294

ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Edison Swan Electric Co. Ltd., 15 Dundas Street Harrison, G. D. & Son Ltd., 55 Northgate Schofield & Sutton, 41 Wakefield Road. Tel. 6033 Suttie, George, 43 Somerset Road

ELECTRICIANS Kincey, W. B., 7 Triangle, Paddock. Tel. 1665 Waterhouse, Denis, 140 Springdale Street

ELECTRO GILDERS AND PLATERS Fescol Ltd., Karrier Works, Cable Street, Lock- wood . Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., Page Street Works


PACKING MANUFACTURERS Cockin, T. A. Ltd., Waterloo Mills, Leeds Road

ENGINEERS Berjo Engineering Co. Ltd., Old Rookery Forge, Wakefield Road Broadbent, T. W. Ltd., Victoria Electrical Works, East Parade. Tel. 5371 Brook & Crowther Ltd., Albion Works, Leeds Road Buckley, J., 25 Moor End Road, Lockwood Cliffe & Co. Ltd., Longroyd Bridge Ironworks Crown Engineering Co., Fitzwilliam Street Crowther & Gee, Firth Street Works Dyson & Nalson, Viaduct Street Earnshaw, B. & Co. Ltd., Railway Works, Crosland Moor Bottom. Tel. 1004 Henderson & Co., Railway Arch, Manchester Road Highfield Gear & Engineering Co. Ltd., Karrier Works, Nile Street, Thomas Road. Tel. 4490 (2 lines) Hirst, Shaw, Westfield Mills, Carr Green Lane Holmes, Heaton & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., New Grove Works, Honley, near Hudders- field. Tel. Honley 103 Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., Turnbridge. 't'el. 5280 (6 lines). Established 1850 Holset Engineering Co. Ltd., Tunbridge Iredale, Rolland, Fern Street, St. Andrew's Road, Aspley Keith Engineering Co. Ltd., Albany Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 4532 Parsons, C. A. & Co. Ltd., St. Andrew's Generating Station Protection Engineering Services Ltd., 100 Birkby Hall Road Richardson, Westgarth & Co. Ltd., Site Office, B.E.A. Generating Station, St. Andrew's Road Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Engine Bridge Machine Works. Tel. 4271 (2 lines) Shaw, J. Son & Greenhalgh Ltd., Albert Works Silentbloc Ltd., 11 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5491 Spenwyn Tools Ltd., Upper Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen Thornton, B. Ltd., Turnbridge Road Turner, J. H. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd, 25 Beech Street, Paddock Whiteley, Wm. & Sons Ltd. (Incorp. J. Charles- worth) (Textile), Prospect Ironworks.


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Telephone Huddersfield 4532


Electrical & Power Engineers & Machnery Merchants


Telegrams: Keith, Huddersfield

ENGINEERS-AGRICUL TURAL Carter's, 105-109 Northgate Tractors (Yorkshire) Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills

ENGINEERS-CHEMICAL Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., Turnbridge. Tel. 5280 (6 lines). Established 1850

ENGINEERS-CIVIL Graham, G. H. (Contractors) Ltd., Bank Chambers, Market Street Mitchell Construction, Newsome Reservoir Site

ENGINEERS-COMBUSTION Bennis Combustion Ltd., Power Station, St. Andrew's Road Peace, Bernard, 54 Benomley Crescent, Almond- bury

ENGINEERS-CONSTRUCTIONAL Anderson & Catton Ltd., Barr Street, Leeds Road Astley, Brook & Co. Ltd., St. George's Works, Leeds Road Brook, Henry & Co. Ltd., Leeds Road (Canker Lane)

ENGINEERS-CONSULTING Davies, Fred W. & Son (Electrical), Longroyd Bridge ENGINEER-DOMESTIC Brook, J. A. Ltd., Smith Lane, Moldgreen

ENGINEERS-ELECTRICAL Broadbent, T. W. Ltd., East Parade, Victoria Electrical) Works. Tel. 5371 Brook, H., 5 Crosland Street, Crosland Moor Dyson, H., 198 Manchester Road Emmott, John, 242 Manchester Road, Crosland Moor Bottom Garton, George & Son Ltd., Market Place and Kirkgate. Tel. 196. Established 1852 Haigh, E. B., 59 Imperial Road Hardy, R., 20 Prince Royd, Birchencliffe Keith Engineering Co. Ltd., Albany Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 4532 Kincey, W. B., 7 Triangle, Paddock. Tel. 1665 Lunn Bros., Cross Lane, Primrose Hill Mac's Wireless Stores, 593 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Moorhouse, F., 6a Clara Street, Fartown Murphy, G., 51 West Street, Lindley Sammons, G. H., Market Street Smith, Arthur, 333 Bradford Road Tyson, R. J., Greenroyd, Bankfield, Kirkheaton Westin, W. S. Ltd., Works, Colne Road

ENGINEERS-GAS Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., Turnbridge. Tel. 5280 (6 lines). Established 1850


ENGINEERS- HEATING AND VENTILATING Cheetham, H. & Co. Ltd., 121 Trinity Street Eastwood, G. S., Conservative Club Works, Lock- wood Kincey, W. B., 7 Triangle, Paddock. Tel. 1665 Watson, C. & Sons Ltd., William Street

ENGINEERS-HYDRAULIC Mills, Edwin & Sons Ltd., Aspley Works Moodys Engineers Ltd., Page Street Ironworks

ENGINEERS-MECHANICAL Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds, Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015 Keith Engineering Co. Ltd., Albany Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 4532 Lodge & Nunwick, 43 School Street, Moldgreen Silentbloc Ltd., 11 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5491 Sykes & Dyson Ltd., Queen's Mill Road Thornton, B. Ltd., Turnbridge Road Westin, W. S. Ltd., Colne Road

ENGINEERS-PRECISION Anders & Kitchen Ltd., 3 Cloth Hall Street Broomfield Enginecring Co. Ltd., Broomfield Road, Marsh l'ickersgill & Schofield, Springfield Place, Swan Lane, Lockwood Wellfield General Engineering Co., Wellfield Road, Marsh

ENGINEERS-SANITARY Garton, George & Son Ltd., Market Place and Kirkgate. Tel. 196. Established 1852 Kincey, W. B., 7 Triangle, Paddock. Tel. 1665 Sharpe, Edmund, 7 St. John's Road


Moldgreen Engineering Co. Ltd., Upper Bankfield Mills, Moldgreen

ENGINEERS' INSTRUMENTS Instruments (Huddersfield) Ltd., Garner's Yard, Trinity Street McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522

ENGINEERS' PATTERN MAKERS Hardy, F., Upper Bankfield Mill, Moldgreen Ives, Frank, Phoenix Mill

ENGRAVERS Beaumont, J., 1 Battyea Yard, Market Place Kendall's, Engravers, 8 Queen Street. Tel. 2626

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W. B. KINCEY, mur, r».


Inquiries are invited for Modern Bathrooms, Fire Places, Kitchen Fittings, Central Heating, Steam Heating and Automatic Tempertaure Control



ENTERTAINERS Cooper, Frank (Magician), 24 Woodbine Road, Fartown Ward, R. H. (Magician), 25 Newsome Road

ENTERTAINMENTS AND Porter, A., 5 Wigan Lane, Sheepridge

ESTATE AGENTS Booth, G., 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910 Boultons, 15 High Street. Tel. 6013 Brook, Dransfield & Dyson, Estate Buildings Carrel Estates Ltd., Room 31, 2 Station Street Cock, Son & Whitworth Ltd., Central Auction Rooms, Kirkgate Street. Tel. 2351, also at Wood Street Crowther, G. & G. H., 1 Princess Street Garside, Allison & Fletcher, 7 St. George's Square Mellor, L. G., 17 Trinity Street Woodcock, Edgar, District Bank Chambers

FANCY GOODS Levell, Kenneth Ltd., Australia Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 2294


IMPORTERS AND DEALERS Ryan's, 18 John William Street

FARMERS Armitage, F., Sunnybank Farm, Cowcliffie Hall, Birkby Barker Bros., Shorth Farm, Kirkby Bolland, T. E., Lumb Head Farm, Castle Hill Brooke, Ben H. & Son, Lodge Farm, Bradley Brown, H. B., Church Farm, Newsome Brown, S., New Grange Farm, Ingham Lane, Bradshaw Buckley, Gilbert, Ivy House Farm, Fixby Crowther, F., 186 Lower Houses Lane, Almondbury Gledhill, Gerald, Cold Hill Farm, Berry Brow Hayes, John, Thorpe Farm, Thorpe Lane, Almond- bury Hayton, C. P., Wheatroyd Farm, Almondbury Healey, Wilfred, Addle Croft Farm, Lepton Howarth, H., 294 Bradford Road Kershaw, C., Bradley Villa Farm, Bradford Road Kershaw, W., New House Farm, Sheepridge Liversidge, H., Goodham Farm, High Lane, Newsome Midgley J., Woodhouse Hill Farm, Fartown Morton G., Bog Hall Farm, Bradley - Murgatroyd, A., Jilly Royd Farm, Fixby

Paradise Farm Nurseries Ltd., Thorpe Lane, Almondbury Pickles, A. H., Roydhouse Farm, Almondbury Rostron, H., Benomley Farm, Town End, Alnond- bury Schofield, E., 8 Brooklyn Avenue, Dalton Smith, Eric, Hall Farm, Rawthorpe Terrace

FARMERS-DAIRY George, T., Lower Castle Hill Farm, Almondbury Griffiths, H., Gledhill Farm, Kaye Lane, bury

FAT REFINERS Rockett, J. F. & Sons, Grimscar Works


MERCHANTS Fent Shop, The, 30 Spring Street


MERCHANTS Swallow Bros, Dalton Mills

FINANCE COMPANIES North Central Wagon & Finance Co. Ltd., 45 Lion Chambers

FIREPLACE MANUFACTURERS Bower & Child, 91 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Kirkgate Haigh, Law & Sons, 16 Bradford Road McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Mollett, John Ltd., 42 John William Street Rayner, T. H. & Sons Ltd., 29 Market Street

FIREWORK MAKERS Standard Fireworks Ltd. (Head Office), Standard House


APPLIANCES Proctor, E. W., Triton Works, Leeds Road


Armitage, E., 1 Carr Street Bannister, Horace, The Fishery, 8 Acre Street, Lindley ~ Booth, F., Longley Road Brown's, 34 Westgate Burnley, F., 591 Wakefield Road, Waterloo

Page 68


Wood Stainers French Polishers


Telephone 887


Established 100 years


Specialists in all Modern Finishes to Woodwork and Furniture etc.


Dewhurst Fisheries, 1 Dewhurst Road, Fartown Dodson, C., 93, Northgate, Almondbury Earnshaw, W., 182A Leeds Road Fleetwood Fish Shops, 2 Somerset Crescent, Moldgreen Heppenstall, F. L., 3 Wasp Nest Road Howgarth, G. H., Jnr., 307 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Hoyle, J. E., 3 Crescent Road, Birkby Jagger, J. T., 6 Swan Lane, Lockwood Jones, F. W., 112 Lockwood Road Kilburn, H. Ltd., 327 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Levy, Donald, 152 Taylor Hill Road, Lockwood Mitchell Bros, 23 St. Helen's Gate, Almondbury Morrison, Arthur, Shop Lane Newby's Ltd., 19 Westgate Pape, T. E., 32 King Street Pape, Thomas Ed., 27 Bracken Square, Sheepridge Pidgeon, J. A., 513 Wakefield Road South Street Fisheries, 108 South Street Sykes, Joe, 318 Bradford Road Tinker Bros., 136a Westbourne Road, Marsh Winn, Robert, 21 Market Hall Wood, J. E. Son & Co., Victoria Street Wood, John, 23 Victoria Street Woodhead, H., Portland Fisheaies, Trinity Street

FISH MERCHANTS-WHOLESALE Class, C. & Son, 39 Wholesale Market Class & Son, Wholesale Market Forbes & Fish, Fish Curers, 36 Wholesale Market Green, A. W. & Co., 28 Wholesale Market Kilburn, H. Ltd., 206 Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge Pickles, Herman Ltd., Wholesale Market Tailford, R., Wells Mills, Northgate Trawler Shops Ltd., 74 Westbourne Road, Marsh Wood, J. H. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Brook Street

FISH RESTAURANTS Blakeley, H. B., 13 Eldon Road, Marsh Booth, C. E., 156 Northgate, Almondbury Crawshaw, H. R., 54 Bradley Road, Bradley Haigh, V., 20 South Parade Mosley, F., 109 Halifax Old Road Phillips, 118 Bradford Road Thornton, J. W., 4 Wakefield Road Turton, D., 55 Belton Street, Moldgreen Wrigley, J., 249 Wakefield Road

FLANNEL MANUFACTURERS Blamires Ltd., Phoenix Mills, Leeds Road


MANUFACTURERS Dols Volatilise Flannel Ltd., 52 Fitzwilliam Street

FLOOR SPECIALISTS Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd Fisher, Walter & Sons (Tilers) Ltd., Lord Street Roxana Ltd., Quuen's Mill Road

FLOORING-COMPOSITION Roxana Ltd., Queen's Mill Road

FLORISTS Armitage & Son, New Street Bamforth, G., 10 Buxton Road. Tel. 207 Blackburn, Frank, 12 Victoria Lane Brennan, W., 2a Market Walk Cowling's, Northumberland Street Cowling's, 2a Manchester Street Cowling's, Cherry Tree Corner, Westgate. Tel. 6216 Dorothy's, 17 Market Avenue Flower Shop, The, Trinity Street Kitson, Norah, 113 Bradford Road, Fartown Lockwood, N. S., 80 King Street Prewer, W., 58 Somerset Road Robinson, Mrs. B., 9 Broad Lane, Moldgreen


Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015

FOOD PRODUCTS Asquith, Geo. A. (Wholesale), Chapel Lane, Moldgreen i Ideal Prepared Vegetable Co., Brook Street


Queen Frozen Confections, 11 New North Road

FORAGE CONTRACTORS Wortley, B. & Son, Bradford Road

FORD DEALERS-AUTHORISED Brockholes Motor Co. Ltd., East Parade

FRENCH POLISHERS Darwent, M. & Son, 41 Kirkgate. Tel. 877 Hirst & Livesey, 19 Spring Street Potter & Wild, Garner's Yard, Trinity Street Roberts, R. D., 3 Pack Horse Yard Whittell & Son, 12 Bradley Street

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Telephone 4830-1

Makers of Fine Furniture since 1851





Telegrams Taylor-Hobson


MERCHANTS-WHOLESALE Bletcher, W. & A., Wholesale Market Crowther, J. M. Ltd., 34a Wholesale Market, Brook Street Edmondson Ltd., Wholesale Market Emsley & Collins (Huddersfield) Ltd., 11 Brook Street Fish, Wm., Wholesale Market Fitton Bros., Wholesale Market Haigh, J. D. Ltd. (Banana), Wells Yard, Beast Market Palfreeman & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wholesale Market. Tel. 2728 Wilson, A. & A., Wholesale Market. Tel. 1918 Wilson, S., Wholesale Market, Byram Street

FRUITERERS AND GREENGROCERS Beaumont, G., 26 Woodhouse Grove, Sheepridge Bennett, H., 22 Acre Street, Lindley Charlesworth, W. H., 60 Moor End Road, Lock- wood Covent Garden, 14 Trinity Street Cowling, R., 57 Norman Road, Birkby Cowling's, Shambles Lane. Tel. 4647 Davies & Wood, 143 Bradford Road Ellis, A., 316 Bradford Road Fawcett, H. S., 11 Church Lane, Newsome Garner, Jeffrey, 72 Wakefield Road Harrison, Wm., 123 St. John's Road Heppenstall, G. F., 138A Westbourne Road, Marsh Holland, Alfred, 32 Ash Brow Road, Sheepridge Howarth, A., 158 Luck Lane, Paddock Howarth, G. H., Jr., 1 Shambles Lane Howarth, J. W., Victoria Lane Howarth, R., Market Walk Jenkinson, J. E., 107 Whitehead Lane Knight, G., 5 Westgate, Almondbury Livesey, L., 53 Blacker Road, Birkby Mee, F., 37 Northgate Murgatroyd, G. & Son, 119 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Peel, F. & Co., 25 Trinity Street Ratcliffe, C., 71a Birkby Lodge Road Rhodes, Wm., 55 Trinity Street Sanders, G. E., 6 Blacker Road Smith, Lindon T., 19 Shambles Lane Stocks, A., 7 Sheepridge Road Tinker, Jack, 67 Westbourne Road Turtle, F. J., 62 Sheepridge Road Westbourne Fruit Stores, 70 Westbourne Road, Marsh Wilson, S., 12 Shambles Lane Wortley, A., 14 Whitby Avenue, Fartown

FUNERAL CARRIAGE MASTERS Currie, Thos. & Co., 10 Zetland Street _ Jenkinson Bros., Colonial Garage, 32 Fitzwilliam Street Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Under- ground Car Park, Venn Street. Tel. 2783

FUNERAL DIRECTORS Allison, John, Upperhead Row Cox & Co., Lockwood Road Crowther & Wilkinson Ltd., Abb Street, Marsh Haigh, H. (Prop. J. W. Wood), Ia Albion Street. Tel. 1788 Day and Night, Works at 39 South Street. Tel. 2371 Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd., St. Thomas Road Jenkinson Bros., Colonial Garage, 32 Fitzwilliam Street Mackness, Lawrence, 421 Wakefield Road, Dalton McNulty, G. F., 485 Bradford Road

FUNERAL DIRECTORS' SUPPLIES Huddersfield Funeral Supplies, 25 Brook Street

FURNISHERS Barnes, C. C. Ltd., 222 Wakefield Road and 74-74a John William Street. Tel. 1139 & 3194 Beevers & Shaw Ltd., 27 John William Street Best, John, 63 Northgate. Tel. 3524 Brown Bros. & Taylor Ltd., 41-43 New Street Brown, H. & Son, 109 Bradford Road Burnet, John, 70 Market Street, Paddock Campbell's, 44 New Street Carmichaels Ltd., 31 Lord Street Croxford's, 71 Westbourne Road, Marsh Durrans, Miss B., 54 Larch Road, Paddock Furniture Exchange, Imperial Yard, New Street. Tel., 1905. Warehouse and Furni- ture Showrooms, 3 Union Bank Yard Harrop, John Ltd., 20 King Street Headrow Furnishers Ltd., Stott's Yard, Upperhead Row Hellawell, K. E., 3 Sufton Street Jackson's Stores Ltd., Queen Street Jay's Furnishing Stores, 2 Queen Street Kelsall, J. Ltd., 22 Victoria Lane Lunn & Cardno Ltd., 15, Upperhead Row Tel. 362. Mellors, P. & M., 20 Blacker Road, Birkby Mitchell, Jack Ltd., 35 Chapel Hill Oldfield & Studdard, 18 Kirkgate Oxford's Ltd., 17 Queen Street Pickles, J. W. (Furnishers) Ltd., 147 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Quality Furnishers Ltd., 44-48 Buxton Road Rowlands, Mark Ltd., 23 Queen Street

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Special machines or assemblies supplied to clients' designs. We should favour being consulted on all gearing applications.


We supply all types of Gears in selected materials. Spur and Spiral Gears up to S6in. diameter, Double Helical Geared up to 56in diameter, Bevel Gears up to 26in diameter and Worm Gears up to 18in. Crs.

Telephone HUDDERSFIELD 4490




Shaw, J. Son & Co., 30 Victoria Lane Stephenson & Roberts, 61-63 King Street. Tel. 2204 Sykes & Co., 30 New Street Taylor & Hobson Ltd., 9 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street and Hawksby's Court, New Street. Tel. 4830-1. Established 1851 Taylor, J. H. & Son Ltd., 14 Cross Church Street Vallance Ltd., 8a Victoria Strreet Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd., 20 Manchester Road. Tel. 623 and 4825 Woodhouse, Jas. & Son, 36 New Street

FURNITURE DEALERS Brougham, E., 234a Lockwood Road

FURRIERS Brook, I. Ltd., 17 New North Road

Hall, George (Huddersfield) Ltd., 18 Market

Street. Tel. 560/561 Hindle, Grace, 51 Market Street Page, Maison, 11 Byram Street Scott, T. W. & Co., 5 Trinity Street


MAKERS _ Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., Turnbridge Road. Tel. 5280 (6 lines) North Eastern Gas Board, Group Office, Leeds Road. Tel. 6680. And Branches

GAS ENGINEERS Holmes, W. C. & Co. Ltd., Turnbridge Road. Tel. 5280 (6 lines) North Eastern Gas Board, Group Office, Leeds Road. Tel. 6680. And Branches

GEAR CUTTERS Brown, David & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Park Works, Lockwood Highfield Gear & Engineering Co. Ltd., Nile Street, Thomas Road. Tel. 4490 (2 lines) Keighley Gear Co., Prospect Works, Lockwood Reliance Gear Col Ltd., Union Street

GEAR REDUCTION Highfield Gear & Engineering Co. Ltd., Nile Street, Thomas Road. Tel. 4490 (2 lines)

GENERAL DEALERS Booth, H. A., 27 Northgate Illingworth, Maurice, 196 Manchester Road Turner & Hollingworth, 37 Carr Street, Marsh

GLASS BEVELLERS & SILVERERS Huddersfield Plate Glass Co., 3 Grafton Place

GLAZIERS (PATENT ROOF) Furniss & Co., Little Royd Heywood, W. H. & Co. Ltd., Bayhall Works



GOWNS AND ROBES Brett, P. & Co. Ltd., 26 John William Street Hall's, George, 18 Market Street. Tel. 560-561 Jacquette, Brooks Yard, Market Street Lucette Mde. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Lion Buildings Marie Shops Ltd., 5-7 Standard House Modern Gowns, 61 Upper Market Hall, King Street Rees, 56 John William Street Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments ' Vera, Madame A. K., 13 Market Walk

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For my ideal home

round " convenience, cleanliness, efficiency and economy You can

give me .

No other fuel can compare with gas for ° turn it on or off, high or low, at will : that's a unique advantage of gas. And whatever your needs, there's a modern gas appliance just right in design, performance and price.

x Better quicker cooking * Cheerful room heating * Automatic hot water x Inexpensive home laundry

For information and advice about the new Gas Appliances- Cookers, Fires, Radiators, Water Heaters, Washing Machines, Drying Cabinets, terms-Call at our Gas Showrooms.


Refrigerators-all available on easy H.P.

GREENHOUSE BUILDERS Anderson & Catton Ltd., Barr Street, Leeds Road Astley, Brook & Co. Ltd., St. George's Works, Leeds Road


MERCHANTS Booth, C. & Son, Sheffield House, 13 Cross Church Street. Tel. 457 Fairburn, Frank, 28 Victoria Lane

GROCERS-RET AIL Armitage, A., 26 Newsome Road Armitage's, 63 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Bailey, J. H 13-15 Chapel Hill Barraclough, 'E. .. 599 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Barrow, L., 1 New Hey Road, Marsh Bateman, A., 10A Central Avenue, Fartown Baxter's, 44 Town End, Almondbury Beaumont, K., 76 Trinity Street Binns, Mrs. G., 15 Main Road, Primrose Hill Brian, A. J., Post Office, Greenside Brook, G. R., 227 Bradford Road Brough's Ltd., 6 Kirkgate Carter, A. & H., 11 St. John's Road Cash Supply Stores 58 New Street , Chadwick, A., 376 Bradford Road Charlesworth, C., 90 Firth Street, Aspley Clegg, J., 62 Moor End Road, Lockwood Cockhills (Grocers) Ltd., 6-8 Manchester Street Cooper, Webb & Son, 30 Westgate Crowther, F. T., North Street, Paddock Crowther, W., 14 Arnold Street, Birkby Davies, G. D., 20 Cloth Hall Street Diskin, J., Tram Terminus, Waterloo Dyson, Ellis, 519 Wakefield Road, Dalton

Eastwood, D. R., 109 Swan Lane, Lockwood Firth, Colin, 35 Northgate Firth, F., 174 Victoria Road, Lockwood Fletcher, S., 115 Bradford Road Gill, M. & A., 120 Lockwood Road Green, E., 291 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Greenwood, J. H., 176 Cowcliffie Hill Road

Haigh, J., 115 Tunnaclifie Road, Newsome

Hanson, Albert.Ltd., 51-2 Lower Market Hall Hartley, B., 380 Leeds Road Helliwell, J. E., 30 Spaines Road Hill, Mrs. H., 84 Trinity Street Hodgson, G. & W., 21 Central Avenue, Fartown Holroyd, G. D., 76 Birkhouse Lane Home & Colonial Stores, 9 Shambles Lane Hoyle, I. & E., 75 Blackmoorfoot Road Hudson, G. K., 79 St. Andrew's Road Ireland & Sons Ltd., 92 Lockwood Road Ives, Miss L., 2 Bobbin Street Jessop, F. M., 90 Church Lane, Moldgreen Johnson, H., 170 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Jones, J., 96 Deighton Road, Deighton Jubb's (Grocers) Ltd., 3 Trinity Street Kennedy, Mrs. L., 62 Acre Street, Lindley Littlewood, C., 8 St. John's Road Littlewood, Charles, 101 Fitzwilliam Street Lockhead, A. R., 324 Fartown Bar Lockwood, Geoffrey, 5 St. Helen's Gate, Almond- bu Long F. & A. E., Warehouse, St. Thomas's Road Lumb, H., Junction and Buildings, Kirkheaton Maddocks, A. E., 1211 Leeds Road, Bradley Makin, 104 Blackhouse Road, Fartown Marsden, Mrs. D., 434 Bradford Road Marshall, Hubert, 81 Longley Road Matthewman, H., 89 Northgate Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd., 31 King Street Mellor, James, 48 King Street

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Moorhouse, H., 47 Bradley Mills Road, Dalton Moorhouse, H. W., 111 Westgate, Almondbury Murray, D. & M. E 2 Grimscar Avenue North, C. & Son, 5 Byram Street Ormerod, H., 131 Hillhouse Lane Owen, R. J., 5 Benomley Road, Almondbury Parkin, H. & K., 7 Church Lane Pearson' # Stores, 162-164 Blacker Road, Birkby Pickard, G. R., Silver Street, Moldgreen Pollard, A. & E 939 Leeds Road Powner Greenleaf Ltd., 57 Tanfield Road, Birkby Price, L., 386 Newsome Road Redman Ltd Market Avenue Rhodes, J. W., 53 Fartown Green Richardson, E., 278 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Robinson, A., 94 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Robinson, H. & Son, 1361» Westbourne Road, Marsh Royle, C. E., 52 Luck Lane, Marsh Royle, G. H., 10 Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen " Rushforth," 27 Rawthorpe Lane, Dalton Ryan, C., 84 Bickhouse Lane, Moldgreen Schofield, C. F., The Corner Stores, Victoria Street, Deighton Scott, John H., 763 Leeds Road Senior, P. H., 123 South Street Sharpe, H. A., 37 Bentley Street, Lockwood Smith, A. M., 142 Victoria Road Stansfield, Harry, Norman Park P.O., 180 Halifax Old Road Sykes, E., 66 Crescent Road, Birkby Sykes, F. A., Flint Street, Fartown Taylor, A., 26 Spaines Road, Fartown Taylor, D. E., 201 Lowerhouse Lane, Longley Taylor, K., 26-28 Church Street, Moldgreen Taylor, T. H 25 Hall Bower Theaker's Grocery Stores, Broad Lane, Dalton Thorp, Fred, Houses Hill Stores, Kirkheaton Turner, J. E., 246 Deighton Road Wainman, G., 74 Long Lane Walker, F., 190 Cross Lane, Newsome Wallace's, 8 King Street Wallhead, C. G., 53 Fartown Green Road Walters, A. T., 11 Willow Lane East Wardle, F., 2 Second Avenue, Long Lane Whitehead, R., 1 Woodhouse Hill, Fartown Whiteley, Harry, 5 Browning Road, Sheepridge Whiteley, J. A. & E., 33 Commercial Street Winpenny, W., Coventry Stores, St. Andrew's Road Wood, J. W., 39 South Street Wood, W. E., 515 Wakefield Road, Dalton Woodhouse, T., 1 Brian Avenue, Dalton Wright, R. & M., 13 Bridge Street Wrigley, A. M. & Co. Ltd., 25 Queen Street

GROCERS-WHOLESALE Brown, J. R. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Firth Street. Tel. 692 Chatterton's Ltd., Princess Street Firth & Wilson Ltd., 3 Bradley Street South. Tel. 3980 (2 lines). Established 1865


Baron, Kenneth, 9 Sheepridge Road Beaumont, Florence, 71 Sheepridge Road, Sheep- ridge Beaurgnont, Jos. E., 8 Market Street Brook, Frank, 7 Macaulay Street Central Hairdressing Services Ltd., 1 and 3, Cloth Hall Street Curtis, F., 51 Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe Heaton, A., 54 King Street Olympia Hairdressing Salon, 31 Westbourne Road, Marsh

Raby, C., 638 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Robinson, T. H., 791 Swan Lane, Lockwood Wilson, Arthur, 83A Longley Road

HAIRDRESSERS-LADIES' Alder, Miss, 8 Station Street Aline, 240A Lockwood Road Aline, 38 Trinity Street Armitage, Sylvia, 37 Wakefield Road, Aspley Beatrix, 12 Trinity Street Berwick, P., 34 Ramsden Street Brook, Nellie, 49 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Brunyate, N. M., 3 Chapel Hill Buttery, Mme., 32 Grasscroft Road, Marsh Christine, 31 Trinity Street Claire, 1 Upperhead Row Don, The, Westbourne Road, Marsh Edythe, 135 Church Street, Paddock Elizabeth, 27 Market Street Enid, 90 Northumberland Street Heeley, L., 138 Westbourne Road, Marsh Hirst, Violet, 2 Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Horne, Miss Margaret, 3 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Howe, Miss B. L., 3 Forest Road, Dalton Ingra, 250 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Iris, Poplar Cottage, Toun Road Jean, Elite Salon, Newsome Road, South Jessop, Mrs. A., 101a Bradford Road Jessop, A., 150A Lowerhouses Lane Kathleen's, 151 Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge Koronet, 18 Chapel Hill La Vogue, 8 High Street Lewis, Mrs. A., 60a St. John's Road Lynn, 25 Westgate Maison Terry, 211 Cross Church Street Margaret, 11 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Margon Saloon, 505 Wakefield Road Mildred's, Paddock Head Milnes, D., 24 Bridge Street, Lockwood Mimi, 70 King Street Moore, Vera, 6 Imperial Arcade Moorhouse, Mrs. H., 5 Heatherfield Road, Marsh Muriel, 57 Westgate, Almondbury Oldroyd, Mrs. M., 191 Bradford Road Patricia, 1 Norman Road, Birkby Patti, Madame, 9-10 Windsor Chambers, John William Street Pickering, Miss May, 6 Byram Arcade Platt, Mrs. Dorothy, 5 Hill House Lane Robinson, F. C., 24-26 Standard House Robinson, Frederick C., 52 Benomley Crescent Robinson, George Herbert, 33 Blacker Road, Birkby Rodgers, Miss I., The Lounge Hairdresser, Stile Common, Newsome Shaw, K., 186 Long Lane, Dalton Shirley, 2 Standard House, Half Moon Street Sisson, S. A., 14 Market Avenue Strange, A., 8 Northumberland Street Suzanne, 9 Byram Street Sykes, L., 103 Town End, Almondbury Vickerman, Kathleen, 1B Manchester Road Webster, Evelyn, 55 New Street Whiteley & Dodson, 26 Queen Street Whittaker, Olga, 66 Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen Winifred, 401 Bradford Road, Fartown Wood, Miss Brenda, Thorn Road, Thornton Lodge

HAIRDRESSERS' SUNDRIESMEN Bell, R. A. & Co. Ltd., Brooks Yard, Market Street

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HARDWARE MERCHANTS Greeley, 273 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen * Grundy & Jagger, Radiant Works, Back Union Street Hinchcliffe, W., 24 Salford, Lockwood Hopkinson, Norman, Aspley Place Huddersfield Lighting Co., 34 St. John's Road McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Mellor, Fred Ltd., 5 Pack Horse Yard Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments Thornton, V. B., 5 Broad Lane, Dalton

HATTERS Osborne & Calverley (H. Osborne & Co. Ltd.), 37 John William Street. Tel. 412 Clough, Ernest Ltd., Westgate House, Westgate

HAULAGE CONTRACTORS Algar, C. G. C., 522 Leeds Road Beaumont, E., 270 Leeds Road Bowden, A., 37 Highcroft Crescent, Almondbury Brooke, Wilfred G., 15 Jagger Lane, Kirkheaton Butterfield, F. J. & Sons., 9 Highroyd Crescent, Moldgreen Clayton, H., Dale Cottage, 296 Leeds Road Cooper, N., 349 Bradford Road, Fartown Coulborn, James & Son Ltd., 15 Canby Grove, Waterloo Dews, J. H. & Sons, Park Terrace, Green Road, Lockwood Duncalf, J., 8 South View, Church Street, Paddock Ellis, J. J., 9 Branch Street, Paddock Hanson Haulage Ltd., 31 St. John's Road Higgins, Leonard, 40 Merton Street Hine, Joseph & Sons, Penistone Road Huddersfield General Carrying Co., Ltd., 43 Lower Viaduct Street Lumb Bros., 494 Wakefield Road Mawer, F. & Son, 11 Northgate Moorhouse, A. V., 7 Carr Pit Road Morton, Frank, 78 Branch Street, Paddock Mosley, H., 48 Wakefield Road Queen Carriage Co. Ltd., Nile Street Ramm, Arthur, 2 Una Place, Birkby Rayner, 31 Arch, Viaduct Street Regan, J. & T., 9 Bow Street Roadway Services Ltd., 34 Upperhead Row. Tel. 3853 (3 lines) Roberts, Leslie, 1 Primrose Hill Road Rogers, Bros., 100 Somerset Road Smith, Norman, 340 Leeds Road Stancliffe, J. & Sons, Kirkheaton Transports (Huddersfield) Ltd., Durvic Chambers, East Parade Wainwright, Daniel, 160 Northgate Wheathouse Haulage Co., 6 Wheathouse Road, Birkby Wright, Firth, 69 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor

HEALTH FOOD STORES Health Food Stores Ltd., 6 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street

HERBALISTS Dean's Herbal Clinic & Health Food Stores, 34 Trinity Street Williams, Mrs. L., 19 Macaulay Street

HESSIAN MANUFACTURERS Milnes, S. & Sons (1944) Ltd., 11 Victoria Street


AND FINANCIERS Cross Keys (Yorks.) Ltd., 15 Railway Street


AND COMMERCIAL VEHICLE) North Central Wagon & Finance Co. Ltd., 45 Lion Chambers


North Central Wagon & Finance Co. Ltd., 45 Lion Chambers

HORSE SLAUGHTERERS Cooper, Daniel S. Ltd., Sanitary Depot, Hillhouse

HOSIERS Osborne & Calverley (H. Osborne & Co. Ltd.), 37 John William Street. Tel. 412.


SPINNERS Fearnley, Walter & Son Ltd., Holme Mills, Bradley Lawton, Fred & Son Ltd., Firth Street Mills Priest, Allen & Sons Ltd., Bath Mill Stork, Bros. Ltd., Bayall Mills


EQUIPMENT First Aid & Ambulance Supply, 46 Birkhouse Lane

HOTEL FURNISHERS Swann, Norman Ltd., 15 Byram Street

- HOTELS Albert Hotel (T. J. Moran), 38 Victoria Lane Albion Hotel (M. Kaye), Buxton Road Albion Inn, Longroyd Bridge Armitage Arms (Hildred Brearley), Bay Hall, Birkby Bath Hotel, Lockwood Road Beaumont Arms, Kirkheaton Belle Vue Hotel (C. C. Fletcher), Sheepridge Black Bull Hotel (Alan L. Roper), Halifax Old Road Boar's Head Inn (M. J. Vickerman), Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Boot & Shoe Hotel (Henry Greensmith), 9 New Street Boy & Barrel Inn (J. W. Osborne) British Oak Inn, Taylor Hill, Lockwood Brooks Arms Hotel (J. Smith), 19 Broad Lane, Dalton Brown Cow (David Green), Paddock Bull & Mouth Hotel Castle Hotel (Charlie Blackburn), Castle Hill Cavalry Arms (R. G. Aked), Birchenfield Clarence Hotel, 23 Towngate, Newsome Clothier's Arms (Sydney Hartley), 84 Kirkgate Commercial Hotel (John Watson), 8 South Parade Crescent Hotel, Byram Street Cropper's Arms, Marsh Crown Hotel (J. Willie Mannion), 45 Westgate Electricians' Hotel (G. H. Riley), Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge Engine Tavern, 127 Bradford Road Fitzwilliam Hotel, Northgate

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Telephone: Manager's Office and Hotel Exchange 5000 (4 lines)

éorge geotel ( gauclclersfiielcl ) PHI.

H. A. Managing Director

First-Class Family and Commercial Hotel


65 Rooms, H. & C., Phones, Private Suites, Banquets, Receptions

HOTELS (cont.) Fleece Hotel (David Rowan), 28 Kirkgate Fox & Grapes Hotel, Northgate George Hotel (Huddersfield) Ltd., St. George's Square. Tel. Horse Shoes Inn, Blacker Road, Birkby Jolly Sailor Inn, The (James Lamb), Broad Lane, Dalton Junction Hotel, Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Junction Inn, Manchester Road Junction Inn (Stanley Spencer), 1 Westbourne Road, Marsh Market Tavern (Martha Womersley), 99 Leeds Road Marsh House Hotel (Thomas Winstanley) Mason's Arms (E. H. Naylor), 152 Lowerhouses Lane Maypole Hotel, Brackendale Estate New Victoria Hotel, Lockwood Road Oxford Hotel, Southgate Pack Horse Hotel (Jas. F. Haigh), 16 Kirkgate Park Commercial Hotel (Wolfenden), 12 Greenhead Road Peacock Inn (Burt Earnshaw), Leeds Road Plough Hotel (W. J. Elder), Westgate Plumber's Arms Hotel, Macaulay Street Primrose Hotel (Ernest Drake), Cross Lane, Prim- rose Hill Queen Hotel, 31 Market Street Queen's Head Hotel, King Street Queen's Hotel (K. Stavadale), King Street Radcliffe Arms (Arthur Thompson), Almondbury Red Lion Inn (A. Slicer), Lockwood Bar Rose & Crown Inn (A. Starkey), 43 Northgate, Almondbury Royal Hotel (S. Williams), Fartown Royal Swan Hotel (Harold Wagstaff), 5 Westgate Shakespeare Hotel, Northgate Shepherd's Arms (Tedbar Tinker), Cowcliffe Ship Inn, Ramsden Street Shoulder of Mutton, 11 Neale Road, Lockwood Southgate Hotel Spangled Bull Inn (J. O. Binns), Kirkheaton Spink Nest Inn, Blacker Road Spotted Cow Inn, 2 Northgate Star Inn, Lockwood Star Inn, King's Mill Lane Swan Hotel (Melvern Kaye), Lockwood Tam O'Shanter Inn (James A. Marshall), Paddock Tandem Inn (A. Stockdale), Kirkheaton Terrace Hotel, 7 Blacker Road, Birkby Unicorn Inn, 2 Vicoria Street Victoria Hotel (H. Wilkinson), Newsome Waggon & Horses Inn, 108 Bradford Road Waterloo Inn, Waterloo Wellington Hotel (G. Heaton), Westgate Wellington, The (Hilda Johnson), Newsome

Wharf Hotel (J. Shaw), Ashley White Hart Hotel (J. H. Seddon), 23 Cloth Hall Street White Horse Inn, Deighton White Lion Hotel, 30 Cross Church Street White Swan Hotel, Kirkgate Woodman Inn (Mrs. Emily F. Rodgers), 160 Whitehouse Lane, Primrose Hill Woolpack Hotel, Lockwood Road Woolpack Inn (L. D. Archbold), Westgate Zetland Arms, Queen Street, South



Bryanclifie Residential Flats, Hungerford Road, Edgerton Burnieside (A. P. Brook), Queen's Road, Edgerton Clarke, E. E., 315 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Deane, Mrs. E., 287 Bradford Road Denes, Mrs. D., 13 Westbourne Road, Marsh Giez, Jozef, 72 New North Road Hardy, A., 2 Queen Street, Edgerton Hillthorpe Private Hotel, 94 Fitzwilliam Street Huck, S., Corra Lynn, Bath Street Waddington, Charlotte, 8 Cambridge Road Warrenfield Residential Hotel, Sheepridge Williamson, R., Kelso House, 99 Bradford Road

HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT Tuley's Hydropathic Baths Ltd., 22 Ramsden Street


(for Laundries etc.) Broadbent, Thomas & Sons Ltd., Central Ironworks. Tel., 5520 (6 lines)


AND MERCHANTS Bucci's, 79 Lockwood Road Colletta, A. & Sons, 42 Bradford Road Gabrelli, E. & Sons, 25 Bow Street Marchini, Ben, Old Brewery, Halifax Road, Birchencliffe Russell's Ices Ltd., 255 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen


POWER, LIGHTING AND HEATING Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel 6015

INSULATION SPECIALISTS Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd

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INSURANCE AGENTS Hoyle, S. R., 29. Deighton Road


FRIENDLY SOCIETIES City of Glasgow Friendly Society, Standard Buildings, Half Moon Street Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, Buildings, St. George's Square Royal Liver Friendly Society, 32 John William Street United Friendly Insurance Co. Ltd., The, 25 New North Road

INSURANCE BROKERS Allen, W. H. & Co. (Insurance) Ltd., Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Booth, George, 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910 Shaw, John R., 176 Somerset Road Silverwood, Irving, 29 Market Place Stock, Percy Ltd., Exchange Buildings, 19 Market Street. Tel. 983 Wilkinson, C., 20 Queen Street Wilkinson, Henry (Insurance) Ltd., 15 Bal- mozal Chambers, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 470

INSURANCE COMPANIES Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd., 46 Standard House Avon Insurance Co. Ltd., 3-5 Windsor Chambers, 24 John William Street Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd., 20 Trinity Street Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd., St. Peter's Street Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd., 3 Cloth Hall Street Eagle Star Insurance Co. Ltd., 19 Railway Street Fine Art & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 43 and 45 Standard Buildings Friends' Provident & Century Life Office, 10-11 Lion Chambers., John William Street General Accident, Fire & Life Assurance Corpora- tion Ltd., Britannia Buildings Huddersfield Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd., 12 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Liverpool & London & (Globe Insurance Co. Ltd., 13 Station Street London Assurance, The, 19 Market Street London & Manchester Assurance Co. Ltd., 16 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street London & Scotttish Assurance Corporation Ltd., 7 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Society Ltd., 3-5 Windsor Chambers National Insurance Audit Department, Waverley House, New North Road National Insurance Co. of Great Britain Ltd., St. Peter's Street North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. Ltd., Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Norwich Union Insurance Societies Ltd., Station Street Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd., Albert Chambers, 55 New Street Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd., King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Provincial Insurance Co. Ltd., 22 Standard House Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., The, District Manager's Office, 69 New Street Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd., Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate Road Transport & General Insurance Co. Ltd., 7 St. George's Square

4a Lion

Exchange Buildings,

Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., 13 Railway Street. Tel. 4274/75 ' Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd., 28 Queen Street Scottish Union & National Insurance Co., 5 Market Walk Sun Insurance Office Ltd., Britannia Bulldmgs St. Peter's Street Wesleyan & General Assurance Society, 4 St. Peter's Street Western Australian Insurance Co. Ltd., 26 Queen Street. Tel. 1908 Yorkshire Insurance Co. Ltd., 15-17 Railway Street. Tel. 2043. Established 1824

INVISIBLE MENDING Oldroyd, Edgar, 52 Springdale Avenue Sykes, N., 70 Birks Fenay Bridge

IRON AND STEEL MERCHANTS Wilson, George & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cana Iron & Steel Works, Manchester Road Wilson, Geo. & Sons, Water Street

IRON AND TIN PLATE WORKERS McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines)


SCRAP MERCHANTS Haigh, Joe & Sons, Paddock Halstead, Joe, Barr Street, Leeds Road

IRONFOUNDERS Calvert & Co. Ltd., Hope Foundry, Folly Hall Downs, H. & Sons, St. Andrew's Road ' Haigh, John & Sons Ltd., Priest Royd Tron Works, Firth Street. Tel. 1503 (2 lines). Established 1835 Kaye & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 228 Man- chester Road, Moor Bottom Ironwoks. Tel. 3773-4 Longden Foundry Co., Folly Hall Scahill Bros., Emerald Ironworks, Emerald Street Wilson, James (Huddersfield) Ltd., St. Andrew's Road

IRONMONGERS Booth, C. & Son, Sheffield House, 13 Cross Church Street. Tel. 457 Bower & Child, 91 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Golden, Wm., 6 Cross Church Street Hinchcliffe, John, 9a Church Street McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Shaw, E., 91 Northgate, Almondbury Shaw's, 91 Northgate, Almondbury Wykes, Wm., 17 Macaulay Street Wood, Timothy Ltd., Queen Street

JAM MANUFACTURERS Ely Fruit Preserving Co., St. John's Works Wallace's, 8 King Street

JEWELLERS-RET AIL Ashton Beaumont Ltd., 1 Market Buildings, King Street Beaverbrook's, 13 King Street Billington, G. C. Ltd., 58 Kirkgate. Tel. 3223 Butlin, E. H., 8 Buxton Road Fillans & Sons Ltd., 2 Market Walk. Tel. 889. Established 1852 Horner, A., 13 Cloth Hall Street Pilling & Sons, 33 John William Street

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Telephone 889

Jewellers for over 100 years

illans anal CSons, flit!

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths MARKET WALK, HUDDERSFIELD

Specialists in Fine Diamond Rings and Watches of Quality "* We have stood the test of time"

Established 1852

JEWELLERS-RE TAIL (cont.) Samuel, H. Ltd., 17 King Street Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., 221 Lockwood Road, Lockwood Sugden, J., 12 Imperial Arcade, New Street Wood, Walter & Sons, 3 Shambles Lane

JEWELLERS-WHOLESALE Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., 1 Kirkgate Buildings

JOINERS AND BUILDERS Bedford, F., Sand Street, Aspley Gledhill, A., Luck Lane Greensmith, Fred, Thistle Hill, Kirkheaton Hollingworth, H. & Son, Wakefield Road, Mold- green Hughes, H. E., 311 Bradford Road Kennedy, G. M. & Co. Ltd., 26 Arch, Viaduct Street Langton, C. H., 108 Gledholt Bank Ogley Bros., Duke Street Stringer, F., 133 Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen Styring, J. G., 97 Lockwood Scar, Newsome Sykes, B. B. & Sons, 37 Swan Lane Walker, J. & Sons, Lindley Whitehead, F., 6a Almondbury Bank, Moldgreen

JOINERS AND UNDERTAKERS Atha, Thos. & Sons, Lockwood Road Bolt & Shuttleworth Ltd., Leeds Road Boothroyd, A., 87 Luck Lane, Marsh Crowther & Wilkinson Ltd., Abb Street, Marsh Draper, E. & Son, Town Bottom, Kirkheaton Gallagher, J. F., York Place, New North Road Grant, M. & Sons (Joiners) Ltd., Flint Street, Fartown Green, L., 160 Newsome Road Haigh, Harry, 9A Albion Street Hollas, H. & Co., 252B Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Littlewood's, Albert (Successors), Paddock Foot, Joinery Works, Longroyd Bridge Mackness, Lawrence, 421 Wakefield Road, Dalton Meach, T., 72 Lawrence Road, Marsh Stafford, B. K., Moor View, Cockley Hill, Kirk- heaton Stansfield, J. & Son, Wormald Works, Westgate, Almondbury Stansfield, J. & Son, 26 Kaye Lane Sunderland, J. & Sons, Bridge End, Lockwood Sykes, J., 172 Somerset Road Thornton, A., 33 Brow Road, Paddock Wiliams, W., 13 Freehold Street, Primrose Hill

JOINTINGS - STEAM, WATER ETC. Hawkins, W, T. & Co., Chapel Hill

JOURNALISTS Arnott, Robert, 108 Birkby Hall Road Carter, W. P., Press Box, Huddersfield Town A.F.C., Leeds Road Carter, W. P., 19 Railway Street Clegg, Harry H., 219 Newsome Road Firth, L. H., 11 Wheathouse Terrace, Birkby Thompson, B. H., 138 Westbourne Road, Marsh Warwick, Miss Jean, 43 Mitchell Avenue, Waterloo


Barker's Kennels, Spa Farm, Fenay Bridge Grasmere Kennels, 13 East View

KNITTING WOOL (RETAIL) SHOPS Cole, Alex (Halifax) Ltd., 4 Market Avenue. New Street Greenwood's, 17a Victoria Street Readicut Wool Co. Ltd., 27 Cross Church Street Spinning Wheel Wool Co. Ltd., 7 Shambles Lane Wakefield, Greenwood & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 6 Railway Street, St. George's Square

LADIES' WEAR Barne, Joan (Bolton) Ltd., 56 New Street Etam Ltd., 23-27 New Street Jax Stores Ltd., 71 New Street Jean's, 62 Trinity Street

LAMPSHADES Levell, Kenneth Ltd., Australia Buildings, MarketStreet. Tel., 2294

LAND AGENTS Boulton's, 15 High Street. Tel. 6013

LANDSCAPE GARDENERS Crawshaw, Frank, 47 Heatherfield Road Oldfield, W. & J., Albany House, Albany Road,

Kirkheaton ' LAUNDRIES Gregg's Laundry, 87 Sheepridge Road Holroyd, J. & Co. Ltd., Seed Hill. Tel. 3780 Huddersfield Sanitary Steam Laundry Co. Ltd., Sheepridge Newtown Laundry, 10 King's Head Arcade Prospect Laundry, Prospect Works, Luck Lane, Marsh Springdale Laundry, Longroyd Bridge." Tel. 85

LEAD MANUFACTURERS Hanson, Dale & Co. Ltd., The Leadworks, Colne Road. Tel. 3653/4. Established 1833

Page 77


LEAD SMELTERS AND REFINERS Hanson, Dale & Co. Ltd., The Leadworks, Colne Road. Tel. 3653/4. Established 1833


MERCHANTS Denham Bros., Pack Horse Yard. Tel. 748


MANUFACTURERS Brook's, 51 Market Street

LIBRARIES-LENDING Red Circle & Handy Libraries, The, 2 Buxton Road

LIME AND CEMENT MERCHANTS Addy, Edgar, 30 Grasscroft Road, Marsh

LIME WASHING CONTRACTORS Briggs, T. H. & Son, Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hrll Street

LINEN MERCHANTS Harrison & Sykes, Upperhead Mills Hart & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Buxton Road Robertshaw, J. A., 4 Byram Arcade, Westgate Singh, D., 12 Wakefield Road

LINING MERCHANTS Marshall, Fred & Co. Ltd., Lord Street

LOOM AND DOBBIE MAKERS Gledhill Weaving Machine Co. Ltd., Upperhead Mills, Upperhead Row Hutchinson, Hollingworth & Co. Ltd., Atlas Works

LOOM TEMPLE MAKERS Harling, George, Waverley Works, St. Thomas's Road


Distillates, - Lubricant - Manufacturers, Minerva Works, Kirkheaton

MACHINE GUARD ENGINEERS Rolla Sheet Metal Works Ltd., 36 Upperhead Row


AND MERCHANTS Gregory & Sutcliffe, 6 St. John's Road Keith Engineering Co. Ltd., Albany Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 4532 Planers (HMuddersfield) Ltd., Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood

MACHINERY Brook, T. & Sons Ltd., Chapel Hill

MANUFACTURERS Astra (Yorks.) Ltd., 7 Pellicon Chambers, Market Street Hird, J. H., Market Place Chambers Millman, Hunt & Co. Ltd., St. Andrew's Road Tiltscher, O. T., 26A Water Street


Binns & Taylor Ltd., Angorfe, Heaton Moor Road, Kirkheaton

Dean, Richard & Sons, 14-16 Byram Buildings, Station Street Haigh, Jones & Co. Ltd., Waverley Buildings, Kirkgate Hannam, Frank (Silcock), 45 Springdale Avenue Hirst, W. Rex, Ogmore, Rumbold Road Hirst, W. R. T., 27 Lion Chambers, St. George's Square Horsfall, J. W., 4 Ashfield Road, Birkby Matthews, Wm., 2 King's Head Buildings Cloth Hall Street Ramsden, J. L., Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Wainwright, R., Lloyds Bank Chambers, Westgate Westwood Co., George Street Whiteley, J. L., 59 Heaton Road


AND MERCHANTS Swallow Bros., Dalton Mills ’

MARINE STORE DEALERS Blackburn, J. H. & Son, Sand Street, Aspley

MARKET GARDENERS Bamforth, George, 66 Top Market Hall Brown, J. & J., 84 Greenhead Lane, Dalton Harris & Handy, 70 Ashbrow Road, Sheepridge

MASSAGE TREATMENT Bradley, G. H., 25 Market Street Collins, Leonard, 32 Somerset Road Dunn, J. T., 4 New Street Peace, C., 180 Penistone Road Withers, J. T., 70 Trinity Street

MATTRESS MANUFACTURERS Beaumont, W. & Co. Ltd., Waterworks Street Remploy Ltd., Factory, Albany Mills, Firth Street

MEAT SALESMEN Direct Meat Co., 52 Buxton Road Huddersfield & District Co-operative Meat Traders Association Ltd., Public Abattoir, Great Northern Street



Northern Trade Protection Ltd., Kirkgate Chambers, Kirkgate

MERCHANTS Chilton, E. N., 3 Upperhead Row Fowler's, 46 Top Market Hall Hadfield, T. H. & Son, 3 Union Bank Yard Parkwood Universal Supplies Ltd., 20 St. George's Square Wilkinson, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., 12 St. George's Square


Kilburn, C. & Sons, Lodge Row, Ravensknowle Road, Moldgreen


Moorhouse, S. & Sons Ltd., Hillhouse Smelting Works, Hillhouse Lane


Goldthorpe & Co., 17a Lord Street. Tel. 4295/4296

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‘Tel. Huddersfield 1060



Notice the unsurpassed excellence of the memorials we have fixed recently in this district, and write or phone for our representative to call. Our name, established nearly 100 years, is your guarantee of complete satisfaction.


Let us quote also for your renovation work

Tel. Huddersfield 1060



McKitrick Bros. Ltd., 64 Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Pyrah, J. F. & R. Ltd., Wharf Mills, 29 Wake- field Road. Tel. 1694 Taylor, Joseph, Commercial Street Uttley, F. & Son Ltd., Prospect Street Works

MILLINERS-RET AIL Betty, 10 Bridge Street, Lockwood Clarence House, 4 Station Street Littlewood, Miss H., 2 Imperial Arcade, New Street Mitchell, Mabel, 2 Northumberland Street Novello & Co. (Milliners) Ltd., 19 King Street Parker, L., 9 New North Road Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments

Highfield Gear & Engineering Co. Ltd., Nile Street, Thomas Road. Tel. 4490 (2 lines)


MANUFACTURERS Armitage & Grimshaw, Mark Street, Paddock Inman, RKR. H. Ltd., 86 Firth Street Shaw, Benjamin & Sons Ltd., Willow Lane. Tel. 383 Tower Table Water (Huddersfield) Co., Tower Works, Fartown. Tel. 1087


ENGINEERING AND EXHIBITION Bradford Acro Model Co. Ltd., Cable Street Modellers' Supply Ltd., 26A Cross Church Street

MONUMENTAL CRAFTSMEN Huddersfield & District Co-operative Socnety Ltd., St. Thomas Road. Tel. 4290 Jury, Norman Ltd., Cemetery Road, Tel. 1060 Mallinson, Irving, Woodfield Cemetery, Monu- mental Works, Lockwood

MOTOR ACCESSORY FACTORS Heap, E. S. & Co. Ltd., Page Street Wood Auto Supplies Ltd., Armature Works, Portland Street

MOTOR BODY BUILDERS Hindle Bros, Wakefield Road Sheard, Wm., Griffin Works, Crosland Moor. Tel. 2012 -


Palace Motors (Huddersfield), Ltd., Underground Car Park, Venn Street Wood Auto Supplies Ltd., Portland Street

MOTOR CAR AGENTS Birkby Hall Motors Ltd. (Fiat Specialists) Birkby Hall Road Mellor, Alfred & Sons Ltd., Moldgreen Engineering Works Motor Exchange (Huddersfield) Ltd., Leeds Road. Tel. 4280 (2 lines) Newton's of Huddersfield, Viaduct Street


VEHICLE AGENTS Newton of Huddersfield, Viaduct Street. Tel. 3311/2/3

Telephone: MILNSBRIDGE 532



High-Grade Accessories, Tyres, Oils, etc. Repairs to any make of Motor Vehicle New and Used Cars supplied




Page 79




he {ctor Exchange






If it's Motor Cycles in Huddersfield it's . . EARNSHAW, Manchester Road


Phone 1232



Flower, Fred & Son, St. Thomas' Road, Longroyd Bridge


SERVICES Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Venn Street


Canney's (Automobiles Ltd., Commercial Street Earnshaw's Garage, Manchester Road. Tel. 1232 Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Venn Street Scott, R., 19 Firth Street Southgate Motors, 9 Rosemary Lane Walkden, Reynold A. Ltd., Savile Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milnsbridge 532 Wharfe Motor & Engineering Co., Firth Street. Tel. 4821 Whittaker, E. S., 47 Bankfield Road, Moldgreen Wood Auto Supplies Ltd., Standard House, Sergeantson Strect

MOTOR CAR DISMANTLERS Green, Ernest, Fieldhouse Lane, Leeds Road Haigh, A. & Son, Firth Street Rayner, R., 19 Viaduct Street

MOTOR CAR PAINTERS Broderick & Pare Ltd., Firth Street Mills Motor Exchange (Huddersfield) Ltd., Leeds Road. Tel. 4280 (2 lines) Sheard, W., Griffin Works, Crosland Moor Road. Tel. 2012

MOTOR CAR REPAIRERS Gerald Shaw Motors, 311-313 Manchester Road. Tel. 3560 Hebble Auto Services, Bradford Road Motor Exchange (Huddersfield) Ltd., Leeds Road. Tel. 4280 (2 lines) Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Venn Street Walkden, Reynold A. Ltd., Savile Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milnsbridge 532

MOTOR CARS (HIRER DRIVING) Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Venn Street

MOTOR CYCLE AGENTS Earnshaw, Manchester Road. Tel. 1232

MOTOR ENGINEERS Atkinson, W. H. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 4 St. John's Road. Tel. 4505 Beaumont, R. F., 140 Blacker Road, Birkby Bell, P. H., Kelvin Garage, Kelvin Avenue, Dalton Boyes, A. G. & Co. Ltd., Cliffe Garage, Birchencliffe Bradley Engineering Co., Leeds Road, Bradley Broadbent, J. A., William Street Brodrick, John Ltd., Leeds Road, Roseville Road Brook, J. W. & O. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Town Garage, 368 Leeds Road Brown & Cheetham, Canker Lane Garage Chapman's Ivy Coaches Ltd., Helms Garage, Leeds Road Deighton Motor Services Ltd., 16 Orchard Terrace, Primrose Hill Dickson, R., 616 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Dyson, Frank (Waverley Garage) Ltd., St. Thomas Road. Tel. 973 Earnshaw (Garage), Manchester Road. Tel. 1232 .

Page 80



Hebble Auto Services, Bradford Road Hinchliffe, W. (Reliance Garage) Ltd., Reliance Garage, Waterloo Hirst & Hutchinson, The Garage, Colne Road Hobson, L. M. Ltd., Flint Street, Fartown Huddersfield School of Motoring Ltd., 101 Trinity Street Jakeman, A., Bridge Garage, Water Street, Lock- wood - Jessop Bros., 17 Beast Market Keep, P. Ltd., Garage, Fartown Green Road Lockwood Motor Garage Co., Lockwood Road Malone, Herbert, Broadway Garage, New North Road Mitchell, C. H. & Sons (Motor Engineers) Ltd., '' Morris House," Southgate Motor Exchange (Huddersfield) Ltd., Leeds Road. Tel. 4280 (2 lines) ' Newton's of Huddersfield, Viaduct Street No Worry Garage, Syringa Street, Marsh Oakes, Reg., Smithy Garage, Bradford Road Paddock Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Triangle Service Station, Paddock Rippon Bros. Ltd., Viaduct Street. Tel. 7070 (10 lines) Roper, Lawrence, Crown Garage, Wakefield Road Sanderson, Jack (Motor Engineers) Ltd., Reliance Garage, Wakefield Road, Waterloo Shaw's Service Station, corner of Leeds and St. Andrew's Road Shepherd, H., Roundwood Garage, Waterloo Spinkfield Garage, Grasmere Road, Marsh Springwood Auto Repair Works, Bow Street Sykes Bros., Rice Street Garage Sykes, George & Sons, Crosland Moor Mills Sykes, John E. (Motor Engineers) Ltd., 12-14 Albion Street. Tel. 62 Taylor, J. E. & Co. (Eng.) Ltd., St. Thomas's Road Thewlis, H. H., Grose Road Garage, Marsh Trinity Garage Co. Ltd., Union Street Walkden, Reynold A. Ltd., Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milnsbridge 532 Wall, John 1 Glebe Street, Marsh Wharfe Motor & Engineering Co., Firth Street. Tel. 4821 White & Lockwood Ltd., Paragon Garage, Bradford Road Wilson, C. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Somerset Garage, Moldgreen

MOTOR GARAGES Beaumont, J. W., Nettleton Road Garage, Dalton

Denton, Walter, L., Longroyd Bridge Ellam, S., Croft Cottage Lane, Bradford Road Junction Garage, Moldgreen Lee, D. W., Canal Street Garage, Canal Street Mem Services, Leeds Road Mitchell," C. H. & Sons (Motor Engineers) Ltd., '* Morris House," Southgate Moore, Arnold, One Tree Garage, Oxford Street Paddock Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Triangle Service Station, Paddock. Tel. 4607/8 Palace Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Venn Street Walkden, Reynold A. Ltd., Saville Street, Milnsbridge. Tel. Milnsbridge 532 Willow Garage & Service Station, Luck Lane, Marsh

MOTOR HAULAGE CONTRACTORS Bottomley's Motors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Luck Lane, Marsh Rogers, Bros, (Haulage) Ltd., Rookery Garage, Wakefield Road Waterhouse, Norman, 7 Birkby Lodge Road Wood, James, 49 Benomley Road

MUNGO AND SHODDY MANUFACTURERS Crawshaw & Mellor Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills, Manchester Road Dawson, E. & Son, Cloth Hall Street Firth, Samuel & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., St. Helen's Mill, Almondbury Haigh, James & Co. (Wool) Ltd., Springdal eMills, Manchester Road Longbottom, J., 30 Carr Green Lane, Dalton Sykes, Alfred & Co., Viaduct Street Sykes, D., Spring Garden Works, Lockwood Road

MUSHROOM GROWERS Stephenson, C. H. & F., Canal Wharf, St. Andrews' Road


INSTRUMENT DEALERS Wood, J. & Sons Ltd., 67 New Street

MUSIC TEACHERS Bergan, Dorothy, 4 Jackroy Lane, Newsome Greenwood, F. W., 97 Trinity Street Kaye, Miss M., 61 Heatherfield Crescent Leah, Henry A., Hill Crest, Bow Street Netherwood, Miss Edith, 33 Yew Street Nettleton, M., 25 New Hey Road, Marsh Sheard, J. E., Croft House, Almondbury


8 STANDARD HOUSE - for Typewriters Filing Cabinets




Adding Machines Regna Cash Registers Office Furniture in Steel and Wood etc.

Telephone 4433

Page 81


NEWSAGENTS AND VENDORS Armitage, J. 28 Swan Lane Basnett, N. E., Shop Lane, Kirkheaton Baxter & Crossland, 131 Northgate Blackburn, Geo. H., 225 Wakefield Road, Mold- green Crossley, Sam, 67 Westbourne Road Davidson, R. E., 145 St. John's Road, Birkby Dransfield, V., 162 Manchester Road, Longroyd Bridge Garside, E. G., 18 Colne Road Green, J., Thornhill Avenue, Lindley Haigh, D. & P., 46 South Street Hallas, H. Ltd., 202 Manchester Road Hildred, A. & Son, 8 Crescent Road, Birkby Jessop, S., 44 Prince Royd, Birchencliffie Longbottom & Powell, 14 Ashbrow Road, Sheep- ridge Rayner, C. R., Broomfield Road, Fixby Richardson, A., 138 Deighton Road, Deighton Ryans, 17 Byram Street Smith, Lily, 49 Market Street Speight, A., 53 Bradley Mills Road, Rawthorpe Sutcliffe, Leonard, 1 Water Street, Lockwood Sutcliffe, N., 523 Wakefield Road, Dalton Sykes, Herbert, 27 Main Road, Primrose Hill Walker, H. & A., 33 Blackamoor Road, Crosland Moor Williamson's Book Stall, 51 Wakefield Road

NEWSAGENTS-WHOLESALE Brown, Fred & Son, 15 Station Street Brown, Roy, 218 Halifax Old Road Pickles, C. H. Ltd., 19 Byram Street Shelley, R. 1a Upperhead Row Smith, W. H. & Son Ltd., 11 John William Street

NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS " Huddersfield Examiner,'"' Ramsden Street '' Yorkshire Evening News," 5 St. Peter's Street '' Yorkshire Evening Post," 13 Byram Street '" Yorkshire Market Street '' Yorkshire Post," 13 Byram Street


Blackburn, T., 31 Blagden Lane, Newsome Blackburn, Tom, Fenay Lodge Nurseries, Almond- bu Blacgurn, William, Ashbrow Gardens Edgerton Nurseries, Edgerton Grove Road Fletcher, Joe A., 158 Birkby Hall Road Kitson, Frank, 6 Richmond Avenue, Fartown May, G. L., 54 Ash Brow Road, Sheepridge

OFF-LICENCES Ball, S. W., 1 Westgate, Almondbury Dobson, S., 115 Fartown Green Road Howard's, 2 Blacker Road, Birkby Hoyle, H. M., 106 Newsome Road Lindley, S. H., 9 Yews Hill Road, Lockwood Murray, J., 121 Almondbury Bank Sykes, Albert, H., 15 Colne Road Walton, E., 31 Bradford Road


FITTERS AND FURNISHERS Business Equipment Co. Ltd., 8 Standard House. Tel. 4433

OIL DISTILLERS AND REFINERS Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Henry Street, Upper- head Row. Tel. 7201/2 Sheard & Co. Ltd., Cable Oil Works, St. Thomas Road


Page 82


OIL AND GREASE Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Henry Street, Upper- head Row. Tel. 7201/2 Markwell Lubricants Co., Poplar Terrace, Mold- green Sheard & Co. Ltd., Cable Oil Works, St. Thomas Road

OIL MANUFACTURERS Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Henry Street, Upper- head Row. Tel. 7201/2

OIL MERCHANTS Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Henry Street, Upper- head Row. Tel. 7201/2 Jackson, Allen & Co., 8 Church Street Tel. 5151/2

OMNIBUS COMPANIES County Motors (Lepton) Ltd., Penistone Road Garage, Waterloo Hanson's Buses Ltd., 35 John William Street Yorkshire Traction Co. Ltd., 7 Lord Street

OPTICIANS Archard, Arthur, Market Hall Beaumont, D., 163 Trinity Street Beaumont, E. (Opthalmic), New Street Cooper, Frank, 6 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5384 Cousen, L. & Sons, 88 Chapel Hill Hudson, L., 31 Cross Church Street Kneeshaw, W., 10 Queen Street Lea-Scott Ltd., 15 King Street Leadbeaters & Peters Ltd., 54a New Street Midland Opticians Sight Testing Services, 33A John William Street Rayner & Keeler Ltd., 5 New North Road Schofield, W. E., Lockwood Bar, Lockwood Walker, H., 116 Trinity Street

ORGAN BUILDERS AND TUNERS Conacher, Peter & Co. Ltd., Springwood Wadsworth, T., 6 Smith Avenue, Marsh

OSTEOPATHS Burton, J. Guymer, D.O., M.R.O., 30 Queen Street

OUTFITTERS Beaumonts (Huddersfield) Ltd., (Men's), 6 Queen

Street Brooks, Mary (Ladies'), 1a Half Moon Street

Friend, G., 298 Bradford Road, Fartown Halls, George (Huddersfield) Ltd., 18 Market Street. Tel. 560/561 Hirst, Westwood & Co., 34 Buxton Road Holroyd's, 8 Chapel Hill Juliet, 18 Market Avenue Law, F. & Son (Gent's), 48 King Street Lilian (Huddersfield) Ltd. (Ladies'), 3 High Street Manners, John Ltd., Westgate Osborne & Calverley (Gent's), 37 John William Street. Tel. 412 Schofield & Oldfield Ltd. (Men's and Boys'), Albert Yard, New Street,. Tel 284 Townend & Whiteley (Gent's), 22 King Street Tyres, H. (Huddersfield) Ltd. (Gent's), 13 Market Avenue. Tel. 6759 Wadeson, Miss Edith (Ladies'), Westbourne Road, Marsh Washington's (Outfitters) Ltd., 7 Cloth Hall Street Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd., 20 Manchester Road Tel. 623 and 4825


MAKERS (WOOD) Garrards (Huddersfield) Ltd., Great Northern Street Wilson, Travis & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., William Street

PACKING MATERIALS Beevers & Barrett Ltd., Fern Mills, 70 Leeds Road Milnes, S. & Sons (1944) Ltd., 11 Victoria Street


MERCHANTS Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Henry Street, Upper- head Row. Tel. 7201/2 Burman & Greenwood Ltd., Albion Street Hopton, R. S. & Son, 58A New Street Jackson, Allen & Co., 8 Church Street. Tel. 5151/2 Paints (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cloth Hall Street Smith & Walton Ltd., 5a St. John's Road

PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Barrett, Herbert, 71 Spaines Road, Fartown Beaumont, Geoffrey, 3 Ashenhurst Close, Newsome Binns, L., 15 Dawson Road Bruce Bros., 30 Crosland Street, Crosland Moor Chappell, H., 99 Victoria Road, Lockwood Clay, Ramsay, 489 Bradford Road Connally, Stanley, 89 Lockwood Road

Telephone 412

Hatters, Hosiers


Gentlemen's Outfitters


H. Osborne & Co., Ltd.

37, John William Street HU DDERSFIEL D

Page 83



18 MARKET STREET Ladies' Coats, Gowns, Costumes Millinery, Knitwear, Blouses Corsets, Lingerie CHILDREN'S Gloves, Stockings OUTFITTERS


Established 1885




Children's Coats, Dresses, School Outfits, Underwear Socks, Millinery, etc Complete Layettes a Speciality


Cooper, W., 399 Wakefield Road, Dalton Drake, C., 181 Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Fahey, B., 361 Wakefield Road, Dalton Firth, A., 87 Clevelands Road, Marsh Greenhalgh, Douglas, 6 Thornfield Avenue, Lock- wood Holland, Winston, 18 Grange Avenue, Birkby Holroyd, W. & P., 1 Albion Street. Tel. 112 Jessop, Jack, 44 Oxley Road, Sheepridge Midgley, Raymond, 7 Oxford Place, Swan Lane, Lockwood . Oldfield, George & Son, 6 Dalton Green Lane, Dalton Oldfield, Leslie, 4 Beaumont Park Road, Lockwood S haw, Arthur W., 11 Saxton Place, Almondbury Simpson, W. C., 68 Highlands Avenue, Almondbury Stevenson, James Wm., 47 Reed Street, Marsh Sykes, J., 44 Victoria Street Wood, T., 29 Lockwood Road Worth, Derek D., 19 Clough Road, Birkby Wrigley, L., 11 Grange Avenue, Birkby

PAINTING CONTRACTORS Bagnall, A. & Sons Ltd., I.C.I. Dyestuffs, Dalton Brown & Thomas, 6 Spring Street. Tel. 448 Kendall, S., 6 Byram Street. Tel. 2511. Established 1877 Priest, H., 49 Spaines Road, Fartown

PAPER BAG MAKERS Beresford Bros., 21 Pack Horse Yard Shaw, Ernest, Ionna Warehouse, Lower Kirk- gate. Tel. 2240

PAPER BLIND MAKERS Gee, Edward & Sons, Back Croft Street, Paddock

PAPER MERCHANTS Beevers & Barrett Ltd., Fern Mills, 70 Leeds Road Beresford Bros, 21 Pack Horse Yard Milnes, S. & Sons (1944) Ltd., 11 Victoria Street Mortimer, R. W. & Son, 2 George Street. Tel. 2531 Quarmby, John & Son Ltd., East Parade. Tel. 5134/5. Established 1872

PAPER STOCK MERCHANTS Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street

PATENT AGENTS Appleyard & Crossley, 19 John Willam Street Barron & Lewin, Station Street Buildings

PATTERN CARD MAKERS Preston Bros. & Co., 2-4 Fox Street. Tel. 58. Established 1870

PAWNBROKERS Billington, G. C. Ltd., 58 Kirkgate Hill, Claude, 83 King Street

PET STORES Pet Food Stores, 24 and 38, Lower Market Hall

PHILATELISTS Hooton, T. R., 39 Byram Arcade

PHOTOGRAPHERS Atkinson, H., Studio 51, 2 Station Street Bray, J. M., Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street

Telephone Huddersfield 1883

gfi. Whitehead

(Proprietor: G. WALKER)




Cameras and Everything for the Amateur Photographer A D V I C E


Page 84



Dawson Home Movies Ltd., 14 Wood Street Dumont Studio, 4 Buxton Road Greaves & Co., Albert Chambers Huddersfield Happy Snaps, Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Montgomery, F. D., 19 Exchange Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 6132 Swallow, G. W., Burlington House, Park Drive Taylor, Ronald, 26 Blagden Lane, Close Hill Turton, Walter E., 61 Blacker Road, Birkby Waddington, D. S., 37 Forrest Avenue, Marsh Wilkinson, Irving, 24 Trinity Street

PHOTOGRAPHERS-COMMERCIAL Atkinson, H., Studio 51, 2 Station Street Bray, J. M., Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Whitehead, H., " The Photographic Shop," 26 Victoria Lane. Tel. 1883

PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS DEALERS Lauries Film Services Ltd., 27 Queen Street Whitehead, Harry, " The Photographic Shop," 26 Victoria Lane,. Tel. 1883


COPYING Hall, Harding Ltd., 76 John William Street


Whitehead, H., 26 Victoria Lane, Market Hall. Tel. 1883

PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Abell, Clifiord, Ashville, Lockwood Affleck, A. Murray, M.D., 40 New North Road Anderson, M. C., 4 Broadgate, Somerset Road Arnold, J. I., 30 Percy Street, Fartown Bairstow, T. E., Clevelands, Gledholt Ballon, Leslie, " Willow Dene," 58 Bradford Road Barclay, W., " Strathmore," 5 Murray Road Barrett, D. F., 292 Bradford Road Braham, Dr. H. G., Portland House, Lindley Broadbent, G. S., 6 New North Road Brown, Wm., 128 Halifax Old Road, Binsley Burns, G., 14 Belgrave Terrace, New North Road Cairns, D. Louis, M.D., Ashfield, 4 Cedar Avenue Chaudhuri, P. M., 58 Rawthorpe Lane Copland, James G., 28 New North Road Davis, H. W., The Grange, Bryan Road Edwards, T. H., 10 New North Road Edwards, Thos. H., 5 Brunswick Street Findlay, H. R., 202 Somerset Road Fletcher, L., 193 Newsome Road South Gamm, F., 53 New North Road Gawthrop, S. E., Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Gibb, C. N., 24 New North Road Gilmour, W. McC., 158 Trinity Street Gledhill, E., M.D., F.R.C.S., Grannum Lodge, Edgerton Graetz, G. H A., 32 Beaumont Park Road, Lock- wood Graham & Graetz, 81 Lockwood Road, Rashcliffe Grebecki, Z., 175 Trinity Street Guest, Denton, Fernbrook, Murray Road, Edgerton Hanratty, J. J., 74 Trinity Street

Heddle, H. S., 395 Wakefield Road Heneghan, Anthony P., 30 New North Road Hirst, Gerald, S., 1 York Place Hirst, J. W., 40 New North Road Horne, H. F., Merville, Lightridge Road, Fixby Ingham, W. Leslie, North House, Swan Lane, Lockwood Kyle, J. H., 11 Westbourne Road, Marsh Kyle, J. H., 3 Springdale Avenue, Thornton Lodge Lipschitz, R., 26 Brooklyn Avenue, Dalton McCurdy, Dr. J., Bryn Garth, Skipton Avenue, Fartown McMillen & Ross, 62 Daw Royd, Almondbury Macrae, C. D., Greengarth, Waterloo Madden, Stephen, M.B., Ch.B., 85 Newsome Road South, Berry Brow Maffin, W., 60 Benomley Crescent, Almondbury Mitchell, C. E., 387 Wakefield Road, Dalton Monteith, R. D., Somerset House, Aspley Munn, Alexander, M.B., Ch.B., D.I.H., 3 Woodside Lane, Bradford Road O'Neill, Henry T., Bryansford, Acre Street, Lindley Pownall, B., 62 Church Street, Paddock Pye-Smith, E. J., 40 New North Road Rawson, Frank L., 79 New North Road Robinson, B., 89 Fitzwilliam Street Ross, George, Ingfield House, Northgate, Almond- bury Sale, Frederick J., M.D., 67 New North Road Selbie, William, 45 Broad Lane, Moldgreen Spillane, Padraig, Oaklands, Whiteacre Street, Deighton Taylor, J. Edgar, Kirklands, Cemetery Road Thompson, W. E., 84 New North Road Thompson, D. B., 11 Broomfield Road, Marsh Tomlin, H., M.D., 112 Fitzwilliam Street Twomey, T. & H. J., 150 Halifax Old Road Waddy, S. H., 342 Newsome Road Walker, A. Latimer, 4 New North Road Walker, E. & Geoffrey L., 1 Spring Bank New North Road Walker, J. W., Lockwood Walker, R. N., 31 Rumbold Road, Edgerton Ward, E., 10 Imperial Road Wilson & Carruthers, The Crescent, Paddock Wilson, W. S., 5, Marsh Grove Road

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Waddington, Charles A., M.C.S.P., Waverley Road, New North Road

PIANOFORTE DEALERS Goddard, H., 18 Imperial Arcade Hanson, Albert, 66 King Street Hepworth, J., 135 St. John's Road, Birkby Wood, J. & Sons Ltd., 67 New Street


REPAIRERS Chillingsworth, L., 4 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Waddington. D., 7 Red Doles Road, Fartown

PICTURE FRAMING Brewer Bros. Ltd., 5 Shambles Lane

PILE FABRIC MANUFACTURERS Dyson, Hall & Co. Ltd., Greenside Mills Shaw, B. H., Britannia Mills, Stoney Battery, Manchester Road. Tel. Milnsbridge 285 Sykes (Godfrey) & Sons, Birkhouse Mills, Moldgreen Sykes, J. Anthony, 15 Dingley Road, Edgerton Sykes & Tunnicliffe Ltd., Northfield Mills, Almond- bury

Page 85



Phone Hudds.


The Name in advertising

Crossley Posters 18, Byram Arcade < Westgate < Huddersfield

6 5 4 6


INSPECTION Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015

PLASTERERS Armitage, J. E., 349 Leeds Road Broadbent Bros., Smithy Lane, Moldgreen Hills, Arthur, 129 Lockwood Road Jowitt, Wm. E., 58 Fitzwilliam Street MacNab, Peter, 27 Highlands Avenue, Almondbury Norton & Lindley, 218 Manchester Road, Thornton Lodge Oldfield, J. W., 59 Arnold Street Quinn, B., Luck Lane, Marsh Quinn, Joseph & Sons, Springwood Street Riley, W., 1 Quaker Lane, Paddock Robinson, John & Son, 87 Cleveland Road, Marsh Smith, G. B., Hillcroft, 31 High Lane, Newsome Spencer, G., 2 Speedwell Street, Paddock Tunnacliffe, T. B., Tunnacliffe's Yard, Trinity Street Winterbottom & Son, Elm Street, Newsome Road

PLASTIC MOULDING Fisher, Harold, Milan Works, Albert Street

PLASTICS Plasticraft Displays (Huddersfield) Ltd., Prince Royd Mill, Birchencliffe

PLUMBERS AND CONTRACTORS Boothroyd, L., 4 Standiforth Road, Dalton Brian, C., 539 Wakefield Road Dalton, Mallinson, J., 78 Greenhead Lane, Dalton

PLUMBERS AND ELECTRICIANS Best, W., 503 Wakefield Road Calvert, Wilfred, 24 Scar Grove, Lockwood Crossley & Drinkwater Ltd., 124 Hall Bower Lane, Newsome Dyson, Edwin & Sons, Baker Street, Oakes Firth, Leonard, 94 Close Hill Lane, Newsome Garton, George & Son Ltd., Market Place Hewer, G., 24 Benomley Drive, Almondbury Hoyle, Herbert & Son, 48 Westgate, Almondbury Kincey, W. B., 7 Triangle, Paddock. Tel. 1665 Marsden, J. & Sons, 1 Upperhead Row Mitchell, George, 36 William Street Newsome, G., 7 Spa Terrace, Lepton Riley, K., 265 Alder Street, Fartown Schofield, H. & Son, 10 Acre Street, Lindley Senior, A. E., 1 and 3 Broadgate Farm, Lowerhouses Senior, H. & Son, 5 Lockwood Scar, Lockwood Taylor, Linton, 46 Beech Street, Paddock

PLUMBERS AND GASFITTERS Bleazard, R., 104 Bradley Road, Bradley Bonser, George F., 38 Westbourne Road, Marsh Brook, Ernest, 14 South Parade Brook, George, Longroyd Bridge Edmondson, J., Middle Carr Works, Deighton Ellam, Joe, 212 Lockwood Road Green & Co. 95 Wakefield Road Green, Ernest, 23 Honoria Street, Fartown Hoyle, Wm. 15a Chapel Hill Jessop, T., 90 Deighton Road Littlewood, Harry, 151 Halifax Old Road, Birkby Marsden, Geoffrey 23 Trinity Street, Marsh Maude & Co., 98 St. John Road Senior, Leonard, Knowle Road, Kirkheaton Singleton, J. & Co., 31 Cobcroft Road, Fartown Slater, G. & Son, Wormald's Yard, King Street Swift, John W. J., Victoria Road, Lockwood Taylor, D. & Sons, 248a Lockwood Road, Lockwood Webster, Herbert, Lepton Wilson, J. W. & Son, 9 Orchard Terrace, Primrose Hill

PLUMBERS' MERCHANTS Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Kirkgate. Tel. 4382 (3 lines) Crowther, Alfred (Huddersfield) Ltd., North- umberland Street. Tel. 1275/6 and 3045 E.X.A. Agencies, 2 Rook Street Mollett, John Ltd., 42 John William Street


POLITICAL ORGANISATIONS Huddersfield Conservative Association, Sergeantson Street Huddersfield Labour Party, Byram Buildings, 2 Station Street Huddersfield Liberal Association, 24 Westgate Lockwood & Salford Conservative Association, 245 Lockwood Road

PORTABLE BUILDINGS Aspley Saw Mills, Carr Pit, Moldgreen Anderson & Catton Ltd., Barr Street, Leeds Road Astley, Brook & Co. Ltd., St. George's Works, Leeds Road

POSTER WRITERS Crossley (Posters), 18 Byram Arcade, West- gate. Tel. 6546

Page 86


POTATO MERCHANTS EKnowlson, R., 170 Penistone Road, Fenay Bridge Stables, E., Wholseale Market


RABBIT AND GAME DEALERS Healey, K., 6 Cemetery Road, Kirkheaton

POULTRY FARMERS Drake, Eric, 109 Long Lane, Dalton . Hill & Ainley, Royd House Poultry Farm, Kirk- heaton Spencer, G. & E., 47 New North Road Walker, N. & Sons, Jagger Hill, Pedique Poultry Farm, Kirkheaton

POULTRY FOOD DEALERS Wortley, B. & Sons, 17 Wakefield Road, Shorehead


CONTRACTORS Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royde

PRINTERS Advertise Press Ltd., Page Street Barden, Harry, 66 Lockwood Road Bradley, W., Radiant Works, Back Union Street. Tel. 46 Broadbent, J. & Co. (Printers) Ltd., High Street Cash, J. R. & Co. Ltd., Chapel Hill Charlesworth, H. & Co., Carisbrooke House, 103 Fitzwilliam Street Ellis, Norman, 158 Longroyd Bridge. Tel. 2791 Hanson, D., 20 West View Preston Bros. & Co., 2-4 Fox Street. Tel. 58. Established 1870 Quarmby, John & Son Ltd., East Parade. Tel. 513/4. Established 1872 Woffenden, Edgar, King Cliffe

PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS Brook & Learoyd, Chancery Lane Netherwood, Dalton & Co. Ltd., Caxton Works, Bradley Mills Parkin, Allan & Son Ltd., King's Mill Lane Preston Bros. & Co., 2-4 Fox Street. Tel. 58. Established 1870

PRINTERS AND STATIONERS Brown, B. & Son, 23 Westgate Cook, W. H. Ltd., 7-9 Albion Street Ellis, Norman, 158 Longroyd Bridge. Tel. 2791 Hodgkinson, E., 4 Manchester Road Jubb, Alfred & Son Ltd., St. John's Road Owen, G. W. & Son, 29-31 Queen Street Preston Bros. & Co., 2-4 Fox Street. Tel. 58. Established 1870 Sayles, Brooke & Booth, 312 Bradford Road Swindlehurst & Nicholson Ltd., 43 Market Street Wheatley, Dyson & Son Ltd., 12 New Street. Tel. 3583)/4

PROMOTERS Globe Promotions, 25 St. John's Road


Beaumont, J., 3. Winton Street, Lockwood

Briggs, F. J. E., 43 Ruskin Grove, Riddings Road, Sheepridge Haigh, Robert, 99 St. John's Road Haywood, F., 67 Cow Cliffs Hill, Birkby May, Harold (Builders) Ltd., Chapel Hill Shaw, A. & Son, 10 Syringa Street, Marsh

PROVISION MERCHANTS Dyson, R. S. & Co. Ltd., Macaulay Street. Tel. 3370/1. Established 1869 Jagger, C. A., 91 Market Hall Lewis, P., 37 Eldon Road, Marsh Newton, E. A. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 72 Lower Market Hall

PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTORS Graham, G. H. (Contractors) Ltd., Bank Chambers, Market Street

PUBLISHERS AND PUBLICATIONS Fieldhouse, Arthur, 66 Trinity Street Schofield & Sims Ltd., 17 Market Street

QUARRY OWNERS Stone Flags Ltd., Netheroyd Hill Quarry

RADIO APPARATUS DEALERS Aspinall, R. & Co., 7 Victoria Lane. Tel. 1804 Chillingsworth, L., 4 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Dyson, Philip, 72 Kingston Avenue, Dalton Gilleard, P., 115 Northgate, Almondbury Holland, John, 82 North Street, Lockwood Lum, Frank, 207 Luck Lane, Paddock Marsden, W., 28 Long Lane, Dalton Radio Disposals, 27 Beast Market Shaw, Chas., H., 7 Shambles Lane Sykes, Bill (Radio) Ltd., Radio House, Kennedy Avenue, Fixby Venus Electrical Co. Ltd., 217 Leeds Road Whitfields Ltd., 15 Trinity Street


Pennine Radio & Television, Page StreetWorks, Back Page Street


WHOLESALE Sun Electrical Co. Ltd., 17 Dalton Green Lane


ENGINEERS Aspinall, R. & Co., 7 Victoria Lane. - Tel. 1804 Broadbent, T. W., Ltd., Victoria Electrical Works, East Parade. Tel. 5371 Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015 Fitton, A. W., 192 Taylor Hill Road Gowing, W. P., 33 Westbourne Road, Marsh Levell, K. Ltd., Australia Buildings, Market Street. Tel. 2294 " Radio Craft," 9 Albion Street Radio Equipment (Yorkshire) Ltd., 32 New Street Smithies, F. M. & Son, 54 Sheepridge Road, Sheepridge Watkins, A. W., 130 Westbourne Road, Marsh


RENTING Radio Rentals Ltd., 16 Victoria Lane

Page 87



For 100% Electrical Service


Industrial Equipment-Installations-Repairs-Maintenance Domestic Appliances-Radio and Television

Showroom open Saturdays - Generous Hire Purchase Terms

T. W. BROADBENT LTD., Victoria Electrical Works, East Parade

Telephone 5371

Established 1921





Telephone 1804



Niven, W., Gledholt Hall

RAG MERCHANTS Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street Cornish, T., Zetland Street

The Huddersfield Railway Circle (Hon. Sec. E. J. Corke), 36 Clifton Road, Marsh. Tel. 7000


AND RETAILERS Benly's, 19 Market Avenue Osborne & Calverley (H. Osborne & Co. Ltd.), 37 John William Street. Tel. 412

RAINWEAR DISTRIBUTORS " The Retlaw Shop," Ritz Corner, 10 Market Street. Tel. 5658

RECORDING STUDIOS Ross Records, 4 New Street

REED AND HEALD MAKERS Rothwell, R. & Sons Ltd., 48a Victoria Street

REELERS AND WINDERS Longbottom, A., & Son, 3 Lord Street


MAKING MACHINERY Crowther & Shaw Ltd., Market Street

Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd,, Crown Works, Brook Street. Tel. 6015 Kelvinator Automatic Electric Refrigerators, Market Street

REINFORCED CONCRETE Cooke, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd


ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS Roxana Ltd., Queen's Mill Road

REMOVAL CONTRACTORS Broscombe, A., 46 Highlands Avenue, Almondbury Hanson Haulage Ltd., 31 St. John's Road Pickford's, 72 King Street Senior Preston, 190 Trinity Street



Senior, Raymond (Removals & Storage) Ltd., 79-81 King Street

RESTAURANTS Lion Restaurant (Huddersfield), John William Street Ritz Cinema, Market Street Snack Lunches Ltd., 16 Pack Horse Yard Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Westgate. 'F'el. Shop 514, Café 1550. Established 130 years

RIDING SCHOOLS Atkinson, E., Longley Riding School, Lowerhouses Clayton, Willie H., Lockwood Riding School, Lockwood

Page 88


The Huddersfield Safe Deposit Ltd. RENT AN INDIVIDUAL SAFE DEPOSIT BOX

Complete Privacy Assured-Ideal for Securities, Jewellery and other Valuables

Rentais from Two Guineas annually


Tel. Huddersfield 1425

ROAD TRANSPORT British Road Services, Nile Street Denton, W. L., Cliffe Yard, Longroyd Bridge Holmfield Transport Co., Bay Hall Garage, Bay Hall, Birkby Roadway Services Ltd. 34. Upperhead Row. Tel. 3853 (3 lines).

ROOF REPAIRERS Pickles Bros. (Slaters) Ltd., Wakefield Road, Aspley

ROOFING CONTRACTORS Pickles Bros. (Slaters) Ltd., Wakefield Road, Aspley ROPE AND TWINE MANUFACTURERS

Binns, John & Co., Perseverance Ropery, Queen's Mill Road Eastwood, W. (Agent), 18 Lynton Avenue, Green- head Road


All Loads covered by Insurance

Roadway Services


Transport, Forwarding, Shipping and

Insurance Agents Agents in all parts of Great Britain


Telephone DAY Traffic: HUDDERSFIELOD 3853 (3 lines) Accounts: HUDDERSFIELD 5353 Garage and Warehouse: HUDDERSFIELOD 4033



Hastings & Henshaw, Springdale Mills, Longroyd Bridge

RUBBER MERCHANTS France, Louis, Upperhead Mills Andre Rubber Co., 11 Cloth Hall Street, Tel. 5491

RUG MANUFACTURERS Beever, John & Sons Ltd., Brook Street Dundas Rug & Textiles Ltd., Hole Bottom, Bankfield Road, Moldgreen Hemingway, H. & Son, 88 Leeds Road. Tel. 3433 Knowles, Kaye & Co. Ltd., King's Mill Lawton & Lodge Ltd., Storths Mill, Moldgreen Tandem Rug Co., Wakefield Road, Kirkheaton Thornton, B. & Son, Pioneer Mill, Fountain Street Thornton, Frederick & Son, 18 St. George's Square

SADDLERS AND HARNESS MAKERS Cummins, W. J., 15 New North Road Walker & Aldridge, 9a Cloth Hall Street Winterbottom, S., 79 Northgate

SAFE DEPOSITS Huddersfield Safe Deposit Ltd., The, Station Street Buildings. Tel. 1425

SALT MERCHANTS Cannon, John, 102, Yews Hill Road, Lockwood

SAND AND GRAVEL MERCHANTS Toulson, S. & Sons Ltd., Canal Wharf, Aspley

SAUSAGE CASINGS Falck, J. H. & Sons, Great Northern Street

SAW MAKERS Booth, C. & Son Sheffield House, 13 Cross Church Street. Tel. 457 Jarratt, Pyrah & Armitage Ltd., Quay Street, DockYard Sawmills. Tel. 3995/6/7. Estab- lished 1770

SCHOOLS, COLLEGES ETC. Central (Kayes) College, 70 New North Road Theobold, Miss R. I., 10 Park Drive Waverley School, 20 Edgerton Wentworth School (Miss K. M. Evans), Craigmhor, Greenhead Road

Page 89


Telephone 241





Fox's College, 47 Trinity Street Midland College of Hairdressing, 198A King Street

SCHOOLS-MOTORING British School of Motoring Ltd., Commercial Chambers, 3 Chapel Hill Huddersfield School of Motoring Ltd., 101 Trinity

Street School of Motoring, 25 Beech Street, Paddock

SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT MAKERS Norwood Engineering Co., Norwood Road, Kirbky


Crossley (Posters), 18 Byram Arcade, Westgate Littlewood, W. E., 15 Trinity Street


AGENCIES Packer, Mrs. E., 151 Broomfield Road, Marsh


MANUFACTURERS AND AGENTS Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., 16 Cross Church Street

SHEET METAL WORKERS Haworth, C. & Son, 47A Colne Road Bros. Ltd., 64, Buxton Road. Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Morley Bros., Foley Hall Northrop, F. & Sons, 1 Smithy Lane, Moldgreen Paskin & Smith (Motor), Grinmore Avenue, Birkby Perrin, Fred., Thomlinson's Yard, Northgate Taylor Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 15a Beast Market Wilson, J. W. & Son, Lockwood Road, Lockwood


AGENTS Hanson Travel Service Ltd., 31 St. John's Road Huddersfield Parcels Co., 4 Railway Street Roadway Services Ltd., 34, Upperhead Row. Tel. 3853 (3 lines).

SHIRT AND COLLAR MAKERS Barrett, C., King Street Ginty, J. G. Ltd., 81 Fitzwilliam Street Osborne & Calverley (H. Osborne & Co. Ltd.), 37 John William Street. Tel. 412 Shaw, W., 1 St. George's Street

SHOE MERCHANTS (WHOLESALE) Whitham & Schofield Ltd., 11-13 Chancery Lane Tel. 184. SHOE RETAILERS Shaw & Hallas Ltd., John William Street.

Tel. 241. SHOWCARDS Crossley (Posters), 18 Byram Arcade, West- gate. Tel. 6546

SHRINKERS Jennens, Welch & Co. Ltd., Springwood Works

SIGN WRITERS Brown & Thomas, 6 Spring Street. Tel. 448 Palphreyman, Arthur R., 15 Scott Vale, Sheepridge Spratt's Signs Ltd., 79 Fitzwilliam Street Stocks, J. C., 48 Colscroft Road, Fartown

SIGNS Littlewood, W. E., 15 Trinity Street

SILKSCREEN PRINTING 02058486“), (Posters), 18 Byram Arcade. Tel.

SILK SPINNERS White, W. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Mul- berry Mills, 51 Fitzwilliam Street. Tel. 761

SIZE MANUFACTURERS Isthmus Size Co. Ltd., The, Isthmus Mill

SKIP MANUFACTURERS Fern Skip & Basket Co., Fern Mills, 70 Leeds Road Haigh, C. & Co. Ltd., Bankfield Road

SLATERS AND TILERS Pickles Bros. (Slaters) Ltd., Wakefield Road, Aspley. Tel. 860. Established over a cen-

tury Scholes, H., 90 Upper Mount Street, Lockwood Sheridan, James & Sons, 40 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor Tunnacliffe, T. B., Tunnacliffe's Yard, Trinity Street


Beaumont's, Imperial Yard, New Street Shaw, Ernest (Paper), 3-5 Rosemary Lane

sOAP MANUFACTURERS Bedforth, M. & Sons, Soap Works, Aspley

Page 90


Established 1870




Manufacturing Stationers

Printers, Lithographers, Bookbinders, Pattern Card Makers, Stationers

Telephone Huddersfield 58


sOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly & Industrial Society Ltd., 3 Poplar Street, Birkby Huddersfield Boy Scouts Local Association, 10 Grove Street Huddersfield & District Army Veterans Association, 23 Fartown Green Road Huddersfield Engineering Employer's Association, Midland Bank Chambers, 2 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 466-7 Huddersfield Society for the Blind, The Holly, New Hey Road, Marsh National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 104 Trinity Street Soldiers', Sailors' & Airmen's Families Association, 7 Upperhead Row Young Men's Christian Association, 16 John William Street Young Women's Christian Association, 3 New North Street


Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe Lloyds Bank Building Bamforth, Leonard, 4 New Street Baxter, Caulfield, Chadwick & Co., 2 St. Peter's Street Brook, Freeman & Co., 7 St. George's Square Calverley, James M., 43 Benomley Road, Almond- bury Cartwright & Fieldhouse, Equitable Bank Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Eaton, Smith & Downey, Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Hall, Frank, 25 Mountjoy Road Hall, Norton & Atkins, 9 Station Street. Tel. 3190/3191 Heap, Marshall & Heeley, 24 John William Street Hutchinson, G. E., 15a Westgate Jackson, H. W., Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street Laycock, Dyson & Laycock, Midland Bank Cham- bers, 2 Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 466 (2 lines) Learoyd, Sissons & Co., Lion Chambers, St. George's Square. Tel. 7291-7292 Marshall, Shaw & Lister, Hawksby's Court, 34 New Street Mills, Best & Wilson, Station Street Buildings. Tel. 181 Owen, Bailey & Holme, Byram Arcade, Westgate Owen, Bailey & Hulme, Yorkshire Bank Chambers, New Street. Tel. 3842/3 Ramsden, Sykes, Ramsden, Station Street Buildings. Tel. 2502 Ridley & Hall, 7 Britannia Buildings

Smailes, Thomas, 11 Park Drive Smailes & Walker, 25 Market Place. Tel. 6140 (2 lines) Somerville-Jones, Owen C., 32 John William Street Sykes, J. & Co., Rolls Office, Market Place. Tel. 4580 (2 lines) Sykes, Mary E., Britannia Buildings, St. Peter's Street. Tel. 3520 Washington, G. M., King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street Wilmhurst & Kaye, Market Place


Dictograph Telephones Ltd., Upperhead Mills, Upperhead Row

SPORTS OUTFITTERS Barker's Corner House, 23 Market Place Billiard Supply Co., 4 Market Place Chambers Crook, Benj. & Sons Ltd., 56 Fitzwilliam Street Emmerson Bros., 11 Market Street Reiss, H. & Co. Ltd., 48 Manchester Road Sportsgear, 4 Market Place Chambers

STAINED GLASS MANUFACTURERS Millward, J. A. & Son, 3 Grafton Place

STATIONERS Booth, A. M., Mrs., Post Office, Lindley Czates & Bairstow, 3-7 Station Street. Tel. 75 Hampshire, H., Wheathouse Road, Birkby Preston Bros. & Co., Fox Street. Tel 58


AND MANUFACTURING Preston Bros & Co., 2-4 Fox Street. Tel 58. Est. 1870.

STEEL MERCHANTS Wilson, George & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Canal Iron and Steel Works, Manchester Road

STEEL STRIP MANUFACTURERS Thornton, B., Ltd., Turnbridge Road

STEEL WORK-CONSTRUCTIONAL Wilson, George & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Canal Iron and Steel Works, Manchester Road

STEEPLEJACKS Lawrence & Co., 112 Penistone Road, Waterloo Tinker, John & Sons Ltd., 7 Market Place Chambers

Page 91



A A A A A A The phrase

We got it at

» 3 D » ®»

WESTGATE & JOHN WILLIAM ST. Thirty Departments

STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS Battye, Stanley & Co., 11 Station Street. Tel. 1718/1719 Bentley, F. W. & Co., Estate Buildings Brierly, G. K. & Co., 11 Cloth Hall Street Dawson, A. & Co., 30-36 Standard House Lodge, Frank, 4 Storths Road, Birkby Ramsden, Robert & Co., 9 and 10 Byram Arcade Wimpenny, W. E. & Co., 15 New Street

STONE MERCHANTS Graham & Jessop (1935) Ltd., Wakefield Road, Moldgreen

STORES Henry's Stores Ltd., 6-8 John William Street Hillhouse Cash Stores, 35-37 Wasp Nest Road Jones, W., Thorne Road, Thornton Lodge Lee, A. J., 66-68 Colne Bridge Road, Bradley Marks & Spencer Ltd., 21-23 New Street Marshall, E., 16 Smith Lane, Moldgreen Millett's Stores (1928) Ltd., 42 Cross Church Street Robinson, Mrs. I., 1 Mill Street, Crosland Moor Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments Turton, F., 122 Albert Street, Lockwood Wood, J. T., 113-117 Wakefield Road Woolworth, F. W. & Co. Ltd., 49 New Street

SUN BLINDS Jones & Farrand, 3 Hammond's Yard, King Street

SURVEYORS Booth, George, 24, Queen Street. Tel. 910 Cock, Son & Whitworth Ltd., Offices and Sale Rooms, Kirkgate and Wood Street. Tel. 2351 Mellor, L. G., 17 Trinity Street Schofield, Alfred, 72 Carr Green Lane, Calton Stephens & Co., 5 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5461

TAILORS Battye, T., 42a Buxton Road


yotP : «whmm ~

Is a guarantee of Quality & Service

Bevers, John, 1a Glebe Street, Marsh Carson, David, " Wharfedale," West Avenue, Daisy Lea Lane Cole, Alec, 63 New Street Collins, Wm., 14 Cloth Hall Street Connelly, M. J., 60 King Street Cowan, Sam A., 15 Storths Road, Birkby Firth, Dan (1953) Ltd., Revenue Chambers, St. Peter's Street Fletcher, Cyril, 16 Deighton Road France, M. P., 10 Albion Street Friend, V., 14 Benomley Drive, Almondbury Friend, Vic., 1 Wood Street Goodworth & Hollas, 3 Page Street Hopson Bros., Longroyd Bridge Jackman, C. & Son, 106 Lockwood Road McCrone, F., 38 Springwood Avenue McGill, T., 20 Byram Arcade, Westgate Mahon, John, 12 Balmoral Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Mason, George & Son, King Street Michael, Ralph, Waverley Chambers, Kirkgate Moorhouse, H. & Son, Revenue Chambers, Byram Street Palmer, F., 112 Luck Lane, Marsh Paxton, G. D. Ltd., 2 Green Street Pearson, Ben, 6 Standard House, Half Moon Street Powney, J. H., 4 John Street. Tel. 747 Quarmby, A. E. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 7 St. George's Square. Tel. 3150 Rushworth, Fred A., 13 Lord Street Stott, T. W. & Son, 37 Bradford Road Sunley, Arthur, 44 Trinity Street Sykes, J. G. & Co., Pear Street, Crosland Moor Taylor, Benton Ltd., 22 Cross Church Street Taylor, Ernest & Co., 12 Byram Street Waddington, N,. 10 Albion Street. Tel. 2230 Wallis, F. & N., 127 Fartown Green Road, Fartown Walton, H., 2 Station Street Whiteley, T. K., 13 Venn Street Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd., 20 Manchester Road. Tel. 623 and 4825. Established 1854 Wilkinson, H. & S. B., 1 Grimscar Avenue, Birkby Wilson, T. & Son (Gent's), 10 St. George's Square Winpenny, J. A., 53 Market Hall Worsley, B., 48 Imperial Arcade, New Street


Estate Agent and Valuer

24, QUEEN STREET, HUDDERSFIELD Telephone Huddersfield 910

Page 92


TAILORS-LADIES' Quarmby, A. E., 7 St. George's Square

TANNERS AND CURRIERS Hallas, Elliott & Sons Ltd., Elothas Leather Works, Stoney Battery

TAXI AND PRIVATE HIRE Askham, V., 608 Wakefield Road, Waterloo Atkinson, E. B., 72 Carr Street, Marsh Auty, H., Bankfield Bank, End Lane Beighton, Godfrey, 187 Church Street, Paddock Bird, Stanley, 11 Aldonley Bradley Motors, Leeds Road Brook, A. Douglas, 15 Chestnut Street, Sheepridge Brook, F., 34 Ripon Avenue, Fartown Clayton, J. G., 16 Westfield Avenue, Oakes Cosy Taxis, 86 Hammond Street Currie, Thos. & Co., 10 Zetland Street Darwin, J. H. & Sons, Fartown Lodge Garage Darwin, Norman, 6 Whitby Avenue, Fartown Denton, George & Sons, Gledholt Garage, Gledholt Road Dews, G. H., 2 Lime Street, Lockwood Dixon, H. R., 47 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown Gledhill, G. V., 48 Carr Street, Marsh Huddersfield Streamlined Taxis Ltd., 2 Rail- way Street. Tel. 3426 Hutchinson, Wilfred, Pentire, 10 Fleming House Lane, Waterloo Jessop, G. E., 11 Broomfield Road, Marsh Lewis, A. L., 47 Sufton Street, Birkby Lewis, A. L., The Garage, Kingcliffe Buildirgs, Birkby Lockwood, W., 86 Close Hill Lane Longley's Silverline Taxis Ltd., 15 Venn Street. Tel. 772 Lumb, Frank, 5 Belle Vue Farm, Heaton Road, Paddock Marshall's Taxis, 90 Heaton Road, Paddock Maynard, P., 38 Eastwood Street, Moldgreen Moorhouse, N., 10 De Lacy Avenue Powell, H., 101 Bradley Boulevard, Sheepridge Regan, W., 6 George Street Senior, Raymond, 160 Trinity Street Shepherd, Herbert, 28 Penistone Road, Waterloo Silver Eagle Taxi Cars, 4 Meltham Road, Lockwood Silverline Taxis, 15 Venn Street Station Taxis, Taxi Stand, St. George's Square Streamlined Taxis, 2 Railway Street Taxi Services, Taxi-Cab Rank, St. George's Square Taxis, 2 Railway Street Thompson, W., 10 Green Mount, Moldgreen

TEA MERCHANTS Collinson, T. & Sons Ltd. (Caterers), 39 New Street Home & County Tea Co. Ltd., Flint Street Kaye, Samuel & Son, Albion Street

TEAZLE MERCHANTS Taylor, Edmund (Teazle) Ltd., Chardon Mill, Carr Pit Road, Moldgreen


INTERCOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Dictograph Telephones Ltd., Upperhead Mills, Upperhead Row

TERRAZZO MOSAIC AND GRANOLITHIC PAVERS Cooke, John & Sons Ltd., Queen's Mill Road, Little Royd Roxana Ltd., Queen's Mill Road

Toffolo, Luigi & Sons, 179 Victoria Road, Lock- wood


MANUFACTURERS AND REPAIRERS Blakeley, Harry, Alfred Street Brooke, R. B. & Sons (Engineers) Ltd., Water Street, Lockwood Brown Bros., 2 Flint Street, Fartown Chambers, F., 50a Church Street, Paddock Hardcastle, W., Griffin Forge, Crosland Moor Pneumatic Conveyors (Huddersfield) Ltd., Willow Lane Schofield, Walter Ltd., Alma Works, Lockwood Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Chapel Hill Sykes, John & Sons Ltd., Canal Works, Aspley Whiteley, William & Sons Ltd. (Incorporating J. Charlesworth), Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood Williamson, A. & Co., Priestroyd Mills, Firth Street Wulte Machine Co., Progress Works, Bankfield Road

TEXTILE WASTE Crossley, Josh., 22 Beech Street, Paddock Wilkinson, H. M., 3a Blackmoorfoot Road

TEXTILES Firmawear Products Ltd., 21 Brook Street Manford (Huddersficld) Ltd., 32 St. John's Road Marks & Spencer Export Corporation Ltd., 32 St. John's Road


Palace Theatre, Kirkgate Theatre Royal, Ramsden Street

TILERS-WALL AND FLOOR Fisher, Walter & Sons (Tilers), Lord Street

TIMBER MERCHANTS Bates, James, Railway Saw Mills, Burbeary Road, Lockwood Garrards (Huddersfield) Ltd., Great Northern Street Huddersfield Timber Co., Chapel Hill Mills Jarratt, Pyrah & Armitage Ltd., Dock Yard Sawmills. Tel. 3995/6/7. Established 1870

TIME RECORDERS Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders Ltd., Empire Works, 23 Market Street

TIN MINERS Wheal Friendly Mining Co. Ltd., Waverley Chambers, 2 Kirkgate

TINPLATE WORKERS Shaw, Fred, Lord Street Wallis & Co. Ltd., Spring Street

TOBACCONISTS-RET AIL Budge, Fred, 26 Victoria Lane Gledhill, N., 46 Viaduct Street Hobson, J. W. & Son, 39 Market Street Tetley, S. & Sons Ltd., 9 Market Street

TOBACCONISTS-WHOLESALE Ramsden, T. D. (and Retail), 76 King Street Sykes, John S. & Co. (Tobacconists) Ltd., Union Bank Yard, New Street Wade, B. & Co. Ltd., 15 Lord Street. Tel. 2842

Page 93


Jarratt Pyrah & Armitage Ltd


Stockists of


* DRY YELLOW PINE for Pattern Making, etc.

Quay Street * Huddersfield

Tel. 3995/6/7

TOOL MAKERS AND DEALERS Booth, C. & Son, Sheffield House, 13 Cross Church Street. Tel. 457 Dathan Tool & Guage Co., Thornfield Road, Lock- wood Engineers' Small Tool Co., Brook's Yard, Market Street Fine Tools Ltd., Wakefield Road, Waterloo Goulder, I. & Sons Ltd., Albany Road, Kirkheaton Gregory & Sutcliffe, 6 St. John's Road Industrial Drafting Co. Ltd., The, Broomfield Road, Marsh Monarch Tool Co. Ltd., 2-4 John William Street

TOURISTS AGENTS Altham, Abraham Ltd., 26 Cross Church Street Dean & Dawson Ltd., St. Peter's Street Hanson Travel Service Ltd., 31 St. John's Road Stanton, L. R. (General Travel Organiser), 76A John William Street

TOWING CONTRACTORS Boustead, J., 9 Mitchell Avenue, Waterloo Boustead, John E. (Caravan), 31 Bay Hall Garage, Birkby


Lockwood Toy Factory 2 Mcltham Road Modellers' Supply Ltd. (Constructional), Airyda Works, Aspley

TOYS AND GAMES Rushworth's Ltd., Westgate. Tel. 2329 to all Departments

TRACING CLOTHS AND PAPERS Hall, Harding Ltd., 76 John William Street

TRADE ASSOCIATIONS Huddersfield Area Meat Retailers' Association, Public Abattoir

Wholesale Meat Supply Association Ltd., The Abattoir, Great Northern Street


National Union of Dyers & Bleachers & Textile Workers, 41 Fitzwilliam Street Transport & General Workers' Union, 30 Byram Arcade, Westgate

TRANSLATORS Berlitz School of Languages, 14 Greenhead Road


Roadway Services Ltd., 34 Upperhead Row, Tel. 3853 (3 lines). Night 'Phone 3587

TRIMMING MERCHANTS Marshall, Fred & Co. Ltd., Lord Street Mellor, J. M. & Son, 23 Holly Bank Road, Lindley


Andrew, Joc, Beaumont Street Chambers, H. & Sons Ltd., Bradford Road Gibson, J. S. Ltd., 117 Leeds Road

TUBES-PAPER AND CARDBOARD Clifford, Sidney Ltd., Fartown Green

TWINES AND CORDS Beresford Bros., 21 Pack Horse Yard Milnes, S. & Sons (1944) Ltd., 11 Victoria Street

Page 94


Established 1864


(BEEVER'S) The noted Huddersfield House

for all classes of U N IFO R M S

Liveries, Uniforms Caps etc Contractors to all Principal Cinemas, Hotel Companies, Corporations, Bus Com- panies, etc. also LIVERY CLOTH MAKERS




Telephone 427 - Telegrams 'Beever Huddersfield


Business Equipment Co. Ltd., 8 Standard House. Tel. 4433 Galloway, George & Sons, 7 Byram Street-


Business Equipment Co. Ltd., 8 Standard House. Tel. 4433 Caribonum Ltd., 32 John William Street


Business Equipment Co. Ltd., 8 Standard House. Tel. 4433 Galloway, George & Sons, 7 Byram Hirst, W. H. & Son. 14-18 Byram Street

TYPEWRITING AND COPYING OFFICES Galloway, George & Sons, 7 Byram Street

TYRE FACTORS Briggs, W. & Co. Ltd., Huddersfield Tyre House, Firth Street Canning, J. Ltd., 6 John Street Dickinson, L. & J., 70 Manchester Road

TYRE RETREADERS Huddersfield Motor Utility Co. Ltd., Firth Street, Aspley UNDERCLOTHING

MANUFACTURERS Sutcliffe, Alonzo & Sons Ltd., 37 Beast Market


MANUFACTURERS Beever, James & Co. Ltd., 25 Brook Street. Tel. 427

UPHOLSTERERS Barnes, C. C. Ltd., 222 Wakefield Road Culpan, P. A. & Co., 4 Duke Street Drake, E. D. & Co. Ltd., Brook Street Works, Batley Street, Moldgreen McShane, Francis, 23 Wakefield Road Riley, Harry, 8 King's Head Arcade, Cloth Hall Street Sheard, Morris, 3A Station Street

VACUUM CLEANERS Hoover Ltd., 2 Manchester Street Vacuum Repair Service, 46 Dalton Green Lane

VALUERS Booth, George, 24 Queen Street. Tel. 910 Boulton's, 15 High Street. Tel. 6013 Stephens & Co., 5 King's Head Buildings, Cloth Hall Street. Tel. 5461

VALVE MAKERS Crowther & Gee, Firth Street Works Hopkinsons Ltd., Britannia Works

VAT AND CISTERN MAKERS Airey, Robert & Son, Kuvo Works, King's Bridge Road. Tel. 976

VENTILATING ENGINEERS Rolla Sheet Metal Works Ltd., 36 Upperhead Row

VETERINARY SURGEONS McKinna, J. & Son, 20 Ramsden Street Milnes, Miss Joan N., 83 Birkby Lodge Road

VINEGAR BREWERS-MALT Shaws (Hudersfield) Ltd., Storths Mill, Aspley

VITROLITE FIXERS Fisher, Walter & Sons (Tilers) Ltd., Lord Street

Jarratt, Pyrah & Armitage Ltd., Dock Yard Sawmills. Tel. 3995 (3 lines)

WALLPAPER MERCHANTS Burman & Greenwood Ltd., Albion Street Clegg & Sons (Wallpapers) Ltd., 1 Lord Street Crown Wallpapers Ltd., 2-4 Cross Church Street Jackson, Allen & Co., 8 Church Street. Tel. 5151/2


Estate Agent and Valuer

24, QUEEN STREET, HUDDERSFIELD Telephone Huddersfield 910

Page 95



Telephone 5151-2


Paint and Wallpaper Merchants

We specialise in Paints for Factories, Hospitals and Schools

Agents for: Eclipse Ladders, Steps and Trestles B.E.N. Spray Equipment: Calor Gas


WALLPAPER MERCHANTS (cont.) Paints (Huddersfield) Ltd., Cloth Hall Street Schofield, S. & Co. Ltd., 41 King Street

WARDROBE DEALERS Hammond, Mrs. J., 21 St. Peter's Street Hepworth, R., 8 Chapel Hill Marsden, E., 26 Beast Market Nicholson, Mrs., 21 Ashmere Grove, Fartown

WAREHOUSEMEN Affleck, John & Sons Ltd, 16 New North Road Booth, Arthur N. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 22 . Byram Street. Tel. 1537 Drake & Hirst (Wholesale), 62 Fitzwilliam Street M. & B. Drapery Warehouse Watts, S. & J. & Co., 32-4 Wood Street


AND DEALERS Home Electric Services, 22 Chapel Hill

WASTE MERCHANTS Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street Crawshaw & Mellor Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills, Manchester Road Crossley, Tom, 33 Bankfield Road, Moldgreen Haigh, James & Co. (Wool) Ltd., Springdale Mills, Manchester Road Longbottom, A. & Son, 3 Lord Street Mallalieu, A. E. (Hosiery), Springdale Works, St. Andrew's Road Sutcliffe, John & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Richmond Mills, Fitzwiliam Street. Tel. 2211 (2 lines) Taylor & Farnworth Ltd., 122 Laund Road

WASTE PAPER MERCHANTS Beaumont, W. L., Henry Street

WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS Butlin, Edward, 15 Westgate Denes, K., 13 Westbourne Road, Marsh Dunning, A. S., 24 Queen Street Fiechter, Ulrich, Top of Westgate Irving, L., 98A Halifax Old Road McCreath, J. S. & R., Central Buildings, Market Place Metcalfe, T. S., 5 King's Head Arcade

WATER COOLERS Cascade Water Coolers Ltd., 44 Lion Chambers, John William Street

WATERPROOF CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS Retlaw Ltd., 7 Albion Street Wil-Be-Fort (Rainwear) Ltd., 44 John William Street

WASHING MACHINE MANUFACTURERS Ashworth, Ross & Co. Ltd., 37 Kirkgate Avery, W. & T. Ltd., Wells Mills, Northgate Lodge, Fred (Engineers), lla Chapel Hill. Tel. 1518

WELDERS Haigh & Ellis, Success Welding Works, Turnbridge Reliance Welding Co., 53a Colne Road

WELDING SUPPLIES Industrial Economy Ltd., 25 New North Road Lincoln Electric Co. Ltd., 25 Grange Avenue, Birkby

WHEEL WRIGHTS Pexton, S. & Sons Ltd., The Forge, Kirkheaton

WHITESMITHS Haigh, David & Son, Miln Road Sunderland Bros., Hillhouse

WINDOW CLEANERS Briggs, T. H. & Son, Cloth Hall Chambers, Cloth Hall Street Brogan, J., 19 Commercial Street

WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS Addison & Co. Ltd., 25 Westgate Bentley & Shaw Ltd., Lockwood Brewery. Tel. 3380/1. Established 1795 Pickard, G. R. & Sons, 117 St. John's Road, Birkby Shaw, Benjamin & Sons Ltd., Willow Lane Stones, Wm. Ltd., Pack Horse Yard

WIRE WORKERS AND WEAVERS Procter Bros. (Wireworks) Ltd., 39 High Street

WOOD STAINERS Darwent, M. & Son, Kirkgate. Tel. 887. Established 100 years

WOODWORKING SPECIALISTS Thornton, Mason & Hotle Ltd., Fartown Bar Works, Bradford Road

Page 96


Dundas Street e


Wm. Willans & Co. Ltd.


188 and 428


WOOL BROKERS Dawson, H. Sons & Co. Ltd., 16 Estate Buildings


EXTRACTORS AND SCOURERS Aspinall & Heron (Pieces), Woodhouse Mills, Deighton Haigh, Harold H. & Sons Ltd., Springdale Mill, Longroyd Bridge Jarmain & Son Ltd., Minerva Works, Crossley Lane, Kirkheaton

WOOL COMBERS Eldon Combing Co. Ltd., Colne Road Wool Combe Manufacturers Ltd., Crown Comb Works, 14 Princess Street

WOOL MERCHANTS Brook, H. F. & Co. Ltd., 21 St. John's Road Dawson, H., Sons & Co. Ltd., 16 Estate Buildings Haigh, Edward (Wool) Ltd., 8 Sergeantson Street Haigh, Edward (Wool) Ltd., 8la Fitzwilliam Street. Tel. 5127/8 Hinchcliffe, C. W. & Sons, 11 Upperhead Row Willans, Wm. & Co. Ltd., Dundas Street. Tel. 188 and 428

WOOLS AND NOILS Willans, Wm. & Co. Ltd., 10 Dundas Street. Tel. 188 and 428 WOOL SHOPS Readicut Wool Co. Ltd., 27 Cross Church Street

WOOL WASTE Bassindale, H. B., Mill Street, Crosland Moor Berry, Walter & Sons Ltd., Deighton Mills, Deighton Grist Bros. Ltd., Bath Street Haigh, James & Co. (Wool) Ltd., Springdale Mills, Manchester Road - Hepworth, Geo. A., 48 Leeds Road Sutcliffe, John & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Rich- mond Mills, Fitzwilliam Street Taylor, Herbert (Huddersfield) Ltd., Carr Green Works

WOOL WASTE PULLERS Crawshaw & Mellor Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills, Manchester Road Wrigley Joseph & Sons, Littleroyd Mills, Rashcliffe


- GARNETTERS Sutcliffe, John & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Rich- mond Mills, Fitzwilliam Street

WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS Ballantyne, D. Bros. & Co. Ltd., 19 Railway Street, St. George's Square Bankfield Mill Co., Longroyd Bridge Mills Blamires Ltd., Phoenix Mills, Leeds Road Brook & Woodhouse Ltd., Queen's Mill Clough & Lawton (Huddersfield) Ltd., 2 King's Head Buildings Crowther, John & Sons (Milnsbridge) Ltd., Lock- wood Mills Crowther & Nicholson Ltd., Ash Brow Mills Firth, A. W. & Sons Ltd., 50 King Street Gibb, Stewart G. R., 13 Park Drive Gledhill Bros. & Co. Ltd., Lockwood Road Glendinning Bros. Ltd., Tanfield Mills, Leeds Road. Tel. 4277/8 Hollingworth, Wood & Co. Ltd., Albert Mills, Lockwood Jellinek & Howard Ltd., 50 Standard House Kaye, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., King's Mill Laycock, A. & Sons (1939) Ltd., Tower Mills, Turnbridge Liddell & Brierly Ltd., Stanley Mills, Marsh Mallinson, G. & Sons Ltd., 8 Estate Buildings Marshall, F. (Textiles) Ltd., Hollins Mill, Marsh Middlemost Bros. & Co. Ltd., Clough House Mills Shaw Bros. Ltd., Larchfield Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 5066/7 Sheard, G. & Son, Bay Hall Mills, Fern Street, Birkby Sykes, James & Son Ltd., Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton Taylors, Jolin Ltd., Colne Road Mill T weed, S. & Co. Ltd., Whitley Willows Mill, Lepton


CLOTH MANUFACTURERS Borval Fabrics Ltd., 5 Dundas Street. Tel. 1723 Brellon & Co., 6a King's Mill Street Ellis, Ronald Ltd., 28 Queen Street Glendenning Bros, Ltd., Leeds Road Jagger, L., 6a Wellfield Road Oddy, Wm. & Co. Ltd., Sales Office, Park Valley Mills Shaw Bros. Ltd., Larchfield Mills, Firth Street Thomas, W. H., Hollins Mill, Marsh


Airedale Co-operative Worsted Manufacturing Society, Woodhouse Mills Berry Bros. Ltd., 70 John William Street Broadhead, B., Franklin Ltd., Lloyds Bank Chambers

Page 97




x HYDRO EXTRACTORS for Laundries and Textiles

x DRYCLEANERS Non-Flam plants

* - CENTRIFUGALS for Chemicals, Food, Oil Extraction, etc.

*- CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCHES and COUPLINGS for Power Transmission


Tel. HUDDERSFIELD 5520 (6 lines)

WOOLLEN AND WORSTED MERCHANTS (cont.) Brook, H. F. & Co. Ltd., 21 St. John's Road Brook, Taverner & Co., 16 Northumberland Street Duffin & Peace, 5 St. John's Road Dugdale Bros. & Co. Ltd., Northumberland Street Firth & Co. (Huddersfield Textiles) Ltd., 6 St. Peter Street Fisher & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Upperhead Row Groves & Lindley Ltd., 7 Lord Street Hinchcliffe, J. & H., 37 Broadgate Hirst, Joseph & Sons, 17 Brook Street Hollingworth, Wood & Co. Ltd., Albert Mills, Lockwood Jordan, James, 15 Lord Street Jury, F. & Co., 35 Queen Street Knight, Leigh (Bradford) Ltd., 42 St. John's Road Marshall, Fred & Co. Ltd., Lord Street Mellor, H. & Son, Brook's Yard, Market Street Smith Bros., St. John's Road Sykes & Armitage Ltd., Park Side House, Somerset Road Sykes, M., Haigh & Co., 1 St. George's Street Wool Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 82 Fitzwilliam Street

WOOLLEN YARN SPINNERS Bates & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Fairfield Mills Brierley Bros. Ltd., Albert Mills Brown, Ernest, 5 Mayfield Avenue, Dalton Fearnley, Walter & Sons Ltd., Holme Mills, Bradley Lawton, Fred & Son Ltd., Firth Street Mills Lawton, William Ltd., Granville Mills, Paddock Priestroyd Spinning Co., Firth Street Rhodes & Brierley Ltd., Vale Mills, Kirkheaton Waterhouse Bros. Ltd., Britannia Mills, Stoney Battery, Crosland Moor. Tel. Milns- bridge 199

WOOLS-KNITTING Wakefield, Greenwood & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., 6 Railway Street, St. George's Square. Tel. 6560/1

WORSTED COATING MANUFACTURERS Brooklyn Worsted Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Bank- field Mills, Moldgreen Chrispin, Fred M., Rookery Mills, Wakefield Road Hopson, Battye & Co. Ltd., Daneside Mills, Queen's Mill Road Liddell & Brierly Ltd., Stanley Mills, Marsh Maud, O. F. & Sons Ltd., Green Lea Mills, Dalton Mellor, Harry & Co. Ltd., Colne Bridge Mills, Bradley Thornton, Marsden & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Park Valley Mills, Lockwood Walker, Edwin & Co. Ltd., Field Mills, Leeds Road

WORSTED COATING MERCHANTS Bray, N. & Co., 18 Princess Street Clegg, A. E., 4 St. Peter's Street


FINE FANCY WORSTEDS Brellon & Co. Ltd., Westfield Mills, Dalton Brierly, J. P., Ltd. Stanley Mills, Marsh Broadhead & Graves Ltd., Kirkheaton Mills Broadhurst Textiles Ltd., Bank Mills, Threadneedle Street Bruck & Engelsmann Ltd., Taylor Hill Mills Chrispin, Fred M., Rookery Mills, Wakefield Road Earnshw & Fletcher Ltd., 8 and 9 Brook's Yard, Market Street Fancy Worsted Designs Ltd., Crosland Moor Mills Haywood, J. & Sons Ltd., Marsh Mills


Page 98



Kaye & Stewart Ltd., Broadfield Mills Learoyd Bros. & Co. Ltd., Trafalgar Mills Liddell & Brierly Ltd., Stanley Mills, Marsh Mitchell, Rowland & Co. Ltd., Spa Mills, Lepton Moorhouse & Brook Ltd., Upperhead Mills Schofield & Smith (Huddersfield) Ltd., Hollins Mill, Marsh Sykes, Walter Ltd., Zetland Mills Taylor & Lodge Ltd., Rashcliffe Mills. Tel. 679 Thompson, Wm. & Sons (Worsteds) Ltd., Wood- house Mills Whitwam, M., Colne Bridge Mills, Bradley Wood, Ralph & Co. Ltd., Bradley Mills


Greenwood, C. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Commercial Mills, Firth Street. Tel. 407/8 Lumb, Joseph & Sons Ltd., Folly Hall Mills


YARN AGENTS Pearson, Edgar, 7 Observer Chambers, Market Street

YARN MERCHANTS Berry, Walter & Sons Ltd., Deighton Mills, Deighton Longbottom, A. & Son, 3 Lord Street Priest, Allen & Sons Ltd., Bath Mills Rennards & Garside Ltd., Wentworth Mill, Fitz- william Street

YARN SPINNERS Lawton, Arthur, Midland Mills, Hillhouse Lane Lawton, Fred & Son Ltd., Firth Street Mills. Tel. 4303/4 Lawton, William Ltd., Millgate, Paddock Lumb, Joseph & Sons Ltd., Folly Hall Mills Tower Spinning Co., Britannia Mills, Stoney Battery Road. Tel. Milnsbridge 495

YEAST MERCHANTS United Yeast Co. Ltd., John Street Whittick, T. & Son, 89 Heaton Road, Paddock

Page 99

1 3

Crowther & Wilkinson Ltd.,



ABB STREET Barraclough, Charlie Beaumont, Lily

Funeral Diregtors Hemsworth, Olive

ABBEY ROAD Tyas, Hindley Dryer, Mary G. Browne, Andrew Reynolds, Douglas Jenkinson, Walter J. Murphy, Hubert Beaumont, John W. Cotton, William R. Pickering, Lilian Melia, Martin M. Moxon, Edward Newsome, Frank Mullen, Joseph Fountain, Kenneth Fox, Donald Basquill, Catherine Gill, Charles W. Bray, Norman Thompson, Robert Nestor, James E. (Senr.) McNamara, James H. Hartas, Charles Binns, Reginald Sutcliffe, Annie E. Morrison, George Ralphe, Patrick J. Boothroyd, Hubert Barber, Fred Brierley, Alice Crowther, Albert Walker, Harry Reddington, Michael Holland, Ernest Wilkinson, William Davies, Sam Hinchliffe, John Wood, Joseph Sparrow, Arthur Gill, Fred Gannon, Thomas Bradley, Fanny Shaw, Harry Humphrey, James Naylor, John Johnston, James B. Fryer, John Holliday, Harry Cawthe ay, Thomas Knight, Hephzibah Dickinson, Edwin Hirst, Charles E. Spurr, Alfred Berry, John Dunn, Willie Berry, William H. Tong, Kenneth N. Quigley, William J. Caine, Dennis Kilburn, Arthur Riley, Frederick Branch, Albert Owen, Norris Fox, Albert Craig, Polly Lammyman, Ronald Barker, Frederick G. Moore, Thomas M. Kilroy, John Walton, Annie Hobson, James Buckley, Norman Ellis, Garnett Baxter, William A. F Fuller Thomas H. Clelland, Robert Seymour, Sam Haigh, James Bessell, Charles E. Brown, Henry J. Burgess, Willie


82 86

pai pant found pand pum © & O & N -] Ut w - \D S] Un QJ) =

Sharp, Arthur Boothroyd, George Littlewood, Walter

ABBOTT STREET Atkin, Harold H. Robertshaw, Jonas A. Griffiths, Alberta Banks, George R. Ineson, Bernard M. Winpenny, Wilfred Mackrill, Jbhn H. Challinor, Frederick W. Stocks, Arthur Boothroyd, John H. Lilley, Joe Johnson, James H. Burnham, Savile Mowbray, Peter J. Fox, Derrick Tweed, Frank Thackwray, Harold L.

ABINGDON STREET Proctor, Robert Foster, Arthur Lancaster, Gertrude 7 Gaulton, Arthur N. Bates, Joe Gallagher, Daniel J. Norris, Doreen Jenkinson, George A. McCrae, Maude O. Searby, Elizabeth A. Smith, George Higson, Hilda Cousen, John L. Driver, John H.

ACRE HOUSE AVENUE Swaine, Bernard E. Shires, James A. Brook, Philip A. Walshaw, Edward B. Crosland, George Beaumont, James H. Brierley, Norman L. Kay, Harold Whittle, Alan S. Greenwood, Reg. T. Crosland, Ethel I. Goulder, James Wood, Frederick T. Shires, Gerald D.

ACRE STREET Mellor, Ben Woodhouse, Stanley Holberry, Ben A. Mellor, Herbert Hollas, Clifford Farrand, Robert W. Wood, Elsie Hollas, Lily Crosland, Beatrice Poppleton, William J. Cartwright, Gertrude E. Mansfield, Peter Tillotson, Percy Smithson, Frank Redfearn, Wilfred E. Conroy, Brian A. Beaumont, Emily Hall, Laureate Sheard, Ernest W. Chatterton, Brian O.

Sykes, Joseph Bros., Card Clothing,

Wire. "(Acre Mills.) Booth, Kenneth. " Globe Inn." Ellam, Horace © Lockwood, Charles Briggs, Arthur Hirst, Elien Lee, Walter Beeson, Horace L. Ankers, Richard Metcalfe, Norman Ball, Peter



Mellor, Agnes H. Bowles, Roy A. G. Wood, William Mann, Wilfred Nuttall, William Kaye, Norman Dyson, Annie Bates, Ronald Taylor, George F. Crookes, Leonard Sykes, Joe Akroyd, Emily Pilling, Arthur E. Orr, Douglas E., Smythe, Elsie Walker, Leonard Spencer, Tom

Workshop. Orr, David W.

Sutcliffe, Raymond Mellor, Kenneth Greenwood, Emma Johnson, Percy Moore, Elsie Basnett, Doreen Riding, Denis C. Balmforth, Norman Earnshaw, Arthur Spivey, Sam Hardy, Phyllis M. Tansey, Reginald Cornell, Fred Knight, Herbert Ainley Helena Thorpe, James E. Smith, Olive Dyson, Martha E. Nelson, Charles Acton, William W. Lindley Post

Office Walker, E. & Sons, Boot Repairers Turner, Leonard Cuniffe, Gladys Kidger, George Earnshaw, Reginald, Grocer Whiteley, Arnold

Huddersfield Corporation Borough

p 4A 6 8

10 12 14

Engineer's Department Dyson, Lizzie Ellis, Harry Kelly, Francis Bannister, Horace. Moore, Harold J. Greener, Willie Dyson, - Kenneth, Confectioner Whitworth, Stanley Moore, Sarah A. Hoyle, Edward M. Bennett, Harry Hutchinson, Harry H. Robinson, Harry Weir, Leslie Pearson, Ronald Lockwood, Robert Hirst, Arthur Hepworth, Mary H. Roper, Alice Shaw, John W. Ramsden, Alice Gates, Annie Curry, Joseph Holland, Joseph Kalesnik, Nancy Lockwood, Millie Phillips, Alan J. Hardaker, Jack Kennedy, Matthew D. Mixed Bus. Durrans, George E.M.

The Fishery

Baker - and

Whitterons, Confectioners

136 140 142 144 146

Donn, Jospeh Hall, Kenneth Wood, Irvin Douglas, David Lee, Minnie, E. Milnes, George

Green Lea Branch Hospital Bryansford. O'Neill, Henry T., Medical


Page 100


ADELPHI ROAD Heywood, Jack Sheard, Leonard W. Leach, Norman Lucas, William C. Baron, Norris Dickinson, Annie Hartnol!, Ethel Douglas, Alan Moorhouse, Stanley Heap, Jeffrey Ibberson, Emily Kemp, Edith L. Irons, Edward A. Wilkinson, John A. Pilling, George L. Rawlinson, James Nettleton, Joe Lee, Willie Smith, Arthur Watkinson, Albert Wood, Eric Shaw, Kate Hargreaves, Herbert Gay, Ernest A. E. Abbs, Florence B. irth, Willie Pearson, Walter Wood, Frank Schofield, John T. Vickerman, Frank Hirst, Ronald Grange, Tom Dyson, Hilda Earnshaw, David B. Beaumont, Ronald Shanks, William J. Turner, Frank Parke, Frank H. Mcinley, Johnie Dodson, Arthur Law, Alfred J. Moore, William Daley, Martha H. Jepson, Norman Lockwood, Roy Ward, Stanhope L. McAlister, John F. Townend, Stanley Jenkins, Edward M. Lockwood, Harry Buckley, Alice A. Dyson, Harry Reast, Joe Bottomley, Gibson Crossland, George H. Jakeman, Herbert Shaw, Henry C. Goss, John H. Carter, Alfred H. Magfis, Hilda Smith, Roy Wilkinson, William Boothroyd, Norman Wilkinson, Ephraim W. Hinchliffe, Norman Sykes, May Kinnon, Andrew B. Lockwood, Frank Scorah, Thomas H. Midgley, Sam Stringer, Frank Dyson, Kenneth D.

AINLEY ROAD Seston, Harold J. Poole, Horace Sykes, Frederick Hill, Harry Spencer, Thomas Wilkinson, George Haythornthwaite, William Marshall, Reginald Kershaw, Lewis W. Townend, Jack Popplewell, Eric Cassell, Kate B. Hayter, James 'C. D. Wyer, John H. Hizzett, Clifford Crawshaw, Jack Sykes, Stanley Riley, Frank Botterell, Arthur Botterell, Jack Hardistry, Henrietta Wood, Albert Holland, Dick Auty, Jack Hicks, Samuel

68 - Barnshaw, Thomas 70 Doughty, William H. 72 Shaw, George W. 74 - Rushforth, Donald 76 Grayson, William H. 78 Battye, Georgina S. L. 80 Elliot, Alexander H.

ALBANY ROAD 1 Raby, Wilfred 1 - Mallinson, John L.V. 2 Sargent, Maurice W. 3 Thomas, Ronald E. M. 4 - Hallas, Herbert 5 Walker, Alec 6 Hepworth, Elsie W. 7 - Radcliffe, Jack 8 -Shaw, Bertram 8 Kershaw, Frank 9 Allen, Gordon H. 10 Briggs, Harold 12 Aubrook, Edward W. 14 Wilson, Bernard 16 Kirby, Charles E. Oldfield, W. & J., Gardeners. (Albany House.)

ALBERT ROW Cooper, Young Dunstan, Joseph Wilkinson, Herbert Charlesworth, Arthur A. Welsh, George H. Scholes, Jack Chapman, John N. Wood, Joseph

ALBERT STREET Taylor & Lodge Ltd., Worsted Manufac- turers (Rashcliffe Mills). Tel. 679 1 Cliffe, Donald J. 3 - Hawkes, Harold 7 Star Inn Marchatw (is M. Ltd. (Rashcliffe Iron

or 13 Windle, Albert Canby, Thomas Ltd., Dyers & Finishers (Victoria Mills) Brierley Bros. Ltd., Woollen Spinners Albert Mills) Hollingworth, Wood & Co. Ltd., Woollens and Worsteds (Albert Mills) Priest, Alien & Sons Ltd., Angola Yarns (Bath Mills) 21 Stokes, Stanley 23 Mountain, Albert Shaw, J. Son & Greenhalgh Ltd., Engineers (Albert Works) Seddon, H. H. & Sons Ltd., Dyers and Finishers (Spa Field Dye Works) 27 Sanderson, Ben Kaye & Stewart Ltd., Woollens and Worsteds (Broadfield Mills) Kaye & Littlewood Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers (Broadfield Mills) 35 Lightfoot, Ambrose 37 Peace, Her 39 Wood, Nellie 41 - Hirst, John 43 Dearing, John M. 45 Wilson, Muir 47 Lodge, Beatrice 2 Cliffe, Mary 4 - Branston, Robert 6 Cliffe, Harry 8 North, Magson 10 - Bray, Norman 14 Coverley, Norman 16 Boswell, Sylvester 18 - Kenefick, John 20 Green, Ethel 22 Townsend, Joseph 24 - McDowall, Gordon 26 Farrington, Edward 28 Shaw, Fred 30 - Barker, Emily A. 32 Addy, Miriam 36 - Schofield, Francis E. 38 - Haigh, Ronald

0 4 NJ \O -J] Un GJ »

Brunswick Yard Barrow, Jack Boothroyd, Norman Holdsworth, Harold Welsh, James Jennings, David Roberts, Albert O. C. Willey, Cecil Shaw, Nathaniel

& «_ a u A why -

9 Workman, Irvine

40 Dyson, Henry 42 - Porter, Samuel 44 Windle, Kenneth 46 Morris, Edward 48 Gibson, Jack 50 Laycock, Thomas G. Pitcher, Ward, Woollen, Worsted Man- facturer 52 Turner, Arthur 54 King, Clifford 56 Clancy, Thomas 70 Fenwick, Eva 72 Brook, Jack Pitcher, Stephen W.

Alpha Place Chambers, Jack Bottomley, Arthur Taylor, Leslie Walton, George Senior, Clifford Hewitson, Robert Stubbs, Cyril Earnshaw, Herman Barratt, Leonard Denham, Cyril Gibson, Leonard Walker, Wilfred Taylor, Harry Lee

J& D -~ O0 \ 6 JO o & G b) -

74 Wood, James 90 Smalkais, Patricia A. 94 Paice, Andrew W. 96 Garlick, Walter 98 Rhodes, Leonard 100 Penistone, Leonard 102 Haigh, Harriet 104 - Slomka, Mary 106 Joyce, Thomas H. 108 Sobocinski, Janet A. C. 110 Hayworth, Florence 112 Wood, Edward 118 Knight, Arthur 120 Barden, Jack 122 Turton, Frank. Cash Stores 124 - Sharp, Sidney G. 128 - McQuirk, Harold 132 Murphy, Hubert 134 - Mellor, George H. 136 Froggatt, Arthur 140 - Frankland, Douglas 142 O'Keefe, William 144 Brusby, Alice 146 Armitage, Harold 148 - Cahill, Edward F. 150 Ellwood, William 152 Hadfield, Joseph 156 Mallinson, Firth 158 - Walker, Ettie 164 Ogden, James 166 Rawlinson, Maggie 168 Sykes, David R. 170 - Hemingway, Thomas 172 Howlett, Walter R. 174 - Logan, Jack 176 Brennan, Annie 178 Hemingway, Fred Schofield, Walter Ltd., Loom Repairs (Alma Works) 180 Cartwright, Herbert 182 Metcalfe, Herbert H. 184 Cragg, Leonard 186 Eastwood, Jack 188 Thornton, Harry 190 Thompson, Greta 192 Tinker, Herbert T. 196 Farrier, Thomas 198 Townsend, Anthony 200 Walker, Leonard 204 - Jackman, Frank 206 Hancox, Herbert Mallinson, William & Sons, Contractors 210 Yeaman, William 212 Booker, Harry J. 214 Hobson, Havelock 216 Hepworth, Arthur 218 Senior, Arthur N. 220 Castle, Sam 222 Brook, Harold 224 Hirst, Thomas J. 226 Senior, Arthur 228 Taylor, Amanda 230 Kaye, Alfred 232 Mitchell, Maggie 234 Littlewood, Margaret

Page 101

Providence Place Armstrong, Peter - , Norman E. Day, William Turner, Emily Stead, Leonard

ALBION STREET Holroyd, W. & P., Painters, Decora- tors and Signwriters. Tel. 112 Burman &Greenwood, Decorators, Merchants 7 Cook, W. H. Ltd., Printers and Bookbinders 7 Thatcher & Son, Carpet Planners Brooke, John & Sons Ltd., Woollens, Worsteds (Armntage Bridge Mills) 9 Radio Craft, Repairers and Manu- facturers Qa Haigh, Harry (Proprietor J. W. Wood,) Joiner, Undertaker. Tel.

2371 29 Skackowski, Mary 31 Appleyard, John R. 10 France, M. P., Tailor, Costumier 10 Hellewell Carter -& Co. Ltd., Rubber Factors Waddington, N., Tailor, Costumier. Tel. 2230


12-14 Sykes, John E. (Motor En- figure?) Ltd., Motor Engineers. e

Shaw, Arthur & Co. (Huddersfield), Ltd Leather Beltings

ALDER STREET Moxon, G. & Sons Ltd., Coal and Coke Merchants Hillhouse P.F.I. Society Ltd. (Coal Dpt.) Huddersfield & District Co-operative Society Ltd. (Coal Merchants) 33 Beaumont, Jack Harvey, Thomas W. H. Goral, Dorothy Huntley. Ernest Hitchen, Colin Anderson, George Broadbent, Norman Newstead, Ernest J. Amstell, Horace E. Plelilp, frle‘genck Bostocl'c Alfred H. Bottomley, Redvers P. ve, nie Amster, Hans Lightfoot, Jack 241 Wilson, Edward Hirst, Stanley Phillips, George F. Pontefract, Victor S. Spencer, George H. Dixon, John Thewlis, Wilfred Crawshaw, Mervyn R. Mallinson, Ronald Dawson, John Heap, John E. Massey, Willie Riley, Kenneth, Plumber Electrician Lee, Patrick J. Seward, Thomas E. Bray, John Cooper, Henrietta Waring, Dou Walshaw-Danesford, Terrence N., Tailor and Furrier Lindop, Leslie Manchester, James H. Burns, John T. K Swanson, John P. 7 - Gatenby, Frances Small, John D. Nutton, John Whiteley, Harry lam, Harry Wormald, Thomas Y. Rudkin, Arthur H. 70 Amos, Harry 72 Cobbett, Harry 74 Binner, Percy 76 Clough, Ernest 78 Miller, Frederick W. edhill, Joe W.



Stead, John F. Bedford, Clarence

Ellam, Frances

Lee, Eliza Bateson, Hilda E. Craven, Sykes Beaumont, Fred Mudd, William Jones, Edward B. Capper, Hannah Howlett, Leslie C. Wilson, Arthur Burton, John W. Fawcett, Albert Kilgannon, Martin Wilson, Sarah Handley, William R. (Senr.) Eastwood, Thomas A. Kershaw, Priestley Hobein, William H Sisson, Adrian E. Jackson, Thomas H. Ratcliffe, Benjamin Stables, Harry Neild, Harold O'Neill, David G. Gott, William M. Lunn, Mary J. Derbyshire, Frank W. Jackson, Edith Sykes, Wilfred L. Headey, Miriam Scaramuzza, Albert Sykes, Geoffrey C. Wilkinson, John H. Mellor, John W. MacFarlane, Alfred C. Liversidge, Ronald Rawlins, Olivia Kirkham, Lizzie Morgan, David McShane, Albert Bradley, Leonard France, Edith Barber, Ernest M. Hanson, Peter Warnes, Edward R. Dalby, Lucy Dyson, Ronald Crosby, Frank Walsh, John Collms, Denis

ALDONLEY Walker, Thomas Golding, Frederick W. Cox, Ronald A Colley, Stanley Pollard, Herbert Bird, Stanley Hartley, William E. Bullet, Harold W. Morns, George W. Barber, Edith Woodhead, Frank A. Dyson, Ronald McPherson, James A. Swallow, Donald Turner, Albert Crompton, George Combs, Fred Walker, James Dixon, Wyndham T. Jakeman, Harry Fisher, James Holroyd, Walter Doust, Charles W. Cook, Francis C. Valerio, Norris Foster, Reginald E. Brown, Joseph Walker, Ormonde Edwards, Luke Wilson, James H. Worth, Peter H. Buttress, Frederick W. Harrison, nard Purves, Clifford J. Knight, Fred Garside, Donald R. Williams, Hubert Nettleton, Harry J. Cantwell, Thomas Oates, Harry W. P. Symes, Geoffrey L. Gouldwell, Gervase S. Dove, M age Whmaker, Sydney Wilkinson, Leslie Wood, Eric

36 38


46 48 80 82

quam bunt wank pound prams V © 06 O & N Ut G - \ _] UL GJ =s

N =-

punt A& N -= \O _J

pum pound buon. frond & O 4 N \ -] un u = \D _] UA GJ =


Thornton, Alfred Preston, Geoffrey G. Wood, John W.S. Starr, John Tabisz, Margaret E. Bradford, George S. Garside, Dennis Chadwick, Leonard Hirst, Wilfred

ALEXANDRA ROAD Shaw, Edgar E. Shaw, Derek H. Hardcastle, William L. Elliot, Kenneth Langfield, Peter Hogg, Muriel I. Askew, Jessie Booth, Harold Matthews, William Goldthorpe, Emily Moore, Tom Smith, Gertrude F. Astley, Annie Donnellon, William

ALEXANDRA ROAD WEST Lee, Alfred M Gee, Hermos

ALFRED STREET Blakeley, Harry, Textile Engineer Jetleys Ltd., Business Systems Blamires, Frank C Taylor, Ernest Liddiment, Russell, R.

ALLEN ROW Unsworth, Harry Lewis, Lilian Wood, Joseph W. Shaw, Roy Priestley, Teddy Straw, Vincent Bower, John Carlton, William R. Rigg, Edgar Hall, Harry Rushworth, Peter Lewis, Benjamin Philipson, Joseph E. Pottter, Annie Pearson, Frederick A. Baldwin, Edgar Mannion, Robert E. Hirst, James E. Ricketts, Elizabeth Ainsley, Ernest T.

ALLISON DRIVE Senior, Clifford Crowther, Frank A. Fearnley, Derek Hunter. Adam D. Mettrick, Clifford Currie, Elsie Naylor, James Greenhow, Kenneth Pemberton, Gordon S. H. Falck, John A. Avery, Thomas Cook, Ada

ALMA DRIVE Summerson, Denis Clarkson, Albert Robinson, Edith Witts, Gerald Bocock, Herbert Brook, Norman Lodge, Ronald A. Lee, William Clough, Wilfred Brook, Henry Shflhto, Stanley Dodson, William Hannay, John Walker, Hiram Bradley, Francis Haigh, Philip G. Clegg, Kenneth Casinelli, Phyllis T. Wilson, S tanley Gillon, R. Carter, William E. Walkden, William S. Moran, Christopher A. Brook, William Sleaford Harry

Page 102


26 26



Bradley, Osman L. Boulter, Madge

ALMONDBURY BANK Johnson, Francis Johnson, Eric Riding, Herbert Whitehead, Frank Cooper, Joseph McBride, Thomas Greenwood, Florence M. Lomas, George H. Wood, Edith Curle, Edna C. Sutcliffe, Clare E. Oddy, Mary A. Stanger, Elizabeth A. Crawshaw, Dennis Lockwood, Edna Harrison, Ellis K. Astwick, Ronald T. Gibson, Horace Heathcote, Eric Robinson, John Earnshaw, Herbert Vickerman, James A. Beals, Jack Eastwood, John Gibson, William R. Dickson, David Fox, Emma (Sent.) Fletcher, Harold

58/60 Armitage, Harold

62 64 66 68 70 70A 72 74 76 78 80

Nunns, Brian Mitchell, Percy S. Whittaker, Harold Baker, Ronald Chatterton, John W. Gibson, Horace Stead, Dorothy H. Kirrane, Patrick Gordon, William Starr, Harry Mitchell, Eric

B8ankfield House Marchant, Cynthia V.

Wilcock, Eva Lancaster, Joseph Spivey, Gordon Poulter, Reginald J. Throp, Mary Parke, Herbert Hannam, Jessie Heady, Annie Brook, Ronald Kitson, Edwin

154/162 Rhodes, Wilfred

Farrand, Mary E. James, Cyril. A Rangeley, Doris W. Pitchforth, Harold Brooksbank, Willie Walker, Harry Gibson, Ada Broadbent. Violet Thomas, Samuel W. Bywater, Charles Stead, Minnie Lloyd, Stanley Birkhead, Roy Kitson, Oliver E. Beveridge, William Smith, Walter E. Banks, Ruth Perrin, Henrietta M. Peace, Lister Manning, Geoffrey Walker, Lily Hargreaves, John N. S. Kilburn, Ernest Beck, Walter W. Bradbury, Norman L. Stables, Hugh Hanson, Edith Gadsby, Frederic W. Feather, Mitchell Ellis, William H. Jessop, Lena Hoyle, Harold Beevers, William W. Preston, Joe Normanton, Harry Norris, Sarah E. Sharp, Lily Townend, Frank Burns, John E. Wilson, Joseph Mitchell, Ashley Bleasdale, Francis Kendall, Arthur C. Todd, John H.

Brennan, Harry Sykes, Nellie Schoelfid, Sam Jones, Hugh Priestley, Joel Mitchell, Halvor Green, Eric Priestley, Dyson Molloy, John E. Charlesworth, Harry Dransfield, Harry O'Brien, Mary Hoare, Frederick J. C.

Tolson's Yard Townend, Derrick Brown, James W. Powell, Matthew E. Battye, Derek Boothroyd, Harold Ellam, Thomas G. Townend, Alice Wakelin, Clifford

Battye, Hubert Brown, Gertrude Lodge, Herbert A. Hirst, Walter M. Durrans, Edward Dickinson, Clara Marshall, Jeffrey Walker, Joseph Horner, Norman Mayall, William Wade, Harry Haigh, Blanche K. Blackmore, Leslie Appleyard, Ronald Crossley, Tom, Waste Merchant Ellam, Edgar M. Balmforth, George W. Kitchen, Willie Dearnley, Frank Bintcliffe, Harry Dyer, Wilfred Whittaker, Edgar S. Gray, Walter Holland, William Balderstone, Emmy L. Sykes, Albert L. Marsden, Annie L. Collier, Clifford Moorhouse, Benjamin A. Braithwaite, John R. Hinchliffe, Willie Saxon, Albert S. Iredale, Joe Dickens, Elizabeth N. Bates, Agnes Jennings, James Hirst, Frank T. Carter, Dorothy Whiteley, Mary M. Walton, Herbert W. Simpson, Robert L. Turner, Edwin Casson, Fred Lawton, Harry Riley, Ernest Hinchliffe, John Varley, Walter Hall, Joe Ledgard, Harry Haigh, Harold I. Hill, Harry Spivey, William H. Stanley, Alfred P. Murray, James. Off-Licence, Grocer

Jonas, Walter W. North, Lawrence Roberts, Sarah A. Geach, Richard G. Witts, William F. Butt, Alfred B. Senior, Blanche H. Green, Harry Snith, Percy Gledhill, Norman Eccles, Harry Fowler, Gertrude Fisher, James M. Lodge, Wilfred Taylor, Arthur McGill, Douglas C. Kaye, Ronald Emsley, Alfred V. Barraclough, Percy Cartwright, Arthur

0 c Oa J tJ \D -~] Ui GQ ==


& O 4 NJ -\] Un GJ) »

ALTON AVENUE Ellis, Robert Brook, Sam Mellor, Harry Daffern, Arthur Oxley, Lawrence Cooke, Elizabeth M. Matthews, Ronald Smith, Frank Coombs, Leonard Hanson, Ernest

ALWEN AVENUE Lauder, Walter Ellis, Harriet Marshall, George C. Lodge, Arthur Maynard, Jack Heaton, Annie I. Denham, James H. Overtoh, Guy C. Morton, Reginald F. Hirst, Alan Monks, Wilfred Crossley, Albert N. Sharp, Walter Graham, Norman Porritt, George T.

ANNOTTES CROFT Proctor, Brian J. Mills, Norman Hill, George A. Sparling, John Flanagan, Bernard Morris, William F. Griffin, William Moore, George B. Steele, Clive Allison, John Hodgkinson, James B. Watson, John C. Knott, Raymond Senior, Douglas Bailey-Green, Leonard Townsend, Herbert Allen, Roger Hunter, Robert McClean, William J. Smith, Harold

ARKENLEY LANE Johnson, Sheila W. Hall, Friend E. Milnes, Fleetwood Jessop, Frank Steers, Sam Browne, Richard H. Bedforth, Ralph Bedforth, Norman A. Bedforth, Gilbert H. Moorhouse, Stanley Richardson, Norman O. Shaw, Alfred W.

ARKENMORE William, Henry Clements, Cyril E. Peel, Lewis B. Beaumont, Leonard McVeigh, William Barker, Cecil Rollinson, Bryon Forth, Thomas E.


Armitage Bridge Parish Church The Vicarage Gates, Kenneth G.

"* Lodge House "

Marshall Herbert

Armitage Bridge House Farm Ross,

Peter S.

ARMITAGE ROAD Kendall, John W. Brook, Peter R. Fisher, Francis W. H. G. Fiddes, Alexander E. Stringer, Annie Lee, S. & Co., Furnishers Pilling, Ernest A. Boothroyd, John S. Rayner, George A. Hirst, Herbert Sunderland, Charlie Chappell, Robert I. Taylor, Harold H. Jackson, Edward Armitage, Mary A.

Drapers and

Buckley, Dora

Page 103

35 Walton, Harold 37 Tinker, Marie 38 - Clark, Harry 41 - Smith, Stanley E. 43 Nestor, Thomas 45 Dickinson, Herbert 47 Holdsworth, John K. 49 Dyson, Frederick K. 51 Cliff, Nellie E. 2 - Horsfall, Gordon 4 Hepworth, Herbert G. 6 Leslie 8 Spencer, Robert 10 Grundy, Norman 12 Phillips, Percy 14 - Lane, Thomas 16 Wildman, Sidney 18 Marshall, Helen 20 Rowley, Reginald 22 - Newsome, John T 24 Roberts, Evan L. 26 Gait, Reginald S. 28 Armitage, Douglas 30 Heaton, Frances M. 32 Brandus, Anna S. 34 - Taylor, Edric 36 Fuller, Frederick 38 Taylor, John E. 40 Farrow, Joseph P. 42 Morgan, Eric L. 44 - Weldrick, Maggie 46 Ditchfield, Kenneth H. 48 Mather, John W. 50 Day, Hermon

ARMITAGE ROAD 45 McDonald, James H. 47 Hardcastle, Lily 49 Brooke, Nellie 63 Burhouse, Sidney 65 Cabrera, Violet 67 Peaker, John L. 71 Machin, Thomas 2 Kershaw, Henry 4 - Brook, Joshua 6 Slee, Albert 8 Whiteley, Edwin 10 Mellor, Wilfred 12 Sunderland, John 14 Scaife, Herbert 16 Brown, Louie 26 Dunn, Thomas 28 Frost, Terrence 30 Roberts, John H. 32 Tilburn, Sam 34 - Liversidge, Robert H. 36 Haigh, Robert A. 44 Morton, Mary A. 46 Swallow, Harold

ARMITAGE ROAD 1 Beeever, Elsie M. 3 - Brearley, Jane 5 Sykes, Frank 7 Knott, Florence M. 9 Armitage, Trevor 11 Round, William H. 13 Parker, George E. 15 Moorhouse, William 17 Dyson, Harold 19 Field, James W. 21 Heppenstall, Philip 23 Wood, Joe 25 Haigh, Joe 27 Wolveridge, Frederic T. 29 Ely, Harold S. 31 Hannam, James 61 - Heap, Harold 63 Taylor, John H. 65 Levison, Ernest G. 69 Bundy, Stephanie 71 Lord, Thomas W. 75 Mortimer, Fred 75 Nunn, Francis A. 77 Dyson, Irvin 107 Senior, Hilda 109 Howlett, John 111 Booth, Norman 113 Field, Hubert 115 Driver, Harry Milnsbridge Methodist Church 117 Haley, James W. 119 Mitchell, Adela C. 121 Warneford, Fred 123 Bottomley, Edgar 125 Stead, Eric . 127 Armitage, Arthur E. 129 Beaumont, Stephen 135 Lawton, Percy 2 Allen, Sarah A.


4 6 8

pani &

12 14 16 18

Dunne, James Gaffey, Peter Quarmby, Bertrand Vautry, Harry Wood, Trevor Brook, John W. Hirst, Joseph France, Elsie

Smith, Wm. & Sons, Slaters, Tilers

20 22 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 46 48 50 52 54 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 86 88 90 92 94 100 102 124 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142

Royston, Llewellyn Finn, William Finn, Mary Norah Ely, Harold Dyson, George B. Butterworth, Albert E. Moat, George Henry Walsh, Michael P. Cooper, Norris A. Peterson, Agnes S. H. Milnes, Osmond Bert Chadwick, Arthur Breach, George E. McKenna, Francis Nicholls, Leah A. Sowby, John W. Vautrey, Fred Crawshaw, John H. Bamford, Johnnie Preston, Joseph D. Cartwright, Fred Sweeney, Michael Nolan, Michael Armstrong, Sam Cliffe, Harry B. Halstead, Frances E. Scaife, John A. Crawshaw, Edwin W. Walters, William H. Pattinson, Hilda C. Smith, William Gelder, Norman Pearson, Marie Townend, Joe Littlewood, Hannah S. Haigh, Norman Beever, Edwin Swift, Percy Singleton, James Crowther, Donald Whitwam, Geoffrey Dyson, Leonard

Hanson, Harry

Dyson, Sarah H. Hirst, Alderman Fox, Gilbert Smith, George A. Brindle, Herbert Stead, Jack Turner, Elizabeth A.

ARMITAGE STREET McNulty, John Golden, David Whitwam, Harold Cocker, Clara Poole, Annie Schofield, Fred Gelder, Gladstone Allton, Roy A. Wright, James Ramsden, Geoffrey Haigh, Annie Pogson, Ronald Bryan, Jack Howard, Doris Hanson, George A. Mace, Ernest Hanson, Harold Vollans, Annie Mallia, Charles Hellawell, Ada Simpson, Fred W. Graham, Frank Stewardson, Elijah Bowes, Harold Ashness, Annie E. Sykes, Edith Linton, Roy Lunn, Jack Burke, Gerard Heppell, James G. Hanson, Herbert Greenwood, Harry Garside, Roy Henry, Thomas O'Leary, Timothy Etchell, Martha Gannon, William Nolan, Francis Hollings, Leslie


poms: gund O 42 NJ INJ NJ J == \D sd Ut GJ res


McNamara, John Phayer, Albert E.

ARMYTAGE CRESCENT Harvey, Lily Flooks, Albert Coldwell, Harry C. Little, Albert E. Moorhouse, Harry Dyson, Herbert Holt, Joseph W. Metcalfe, William J. Abbott, George Baines, Edward Mercer, Robert Barden, Percy Bailey, Ronald Stokes, Harry Ness, Wilfred Beaumont, Clifford Wilson, Frank Earnshaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Mary A. Wood, Emily Heys, Norman Brook, Alice Hirst, Arthur Hirst, Harry Haigh, Harry Wood, Roy Lindley, Eric

ARNOLD AVENUE Mellor, Alfred P. Firth, Joe Crabb, Roland Walker, Hilton Wild, Frank Atkinson, Mary Little, Frederick Lorrimer, George D. Masters, Mary M. Holdsworth, Leonard P. Preston, Geoffrey Jagger, Fred Thewlis, Gordon Cudworth, Wilhelmina Bodoano, Margaret M. Haigh, Albert Starkey, Ernest Mayall, John Holroyd, Annie Maw, Harold W. Robinson, Harry Berry, Alice G. Lofthouse, Rene Armitage, Frank Heaton, Frank Jessop, John A. Addy, Cyril Gee, George S. R Bottomley, Minnie Parker, Norman Smith, Willie R. Littlewood, Clara Shaw, Geoffrey S. France, Albert C. Nixon, Amy

ARNOLD STREET Berry, William Garside, Percy Cooper, George Braithwaite, William R. Richardson, Frederick Credland, Cyril Walker. Alice Brook, Geoffrey M. Clegg, William H. Stanley, Frank Brook, Annie E. Reynard, William Cooper, Ernest P. Lupton, Michael Strickland, Paul L. Smyth, William Johnstone, Andrew Hammill, Wilfred L. Dyson, Amelia M. Brooke, Ellis J. Dyson, James H. Adkins, Edward J. B. Martin, George G. Parkin, Hilda M. Eastwood, Frederick Dyson, Geoffrey Bradley, Stanley Hodgson, George Oldfield, John W., Plasterer, Slater Atkinson, John R.

Page 104


Spivey, Horace Tully, Joseph P. Robertshaw, Gerald Matthewman, Annie Bell, Ellen E Thompson, Jack H. Rothery, Leonard Crowther, William Walker, David Parker, Emily Ludwik, Mary M. Broadbent, Charles H. Oliver, Reggie Richardson, Beatrice Stevens, Gerald Burluraux, Peter Hall, Elsie May Murphy, Jean Garner, Stanley Powell, Dickie, James D. McVetie, Helen Crowther, George E. Hardy, Irene E. Kirkham, Harold Pagan, David Hoyle, Mabel E. M. Murgatroyd, Albert Thewlis, Leslie O Hadley, Brian Nuttall, Arthur Berry, Eleanor Harrison, Eric C. Mullin, John Thomas Hesselden, Peter

ARTHUR STREET Marlow, Dannie Wright, George F. Rice, Peter Steadman, George Foley, Christopher Hoy e, Willie Brook, Donald Hamer, Hildred Dean, Trevor Holderness, Maurice

ASH STREET Holroyd, Charles P. Gothard, Sarah E. Blackburn, George S. Haigh, Jo


Kaye, Rose A. Longbottom, Ernest Fowler, William Slater, James W. Graham, Alfred R. Battye, John W. Thwaite, Fred Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor, Albert W. Pennington, Jack Thwaite, Leslie Holland, Alfred, Fruiterer Smith, Blanche Powell, Clifford Armitage, Clara Brook, Arnold Bailey, Harold P. Walker, Harry Smith, Annie E. Swan, Amy F. Drescher, Norman Wilkinson, Brian T. French; George: Ii eorge urseryman Baillieut

Child, Herbert Skelton, Fred S. Harrison, Robert Anger, Peter Rhodes, Philip Barker, Alan R. Whitehead, George Harris, Victor C. Knight, Stuart Eastwood, Fred Broome, Sarah E. Parker, George L. McNicholl, James Reddyhoff , Leonard alstead, Leonard Smith, Clarence Hampson, Ernest Whitehead, Cyril G.

Kaye, Kenneth Lee,

Stafl'ord Robert I. Eder, Wfiham J. Beaumont, Mary E. Hartley, Albert Fletcher, Cecil C. Matthewman, Mary E. Armitage, Wilfred Hesp, William H. Woodhouse, Cyril Jarvis, Gladys G. M. Grant, Vera E. Lever, Arthur Moorhouse, Frank Shaw, Eric M Stocks, Susannah Haigh, Evelyn Woodhead, Jack

Crowther & Nicholson Ltd., Woollen

Manufacturers, Ash Brow Mills

ASHENHURST AVENUE Bower, Joseph Cockshott, James H. Mcintosh, Gordon H. Crosland, Frank Richardson, Nelson E. Fenwick, John Griffiths, Herbert Moody, John T. R. Sutton, Arnold Bottomley, Hector McNamee, Bernard Earnshaw, Harry D. Bryant, Denis H. Vickers, James Murphy, Henry Eagle, Leonard Hardy, Eric Kelly, Gilbert Dyson, Trevor Kelly, Frank Woodcock, Roy Moore, Charles A. Weatherburn, William H. Weatherburn, Edward Dobson, Ruth Oxley, Harold Rowley, John F. Illingworth, Edwin Senior, Ernest Harker, William Drew, Alfred E.

, Jac Holdsworth Arnold S. Mitchell, Jack Booth, Arthur Walton, Stanley Stevens, Thomas Hiles, Maud E. Clayton, Raymond Lloyd, Edward Gelder, Norman Rumary, Frederick A. Kemp, Jam Wadsworth, Wllham H. Williams, Fred Richardson, George R. Sidebottom, Reginald J. Sidebottom, Maurice Binns, Irvi Jones, Norris Dutton, James Johnson, George Coates, Fran Pottinger, Harry Day, Percy J. Tomlinson, Harry Graham, William C. Stringer, George E. Ambler, Irvine S. Dobson, Eric Hargreaves, John N. Evans, Emma Earnshaw, Maurice Nuttall, Tom Morelli, Leonard

ASHENHURST CLOSE Tracey, Frank Ramsden, Walter L. Wade, Ronald Barber, Joe Rodgers, Bertie Calvert, Maurice

post pout bst V ~- © \ C0 -J] a

Stockdale, Fred Greenwood, Norman Beaumont, Geoffrey Taylor, Norman Sykes, Ernest Raynor, Jack Hoyer, Lauritz F. E.

ASHENHURST RISE Manning, Arthur Blakeley, Robert Cartwright, Joe Ainley, Jack Cross, Norman Taylor, Frank L. Armitage, Alfred Dronfield, Josepn H. Royston, George A. Balmforth, Annie Parr, Jack Dunne, John A. Swan, Robert Schofield, Arthur Hiley, James Milnes, Oswald Blackburn, Emma Taylor, Mary Jessop, Norris Plumb, Thomas Heppleston, Fred (Senr. ) Noble, Edith Sykes, Harry Armitage, Clifford Winpenny, Harry Knight, Albert Smith, Edwin Lunn, Harry Cowley, Waiter Fisher, Charles E. Johnson, Jack Cartwright, Norman Stevenson, William Halstead, Fred Broadbent, John Baines, Stanley Tinsley, Frederick Dyson, Herbert James, William T. Taylor, Charles P. Kelly, Edward J. Teal, Robert K.

ASHENHURST ROAD Wing, Eric William Harrison, Henry Crowther, Joseph H. Vickerman, Jack Barras, Alexander E. Moorhouse, John Firth, Cyril Iredale, Benjamin D. Jessop, Joe Hellawell, Norman Wardle, Colin Johnson, Thomas W. Lockwood, Jonathan Jackson, Bertha Taylor, Harold Lowe, William J. Whiteley, Mary E. Donkersley, Clarence E. Holmes, Albert E. Hepworth, George H. Earnshaw, William H. Grundy, Leslie Carr, George E. Gregory, George Chadwick, George C. Earnshaw, Ronald Hirst, Tom E. Hiley, Herbert . Gunson, Clifford Wilson, Bertha Biggin, Doris Horner, Adelande Broadbent. Florence Millington, Edmund Haigh, Harry Crawshaw, Arthur

ASHES LANE Paxton, Frank Billington, Joseph W. Brook, Joe Smallwood, William C. Buckley, James W. Dransfield, Charles E. Smith, Alfr Dearnley, Elizabeth Pitt, Frank H.

Page 105

booms | pand & O0 A ND w r* \ _J Ua GJ -

Tew, Kenneth R. Sheard, Jessie Battye, Ellen Beaumont, Wilfred

ASHFIELD ROAD Jarratt, Albert Evans, Jonn P. Clarke Annie Oddy, Frank W. Rippon, Nellie E. Nichol, Thomas A. Buckley, Mary E. Brook, George, E. T. Hall, Mary E. D. Dyson, Edith M. Atkinson, William H. Hollis, Edward S. Meek, Beatrice E. Horsfall, John W., Manufacturers' Agent Davies, Harold Taylor, Ralph Ellis, Walter

ASHFIELD STREET Holroyd, Arthur Leeming, Drusilla Armitage, Margaret Taylor, John Hitchman, Edith M. Edmunds, Lucy Dodson, Henry Eastwood, Fanny Cowgill, May Brook, Tom Kitson, John Mallalieu, Tom Johnson, Stanley Wareham, Bradley Wood, William

ASHGROVE ROAD Walker, Douglas Green, Arthur J.

The Lodge, Sewage Works

Pashley, Ernest

ASHMERE GROVE Prince, Percy W Nunns, Frank Maidment, Hedley Johnson, Leslie Lovell, Hubert Watson, James Prout, Eric Ulrick, Walter Mosby, George Nicholson, George W. Milburn, Margaret Gregory, Robert , Harold E. Laurence, John F. Evision, William N. Barter, Fred Rhodes, Edward Blackburn, Stewart Senior, nard Flinders, Frank Light, David Bruce, Thomas, A. Mitchell, Marie Lammyman, Frank

ASPLEY PLACE Crowther, Tom Mills, Wilfred Earnshaw, Willie Hepworth, Raymond Schofield, Arthur Wroe, Elizabeth Wilson, Albert R. Marshall, Charles Butterworth James Hirst, John E.

AVISON ROAD Sykes, David R. Baldwin, Sarah A. Crowe, Alfred Fulwood, Claude W. Bale, Frank S. Marshall, David W. Dyson, Nellie Whiteley, Robert W. Priestley, Ernest Greenhough, John C. Garside, Hubert Robinson, Stanley Sweeting, George W.


samt gant poss jamd ~1 UA w - D _] UL GJ =


punt pand w - © \] GJ =

bunt o un & W N) -

V UJ J \] UY GJ ms

b) ==

Turner, Emily G. Gledhill, Arthur Wilson, Jack Sykes, Ronald Hirst, Mary Dove, Thomas B. Armitage, Eric Gregory, Sydney G. Wheeler, Granville Pearson, John W. Brierley, Percy Smith, Eric

BACK ALBERT STREET Jenns, Roy Lee, Frank Healey, James W. Horne, Mary A. Carr, Charles Howard, Veronica Phelps, Wilfred H. Fellows, Donald M. Charlesworth, George

BACK ARMITAGE ROAD Gash, William Gash, Maurice W. Shillito, Frank

BACK BEECH TERRACE Brown, William Williams, Robert Bailey, Ronald Leech, Harry Bloor, Jack Kennedy, George M. Rawlinson, Vincent F. Halstead, Gordon Mann, Stanley

BACK BRADFORD ROAD Grove Buildings Walker, Stanley Graves, Jack Hatch, Francis G. Lake, Stanley Brook, Stephen Heppenstall, Norah Grater, Ernest C. Bedford, Herbert Binns, Tom Critchley, James



BACK CLIFTON ROAD Suto, Josephine P. M. Metcalfe, Ivy Oxley, Ernest Knowles, Annie Lockwood, Amy Butterworth, Arthur

BACK COLNE TERRACE Humphry, Gerald Taylor, David C' arlesworth, Fred Shaw, William Bailey, Edna Pickard, Julia

BACK GREEN Wood, Harry Shaw, Elsie Wrigley, Brian Bray, Robert W. Hellawell, Norman Wilkmson Peter Morton, John

BACK HONORIA STREET Radcliffe, John Pollard, Harold

BACK LANE Green, Alfred C. Oldham, Wilfred Wilson, Jane Morrison, Thomas Stocks, Eliza Corcoran, Emma Sutcliffe, Joseph usen, H

Jackson, Ethel Sheard, Clifford S.


25 Clay, Geoffrey 27 Tait, George 29 Ward, Ernest 31 - Wallace, Charles E. 33 Shaw, Joe 35 Beaumont, Jean A. B. 37 Shaw, Herbert 39/41 Lockwood, Raymond 43 Ward Fredenck

51 Crosland, George A. 53 Morrison, Kenneth R. 55 Thornton, George 57 Stott, Charles B. 59 Cox, Horace L. 61 Newman, Albert 63 Stephenson, James D. 67 Taylor, Cyril W. 69 Moore, Allen 71 Marshall, Richard 2 Horsfall, Herbert 4 - Brook, Florence

BACK SILVER STREET 7 Shaw, Ernest J. 9 Pitchforth, Cyril 1 Galvin, Annie 3 - Horsley, Douglas 5 - Milnes, Edward 17 Ward, Cryij 19 Dearden, Irvin 21 Liversedge, Beatrice

BACK SOUTH STREET Heaton, Lily Thewlis, Harry Sugden, Harry

BACK SPRING STREET 3 Griffin, Patrick 5 Hanley, Fred ‘ll Hirst, Tom 3 5

ND _] ua

Mosley, John W. Crehan, Elizabeth Messenger, Jack 17 - Marshall, William A. E. 19 Batley, Albert 21 McGowan, Elizabeth 6 McDonagh, Frances 8 Davies, Irvin 12 Fox, Henry Boothroyd, A. & Co., Battery Service

BACK STANLEY STREET Parkinson, Harold Donnelly, Lawrence Tiffany, Dora Wilkinson, Alice Broughton, Charles W. Mannion, Charles J. H. Mannion, Peter R.

BACK STONEY LANE 1 Dean, Martha H. 3 Eglington, Edward W. _5’ Duce, Gertrude 9

& bN \D -] Ut GJ =-

Warne, Tom Howlett, Arthur 11 - Stead, James E. 13 Keeling, Henry W. 15 Haigh, Arthur 17 Stocks, Thomas W. T. 19 Crawhaw, George

BACK THORNHILL ROAD 1 Manley, Harri 3 - Garnett, Mabel 5 Smith. Alfred 7 Ainley, Albert 2 Rawlins, Eric V. E. 2A Collier, Harold 4 - Fielding, Grace A. 6 Jennings, Shirley 8 Williams, Raymond E. Armitage, Maurice A. 4 Crowther, Kenneth L.

CK UNION STREET Bradley, W Pleasing Printer, Radiant Works Tel. Watson, C. Whi

just jut

& Sons Ltd., Engineers, tesmiths

BAKER STREET Hey, Willie Mellor, Leslie N, Mackrill, Clifford Morgan, Margaret Collier, Leslie

gund - s] UL GJ

Page 106


Walton, Frank C. Smith, Jack Sharp, Edith A. Ainley, Hubert Hanson, Roy Kaye, Lily Beaumont, Fred Gee, Fred Jones, William Edgar, John R. Baume, Lily Wilman, Wesley L. Moore, John L. Smith, Edith Crosland, Hannah Medley, Laura Collier, Agnes Thurkettle, William R. Hey, Willie Gledhill, Ernest Wood, Laura Haigh, Frank Burkitt, Kathleen Poole, Mary, A. Burkitt, Frank Sunderland, Jeffrey Rooks, Josiah Calverley, Louisa Pickup, Norman Cockhill, Eric Lockwood, John R. Taylor, Leonard Sunley, Arthur Haworth, Fred Willerton, Fred Pitt, Gordon C. Dawson, Sidney Fox, Frank R. V. Clarke, Mary A. Hall, Maurice Hirst, Maurice Taylor, Barbara Leather, Jack Peckett, John E. Kitchingman, Joe A. Dyson, Evelyn H. Whitwam, Maud Eyre, Edgar Boothroyd, Herbert Chappell, Ernest Whitwam, Albert Taylor, Joe Battye, James Metcalfe, Herbert Scott, Norman Hadfield, Peter Hodgson, Elsie Robinson, Ethel Lawless, Harry

Dyson, Edwin & Sons, Plumbers,

UA UJ) =-


BALLROYD Thompson, George A. Tann, Eric Crosland, Charles R. Holmes, Tom Avison, Bernice H. Zadokoznyj, Florence Taaffe, Thomas Foster, Douglas Hall, Eric Cartwright, Allan E. Taylor, Ronald Sykes, Gwyn Handley, Tom Haigh, Abraham K. Taylor, Peter Bray, Norman Smith, Arthur Humphreys, James Spelzini, Richard J. Booth, Harry

BALLROYD LANE Williams, Annie

Facey, Mary J. Holdsworth, Roy Clarkson, Harry Jubb, Peter Hirst, Mary Benson, Herbert W. G. Lockwood, Herbert

BALLROYD ROAD Hill, Bernard Depledge, Harry Fisher, Annie

Burgin, Cyril Carson, David H. Brook, Frank Goldsborough, Derek H. Brown, Frank Healey, Joseph Netherwood, Constance A. Hellawell, Norman Gaukrodger, Ben 10 Senior, Leonard 12 Bentley, Albert 14 - Williams, Richard 16 Fisher, Herbert 18 Webster, Frank 20 Peters, Stanley 22 Traves, Douglas J. 26 Brier, William O. 28 Micklethwaite, Irvin 30 - Hellawell, Reginald W. 32 Beevers, Percy 34 Robinson, Thomas W. 34 Cox, William 36 Carlile, Stephen J, 38 Booth, Charles 40 Taylor, James W.

BALMFORTH'S YARD EAST Mitchell, Jim Sykes, Roy Carter, Frank Baxter, Friend E Lees, Leslie H. Nicholson, Emily E. Pogson, Gilbert Caws, Eric E. H.

BALMFORTH'S YARD WEST Gee, Fred Dearlove, Joseph A. Hanson, Priscilla Thorpe, Clifford Hirst, George McPartlin, Thomas

BALMORAL AVENUE Priestley, John Jepson, George F. Eckart, Ronald E. Rhodes, Benjamin Mear, Jervis Schofield, Jack 11 - Bremner, Alexan'er 13 Mitchell, Henry L. 15 - Baxter, Elsie 17 - Liversidge, Gladys 77 Ernest S. 79 Roebuck, Henry 81 - Bartlam, Wilfred 83 Beaumont, Leonard 85 Sykes, Fred 87 Field, Joe 4 Drake, Bessie K. 6 Lloyd, Mary N. 8 Taylor, Jonathan F. 8 Major, Joseph 10 Christie, Joseph 12 Warren, Edward C. 14 Westerby, Ernest 72 Dyson, Willie 74 Haigh, Colin 76 Harlock, Clifford G. 78 Mellor, Harold G.

BANCROFT AVENUE Wasilewski, Zbigniew 4 - Winterbottom, Joe 6 Prince, Harry

" found ° a J& N U w == -]

a u & w bh - w co «, 0a A wh -=

\D \D \] UA GJ ms

BANK END 2 - Carr, Hilda M. 4 - Bonney, Edith A. 6 Vigurs, Samuel J. H. 8 Beevers, Joseph A. Thornton, Peter W. 2 - Sleight, Eric

BACK END LANE 2 Travis, Edward 12 Hopton, John I. 26 Lindley, Frank 28 Scargill, Norman R. 30 Haigh, Harold 32 Taylor, Leonard 34 - Longley, John V. 36 Moss, Leslie G. 38 - Bennett, Elsie 40 Baker, Atkin W. 42 Woodhead, Gerald C. 44 - Foster, Reginald 80 Coward, Henry


Milnes, Frederick Sykes, Henry G. Riley, George A. Mellor, Lena Butters, Leonard W. Carter, Edmund W. Mavin, Cecil R. Jones, John Auty, Harold Bentley, Stanley G. Swallow, Ellis F. W. Boothroyd, Edward R. Booth, Leslie Spivey, William Spivey, Anthony W. Sutcliffe, Samuel Carter, Sam Russell, Arthur C. Bennett, Arthur Copley, Frances H. Shaw, John I. Bellwood, Elizabeth M. Cocker, Edward Stead, Edgar Richmond, Amelia Pitt, Jane Boothroyd, Jessie

BANKFIELD ROAD Turner, John Spencer, Eric Hinchliffe, Eric Halstead, Selina Shaw, Horace Ward, Gilbert Walton, Aubrey Buckingham, Leonard Ward, Bridget Beaumont, John Harrison, Lily Kenny, Patrick Armitage, Brian T. O'Hara, John Gallagher, Gilbert Foster, Arthur Ryan, Peter Greenwood, James T. Thomas, Paul D. Brindle, Jack McAvinue, William Graham, Victor B. Mallinson, James Wilson, Kenneth S. Thomas, Emrys E. Knott, Arthur R. Gibson, Doanld J. Bottomley, George A. Taylor, Willie Broadbent, Arthur Gilleard, Clement V. C. B. Norris, Harold Lockwood, Wilson Taylor, Roy E. Burkill, Arthur Normington, Horace Green, Harry Hogton, Tom A. Slater, Byron Bedford, John H.P. Brook, Irene Burgin, Ernest D. Curran, Edward Morris, William Nelson, Patrick Phillips, William Knowles, John D. Sanderson, Reginald H. Green, Ernest Laming, Ernest A. Berry, Norah Lockwood, Frank Clarke, Francis J. Normington, Herbert Rushworth, John B. Whitehouse, Walter Moorhouse, Fred Buckley, John R. McNab, Alexander R. Enoch, Arthur G.

BANKFIELD TERRACE Cartwright, Harry Dearnley, Lucy H. Bosek, Gladys Lee, Herbert Shaw, William Newsome, Harry Mitton, Malcolm H. Robinson, Alan L. Robinson, Edward

Page 107

00 1G

1 3

Cooper, Thomas Garlick, John A. Berry, Ernest

BANKFOOT LANE Hinchlif, Harvey Rogers, Harold

** Torrisholme " Wilkinson, George

v b -

0 O 4 NJ \ «J Ua UJ r


pum o a & N w =- \D «J] UK GJ bes

co & ho

Woodbine Cottages Taylor, John T. Littlewood, Brook E. Goodwin, Bernard Knapton, John S.

BANKWELL ROAD Morphet, Joseph Ellis, Norris Batley, Fred Tallon, Thomas Garside, Hilda Haigh, Hilda Denton, Frank Shaw, Walter Fifield, Harry Batley, Joe Denton, Annie Dyson, Joe B. Harvey, Doris J. Berry, Lucy E. Gentle, Thomas C.

BARGE STREET Crowther, William L. Pearson, Julia Illingworth, Jack

BARLBORO®' PLACE Smith, Harry H. Briers, Thomas H. Brailsford, John Briers, John E. Iredale, Edwin Brooklyn, Gwendoline Cliffe, James W. Fleming, Arthur Saville, Brian Bamforth, Amy

BARNBY ROYD Pember, Harry A. Anderson, Arnold Liall, William Hayley, Norman Kimmings, Leonard Greig, James Maude, Norman Fitton, Frank Schofield, Kenneth Beaumont, Tom Adamson, Robert

BARROW BUILDINGS Carmichael, Sarah J. Womersley, George H. Balmforth, Clara Ball, Alice M. Shas, Rose H. Bottomley, Laura Cliffe, Alice Hague, Mary E. Miller, Hilda Ashworth, Annie E. Robson, Donald Clegg, James H. Wadsworth, Arthur Wood, Frank Buckley, Ethel Robinson, Eric North, Harry Heaton, Herbert A. Wright, Edward Bell, Arthur

BARR STREET Boothroyd, Mary E. Coggin, Marion Yeoman, Jack

Anderson & Catton,

C0 OI && N \O «] UA GJ ma

Mechanical Engineers

BASIL STREET Silversood, Henry Drabble, Arthur W. Schofield, Benjamin h, Harry

Burhouse, Malcolm


10 - Burhouse, Lawrence 12 Edwards, Ada 14 - Rushworth, Margaret 16 Buckingham, Raymond G. 18 Brook, Hannah 20 Burns, George S. 22 Waddington, George

BATH STREET 1 Swallow, Evelyn 5 Pidgeon, Raymond 7 Meek Harry 9 Pogson, William 1 - Wilson, Walter 3 Pogson, Christiana g Blaber, Edward 4 6 8

LA _ 33

Chapman, Lewis Crane, Patrick Cliffe, William Tunnacliffe, Joe 10 Jazwinski, Jenny 12 Tipling, William H. 14 Wood, Wilfred 16 Watson, Ronald J. 18 England, Joseph 20 Halstead, Eric

BATH STREET 1 Kelly, Mary 3 - Nolan, James J. 5 Nolan, Rose A. 9 Grist Bros. Ltd., Wool Waste 11 - Gardner, Albert 13 Conley, Frank W. 15 Burke, Peter 17 Monaghan, John 19 Krska, Nellie 21 Wood, Brian 23 Pluck, Wilton V. 25 Pluck, Frank L 27 Wass, James W. 31 - Oliver, William 33 Whittaker, Ernest 35 Hopkins, Peter 2 Ewart, James A. 4 Wrath, Alice 4a Kitson, Kenneth 6 Cooper, Bernard J. 8 Dallagher, John 8 - Hauxwell, Ernest 10 Crawford, Thomas 10 Eastgate, Fred 12 Radford, Bernard 12 Brook, Edward J. 14 Donnelly, Michael J. 14 Connell, Jimmie 16 Reilly, Martin 18 Joyce, Coleman 20 Keenan, Matt 22 Kirrane, Winifred 24 Smith, Louisa 26a Rothery, Stanley 26A Stringer, Ronnie 28 Harling, William 32 Dasson, Harry C. 34 Huck, Sheriff 38 Jackson, Charles 38 - Badley, Samuel 40 Firth, Donald Patrick 42 Coupland, Watson W. 44 Wilson, Geoffrey 46 Premier Advertising Agency 48 Ainley, Gladys 50 Westmoreland, John T. 54 Womersley, Joe 56 Bates, William

BATLEY AVENUE 2 Smith, Arthur 4 Sangster, Emily 6 Hope, Alice 8 Roebuck, Hedley 10 Jordinson, Frank 12 Meara, Michael 14 Beever, Joan 16 Barton, Phyllis I. 18 Chambers, George E. 20 Gibson, Bernard 22 Quarmby, Irvin

BATLEY STREET Lockwood, Elsie Bowdell, Alfred A. Hutton, Stanley N. James, Joseph Fox, George H. 11 - Marriott, Charles 13 Farnsworth, Fred 13A Firth Arthur 15 Taylor, Robert

\D _] Ut GJ ses


15a Heaton, Charles E.

pane. imaut | pand | O & N -] ut w im \D _J Ut GJ ==

@ -

Armitage, George A. C. Jackson, Frank Horn, Tom Wood, Herbert Whitehead, Eleanor Munsey, Ernest Cockroft, James Walker, Harry Kelly, John France, Frank Marsden, Sydney Dawson, Sidney Pearson, Lewis

BATTYE AVENUE Jones, Harold Bailey, Jack Haigh, Stanley Preston, Stephen Turner, James Pennington, Leonard Taylor, Frank Hall, Edgar Pennington, Norman Brook, Stanley Littlewood, Thomas A. Swithenbank, Charles W. Rothwell, Frederick Holdsworth, Geoffrey Lee, Jack Jowett Ernest Hart, Albert E. Beaumont, Joseph Gledhill, Kenneth Firth, Peter Parker, Ronald D. Shackcloth, Clifford G. Boothroyd, Sydney Victor

BAY HAL Sheffield, Martha Gould, Joseph


Brearley, Hildred Asquith, Alfred West, John H. Walker, Anne M. Manfield, Arthur Wait, William G. Openshaw, Walter Brook, Albert E. Chinn, Norman C. Stubbings, Edgar Rawson, Ernest Buckley, Vincent Pearson, William A. Leach, Daisy (Sentr.)

Stork Bros. Ltd., Yarn Spinners (Bay

Hall Mills) Chappell, Vernon Maney, Frederick J. Ostrowski, Nellie Spencer, Jack Emerson, Leslie

BEACON STREET Binns, Eliza J. Maynard, Robert W. Walker, James L. Sugden, John Cardno, Jessie Kinder, George Kergon, Harry

Crow's Buildings Tann, Ronald Brook, Frederick Kergon, John Hobson, Annie

BEADON AVENUE Thorpe, John H. Terry, Laurence Booth, Hiram s Berry, Thomas Whitehead, Harry Cartwright, John Hardy, Stanley Carter, Horace Benson, Graham Walker, Reggie Klama, Mabel A. Barrowclough, Ronald Green, Christopher A. Moorhouse, Leslie Booth, Wilfred Makin, William F.

Page 108


Baggs, James Birkhead, Wilfred Dean, Geoffrey E. Wetherby, Gordon James, Douglas E. Elkington, William H. Lockwood, Willie Stockdale, Arthur Needham, Olive Bandy, Walter Money, Willie Auckland, Herman Sanderson, Arnold Wright, Frederick N. Eastwood, Ernest Daykin, John W. Pickles, Albert Mowbray, Robert Lockwood, Fred Lewis, Florence Blackburn, Norman S. Whaling, Thomas Morgan, Alfred W. Noble, George R. K. Barden, Betram Metcalfe, Thomas C.

BEAST MARKET Walker, Tom Dagostino, D., Caterer Sykes, Fred Wilson, Sidney Taylor Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd. Sheet Metal Workers Haigh, J. D. Ltd., Banana Mer- chants, Wells Yard Jessop Bros Electrical Engineers Ferrari, Anthony Burns, James Radio Disposals Mtwgr’s Dairies (Huddersfield) t Ncir'tgem Dairies (Huddersfield)

Sutcliffe, Alonzo & Sons Ltd., Underclothing Manufacturers Dinkel, Leonard C

37 . 8-10 " Boy and Barrel " Inn,

24 26

Osborne, Jesse W. "* Bull's Head Hotel " Marsden, E., Wardrobe Dealer

28-30 Stones, Raymond

dip tb U1 Q) is

BEAUMONT AVENUE Robinson, Arthur Szubert, Margaret Donohne Thomas Armitage Walter Mitchell, James Knight, "Herbert

BEAUMONT PARK ROAD Sykes, Harold Ifiockwood Geoffrey aye Oldfield Lwhe, Painter and Deco- rator Oldfield Mary W. Kendall, Harry Peace, Donald E. Whitaker, Betty Heap, Alan Beaumont, Philip C. Harrison, Hugh N. Arnold, Sidney E. Hirst, Alec J. D. Sheard, Edgar Frobisher, Elsie Smith, Robert G. F. Hallas, John E. Hirstwood, Lawrence Johnson, Horace Jebson, Eric W. Shaw, Charles W. B. Wagstaff, Wilfred Hill, George E. M1113 Frank Shaw, John H. Brook, Harry Hall, Harry Scholes, Wilfrid Edson, Sylvia M. Crowther, Alfred Eaton Smith, John D. Goldthorpe, Jack L. Hirst, Edward W. Taylor, Alec

Craig Heath Byrom, Beatrice A.

The Castle

Plews, George R.

The Lodge Smlth Fred


\O \] un G


BEAUMONT STREET Williams, Freda Flanagan, Margaret M. Holland, James Norton, Harold E. Armitage, Martha Sutherland, Herbert Boothroyd, Edith Whitfield, Albert Egan, Florence Sutcliffe, Joe Manterfield, Percy Scholes, Joseph Knowes, Alice Stead, Lewis Chappell, Edgar Schofield, Willie Nuttall, Wilfred Stringer, Kenneth Fairbairn, John Roberts, William S. Worthington, Albert Sykes, Albert E Pickering, Fred Collins, Ernest Boothroyd, Ronald Pickwell, Donald Earnshaw, Wilfred

BEAUMONT STREET Robinson Arnold Thorpe, George Cotton, Tom Mayall, William H. Mellor, Urban Harvey, William H. Beaumont, Ruth Grace, Richard D.

BEAUMONT STREET Dearing, Thomas A. Farrand, Clement V. Smith, Thomas A. Wright, Herbert Tindall, J. H. Firewood Moore, John W. Andrew, Joe, Tripe Dresser Kilburn, Frank

& Son, Carriers,

13 Victoriallfdciills Spinning Co (Huddersfield) td.

1 3A Morley, Tom

Stocks, Gertrude

2a Pacey, Esther

Wilson, John W. Shaw, Donald Bradley, Alfred Brook, Emily Dyson, John W. Oldfield, Frank Tyas, Tho

School House thfield John B. W.

BEAUMONT STREET Seymour, Frank A Woodhead, Louisa Beaumont, Caroline M.

Berry, Tom Chappell, Gordon Hirst, Geoffrey Senior, Joe Lambert, Brian Haigh, Norman Armitage, Henry Redfearn, Ronald Hirst, Donald Newbould, Willis ouse, Frank Crowther, Harriet Withey, Peter A. t, James R. Crowther, George S. Littlewood, Bertha Crowther, Samuel Raby, Albert Smith, William Arthur Taylor, Thomas E. Dyson, Joe Dickinson, Leonard Lee, Clifford E. Hirst, Frank C. Ellis, Walter Hirst, Hubert Sykes, Ernest Norcliffe, Jack Hall, Austin R. Windle, Albert

BEECH AVENUE Tiffany, Walter R.

Tomlinson, Clement J. Goulden, Horace Hicks, Francis H. Thirkill, William H. Beaumont, Horace Kinder, Stanley Walker, George A. Senior, Harry Scott, Eliza Sykes, Stanley Greenwood, Gerald Pogson, Tom Hinchliffe, George H. Oldfield, Scott Tyrrell, William R. G. Lee, Florence Russell, Wilfred A.

BEECH STREET Wressall, Walter L. Sr Plowman, William H. Fosbrook, John Heaton, Ernest Telford, Frank Hunt, Arthur C. B. Hamer, Ethel Thackray, Basil Iredale, Arthur Armitage, Percy R. Dearnley, Henry L. Waller, James H.

School of Motoring, Driving Tuition Hilton, J. S., Coal Merchant

Drake, Godfrey H. Gledhill, Raymond P. France, Mason P. Hirst, Watts R. Sykes, Edgar Armitage, Sam (Senr.) Sewell, Arthur Elstone, Norris H. Roberts, Irvin Wmshlp, David W. G. Priestley, Wilfred Hartley, Henry Stott, Ethel Rothery, Stanley Fuller, Andrew Brook, Arthur Thornton, Arnold R. Woodhouse, Irvin Sykes, William Cowley, Jack Stoney, Leonard Gooch, Maurice S. Stead, Enc Balderson, Kenneth Maddalena, Antonio Hirstwood, Harry Brumfield, Reginald Clegg, Mary E Brook, Percy Wrigley, Dorothy Roebuck, Ernest Hunter, Fr Johnson, John H. Pickles & Morgan, Coach Painters and Signwriters Wilkinson, Frances E. Thewlis, Hubert Ward, Harold Barrow, Philip Taylor, Ann

Lock, Cyril Bolderson, Gordon Bates, Frank Cr ossley, John J., Waste Dealers Crossley, Joseph & Sons, Waste Dealers Brook, John C. Brook, John A. Murgatroyd John L. Brook, William Pugh, Henry M. Denham, William Davison, Lily Stevenson, Frank ill, Lily F. Hopson, John Taylor, Linton, Plumber, Electrician Hearn, George R. Gartside, Horatio N. Lum, Laura Bamford, Eric Schofield, Lewis Blackburn, Dorothy M. Hardy, Lucy J. Eastwood John L.

Page 109

66 Selway, William 68 Lumb, Hubert 70 Greaves, Stanley 72 Hirst, Herbert 76 Rushworth, Fred A. 78 Lum, Emma 80 Crowther, Constance E. 82 Dyson, Arthur J. 84 Wilson, Clement V. 86 Dickson, Annie 88 Piwowarski, June A. 90 Heeley, Albert E.

BEECHFIELD ROAD 2 - Hopkins, John S 4 - Roebuck, Herbert G. 6 Woodward, Francis E. W. 8 Bygott, Joseph N. 10 Parker, William D. 12 Burrows, Ernest 14 Gledhill, Reginald B. 16 Cole, Thomas B.

BELGRAVE TERRACE Cullingworth, John E. Geoghegan, Kevin G. P. Wall, Irving Hamilton, William C. Convery, Thomas Tobin, Patrick Moran, Maurice Schofield, James 8-10 Turner, William J. W. 8-10 Beaumont, Jack 8-10 Taylor, Donald 12 Flaherty, Dudley 14 Burns, George 14 Todd, John

d a Ja a $ ND G -

BELL STREET Fell, Gilbert Hinchliffe, Gilbert Heeley, John M. Bradley, Mary E. Waite, Elsie M. Haigh, Elsie Ledgard, Keith E. Bentley, Frank 17 Brierley, Horace 19 Micklethwaite, Norman C. 21 Oates, Edward 2 Harling, Henry 6 Boothroyd, Hubert 8 - Gorodnjewsky, John 8 Reynolds, Stanley 10 Carmichael, Albert 12 Moore, Jere 14 Howarth, Stanley 16 Armstrong, Herbert 18 Berry, Doris Cecilia 20 Ellam, Frederick W. 20 Heppell, Wilfred 22 Fearnley, Joseph W.

BELLE VUE CRESCENT 1 _ Winter, Joseph W. 3 Earnshaw, Arthur _57 Bellamy, Harold 9

prank Un w = \D _] UL GJ =e

Stott, Sidney J. Hannam, Robert 11 Shelton, Harold 13 Bergan, Norman 15 Pearson, Walter 17 Eastwood, Kenneth 19 Horsfall, Ronald 21 Thornton, Stanley 25 Littlewood, Charles R. 27 Clegg, Robert M. 29 Smith, Stuart 31 - Wrigley, Norman 33 Valerio, Harry N. 35 Peacock, Herbert 37 Sykes, Jack 37 - Bell, Ernest 39 Sharp, David 41 Armstrong, Betty 43 North, George 45 Haigh, Eric W. 47 - Knight, James 49 - Burns, Thomas 51 - Bailey, Walter 53 Whaley, Annie 55 Carter, Ernest 57 Richardson, Clifford 59 Armitage, Harold 61 - Thompson, Patrick J. 2 Townsend, Joe 8 Lee, Sam 10 Wilkins, Charles

pand bnast


Bower, Ann Lightfoot, Eric Brook, Frank S. Whiteley, Peter Shaw, Frank Mallinson, John A. Warburton, Fred Pearson, Linay Pickup, Dora Armitage, Leonard Hicks, Robert Holmes, Kenneth Stamper, William H. Hardcastle, Herbert Dennis, Willie Clarkson, Gordon Oates, Alfred Wright, Frank Morelli, John J. Kelly, George Sykes, John Atkins, Alice Milner, Amos Hepworth, James A Smith, Marjorie E.

BELMONT STREET Eggleton, Richard C. Field, John E. Raynor, Cyril Taylor, Ernest W. Ramsden, Thomas A. Dyson, Thomas Shaw, Horace Wailes, James A. Roberts, Blanche H. Roberts, George W. Gartland, James G. Whiteley, Henry Smith, Gordon Martin, Thomas J. Carter, Kenneth C. Cruickshank, George Grogan, Timothy Moody, John Shackleton, Irving Bell, Mark Kneafsey, Michael Brennan, Vincent Finn, Donnic Stynes, Patrick Arnold, Nelly E. James, Maurice Fawcett, Albert W. Butlin, Walter Richardson, Grace F. Crosland, Bryan B. Driver, Raymond J. Mullins, Coleman Kelly, Michael Ward, Peter Conway, John Senior, Ernest

BELTON GROVE ROAD Brook, Harry Tansey, Leo V. Springall, James S. Purdy, Frank

BELTON STREET Steele, William J. Wilkinson, Ida Gaukrodger, Ida Sowerby, Florence Booth. Leslie Horne, Young Thornton, Ernest Whitley, Edmund Wakelin, George Dyson, Hubert A. Wilks, Beatrice

Roberts, Lavinia

Moxon, James W. Raynor, John A. Rushforth, Margaret Wood, Stanley Senior, Joe Paviour, David Asquith, Leonard S. Wood, Helena Moorhouse, John Harrison, George A. Butler, George Bennett, Jessie Rushforth, Jack Draper, Cyril Turton, Douglas Wadsworth, Fred Cockroft, Arthur


6 Moorhouse, Cyril 8 Flemming, Wilfred 10 Seedhouse, Harry B. 12 Rushworth, Sydney 14 Barrowclough, Marjorie B. 16 Wharf, Fred 18 Couldwell, Wilfred T. 20 Brook, Norman 22 Burdett, John H. 24 Moon, Barry 26 Taylor, Arthur

~ BENT STREET Cooper, Miriam Bolam, Norman Schofield, Harry Day, George A. Dickinson, Wilfred Hoskin, Harry Watson, Herbert Lyon, Fred

proms jaunt pout Un t =- \D ~] Ut GJ =-

BENTLEY STREET Brook, William H. Loveday, Earle C. L. Cracknell, Arthur B. Smith, Albert Brook, Herbert F. Woodhouse, Haydn Eilis, Albert E. Mallinson, George R. Robb, Samuel Parker, Percy H. 17 Thornton, Stanley 19 HMHorsfall, Frank F. 21 - Mettrick, Beaumont 23 Pickersgill, Walter 27 - Bramald, Percy 27 Townsend, Herbert 29 Bamforth, Hildred 31 Haigh, Willie 33 Senior, Bruce 33 Leonard, Mfred R. Methodist Church 35 Cross, William H. 51 Smith, Victor W. R. 53 Rawlinson, George K. Haigh, Arthur West, John Jillott, Tom Kneeshaw, Geoffrey V. Taylor, Harold Clarkson, James Skelton, Thomas H. Mallinson, Percy Holroyd, Ernest 18-20 Woodhouse, Hubert 18-20 Epton, Leslie 22 - Bawn, James H. 24 Wagstaff, Leonard 26 Mallinson Ethel 28 Hardy, Geoffrey D. 30 Murray, James 30 Donaldson, John P. 30 Dennis H. 32 Lodge, Gilbert 34 - Smith, Lizzie L. 46 Maffin, Amy 48 Woffenden, Herbert 48 Grindrod, Ernest 50 Kaye, Tom 52 Boothroyd, Harry 54 - Walker, Philip 56 Ward, Thomas 58 Sykes, Winifred 60 Williams, Thomas 62 Challis, Frederick E. 64 Jackson, Frederick W. 66 Howarth, Herbert 68 Clayton, Dennis 68a Clegg, Harry 70 Johnson, John R. 74 - Clements, Thomas H. 76 Smith, John B. 78 McGough, John 80 Milner, Edith 82 Sharpe, Harold 84 Greaves, Fred 86 Turner, John 88 Mosley, Frederick L. 90 Abson, Jack 92 Mitchell, Harry 94 Sykes, Hilda 96 Fisher, Randall 96 Shaw, Lawrence E. 98 Hardy, Mary E. 100 Dawson, Amy

aw = s] s Ut Ot GJ ==

4 tJ & 00 co O J& bo

Page 110

Cel $a

pootcs n -= \D s] GQ GJ ==

n GJ GJ =s


BENOMLEY CRESCENT Midgeley, Wm. Moody, Richard Marples, Norman Chappell, Herbert Warrington, Jack Moulton, George A. Fearnley, William E. Machan, Wilfrid G. Sanderson, Gordon G. Allen, Donald W. Gott, Richard H. Holt, David, Wm. Sherwood, John H. W. Aspinall, Philip Ellis, Harry Tindall, Eunice Moorhouse, Stanley Waterhouse, John T. Beard, Beatrice A. Thompson, Cyril W. Jackson, Arthur A. Beaumont, Harry K. Eastwood, William B. Pleasants, Basil Beer, Cecil G. Sykes, Philip L. Hague, Gladys D. Taylor, Hilda Morris, Evelyn G. Crozier, Thomas Davidson, Leonard Bevins, Alexander Webb, Ethel Hirst, Ernest Lake, Christopher E. Rhodes, Clifford Metcalfe, Jack Dewes, Wilbert Greenhalgh, Fred Taylor, William A. Smyth, Robert J. Avison, Sydney Stansfield, Henry Revell, Eric N. Corrin, Lilian Ellis, Albert bh, Mary Sykes, Harold R Battye, Norman Hirst, George H. Bottomley, John N. Jagger, Cecil K. Exley, Georgina Parker, Francis N. Sykes, Frank V. Goldsmith, Alfred J.T Bareham, Francis J Evans, Marian Hockley, Denis M. J. Weedon, Bernard L. Hudson, Fred S. Holmes, Norman J. Eastwood, Wilfred Wood, John R. Leach, Alexander Flint, Herbert Rampley, Douglas Robinson, Frederick C. Peace, Bernard, Combustion En- gineers Shaw, Geo. Fredk. Harrop, Frank L. Maffin, Harry. Dr., Surgeon Arrowsmith, Wm. N. Middleton, Ronald Blackburn, Lilian Hulme, Eric P. Wade, Philip H. Dyson, Frank B. Pearson, Clifford Bottomley, Jack Garrard, Geoffrey C. Grainge, Mabel Thompson, Clifford Jones, Wm. C. Ltd. Brooke, Neil W. Bevis, John W. T. Collins, Samuel O. Roebuck, Irving Lunn, Kenneth Davies, John R. Bradbury, George Whittle, Peter B.

BENOMLEY DRIVE Frost, James H. Haigh, Smith Berry, Emily Ogden, William

Dearnlet, Gordon Brawn, Francis H. Barrowclough, John H. Bennett, Arnold G. Gilling, Edwin S. Crosland, Frank Sykes, Arthur R. Hallsworth, Thomas Moorhouse, Clifford Garratt, Albert F. Webster, John N. Brown, Kenneth Bennett, Percy R. Brook, Norman Helm, Henry J. Denham, Thomas Hewer, Geoffrey Shaw, John Jagger, Walter Riley, James A. Brook, Joshua M. Germaine, Ernest P. Moxon, Ronald Batey, Dora Locke, George W. Lee, Richard E. Parson, Horace Topham, David E. Schofield, Frank Carson, Fergus J. M. Crowe, Martha Pearson-Foggin, Roland Littlewood, Mabel Armitage, William B. Littlewood, Wm. E. Hirst, Vivien T. Boycott, Michael G. Fynn, Lucy Beaumont, Norman Fletcher, James Dugdale, Norman Whitwam, Joseph H.

BENOMLEY ROAD Benomley Bakery Wortley, Kenneth, Dispensing Chemist Owen, Robert J. Stevenson, Jack Leeson, Eric Wainwright, Lilly Anderson, Muriel Crossley, Lewis W. Maffin, Rolland Sherwell, Edward G. Benson, Edith B. Wilkinson, John V. Woodhouse, William D. N. Gee, Hilton Baron, William F. Shaw, Herbert E. Bowen, Reginald W. Duxbury, Dorothy L. Parsons, James J. Johnson, William D. Calverley, James M., Solicitor Campnett, James I. Riley, Harry Wood, Mary E. Yates, James Wilkinson, Teddy Orchard, William H. Longbottom, Frank P. Rhind, John McR. Halfpenny, Derek Littlewood, Douglas Green, Edwin Cartwright, Gerald Braham, Albert C. Dunhill, Harry Lockwood, Arthur L. Mellor, Harry Morgan, William H. Phillips, Thomas G. Beaumont, Jack Downes, Arthur S. Hirstwood, George M. Storr, Derrick Goldthorpe, Eleanor Jessop, Willie Firth, Fred Mallinson, Lawrence Mason, Harol Scragg, Walter H. Shaw, Leslie Hopkinson, Harry F. Newett, Harry Palmer, Arthur Kilburn, Dan Dyson, Lewis A.

Parkinson, Fredk. J. Fraser, Catherine Townend, Barry Lees, John G. Shackleton, William A.

BERNARD STREET King, George W. Raper, Harold Ramsbottom, Frank O'Hare, Doris Rodgers, Wilfred Southwell, Richard Clelland, Herbert Crowther, Albert R. Kenny, Thomas Brooke, William Stead, John H. Ockerby, Charles H. Wood, Elizabeth Brook, James Beaumont, Fred Gallacher. John Johnston, Ronald J. Shaw, Charles Barker, Haydn Mullen, Norman Rowell, Paul P. Bruniges, George A. Cowgill, Emily McCormack, Winifred

BERRY'S ROW Stocks, Thomas I. Ainley, Fred Turner, Harold Whiteley, Harold Day, Eric Mallinson, Jack Lodge, Wilfred M. Mason, Mary E. Harris, Magdaline Lockwood, Kenneth Sykes, George Deal, Leslie Maxfield, Jack Brown, Sarah E. Beaumont, William O. Dyson, Elsie Mitchell, Arthur Haigh, Dora L. Swindells, Leslie Hinchliffe, Eric White, Jospeh

BIRCH ROAD Howitt, Frank Scott, William E. Lord, Marie Reid, James T. Wrigley, Donald Dyson, Thomas North, Ernest Bayliffe, Luther Waters, Kenneth L. Stocks, Harold Saunders, Gordon M. Longbottom, Norman Littlewood, Ben Taylor, George F. Lee, Norman Langrick, Florence Mallinson, James F. Gibson, David S. Rosenfeld, Albert A. Sanderson, Harold H. Bailey, Laura Bradley, Ethel Taylor, Ruth Oddy, Bernard Cartwright, Jonas B. Hutchinson, Willie Senior, Wilfred B. West, Jack T. Stockdale, Richard J. Chambers, Irvin A. Moorhouse, Harry F. Sugden, Roger E. Buckley, William H. Shaw, John E. Berry Brow Methodist Church Roberts, Herbert G. Pearce, John Livesey, William Percy, Joseph W. Brook, Sarah Gelder, William H. Eccersley, Frank H. Bancroft, Arthur Boothroyd, Clement

Page 111

Shaw, Alan S. Baxter, Reggie Buckley, Frederick Charlesworth, Frank Sykes, Joel Farnsworth Fred Lee, Mary M. Kaye, Colin P. Hodgson, Arthur T. France, Emily Littlewood, Renald Lunn, Lewis Haigh, Agnes S. Moore, William E. Rawlinson, Alma Whitehead, Arthur B. Crosland, Ethel Wood, Elsie Moorhouse, Norris


Crum, Kenneth Lawton, Dennis Taylor, Donald Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, George Bowerman, John W. Ogden, Irvine Dyson, Clara Whiteley, Dyson Schofield, Denis Atkinson, Kenneth Walton, Fred H. Hanson, Ernest Noble, Joseph E. Howe, Edgar Wood, Henry I. Burke, John M. Larke, George Payne, Fredk. W. Sykes, Sarah M. Oldham, Sydney

BIRCHINGTON AVENUE Barber, Granville Greener, Ronald Dyson, Willie Fox, Kathleen Sykes, Joe S. Moore, Dan Holmes, Donald Orton, Richard R.

BIRKBY HALL ROAD Pownall, William Turner, Bertie Shaw, Winifred I. Taylor, Annie Shepherd, Edmund H. Rothery, Eric Wadsworth, Hilda Smith, Edmund Whitwam, Joseph H. Kershaw, James Walton, Samuel S. Lumley, William A. Hellawell, Peter Moorhouse, Frank Goodyear, Arthur Almond, Horace P. Ruston, Winifred M. Drake, James N. Marsden, John Kaye, Kathleen H. Rothery, Alice E. Kershaw, Robert A. (Flat 1) Leslie, Ella M. (Flat Aspinall, Lilian C. (Flat 4) Cheetham, John (Flat 5) Richardson, Doris (Flat 6) Roberts, Hilda (Flat 7) Elliott, Nellie (Flat 8) Shackleton, Bertram Richards, Wilfrid T. Ellis, William Dilworth, Jack Shaw, Jack Sykes, Agnes W. Whitehead, James Tonmlinson, George Pilling, Clara Clyne, Ondrej Eastwood & Co., Chartered Accountants Wells, Elizabeth Blakeborough, David G. D. Lumb, Ada Walker, Harry Tatchell, John R. Nattress, Annie


** Four Gables 3

Crush, Rowland A. Shepherd, Blanche Foster, William H. Elliott, Alexander C., Corn Dealer Calvert, Frank Martin, Joe A. Hopkinson, Alice E. Sykes, John T. Hirst, Westwood Tullis, John & Sons Ltd., Belting Manufacturers Huntlea, James Derreck

~- Gledhill, Elsie

Osborne, Leonard Prynn, Kenneth C. Crowther, Marion Whittell, James F. I. Whiteside, Thomas S. Day, Norman W. Housby, John H. Smith, Florence Barker, John A. Protection Engineering Services Ltd., Technical Consultants Atack, Joseph Wade, Stuart H. Gray, Norman Cooke, John F. Arnott, Robert Kaye, Arthur Taylor, Fred Dyson, Philip E. Noel, Ethel M. Taylor, Damaris M. Sykes, Samuel F. Stocks, Helen Weatherburn, Nellie E. Harpin, Herbert W. Schofield, Charles Taylor, Chas. B Collier, Narman Green, Eliza Cockrem, Albert E.

{Blrkby Hall Motors Ltd.

Fairbairn, Olive G Fletcher, Joe

- Woodworth, Alice

Wilson, Isabella Fletcher, Joe A., Nurseryman Cooper, Charles Coldwell, Reginald Mosley, Ethel Carter, Harold Swailes, John Thomas, Anthony B. Hobson, Monica Bake, Minnie Crowther, Thomas H. Thompson, Peter R. Berry, Alice M Hoyle, Beryl V. Cardno, Peter C. Coates, Wilfrid Hanson, Frank L. Prescott, Hilda Hill, May Bottom, Thomas Gardiner, Evelyn Sutcliffe, Charles E. Culley, Norman Laycock, Clara Hawkes, Harold C. Large, David Hardy, Sydney J. Bygott, Eric Dickinson, Kenyon L. Ferguson, Ada M. Mallalieu, Albert E. Peacock, Warren T.

BIRKBY LODGE ROAD Cooper, Harry Bradley, Ernest Newman, Walter R. Coombes, Florence Waterhouse, Norman Motor Haulage Melbourne, James Holdsworth, Laura Beverley, George H. Haigh, Florence M., Corsetier Ratcliffe, Clifford Bray, Herbert Stringer, Jack Brooke, Alfred Brooke, James L., Artist Chambers, Harry Bradley, Vera




prost prank


tel Ja

Aitken, Alexander McL. Willis, Harold A., Director of Welfare Firth, Florence Pickering, Arnold N. Cocker, John R. Bates, Hartley C. Buckley, John W. Matthews, Geoffrey J. Bagshaw, Harold Armitage, George Hinchliffe, Norman Haining, James S. Crabtree, Clara Arnold, Alice Ratcliffe, C., Fruiterer and Florist Halstead, John K Milnes, John Milnes, Joan N. Veterinary Surgeon Hardy, Elsie

Smith, Henry R. Coward, Reuben H. Crowther, William Morris, Harry Fenton, Joe Clark, Jack C. Heathcote, Samuel Byram, Frederick Mercer, Fred O'Shea, Garrett Liddle, Doris Bickerdike, George H. Heywood, Victor Sykes, Colin P. Hebblethwaite, Harry Catton, Lewis E. Thompson, Clifford Coats, Francis D. Scholefield, Mortimer Leece, Harold Armitage, Harold V. Taylor, Jack Lever, William N. Beattie, Andrew Winterbottom, Roy Turner, Joseph

Birkby Fold Brown, Harry Pluright, George Hargrave, George C. D. Hinchliffe, Emma Algar, Mary A. B. Green, Kathleen M. Barnes, Annie England Wilfred Armstrong, Geoffrey M. Nicholls, Patricia Armstrong, Thomas Newton, Joe Tinsley, Donld

Una Place Oldham, Lily M. Crompton, Catherine E. M. Harrison, Lionel P. Shackleton, Agnes A. Bottom, Nora E. Stocks, Martha A. Lee, Jo Hg Ward, ydn Lockwood Lucy Ann Waterhouse, William

BIRKBY ROAD Woodcock, Ronald Beaumont, Nellie Jarmain, Eliza Kaye, Charles B. Crowther, Lawrence H. Shaw, Sydney E. Exley, Norman Greenwood, Winifred Holmes, Frederick B. Sykes, John F. Milnes, Titus E. P. Bnerley,

Wood View Farm - Falck, John W. ** Corby " Clifford, Lewis Stanwell Royd Pape, Frank Stanwell Royd - Blacker, Mary Inglewood Lodge

Robinson, William H.

Inglewood Brook, Arthur W. R. Inglewood Brnerley. Lewis Norwood Stables Gamble, Ernest A.


BIRKHOUSE LANE Whitworth, Herbert

Page 112


Jagger, Harry Hirst, Harry Shaw, Norman Booth, Henry Metcalfe, Albert Booth, Willie R. Boardman, Albert Broadbent, Peter Evans, Thomas Beaumont, George K. Fothergill, Christopher Greenwood, Cyril S. Pickering, James R.

37-39 Drake, Norman, Butcher

Liversidge, John R Beaumont, Jack Haigh, George Haigh, Jack G. Broadhurst, Harry Branford, Anthony Dennison, Joseph Beaumont, Norman Heywood, Walter Heaton, Oldfield Pontefract Harold Eastwood, Delina Royle, George H. Hobson, James Ramsden, Arnold Livesey, Fred H Netherwood, Willie Sykes, Alfr ed Holden, Elizabeth Coldwell, Elsie Graham, James Elliott, Joe Gaukroger, Arthur Hodgson, Jack Oldfield, Walter Halligan, Mary A. Kitson, Cyril Eyre, Lily G. Seedhouse, Edgar Ingham, George Cadogan, Edward P. Addy, Lawrence E. Bunton, Joe Lodge, Harry H. Bayliss, Clarence Robinson, Carol M. Jagger, John J. Naylor, Harry Mellor, Gladys Kaye, Gilbert Mashiter, Walter L. Gledhill, Charles F. Blake, Patrick T. C. Frost, Harry Earnshaw, Jack Ward, Mary E. Holroyd Geo., Grocer, Newsagent Smithies, Charles G. Grocer Hattersley, George Kaye, Jane Jones, Agnes Hoyle, William A. Goddard, William Wilson, James Stringer, Winifred Oxley, Arthur Littlewood, James Dale, Norman Sheard, Benjamin Riley, Ethel Hunt, Leonard J. Bush, Maurice Priestley, Sarah A. North, Frances A. Gill, Ernest Slater, Roy W.

BIRKLANDS ROAD Haynes, Eric Harrington Mullineaux, Ernest Marsden, Ethel Shaw, Trevor Foster, Herbert Tordoff, Mary J. Baxter, Mabel H. Wittrick, Walter J. Frankland, Ernest T. Hind, Douglas Downie, John W. S. Crowther, Robert F. Lambert, Philip Storey, Herbert Marchbank, James Poole, Gilbert Standidge, John E. Chappell, David

70 74 74

Dyson, Teddy Harrison, Geoffrey F. Jamieson, Sheila P. Booth, Will Mellor, Fred Morson, Frank S.

BIRKS Starkey, John Dransfield, Emma Sykes, Clara Thompson, George H. Starkey, Ernest

7 317-83 Blakeborough, Ernest S.

Rellhouse, Arthur H Sykes, Norman, Fine Drawer Birks Farm Sharp, John Birks Farm Reid, Mary A.

BIRKS ROAD Dyson, Harry Nutton, Percy Mellor, Samuel E. Battye, Raymond Crompton, Albert S. Morton, Joe Baxter, George Pollard, Harry Willoughby, Eric Quarmby, Stanley Bottom, Eric N.

BLACKER ROAD McLean, Albert Terrace Hotel Beaumont, Reginald L. Brook, Harry S. Whitaker, Arnold Bradley, Harry Stockwell, Jack Brook, Frank Hood, Alfred Haythornthwaite, Morris Holdsworth, Albert L. Marshall, Douglas W. Bower, Herbert Elliott, Christopher Hill, Amos Robmson George H., Ladies Hairdresser Jarvis, Albert Eastwood, Ethel Megson, Raymond Crisp, William W. Ferguson, Arthur Bradley, Bakers, Confectioners Noble, Herbert(Huddersfield)Ltd. Caterers Quinn, John Milne, William H. Wallaces Ltd., Grocers, Provisions Eastwood, Frank Moody, Joseph Beaumont, David Bentley, Arthur Taylor, David H. Livesey, Lawrence, Greengrocer Kendall, Clifford Holdsworth, Ethel Medwell, Joan Turton, Walter E., Photographer Ellis, Ellen A. Pearson, Jack Lee, Percy Day. Albert E. Oldroyd, Harry Biddle, Charles N. Wild, William L. Wood, Harold Heywood, Ernest Stamper, John F. Carter, Ada Abbs, James W. O. Heywood, Ethel Gaukroger, Emmeline Hampson, Eliza Glover, Thomas Renshaw, James B. Eglinton, George Dandridge, Jack Brook, Willie P. Davidson, Geoffrey H. Pullan, Ethel M. Royle, Ethel Fox, Louisa Sheard, Joseph H.

Edgerton Cemetery

109 113 115

O'Shaughnessy, John Turner, Willie Conlan, Thomas

117 Newsome, Percy 119 Dickinson, Samuel 121 Siswick, Norman 125 Hardcastle, Lottie 129 Lunn, George B. 2 Howards, Grocer, Off-Licence 4 Wood, Eleanor. Drapery 6 Saunders, George E. 8 Mann, Frederick W. 10 Stubbings, Eva 10 Lucas, Edgar 12 Gaddes, Thomas G. 14 Jackson, Arthur 16 Hulmes, Harry 18 Marron, Thomas 20 Mellor, P. & M., Complete Fur- nishers 22 Hoyle, Kenneth 24 Hobson, Harold France, Jack Carlton Cinema 38 Atkinson, Ernest 40 - Mellor, Charles H. 44 - Dyson, Shaw 44a Mettrick Bros., Pork Butchers 46 Greenwood, Margaret 48 - Raw, Jobina E. 50 - Beaumont, Victor 52 McGinty, William 54 Atkinson, Ernest 54 - Bramley, Roy 56 Royston, James C. S6a Pearson, Harold, Butcher 58 - Emsley, Herbert 58 - Carduss, Clara A. 60 Combs, Thomas 62 Hey, Ada 62 Haigh, Fanny 64 Stephenson, John 64 Brown, John H. 64 - Metcalfe, Ronald 64 - Bott, Thomas 66 Brock, Samuel F. 68 Crone, Mary L. 80 Horse Shoe Inn 82 Stout, Jack 82 Flynn, Alice 84 - Park Frederick 86 Bramwell, Richard 88 Spence, William H. 90 Brooks, John A. 92 Poole, Fred 94 Drake, Mrs. M. D., Draper, Out- fitter 96 Knight, Wilfred 98 Hobson, Joseph 100 Beaumont, Keennth 102 Andrews, Fred 140 - Beaumont, Ronald F. Motor Engineer 142 Hampson, Harry 142 Sykes, Fred 144 - Anderson, Wilfred 146 Wright, John K. 146 - Batley, Eleanor 146 - Salt, Lydia 148 - Heeson, Leonard M. 150 Barlow, Thomas E. 152 Wood, Hubert 154 Hyde, Thomas H. 156 Fowles, John 158 - Jones, Frank 160 Fox, Sarah 162 Pearson's Stores, Grocers 164 - Pearson, Harold V 166 Chivers, Annie 168 - Gilbert, Sydney Spink Nest Hotel 178 - Berwick, Winifred 178 Austin, Henry 184 - Horsfall, George T.

Chadwick's Yard Burton, Harry Mitchell, Elizabeth Butterworth, Ernest H. Bickerdyke, Mary uff, Eric Bailey, Flor Porri, Andrew B. Alletson, Harold Woodward, Samuel Renwick, Warren

& \ co ] O Un A& G hb -

Horse Shoe Yard Brennan, Arthur Whitwam, Freda E. Liversidge, Irvin Curry, Robert D,

t b -= -

Page 113

JA w & bN 1 OV U1 GJ DJ pas peut A fa

#& ND 69 GJ =

Whittles, Frank Mellor, Eric

Lea Head Lagan, Patrick Shaw, John T. Rowley, William J. Clarke, John W. Noble, Evelyn Bradley, Chas. J. Moore, Leonard B.

Benn's Avenue Whiteley, Cyril Wood, Susannah Eastwood, Dyson Bentley, Rhoda

Brooklet Terrace Lodge, John L. Chatterton, Stanley Simpson, Frances M. Middleton, Annie S. Fraser, Neil

BLACKHOUSE ROAD Wigglesworth, Stanley Marfitt, Harriet Foster, Roy Taylor, James S. Elworthy, Minnie E. Sykes, Clara Tatley, Charles E. Neighbour, Olive Hoyle, Agnes Evans, Stanley Boothroyd, Gladys Parr, Ernest Wright, Mark Shaw, Richard Robshaw, Edward Pogson, James Linfoot, Ronnie Armntage, Venetta Wood, Eric Clough Bernard Bottomley, Derek Wrench, Frank Burke, Thomas A. Palmer, Alfred H. Waddington, John H. Lumb, Arthur Garside, James H. Flanagan, Arthur Mellor, Harry Hill, Ernest Rushton, Joseph C. Robinson, Charles M. Royston, James S. Tolson, Herman Boothroyd, Edith A. Hadley, Elizabeth Binns, Frank Hirst, Ralph Bottomley, Herbert Gilbert, Flora Hirst, Frederick E. Hargreaves, James S. Tucker, Ernest B. Wilson, Percy Brook, Harriet A. Birkhead, Lily Durbam, Alfred Holloway, Ernest Murray, Claud A. Dawson, Ellen A. Lees, Jane E. Shaw, Louisa C. McAllister, Patrick G. Armitage, Sam Eastwood, Francis H. Sulch, Alice A. Burhouse, Hubert Noble, Frank Brahney, Wilfred Dyson, Lucy Clough, Frank Hearn, Lawrence Stansfield, Arnold Denton, Geoffrey W. Burns, Leonard Sykes, Leonard Ogden, Edwin Fitton, Percy Hood, Edward Dyson, Norman Parker, Gladys Barker, Edward R. Sharp, Jack


Moore, Eleanor Hirst, Arthur Dyson, Wilfred J. Lee, Albert E Orton, Edward Hudson, Albert Hodgson, Charles W. Nicholls, Cecil F. Lodge, Ronald Chapman, William Anderson, Kenneth Steele, Teddie Leak, Edward Fishpool, Freddie Thewlis, Harry Yeulett, John Morris, Rowland Smith, Mabel E. Dickinson, Sarah A. Taylor, Daisy Smith, Harry Ellis, Eva Dightam, Frederick H. Ellis, Annie Binns, Joseph Ellis, Lilian Berry, Thomas E. Gatenby, Joe Battye, Albert Sykes, William H. Brooke, Fred Hickman, Horace Baxter, James Jagger, Hilda Haigh, Herbert Sugden, Harley Mortram, Norman Hill, John Siswick, Harry Dransfield, Hilda Sykes, John W. Fox, Alice G. Mallinson, Malcolm F Pogson, Arthur Haley, Elsie Dodgson, Herbert Gilbert, Arthur H. Taylor, Amy Richardson, Frank Jones, James Rufus Edmondson, Maurice Makin, Albert, Grocer Wrigley, George Crowther, Herbert Stead, Joe Muff, Stanley Taylor, Herbert Johnson, Raymond B. Horton, Harr Clifford, Elizabeth Scarlett, George A. Jackson, Sam Dwyer, Bernard Fitzgerald, Bridget A. Potter, Lewis F. Stocks, Hannah B. Douglas, Donald W. Dyson, Albert Stott, Harold Goodger, Harry Moorhouse, Marjorie Treland, Harry D Stead, Arthur


Sheard, William, Motor Body Builders,

Griffin Works, Crosland Moor Bottom. Tel. 2012 Gibson, Fred ** Margaret," Ladies' Hairdresser Gawthrop, Sidney E., Dr. Lunn, Constance Ryder, John I. Kaye, Stanley Gibson, Kenneth W. Butler, Ernest Brook, Horace H. Kennedy, Douglas & B., News- agents Mattin, Harold Litchfield, Frank Thaw, Douglas Smith, Jack Rees, Ernest A. Wrigley, Annie Shaw, John R. Garside, Keith Raven, Harold R. Drzewiecki, Sheila J. Brook, Geoffrey W.


57 Dawson, Harry 59 Hartley, Fred D. 61 Dyson, Ruth 63 Cousins, Eunice 65 Chappell, James 67 Hamer, Maud 67 Goodwin, Phyllis M. 69 Firth, Wright 71 Brown, Marion 73 Swift, John W., Builder, Plumber 75 Hoyle, Keith 77 Fisher, John 79 Fearnley, Alfred 81 Stott, Florence 81 Ellis, Emily 83 Kennedy, Gordon 85 Kaye, Nellie 87 Shaw, James 89 Taylor, Harry 91 - Whitwam, Philip 93 Sutcliffe, Phillis G. 95 Bray, Janet 97 Hutchinson, Harold 99 Weldrick, Percy 101 Brook, Charles W., Painter, Deco- rator 103 Marshall, Martha A. 105 Kaye, Emily 107 Netherwood, Alice 109 Mellor, Annetta 111 Booth, Mary E. 113 Longley, Donald 115 Waddington, William M. 117 Armitage, Arthur 119 Boothroyd, Gerald H. 121 Jefferson, Harold 123 Muxworthy, Arthur T. 125 Finnegan, Michael 127 - Bassindale, Jack 129 Senior, William 131 Sykes, Percy 131 - Hadfield, Margaret 133 Penrose, Marion 135 Sunderland, Frances E. 137 Cooper, Harold 139 Arran, Ernest 141 Williams, Hubert 143 Peters, Charles 145 Topping, Ethel E. 147 Marsh, Charles E. 149 Horsfall, Anthony 149 France, Edgar 149 Horsfall, Tom 151 Longley, Doris M. M. 151 - Haworth, Nellie 153 Wood, John 155 Marsden, Derek W. 157 Lockwood, Alec R. 159 Pearson, Jack L. 183 Gay, Kenneth 187 Porter, R., Newsagent, Tobacconist 189 Wilkinson, John A. 191 Pearson, Bertha 195 Barry, Douglas 197 Laister, Bessie 197 Stapleton, George 199 Lynch, John J.

201 Boothroyd, Harry 203 Hargreaves, Ernest 203 Hiles, Derek 205 Leatham, Lily

207 Steel, Alice 211 - Whiteley, Ada 213 Shaw, Theresa 215 - Beaumont, Leslie 217 Garside, Mary E. 219 Gardner, Charles L. 221 Noone, William 223 Garside, Joseph 225 Molloy, Thomas 227 Chandler, Willie 229 Hinchliffe, Beatrice E. 231 Armitage, Law 233 Mitchell, Phyllis 233 Deardon, Ethel 235 Craven, Colonel 235 Cox, Nora 237 Blackburn, Bertha 239 Taylor, Hester 241 - Barker, Frank 241 - Wear, Thomas 243-249 Brown, Cyril 245 Jubb, Nellie 245 Lodge, Emma 247 - Bramham, Frederic F. 253 Lightowlers, Bob L. 255 Dickie, Minnie 255 Broadbent, Jack 255 Wood, Albert A. 257 Keen, Alfred


Page 114


259 Schofield, William 261 Whittaker, Alfred 263 Jackson, Laura 265 Hanson, Ann 267 Clay, Brian 269 Baxter, Ethel Jane 271 Roebuck, Frank 273 Knight, Jane E. 275 Bray, Ethel 275a Shaw, Carlton 277 - Brakewell, Ronald Methodist Church 2 Hewitson, Edith E. 289 Pearson, Alice St. Luke's Hospital 291 Deacon, Horace 293 Smith, Violet 295 Ineson, Frank C. 297 Morrall, Gladys 299 Dickie, Thomas J. 301 Broadbent, Nellie 303 Caine, Annie 307 Gibson, Ethel M. 309 Lockwood, Victor R. 311 - Stott, Harold 313 Basnett, George S. 315 Thackray, Brian 317 - Mullineaux, Arthur 317 Siswick, Emma 319 Ellis, Frank 321 Bates, Lucy I. 323 Fletcher, Stanley S. 325 Pearson, Tom 327 Lockwood, Harold 329 Hodson, Ashby 331 Kitchenar, Willie 333 Bentley, Harold 345 Lodge, Albert E. 347 Wood, William 349 - Westrip, Alfred 351 Dyson, Harry J. 353 Armitage, Cora M. 355 Booth, Albert 357 Hirst, Harold B. 359 Duckworth, Isabella

361 Milnes, Stanley, Waste Merchant

363 Cliffe, Thomas P. 367 Ainley, Nellie 369 Whitwam, Frank F. 369 Cartwright, Ethel M. 371 - Walker, Leslie 373 Hollingworth, Percy 373 Heathcote, Jack 375 Collier, Frank 377 Beaumont, Kenneth 379 Aram, Elizabeth 379 Mayall, Ellen 381 Sykes, Thos. W. 383 Goldthorpe, Peter J. 385 - Walker, Herbert 387 Wood, David B. 389 Booth, Albert 391 Turner, Wright 393 Ellis, Smith 395 Gay, Norman 395 Armitage, Hubert 399 Hindle, Christopher 403 Roberts, John T. 405 Robinson, Edward 407 Sykes, George A. 409 Knight, Frank H. 411 Preston, George 415 - Shaw, Clarice 417 Murgatroyd, Evelyn 419 Smith, Ronald 421 Wright, Sydney 427 Senior, Leonard 429 Shaw, Kenneth 431 Hanson, Lewis 433 Matthewman, Charles H. 435 - Coldwell, Polly 437 Mallinson, Stanley 439 Whiteley, Dorothy 441 - Taylor, Clarrett 443 - Baxter, Jack © 445 Ellis, Emily 477 Senior, George H. 449 Blagborough, Robert R. 451 Porter, Alan 453 Moorman, Slade W. 455 - Chillingsworth, Walter E. 457 Brooke, George 459 Oldfield, Arthur 461 - Daly, Thomas 465 Hollingworth, Frederick 467 Robinson, Elizabeth 469 Heywood, Annie 471 - Coldwell, Heber 471 Allan, John 473 Hall, Tom


677 679 681

Bailey, James W. Hanson, John L. Beaumont, Norman Sykes, Marjorie Hall, James Ellis, Norman Clayton, Stanley Penly, William A. Rothery, John Burns, Jim White, Arnold Hirst, Albert Haley, Joseph I. Sykes, Sarah J. Dransfield, Arthur Crossley, Herbert Kaye, Ernest French, Frank N. Watkinson, Donald W. Lockwood, Harold Holroyd, Ben. Foster, William Booth, Leslie Wood, George McCaw, Margaret S.

6 Crosland Hill Quarry Co. Ltd.

Starkey, Arthur Blakeley, Edward Sands House Inn

Caravan - Richardson, Thomas Caravan No. 1 Landsborough, Blanche

No. 2 Swindlehurst, John H. No. 3 Milner, Edward

Caravan - Batley, Brian Caravan - Bristow, Herbert Caravan - Dunn, John F. Caravan - Clarkson, Minnie Caravan - Blacker, Albert Caravan - Hanson, Sarah Caravan - Holliday, Martha A. Caravan Woolnough, Arthur J. Caravan - Goddard, Stanley Caravan Toomer, Sidney E. Caravan Dyer, Anthony E. Cherry Tree Cottage Pell, Bruce North House Farm - Hirst, Ronald

Liversedge, Jack Wharam, Albert Bottom, William H. Shaw, Peter Knight, George A. Livesey, Frank Raspass, Mary E. Toohy, Frances Crowther, Elizabeth A. Hargreaves, Norman Beaumont, Jack Gledhill, Terence Hamilton, Daniel Binns, Irvine Hyland, James Foster, Ronald Garrod, Jack

Sheridan, James & Sons, Slaters,

Tilers Hamilton, Thomas Shaw, Allen Barker, Eric Richardson, William

46a Wagstaff, Ronald

Ramsden Bros., Commission Manufac- Sykes & - Hebblethwaite, Worsteds,

Crosland Moor Industrial Co-operative

turers, Crosland Moor Millis Woollens, Paddock Field Mills

Society Ltd., Grocers Tong, Herbert Blancheflower, Benjamin Walsh, George A. Hepworth, Herbert Dyson, Willie Lee, Alfred Cooper, John Barrowclough, Jack Wadsworth, Jessie Cluderay, Cyril P. Sanderson, Horace F. Whiteley, Francis H. Raspass, Robert H. Crockett, George Bailey, Charlotte M. Darlington, Tom Carter, Edward Saville, John Kaye, Arthur Pentney, Elsie Crabtree, James Flitcroft, Emma Fenton, Harold Flanagan, John

98 Housley, Wallace 98 Jessop, Douglas 100 Harris, Edward 122 Hinchliffe, Hubert P. 124 Brook, Jack 126 Marsden, Edric 130 Beaumont, Alfred R. 132 Wardle, James E. Crosland Moor Co-operative Industrial Society, Ltd., Grocers 144 Hanson, Willie 148 - Walker, Ernest 148 Hirst, George Cooper, A. E. & Son, Joiners, Under- takers, Crosland Moor 150A Sheard, Eric Walter 150a Bostock, Kenneth 152 Beaumont, Frank C. 158 - Butterworth, Emma 160 Craven, Ellen , 162-166 Stringer, Hugh C., Heating, Electrical Engineer, Apex Works 168 - Sadowski, Joseph 170-172 ClCrgsland Moor Working Men's u 174 Saville, Annie 174 Turner, Doris 178 - Walker, Nelly 180 Kaye, Thomas C. 182 Benson, James 184 - Brauner, Kenneth J.P. 186 Middleton, Willie 188 Wilcock, Tom 190 Whitton, Joseph 192 Armitage, John J. 194 Pearson, Charles 196 Tansey, Emily 198 Smith, Annie 200 Sargent, Christopher 202 Rose, Brian 204 Taylor, Nellie H. 206 Briggs, Louisa 206 Burhouse, Alice 208 Smith, John J. 210 Hartley, Margaret 212 Wareham, Harry 214 - Beaumont, Sarah J. 216 Halstead, Alice 218 - Mallinson, Hubert 220 - Bamforth, Frank 220a Hirst, Charlotte A. 222 Stott, Leonard 224 Robinson, Walter 226 Armitage, Fred 226 Fleming, Eliza A. 228 Littlewood, Brian 230 Jessop, Frank 230 Milner, Joe 232 Mellor, Sarah A. 234 Todd, Jane 236 Ineson, Percy S. 238 Sykes, Arthur 240 Longley, John W. 240 Raynor, Frank 240A Sheard, George H. 242 Hughes, Leonard 244 Prior, Frank 246 Dodson, Harry 248 Turner, Martha E. 250 Dyson, Lawrence 250 Saville, Mary 252 Draper, George 254 Boothroyd, Harold 256 Quarmby, Thomas 258 - Bailey, James 260 Newbold, Hilda 260 - Horsfall, Arnold 260 Newbold, Rita 262 Quarmby, Florence 264 - Hoyle, Evelyn 266 Townsend, George 268 Morley, Ralph 270 Lockwood, Peter C. 272 Ainley, Frank 274 Binns, Nancy 276 Roebuck, Stanley 278 - Brooke, Ernest 280 Jennings, Philip 282 Oldham, Ernest 284 Wood, Charlie 286 Jamieson, Margaret 288 Shaw, Blanche 290 Sugden, Vera 292 Reynolds, Herbert 294 Taylor, Frederick A. . 296 Shaw, Peter H. - 298 " Moor View" Brook Sam, 300 "Sandy Mount" Avison, Ada 302 Watkis, John E. 304 Utley, George W.

Page 115

Brook, Leonard Swallow, Hubert Knight, William G. Murgatroyd, Peter "* Heathfield '' Braddock, Bessie Iredale, John C. Brook, Maud Swallow, Emma E. . Hellowell, John Garside, Frank O. Meal, Nellie | Ashwell, Eunice Wilson, John W. 350 Rawnsley, Ben Shaw, S. T. Ltd., Chemist 356 Taylor, Nellie Crosland Moor Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., Grocers 366 Easter, Albert Taylor, Edwin A. Garside, Nellie Moorhouse, Arthur Beaumont, Joseph H. Foster, Norman Dawson, John Smith, Wilson 380A Porter, Frank Taylor, Harold Barrow, Arnold Kiely, James P. Gledhill, Norman Holgate, Herbert Hirst, James A. Stanger, Edward Woodcock, Willie Broadhead, Hilda Taylor, Cyril E. Muff, Jonathan Saville, Allien C. Hirst, Harold Pearson, Arthur Teasdale, Frank Butterworth, Ben W. Haigh, John Mortimer, Nellie Lobban. Alexander Coldwell, Annie Hirst, David White, Walter E. Hatch, Norman R. Robinson, Alice A. Firth, Arthur J. Brook, Joseph L.

, Joe Lockwood, William Riley, Nora England, Arnold Armitage, Walker B. Spencer, Stanley Shaw, James Shaw, John Brook, Frank North, Albert W. Valentine, Minnie Relf, Walter J. Fretwell, Eric Stocks, John Raynor, Mary Thickett, Jennie North, Anthony J. Dews, Brook H. Bottomley, Fred Wimpenny, Albert E. Dews, Ethel Pennington, Stanley Shaw, Joe & Sons Ltd., Quarry Owners, d Park Quarries Heather Mount Roberts, Mary A. Heather Mount Kaye, Norman Shaw Green Farm - Clark, Matthew O. Caravan No. 1 Sheriff, Tom Caravan No. 2 Pearson, Henry

BLAND STREET Lee, Frank Graham, Doris A. Johnson, Brian H. Ellam, Dixon Thornton, Donald Netherwood, Joe N. Bull, Arthur Metcalfe, Rose A. 15 Hirst, John W. 17 Chappell, Ellen 23 Marshall, Lawrence 25 Benson, Mary 27 Prince, Florence 31 Yates, William E. 33 Dyson, Vera 33 Dyson, George

tuamk w = O \D -] Gn GJ =s


35 - Battye, Lily 37 Hepworth, Frank 39 Kaye, Ada 41 - Singleton, Walter 43 Edwards, Arnold 45 Ginn, Frederick J. 47 Senior, Bertram Carter 2 - Gledhill, Albert E. 4 - Thompson, Wilfred 6 Eastwood, George S. 8 Wilson, Donald 8 Wilson, Leonard 10 Leonard, John G. 12 Aspinall, Thornton 14 Morris, Thomas E. 16 Parkinson, Thomas J. 18 - Senior, Norman 20 Matthewman, Kenneth 22 Swallow, Ethel 24 - Bland, Archibald 28 Hoyle, Frank 30 Dale, Willie 32 Massam, Eric W. 34 Wood, Dennis E. 36 - Beaumont, Charles

BLEASDALE AVENUE Gould, Joseph Rockett, Stanley Hopkinson, Frank Smith, Henry H. Ineson, Arthur Heppleston, John E. Brook, Ernest Trueman, Richard P. White, John J 19 McElduff, John 21 Howson, Walter 23 Smith, Gordon 25 Humpleby, George 27 Hall, Edward 29 Hirst, Annie 31 - Hellawell, John 33 Landin, Victor 35 Sutcliffe, George H. 37 Norah 39 - Fielding, John 41 Wood, Dennis 8 - France, Helen 10 Brook, Edgar

pun mead taumh pronk ~] uit w == \D ~] Ut GJ =-

112 114 116 118 120 122

BOTHAM HALL ROAD Ruston, Robert T. Lockwood, George K. Shaw, William E. D. Fuller, Sybil Robinson, Esther A. Lees, Lena Singleton, Tom H. Brown, Ethel Quarmby, Dennis Wood, Alfred Taylor, Frank Gibson, Eric Simpson, Frank Hanson, Lily Heeley, Jack Kitson, Ronald Baxter, Arnold L. Booth, Herbert Yarwood, Robert D. Williams, Eric Bolton, Thomas H. Hodson, Arnold Pogson, Harold Clayton, George Lum, Archie Townend, Lena Scaife, Willie Backhouse, Leonard Downend, James F. Gingell, Sydney Taylor, Audrey Kilburn, Edith Walker, Norris Horner, Harry Wright, Harold Haigh, Denis Boothroyd, Reginald Anderson, Joseph T. Harpin, Norman Broadbent, James A. Clarke, Douglas Tidswell, Norris Suthers, Charles Taylor, William H. Wilson, Albert Ed. Wilkinson, James W. Broadbent, John Hutchinson, Donald Gagen Frank R. Styan, Stanley

Ainley, Maria Taylor, Edward G. Iredale, George W.

Broomfield - Beaumont, George S. Broomfield Bailey, John Broomfield Kaye, Geoffrey H. H.

20 Hughes, Mabel 22 Stephenson, Arthur K. 24 Radcliffe, Annie 26 Taylor, Henry 28 Thompson, Henry S. 30 Atkinson, Harry

BLUE BELL HILL 5 Ennis, John 7 Holroyd, Jack 9 Scott, Leonard 1 - Barnett, Caroline 3 Hoyle, Arthur 15 Haigh, Annie 25 Sykes, Doreen 27 Walsh, Neal 29 Gill, Harry 31 Thompson, Amy N. 35 Shaw, Jack 37 Longbottom, Agnes 39 Gill, Ada 41-43 Gledhill, Hubert T. 45 Hopper, Alfred 47 Hanson, Harriet A. 47A Schofield, Frank 47B Broadbent, John N. 47¢ Graham, Lewis 49 Kershaw, James H. 51 Pryce, David E. (Sent.) 53 Heywood, Kenneth 53 Rowlands, Mary 2 Daniel, Eric O. 4 Kent, Rudolph 6 Brenton, David C.

BROGGARD ING 21-23 Taylor, John

BOOTHROYD DRIVE Burdett, Samuel Cook, Eric Armitage, Billy Netherwood, Frank

~I U GJ =-

mast mek jomt jerk tant jund punk \0 \D 3 on ym == \D \D \] \] Ua t

funk w w t b pomk pask puss pant pant

voub bust pand punk A&N N N O 00 O A& ND b

40 40 42 44 46 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62

BOURN VIEW ROAD Earnshaw, Arthur Brooke, Sidney Lottlewood, Norman Earnshaw, Thomas Hobson, Geoffrey O. Sykes, Doris Lee, Edith Dransfield, Lewis Richards, Ann E. Crosland, Beatrice M. Earnshaw, King Shaw, Wright Earnshaw, Norman Cooke, Sybil Hoyle, Fred Hoyle, Keith H. Liversidge, Joe Cox, Mary Steele, Alfred R. Sarsby, John Walton, Norman Ainley, Norris T. Foundation, William E. Liversidge, Thomas J. Peckett, George Crossley, Joseph W. Casson, Henry Crowther, Grace E. Shakespeare, John W. Meal, Frank R. Liversidge, Clifford Liversidge, John Haigh, Joshua Ashworth, Clifford Short, Winifred Swann, Donald P. Mallinson, Wilfred Middleton, Cecil Tyndall, Thomas H . Riddell, Thomas E. Westcott, John Ladkin, Horace Armitage, Jack Brookes, Raymond.

Page 116


Firth, Norman Smith, Mabel G. Davis, Francis W. Dyson, Hirst Bradbury, Harry Metcalf, Harold W. Curtis, Sydney Taylor, Ernest E. Billings, Joseph Lockley, William Bedell, Alfred R. McKie, Raymond Gallagher, Lawrence V. Turner, Mary Carter, Leonard R. Carter, Victor Gossling, Eric W. Seddon, Elsie

BOWLING STREET Hooley, Irving Fewster, George Sheard, John W. Harrison, Sydney Parkin, Herbert Shaw, Herbert

BOW STREET Regan, Thomas Middleton, Arthur Firth, James A. Taylor, John W. Morris, Harold G. Brenkley, John T. Boulton, Leslie H. Featherstone, Bernard Wain, Reginald Moran, Thomas J. Kaye, George P. Gabrielli, Ernest & Sons, Ice Cream Manufacturers Carriage Drive Smith, John C. T.

1 Springwood Auto Repair Works

haw, Edith Kay, Fred Thomas, Ronald A. Archer, Tom Blackburn, Philip Morris, Bernard Turner, Charles

BRACKEN GROVE Cooney, Kenneth Elliott, John Burke, John Wilson, George Lyons, James Convoy, Thomas Teale, Jack Dryden, Glenys Hargreaves, Frederick Turner, Jack Armstrong, Ronald Shaw, Charlie Hinchliffe, Arnold Workman, Philip H. Schofield, Frank Whiteley, Harry Jones, Jack B. Cromack, Jack Sewell, Leonard Cockroft, Margaret

BRACKENHALL ROAD Gomersall, James V. Walker, Frederick H. Chatterton, Beatrice Tate, George Bates, Percy Moxon, Ernest Graham, Harry Blackburn, Willie Wren, Dennis Brunt, Frederick C. Linton, Thomas Marshall, Fred Brook, Frank A. Oakes, David S. Moulton, Lewis Mallinson, John A. Woollley, John L. S. Crosland, Sarah Pogson, Alfred Gouth, John J. Gibson, George Wilson, Maurice Birkhead, Arthur Hirst, Frank H. Edmondson, Eric George, George


Owen, Eric F. George, Ronald Windle, Annie Chadwick, George W. Gill, Harry Cruickshank, Norman Metcalfe, Edward Armstrong, Douglas Nunns, Lawrence Whiee, Horace W. Starkey, Conrad L. G. Smith, Edgar Steel, Jack Gibson, Jim Jones, John Bond, Stanley Bannister, Charles W. Allatt, Leonard Beaumont, Wood Spencer, George Buckley, Harold Robinson, Robert W. Copley, Jack Tinker, Emma Dodson, Arnold Bintley, Dennis Newton, Willie Tolson, Sam Briggs, Will Stringer, George Gronow, Benjamin Hinchliffe, Norman R. Hinchliffe, Robert Holland, Jane Wise, Lewis Boggett, John R. Whitehead, Nora

BRACKEN SQUARE Earnshaw, Benjamin Brook, James C. Brook, Reginald S. Marsden, Ernest Sykes, Derek Ingleby, Harold Hoyle, R. Q, Butcher Thomas, Ernest Coleman, Frederick G.

BRADFORD ROAD Cockroft, Reginald B. ~ Summerskill, Trevor Pettinger, Wilfred Edon, Arthur Hargreaves, Herbert Newton, Dennis Fletcher, Harry Holden, Abraham Garside, Wilfred Hinchliffe, George H. Gibson, Harry Smith, Mona Best, Leslie G. Walton, Elsie. Kerr, John Rattigan, Thomas Stott, . & Son, Outfitters Hardy, Jessie Richardson, George R. Bell, James A. Sykes, Stanley Capper, Leonard Lockwood, Lawrence Earnshaw, William F. Thewlis, Marjorie Durnan, Edward Moffatt, Julia Rushworth, Joseph Wharton, George S. Sellers, Harold Jakeman, Edmund Bray, Ernest Edwards, Archibald Bones, William Garside, Gerald N. Metcalf, George H. Auto - Services, Engineers Hunter, Kenneth Moriarty, Timothy Porter, James Cassidy, Bernard Palmer, William Adams, Francis Thewlis, George Davison Lewis Wylie, George Farrar, Matthew




Gallagher, Bridie Neary, Michael Parker, Arthur Gallagher, James Lofthouse, Emily Smith, Leonard Taylor, Philip Bower, Terrence Hollingworth, Cyril Williamson, Ralph Swales, Norman L. Jessop, Mrs. A., Ladies' Hair- dresser Good, William H. Moorhouse, F., Electrical Engineer Key, Lancelot H. C. Brown, H. & Son, House Furnishers Patterson, A., Baker, Confectioner Bray, Walter, Catering Establish- ments Wilkinson, Frederick Fletcher, S., Grocer Blackburn, Winifred Headey, Annie Jagger, Tom, Butcher Holmes, Fran ** Engine Tavern " Lockwood, Doris Smith, Clarence B. Duffield, Doreen A. Fisher, Walter Haigh, Lewis, Dairyman Ryan, Dennis T. Carroll, William E. Mellor, Harry Davies & Wood, Greengrocers Stores, V. & K., Fish and Fruit Manley, Thomas

153-155 Union Electrical Co.

Dyson, John A. Cunningham, Joseph Wainwright, William Ellam, Wilfred L. Wainwright, Annie E. Knight, Joe Hillhouse Sub Post Office Thorp, Harry Wallaces Ltd., Grocers, Provisions Slater, Frank Briggs, Jack Ellis, Olive Knight, James E. Kirkham, Cyril Oldroyd, Mrs. M., Ladies' Hair- dresser - Brown, Alice Armstrong, Edith A. Kitson, Brian Nelson, Julia Rhodes, Wilfred Raynor, Norman Moorhouse, Herbert Dransfield, Fred Firth, Alice H. Liddiard, Louisa Burrow, George W. Metcalfe, Tom M. Wakefield, Catherine Catlow, John W. Milan, John A. Oldfield, Laurance Harrison, Kate Fenwick, Matthew Harrison, George M. Walker, David T., Decorator Brook, Gordon, R., Grocer ** Thornhill Arms " Stones, Laura Hollingworth, Eric Doyle, Leonard Hughes, John Ray, Sarah J. Hey, Alan L. Astin, Willie Allenby, John Hunter, Sheila Gill, George Skidmore, Martha A. Berry, Arthur Bew, Lance Forsbrook, Mary E. Hicks, Fred Tunnacliffe, Sarah A. Swallow, Albert Henthorn, Edith J. Hood, Brenda P. Wadsworth, Jack Fisher, Lucy Gostellow, Eva Brown, Rose H.

Page 117

Brook, Norman, Boot and Shoe Repairer 271 Holland, Mary E. Marshall, Peter Brown, Arnold 281 Hindle, Ernest Coombs, Peter 285 Smith, William M. 287 Crossley, Fred 289 Smith, F. H., Butcher 291 Marsden, Eric 293 Ambler, Sarah Ann 295A MacDonald, Edward Wright, Walter Roberts, Idwal V. 299 Oldham, Amy H. 301 - Hampshire, George E. 305 Higgins, James E. 305 The Harp Inn 307 Daws, Stanley W 309 Newsome, Ernes 311 Hugltws, Herbert E Jomer, Under- ta 313 Eastwood, Clara 315 Hall, Ben I. 317 Dyson, Alice 319 Fielding, Emma H. 321 Barrow, Mary H. 323 Wood, James 327-329 Creaser, John A., Butcher 333 Smith, Arthur, Electrical Engineer 335 Cudworth, Archibald 337 Beevers, Amy 339 Cliffe, Arthurfi H. 341 Armitage, Norman 343 Jones, Gertrude 343 Eastwood, George F. 345 Cook, Thomas H. 347 Heaton, Stanley 349 Cooper, Norman, Haulage Con- tractor 349 Wood, Melinda 351 Sheard, David B. 355 Bailey, Aurelia 359 Lindley, Miriam M. 361 Chapman, Reginald 363 Garfitt, William 365 Fletcher, Bernard 367 Elvidge, Geoffrey C. 369 Beaumont, Edgar 369 Chillingsworth, Leonard D. 379 Bishop, Samuel C Wilson, Geoffrey 381 - Batt, Doris M. 381 - Batt, William E. W. 387 Deane, Mrs. E., Boarding House 389 Riley, Leonard H. 391 Abson, Edgar 393 Couse, John D. 395 Harpin, Douglas A. 397 Webster, William S. 401 - Winifred, Ladies' Hairdresser Taylor, Sam Trotter, Lawrence E. Morpeth, Herbert Patterson, George D Bray, Evelyn Sandford, Harry Holmes, Amy L. Sutcliffe, Arthur Fawcett, Arthur 481 Ripley, Samuel McNulty, Charles F., Funerals Clay, Ramsay, Painter, Decorator 487A Scott, Edith A. 487A Oxley Sydney Oldfield, Beatrice A. 491 Lees, Alfred 491A ‘Green, Jack Horner, Joseph E. 493A Boothroyd, Edith Booth, Frank Cusworth, Charles H. Townend, Ada 501 Dyson, Albert Easter, Eva North, George D. Nunns, Dennis Kelly, William 509 Kennedy, John T. 511 Firth, Daniel 513 Chflhngsworth Ronald R. 515 Hales, Alice 517 Barker, Harold 517A Bates, Fred 519 Taylor, Charles W. 521 Marsden Building Society S21a Taylor, Vernon 523 Wilkinson, Frank



Downey, William B. Sandbach, Norman Holden, Thomas L. 531 Wade, Walter 531 Sykes, Robert E. Haigh, Stanley Hemingway, Harry Littlewood, Sarah A. 541 Stringer, Herbert Milnes, Stanley M. Hurtley, William R. H. Crowther, Stanley Coletta, Antonino L. 571 Clark, Gertude I. Smith, George G. Shaw, Sidney K. Barker, Phyllis M. Walker, Nigel F. Wright, Walter E. 591 Brook, Clara Richards, Bryan W. Molewarp Cottage Wright, Robert Molewarp Hall Hardnsty, Florence Workshop Fowler, W 4 Chambers, H. & Sons Ltd., Tripe Dressers 8 Sharpe, Tom. Sub Post Office 10 Bray, Charles, Butcher 12 Drewery, Thomas W. 14 Tompkins, Alfred, Chiropodist 16 Haigh, Law & Sons, Fireplaces, Tilers 18 Scarrett, Sydney. Sweets, fectionery Culpan, P. A. & Co., Furnishers 22 Pickering, Ronald 24 Walker, Stanley M. 26 Elliott, Harold 28 Evans, William 30 Hewison, Herbert 32 Waring, George F. 34 Frost, H. I. & T. W., Dentists 36 Lockwood, Cyril P 38 Dyson, James R. 38 Richardson, Arthur L. 40 Greenwood, Walter 42 Coletta, A. & Sons, Ice Cream 44 Hall, James E 46 Brook, Hubert 48 Smith, Marjorie 50 Day, Walter J. 52 Clapham, Herbert 54 Jesson, Joseph O. 54 McCoy, Elizabeth 56 Bosworth, John W. 58 Ballon, Dr. Leslie, Surgeon 60 Goodman, C., Dentist 62 Smith, Richard 64 Taylor, Frederick M. 68 Roberts, John 68 Lee, Raymond 70 Brewer, William L., Watchmaker 72 Ramsden, Norman 74 - Gledhill, Willie A. 76 Easter, George E. 80 Blackburn, Harold 82 Handford, Thomas 84 Brown, John W.



Robinson's Yard 1 Robinson, Ronald 1 Calverley, Edgar G. 2 Cook, Reginald W. 3 Kaczmarski, Dorothy 4 Greenwood, Louis 88 Hayter, Ethel 90 Buckley, Elsie, Grocer 92 Thirkill, Louisa 94 McDermott, William 96 Addy, William E. 98 Branch, H., Pork Butches Shaw, S. T. Ltd., Chemist Green, Leonard F. 108 Waggon and Horses Inn Bradley, Ernest Scott, Sarah 116 Worek, Winifred 118 Phillips, Fish Friers Firth, Stanley Birkett, Arnold Shaw, Wilfred Hogan, William J. 128 Eagleton Desmond Bottomley, Frank Gisbourne, Frank Brailsford, Colin H. Crockett, Francis H. 136 Ewart, Robert H. 142 Walsh, Albert


Spivey, Kenneth 148 Fox Render, Ernest Cock, Ronald 154 Kaye, Ruth 156 Illingworth, Jack 158 - Bassindale, Arthur 160 Pearson, Teddie Atkinson, Sidney 164 Hall, Jack 166 Yardley, Albert Whiteley, Geoffrey 168 Briggs, Edith B 168 - Sanderson, Lilian O'Connor, James 172 Bushell, Nellie 174 Kaye, Joseph 176 Haigh, Edith 178 Hinchliffe, Donald Bentley, Ethel 180 Marsden, Joe A. Wiseman, Lizzie 184 Armitage, Annie Alty, Richard 188 Grace, Ernest E. Borrows, Edward 192 Thwaite, Mary A. 194 Underwood, Joseph 196 Manning, William H. 198 Sampson, Leonard Hirst, Janey Smith, Annie H. Holland Willie Moorohuse, William H. Brooks, Charles F. Hobson, Barbara P. Kitcheman, Ernest Broadbent, Harry Taylor, Joe W. Grant, George Blakemore, Edward B. Spiewakowski, Anne Bartlam, Edith Booth, Willie Drinkwater, Wilfred F. Wooler, Herbert Nelson, Anne Underhill, Thirza Clarkson, Arnold Haigh, Dennis Render, Edward Malam, Donald H. W. Holmes, Alwyne Mulligan, John Tomlin, Alice Bell, Maud Barrett, Hubert Appleyard Harry Ely, Cyril Smith, Richard M. Primtley, James W. Nicholson, Edith A. Cobb, Peter Fraser Wilkinson, Nelson Goodchild, Walter L.. Francis, Gordon H. 266 Martin, Clarence 270A Johnson, Bernard 272-4 Dixon, Richard, " Railway Inn " Regent Cinema Hirst, Harry. Holroyd, George Goodwin, Ernest D. Smith, Grace A. Jasop, Albert Barrett, Daniel F., Physician, Surgeon

Harp Yard Johnson, Dorothy J. Hyde, Emily Rider, Ernest Metcalfe, Willie

Jagger's Buildings Stubbs, Irene Renardson, Ethel Heath, John Linfoot, Harry Dodson, Stanley Delamere, Charles Giggle, Eliza Young, Doris M. Dean, Stephen J.

Edward's Buildings Marshall, Benjamin Marshall Joan Mallmson, Lena Cartwright, Mary A. Beaumont, John A. Smeeton, Lizzie

d DJ rat pam

a a ur A w bo b) - --

v t b} NJ = pa

Page 118

pound & bo

Woods, Joseph D. Waddington, Jessie Ellam, John Denning, Leonard Thomas, Arnold Thomas, Harold

Hebble Place Stockwell, John C. Wood, May Wilson, Arthur Folan, Norah Whittaker, Hubert

Wilkinson's Buildings Brown, Norman Harper, Edith Crehan, Gerard Brook, Harry Griffiths, Annie Margaret Midgley, Celia Sykes, Alfred

294 Senior, George K., Fruiterer 296 Berry, Wilfred A 296B Wood, Richard 298 Friend, G., Outfitter 300 - Haskey, Douglas 302 Taylor, William H., Butcher 304 Torkington, Bernard 306 Canby, June 306 Senior, Mary 308 - Beevers, Harold 310A Grey, Eric 312 Sayles, Brooke & Booth, Printers, Stationers 316 Ellis, A., Fruiterer, Florist 316 Brentwood Mending Co. 318 Sykes, Joe, Fish and Poultry 320 Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Society Ltd., Confectionery Department 322 Royal Hotel. Williams, Stanley 322 Dickinson, Ralph 326 Lockhead, Edith E. 328 Wright, Arthur 330 Sykes, Hettie 332 Robson, Lewis 334 Hobson, Miriam 366 Duggan, Irene S. 368 - Wimpenny, Harry 368 - Marshall, Edward S. 370 - Garside, Gertrude 372 Schofield, Edith 374 - Glover, Walter 376 Chadwick, Arthur 378 Hall, Maurice 390 Haigh, Geoffrey 390A Rogerson, Geoffrey N. I. 392 Darwin, Stanley 394 - Borthwick, Ramsey 394 Douglas, John H. B. 394 Clay, George H. L. 394 - Barker, Edmund A. 396 Spafford, Christopher G. H. 396A Patrick, James A. M. Oakes, Reg., Motor Engineer, Smithy Garage Mortimer, Donald 406 Taylor, Ann 408 - Bailey, Miriam 410 Greenwood, Thomas 412 Shaw, Leslie 414 - Billington, William H. 416 Bergan, John 418 - Clark, Annie 420 Firth, Sydney 422 Catton, Arthur 424 Megson, Roy 426 Robinson, Henry 428 Moorhouse, Harold 430 Crowther, Norman 432 Bates, Walter 438 Oates, Joseph 476 Armitage, Ernest 478 - Marshall, Hilda 480 Heaton, William 482 Wilkinson, Cyril A. 484 Milnes, Ann 486 Mayall, Fred 488 Topping, Fanny 490 Sykes, Frank R. 492 Stancliffe, Bernard 494 Ellis, Arnold 504 Dennis 534 Marsden, Mrs. D., Grocer 644 Holroyd, Geoffrey 646 Larkins, John W. 648 - Hellawell, Joseph 650 Marsden, Stanley

Go D) h} a pos co co Q un J&

i A A& & G b) -

Ogden, James H. Carter, Frederick A. Brunskill, Arthur M. Goldthorp, Robert D. Owen, Stanley C. Bradley Villa Farm Kershaw, Cornelius Bradley Villa Faém

Robinson, Geoffrey Heap, Fred Leaver, Arthur N. Hepworth, Joseph W. K. Armitage, Leslie H. Rushworth, Percy Hewitt, William V. Mettrick, Edward Harrison, Florence E. Hamer, Wright W.

BRADLEY BOULEVARD Hoyle, Cyril Chappell, Jack Gallagher, George W. Grey, William T. Cross, Francis Jones, Trefor Cormack, Alan T. Covell, Edward Gunn, Leonard Jackson, John G. Ekin, James A. Firth, Philip Stiles, Reginald Frank Woods, Victor C. J. Farley, Peter Warwick, Robert Dransfield, Arthur Conroy, Daniel Ellis, William Garside, Samuel Senior, Leslie Brewer, Fred Chirgwin, Henry P. Wood, Thomas Parkin, Annie Edwards, Willie Sm th, Roy A. Bellfield, Ezra Ellis, Peter Lickess, James A. Schofield, Joe Turner, Stephen Grater, Herbert Hodge, Walter R. O.

. Byrom, Austin J.

Wilkinson, Harold Sutcliffe, Richard Norman, Frank E. Carr, Arthur Dobson, William Jennings, George Hirst, Fred Crosland, Randolph Thewlis, Frank H. Hudson, Walter Garrett, Roy E. Dyson, Florence Berry, Albert Harrison, Thomas Wooldridge, Charles H. Heighway, Waiter Laycock, Amos Feeney, James Hanson, Willie Irving, Lawrence Lecomber, Frederick Chalmers, Edward G. Kitson, Ernest Allatt, Richard Goodier, Wilfred Gallager, James W. Starbuck, Ernest F. Driver, Edward Shaw, Gerald Royston, Walter Lorriman, Keith Williams, Harry Lodge, Ronald Green, Victoria H. Weavill, Harold Widdowson, Albert Crockett, Wallace Howarth, Clifford Hayden, Jack Cock, Peter Moore, Ruth Crumb, Bernard Brennan, James Woodhead, Frederick A.

abtree, James E.


179 Green, Douglas H. 181 - Barrett, Thomas 32 Grimshawe, James W. 34 Wood, Albert 36 Hart, Ernest L. 38 - Croft, James H. 40 - Garner, Thomas 42 Lamb, Harry 44 - Calvert, Arthur 46 Boothroyd, Fred 48 Knight, Ronald 50 Washington, John 52 Gee, Samuel 54 - Sheard, Wilfred 60 Ritchie, Elizabeth 60 Stringer, Hubert 64 - Reddington, James 68 - Hemingway, Joseph 68 Winfield, Donald 70 Sanderson, Robert 72 Horsfall, Fred 74 Thornton, Frank 74 Thornton, Melvyn 76 Warner, Robert 78 White, John 80 - Beall, Edward Relf 82 Fisher, Harry 84 Carpenter, Emma 86 Gothard, Lewis 88 - Bale, Douglas S. 90 Mason, Mary H. 92 Richardson, Margaret P. 94 Hardcastle, William A. 96 Sewell, Albert 98 Shirtliffe, William E. 100 Robinson, Thomas W. G. 102 Stott, Minnie 104 - Hewitt, Cyril B. 106 Foster, Vera 108 Heaton, Louie 110 - Beaumont, Norman 110 Tootell, Winifred 112 Wilkes, James W. 114 - Balmforth, Eric 116 Walker, Annie 116 Major, George 118 - Cleary, Mary 120 Baynes, Ada E. 122 Kilburn, Jack 124 Tommis, Clara 126 Howe, Thomas B. 128 Wood, Harry 130 Firth, Phyllis 132 Gibson, Frank L. 134 - Matthews, Joseph 136 McNamara, Winifred

BRADLEY GATE 1 Holmes, Derrick

BRADLEY HALL FARM 1 * Wells, James R. 2 Gash, Wilfred

BRADLEY MILLS LANE 12 Stead, Charles B 14 Jones, John L. 18 Wheelhouse, Herbert 20 - Barrow, Harry 22 Stennett, Thomas 24 - Hall, Herbert 26 Shires, Edwin E. 28 Lightfoot, Frank 32 Senior, Joseph R. 34 - Thompson, William 34 - Huntington, John W. 36 - Kenny, Patrick 38 Womersley, John E. 40 Draper, Donald 42 Simpson, Henry 46 - Beaumont, Harold 48 Fielding, George H. 50 Ryder, Samuel 52 Fielding, Fred 54 Hawley, Frank

BRADLEY MILLS ROAD Huddersfield Town A.F.C. L Hinchliffe, John & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd Concreters 19 Sharp, David Dalton Grange Club (Park Wm. A.) 29 Groves, Thomas 31 Mudd, James 31 - Smith, James 33 Talbot, Charles R. 35 Burgess, Sidney J. 47-49 Moorhouse, Harry, Grocery, Provisions

Page 119

51 Curtis, Frank, Registered Hair- dresser 51 - Liversedge, Joe 53 Heywood, Arnold, Grocer 55 Dries, Joan S7a Hirst, Arthur 59 Oldroyd, Lawrence, thorpe Bakery 61a Lodge, Herbert A. 63 Wilson, Frank 65 Jarvis, James W. 72 Charlesworth, Norris 74 Woodworth, Arthur Wood, Ralph & Co. Ltd., Woollens and Worsteds, (Bradley Mills) 94 Ellis, Norman o 96 Beaumont, Joseph F. 98 - Gatenby, Harry Sharpe, George Blakey, Edith M. Grainger, Joseph D. Hirst, Fred Preston, Joseph E. Hirst, George Lodge, Emily Chadwick, Fred Starkey, Oswald C. Laycock, Mabel Clarkson, Lucy A. Shaw, Sam Neild, George W. H. Spencer, Harold Wilton, John H. Krakowski, Margaret D. Catling, Wilfred Sidebottom, Cyril C. Crawshaw, Neville Clegg, Wilfred H. Garside, Harry Armitage, Leslie Goodwin, Frank Milnes, Norman W. Fry, Doris Whiteley, Edith Hopkinson, Arthur B. Minion, Christopher Gill, Kenneth Brook, Reginald V. Hampshire, Herbert Hartley, F ank Clegg, Jack Withers, John R. Scholefield, Stanley Chadwick, Jack Haigh, Jack Harrison, Jack Woodcock, Norman Walton, George H. Wilding, Frank Garbutt, Joseph Mortimer, Frank Lyon, John P Brook, Ronald Evans, John F. Marston, Harry Catley, George Dyson, James Lunn, George Roberts, Norman S. Roberts, Colin Cliffe, Harold Mason, Bernard N. Maiden, Ethel

BRADLEY ROAD 3 - Beckett, Charles E. 5 Crowther, Lucy _5’ Chapman, John E. 9 1


G. Raw-

Burton, Harry Kilner, William Munt, Alfred Wood, Ethel Methodist Church 19 Cliffe, Ann Lucy 19 Phillips, Leslie 21 Bedford Micnael G. 23 MacNairy, Roy 25 Naylor, John 27 Holmes, Arthur 29 Buckley, Harold 31 Chapman, Thomas A. 33 McManus, George P. 35 McBride, James 37 Nicholls, John A. 39 Holdsworth, Frank 41 - Mallinson, Hubert 43 Hurst, William T. 45 - Ralph, William R.


Henderson, Clifford Ellis, Leonard Munt, Wilfred Davies, Levi T. Barnett, Denis Wilson, Jeremiah Richardson, Harold Styan, Arthur W. Whitehead, Donald Thackray, Norman Garside, Leslie Bull, Thomas A. Harrison, Robert Palmer, Jack

Bradley Wood Sanatorium

48-50 Carter,

Truelove, Ada Ellam, Harry Lee, Robert W. Feather, Roy S. Balmforth, Clarice E. Depledge, Heaton Ogden, Harold Calem, Stanley Bradley, William Wilkinson, Edward W. A. Hardcastle, Sydney Kay, Williamson T. Haigh, Jefrey Flynn Harold Conroy, Maurice Hesketh, William Battye, George H. Lacey, Charles A. Davies, Arthur R. Popham, Leslie A. Hirst, William Munt, Frank Furness, Jack Brook, Wilson Earnshaw, Joan M. Mann, Fred Preston, Mary Smith, Ralph Greenwood, Jack Sowerby, John M. Unsworth, Geoffrey H. Beanland, William H. Benson, Neesom Shaw, John Fellows, Cyril Sharp, Arthur Dyson, John A. Carter, Frank Bell, George D. Jessop, Stanley Stead, John W. Thomas E. & E., Grocers and Confectioners Crawshaw, Herbert R., Fish Frier Liley, Albert V. Ellis, Willie Pell, Mary Tunnacliffe, Ada Nunns, Willie Addy, Lawrence Oldroyd, Charles W. Townsend, Raymond Munt, John Addy, Albert G. Bracey, John W. Hesmondhalgh, Robert I. Kibble, Sidney G. Bleazard, Ronald, Plumber, Elec- trician Brook, Mabel Fearnley, Walter W. Wallace, William Dennison, Frederick N. Wade. Sidney Scholes, William P. Hirst, Edith Parr, Albert Smith, Bryan C. Anderson, William Walker, James W. Turner, Charles H. Preston, Samuel A.

_- Harvey, Leonard H. J.

Allen, Ernest Clark, James Fletcher, Richard G. Lee, Malcolm Dawson, Gordon B. Schofield, Wright Hardy, Peter Wade, William L. Barber, Henry W. Mellor, Tom Dennis, Tom Pinder, Harold

Finnie, Leo Bates, Dorothy Krauss, Frederick Whitlam, Thomas Schofield, Ben O. Smart, Edith 360 Hudson, George A. Field, Douglas French, Irvin Gilpin, George S. Sykes, Ernest Dowson, Eric . Chadwick, Arthur J. Tunnicliffe, William Speight, Stanley Wells, Leslie E. M. Craigie, Thomas Smith, Sam Neaverson, Walter Craddock, Lucy M. Appleyard, Harry Neaverson, Herbert Holmes, Florence Baimforth, Frank Binns, Norman Mirwood Rangeley, Kenneth W. Home Field Brooke, Ben H. Wood Lea Hodge, Norman The Nook Hartley, Reginald Lodge Farm - Brooke, Eric Lodge Farm Wright, Thomas

Brooke's Yard 1 Ackroyd, Harry 1a Ellis, Edgar 2 Beaumont, Ernest 3 Marson, Emma 4 Kenny, William 4 - Lee, Elizabeth A. Williams, Arthur J.

Lindsay, Willie Lane, Edith A. Brook, Cyril Maude, Sam Barber, Joe Emmott, George W. Mawer, Edith Emmott, George Barton, Henry E. S. Battye, Clara Davis, Frederick J. Davis, Robert G. A. Crabb, Charles J. Townend, John L. Wilson, Charles B. Garner, John W. E. Beaumont, George Dawson, Jack Fowler, George 440 Kershaw, Wilton Bradley Villa Farm The Cottage Pashley, John

BRADLEY STREET Firth & Wilson Ltd., Wholesale Grocers. Tel. 3980 4 - Corcoran, Joseph (Senr.) 10 McGee, Martin 12 Whittel, T. K. & Son, French Polishers 14 Walker, Doris 16 Bates, James 16 Stanton, Eugene 16 Wilson, John 16 Keane, Michael 16 Lindsey, John 18 Furey, John 20 Kelly, Martin 20 Hunt, Thomas J. 20 Mahon, James 20 Reilly, Thomas 22 Newsome, Thomas 22 Roberts, Joan 22 Pettinger, Arthur 22 Newsome, Bettina 24 Howard, George W. 24 Dorothy 26 Flaherty, Patrick 28 - Flynn, Walter 32 Kelly, James (Senr.) 34 - Nind, William 36 Alice 36 Trill, Anthony 38 - Keaveney, John 40 Kaye, Fred 40 Mosley, Evelyn 42 Manceno, Adeline 44 Lockwood, Anthony 46 Draper, Herbert


Page 120



=] UQ QJ tat


Fartell, Joyce Drake, Leonard

BRANCH LANE Battye, Arthur Red Garth Greenhalgh, William Red Brae Cran, Jon D. Hill Crest Barker, Horace


Carlton House Turner, Margaret P. Hillside Jones, Alfred O. Mavio Coke, John F.

© c Oa & N

a & ND Ut GJ it

BRANCH STREET Ellis, Joseph J. Thornton, Vincent Haigh, Willie Brunton, Wilfred Linaker, Lewis Brier, Jack Norris, Stanley Kozak, Beryl Midgley, Fred H. Thompson, Lily Chatterton, Rachel A. Carter, Milton Senior, Ann H. Whiteley, Caroline Lyon, Maria Ellen Huddersfield Corporation Central School Kitchens Ainley, Maurice Beaumont, Alfred Jackson, Kenneth Lumb, William H. Elliot, Robert Waite, William Taylor, Albert Beaumont, Herman Wood, Jennie Carter, Wilfred Clegg, Albert E. Uttley, Eric A. Heaton, Alfred Crowther, Archibald Morton, George W. Davies, Keith Robinson, James H. Lees, John A Craven, John B. Townend, Fred Ashton, Gertrude E. Allmond, Elsie E. Scawthorn, George Clements, Theresa Shaw, Francis H. Wood, Evan Shaw, Annie Gaunt, Jack Barber, Arnold Bradbury, Constance H. H. Hoyle, Herbert Wood, Clarrie Marsden, Amy Raynor, Bertha Gill, George William Bottomley, Harry Morton, Frank Halstead, Percy

BRAYSIDE AVENUE Wood, Harry Taylor, Lily B. Boothroyd, Marie Rawlins, Frederick W. Horton, Derrick

BRIAN AVENUE Woodhouse, Tom Woodhouse, Ernest Higton, Albert D. Roebuck, Clement Hirst, Arthur Harrison, George A.

BRIAN STREET Sunderland, Alice A. Shaw, Joe D. Shaw, Florence G. Beaumont, Jack W. Sykes, Joseph Brook, Tom Moorhouse, Milton Wadsworth, Stanley Whittaker, George H. Hirst, Haro!d Shaw, Joe C. Townsend, Philip E.

w N= & \ co D] O un A& b --=

baad joomk jund

JAL b) -

Brown, William E. Acton, Maud Hepworth, Clara E. Parr, Mary Walker, Bradley Lee, Frank Robinson, Allen Vickerman, Harry Spivey, George Whiteley, Eli Gledhill, Hanson Gledhill, Nancy Yorke, Harry Green, Reg. A. Hirst, Harris Bailey, Ronald Rhodes, Elizabeth Sykes, Wilfred Kitchen, Jack Brelsford, Arthur Taylor, Ben Haigh, Jack Dearnley, Lizzie Crosland, Lawrence Harrison, John H. Dean, Joseph Royston, Edward Morton, Herbert Hall, Sarah A. Schofield, Benjamin Wimpenny, Joseph Dyson, Charles Chambers, Fred Noble, John W. Whittington, Harry Gledhill, John D. Amison, Muriel Newbigin, Ralph W.

BRIAR LANE Lindsey, Sydney C. Ellam, Roy F. Vickerman, Minnie Parker, Avim Haigh, Fred Kerr, Harold Dawes, Ralph Brook, James W. Haley, Ellen Littlewood, Ellen Wareham, Dennis B. Battye, Frances H. Cock, Fred Habron, Robert Calvert, Thomas Heeley, Harold Harris, Winifred Shore, Percy Chatterton, Leslie Hinchliffe, George Sykes, Sarah P. Womersley, Harry Roberts, Harold Fleming, John Keegan, John W. Brown, Norris Davies, Arthur Brook, Denis L. Skilbeck, Jack Parker, Herbert Sutcliffe, Denis Allinson, William Wormald, Gertude Wharram, George H. Smith, Kenneth Townend, Jack Clarkson, Lucy Mitchell, Lewis M. Charlesworth, Mary Dyson, Charlie

BRICK BANK Brook, Sam Deane, William T. Field, Donald Hudson, Lee Cook, Eric Lee, Isabel G. Sheard, Sarah E. Sykes, Harold W Gledhill, Florrie Leng, Vera Riddle, John A. Lee, Albert

BRIDGE CROFT Armitage, Edith Leathern, Herbert Terps, Freda Reilly, Mary

Price, Oswald C. Ellis, Elizabeth

BRIDGE STREET Hellawell, Doris Cooper, Norah Gilleard, George C. Peace, Lewis Beaumont, Annie Kerr, Sarah E. King, Gordon Wright, David M. Waddington, Lewis Littlewood, Scott Ramsden, Walter Shaw, Ellen A. Woos, Doris Powell, Leonard Hirst, Bernard Porter, Mabel McManus, James Lockwood, John E.

BRIDGE STREET Whitelock, Alfred J. Smith, C. R., Pork Butcher Swallow, Betty, Milliner Lambert, Albert E. Bamforth, Cyril, Baker and Con- fectioner Sykes, William, Butcher Fisher, Annie Eagers, Peter J. Milnes, D., Ladies' Hairdresser

Nichol it}, filratt, Ltd, Dyers (Lockwood ills Bentley & Shaw Ltd., Brewers and Wine

5 7

jrock: cont JA Ut QJ == Qr =-

past sack punk * Uh u - \D _] Gn GJ as

and Spirit Merchants, Lockwood Brewery. Tel. 3380 and 3381 Crossley, Douglas Briggs, Adam Hoyle, Stanley Crossley, Jack Rigate, Eric E. Mettrick, Philip, Grocer Mellor, Leslie Sykes, Stanley Dyson, Norman Wood, J. B.. Chemist, Ltd.

Brewery Drive Robertshaw, Raymond B. Killock, Ernest G. (Snr.)

BRIGGATE Egan, John M. Bennett, Herbert Miles, Raymond Stafford, William D. Bailey, Norman Cawtheray, Robert H. Aldridge, Fred W.

BRITANNIA ROAD Swaine, Florence M. Stirling, Edward A. Shaw, William H. Lancaster, Edith E. Watson, Joseph Stanley Mellor, George Benson, Harold Ibbeson, Herbert Chappell, John H. Sugden, Joe Greenhalgh, George T. Knapton, Bryon Hardy, Ernest Licence, Harry Hirst, Fred Kitson, Thomas W. Kitson, May Boulder, Clifford Hanson, Luther Johnson, Phyllis M. France, Nellie Sykes, Margaret O'Kaine, Sarah Barnes, Fred Parker, Alice Hardcastle, Mary Jones, Ernest Taylor, Harold Hartley, Mary Beaumont, Lily A. Plant, Annie S. Shaw, Archie Schofield, William Duffy, Walter Appleyard, Frederick Raw, Elizabeth E.

Page 121

71 - Brammaill, Herman 73 Walker, Ralph 77 \ Whitwam, Bryan 79 Blanche, Thomas R. 81 Micklethwaite, Malcolm 83 Brook, Nellie 83 Fryer, Willie 85 Senior, Charles 87 Armitage, Harold 2 Morton, Cora 4 - Crawshaw, Kenneth 6 McEvoy, Robert H. 8 Garside, Gertrude M. 10 Pearson, Rose 14 Hirst, David S. 16 Jackson, Vernon 16a Wootton, Leslie 18 Kennerdale, John

20 Ainley, Ben Britannia Mills Hellawell, Ronald G. Fielding, Clifford E.

Britannia Mills BROADGATE 1 Blackshaw, Mary 1 Oakley, Gladys 3 Donellon, Thomas 5 Waddington, William B. 7 Rawlinson, Bernard 9 Hall, Clifford P. 11 Jones, Stanley 15 Hirst, John E. 17 Lockwood, Frank K. 19 Dyson, John 21 Holdsworth, Reginald 23 Noble, Alice 23 Midwood, Ernest 25 Midgley, Betsy 27 Lewis, James R. 29 Riley, Albert 31 Brown, Polly 33 McMeeking, William 33 Broadbent, Caroline 35 Taylor, Annie 37 Hinchcliffe J. & H., Woollen Merchants 39 Brown, Joseph 41 - Teasdale, Hilda M. S. 41 - MacNaughton, Donald J. 43 - Castle, Hubert 45 Whitehead, William 1. 47 Brodrick, John B. 49 Dickinson, Mary L. 51 England, Leonard W. 55 Thornton, Stanley 57 McKay, Wm. B. 59 McCreath, Robert 59 Broadbent, Minnie F. 4 Anderson, Methuen C. 6 Longley, Donovon 8 Wittrick, James L. 10 Storry, Roy 12 MacGregor, Harry 14 Swallow, Evelyn 16 Sunley, Arthur 18 Gray, Harold 20 Nash, Edward B. 22 Jowett, Walter 24 - Batley, Lawrence 26 Johnson, Edwin J. W.

BROADGATE CRESCENT 1 Purdie, Robert 91 Ashton, Ronald

BROADGATE DRIVE Graham, Jack Kenyon, James R.

BROADGATES 1-3 Senior, Albert E. Sykes, Thomas Ed. Beaumont, Herbert M. Gould, Elizabeth

BROAD LANE 12 Wright, Francis H. 14 Owen, Ernest 16 Heaton, John M. 18 Crossley, Thomas W. 18 Appleyard, Emma 20 Wilson, Alfred 22 Castle, Annie 22 Durose, Elizabeth E. 24 Goddard, Elsie 26 Toomey, James P. 28 Jessop, Alice G. 30 Burgin, Ethel 30 Whitehead, Mabel 32 Hollas, Herbert 34 Roberts, Luther

b =

_J Un


Hopkinson, Bernice Nield, Jane O'Connell, John Winn, Gertrude M. Gunn, Alistair R. Horner, Mary Walker, Emma Blacker, Fred Smith, John W. Oxenham, Charles Jagger, Edith Hobson, Harry Mitchell, Herbert Shaw, Norman Stubley, Reginald N. Nettleship Ronald Foster, Laurence Fox, Cyril Barrow, Jack Schofield, John C., Family Butcher Thornton, V. B. Hardware Stores Robinson, B., Floral Artist Hardy's (Bakers) Ltd. Jubbs (Grocers) Ltd., Provision Merchants King, Norman, Dental Practitioner Brooks Arms Hotel Theaker's Grocery Stores Selbie, Dr. William, Physician Jolly Sailor Inn

BROCK BANK Shaw, Harold Thomas, Harry W. Lewis, Leonard Dove, Frank Broome, Kenneth Kimmings, George Brooke, Emiline Mullarkey, Michael Sleightholme, Ronald Golden, Leslie Webster, Edward Horsham Harold Owen. James A. Mills, Thomas H. Bond, Ernest C. Smith, Harry Myers, Gordon Black, Harry Wooler, Roy Hyland, John Akroyd, Harold Brice, Frederick Green Ronald Witts, Donald Manning, Donald Crowther, Roy Roebuck, Wilfred O. Butterfield, Wilfred R. Giles, Reginald M. Scott, Thomas Roberts, Edwin C. Newsome, Ronald Bottom, Mark Rushworth, John A. Lucas, Oliver Noon, Bernard Stubley, Arthur T. Jones, Albert Kenny, Walter Parkin, Norman V.

BROKEN CROSS Sykes, Harry Turner, Jessie Lee, Harry W. Stevens, Wililam H. Boothman, Robert W. Addy, Dennis Beaumont, John W. Lockwood, Christiana Beaumont, Harry Brook, Harold

BROMLEY ROAD Moorhouse, Wilfred Greenall, Alfred Kaye, Jeffrey Ireland, James A. Shaw, Frederick Taylor, Alec Grange, Walter Beaumont, Harry Tomlinson, Wilfred P. Porter, Harold Sykes, Harry Broadley, Terence Haigh, Cyri Crosby, Thomas

pout ank juad


Hirst, Arthur Crowther, Ethel Garrick, Peter Bould, Fred Knaggs, George H. Fisher, Ernest ** Wood, John W. (Senr.) Cox, Albert Radcliffe, William Thrippleton, John Henderson, Herbert W. Fisher, Elsie Cooper, Lionel W. Mather, John Dyson, Jeffrey Goodman, John R. Hargreaves, Lewis Bower, Kenneth Fenwick, Richard Basnett, Ronald W. Wainwright, Hannah W. Teal, Frank W. Hardcastle, Edith Bleasdale, Clarence Hirst, Kenneth J. Asquith, Sarah M. Jones, Catherine J. Hirst, James A. Scott, Harold Broadley, Ida B. Beaumont, Norman Bates, Jim Haigh, William H. Foreman, Charles E. Goodyear, Irving Bairstow, Esther

BRONTE CLOSE Harper, William Brambles, William M. Parkinson, Joseph Wilson, Bruce T. Murdoch, William Waterworth, Jack Butler, James W. Askey, Herbert Powell, David C. Askey, Percy Bull, Douglas Hellawell, Harry White, Norman Laird, William L. Sigs worth, Harold Allison, Lewis T. Stanniland, Florence Russell, Alma Lawn, Edward Chatterton, Jonah Sykes, Mary A. Hemingway, Edward Earnshaw, Albert Ellis, Sarah E. T. Payne, Gladys H. Buttle, Walter H.

BROOKLANDS Hartley, Edgar Newman, Sidney Hall, Douglas Hardcastle, Walter Sykes, John Smith, Brian Goddard, Richard Leonard, Frank Muir, William Hunneybell, Leslie V. Fulham, William D. Fowler, Frank R. Ledwidge, Thomas J. Ward, George F. Catton, Donald Jeffrey, Rose Wilson, Terrance McNamara, Douglas Hobson, George E. Nithsdale, Eric

BROOKLYN AVENUE Thornton, Flora N. Hockey, Cyril Spencer, Norman Barnes, Mary A. Turner, James Moorhouse, Florence Thomas, Edwin Lees, Alfred Heeley, Willie Patch, Blanche Cranston, Alexander

Page 122


23 25


co a\


Garland, Kate Sherrin, William

Schofield, Ernest, Farmer and

Butcher Rowles, Alan J. Cook, Ernest Wilde, Oscar M. Watson, Reginald Parkinson, Roy Brodie, Annie Kaye, James T. Eastwood, Samuel F. Lipschitz, Rudolf, Doctor Nixon, Albert Howarth, George (Sent.) Hepworth, Margaret E. Turton, George Swale, Francis A. Bond, Kenneth N. Newsome, William S.

BROOK STREET Kaye, Harold Midwood, Ernest Richardson, Kathleen N. Mellor, Cyril A. O'Hara, Michael Haley, Aubrey B. D. France, Edith Norton, Charles H. Knight, Phoebe E. Foster, Mahlah Wimpenny, Leslie Dowling, John N. Drake, Charles W. Isaac, James Gent, Annie Berry, Alice Smith, Rowland S. Harper, Leonard Grayson, Grace A. Benner, Albert Wilson, Arnold Day, John Taylor, Samuel Priestley, Leonard Haley, Sarah E. D. Bostock, Frederick Taylor, Evelyn Wilkinson, Joseph C. Spencer, Eric Jowett, Harry Gifford, John H. Taylor, Fred Haigh, Geoffrey M. Hill, John H. Radley, Herman Cornwall, Richard J. Hehir, Alexander M. Burgoine, Louisa A. Moss, John A. Halpin, Annie Chapman, Joseph Sumpner, Herbert Cage, Alfred J. Peaker, George A. Wormald, William Whittaker, Jack

Robert's Yard Durrans, Herbert Mosley, Colin

BROOK STREET Little Bros., Woollens, Drapers British - Thomson-Houston Ltd., Lamp Depot Frost, Chas.

Emsley & Collins (Huddersfield)

Ltd, Fruit and Vegetables

Hirst, Jos. & Sons, Woollen

Merchants Ideal Prepared Vegetable Co.

Firmawear Ltd., Textile Manufac-


British A.1. Dental Laboratory (S. Fairbrother), Dental Labora-

tories Tel. 5008 and 1093 Gaunt, Frank O

Beever, James & Co. Ltd., Uniform Clothing Manufacturers. Tel. 427 Beever, John & Sons Ltd., Hearth-

rug Manufacturers Huddersfield - Funeral Undertakers

Electrical Installations & Motor Rewinds Ltd., Mechanical En- gineers and Electrical Contractors.

Tel. 6015 ' Knight, John Bottomley, John H.



& O un & uo

Benson's Yard Sykes, Tom W. Chotnowski, Joan Meldrum, Sarah Gabrielli, Emma Kaye, Ann

Wholesale Market

BROOK STREET Sykes, Barbara H. Ogden, Doris M. Holmes, John H. Hinchliffe, Ernest Leys, John

Thornton Lodge Bowling Club

16 18

Chadwick, Norman Taylor, Edith


Brown, Sarah H. Hamilton, Henry W. Stuttard, James Patterson, Robert M. Woodhead, John G. Radcliffe, Eric Norvell, Charles F. Doherty, Harriet R. P. Williams, Elizabeth V. Monk, Harold A. Holdsworth, John H. Holmes, Charles F. Ingham, Lily Mitchell, Thomas M. Kershaw, Fred Schofield, Charles W. Todd, Charles Fred Haley, Kathleen O. Caldwell, Joseph Greenwood, Mary A. Smallburn, Clifford Ross, Reginald J. Hayley, Edward Benson, Laura Kilner, Ben Baker, Alexander Berry, Walter Barden, William King, Arnold Holding, James Houltram, William Hall, Willie Holmes, Fred Gatenby, John Atkinson, George A. B. Walsham, Florence M. Gee, Kenneth Peel, David M. Hinchliffe, Stanley Clegg, Douglas Brier, Harry Leech, Jack Wood, Brian Horsfield, Noel Rawnsley, Edward Lodge, Norman Packer, Mildred A. McKinnell, Samuel Robinson, Dennis Gaw, Constance T. Danford, Alfred Knight, Herbert E. Holt, Eric R. Hardcastle, Herman Blackburn, Donald I. Smith, Elsie Goldsbrough, Denis Armstrong, Kenneth Shepley, Tom Heeley, Arnold Burley, Harry Edwards, David Burley, Richard H. Dyson, John Elliott, Samuel Berry, Raymond Noon, Daniel Corby, Frederick J. Sellers, Ernest C. Bentley, George H. Crowther, George S. Lumb, Edward A. H. Hutchinson, George E. Wilsden, Harold Stewart, Andrew Doxey, Jessie Taylor, Dick Stott, Walter Berry, Brook Haigh, William

Partington, Robert T. Walker, Milton Dibb, Cecil B. Heppenstall, Sarah E. Sykes, Harold C. Jaggar, Fred Shell, Frank Bennett, Douglas Brearley, Herbert Shaw, Donald F. Bradley, Eric Lockwood, Frank Walker, Ellen Harding, Rosa Kelsey, George Ibberson, Ida Hulme, William Shaw, Eugene M. Crossley, Clifford W. Nestor, Brian J. G. Hall, Bryan Nunn, Walter Riley, Fred Shaw, Emma J. Beevers, Mary A. Beaumont, Jimmy S. Uttley, Harold Thomas, Harold C. McArthur, Henry Depledge, George W. Mitchell, Herbert V. Beard, Thomas Crossley, Stanley R. Barton, Enos Sykes, Leslie Needle, Philip Boothroyd, Wilfred Hinchliffe, Lewis Hoyle, George H. Tiffany, Henry Clayton, Joe Hirst, Herbert Hirst, Robert W. Marsland, Herbert Hardy, Derek D. Broadbent, Kenneth Berry, Richard D. V. Birtwistle, John K. Barnes, Ernest Pyrah, Norman Farrar, George Woodcock, Norman Bamforth, John M. Boothroyd, Brian Jones, Lewis D. Heath, Stanley Kaye, Harold Snalam, Eva

BROOMFIELD ROAD Wood, John E. Power, Bernard Waddington, Herbert Ritchie, James Bates, Percy V. Thomson, Dorothy B, Doctor Jessop, George, Taxi Engineer Hoyle, Thomas Bell, Susan Boothroyd, Esther A. Whitfield, Leonard Woodhouse, Albert Haigh, Annie Sutcliffe, Emily Fuller, Geoffrey L. C. Adderley, John H. Smith, Reginald Flowers, Harold Brier, Gordon Priestley, Ivor L. Brier, Percy Brier, Lilian Hey, Martha A. Hoyle, Joseph Croxford, Charles Iredale, Walter Kenyon, Eric Grant, Sydney Mercer, Eric C. Eastwood, Joe P. McAlister, Samuel Simister, Maurice G. Harrison, James Pearson, Gertrude Bruce, James Pearson, Leonard Bond, Albert W. Turner, Arthur J. Brook, Thomas

Page 123

89 Malone, Ellen N. 91 Taylor, Eric Broomfield Engineering Co. Ltd. 2 Fairburn, William L. 4 - Fairburn, Arthur 6 Mitchell, Harry 8 Taylor, John J. 10 Wilby, Victor B. 12 Schofield, William D. 14 - Gardiner, Norman 16 Brier, Sam 18 Gould, James W. F. 20 Moss, Arthur I. 22 Auty, Ellen A. 24 Taylor, Willie 26 Danford, Joseph 28 Haigh, Herbert 28 Taylor, Horace C. 30 Danford, Alice H. 32 Smith, Thomas R. 34 Lee, Ben 36 Clarke, John H. R. 38 - Birkinshaw, Herbert 40 Pell, Walter 42 Boothroyd, Edith 44 Armstrong, Agnes 46 Shelton, Dora F. 48 - Westerman, Lewis 50 Taylor, Dorothy 54 Mallinson, Ada 56 Hodson, Ada 58 Brook, George 60 Walker, Emily 62 Haydock, Robert J. 64 Mosley, Stanley 66 Wright, Roy 68 - Hellawell, Herbert I. S. 70 Walker, Ernest E. 72 Hoyle, Alan 74 Hadfield, Herbert C. 76 Knowles, Harry 78 Barron, Joseph 80 Moore, Tom W. 82 Brook, James 84 Moore, Reginald W. 86 Smith, Fred 88 Marsden, Edward A. 90 White, Hesse M. 92 Illingworth, Mary 94 Beaumont, Mary H. 96 Day, Edward

BROOMFIELD TERRACE 1 Thornton, Richard 3 - Thirkill, John A. 5 Shaw, Kenneth 7 Sykes, Bertie 9 Beaumont, Walker 11 Jackson, Martha A. 13 Beaumont, Arthur 15 Gates, Hilda M. 17 Bostock, Douglas 19 Hardy, Frank 21 Spivey, Ernest

BROUGHTON ROAD Milwain, James Lockwood, Dorothy M. Charlesworth, Wright Gates, Arthur Fisher, Norman Dyson, Clifford Sykes, Herbert V. Fretwell, Arthur Rusby, Sarah E. Goodall, Mary J. Agar, Stanley Sykes, David Martin, James P.

BROWNING ROAD 1 - Jenkinson, Victor 3 Lunn, George C. 5 Whiteley, Harry, Grocer 7 - Walker, William H., Butcher {153 King, George 17

_J N © & O & NJ - \D ~] Gt GJ ms

pooch | baat

Marren, William Sigsworth, George W. 19 Taylor, Clara 21 Kaye, John A. 23 Graley, John W. 25 Doyle, Rose 25 Mulligan, William 27 Scholes, George A. 29 Foley, Margaret 31 - Clapham, Harry 33 Ball, Kenneth G. W. 33 Evans, Luke 35 Maud, Robert 37 Clark, Edith


Maclver, Donald Dagg, Arthur E. Haigh, Sam Doyle, James P. Ryan, Thomas Stancliffe, Roy Edwards, Blanche Berry, Lewis F. Brennan, John Lynch, James Baimbridge, William McLoaughlin, Thomas Thomas, Walter Garling, Frances Thompson, George A. Priestley, Edith Yeadon, Harry J. Calvert, James Hodgson, Vincent C. Smith, Andrew Shaw, George H. McKinlay, William M. Yeaman, Joseph E. Roderick, Thomas R. Roderick, Thomas Stocks, Joseph W. Ramsden, Arthur Barlow, Robert Bennett, George N. Winter, Florence Newin, John J. Spivey, Joseph H. Smith, George W. Rogers, John W. Foster, James Roderick, Brian Marchant, Jack Usher, John E. Regan, Timothy Simpson, Stephen C. Thorpe, Eric Clowes, Harold Brunton, Albert Lamond, Hugh Greene, Michael J. Evans, Harry Simpson, Gordon T. Burke, Lillian Calvert, William Radcliffe, John Smith, Alice Rattigan, Michael Firth, Arthur Green, Bernard Graley, John J. Brennan, Stephen Womersley, Henry Cooper, Leslie Batler, Bernard Hirst, Sarah A. Owen, Fred Carson, Mary Crawshaw, Ethel Dransfield, Brenda Gibson, Agnes Jackson, Martha A. Beaumont, Doris + Jackson, John W. Darby, Martha A. Gray, Richard

BROWN ROYD AVENUE Kenny, William Tinker, Terence Nash, Patrick Thackray, John A. Whitaker, Albert E. Proctor, Colin West, Alfred J. Pember, George Learoyd, Charles W. Nelson, William Keay, Joseph H. Sykes, Norman Dyson, Walter Bradley, Ralph Armitage, Harry Farrington, Kenneth Haigh, Harry K. Plows, Robert Dowie, William Cregan, Cornelius Cole, Henry George Brennan, Thomas Jackson, Fr Whitehead, Roy McCallum, James A. Hamilton, Wallace R. Sykes, Alfred J. Murrow, William N.

51 53-5

a ui £ w b

pand: bout - & \D S0 Oy Ut f G bJ =~

-] (a GJ


O'Reilly, Gerald Ainley, Leslie F. Roberts, Lewis Booth, Mary Ann Pritchard, William Wright, Harold C.

BROW ROAD Timosiunas, Kathleen Broadbent, S., Baker, Confectioner Hill Top Co-operative Society Ltd. Cliffe, Wilfred Harper, John Gill, Eva Sheard, Ronald Aspinall, Albert Thornton, Albert, Joiner, Under- taker Radley, Thomas Holmes, Austin Booth, James W. White, Geoffrey Marshall, James A. Anson, Norman R. 5 Smith, Irvin Platts, Lilian Johnson, Emma Seaman, Geoffrey Iredale, Alice Hall, William M. Eastwood, Violet Milnes, Beatrice Flemming, Laura E. Mosby, Norman Noble, Alice Potts, Harold

Crosland's Yard Fox, Albert Clarke, Walter Dunleavy, Kathleen M. Bickerstaff, William C.

Crosland's Buildings Senior, John W. Eastwood, Edith Townend, Fr Shelton, Ronald D. Walker, Harry

Crosland's Court Knott, Jack Wilson, Lilian Chatterton, Edgar Middleton, Harold Wagstaff, Harold Jepson, Harry Wood, Ernest H. Webster, Hubert R. Deverall, Laurence Garner, Reggie Luks, Janet

BRUNSWICK STREET Convent of the Cross and Passion Edwards, Thomas H., Surgeon Greenwood, Arthur

BRYAN ROAD Ground Floor Whitfield, James R. First Floor Flat Learoyd, David I. Quarmby, James P. Bell, Joan M. Bryan, May Lodge Foulds, John R. ** Bryan Lodge " Armitage, Beatrice Foster, Frank J. Newton, Irene Martin, Ernest ** Stoneleigh " - Bamforth, Edith Mitchinson, Alan

BUCKROSE STREET Ambler, Wilfred Sanger, Joan Banks, William Riley, Florence L. Hanley, Timothy Whittaker, Janet Graham, John Sidebottom, Arthur Lees, Norman Petrie, Joseph Calvert, Clarice E. Parsons, George A. Marsden, Lily Kelly, John

Page 124

a Un & w b -

$ \ -J ur G m


co oa b


Brook, Chatlie Almond, Henry Munroe, Donald

BUCKROSE TERRACE Wood, Charles T. Phillips, Richard L. Richards, Henry T. Sharpe, Florence E. Morris, William J. Harrop, Herbert

BULAY ROAD Grange, Wilfred Elborough, Robert K. Burland, Leonard Beever, John H. Smith, Alwin

igh, Willie, Motor Coaches (Spring-

dale Garage) Bottomley, Kenneth Smart, Bernard J. L. Lunn, Eric Hannen, Gertrude Jury, Mary J. Cliffe, Edith Nelson, John S. Blakey, Thomas W. Armstrong, Frank A. W. J. Farrand, Daisy T. Crowe, Geoffrey Heyes, Eric Thompson, Leonard Cooper, James T. Garside, Samuel Daubney, Olga Wood, Clifford Stott, Ralph McNulty, John J. Heppeoastall, Helen E. Beaumont, John

Bulay Villa Hirst, Gordon B.

pank punt

BULL GREEN ROAD Bullett, John W. Gibbins, Harold G. Sykes, Clara Richards, Amy Kaye, Alfred Fuller, William R. Field, Edmund Humphreys, Arthur Dickinson, Joshua Horsfield, Bertha Bailey, Ronald Chadwick, Ronald Dyson, Harry Booth, Leonard Wilson, George Ledwidge, Jack Fewster, James W. Whiteley, Dorothy Howe, Alfred Beaumont, Frank Little, James Iredale, Alice A. Ward, Joseph B. Scarborough, Robert E. Kurowski, Euphemia M. Lister, James T. Hindle, John Heley, Jack Wood, Emma Walker, Arthur Taylor, Rose A. Bradley, William D. Brearley, Walter

BURBEARY ROAD Wilson, Frank D. Knight, Harry Whittaker, Ralph Ramsden, Sam Rollinson, John C. Batley, Harry Haigh, Cyril Ramsden, Wilfred Beaumont, Dorice Moorhouse, Fred Arnold, Cecil T. Ware, Cyril Hainsworth, Frank Swire, Willie Turner, Frederick Hallas Heeley, Alfred Dixon, Irvin Hanson, Ernest Kaye Palmer, Annie Brooke, Nellie Kaye, William

Stephenson, Willliam Battye, Tom Brooke, Irene Boocock, Alfred Townsend, Norman Booth, Frank Brougham, Ernest Wright, Ruby Mear, Percy Lucas, Herbert Hodgson, Alice Jessop, Joe Crowther, Boothroyd Bower, Wilfred H. Kaye, Charles H. Armitage, Wilbert Boothroyd, Annie Silver, Harold Radcliffe, Norman Kendall, Frederick Pogson, Herbert, Textile Card Nailer Durrans, Norman E. Pearson, Ernest j Pearson Frank Vickerman, Edith Waddington, Kathleen Hemingway, Leslie Hodgkin, George H. Van-Bellen, Gordon A. Harrison, Ben Smith, Horace Burley, Milton

Bates, James Ltd., Railway Saw Mills

BURFITTS ROAD Baker, Leonard A. Hey, Arthur A. Sellars, James Halstead, Albert E. C. Walker, Frederick S. Kilner, George Briton, Mary A. Hepworth, Annie Stone, Frederick J. Kettlewell, John H. Hepworth, Clara Knight, Elsie Pearson, Arthur Swallow, Alfred Haigh, Marion Marsden. Nellie Lumb, Frank

BURNISTON DRIVE Baecker, Wilhelm Stevenson, Arthur Pearce, Ronald A. Deen, Frank J. Helliwell, Henry Stockdale, Cecil W. Jackson, Norman Whitwam, Kenneth B. McFalls, John Morris, Leslie A. West, Bernard A. Haigh, George D. Hampson, Eric Robinson, Benjamin Wilson, Derek Guyler, Thomas H. Morris, Sydney P. Fuller, Fanny J. Hoggarth, Ronald Booth, Dudley Walker, Jack Dawson, Bernard Hill, Clifford D. Williams, Henry J.

BURN ROAD Booth, Cora Roberts, William Mettrick, Louie Gledhill, John Dyson, Reginald Kitchen, Martha A. Dyson, Gordon E. Nutton, James H. Hepworth, Sarah A. Lake, Fred W. Askey, Lilian Ledger, Mary Haigh, Geoffrey Hamilton, Roland B. Liley, Lily Boyes, Sydney Lambert, Mary Snowball, John R. Catton, Mary

45 - Baxter, James W. 47 Hobson, Albert 49 Bates, Richard 49 Nutton, Wilfred 51 - Berry, Harold 53 Booth, Leonard 93 Smith, Ronald 101 Dearnley, Tom 103 Donaldson, Jack 105 Jones, John D. 107 Crowther, John G. 109 Hellawell, Arthur 111 - Beevers, Stanley 113 Beevers, Elsie 5 Brook, Margaret G. 7 Clapham, Thomas 2 Warner, Jack 4 - Long, Revers G. 6 Jessop, Gladys 8 - Crosland, Harold 98 Crosland, Harry 108 Davis, Herbert 110 Fletcher, James A. 112 Depledge, Fred 114 Gibson, Frank 124 Sisson, Stephen 126 Garthwaite, Frank 128 Ripley, Joseph A. 130 Clapham, Willie 132 Rhodes, Wilfred E. 134 Wigglesworth, Irene

BURWOOD ROAD Kilner, Mabel Fox, Percy Kaye, Wilson Rawcliffe, George H. Lemon, Robert Heptonstall, John W. Smith, Ellen Edwards, John Thompson, Nora Haworth, Sarah Dunsby, Dennis Bromell, Kenneth W. Burrill, Geoffrey Fisher, John E. Stanger, Mildred Morrison, George S. Galloway, Edith E. Plucker, Cecil E. 10 Brook, Clement B. 12 Blackburn, Ernest

BUTTERNAB ROAD Butternab Farm - Tunnacliffe, Jack Butternab Farm - Mellor, Herbert 2 Shires, Kenneth 4 Ainley, Alec M. H. Park Lodge Fenton, John P. Netherleigh Hinchliffe, James A. Park Mount Crabtree, William S. The Cottages Daws, Olive The Cottages Ambler, Arthur L. Fern Lea Kilburn, Donald H. Briar Cottage Seddon, Lucy Briar Bank - Bailey, Doris Briar Bank Dyson, Willie Briar House Barnes, Frank Caravan - Swallow, Lewis

punt bat font pane & O J& N N Ut GJ GJ GJ re rs \ \ <] a] GL GJ ban

Ridge Mount Watkinson, William B.

Green Ridges Lunn, Norman S. The Chalet Rose, Bruce Tor Lea Marchant, James W.

BUXTON ROAD Local Fuel Overseer, Fuel Control 11 Poppleton, W. D. Ltd., Factors 13 Hart & Co., Curtains 23 Huddersfield Savings Bank.

Tel. 844 Huddersfield & District Co-opera-

tive Society Ltd., Grocers General Dealers, Restaurant

Red Circle and Handy Libraries,

2 The 2 Austin, Geo. J. 4 - Dumont Studio, Photographers 4 - Hawksell, Geo. W.

10 Bamfort2137George, Florist, Fruiterer

Tel. 14 - Leaders, Gowns, Mantles 16 Lawleys Ltd., Glass, China

18 Wigfall, Henry & Son Ltd., Radio

and Cycles

26 - Butlin, Edw., Watchmaker, Jeweller

Curzon Cinema 30 Curzon American Snack Bar 30 Tamaso, Jn.

Page 125

Curzon Flats 2 Sykes, Ernest 3 Taylor, Joseph E. 4 Mould, Herman A. 5 Pugh Kenneth 6 Smith, Maurice E. N.

32 Noon, D., English Butcher 34 Hirst, Westwood & Co., Gent's Outfitters 36 West Riding Hotel 42a Battye, Thos., Tailor 44-48 - Quality Furnishers Ltd. 50A Marlborough Mending Co. Scrimshaw, P. Pork Butcher 64 McKitrick Bros. Ltd., Builders' Merchants, Sheet Metal Workers etc., Ironmongers, Mill Furnishers Tel. 6522 (3 lines) Albion Hotel Tennant Rotherford & Co. Ltd., Coal and Coke Merchants, Lime. Office. Tel. 3200

BYRAM STREET Huddersfield - Corporation - Gas Showrooms Bannister, J. E. & Sons, Hudders- field Dairies Neaverson's Ltd., Glass and China Merchants North, C. & Son, Grocers Ke'il‘dlall, S., Painter and Decorator. el. Galloway, Geo. & Sons, writer Dealers " Suzanne," Ladies' Hairdresser Arts & Crafts Shop, The (W. Halstead), - Arts and _ Crafts Dealers and Artists' Materials. Tel. 3402 11 Page, Maison, Furriers 11 Hirst, Dan 12 Taylor, Ernest & Co., Breeches Makers 13 ®" Yorkshire Evening Post " 14-18 Imperial Typewriters (Agents: Hirst & Son) 15 Swan, Norman Ltd., Hotel Furni- shers Inland Revenue, H. M. Inspector of Taxes (Revenue Chambers) 17 Ryans, Newsagents, Tobacconists


ov y av A w- D



18 Hirst, W. H. & Son, Office Equipment Crescent Hotel 19 Pickles, C. H. Ltd., Wholesale

Newsagents and Stationers 22 Booth, Arthur N. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wholesale Warehousemen. Tel. 1537 Wholesale Market Huddersfield & County Conser- vative Club

CABLE STREET 1 Wood, Arthur 2 Dalton, Tom 2 Sutcliffe, Joseph g Taylor, Joe E 8


Kelly, Ronald Hepplestone, Alan 10 Dyson, Harry 12 Beevers, Harry 14 Rattigan, Brian 16 Ellam, George 16 Kirk, John 18 Ives, Mary J. 20 Turner, Annie 22 Bryden Jack 24 - Cooper, Ernest 26 Colbeck, Gordon J. 30 Booth, Geoffrey 32 Royston, May 38 Sugden, Willie Fescol Ltd., Electro-Depositors (Karrier Works)

CADOGAN AVENUE Crowther, Fred Wordsworth, David R. Gothard, Joe Tozer, Gerald C. Waddington, Jack Sunderland, Leslie Hick, Frederick Moorhouse, Alice M. Brook, Lucetta Outen, Dennis H. Lockwood, Frank

[J bat bnt post bane pand - \D -~] Ut QJ) += \ 3 Un GJ s


Nelson, Olive Oldfield, Elizabeth Lewis, Albert H. Thorp, Ida Wise, Herbert Senior, Arthur Broadbent, Frank Farrar, Gerald Ecclesby, Wilfred Fleetwood, Harry Brunton, Harold Tinsley, Roy W. Fleetwood, Arthur Cotton, Willie S. Thornton, Eleanor Batty, Emily Hemsworth, Harry Hellawell, Harold Barker, Lizzie Peel, William Dyson, John T. Howarth, Sarah Lynch, Harriet A. Mettrick, Geoffrey Warrington, Frank Wormald, Clement Smith, Thomas Phillips, William E. Phillips, Robert S. Clayton, Arthur Atkinson, Edward Hoyle, John T.

CALDERCLIFFE ROAD Townsend, Gilbert Thorpe, Peter Goldsmith, William H. Hobson, Albert Beaumont, Arthur Dobson, Arthur Heeley, Harold Taylor, Arthur R. Venables, Guy Shaw, Clara Taylor, Stanley Burns, Alexander Dalton, John T. Senior, Mary T. Mellor, Harriett H. Beaumont, John W. Howard, Roy Tyas, Herbert Jepson, Fred Hopton, Ada Barrowclough, George F. Livingstone, William Gill, Harry C. Wood, Willie Hill, Winifred M. Brammer, Norman Boothroyd, Fred Waterhouse, Matthew Winn, Annie Bullock, Jessie Pearce, William N.

CALTON STREET Williams, Elizabeth Shaw, John W. Simpkins, Ernest W. Shaw, Herbert Stead, Leonard H. Crockford, Ethel Wills, Robert H. Wilkinson, John T. Holmes, Harold V. Davison, Mary H. Heap, John A. Davies, Robert G. Cunningham, James (Back) Stephens, Vivian Martin, Sydney Heywood, Richard Haigh, Herbert W. Bottomley, Arthur Haigh, Frank Mitchell, Beatrice E. Crosfield, Albert Sykes, Albert Hilton, Horace Matthewman, Elsie Kelly, William Addy, Clara Dawson, Albert R. Furness, Martha Dunbobbm, Evelyn Haigh, Charles Fisher, Maud Boothroyd, Leslie S. Price, Norman


65 Dyson, Bertha 65 Blagbrough, Norman 67 Dyson, Cecil B. 69 Beaumont, George A. 71 North, Fred

Holly Terrace 14 Grindrod, Morris 15 Kelly, Martm 16 Holroyd, Norman 17 Priestley, Florence 18 - Lunn, Eveline 19 Armitage, Joe Swallow 20 Gilbert, Donald 21 Czajkowski, Sylvia 23 Evans, Gordon E. 24 Smith, Fanny 25 Mudd, Eric

Hawthorne Terrace 26 Robinson, Leslie 26 - Brown, Walter 27 Tindall, John E. 27 Simmons, Walter H. 28 Sykes, Owen 29 Maples, Rhoda A. 29 Kilroy, James 30 Martin, Joseph 31 Preston, Eric A. 32 Stocks, Joe C. 33 Hodgson, Geoffrey 34 Smith, Alfre 35 Riley, Gordon Ernest 36 Monkman, Ernest

Rose Terrace 37 Bell, Gwendoline 38 - Jones, Lewis H. 39 Craven, Robert 40 Brook, Ernest 41 - Jones, Edward 42 \ Banks, Cyril D. 43 - Clarke, Cyril 44 - Iredale, Rolland 45 Adams, Harry

Orange Terrace 46 Knott, Jack 47 - Fair, Charles 49 Jones, Jessie E. 49 Corless, George 50 Jessop, Nathan 51 Pogson, Henry S.

Mulberry Terrace 53 Cunliffe, John (Sent.) 55 Edgar, John R. 56 Stoker, Robert A. 57 Smith, Lilian R.

Laburnum Terrace 58 Woolerton, Beatrice 60 Smith, Arnold 61 - Hardcastle, George 63 Wortley, Harold

CAMBRIDGE ROAD 1 Wortley, Kathleen 3 Douglas, Ellen Huddersfield Corporation Public Baths 2 Oldman, Frederick C 4 Armitage, Herbert 6 Bray, Eleanor Ada 8 Jessop, Colin 10 - Freer, John H., Architect, Surveyor 12 Beach, George 14 Dawson, Annie E. 16 Davidson, William 20 Tasker, Frank 22 - Gledhill, Joan F. 22 Hainsworth, Noah 26 Shaw, David E. 26A Shaw, Wilfred 28 Gillan, Charles 28 Bolton, Clara A. 28 Bolton, Harold, Chief Inspector (Huddersfield Transport) 28 Ainley, George R.

CANAL STREET Greenwood, Clifford Lee, Bernard Bottomley, Robert Swaine, Edward C. Lightfoot, Norman Taylor, Frances Pearson, Lenny Dawson, Lily

pout jund poot Un W r= \D _J Un GJ =

Page 126


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pout samt



Lee, D. W. Garage Engineer Whiteley, A. W. & Sons Ltd. Liversidge, Tom & Sons Ltd., Dyers (Canal Bank Works)

CANBY GROVE Bradley, Fred Scholes, Benjamin Brennan, William F. Cheesebrough, Clifford Richardson, Douglas Briggs, Herbert Sykes, Harry Brennan, William Coulborn, James Holroyd, Alice Waddington, Walter Burrie, David Grayson, Albert Chadwick, John W. Wilson, Thomas W. Kilner, Fred Gourlay, Jessie M. Howarth, Alfred Sutcliffe, Sarah A. Booth, Albert Bennett, Douglas G. Fletcher, Blanche Whitfield, Harriet Exley, Lawrence E. Firth, Hubert McGurty, Edward Sharp, William McKenna, Patrick Simpson, Emily Buckley, Frank Van Bellen, Kenneth H. Brown, Marie Hallas, James S. Swallow, John H. Hargreaves, Bertram S. Royston, Wilfred Milnes, Harry Marriott, Albert E. Moorhouse, Florence Watkins, Reginald B. E. Galvin, Terence Eccles, Eli Gumersell, Derek Haigh, Joseph Heeley, Wallace Howell, Wilfred C.


Red Doles Cottage Mayall, John E. Brown & Chetham, Auto Engineers,


Walker, Edwin & Co. Ltd., Worsted


Huddersfield Corporation Sports Ground


CARR GREEN LANE Kirby, Lucy Dyson, Norman Wooler, Reggie Ingham, Nellie Shaw, Harry Bradley, Gertrude Carr, Ronald W. Niedrins, Annie A. Longbottom, Vernon, Shoddy, Manufacturer Quinn, John Taylor, Herbert - (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wool Waste (Carr Green Works) Horsfall, Harry Beaumont, Norman Maples, Mary Wood, George Stead, Gladys Best, Thomas A. Schofield, Clarence J. D. Roberts, Dorothy Sykes, Norman Parkin, Freda Crosley, Mildred B. Rawlinson, Harry Armitage, Arthur E. Sunderland, Arthur M. Schofield, Alfred, Chartered Sur- veyor Haigh, Edith Beaver, Albert E. Sheard, Harriet H. Bailey, Azilpha A. Mellor, Frederick W. Thompson, Charles Mellor, Mary


Bates, Mary (Senr.)

Robson, I. & Sons Ltd., Dyers, Sizers

(Dalton Dyeworks) Carr End

Hanson, Albert E. Binns, Arthur

past: post La t -J

CARR PIT ROAD Moorhouse, Albert V. Shaw, Lizzie Mitchell, Foster Varley, Geoffrey Taylor, Edmund - (Teazle) Chardon Mill Macdonald & Co., Builders Shaw, John & Sons, Haulage Contractors Mellor, A. & Sons Ltd., Motor Agents Gladwell, Rose McNeill, Tom Bonwell, Florence Bethel, William T. Bates-Whike, Annie Mudd, John


Garage, Shaw, Fred

CARR STREET Brook, Frank Brown, Edgar Ellis, Ronald Beever, Ronald M. Vizard, Thomas Littlewood, Willie C. France, Jane E. Wilkinson, Helen Bird, Arthur Beaumont, Frank Middleton, Charles H. Booth, Betty Rowley, Robert A. Quarmby, Eli Gumersell, Wright Burnham, Peter D. Turner & Hollingworth, General Dealers

41-43 Huddersfield & District Co-

operative Society Ltd. (Grocers) Bedham, Mary E. Walker, John G. Bradford, Peter Ellinthorpe, John W. Smithies, Arthur Black, Colin M. Nicholls, Cecil A. Cox, Amy Ramsden, Wilfred Dawson, Harry Wood, Fred Park, Alfred Walker, Wilfred Ingram, George E. Asquith, Philip F. Barraclough, Ronald S. Dyson, Leonard Beaumont, Stanley Beaumont, John Wilson, John A. Prior, Leslie B. Stott, Geoffrey Cuthbert, George A. P. Spence, Harry Crossley, Harold Swift, Edwin Barlow, Frank Littlewood, Mary Binns, Peter Johnson, Henry Bastow, Paul Hartley, Freda V. Dean, Allan Horner, John Hartley, Ernest Whiteley, Kathleen D. Walker, Harold Milner, Florence Shaw, Claude Shaw, C. L., Baker, Confectioner Mellor, Ben Chafer, John W. Marshall, Frank Glendinning, Jeanne Taylor, Alfred Cavanagh, Mary E. Barrowclough, Amy Bowker, William H. Gledhill, George V., Taxis Holland, Arthur Bamforth, Daniel

54 - Lawton, William 56 Hirst, John B. 58 Newsome, Roland I. 60 Strang, Thomas David 62 Johnson, Harriet 64 Boothroyd, Allen 66 Weatherburn, Clifford 68 Wright, Kenneth H. 70 - Grayson, John S. 72 Atkinson, Edward B., Taxis 74 Seiles, Sarah A. 76 Goodward, Ernest P. 78 Wooller, Edward G. 78 - Wooller, Donalds 78 Osborne, Michael E. 80 Howarth, John 82 Mellor, Joe 84 Beaumont, Joe 86 Wells, Nellie 88 Liversidge, Edith A. 90 Ward, Arthur 92 Jennings, William 94 Metcalfe, Henry 96 Holmes, Benjamin 96 Lockwood, John D. 98 Colquhoun, John H. 100 Whitwam, Harold 102 Roebuck, Brian S. 104 Senior, Geoffrey 106 Sheard, Donald 108 Boast, Emily 110 Burnley, Fred 112 - Bullett, Norman 114 - Haigh, Willie L. 114 Tyas, Peter H. 116 Prior, Raymond P.

CASSON STREET 1 Stephenson, Bernard P. 3 Dyson, Edmund D. 5 Livesey, Albert 7 - Bamforth, Frank S. 9 Sheard, Robert 1 Haigh, Lewis 3 Taylor, Thomas R. 15 Sykes, Walker 17 Smith, Jack 19 Hodgson, Percy 2 Kaye, Ellen 4 - Metcalfe, Harry 6 Lofthouse, Edward 8 Wood, Hilda 10 Carter, William H. 12 Jones, Sidney 14 Holland, Willie 16 Garside, James 18 - Brooksbank, Gladys 20 Vautrey, Frank 22 Wood, Harry 24 Garside, Edith E. 26 Taylor, Frederick C. 28 Massey, William 30 Sykes, Lawrence

CASTLE HILL SIDE 151 Firth, Frank 153 Stringer, Elsie 153 Butler, Ernest C. 155 Ives, James H. 157 Morton, Charles H. 159 Makin, Thomas F. 161 - Snooks, Angus T. 163 Taylor, Arthur 165 Gledhill, Bolina 167 Clark, Harold 169 Kilner, Harold 58 - Cartwright, Mary E. 60 Webb, Victor L. 64 Dudzik, Hilda 68 - Blackburn, Charlie

CASTLE HOUSES 2 - Newell, Geoffrey 4 Howe, William 6 Dyson, Harry 8 Lodge, Henry D. 10 Walker, Frank 12-14 Coates, Benjamin W. 16 Donkersley, Albert 18 Donkersley, John K. 20 Coates, John 22 Black, James W.

CATHERINE ROAD 1 - Boulain, Leonard J. 3 Boothroyd, James 5 Cooper, Ivy 7 Heyhoe, Jack 9 Lockwood, Willie 1 _ Jessop, Norman

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part puss pest & a & N N Ut w - \ _] GA GJ

just pant jund pant a A& tJ O

co OI 4 NJ NJ -] GJ =- W >

D OI J& N Un GJ ms

Weavill, Edward Smith, Harold Norman, Harry Ellam, Tom Brown, David Goodall, Jack Bottomley, Arthur Farmer, Edward Drury, Leonard Eastwood Roy Sargent, William A. Flynn, Martin Stocks, Charles Martin, Day Molloy, Patrick Allinson, Thomas F. Mellor, Herbert Hamilton, Sarah A. Goult, Alfred

* _CATTERSTONES Cordey, Arthur Garside, Leonard

CAWTHORNE AVENUE Stead, Morton Rowe, Watson Jones, Wilfred J. Morris, Robert G. Hirst, Percy Field, Robert Jenkinson, Mary E. Jowitt, Frederick Roberts, Keith H. Spencer, Fred Brook, Edgar C. Brook, Leslie Fairbrother, Sidney

CECIL STREET Bickers, Henry M. Sheenan, James B.

. Hudson, Julia H.

Mooney, William Watkinson, Frederick H. Sykes, Arnold Norman, Mark E. Mather, Jane Anne Easterbrook, Thomas E. Wadsworth, Sam Black, John C Spence, William E. Haigh, Frank F. Oldfield, Arthur Hardy, Gilbert Smiles, Ada Sophia Smiles, Robert L., Haulage Con- tractor Durkin, Joseph D. Battye, Lewis K. Quinn, Joseph C.

CEDAR AVENUE Booth, Annie E. Oldroyd, Mabel Brierley, Geoffrey Murgatroyd, Martin J. Thornton, Nellie Cairns, Mary B. Ditchburn, Christine Lightbody, Percy H.

CEDAR MOUNT Crabtree, William H. Nash, Peter R. Armitage, Dorothy D. Garton, Henry P. Crowther, Lawrence Rippon, Alex Mills, Willie Taylor, Eileen

CELANDINE AVENUE Lakeman, Philip J. Smallwood, Raymond C. Iredale, Emily Marsh, Willie Innes, Arthur Kettlewell, Anne Booth, Henry Tyas, Harold Flynn, Allen Bennett, Arthur D. Battye, Arthur Tansey, Stephen Jagger, Elizabeth E. Tansey, James E. Tansey, Mary Ann Pickup, Arnold


b =

Haigh, Norman Windle, John H. Haigh, Harriet A. Lodge, John T. Brook, Mary Laycock, Albert Collins, David W. Smith, John R. Mellor, Leonard Sykes, Edward Shaw, Clive Gordon, Edwin Bradley, Tom Thompson, Ronald Baybutt, George Schofield, Arthur Senior, Norman Brough, Colin Stockings, Arthur Ashmore, William H.

CEMETERY DRIVE Clergy House, Twentyman, Edwin Clergy House Newbould, Reginald N.


Jury, Norman Ltd., Monumental Crafts-

men. Tel. 1060

Cemetery Lodge Beaumont Willie Tower House Stewart, Albert D. Huddersfield Lawn Tennis Club

yout sub. 00 O 4» NJ Un LJ = \O =] Un GJ ia

punt punk fam. gant a A& t G

CENTRAL AVENUE Mather, Edgar J. C. Henderson, Norman C. Wadsworth, Mildred M. Smith, Wilfrdd B. Roebuck, John R. Hodgson, George & W., Grocers Andrews, Frederic W. Marshall, Leonard Key, Hilda S. Fitton, Raymond Richardson, Robert Smith, Richard M. Robinson, Herbert Shaw, Maude L. G. Hargreaves, Cyril Hartley, Robert B. Sykes, Evelyn Handford, James W. Hodgson, William, Decorator Dawson, Ronald Noonan, James Freckleton, Allan Agar, Walter H. Ward, Claude Carr, John D. M. Lunn, Albert Wray, Walter Bateman, Albert Joyce, Thomas Chambler, Wilfred Sykes, Elizabeth A. Hirst, Mary Eagleton Ablard, Frederick T. Fenton, Joseph Crowcroft, Frederick Wykes, James B. Nicholson, Edward Mauldin, Susan W. Rothery, Jack Whiteley, Alfred R. Anderson, Herbert Nash, Barry T Calam, George Haigh, William Bower, Percy

CENTRAL CLOSE Briggs, Arthur G. Wilkinson, Herbert Beaumont, Benjamin B. Baldock, Leonard Vautrey, Harry R. Blackburn, Jack Easter, Percy Sykes, Harold W. Charlesworth, Bertha Bromley, Arthur Holmfirth Meat Retail Committee Oliver, William B. Cockin, Tom E. G. Armitage, Edgar North, Louisa Lister, Philip


CHANCERY LANE Brook & Learoyd, Litho. Printers 11 and 13 Whitham & Schofield Ltd., ggolesale Shoe Merchants. Tel.

15 Stylo Boot Co. Ltd. 22 Dickin, Douglas A.

CHAPEL HILL Wilton's Bargain Corner, Drapers 3 Brunyate, Miss, Ladies' Hair- dresser 3 British School of Motoring Ltd. (Commercial Chambers) Cash, J. R. & Co. Ltd., Letterpress Printers Blamires, Geoffrey R. 7 Stocks, William G. 7 - Black, Thomas, Dental Surgeon 7 Mort, Jack B. Dental Surgeon Tel. 1333 . Buxton Road Methodist Church 11A Lodge, Fred, Weighing Machines, Scale Repair Service. - Tel. 1518 11a (Back) Shaw, Harper T. 11a Blakey, Sheila 13a Platt, John H., Caterer 15 Bailey, James H., Grocer, Con- fectioner ' 15a Hoyle, Wm., Plumber 17 Hill, Herbert 19 Booth, John 21 Davis, Nellie 25 Kenworthy, Clara 35 Mitchell, Jack Ltd., House nishers Brook, T. & Sons Ltd., Engineers 8 Hepworth, R. Wardrobe Dealer 10 Holdroyd's, Gent's Outfitters 12 Donlan, Thomas 14 Steele, Norman 16 Summers, Miles R. 18 ", Ladies' Hairdresser 22 Home Electrical Service 26 Ali, Mohamed 28 Clegg, Clara 30 Bridge, Eliza E. 32 Hall, John 34 - Hall, Harry 36 Chatterton, Helen A. Wallace, Harry Grey Horse Inn Bonser, Edith A. Reilly, Louisa Pinchbeck, Clarence 46 McAllister, Donald 46a Green, Mary 56 Smith, Amos 58 Hooton, Tom 60 Capper & Burkitt, Battery Services, Electrical Engmeers Et c 62 Jeyner, Bernard M. Hartley, W. & Sons, Brass Founders Engine Bridge Brass Works. Tel. 1327.


Eastwood, R. C. Cleaning Plate Hawkins, W. T. & Co., Blitfood, Cement Huddersfield Timber Co, Timber Merchants (Chappel Hill Mills) Isthmus Size Co. Ltd., The (Isthmus Mill 68 ngh)t Jack Blackstone, Stanley Kaye, Oscar, Newsagent, conist 72 Thornton, Eric 76 Atkinson, Harry Sellers & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Textile Engineers, Dyechouse and Finishing Plants etc., Engine Bridge Machine Works. Tel. 4271 (2 lines). Night 3331 84 Reynolds, Percy N. 86 Pearson, John 88 Cousen, L. & Sons, Consulting Opticians Ladell, Alice 98 Senior, John W. Swallow, Frank Price, William H. Hanson, Clifford

CHAPEL LANE Gardner, Edith Nunn, Walter Wilcox, Minnie 21 - Gledhill, Derrick 23 Green Daniel 25 Sanderson, Lavinia


~-] Qr ma

Page 128


27 Folks, Margaret 2 Bates, Joseph T. CHARLES STREET 31 Collier, Mabel 4 Ward, Thomas H. 1 Armistead, Herbert 2 Yeardley, Ethel 6 Kaye, Charlotte E. 3 Wrigley, John O 4 Kenyon, Norman 8 Beever, Clara 5 Thompson, Emily 6 Calkin, Herbert 10-12 Robinson, George W. 7 Taylor, Fred 8 Holdsworth, Hilda 16 Kitson, George A. 9 Wood, Harold 10 Swallow, Fred 18 Pinder, John T. 11 Cocking, Joseph 12 Boothroyd, Jack 20 Crowther, Lewis 13 Pogson, Thomas E. 22 Inman, Martha E. 15 Lecomber, Harriet CHAPEL LANE 28 - Gledhill, Carlton 17 Brook, Lockwood A. 1 Wilson, William H. M. 30 Hinchcliffe, George A. 19 Shaw, Clara 2 Donaghy, Frank 32 Dyson, Ernest 21 Shaw, Frank 3 Witton, Reuben 34 - Hersey, James 25 Amutage, Walter 4 - Senior, Ernest 34A Scott, Willie 27 Waldock, Hilda 5 Parker, Robert 36 Crossley, Mary E. 29 Bayldon, Albert 5 Marcroft, Roland 38 Clay, Harry 31 Fleming, George A. 6 Haigh, Sam 40 Woodhouse, Audrey 33 Jackson, Herbert 7 Lee, George 42 Dickinson, Brian 35 Cavanagh, William D. 8 Rothery, Clement 46 Hodgson, Beatrice 37 Woodhead, Frederick 9 Howarth, Thomas 48 Crosland, Percy 39 Cliffe, Sybil 10 Marchant, William J. 50 Bates, Henry W. 41 Allison, Albert (Jnr.) 11 Keyworth, Dorothy 52 Tyas, Joseph H. 2 Peace, Hetty 12 Atkinson, Clifford 54 Wilkin, Alfred C. 4 Hirst, Leslie 13 Brook, Wilfrid 56 Place, Claude A. 6 Cockroft Ruth 14 Hancock, Norman 60 Clegg, Ellis 8 Pickles, Lewis 15 Treherne, Alexander 10 Gledhill, Edgar 16 Turner, Gerald CHAPEL STREET 12 Kaye, Ahce 17 Hamer, John E. 15 Taylor, Lewis 14 Pursglove, George 18 Eley, Wilfred J. 17 Taylor, Harold 16 Hobson, Norman Worvill, William J. 19 Furness, Mary M. 18 Hobson, Gordon 19 Cleary, Charles E. 21 Swallow, Malena 20 Morrison, Peter 20 Scaramuzza, Thomas 23 Lockwood, Philip 22 Bottomley, Herbert 21 Dawson, Thomas 25 Walker, Emily 24 - Gillhouley, Edward 22 Clancy, Kenneth 27 Riley, Herman 26 Gregson, Annie 29 Hollingworth, Harry 28 Redfearn, Maria L. CHAPEL STREET 4 Sheard, Arthur 30 Wainwright, Susan E. 1 - Vickers, Clarence 32 Riley, Frank 3 Waterworth, Albert CHAPEL TERRACE 34 Utley, Wilfred 7 - Cousen, Harold 1 Whiteley, Sarah 36 , Harold W 9 Winteringham, Ernest 3 - James, Willie 38 Fleming, Agnes 11 Shepley, James F. 5 Donaghy, Lilian 42 Crowther, Harry 13 Riorden, Eugenie E. 9 Vickers, Wheatley 44 Freeman, Fred 15 Flanagan, Ernest 11 - Herbert, Richard K. 46 chkmson Fred 17 Owen, Edgar 13 Knight, Arthur G. 48 Hirst, Jac 19 Thornton, Paul T. 15 Barraclough, Lucy 50 Clay, Wnlham 2A Lee, Walter G. 17 Lister, Stanley 52 Beaumont, Frank 4A Lewis, Leonard 19 - Beamuont, Wilfred 54 Blakey, Robert R. Moldgreen Methodist Church 21 Thewlis, Jane E 56 Blakey, Maggie Isherwood, Harry 23 Greaves, Kenneth 58 Rider, Arthur 6 Anderson, 'Frederick 25 Steel-Brook, George H. 60 Purves, Mary A. 8 - Flynn, John K. 27 Kaye, Harry 62 Murgatroyd, Lily 10 Cooper, Sampson 29 Berry, Tom 12 Lockwood, Selwyn 31 Thompson, Allen CHERRY NOOK ROAD 14 Powell, William E. 2 - Shaw, Elizabeth 1 - Cooke, Thomas 4 Moorhouse, Marianne H. 5 Hellewell, George CHAPEL STREET 6 Brook, Arthur 7 Medley, Frank 2 Seddon, Herbert 8 Dawkins, Eleanor 9 Hewlett, Maurice 4 - Bairstow, Frederick 10 Boothroyd, James H. 11 Woodworth, Thomas E. 6 Wood, James 12 Hirst, Ronald B. 13 Bloomfield, George 8 Parker, Harold 14 Calligan, Lawrence 15 Ashfield, George J. 10 Matthews, Geoffrey 16 Anderson, William M. 17 Sheehan, Ethel 12 Tate, Irvine 18 Ladds, Alan P. 17 Boswell, Walter J. 14 - Bradshaw, Mary B. 20 Calligan, Christina 31 Hazelden, Arthur J. 16 Sanderson, James 22 Sykes, Fred 33 Houseman, Ronald Fox, Charles E. 24 Dyson, Edith 35 Lockwood, Harold 26 Goucher, Harold 26 Barrett, Edgar 37 Moffat, James 28 Chappell, Stanley B. 28 Hinchliffe, Harold 39 Green, William H. 30 Sidebottom, Kenneth 41 Rothery, Clifford CHAPEL STREET 32 Walkden, Charles H. 43 Netherwood, Frances 1 Holmes, Frank 34 - Gledhill, Herbert K. 45 Woodcock, Brian D. la Stocks, Nellie 36 Sykes, Ernest 47 Tolson, Stanley 3 Bates, Peter 38 Hughes, George W. 47 Kaye, Annie H. 5 Jessop, Gertrude 40 - Mellor, Dennis 49 Atkinson, Charles J. 7 France, Elsie 40a Whiteley, Adelia 51 - Senior, Ben 9 Woodcock, Norman 42 Harris, Alice 53 Priestley, Arthur R. 11 Armitage, Friend 42a Holmes, Mary 55 Marshall, James F. 13 Jarratt, Henry 44 - Lea, Jack 57 Steel, Derrick 15 Feather, Geoffrey T. 46 Brook, Donald 59 Hobson, Ronald 17 O'Mahoney, Austin 48 Harmston, Albert J. 61 - Whiteley, Philip S. 19-21 Fallows, Ethel Violet 50 Battye, Hadin 14 Clay, Wilfred 23 Moorhouse, Blanch 52 Whiteley, Fred 18 McIntosh, George 25 Dyson, George A. 54 Battye, Luke 18a Hutton, Thomas H. 27 Woolhouse, Blanche 56 Holmes, Alfred 18B Lawler, Charles F. 29 Hicks, Donald 58 - Garside, Jack 20 Hindson, Thomas 31 Charlton, William 60 Walker, Kenneth 22 Broadhead, Harold 33 Taylor, Doris 24 Cartwright, Sydney

33A Gledhill, Watson CHARLES AVENUE

33B Cunnington, William 1 Gibson, Kathleen CHESTNUT STREET 33¢ Lister, Cora 3 Earnshaw, Ralph 2 Lunn, Fra 35 Shaw, Jack 5 Roe, John G. 4 Richards, Fredk. E. 37 McAvoy, Frances H 7 Hickman, Annie 6 Stephens, Stanley 39 Chell, Arthur 9 Rimmer, Albert 8 Potter, Arthur 41 - Jessop, Jack 11 - Steele, Hubert 10 Smaje, Sarah A. 43 Dawson, Jack 13 Ballinger, Frederick A. 10 Nocton, John Henry 45 Livesey, John E. 2 - Steele, Willie 12 Lodge, George H. 49 Mullin, Edward 4 - Bray, Harriet 14 Masterman, Henry F. 51 Dawson, Elsie 6 Roebuck, Albert 16 Diskin, Patrick J. 53-55 Gill, Ernest 8 Goodman, Claude 18 Hutton, Harry 57 Haigh, 'Gilbert 10 Eaton, Mary E. 20 Starkey, John E. 59 Newsome, Charlie 12 Sykes, Percy W. 22 - Bagshaw, Leslie

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24 Weir, Joseph F. 26 Conway, Francis M. 5 Thwaite, Denis L. 7 - Stuttard, Charles D. 9 Higginson, Norman C. 11 Hirst, Mary 13 Armitage, Albert 15 Brook, Harold 17 Boothroyd, Ethel 19 Kaye, Gladys 21 West, Emma 21 Dean, Harold 23 Matthews, Stella 25 Hewitt, Raymond 27 Lawton, Emily 29 Illingworth, Leonard 31 Sheard, Stanley 33 Burnley, Eric H. 35 Gaukrodger, Jack 37. Kaye, Joe 41 - Leadbeater, Walter

CHURCH AVENUE Vicarage Pool, Arthur J. 4 Boothroyd, Vincent 4 Crosland Moor Co-operative In- dustrial Society Ltd. 8 Mallinson, Ada 10 Ellam, Edith 12 Wood, Harry 14 Ford, William H. 16 Oldham, Frances 18 - Fullick, Jeannie C. 20 Lofthouse, Sarah A. 22 Roebuck, Emma 24 Berry, Emma Jane 26 Moorhouse, Martha 28 Fawcett, Frederick 30 Walkley, Ethel 30 Hayes, Herbert 32 Matthewman, Geoffrey D. 34 - Winter, Harry 36 Hallas, Florrie 38 Hey, Robert Brooke, Arthur Gronow, Peter Brook, Davison Haigh, Sarah E.

CHURCH LANE Sanderson, Ronald W. P. Mellor, David M. Hickson, Clifford Shaw, John A. Sutherland, Finlay W. Wilkinson, Cecil J. C. Carter, Reginald Stocks, Ralph » Barker, Philip Cartwright, Donald Jenkinson, Ernest, Builder, Under- taker 9 Shaw, S. T. Ltd. 11 - Fawcett, H. S., Fruiterer 13 Pearson, Doris, Draper

CHURCH LANE 1 - Roberts, Edward F. 3 Robinson, John S. 5 - Barker, Isaac 7 Ford, William F. 9 Hargreaves, Alice 9 Lane, Frederick R. 11 - Oliver, John C. 13 Wild, Violetta 15 Shaw, Thomas H. 17 Fox, Alice 19 Thorley, James 21 - Brammer, Harry 23 McGowan, William 25 Seymour, Lawrence K. 27 Marshall, Charles C. 29 Purves, Thomas A. 31 Waring, Richard H. 33 Sykes, George 35 Renshaw, Reginald 37 Hepworth, Stanley 39 Wood, Albert 41 - Clayden, Lewis 43 Ingham, Frank 45 Bentley, George Off-License 49 Lee, Margaret 51 Spence, Sarah J. S53 Hickey, Michael 57 Firth, Ann E. 59 Bottomley, Ellen 61 - Heir, Leslie 63 Bottomley, Louie 65 Smith, Harry

W., - Grocer,


co o Un J& G b -

w rs rm \ _J] Uit GJ 1

bums | pout


Stead, Barbara Wolstenholme, Maud Stansfield, Maria C. Blackburn, Arthur Gillon, Norman Bottomley, Derek Scott, Alec Taylor, Leonard Kenningley, Frank Medcalf, George R. Rhoades, Hilda Earnshaw, John H. Donohoe, Stella France, John Cox, Albert Hoyle, Dorothy B. Beaver, Harold Hughes, Agnes Broadbent, Willie Collins, Douglas Horner, Ernest Halstead, Stanley Netts, Annie E. Chambers, Janet Ramsden, Gerald Medley, Roy Dyson, Mary E. Dyson, John W. Carline, Fred Dyson, Stanley Beaumont, Arthur Houston, Robert Illingworth, Charles F. Boocock, Mary J. Ingleby, Oliver Oldroyd, Hannah Whitwam, Harold F. Chambers, Florence Crichton, Samuel G. Haigh, MOrtimer Blezard, Elizabeth G. Whittell, Jack Hill, George A. Sharp, William E. Beaumont, John Eccles, Edward Jackson, Annie lbbotson, Sarah E. Timms, Elsie Cooksley, Clara Good, Hannah Mitchell, Clarice Lodge, Arthur Midwood, Arthur Lockwood, Herbert Ewing, Ronald Kirkbright, Mona Hudson, Arthur Berry, Dickinson Wood, Brian L. Dyson, Sarah E. Taylor, Rose Lockwood, Stanley Pogson, Brian

Brigg's Terrace Loveday, Winston I. McNulty, Mary A. London, Hedley Roberts, Walter Eldred, Mary A. Draper, Lionel S. Stead, Jack

CHURCH STREET Pogson, Dennis N. Hildred, Thomas Taylor, Ernest Kelly, Charles A. Quarmby, Thomas A. Cross, Walter Priest, Nora W. Thorpe, Arthur Vickers, Leonard Fenton, Ellen Woodhead, John Harris, William A. Eastwood, Herbert B. Thornes, Swift Whitehead, Seth Shaw, Frank Fake, Leoanerd A. Wrigley, John Woodhead, Leonard Ashmore, George A. Crowther, Edward Jebson, William Jagger, Arthur Mitchell, Lewis Booth, Herbert


26 Mear, Ernest 28 Crowther, Ernest 30 - Mosley, Donald 32 Armitage, Sam 34 - Gill, George 36 Garforth, Arthur W. 38 - Sanderson, Alan Thaw, Gervase


1 3 5 Taylor, Alfred E. 7 Allen, George 9 France, Roy H. 11 - Wilson, John A. 15 Lindley, Archie 17 Dyson, Norman 37 Taylor, Edgar 39 Jones, George A. 41 - Gledhill, Ada 43 \ Harrison, Sarah F. 45 Sutcliffe, Herbert Brooksbank, George H. 51 Thorp, Arthur 53 Bird, Thomas B. 55 Boothroyd, Amy G. 2 Hilton, William D. Prospect Inn 4 Haigh, Lenny 6 Byram, Stanley 8 - Pearson, Jack 10 - Hellawell, Amy 12 Bottomley, Leonard 14 Bottomley, Arnold 16 Pilling, Wilfred 18 Haigh, Helena 20 Mitchell, Fred 22 Sayles, Jack 24 Martin, Albert E. Hirst, C. & J. & Sons Ltd., Fancy Woollens Manufacturers

CHURCH STREET 3 - Midgley, Leslie 5 Leeming, Maurice 7 Anderson, Ernest P. 1 Sharpe, Joseph H. Hill Top Co-operative Society Ltd. 19 Thorpe, Harry McLean, Thomas 23 Aspinall, Irvin Day, Frank 27 Smalley, Irene 31 Lister, Herman 33 Murphy, Mary E. 35 - Mear, Martha A. 37 Downing, Samuel 39 Clay, Herbert 41 - Martin, Ralph 43 Brook, Dan T., Commercial Hotel 45 Eastwood, Mitchell Bottomley, Clarence 49 Taylor, Edith 51 Dyson, Robert A. 53 Johnson, Roy A. 55 Booth, Lucy E. 59 Waller, Frederick 61 Lunn, Donald 63 Wagstaff, Blanche 65 Pitt, Elizabeth 67 Denniss, Eric 69 Beaumont, Arnold 71 - Deal, George H. 73 Gaukrodger, Harry 75 Pitchforth, Martha 77 - Snowball, Geoffrey 79 Brook, Annie 81 - Senior, Eric 83 Turner, Ada 85 Dyson, Jack A. 87 Hirstwood, Frank 89 Ashton, George I. 91 Green, Harry 93 Whiteley, Edith 95 Scott, Dorothy 97 Hartley, Edwin 99 Clarke, Joseph H. 101 Rushworth, Phyllis 101a Mitchell, Harry 103 Hopkinson, Percy 105 Beaumont, Lily 107 Burrell, Thomas W. Paddock Confiregational Church Paddock Cricket & Bowling Club Brier, Edgar Williams, George Wood, Walter Marsden, John C. Hardy, Sarah G. Dyson, John A.


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131 Lumb, Ellen 130 Holland, Henry 20 Parmley, Douglas W. 133A Kirby, Nora 132 Binns, John 22 Mullineaux, Thomas 135 Edythe, Ladies' Hairdresser 132 Pember, Lewis 24 Marsland, Thomas

137 Baker, Cyril M. - 139 - Shaw, Ernest W. 141-143 Hall, Irvin


Kaye, Robert W.

147 Derby, Lilian E. $3.4 Bailey, Edward

Dyson, Tom, Baker, Grocer

134 - Lightowlers, John 28 Peel, George

136 Littlewood, Fred 138 - Watthew, Wilfred 140 Wilkinson, Sarah 142 Cocks, Arch H. 144 Whiteley, James W. 146a Crosland, Annie

CLARA STREET Charlesworth, Jesse Precious, Geoffrey Pearson, Ernest Garvey, Delia

155 Heaton, Norman, Painter, Deco- 148 - Birt, Leslie Holliday, Lewis rator 150 Fella, Giovanni A. Wood, Joe D. R. 157 Broadhead, Eric 152 Scholefield, Nelson Millar, William I. 159 Sturgess, Sarah A. 154 - Newsome, Harry Wootton, Gladys A. 161 Haworth, Phyllis A. 156 Cartwright, Kenneth Nicholson, Arthur

161A Fuller, Edith 158 Schofield, William. Royal Oak Sexton, Oliver M. 163 Moorhouse, Martha Hotel Braban, Albert 165 Burrows, Doris Shillito, Winifred 167 Mitchell, Harry Edmunds, Alan

169 Bec, Franc CHURCH STREET Staig, Alexander 175 Kidger, Alan 1 - Boyles, Jane Ann Eccles, Joseph 177 Chambers, Norman 1 - Balmforth, Alfred Pinder, Allan 179 Shaw, Annie 3 Beckett, Nelson Taylor, Robert 181 Robinson, Harold 5 Brennan, Sarah A. Lumb, Arthur 183 Newton, Charles 7 Hirst, Ellen Barker, Albert S. 185 Ashpool, Sydney E. 9 Shaw, Hilda Nevitt, Joseph 187 Beighton, Godfrey, Taxi, Haulage 11 _ Slater, Alfred Chinn, Blanche 189 Beaumont, George M. 15 Morrison, Alec Poole, Clara 17

191-193 Lumb, Ernest 197

Hellewell, Dennis

Hirst, Arthur 31 - Chambers, Harry

Kinlan, Patrick Ditchfield, Thomas

203 Beels, Albert S. 35 Swain, Albert E. Holt, Harry 207 Brook, Nora 37 Atkinson, Harold Taylor, Harry 209 Kaye, Willie 39 Madden, Reginald Walsh, Francis 217 Lorriman, Wilfred 41 - Shaw, Walter Finch, Maude V.

4A (Flat) Boothroyd, Fred 2 - Oldfield, Elsie Moorhouse, Frank 6 Holdroyd, Hubert 4 Robinson, Mary A. Rollinson, Philip 8 Orme, John 6 Green, Wilfred A. 8A Lightowler, Ethel 8 Knight, Eric 8 Easter, Ellen 12 Toghill, Frederick W. 10 Stringer, Frank 10 Taylor, Ernest 14 Robinson, John W. 12 Wimpenny, Harold 12 Kaye, Adam 16 Spencer, Fred 14 Parkin, Frank 22 Naylor, James R. 18 Maw, Eleanor 16 Browne, Walter J. 22A Hustler, Louis 20 Caygill, Joseph 18 Whitwam, Harry 26-28 Taylor, Kenneth, Greengrocer 22 Stuttard, Lilly 20 McAllister, Brian 30 Jackson, William A. 24 Wilks, William 22 Broadbent, Denis M. 32 Jackson, George H. 26 Crawshaw, Herbert V. 26 Stott, Harold 34 - Green, Norris R. 28 Ramsden, Arnold 30 Holmes, Ellis 36 Armitage, Wilfred H. 30 Sewell, Albert E. 32 Stancliffe, William H. 38 Kaye, Herbert A. 32 Longbottom, Rhodes 34 - Hisgett, Peter 40 Priestley, Gregory 34 - Bennett, Frederick 40 Horsfall, Harry 42 Muscroft, Barbara 36 Booth, Elizabeth 42 Evans, Gerald 44 - See, Laura 38 - Williams, Percy H. 44 - Scott, Thomas 46 Dearnley, Liewellyn 40 Brook, Eric 46 Chambers, Roy 50 Ogden, Charles E. 42 Clarkson, William 48 Scott, Walter 54 Johnson, Gordon 44 Carney, George R. 50 Donarski, Betty 58 Roberts, Thomas 46 Howe, George W. F. 52 Baines, Edward 60 - Baldry, Lilian 48 Hyslop, James J. S2a Carson, James, Builder 60 Butterfield, Fred 54 Noble, Ernest S. 62 Coates, Robert < CLARE HILL 56 Oldfield, Douglas 64 Marsh, Mabel T. Orphan, Sidney

58 Phillips, Harold 58a McCreath, Mary J. 58B Wood, Joe S. Paddock Parish Church

3 5 Wildsmith, Mary O. CHURCH STREET 7 Southwick, Doris M. 7 Hirst Bros., General Drapers 9 Gallagher, Peter , Con. Club Vale, Amy B. 11 Watson, Eleanor M. 62 Pownall, Brian, Medical Practi- Con. Club Aspinall, Phyllis 13 Gillespie, Fred tioner Huddersfield Club Fuller, James W. 15 Kellett, Edwin C. Paddock Methodist Church Huddersfield Club, Garner, Marjorie 17 Radyk, Mary E. 66 Taylor, John B. 8 Jackson, Allen & Co., Paint, 19 Sutcliffe, Gladys. Victoria Nurses 68 Scott, William E. Varnish, Wallpaper. Tel. 5151/2 (Sick Nursing)

Methodist Church First Church of Christ Scientist 70 Barrett, Elvin CHURCH TERRACE 4 Nurses' Home 72 Wilkinson, Enoch Ingham, Bernard W. 6 Wildman, David 74 Sykes, George A. 13 Lord, Fanny 8 Preston, John T. 76 Holt, Bernard S. 15 France, Wilfred 10 - Brennan, John g?) guafimbk Jghn WwW. g ISBabb, Jcl>=hndG. k w rcher, Arthur enior, Frederic . 82 Wilkinson, Percy 21 Green, Frank 1 Cgktpfiggg STREET 84 Senior, Joseph F. 23 Lockwood, Albert 1 - Hart fi’ames 86 Walker, Jack 25 Oldham, Amy 1 Lea 3; Joseph 88 Jakeman, Rose E. 27 Richardson, Charles 3 Beexfier’ Davli)d 90 Hartley, Edgar 29 Berry, Marcus 3 Booth, Allen 92 Fairburn, Harold 31 ‘Vilkinson, Harold 3 Cha li'n Charles 94 Parkin Fred 33 France, Arthur 3 O’Topole’ Bartle 94 Hoyle, David 41 - Lomax, Leonard 3 Brook Norman), 96 Vickerman, Lawrence 43 - Buckley, Leonard 3 Jarman, Ern est D 98 Shaw, Fred 45 BUCkley, Edith 5 woolsténhulme GertrUde 100 Thraves, Ethel M. 53 Moorhouse, Abraham ? 102 Sykes, Kenneth 53A Wood, William 104 - Baldwin, Frank 57 - Lewis, Harry CLAYTON FIELDS 104a Yates, Mary Ann 1 - Smith, Herbert 106 Baldwin, Stanley K. CLARA STREET 5 Geddes, Alexander 108 Lockwood, Jack 2 - Kennedy, William 7 - Alletson, Frank 110 Lockwood, Harry 4 Staveley, Thomas 9 Pike, Sydney 112 Clarkson, Herman 6 Waterhouse, Cyril 11 Garside, Patricia A. 116 Singleton, Hubert W 8 Swift, Trevor 13 Firth, Walker 118 Sanderson, Arnold 10 Clegg, Agnes 2 Smith, Geoffrey 120 Sykes, Arthur 12 Crowther, Kenneth 4 - Balmer, Ethel 122 Bailey, Theresa 14 - Brown, William 6 Malone, Elizabeth 124 Siswick, Sarah 16 Gates, Harold 8 - Lake, Jeffrey 126 Hirst, Ronald H. 18 - Taylor, Ernest 10 Taylor, Dudley T. 128 Crowther, Frank T. 20 Parmley, John W. 12 Booth, Francis O.

Page 131

fust prot w re =] =] G1 GJ

wus pass tas bust pant O \] ut y - \D ~] Un Go,

b & h) --

CLEMENT STREET Riding, Roland Kaye, Fred Rockett, Harry Womersley, Bertha A. Donaldson, Ernest Hopkins, Miriam Falcon, Cecilia F. Swift, Harry Ogden, Joe Lobley, Samuel Townend, Annie Goldthorpe, Percy Kinloch, Edward Marsland, Derek Hamilton, Cyril Liddiment, Fred Goodwin, Ann Bradley, Ronald Catton, Francis Irvin Rodgers, Frank J. Harton, Elizabeth Seddon, Frank Baines, Arthur Bailey, Roy Beaumont, Thomas Stork, George A. Relf, John E. G. Archer, Horace Woodcock, Clara Jubb, Mary L. Treherne, Francis Garside, George Whiteley, Kenneth Shaw, Elsie

Hamilton, Wallace L..

Broadbent, Henry Highley, Alfred D. Pullan, Elizabeth Mallinson, Wilfred Walker, Bertram Hirst, Gerald A. Tinsley, Ellen A. North, Herbert Moorhouse, Robert Broadley, Kenneth Cotton, Mary Hey, Gilbert V. Starkey, James H. G. Wade, Harry Bates, Harold Whitaker, Eric Probet, Dennis A. Walker, Fred Hunt, Stanley Clarke, John H. Lloyd, Joseph A. L. Radcliffe, Derek Daye, Nellie Fielding, Marjorie Woodcock, Stanley Turton, Ernest Sykes, Frank Lockwood, Jessie W. Asquith, Herbert O. K.

CLEMENT STREET Essex, Stanley Bond, Albert E. Emmott, Mary E. Hall, Fred Scholefield, Geoffrey N. Wells, John A. Boyes, Frank G. Robinson, John H. Roberts, Philip B. Ramsden, Douglas Watmough, Frank Read, Frank

CLEVELAND ROAD Drinkwater, Sam E. Holdsworth, Leonard Dyson, Arthur B. Marsden, Lewis Pogson, Norman Stead, Frederic Carr Grayson, William B.

Stewart-Carlile, Evelyn G.

Gott, Frank Bray, Geoffrey B. Beaumont, Walter L. Randerson, George Booth, William Boothroyd, Arthur Asquith, Annie Carson, John Hellowell, Silvanus Saville, John D. Tinker, John D.


Ford, Norah A. Mason, Richard Walker, Frank Carter, Elsie P. K. Senior, Victor A. Hirst, Ralph Jarman, Norah M. Hiley, Ethel Field, Carl F. Liddell, Maud Lamb, Walter C. Firth, Arthur, Painter, Decorator Kaye, Gladys Mary Wilson, Emily Steele, George K. Wardle, Thomas A. Broadbent, Brian L. Kaye, Harold Nicholson, Maria F. Whiteley, Joshua H. Moore, Mary Ada Ripley, Gordon Beaumont, Ronald Wilkinson, Frank C.

. Annas, Kenneth P.

Lunn, Edgar Crossley, Hubert Poulter, William Dennis, Leslie H. Wilson, Arthur E. Entwistle, Frank Yates, Arthur P. White, Frederick Pyrah, Raymond Ward, Samuel N. Telfer, John H. Firth, Tony Greenwood, May Brewer, Jane A. Thorp, Edith A. Kaye, Mabel A. Hancock, David C. Botterill, Thomas F. Moore, Sydney Watson, Derek Crossley, John Firth, George L. Haigh, John C. Newton, George W. Bottomley, Ralph V.

CLIFFE END ROAD Dawes, Marjorie H. Priestley, Wilfred Gosney, Leslie Pettrick, George Booth, Harry Dale, Eric White, John Iredale, Harold Bullett, Willie Wagstaffe, Charlie F. Hirst, Elizabeth Foster, Cyril Burgess, John W. Cocks, Elizabeth Townend, Eugene Blackburn, Andrew Armitage, Hubert Baxter, Hubert Hirst, Fred Whiteley, Arthur Beaumont, Raymond Whiteside, Alan Maynard, George A. Hebblethwaite, Nellie Robinson, Ben Ramsden, Jay Rowbottom, Charlotte McDonald, Randolph Hirst, James Tweed, Herbert Vicarage, Albert W. Siswick, Frank Birkhead, Jessie Siswick, Frederick Netherwood, George H. Sykes, Reginald Campbell, Duncan Calvert, Frank L. Netherwood, Nellie McNamara, Albert E. Gee, Alice Singleton, Walter D. Greenwood, Santley Siswick, Grace Morley, Ronald Barker, Norman Downend, Clifford Siswick, Martha E.


92 Fleetwood, Arthur 94 Leonard, Desmond T. 96 Baxter, Harry 98 Thompson, Charles 100 Barnes, Joseph 102 Haigh, John E. 104 - Morley, Henry 106 Laight, James Caravan - Hampshire, Philip

CLIFTON ROAD 1 Sharpe, Ethel 3 Noble, Annie 5 Ineson, Maud 7 - Mellor, Lena D. 9 Cryer, Beatrice A. 1 Noble, George 3 - Mansley, John 5 Murray, Eileen M. 17 Hargreaves, Doris M. 19 Senior, Alan 19 Donnoliey, Frank 21 Speight, Reggie 23 Whitfield, Hilda M. 25 Howdle, Cyril 27 Hyslop, James E., Contractor 29 Hirst, Muriel G. 29 Fletcher, Terence C. 33 Hampson, Florence E. Brook, Ronald 6 Scarfe, Arthur 8 Peace, William Sa Goldthorpe, Ernest 10 Hays, George 12 Haigh, Harold M. 14 Robinson, Wilfred J. 16 Lockwood, Geoffrey J. 18 - Gardiner, Edward A. T. 20 Armitage, Herbert 22 Winterbottom, Eric 24 Smith, Charlotte I. 26 Grayson, Clara 28 Briggs, Stanley 30 Conway, John S. 32 Crowther, Leslie S. 34 Crowther, Arnold S. 36 Huddersfield Railway Circle, Hon. Sec.: E. J. Corke. Tel. 7000 38 Blyth, James C. 40 Hunt, Francis G.

CLOSE HILL LANE Close Hill Industrial & Provident Society Ltd. 12 Englesmann, Berta 14 Goodwin, Ronald A. 16 Broadhead, Tom 18 Aspinall, Norman 20 Pollard, Fred 22 Senior, Frank

CLOTH HALL STREET 1-3 Central Hairdressing Services Ltd., Gentleman's Hairdressers Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd., Fire, Life, General Anders & Kitchen Ltd., Precision Engineers Premac Ltd., Precision Engineers Washington's (Outfitters) Ltd., Men's Outfitters ** Cliffe's," Chocolates, Sweets A Walker & Aldridge, Leather Goods Abbey & Hanson, Land Surveyors Andre Rubber Co. Ltd. Brierly, G. K. & Co., Stockbrokers Silentbloc Ltd., Engineers, Mecha- nical. Tel. 5491 Sykes, Ronald Horner, A., Jeweller

Vance's Chambers Dawson, E. & Son, Mungoes, Shoddies Truelove, Fred, Commission Agent Greenhalgh, Fred Pulman, Abram & Sons Ltd., Structural - Engineers, Stock- holders 17-19 - Hall, George (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ladies' and Children's Outfitters, Knitwear etc. Tel. 560-561

King's Head Arcade 1 Netherwood, Dalton & Co., Printers (Caxton Works) 3 Horne, Margaret, Ladies' Hair-

dresser 5 Metcalfe, T. S., Watchmaker, Jeweller

sunt bamt tuck past pat sem bet \ 00 s G) ta)

pound Lod ea

Page 132

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Cloth Hall Branch Post Office

Taylor & Hobson,Furniture, Carpets,

Upholstery, - Cabinet - Makers. Tel. 4830-1

Lobl, Richard Chillingworth, L., Radio Riley, Harry, Upholstery Carpets Barrett & Barrett Ltd.

King's Head Buildings Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd. LoEddon Guarantee & Accident Co. td. Clough & Lawton (Huddersfield) Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers Stephens & Co., and Surveyors. Tel. 5461 Saxby, D. Auctioneer and Valuer Thorp, Fred Matthews, Wm., Agent Hallas, Cedric W. Washington, George M.. Solicitor Hirst & Elmslie, Charcered Ac- countants. Tel. 4192 Ellam's Duplicator Co. Ltd., Duplicator Manufacturers Earnshaw, John Turner, Miss D., Chiropodist Huddersfield Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd. Carr, Stanley, Chartered Account- ant London & Manchester Assurance Co. Ltd. Johnson, E. Austen, Chartered Architect


White Hart Hotel, Naylor, Eric H. Midland Bank Ltd. Tel. 3081-2-3. and 2667-8 Laycock, Dyson & - Laycock, Solicitors, Midland Bank Cham- bers. Tel. 466 (2 lines) Huddersfield Engineering Employers' Associatoin, Midland Bank Chambers. Tel. 466/7 Engineering & Allied Employers' Heavy Woollen District Associa- tion Fowler, Harold A.

6-8 Halifax Building Society. Tel. 3700/1


30 32

Equitable Bank Chambers Sykes & Mercer, Accountants Topping, F. C., Chartered Accoun- tant Booth & Topping, Accountants Cartwright & Fieldhouse,

Solicitors Lee, Fred & Son, Accountants and Auditors Holliday, Stead Laycock, Guy Ltd., Electrical

Engineers, Contractors

Cloth Hall Chambers Huddersfield Happy Snaps, Ban- quet and Dance Photographers Briggs, T. H. & Son (Office) Hirst, Violet, Ladies' Hairdresser Pilling, Herbert Bray, J. N., Commercial Photo- grapher

Collins, Wm., Bespoke Tailor

Balmoral Chambers Wilkinson, Henry, Insurance Broker. Tel. 4700 Cloth Hall Trust Ltd., Motor Finance Lee, Geo. F., Accountant Thorpe, John E. Rawlinson, George Beckingham-Douglas, Annie E. Mahon, John, Tailor, Costumier Nicholson, Joan Booth, Nellie

Paints (Huddersfield) Ltd.

CLOUGH BOTTOM Munt, George Lees, Ogden

CLOUGH HALL Gledhill, William B. Linsell, Percy F.

Boothman, Gerald Biddle, Irene

CLOUGH LANE 1 _ Walker, James 3 Walker, Tom 5 - Lassey, Florence 7 Eastwood, Frank 9 Iredale, Harry 11 Beaumont, Clarence 13 Sparrow, Reuben 15 Tiffany, Louisa 17 Sparrow, Elsie 19 Tinker, Eric 21 Marsden, Winifred 27 Tong, Jeffrey 29 Thornton, Frances O. 31 Brook, Jonathan 33 Taylor, Rose A. 35 Brown, Annie 37 Whiteley, Waiter

CLOUGH LANE Branksome - Hanson, William Wyndham - Barraclough, Hubert T. Rosegarth Thomas, William Nab Wood Garside, Albert

CLOUGH ROAD Exley, Derek Hanselman, Robert H. Wilkinson, Nettie Clifford, Charles E. Fletcher, Clifford Hawksworth, Lucy Wadsworth, Florence Gannon, James 17 Norman 19 Worth, Derek D. 21 Marsden, Tom W. 23 Bottomley, Ronald 25 Bentley, Maurice 27 Harling, Frank 29 Dawes, Frank 31 Goodall, Ernest 33 Sayer, Felix W. 35 Sykes, Joe 37 - Beverley, Charlie 39 - Walker, Tom 41 - Blandford, Joseph S. 6 Crowther, Cyril 10 Hinchliffe, Alice 12 Bower, Annie E. 14 - Walker, William G. 16 Fielding, John H. 18 Leech, Abraham 20 Hudson, Norman 22 Smith, Fred 24 Beaumont, Alfred 26 Cooke, May 28 Netherwood, Tom, Officer 30 Auty, Albert 32 Oxby, John R. 34 - Sykes, Charles 36 Blandford, Ernest W. 38 - Palfreeman, George H. 40 Kaye, Harry 42 Chisholm, William 44 - Platt, Norman 46 Maymand, Miriam 48 - Liversedge, Edgar

Ja Go

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CLUB HOUSES Bunting, Edward C. North, Walter Robinson, Mary A. Higginbotham, Charles W. Bamforth, Hilton Hirst, Harold Eaton, George A. Quarmby, Edith A. Didlick Clifford Jackson, Norman Mallinson, George H. Ward, Frederick Wilcock, Brian L. Whitehead, Edith A.

CLUB ROW Sharpe, Herbert Elvin, Reginald Long, Joseph Pitchforth, Jack Kitching, Louisa

COAL PIT LANE Carra Villa Walden, Wilfred J. Cinderfield Dyke Girling, Abraham

A W NVD -- & \0 c A0 h -

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band amb ) -= -_] U1

[LJ L & co a -- \] Un W =--


COBCROFT ROAD Kirk, Edward R. Fry, Edward D. Peace, Eli . Fartown & BirkbyLiberal Club Ltd Crosland, Leonard Balmbro, Thomas C. Taylor, Charles H. Hirst Harry H. Perrin, Frederick Crawshaw, Frank R. Tucker, Charles R. Lockwood, Ronald Chambers, James H. Hargreaves, Lincoln C. Pember, Harold Powles, George E. Hoyle, Charles F. Radcliffe, Harry Hope, Florence A. Moxon, William Wormald, George Alford, Frank Gill, George Henry Pearson, Frank Mackman, William H. Cass, Ernest Doughty, Joseph H. Sutton, Frank Blyth, William E. S. Wilson, Angus H. Gibson, Mary Auld Hindes, Fanny Stocks, Jim C., Signwriter Hall, Douglas Appleyard, Lily Morley, Patrick Ruck, John V. Ingram, Evelyn Ruck, Thomas

COLD HILL Gledhill, Gerald Tait, Kenneth Vickers, Joe Moorhouse, Walter

COLDROYD LANE Waddington, Helena Briggs, George Sherry, James Liversidge, Cyril Dawson, Sarah A. Dowling, Lucy Evans, Kenneth Briggs, Arthur Kaye, George Jackson, Thomas

COLLEGE STREET Lodge, Kenneth Cawthron, Ernest R. Harrison, Frank Hall, Peter Sheard, Joseph E. Jackson, John W. Dyson, Frank Taylor, Hubert Wood, Hubert Sheard, Robert Pullan, John Liversedge, James Whitwam, Maurice Smith, Ernest Taylor, Jack Crosland, Marion M. L. Kaye, Alice Wood, Dan Avison, Betty Whitwam, Ellen Gibson, Joseph E. Robertshaw, Joseph Dryden, Robert Hoyle, Frank E. T. Baxter, Florence B. E. Wilkinson, Ernest Ellis, George F. Bailey, Jane A. Knox, John King, George S. Hirst, Jack West, Eric Crosland, Alan A. Markowski, Joan Kilvington, Gordon C. Gill, Allen Firth, Fanny Parkin, Mary H.

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28 Radcliffe, Mary H. 30-32 Hinchliffe, George H. 34 Crowther, Eveline 36 Garside, Ernest 38 Daniel, Henry E. 40 Allatt, James B. 42 Sunderland, Leonard 44 Dyson, Joseph 46 Midwood, Florenec M. 48 - Shaw, Alice 50 Boothroyd, Alice 52 Broadbent, Harry 54 Shaw, Charles H. 56 Greenfield, Clarence 58 Riley, Clara 60 Dyson, Jabez W. 62 Naylor, Annie 64 Boothroyd, Harrison 66 Baxter, Ada 68 Gledhill, Emma J. 70 Brook, Eliza E. 72 Tordoff, Fred 74 Bottomley, Harold 76 Driver, George W. 78 Dyson, Wilfred G. 80 Crowther, Elsie 82 Brook, Wilfred 84 Whitteron, Samuel 86 Earnshaw, Frances H. 88 Stringer, Albert L. 100 Tomlin, Joseph A.

COLLEGE STREET EAST 1 Longthorpe, William 3 Ellis, Thomas C. 5 Hawley, Joe 7 Croxford, Eric 9 Bentley, Leonard 11 White, Charles H. 13 Hopkinson, Archibald R. 15 Fanchamps, Thomas 17 Brook, Frank 19 Davies, Frank 21 Green, Jim 23 Watson, Joseph J. 25 Francis, Sarah W. 27 Iredale, Leonard 29 Sutcliffe, Sydney A. 31 Whitworth, Herbert 33 Parker, Elsie 35 Bradbury, Samuel D. 37 Hinchliffe, Charles H. 39 Lumb, Fred 41 - Cuttell, Ernest 43 Westoby, John F. 45 Rowe, William 47 Broome, George 2 Moore, Wallis 4 - Naylor, Charlie 6 Cartwright, Fred 8 Dean, Harold 10 Butterworth, Leonard 12 Lumb, Patricia M. 14 - Bassindale, Harry B. 16 Sykes, Brian 18 Newsome, Shepherd 20 Boothroyd, Wilfred 22 Sykes, Arthur * 24 - Jenkinson, David 26 Booth, Emma 28 Warwick, William E. 30 Woolsey, Charles E. 32 Burgess, Samuel R.

COLNE BRIDGE 10 Millside Boothroyd, Charlie 11 Millside Hirst, Fanny

COLNE BRIDGE ROAD 1 Knight, Percy 5 Mann, George Eric 7 Addy, Stanley 9 Humpleby, Arthur D. 11 Pogson, Edith 13 Underhill, James W. 15 Sheard, Cyril 17 McLean, John S. 19 Spivey, Allen 55 Derham, Thomas Whitwam, M., Worsted Manu- facturers (Colne Bridge Mills) Mellor, Harry & Co. Ltd., Wor- steds, Wooliens (Colne Bridge Mills) Lawrence, George L. Siddell, James W.

ND b


1 3 1 2 4 6

1 2


Colne Bridge House Preston, John Norman Lodge, Ernest J. H. Creary, Richard Faulds, William Halliwell, Sydney

Rowan, John Yarker, Mabel Cunningham, John Brook, George Yarker, Selina Senior, Leslie A. Torr, Harold Broadley, Frank Lee, James H.

COLNE ROAD Hick, George W. Allison, Rachel Haigh, Edward Smith, Leslie Jackson, Herbert Haigh, Jim Taylors, John Ltd., Woollen, Worsted Manufacturers, (Colne Road Mills) Lumb, Joseph & Sons Ltd., Worsted Yarn Spinners (Britan- nia Mills) Sykes, Albert H. Off-License Lee, Doreen Hill, Henrietta M. Barraclough, Roy Haweutt, Fred F. Hurney, Patrick Johnson, Thomas F. Chappell, James A. Taylor, Arnold Swan, Joseph Render, Arthur Lecomber, James Hall, Albert Jackson, Wilfred Tuke, John Mills, Lewis Schofield, Ernest N. Haworth, C. & Son, Sheet Metal Workers Beaumont, Ernest Jackson, James W. Haigh, Brian Reliance Welding Co., Oxy-Acety- lene Welders Whitelam, Allan Conry, Harry Elcar Ltd., Tel. Eldon Combing Co. Ltd. " Lucas '' Battery (Elcar) Service Station

Electrical Engireers.

Huddersfield Plating Co. Ltd. (Union Iron Works) Roberts Castings Ltd., Non-

Ferrous Castings Sowerbutts, William H. Hirst & Hutchinson, Automobile Engineers, Garage Brook, Henry & Co. Ltd., Iron Founders, Engineers Sykes, Frank W. Hutchinson, Hollingworth & Co. Ltd.,Loom Makers (AtlasWorks)

Garside, Edward G., Newsagent, Tobacconist Haigh, James Ltd., Dyers, Finishers (Globe Works}. Tel. 248 Hanson, Dale & Co. Ltd., Lead Manufacturers, The Lead Works. Tel. 3653/4 Westin, W. S. Ltd., Electrical, Mechanical Engineers Hamer, H. & Son, Joiners, Under- takers (King's Bridge Mill) Murray, Frank

COLNE STREET Howe, Bryan Uttley, Ranford B. Field, Winifred Armitage, David Howlett, Oliver Carruthers, William

Caravan Armstrong, Jean D.

COLNE STREET Sowden, Irven Godino, Evelyn

co \ O Un A G NJ =-

poot pand pousd bomb putnt un & w N - ® \G C0 _] O LW NJ ==

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-] Un GJ


Broadbent, John J. Bywater, Arthur Hayhurst, George E. Neaverson, John W. H. Thomas, Alfred R. Boyce, Sam Carter, Joseph Fielding, William S. Lee, Isiah Beanland, John Sykes, Norman Wright, Phillip Horn, Georgina Wallace, Norman Lover, Thomas Young, Frank Wilcox, Keith F. Jagger, Ellen Parkinson, Harold Parkinson, Henry Sweeney, William Clarkson, James

Benson's Square Kaye, Margaret Machan, Elizabeth Battye, Sarah Brook, Fred Stansfield, Jack Smith, George Vautrey, Albert Benson, Annie

COLNE TERRACE Mallinson, Bryan Hand, Frank Senior, Louie Armitage, Geoffrey Coldwell, Wilson Calvert, Frank Bennett, Leonard Charlesworth, Alice L. Shore, Willie Popplewell, Annie Strong, Ernest Wilson, Emma Ledger, Fred

COLWYN STREET Reed, Alice Crawshaw, Harold C. Holdsworth, James & Bros. Ltd., Card Clothing Manufacturers (Marsh Works) Chrispin, Douglas D. Graham, Andrew H. Gibson, Brian M. Townsend, William W. Lockwood, John P. Rhodes, Annie E. Holmes, Percy Norman, Hubert Morton, Mary E. Raistrick, Muriel Chapman, Francis B. Hickman, Thomas S. Barker, Fred Lockwood, Joe Wm. Loftus, James P. Cooke, Margery C. Raynor, Frederick N. Hickman, George F. Johnson, Percy Lee, John H. Shuttleworth, Emma Pickles, Benjamin V., Officer Hammersley, Bertram Crossley, Edith A. Whitfield, Gertrude B. Beaumont, Raymond Telfer, Ernest Greenwood, Frank Fox, Roy C. Winter, Jack B. R. Gledhill, Ethel Brook, Benjamin Sunley, Robert Broadbent, Kenneth Rigby, Edith R. Broadhead, James A. France, Edith M. Crowther, Clara A.

COMMERCIAL STREET Milnes, Minnie M. Sykes, Philip L. Thornton, Shelagh Greaves, John H.


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Ja U & L N 1m CO «\] O; UI Ja G3 mms

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pant pant - & \O -_] O U J G bJ ms

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Wheeler, James White, Dorothy Martin, Mary Starbuck Sldney Sykes, William Brogan, John, Window Cleaner Davies, David C Curran, Michael Bradley, W. M., Egg Distributor Connell, John M. Gill, Edgar Haigh, Thompson Whiteley, J. A. & E., Grocers Kirrane, Stephen P. Lawrie, Thomas B. Bradley, Arthur Hellawell, Mallinson Heightley, Robert W. Canney's (Automobiles) Ltd. Geaney, Michael Taylor, Jos., Mill Furnisher Brunton, R. & Son, Blacksmiths, Millwrights Cryan, James Porter, Alice E. Brown, William J. Rowley, William J. Hartley, James Saunders, Frederick Baker, Amy L Battye, Thomas Pogson, Frank Oakes, Jo Spencer, Tom Thornton, Wilbert Gallagher, Martin J. Desmond, Timothy St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Styles, Frederick W. Byram, Abigail Barker, Herbert B. Walker, Bertram B. Smith, Albert E. Foley, Kevin P. Szumacher, Zbzislaw Mailinson, Philip Pearson, Claude Walker, Florence Hirst, Lewis Smith, Henry W. Brierley, James Conroy, Daniel

Brierleys' Buildings Wilcox, John Flynn, John A. Bareham, George W. Hodgkiss, William B. McDonagh, Pat Glover, Daisy E. Hitchings, Martha

Carlton Terrace Brook, Thomas Robinson, Tom Elliker, Leonard Green, Thomas Hegarty, Michael Evans, James

Commercial Crescent Royston, James W Jones, Robert Rawlinson, David A. Rawlinson, Albert L. Sorrell, Hilda Buckley, Stanley Bray, James H. Blakey, Mary Cartledge, John Dunn, John

Commercial Place Madden, Lucy Lally, Th Haigh, John W. Sedgwick, Frank Stenson, Edward Wood, Kerenhappuch Markey, Mary Humphries, Thomas Roberts, Stanley H. Singh, Chanan Broadbent, Sykes Aspinall, Fred Shaw, Marianne A. M. Bray, Nellie H.

© 00 1C Un & to J =


Commercial Square Davies, Thomas J. Horsfall, George Duke, Mary A. Harper, Thomas Davis, Kathleen Tracey, Catherine (Senr.) Horsfield, Sara Moseley, Hilda Horsfield, Geoffrey Mullany, Stephen

Clunie House Sunderland John Elder House, Healey, Francis


Grafton Place West, William

1A Mchre James


w Un GJ

b mas

UJ taut

Hill, Beatrice M. Glennon, Patrick

Shore Bank Sykes, Peter S. O'Toole, Colman Emmerson, Lily

COMMON ROAD Taylor, Gerald Walton, Mary H.

CONISTON AVENUE Sykes, James A. Stubley, John B. Spencer, Clifford M. Greenfield, Herbert Wooley, Alfred Beardsell, Mabel Todd, George A. edford, Gwendolen Cooper, Amy H. Broadley, Martha A. Mitchell, Maud M. Radley, Daniel Berry, Jack Hirst, Sam Mason, Frank A. Watson, Edwin C. Prendergast, Margaret Olive, Harriett Hopkinson, Jack Walsh, Alfred Gill, Walter Holberry, Wilfred E. Hill, Clement Brook, Sam Eastwood, Richard R. Booth, Ernest Davis, James Wm. Appleyard, Ben Guy, John H. Mason, Frank A., Coal Merchant Hoole, Clifford Littlewood, Robert M. North, George W. Taylor, Horace Bargh, Frederick Dalton Arthur Lockwood, Percy Greensrmth Harry

Westbrook, Charles H. Gibson, George E. Todd, Ellen Splvey, Ermhe Atkinson, Harold Porter, Thomas Hampshire, Friend H. Morley, Daisy Sutton, Robert West, Edward T. Gibson, Fred Ellis, Reginald Inman, Ralph Vowles, Albert A. Harris, Arthur Harrison, Alfred Taylor, Lewis Cash, James F. Lockwood, Frank Hanson, George H. Broadbent, Orlando Holt, Alfred Taylor, Wright Earnshaw, John A. Pickles, James W.

COOMBE ROAD Stringer, Harry Beaumont, Herbert

5 Mitchell, Dan 7 Withers, Ernest 9 Brook, Leonard 1 Hirst, Luke 1 Hirst, Joe 3 Leonard 5 Gill, Norman 17 Gooderham, William Edward 19 Barraclough, Roy 21 Riley, John 23 Carmichael, Dennis 25 James, John Alfred 27 Dean, Edward 2 Kaye, Joe 4 - Barker, Willliam S. 6 Cross, Harold 8 Hall, Doris 10 Smith, Harry 12 Williams, Arthur

CORBY STREET 1-3 - Helliwell, John E. 5 Bryson, George A. 7 Parker, John W. 9 Livesey, Lizzie 11 - Beardshaw, John F. 13 Stott, Frank E. 15 Sykes, Albert 17 Cooper, Thomas E. 19 Wade, Harry 21 Toulcber, Charley 23 Mear, Harold 25 Clifford, Rowland 25 Aram, Phyllis 27 Lee, John 29 Wild, Ernest 31 Thurlow, Fred 33 Atkinson, Joe 35 Lockwood, Arthur 37 Booth, Alice 39 Edgar 41 - Bell, Norman H. 43 Spencer, Lawrence 45 Gibson, Mabel 47 Elston, Martha 49 - Beaumont, Henry 51 - Turner, Elsie 53 Field, Joseph 55 Hartland, James 2 Dyson, George 4 Atkinson, Frank 6 Walmsley, Mary 8 Dawson, Donald 10 Wrigley, Herbert 12 Sheard, Frank S. 14 Popham, Edwin 16 Davis, Godfrey H. 18 Rhodes, Lily 20 Crosland, Stanley 22 Hill, Alice 24 Jamieson, Arnold 26 Matthews, Louise 28 John S. 30 Sheard, Marion 32 Brown, John 34 Riding, Mary A. 36 Thewlis, Frank 38 - Mellor, Clara 40 - Salt, Frank 40 - Baker, Agnes 42 Barton, James A. 44 - Rushworth, Charles H. 46 Dransfield, Leonard 48 Eastwood, Fred 48 - Holdsworth, Doris 50 Crabb, Ronald W. 52 Dawson, Nelson 54 Kilner, Charles F. 56 Shaw, Eric 58 Gibbs, Owen W. 60 Killick, Andrew 62 Grace, Hubert F. 64 Topping, Hannah

CORN BANK Shires, Richard M. Fiard House Vickerman, Cedric Field House Shaw, John A. White Gates Whitehead, James

CORPORATION STREET Bank House Dickerson, Ernest Town Hall Corporation - Rates Offices Borough M 1gistrates' Clerk's Office Htggersfield Corporation Costing ce

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COULE ROYD Tetlow, Allen Sunter, Robert D. Aedy, Ronald D. Hartley, Donald Richards, Frank Gill, Jack A. Hodgson, Leonard Smith, Bert E. Kelly, James Ealse, Frank Cuerden, George Bastow, Leonard Mackenzie, George B. Peel, Harold Pyke, Hilda Bryan, Edward Scott, Lewis Sykes, Sheard Hepworth, Clifford Darlington, Jack Lydon, Bert Arnott, Thomas W. Burton, Leslie Lockwood, Norman Howarth, Jack Ward, George W. Cruickshanks, Henry V. Brennan, James W. Nicholson, Reginald Bell, Sydney Crawshaw, William Dufton, Alice Hewitt, Joe Foster, Arthur Taylor, Ben Ward, Leonard H. Gregg, Thomas Brook, Maurice Brook, Annie E. Mallinson, Lewis E. James, George E. Cooper, Peter Rogers, Arthur Leeming, Eric Jennings, Reginald P. Parr, Percy Horn, Willie Parr, Elaine White, John B.

COWCLIFEE HILL ROAD Lee, Hilda Eglinton, Tom Rhodes, Walter Jessop, Mabel Ramsden, Jack Garner, Elsie Kaliciak, Kathleen M. Mellor, Arthur D. Denton, Fred Brearley, Harry Mosley, Emma Thewlis, George Goode, Ronald Daly, John E. Townend, George V. Sharp, Ernest Fitzpatrick, Hugh Flanagan, Michael J. Brook, Marion Lake, Christopher Fitter Cooper, Stanley Ellinson, John Walley, James L.. Haywood, Frank Property Repairs Stringer, Cecil H. Barrett, Stanley Broadbent, Thomas P. Wadsworth, Letitia Haigh, Jack Senior, Percy Whiteley, Hettie Chappell, Lizzie Cox, Thomas Waterton, Jessie Wright, Ralph W. Hutchinson, Wilfred Wood, Walter Law, Fred Johnson, Ronald Clay, Frances Dennett, Thomas Sharp, Cyril B. alker, John V. Longbottom, Irvin Shepherd, George Bickerdike, James B.

W., Carpet


Furness, George D. Dyson, Frederick R. Bolt, William H. Lythe, Arnold Matthewman, Fred Binns, Fred Lambert, William E. Hinchliff, Clifford Topping, Leonard Haigh, Harold Haigh, George A. Cooper, Jack Simpson, William M. Boothroyd, Winifred Young, Percy Wood, Evelyn B. Boothroyd, Percy Laycock, Harrry Hollings, Armitage Kaye, Stanley Kare, William Thornton, Joseph A. Tunaley, Harry Kaye, Harold Stead, Brook Fenech, Joseph Thomas, Norman Hollings, Roy Holmes, Willie Thorpe, Harry Ainley, Leonard P. Booth, William E. White, Stanley F. E. Lambert, Herbert Watson, Harry Mills, Robert Rowley, Frank Kaye, Thomas H. Crow, Mary Ann Smtih, William Dyson, Lilly Mail, Helen Gee, James Cyril Sykes, Frank Dawson, Stanley Whiteley, John C. Cameron, John Williams, Jack Barden, Walter Stansfield, Norman Hellawell, William E. Armitage, Donald Armitage, Frank Townsend, Benjamin Brook, Frank Purvis, John E. B. Ringrose, John W. Draper, Percy J. Boothroyd, Louie Pitchforth, Walter Brown, Fred Dickinson, Paul Ingleby, Joe Rees, Donald Bamforth, Margaret D. Gibbs, Michael B. Wilkinson, Stanley Woodhead, Norman Gledhill, William

Lockwood, Frank D. Ainley, Frank Richardson, Ernest Durrans, Fred Greenwood, James H., Grocer Confectioner Tinker, Tedbar North, Jack Sykes, Percy

CoW HEYS Halligan, John T. Stubbs, Frank W. Young, William Brogan, Jack Tordoff, Harold Sanger, Walter Dodson, Ernest Wood, Sam Boothroyd, Stanley Connolly, Bernard Watts, John A. Ward, Arthur, F. Hopkins, Horace Dobson, Norman Felks, George C. Habron, Patrick J. Hill, Edward Warburton, Alfred


Reast, Bessie Wright, Jack Riley, Clarence Wadsworth, Robert J. B. Cruickshanks, Edgar W. Wood, Frank Calvert, Ernest Blundel!, James H. Bray, Ernest Noon, Brian D. Curtis, John C. Kendal, William Barrowclough, William M. Lawford, Cyril Saunders, John Bolam, Isabella Bell, Norman Senior, Charles E. Whitfield, Leonard Smith, Arthur Weir, John A. Morton, Ernest Shepherd, Frederick Crawshaw, Wilfred North, George Betts, Talbot Mansell, Harry Rhodes. Clement M. Ambrick, Elizabeth Coop, Leslie Edwards, Alfred J. Garside, Herbert Crompton, Samuel R. Dyson, John E. Smith, Eric Smith, Ivor McVeagh, Edward R. Gates, Walter Ramsden, Leonard Normanton, Annie Murray, William A. Appleton, Thomas C. Wilkes, James A. Brook, Ronald E. Gledhill, Walter Watson, Eric Sykes, Leslie Slater, Vernon Sykes, Tom P. Lockwood, Willie Midlam, John K. Earl, John K. Brady, Jack Rose, Doris Shaw, Colin Rushworth, William Goodger, Frederick W. Anderson, Ernest L. Rushworth, Thompson Hannan, Henry Fearnley, Thomas E. Briggs, William Peace, Vernon Haigh, John Bentley, Ernest Wiseman, George A. Foster, John Munroe, Joseph Brown, Robert Wood, Jack Dobson, Ronald Dyson, James Martin, Frederick W. Ambrick, Ernest Dickens, Raymond

COWLERSLEY LANE Smith, Gerald W. Mellor, William H. Wood, Leslie Sykes, Stanley geverley, Harry ampnett, Fred Berry, Ernest Brearley, Clifford Swallow, Walter T. Lee, Gladys Reeder, Kathleen Reader, George H. Collins, Harry Allott, Norma Iredale, Edward Holmes, Ernest Jones, S anley Rider, Laura Littlewood, James K. Rayner, Lawrence Taylor, Hubert Firth, Joseph C. Smith, Janet

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Walkden, Maud Wood, Ronald Crane, Victor S. Blackwell, Arthur H. Whitton, Maud Haigh, Fred Schofield, John E. Taylor, Freddy Dawson, Fred Eastwood, John D. Watson, Kathleen R. Summerson, Leslie Sykes, Lilian Wilkinson, Frederick H. Gaunt, Richard Whitwam, Fred Kaye, Percy Reast, Edgar Dyson, Rose E. Wilson, Philip C. Dearnley, Mary E. Hellewell, Frank Sykes, Frank Garside, Clifford Garside, Elsie Knutton, Ronald Keys, Samuel Hirst, Frank Walsham, Raymond G. Woodcock, Hilda Hall, James E. Swales, Fred Norman, Edward Shore, Herbert Bulless, Harry Littlewood, Arthur Toner, Edward Milsom, Ronald Tinsdeall, Harry Kettlewell, George T. Bamforth, Lewis Firth, Ernest Wicks, Roy J. Boote, William H. Huddersfield Corporation Cliil- dren's Department, Laurel Bank Hostel Smith, Alan Terry, Frederick Walton, Derek Blacker, Harry Blacker, George A. Gregg, George E. Ellis, Beatrice Riley, Cyril R. Farrand, Allan Farrand, John K. Platt, Derek R. Mellor, Harold Hinchliffe, Choris Taylor, Fred Shaw, Tom Payne, George Winter, Tom Hall, James E. Spivey, Constance Miller, Herbert Luty, William Dawson, Rhena Prest Wadsworth, Rose A. Chappell, Hilton Wimpenny, Wilfred Baxter, Edward T. Jeffries, George Taylor, Emmeline Hirst, Edith M. Swift, Sam Ashton, Florrie Cook, Charlotte Woodhead, Brian L. Longbottom, Ada D. Longbottom, Frank Barry, Raymond Woodhead, Albert T. Clapham, Eric Atkinson, Florence M. Stocks, Donald Bailey, Frank Knight, Lucy Sykes, Lucy Winn, Roland Brooke, George H. Whiteley, Joe L. Campnett, Laura Pogson, Irvin Mallinson, Mary E. Shepherd, Colin M. Redfearn, Ulysses Bailey, Wilfred Sykes, Lizzie

120 Sykes, William


Hanson, Jack

124 Broadbent, Wilfred


Brown, Jack

128 Nicholls, J ck 130-132 Jowett, Ernest

Dyson, Wilbert R. Hodgson, George A. Dyson, Harry Varley, William H. Lisle, John E. Wingrove, Douglas H. Taylor, Arthur Wimpenny, Harry Pogson, Lewis T. Bamforth, John A. Bamforth, Evelyn K. Woodhead, George B. Boothroyd, Ettis Taylor, George W. Hirst, George W. Thornton, Mary E.

The Green

Wimpenny, George

O O 4 b \] UJ QJ ret jas

COWRAKES ROAD Kaye, Alfred Kaye, Herbert N. Wakefield, Harold Marsland, Harry Smith, Joe W. Moir, William P. Holroyd, Herbert Hepworth, George Shaw, William H. Beaumont, Joe Ridsdale, Edward Willis, Douglas Holroyd, Agnes Oliver, Leonard Eastwood, William Eastwood, Tom Stockwell, Donald Mead, John F. Horsham, Frank

56-58 Taylor, Philip T. 56-58 Taylor, Hubert

[J sem bunt. procs prost pand & c O A N G OQO 4 ND b

& OI J& IJ ] UL QJ)

-~ ur

Garner, Roy Olver, Sarah Ellen Netherwood, Leonard M. Senior, Tom Harrison, Emma Iredale, Percy Wild, Margaret E. Sheard, Emily Jane Charlesworth, Lenny Brook, Jimmy Marsland, Lawrence Livesy, Kenneth S.

COWSLIP STREET Hanson, Wright Sykes, Beatrice Lawton, Alfred Crawshaw, Lewis Rollin, Sarah E. Wagstaff, Edgar Fisher, Peter Crone, Harold Clay, Arnold Hawksworth, Edith Teal, Arthur

CRAVEN STREET Davies, Jane H. Newby, George W. Thompson, Ronald Sparrow, Raymond Balmforth, Joe Ainley, Lena A. Greenleaf, Ernest E. Newton, Willie Allen, Charles H. P. Lockwood, Albert Walshaw, Edward

CRESCENT AVENUE Ramsden, Joe W. Mellor, Frank Crampton, Eric Cuttell, Arthur N. Booth, Derek Leach, Leslie Haigh, Gordon Feather, John

CRESCENT ROAD Harrison, Sydney Noble, Alfred

McDonagh, James Richards, Joseph J. Senior, Edwin Gearing, George C. Robinson, Kenneth W. Battye, Wilfrid Bottomley, Cyril W. Whittell, Frank S. Pogson, Robert Bangham, Joseph Warne, Fred Burnell, Eliza Y. Roderick, Joseph A. Coupland, Doreen Bray, Albert E. Hildred, Arnold Rajchert, Mary I. Barratt, Marion Green, Ada B. Fenton, John A. West, Fred Brennan, Michael O'Mahony, Denis Brook, Haydn Lumb, Harold Brown, Derek Neve, Derek Kershaw, Charles A. Jebson, Harry Woodhouse, William Beaumont, Frederick Stanley Whittell, Norman Bradley, Tom Carter, John Armitage, Frank Haigh, Frank Salt, William Barraclough, Lewis Robertshaw, Herbert R. Hinchliffe, Tom Shaw, Ethel Cocking, Derick Sharland, Walter Cooper, Phoebe Galvin, Michael H. Sykes, Percy Brook, Edith A. Exley, Eli Moore, Harry

CRESCENT ROAD Haigh, George C. Johnson, Clara Ripley, George Duke, Ernest W. Ashworth, George S. Parkin, Marion Mercer, Herbert Garside, Emily Caulfield, James I. Longbottom, George H. Taylor, Sarah H. Vine, Hereward L. Hill, Irvin Wood, Fanny Taylor, Harold Lunn, George H. Aspinall, Harry Booth, Benjamin Schofield, Herman Seymour, Arthur Steeples, John W. Nolan, William B. Ashworth, Franklyn Morrison, Minnie Slater, William Casson, Joyce Roebuck, Harold Booth, George Taylor, Elizabeth I'Anson, Elizabeth M.

CRESCENT ROYD Dawson, Bernard Williams, Frank Rainbird, Ronald S. Armitage, Edward Kaye, Albert Britton, Edward A. Cubitt, Stanley Armitage, Luther Robson, Norman H. Boyes, Ronald Clegg, Charles W. Sandwell, Joe Farey, Harold N. Briscoe, John F. Beckton, Donald Turner, Leslie Dutton, Robert

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post pant just

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Un w - \D _] UA GJ ie

Hirst, Robert Wood, Kenneth Armitage, Willie Hancock, John Normington, Harry Ramsden, Herbert Handy, Harry Johnson, John A. Crosfield, Norman Furness, Harold Hornsey, Jack Furze, John Donelly, Roy Triggs, George A. Kaye, Lewis A. Taylor, Frank Dyson, George S. Edwards, Maurice Paterson, Robert

CRESSFIELD ROAD Rhodes, Thomas M. Hinchliffe, Jack Cleave, Donald Parker, Alfred Newton, Percy Verlander, Leonard R. Smith, Norman Avery, Peter Aspinall, Elsie W. Dews, Joseph Guy, Richard Smith, Derek H. Drane, Walter N. Hey, Irvin Johnson, Martha E. Blackburn, James W. Schofield, Peter Roberts, Alfred Powney, Joseph H. Oakley, Sarah H. Law, Harry N. Bentley, David C. Liddell, Norman Pugh, Leonard Kellet, George W. Rayner, Philip A. Olley, Stanley M. Place, Florence Durrans, William E. Leech, Edgar Holt, George Hirst, Marion Pearcey, John B. Dewhirst, Sarah J. North, Lucy A.

CREST AVENUE Clegg, George H. Senior, Willie Morelli, Leonard P.

CREST HILL ROAD Stansfield, Jack Pickard, William Thomas, Walter White, Norman Cromack, William H. Stobbs, George R. Broadhead, John L. Harris, Charles Lockwood, Edith Hirst, George Howe, Florence Blakeston, Fred Smith, Thomas Mortimer, John A. Barnes, James Finn, Thomas Briggs, Frank Osborne, George E. Mansfield, Florence A. D Steeples, George H. Buckley, Daniel Cooney, James Childs, Herbert A. Mills, John W. Briggs, Jack Peel, Earnshaw Newton, Arthur Mickleth waite, George Stott, Bertie Dyson, Stanley Firth Hirst, Joseph W. Taylor, Emily Cartwright, John S. Dolan, Vincent Chaplin, Minnie Dalton, Leonard Sallis, Frederick W.


pauk poms pood pout & O J& \D -] un y me \D <] Ut GJ ==


pum & 00 O 4 N GJ i=

Un ) ==

Clarke, Mabel Caulfield, Maurice Cuniffe, John (Senr.) Brooke, Donald Kaye, Ivy Stocks, Sam Longbottom, Thomas F. Tomlinson, Leonard Munro, John. Braisby, Stuart Howatson, Harold E. Asquith, Annie Bairstow, Norman Megson, Alice Thompson, Fred

CROFT COTTAGE LANE Mitchell, Geoffrey Blackburn, William H. Pape, Norman E. Wimpenny, Harold Morgan, Florry Harrod, Hufton Dawson, Edith England, Reuben Pahy, Patrick Schofield, Jessie Mack, Robert Crawford, Emily Stead, George A. Paxman, Eric R. Cooney, Edward Garside, Frank Brook, Lottie

CROFT HOUSE LANE Harrison, Ernest Copeland, Wilson Cross, Geoffrey Lancaster, Walter Stephenson, Gordon K. Mallinson, Edward Smith, Sarah K. Greenwood, Henry F. Gledhill, Hilda Walker, Dorothy K. Poole, Harry Hoyle, Hilton Thornton, Mabel Scarr, Leonard Winter, Elizabeth R. Bruce, Alexander Scott, Walter Tylicki, Jan Grzegorz Garside, Harold Crowther, William H. Mason, John

CROFT STREET Hutton, Thomas H. Stevenson, James W. Birt, Arthur Kilner, Clifford Mills, Eric J. Farrand, Arthur

CROFT TOP Cowan, William Pearson, Walter L.

CROMARTY AVENUE Crosland, James C. Taylor, Albert R. Wilkinson, Arthur Fare, James Boothroyd, Harry Laycock, Leslie R. Moore, John

CROMARTY DRIVE Schofield, Walter E. D. Stocks, Albert Garside, Norman

CROSLAND HEATH Anscombe, Philip C.


3-9 Roberts, Frank

Pogson, Eric Pearson, James Griffiths, Cyril J. Allison, John T. Mellor, Brian Wood, Albert R. Kaye, Willie Lockwood, George F. Haigh, James Taylor, Janet Petterson, Grace E.


Priest, Willie Driver, James Kaye, Thomas Norton, Alice Tailford, Hazel Hoyle, Martha A. Broadhead, Beatrice A. Bates, Willie Cotton, Jack Field, Morris Mellor, Brook Longthorne, Nellie Wadsworth, Frank W. Heywood, Lucilla Day, Harry Bower, Fred Bevins, William Shaw, Norman Thornton, Douglas Walker, Henry S. Dransfield, Harold Bradshaw, Harry Brown, Hermon Bates, Roy Peckett, Norman Dean, Kate Carter, Harry Lane, Harriett Crosland Hill Methodist Church Crosland Moor Co-operative and Industrial Society Ltd., Grocers, etc. Hirst, Edmund J. Shaw, John Halliday, lan F. Duffy, Denis Crawford, John E. Crooks, Norman Hill, Harold Brook, Ethel Plowman, Albert Lamb, George Brook, Annie Morley, Elizabeth A. Battye, Thomas H. Hirst, Osborn Hepworth, Mary A. Whiteaker, Alfred Hall, James A. Bagshaw, Joe

CROSLAND ROAD Rogers, Kenneth Armitage, Clifford Garside, Stanley Crossland, Ethel Rhodes, Emily Butterworth, Albert Beaumont, Derek Hollings, Alwyn F. Fawthrop, Leslie H. Taylor, Leslie Garside, Hubert Stephens, William T. Mamnett, Frank Pilling, Geoffrey Stephenson, Charles G. Spence, Marshall B. Sykes, Redver H. Rockett, John Ainley, John S. Preskey, Stephen Lawn, William E. Parkinson, Eric W. Armitage, Neville G. Birtley, Charles F. Garside, William L. Leece, Norman Bailey, William Pilling, Arthur Haycock, Jack B. Sandy, Fred Binns, Arnold H. Kitching, Dennis W. C. Scott, Lawrence Charlton, Ronald Kitchen, Ronald L. Holland, Harold V. Mosley, Edgar Wadsworth, Peter Walker, Joseph Coley, Arthur Evans, Brinley Denton, Terrance Audsley, Walter Mallinson, John D. Mollan, Robert M. Thompson, Patrick Swift, James Garside, Seth

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Swift, Dick Holroyd, Leslie Robinson, Thomas Gay, Raymond Boulton, Russell N. A. North, Colin Eastwood, Ivan E.

Langley Terrace Sykes, Harry Chrispin, Joel G. H. Chrispin, Harold R. Sykes, Harry Bower, Samuel Dale, John

CROSLAND ROAD Wilkinson, Priscilla M. Turton, Herbert Dailey, James R. Farrar, Roland Neal, Frederick T. Haggerston, Mary E. Slater, Alfred Beaumont, John B. Green, John H. Mitchell, Emily Liversedge, Herbert D. Ellam, Laura Brasher, Fred Beals, Ernest Gleadall, Gilbert Sykes, George Fox, Kenneth Ramsden, Charles R. Womersley, Joseph F. Sewell, Edward Dawson, Walter Goodyear, Frank Bradley, Lucy Bailey, Edward Sewell, Arnold G. Mellor, Fred Hirst, Willie Gleadall, Norris S. Smith, Alfred Washington, George F. Noble, Harry Hollings, Ben Wood, John Henry Blackburn, Teddy Fox, Radcliffe McKeown, John Dillen, Hugh Morley, Ernest Sheard, Arthur James, Robert Restall, Charles F. Rndmg, Beaumont Liversidge, Frances iding, Emily Armitage, Albert Marshall, Harry Holmes, Harry Haigh, Alice Jane Hodgson, Tom Iredale, Joe W. Winterbottom, John W. Armitage, Sam Allen Iredale, Ernest

CROSLAND STREET Wood, Walter Pearson, Clifford Brook, Harold Stansfield, Sidney Hall, Arnold Haigh, Albert Lockwood, Albert Hepworth, Derek Gunning, Ada Cartwnght Walter Mosley, P Richmond, Douglas Beake, Luc Kidd, Charles W. L. Smxth, Beaumont, Harold beth

Cock, Joseph A. Sanderson Harry Bull, George Taylor, Hannah A. Heighway, Fred Brook, George R. Littlewood, Harold Balmforth, Albert Pearson, John T.


11 13

Simons, Herbert L. North, Wilfred Gill, Harold Walshaw, Ernest Dufton, Leslie Portch, Raymond A. Hopley, William Townend, Arthur Hartley, Alice Green, Edgar North, Willie Bradley, Lewis Brunton, Harold Baxter, Charles A. Swift, Albert M. Armitage, Melvin Galvin, Anthony Jessop, Beatrice Heeley, Arthur Norminton, Gwendoline M. Holland, Jack Pearson, Roland Brook, Frederick Wilson, Norman Earnshaw, Norman Senior, Oswald Pogson, Willie Barker, Hannah M. Cowling, Gordon F. Clegg, Samuel Dawson, Fred Binns, Cyril Walker, Tom Spencer, John Sykes, Joseph Bruce Bros, Painters, Decorators Rothery, Wilfred Coldwell, Herbert Armitage, Stanley Stansfield, Thomas Sweeney, Ada Bower, Willie Mellor, Fred Ashness, Arthur Thackeray, Mary E. Tomlinson, Albert E. Broadbent, Thomas L. Goldthorpe, Jack D. Taylor, Harold Stringer, Mary A. Mettrick, Emma Thompson, Leslie Mallatratt, Ronald Wightman, Arthur Hyde, Thomas Danforth, Enoch E. Shaw, Nellie Herbert, Jane E. Rothwell, Frank Stocks, Mary G. Clegg, 'Emi Blagbrough, Herbert H. Alty, Ena Cox, Denms Bray, Sylvia C. Hardy, John A Bamforth, Sarah

CROSS CHURCH STREET Gabrielli, Bernard Beardall, Edith E. Parkin, Willie Shaw, Garnet, W Hastings, Peter Haigh, Harry Settle, Harriet Harpin, Joe Lawley, Cyril Taylor, Alfred Wharton, Sarah H. Armitage, George H.

CROSS CHURCH STREET Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Butchers) Rahrdnsden’s Arms. Sugden, Alice

Atkinson, Albert, Confectioner Booth, C. & Son, Saw Makers, Cutters and Tool Dealers, Shef- field House. Tel. 457

21A Terry Maison, Ladies' Hairdressers

27 31 2

Readicut Wool Co. Ltd., The Verity, L. Hudson, Optician Hartley & Tee, Family Butchers

24 - Crown Wallpapers Ltd.


Brown, Ralph C

8-10 Walker, Thomas (Est. 1814), Ltd.,


Boot & Shoe Makers Tel. 2621 Horsfall, Lilian, Art Needlework

14 16

18 20


Taylor, J. H. & Sons Ltd., House Furnishers Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., Sales and Service Nu-Style Wallpapers Atkinson, Thomas & Sons, Pork, Provisions Taylor, - Benton - Ltd., Outfitters Altham, Abram Ltd., Tea Merchants Gee Bros., Model Aeroplanes White Lion Hotel Wain, Osborne S. Parkinson, Evelyn W. Halford Cycle Co. Ltd., Cycles, Accessories Firth, Wadsworth & Son, Auc- tioneers, Valuers Yorkshire Warehouse Co. Ltd.

Drapers Millet's Stores (1928) Ltd.

CROSS FIELDS Bradbury, Harry Ward, Albert Higginbotham, James A. Rushworth, Harold Evans, George W. Conway, George B. Swain, Arthur Howard, Ernest Taylor, Samuel Carr, Aibert Parker, Elijah Ashton, Frank Dent, Albert Ellis, Kenneth Langton, Harry Hughes, John Baines, Ernest Nunney, George Beverley, Norman Hayden, William E. Leach, Jack Butterworth, Albert Smith, Harry Eland, Wallace Ledger, John Cooper, Cyril Mosley, Leonard Smith, Joe Townley, John A. H. Clifford, Fred Jones, Robert E. Chambers, Walter


CROSS FIRS STREET Stanley, Albert Hellawell, Thomas L. Taylor, Eric Moorhouse, Ronald Haigh, Albert Goodall, Clarice M. Haigh, Douglas Frith, Leonard

CROSS GREEN ROAD Andrew, Ranby Singleton, Joseph D. Butcher, Norman Hampson, Percy Jenkins, Raymond V. Halmshaw, Walter R. Hopkinson, Harry M. Hampshire, Sarah E. Mannion, James Martin Howard, Frank Smith, Walter F. Moorhouse, Cyril Oddy, Herbert Hollyhead, George Sutton, Albert E Bradbury, Norman Moorhouse, Fred Addy, Arthur Battye, Peter N. Payne, Harry V. Pearce, Michael Frank Mettrick, Joseph Castle, Harry Hoyland, Jack Senior, Robert K. Bullock Kenneth Biggs, Alan F. Ainley, Alice Thatcher, John H. Milnes, Alexander Macrae, Christopher D.

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Westfield Cotton Co., The, Cotton Doublers and Dyers Pearson, John Ed. Blackstone, Charles Moulson, Ernest Kilvington, Harold R. Broadhead Frank J. Hinchliffe, John R. Scaife, Ronald K. Taylor, Seth Blackstone, Fred Kantyka, Tadeusz A.

CROSS GROVE STREET Pearce, Joseph Over, Samuel Tullett, Leonard Ali, Rahmat Shepley, Charles E. Messenger, James Stockdale, Harold Owen, Harold Oates, Leslie Fox, Charlie Peacock, James Devine, Joseph McNicholas, Francis B. Mohamed, Fateh Singh, Sucha Crosland, George Green, Enc Mellor, Frank Kelly, John Bamforth, Thomas E. Kelly, Brian

CROSS LANE Drake, Ernest. Primrose Hotel! Lunn Bros., Wireless, Electrical Stone, Bryan H Berry, Harvey Beaumont, Jane Brearley, William North, George Wood, Albert Primrose Hill Baptist Church Kilburn (Bakers) Ltd., Malvern Bakery Livingstone, David Wilcock, Jack L. Wantuch, Winifred Mills, James A. Redfearn, Leonard R. Boothroyd, Ruth Webster, Charles Aspinall, Ernest Parkinson, Peter Rouse, James Phillips, Margaret Holmes, Ronald Rae, Peter Clarkson, Peter Sharp, Alfred Gomersall, Hilda Roberts, Annie Comins, Luke, Carrier Saunders, George Cooney, Richard N. Schofield, Jack Rushworth, Ben Bull, Leonard Moorhouse, Arnold B. Crimea Inn Turner, Emily Hutchinson, William Townend, Annie Livesey, Colin T. Taylor, Geoffrey Raynor, Ernest Cliffe, Amy Moss, Ida Crowther, Arthur Hurst Mabel Elli nard odge, Jessie Pollitt, Mary E. Hague, Marion Rogers, Ethel G. twood, Eleanor Jackson, Bertie

CROSSLEY LANE Cooper, John W. Davidson, William (Senr.) Whitfield, Lister Cheesman, John W. Battye, Irvine Burns, Norman Ledwon, Mary R. Seager, John R.


Sedgewick, Mathew Beaumont, Smith Armitage, Frank Bramham, Albert Webb, Ronald

CROSS STREET Sykes, James G. Brook, Frank Moorhouse, William C. Shaw, Florence M. Leithead, Richard Pearson, John Jagger, George R. Kinder, Lewis S. Jaworski, Franciszek Ray, Richard

CROW LANE Milnsbridge Secondary School Dawson, Mary Day, Sam Harlock, Irene Day, Arthur Kilner, Wilson Roberts, Luke Clayton, Peter D. Tattersall, Vickerman Shaw, Jeffrey Hardcastle, Ralph Leech, Sarah E Taylor, Norman A. France, Henry Leech, Edward Hurst, Elsie Woollard, Charles Tomkinson, William J. Hirst, Norman Atkinson, Arthur L. Greenfield, Joe Battye, Jack Ravenhill, Robert Balmforth, William H. Thewlis, Lawrence Schofield, Joseph Dearlove, Philip J. Hirst, Willie Calver, Walter G. E. Taylor, Leonard Hatfield, Alfred Gledhill, Elsie

Workshop Whitwam, Geoffrey L. R. Workshop Thorpe, Frank

D O c O & N -] ut GJ =

_ M J

CROWTHER STREET Charlesworth, George H. Sykes, Tom Beaumont, Willie Turner, William Robertshaw, Ernest Etchell, Lily nghtfoot Harold Blagbrough, Joseph Starkey, Albert V. Kaye, Allien


w bh ==

Padgett, James Hanson, Lizzie Goodman, Alice

CUCKHOLDS CLOUGH Stell, Elizabeth Elliott, Thomas Capper, Elsie Fraser, Jean

CURZON STREET Bates, Friend Cooper, William O. Pickup, Ernest Morris, Arthur H. Bates, Clement Smith, Harold Stephens, Frank Dransfield, Willie Sykes, Florence Stead, Willie Archer, Thomas H. Exley, Albert E. Asquith, Irene Williams, George F. Brearley, John Durrans, Lister Downing, John Walker, Arthur H. Cutts, Norman Young, Betty Sherman, Robert C. Wilkes, Joseph A.


46 Stables, Harry 48 Fisher, Frederick A. 50 Richardson, Walter 52 Wright, Leslie 54 Rudderham, George 56 Gibson, William T. 58 Stansfield, James 60 Craike, John W. 62 Trowse, Alfred E. 64 Leeming, Ernest A. 66 Wright, Walter 68 Hardman, James F.

DAISY LEA LANE 2 Hughes, Ernest 4 Hill, Elizabeth 6 Hirst, Frank 8 Ecclesby, Alice 10 Holroyd, Norman 12 Eastwood, Ada 14 Mellor, Norman 16 Fearnley, Melinda 18 Clegg, Phyllis Mary 22 Edley, Jac 24 - Richardson, Harriet A. 26 Dyson, Mary 28 Robinson, Annie 30 Bostock, Harold N. 32 Sharpe, William G. Schofield, Brian M. * One Oak " Crowther, Joseph D. Daisy Lea Cottage Wallis, Frank

Briar Close Dowson, Mary ** Stonecroft '' Frost, Harold Isaac "* Stonecroft '' Bruce, Peter R. " Rockliffe" Welch, Walter " Rockliffe" Welch, James C.

" Green Garth " Holland, John S. Hope Cottage Marsh, James Hope Cottage Sharpe, Walter E. Daisy Lea House Hirst, Harry Lindley Bowlmg Club Ludd Ernest W. ** Long House" Pollock, Allen C. Dairy Lea Lodge Kendall. Leslie R. Dairy Lea Lodge Brook, Herbert

DAISY STREET 1 - Pettinger, Arthur E. 3 - Parkin, John 5 Wagstafi‘ Ernest 7 Shaw, Eliza 7 Lumb, Edgar 9 Taylor, Fred 9 Farrell, Arthur 13 Fleetwood, Joe E. 13 Pettinger, Arthur 15 Simmons, Harry 17 Saxby, John H. 19 Bray, Joseph 21 Cassidy, Margaret

DALE STREET 1 - Milner, Norman 1a Fox, Albert 3 Farrington, Frank 3A Naylor, Arthur 5 Proctor, Thomas A. 7 Sykes, George W. 9 Binns, Frank 11 Wallace, Minnie 13 Fenton, Roma E. 15 Percival, Charles 17 Taylor, John L. 19 Binns, Ethel 21 Ralph Miriam 21 Downs, Doris 23-27 Crossland, Frank R. 23-27 Sykes, Eliza A. 25 Thornton, Phyllis 29 Jessop, Ida 31 Wood, Sykes 33 Geraughty, Edward A. 35 Jessop, Frank 37 - Baxter, John W. 39 Elliott, Archibald 41 Ward, Rebecca 41 McDonagh, John 43 Roebuck, Hanson 45 Inman, Frank 47 Swallow, Kate 49 Rodley, Emma 51 - Smallwood, Brian 55 Wood, Thomas E. 57 Reynolds, Frank C. 59 Wade, Michael 61 Hammond, Hilda 63 Earnshaw, George 65 Neve, Wllham 67 McDonald, Bmfly 69 Waterman, May 69 Lindsay, James

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Green, Charles P. Tierney, John Singleton, Janet Wisniewski, Honara Walsh, James Beevers, Emily Folan, Edward Oloughlin, Michael Cocking, Ronald Cocking, Fred Ashton, Sarah Haworth, Ben Clarke, Philip McLean, William E. Gallagher, Beatrice Hague, Mary Kaye, Annie Russell, Charles C. Ellis, Lilian Salmon, James H. Swann, Henry Burkitt, Wilfred Stansfield, John Bullas, Jeffrey Ashcroft Thomas I. Kelly, William Dawson, Clifford Mars, James Foster, Kenneth Reynolds, Francis Green, Charnock Keating, Edward Heywood, Margaret Morris, Richard Garside, Beaumont Hinchliffe, Elizabeth A. Murphy, Bernard Cunningham, Joseph Shanahan, Daniel Holohan, James G.

DALE STREET Huddersfield - Corporation - Gas Works Hirst, C. & J. & Sons Ltd., Fancy Woollens Beaumont, Job & Son Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers (Wood- land Mills) Hirst & Mallinson Ltd., Fancy Woollens (Cliffe End Mills) Hey, Annie Ramsden, Percy Ashforth, Olive T. Haigh, Harry Livesey, Fred Holmes, Cyril Allen, Arthur Thornton, Thomas H. Dawes, William Beattie, William R.

DALMENY AVENUE Cudworth, Ernest Wood, Stanley Robinson, Herbert Cornell, Alfred Parkin, Joseph Wood, Norman Smith, Frank Brook, Clara Wildsmith, Leslie Tompkins, Sydney Hinchliffe, Donald Statham, Frank Cullen, Henry Ward, Robert Saul, Robert J. Smith, Wm. & Sons, Slaters, Tilers Downs, Arnold R. Whitwam, Hildred Porter, George A. F. Thornton, Edward Hellawell, Doris E. Whitehead, Kenneth Kilner, Lawrence Inman, Harold L. North, Eric W. Riley, Harry A. M. Slater, Tom Lunn, Phyllis Ladds, Harry Bradley, Norman Jaques, Elizabeth Taylor, Arthur Oxley, Florence Moorhouse, Arnold H. Slater, Harry Limon, Sarah E. Haigh, Grace

Hill, Charles E. Gaunt, Catherine Gaunt, Margaret M. W. Hayes, Arnold C. Morton, Alice Addy, Edith Brierley, Ernest Dawson, Ernest Hanson, John Woodhouse, George Crossland, Geoffrey Baldwin, Wilfred O. Barker, Clara Thorpe, Alice Ann Cowlam, Harold Colbeck, Arnold Rhodes, Stanley Perkins, Clifford S. Briggs, Ethel Bradley, Selwyn Leather, Helen Harrison, Wilfred Milner, Vincent Scott, Willie Atkyns, Edward G. Richmond, George Wood, Ellis Booth, Douglas Butterworth, Clara Beaumont, Fred Cawthron, Donald L. Parr, Leonard Smith, Ronald Temple, William S. Huxley, Rene Walker, Alec Rimmer, Willie Walker, Florence Pollard, Eric Hollingworth, John A. K.

DALMENY CLOSE Marples, Norman Middleton, Albert E. Morton, Sarah E. Woodhead, Norman Sykes, Jane Hinchliffe, Stanley Green, George H. Bradley, William E.

DALTON BANK ROAD Carter, Clement Elsey, Frederick G. Godding, Herbert Lee, Ann Whitehead, Fred Brook, Walker McCartan, James W. Robinson, Charles H. Spinners' Arms

Wilson, Philip B.

Herbert, Joseph *Morton, Reginald Dawson, Joe Hough, Charles Webb, Harry - _ Woodhouse, Stanley Cameron, Evelyn Boothroyd, John Jackson, Arthur Cheeseman, Frederick W. Lang, Fred Binns, Tom Holroyd, Joseph Green, Joseph Flynn, Joseph Brook, Phyllis I. Broadbent, Hardy Hutchinson, Fred Skelton, George R. Brook, Jack Carey, Henry Cotton, Ernest Halstead, William H. Bullett, Geoffrey Mitchell, Elsie Benson, William H. Sykes, Fred Woodhouse, Wilfred Ellis, Herbert Redfearn, Christopher Berry, Ernest Barrett, Herbert G. Fawcett, George H. Thraves, William E. White, John Broadley, Herbert H. H. Moriarty, Patrick Petty, Douglas

pout t O O & NJ - \D «] Ut GJ me see


Coupland, Willie Whitehead, Sydney F. Coupland, Richard H. Sweet, Edith West, Alfred

DALTON CLOWES Thorne, Charles R. M. Harrison, George Donaldson, Cecil Locke, Harold E. Livings, Trevor E. Smith, Joseph Matthews, Jack

Kennedy, Richard Howe, Clifford Croweroft, John T.

DALTON FOLD ROAD Lodge, Fred Hallas, Peter E. Hall, May Johnson, Samuel Crawshaw, James Kinghorn, Peter B. Davies, Cecil Radley, Seth Kaye, Charley Thornton, Thomas Buckley, Ernest Cuttell, Arthur Wheelwright, Vincent Wheelright, Walker Dean, Ernest Bradley, Kenneth H. Medley, Hubert F. Holdsworth, James Illingworth, Charles F . Carroll, Michael Lee, John Watts, Raymond F. Shaw, Marion Clarkson, Alfred E. Graham, Lewis Brown, Arthur Stocks, Victor N. Pickering, Gilbert Aspinall, Tom Cyril Platten, Douglas T.

Haigh's Square Catley, Edward Edeson, Ada Brammer, Lucy Spivey, Annie Kennedy, Thomas H. Heywood, James W. Booth, Stanley A.

Grayson, Alfred K. Hall, Edward Denton, George R. Kidd, Thomas H. E. Nuttall, Roy Peyton, James R. Lodge, Arthur Hendy, James W. Ellis, Ernest Tyreman, Geoffrey Coxon, Wellwood, G. Stringer, Sam Briggs, Joe Davison, Tom Bailey, Winifred Wild, Sarah A. Robinson, Graham J. Batley, Mary L. Thorne, John Geoff. M. Lunn, Geoffrey L. Young, Alfred Shaw, George H.

DALTON GREEN LANE Clay, Lewis Mason, Robert T. Moorhouse, John Oldfield, George F. Webster, Herbert Paterson, James A. Mashiter, Charles E. Nicholson, Paul H. Kaye, Leslie R. Williams, Cyril J. Dykes, John N. Sykes, Amelia Keyt, Sydney H. S. Woolhouse, John R.

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Taylor, Annie Toyne, Clifford Singleton, William H. Mellor, Ivie Parsons, Robert H. Donaldson, Norman Durrans, Fred Hoyle, Eddie Hoyle, George A. Mann, Frank Hull, Joseph McEvilly, John Hanson, John L. Stott, Jack A. Horne, Julian Marshall, Ronald Denton, Lewis Wilkins, Gerald E. Reilly, Thomas Ainley, John & Son, Sweeps Noble, George E. Holland, Wilfred Mallinson, Mavis Collins, William Blagbrough, Annie Ainley, Harry Lum, Jack Bell, Clifford


Lodge, Mill Hill Hospital

Howarth Frank Mill Hill Isolation Hospital Birks, John A. Wood, William E. Berry, Doris Hallam, Stanley Haigh, Waiter E. Riley, George H. Preston, Lizzie Crowther, Herbert Gledhill, Arthur Sun Electrical Co. Ltd., Morton, Stanley Brunt, William Ripley, Joseph Hoyle, Frank Smith, Harrison Hill, Ernest Ross, William Roebuck, Cecil Rothwell, Herbert T. Moore, John E. Sunderland, Ernest Lickiss, Mabel Whitworth, Walter O. McGarry, William H. Swallow, Horace Walton, Florence Weir, George Whittell, Newton Clarke, Alan Lodge, Arthur A. Drummond, John K. Moore, James M. Stebbings, John E. Lee, Willie Scott, John Thewlis, Walter Rapson, Sam Dawson, Buchanan, William Bradley, Jonn R. W. Kelly, John G. Brooke, Cyril Lowis, Wilfred G. Carter, Cecil J. H. Drake, Tom Broadbent, Edith Morrison, John Oldfield, Luther Boothroyd, Gilbert Booth, Herbert Nelson, Arthur Hodgson, Ernest Blakeley, Joseph H. Lockwood, William A. Hail, John S. Kenworthy, Walter Newell, Stanley Rowland, Edmund T. Cartwright, Willie Jagger, Walter Leake, Frederick S. Kitson, Joe Shore, Herbert Kelly, Joe E. Dyson, James Johnson, Gertrude A. Easter, Wilfred L. Burgoine, Geoffrey _


Clegg, Benjamin F. Briggs, Arthur Ben, May Fenwick, Nellie Carter, Nellie Hardy, Joseph A. Jagger, Clifford H. Sykes, Frank Jones, James T. Manning, Edward V. Tasker, Lawrence H. Iredale, Rupert Downsborough, Ernest E. Norman, Mattie Stephenson, Herman Woodhead, Harry Swallow Bros., Waste Merchants (Dalton Mills)

DAMSIDE ROAD Haigh, Leslie 5 Sykes, Marjorie W. 7 Hoyle, Arthur 9 Sykes, Lawrence 1 Whitwam, Joseph 3 - Brownhill, Douglas Hopson Battye & Co. Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Dam- side Mills Tetlow, Emily N. White, William Wilkinson, Jack Hepworth, Sarah E. Miskell, Francis Melior, James Beautyman, Ernest Kelly, Isabella Sykes, Norman S. Fajt, Mary Lynch, Mary Campbell, Walter Downey, John Wildon, Isobel 51 Jackson, James W. Butterworth, Arthur M.

DARK LANE Woodlands Beresford, Harold Rose Dene Smith, Harold Doe Royd Gibbons, Florence H. Doe Royd Broadhead, Frank Redesdale Robson, William T. All Saints' Home for Boys Longman, Walter

DAW ROYDS 1 O'Hara, Robert 3 Shelton, William J. 5 Grant, Norman W. 7 - Garnet, Frank 9 Walton, Arthur 1 - Steer, Edward C. Senior, Lawrence Lambourne, Richard Angus, Robert S. Spanner, Sydney F. O. 21 Herbert Webster, Ronald H. Fraser, James Scholes, Albert E. Porter, Margaret A. 31 Firth, Thomas R. Moorhouse, Fred Booth, Hannah Beaumont, Daisy Baxter, Mary Winterbottom, Cyril Pilling, Edith Moorhouse, Willie Bodenham, Harriet Wooler, Emily 51 Holmes, Andrew Cunningham, George Bush, Gertrude Radcliffe, Clarice M. Thorpe, Hilda 61 Montgomery, John Moss, Thomas Mellor, Sam Chambers, Frank R. Powell, Albert Dickinson, Wilfred Haigh, Roy Brown, Noel Pickup, Peter Harrison, Derek Thomas, David M. Bower, Dennis Kitching, Edward Martin, William T. S.

just mas pamk puck & 0a & N -] un w == \D \ Un UA GJ s

Purves, Geoffrey J. Harrison, Tom Freeman, Norman Lyons, Kenneth C. Hay - David D. McM. Leighton, Fred M. Shaw, Harry W. Knight, Christopher A. Armitage, Derrick Dyson, William L. Birley, Kenneth Burns, William Brian, Reginald Mallinson, Harry V. Nasey, Ronald Scahill, James Goode, Alfred A. Hampshire, Frederick Cook, Herbert V. Booth, Wilfred Barrow, Henry W. Bamforth, Willie Taylor, Geoffrey G. Hughes, William A. Headey, William H. Brennan, George Taylor, Joe Taylor, Richard Mullans, Michael Barrett, Peter V. Fisher, Dorothea Cunningham, John Wood, Kenneth Joy, Harry Walker, Harry Boothroyd, Harold Stocks, Geoffrey Ward, Geoffrey E. Murphy, Doris Pollard, Geoffrey Williams, Idris M. Carlton, Margaret Butcher, Jack Carmichael, Richard Ellis, Desmond Claypole, Arthur Shaw, Harry Manning, Kenneth B. McMillan & Ross, Doctors Shaw, Norman Bennington, Horace B. Fox, Jack Sheard, Roy - Baggaley, Donald A. Stancliffe, Dennis Garside, Bertram Hirst, John Dennett, Gordon P. Gledhill, Stanley A. Hawley, Arthur T. Lawson, Alan Morris, Herbert Haigh, Arnold Turner, Cyril Roberts, Brian Fleming, John Grey, Charles W. Sewell, Arnold Price, William H.

DAY STREET McShane, Francis Clarke, John Wray, Maurice Barlow, James Sharples, Thomas J. Mills, James T. Weir, Wilfred Guy, Gertie Brook, Alfred Roper, Edith E. L. Bullas, John Flower, Emily A. Crawshaw, Dick Pryce, Ronald E. Brothers, Gladys Rowley, Norman Redman, Walter Moorhouse, Jack

DEADMANSTONE ROAD Boothroyd, George Lodge, Alice E. Woodhouse, Norman Moore, Benjamin Webster, Ernest France, Ethel Walker, Joseph A. Bairstow, Ronald Heap, Arthur

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21 Hamer, Stanley 23 Whittaker, Albert 25 Ward, Freda G. 2 Heeley, Louisa 4 Dyson, Ben 6 Thornton, Harold 8 Morton, James G. 10 Dyson, Bennie 12 Knapton, James V. 14 Kaye, Mary 16 Williams, Arthur 18 Knapton, Patrick 20 Dutton, Joseph 22 Mountain, Lily 24 Gill, Fred 26 Gill, Arthur 30 Lewtas, George 32 Biltcliffe, Edith 38/40 Oldfield, John W. 44 - Wagg, William Frank 46 Schofield, Jack 48 - Metcalfe, Frank 50 Brindley, John 52 Wroe, Constance E. 54 Pickering, Henry 56 Lindley, Mary E.

Deadmanstone House Wright, Hetty Wells, Frances R.

DEAN BROOK ROAD Thornton, Annie Shells, David Firth, Harold Mallinson, Lucy 10 Oldfield, Annie 12 Jenkins, Ewart '* Littlefold " Potter, James H. ** Littlefold " Quarmby, Cyril Tolson House Broadbent, Harry

DEAN STREET 1 Stuffins, Fred 3 Hirst, Alice Ann 3 North, Rae 9

N -

co O 4& N

Moores, Wilfred Naylor, Mildred 11 Sykes, George F. 13 Cotton, Richard 15 Thompson, James W. 17 - Balmforth, John W. 19 Collier, Edith 21 - Taylor, Jack 23 Whiffing, Kenneth 25 Hepworth, Frank 27 Wood, George E. 29 Pickles, Lionel 31 Hoyle, Vincent 33 O'Donnell, Timothy 2 Bairstow, William S. 4 Gibson, Eric 4 Gibson, George H. 4 Gibson, Frank 6 Wadsworth, Arnold J. 10 Cotton, Hilda 12 Allott, Ernest 14 - Bell, Philip 16 Dyson, Hiram 18 Clark, George I. 20 - Beaumont, John L.

DEARNE FOLD 17 Stainton-Skinn, William 19 Royston, Wilfred 21 Lee, Fred 23 Oliver, James H. 25 Whitwam, Ernest ' 27 Beaumont, Walter 29 Eastwood, Wilfred 29 Eastwood, Neville 31 Hoefer, Frank , 16 Haigh, Fanny 18 - Sheard, Maurice 20 Sutcliffe, Irene 22 Lee, Wilfred 22A Bloom, Norman 24 - Crowther, Leslie 26 Beech, Alice H. 28 Hyland, Florence 30 Wadsworth, Ronald

DEEP LANE 2 Armitage, Harry 4 Jones, William 6 Rhodes, Frank

DEIGHTON ROAD - Foster, Sarah A. Warren, Arthur L.

UJ =e

Chatterton, Harry Fazenfield, Florence G. Harris, Frederick Millington, William C. Barrowclough, Frank Ellis, Leonard Lilley, Albert Booth, Ronald Hamilton, John C. Brearley, Ronald Jagger, John L. Bailey, Frederick W. Gaunt, Fred ‘ Goodall, William . United Kingdom Provident Insti- tution - Hoyle, Savile R. Pratt, Joseph T. S. Mayer, Cyril A. Crawshaw, David Jackson, William Brown, Henry Derham, Thomas Seedhouse, Sarah J. Green, William Barlow, Frederick W. Crowther, Ann E. Winter, Jack Hirst, Donald Taylor, Harry Berry, James W. Waddington, George S. O'Dowd, Cyril Sharp, Leonard Dawson, Edward Noble, Eric Sykes, Tom R. Lea, John Turner, Frank Dodson, Harry Connolly, Michael Hawkins, Samuel A. Tice, Walter Gledhill, Hilda Saxby, Charles E. James, Gilbert Humphries, George Moorhouse, Bartley Aram, Harry Hirst, Ernest Jowett, Lucy H. Watson, George H. Coldwell, Harvey Beaumont, Frank Calvert, Arthur Cordell, Wilfred A. Barker, Wilfred H. Dawson, John W. Shaw, Eric Lister, Harry Higgins, Ernest Bentley, Thomas Whiting, Kenneth W. Parr, James A. Boothroyd, Ernest Cundall, Peter Dowcett, Ernest Nunns, Mary A. Netherwood, Sarah M. Armitage, George Cass, Norman Frood, Joseph F. Horsfall, John G. G. Green, William Hay, Valentine H. Heywood, James R. Rushworth, Arnold Feast, George H. Dyson, Arnold Tomlinson, Isaac Dyson, Donald Stansfield, Frank Pogson, Annie Mellor, Arthur Rhodes, Arthur Fletcher, Cyril Hardwick, Wilfred H. Ayers, William T. Bottomley, Sam Bolton, Frederick Naylor, Ralph Broadbent, John Gill, Edith M. Horne, Ernest L. Hoggard, George A. Butterworth, Arthur Gibson, Tom B. Brook, William Joyce, William T. Hey, Jeffery Teale, Alfred

52 Cooper, Roy 54 Kelly, Henry 54 Ward, John R. 56 Bennett, Nellie 58 Howard, Sarah A. Deighton Methodist Church Sheepridge Industrial Society Ltd. 56 Lockwood, Frank H. 64 Pilling, Hilda 64 Hall, John 66 Jessop, Ethel 68 - Hardcastle, Emily 70 Priestley, Edith L. 72 Smith, Sefton 74 - Sheard, Florence 80 (Flat) Wooderson, Alice M. 86 Roche, Edith 88 - Medley, Harry 90 Jessop, Tom, Plumber 92 Clifford, Ronald 94 Atkinson, Thomas 94 Roebuck, Nellie 96 Jones, John, Grocer, Beer 96 Lindley, Clara 100 - Charlesworth, Harold 138A Adams, Alfred J. 138B Richardson, Albert, Newsagent 140 Edmondson, John, Plumber, Elec- trician - Middle Carr Works 164 Brook, Edwin 166 Davidson, William 168 Edson, Fred, Baker, Confectioner 174 Eastwood, Sam N. 176 Macaskill, Malcolm

The Homes Boothroyd, Arthur Kenworthy, Harry

Gibson, Elizabeth Gomersall, Emma Naylor, Maud M. Armitage. Louisa Haggis, Sarah H. Whittam, Mary E.

Croft House,Henderson, Donald S. Tenter Hill Farm - Bowers, Harry Tenter Hill House Wilkinson, Benjamin I. 178 Sykes, Ernest 190 Tiffany, R., Woolpack Inn 192 Hinchliffe, Louisa 194 Wooffindin, Walter B. 196 Clough, Harry 198 Clark, Joseph E. 200 Rotherham, Henry 204 Harold, Walter 206 Watson, Herbert J. 208 - Pawson, John S. 210 Dennison, Charles H. 212 Wightman, Herbert 214 Archer, William 216 Scott, George 220 Stanley, William 222 Foster, Edwin A. 224 Pearce, John W. 226 Martin, Samuel 228 - Bradley, Derrick 230 Andrews, Frank 238 Vickerman, Jack 240 - Blundell, Horace B. 242 Walker, James 244 Shrigley, Edith 246 McGuinness, Sean 248 Cockshaw, Mary E. 248A Thompson, Thomas 250 Keenan, Alice V. 252 Dobson, Joseph, Manufacturing and Wholesale Confectioner, Regent Confectionery Works, Tel. 3805 254 Dobson, Elsie 256 Taylor, Tom O. 256 First Floor Barker, Frances M. 256 First Floor Whitwam, Fred 258 Heath, John 260 Battye, Edward

ca AaAvJU w-

Oddfellows' Buildings Hoyle, Lilian Mosley, Ben Blackburn, Harry Walton, Albert E.

J& v b ==

Hepworth's Buildings Nunns, Harry Wood, Clifford Netherwood, Martha Gould, Walter

Ur L b ==

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DE LACY AVENUE 1 Hine, Allen 3 Brook, Harry 5 Turner, Harry 7 - Senior, Colin 9 Finlay, Robert C. 11 Walker, James I. 13 Bullock, George C. 15 Headey, Sydney H. 17 Connolly, John A. 19 Irving, William J. 21 - Inman, Harry 23 Eastwood, James B. 25 Todd, Beaumont 27 Brammah, James F. 29 Lane, Kenneth J. 31 Tallon, Arthur 33 Bell, Lancelot N. 35 Quarmby, Wilfred 37 Thurling, John W. 39 Eaves, Robert 41 - Haigh, Arnold 43 Vickerman, Ronald 45 Hanson, Arnold 47 Dakin, Willie 49 Booth. Lionel 51 - Cockerill, George 53 Sanderson, Nelson 55 Plunkett, George 57 Tetley, William 59 De Boer, John R. 61 - Mannion, Herbert 63 Burt, Harry 65 Wordsworth, Jack 67 Tremaine, Peter 69 Shaw, Leslie 71 Coverley, Albert V. 2 - Beaumont, Cecil 4 Kirby, Rowland G. 6 Brown, Kenneth 8 - Whittaker, Willie 10 Moorhouse, Norman Taxi Service 12 Hilton, Frank 12 Tweedale, Alfred 14 - Goodliffc, Harry 16 Gilleard, Douglas G. 18 Kelly, Norman 20 Kaye, George 22 Kenworthy, Harry

DELVES Delves Farm Daykin, Russell Delves Hill Slater, Clement Spring Farm - Hanson, Bradley Spring Farm - Bates, Walter Spring Farm - Greenwood, George W.

DE TRAFFORD STREET 5 Parr, William 7 - Garside, Irvine 9 Heeley, Norman 11 Pitchforth, Benjamin 13 Hinchliffe, Connie 15 Stell, Jack 17 Dyson, Leonard 19 Johnson, James A. 21 Sargeant, Ernest 23 Dearnley, Tom 25 Hardaker, Annie E. 27 Jackson, Leslie

DEVONSHIRE STREET 1 Hawksworth, Frank 3 - Bradley, Arthur 13 Allison, John 15 Johnson, Frederick W. 17 Bradshaw, William C. 19 Lee, Alfred G. 21 Atkinson, Raiph W. 23 Barton, Esther A. 25 Wallace, George S. 27 Hibbett, John R. 14 Bray, Dick 14 Firth, Dennis P. 16 Pottage, Emma

DEWHURST ROAD 1 Dewhurst Fisheries 15 Nettleton, Hilda A. 17 Marsden, Alice 19 Johnson, Marjorie 21 Lawton, Brian 23 Daniels, Ernest 25 Ramsden, Alfred E. 27 Swales, Charles H. 29 Sayles, Reggie 31 Iredale, Frank 33 Moore, Percy 35 Cliffe, Francis B. 37 Riley, Hilda


Wood, Edward B. Wood. Mary Constance Waddington, Arnold Waddington, Percival Taylor, Fred King, Arthur England, Clara A. Laidlaw, George Rumble, Ernest Stringer, Alec Bottomley, Herbert S. Robinson, Emily Hellier, Edwin F. Dean, Edith Micklethwaite, Arthur Rooke, Wilfred Mullany, James E. Bradbury, Fred Halstead, Fred Barnes, James I. Ellam, Samuel Sowden, Neil Auty, Willie McDonnell, John Nolan, James Hill, Sydney Lockwood, Annie Hinman, Thomas W.

8 91/3 Taylor, Jack

Smith, Harold Gearing, George H. Morelli, Antonio Leonard, John M. Netherwood, Denis Sandford, Frank Atkinson, Stanley Hirst, Freeman Crosland, Lewis Rothery, John A. K. Longden, Rosalind Kitchingman, Percy Boothroyd, Jack Jenkinson, Arthur Harrop, Frederick P. Walker, Firth Dyson, Cyril Dyson, Ernest Ellinthorpe, Richard W. Ellinthorpe, Douglas Morley, Lawrence E. Branch, Stanley O'Mahony, Louis Mitchell, Harry Stringer, Eric Crosland, Leonard Lees, Laura I. Chidlow, John White, Rigby O. Smith, James Marsden, John W. Goldthorpe, LauncelotJ . Schofield, Walker Payne, Joseph F. M. Lawton, Laura Cocking, George H. Eastwood, Dennis Stables, Laura M. Allison, Mary J. Hudson, George L. Shaw, Arthur Pogson, Florence Pogson, Eric Clifford, Frank Maude, Albert Rhodes, Ada A. Dyer, Joseph E. Illingworth, Ernest Blandford, Alfred B. Mosley, Jack * Johnson, Annie Swallow, Jack Reed, Frederick Capper, Derek Rhodes, Edward Wilson, Annie E. Belbin, Ralph Harris, William S. Wood, Charles H. Robson, Ada Rose, Ethel Hush, Robert Lee, Tedbert Shaw, Eric Fox, Arnold Moorhouse, Elsie Charlesworth, Ruby V. Fowler, Beatrice Whitworth, Herbert N. Whitton, Leonard L.

94A Swire, Jack


96 Smith, Richard S. 98 Hewson, John G. Oldroyd, William Thwaite, Doris E. Booth, Gordon Young, Stewart Bagshaw, Clara L. G. Rhoades, Albert V. Jeffrey, Blanche Dickson, Robert A. Avison, Norman Taylor, Annie S. Haigh, Karl A. Brien, Henry Lockwood, Herbert Wilkinson, Florence A. Oade, Frank Leeming, Minnie Rowley, Ellis Shepherd, Edward G. Beaumont, Edna Fox, Norman Lawton, Harry Bottomfey, Gordon W. Clews, Henry A.

DEYNE ROAD 1 Cockhill, Fred 3 - Beaumont, Luke A. 5 Mate, Frank C. 7 - Lunn, John R. 2 Charlesworth, Malcolm 4 Mellor, Eva 6 Pearson, Christopher 8 Parkin, Wilfred F. Lockwood, Tom

DIAMOND STREET 1 Richardson, Harry 1 Hanson, Reginald N. D. 3 Short, George T. 19 Johnson, Alfred 21 - Scaramuzza, Peter 23 Hargreaves, Herbert 250 McNamara, John 27 Day, George A. 29 Burke, Margaret 31 Morgan, Alfred 33 Sugden, Albert 2 Langham, Edward W. S. 4 - Ward, James C. 6 Haigh, Hubert 8 Foster, George 10 Crines, Edward 12 Morelli, Daniel 14 - Mallinson, William J. P. 14 Sugden, John A. 16 Baxter, Joe D. 18 Robinson, Edward 20 Wood, Albert 22 Gavin, Godfrey 24 Sykes, Walter 26 Sugden, Herbert 28 Timlin, James 30 - Mulleague; Annie (Sent.) 32 Ridgwick, Norman

DIAMOND STREET 1 - Barker, Nellie 3 - Mansfield, William G. 5 Stead, Nellie 7 - Jessop, Willie 9 Whittell, Thomas K. 11 Bray, Arthur 13 Greenwood, Ada 15 Berry, Godfrey 17 Lord, Ada 17 - Hallas, Harry 19 Haigh, Lily 21 - Liversidge, Willie K. 23 Killingbeck, Herbert G. 25 Kilburn, Shaw 2 Campbell, George 4 - Lewis, Edward t 6 Bradley, Emily 8 Kaye, Miriam 10 Whittam, Edna 10 Thornton, Frank 12 Stott, Joseph S. 14 Jagger, Frank

DINGLE ROAD 2 Mee, Thomas 2a Cliffe, Nancy 4 - Shaw, Peter M. 4A Firth, Lucy 6 Wilson, James 6a Lloyd, Ernest Shaw, Frank


' _ 8 10 Brook, John C.

12 Blackburne, Lewis A.

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prank hams pamb pont co O ND -] Ut GJ == >= AO _] Un GJ

punt wad jamb pout jod jut test

Hopkinson, Harold Robinson, Peter Brierley, Denys S. C.

DINGLEY ROAD Peel, John Duncan Kaye, Winifred Dyson, Frank Hirst, Mary C. Barff, Walter Barff, Christopher McBride, Mabel Sykes, John A. Farnworth, John W. Haigh, William H. Rigby, Bertram C. Rigby, Richard C. Carr, Stanley Lazenby, John W. Harrall, James C. Cocks, William B. Adkins, Edward W.

DISNEY CLOSE Hunt, Leonard Sedgwick, David Boothroyd, George Jackson, Frederick V. Tindall, Frank Vickers, Harry Cullen, Thomas Haigh, Lily Hancock, John Woodhouse, Albert Smith, Gordon M. Bottomley, Frank Shelton, Derek W. Smith, Willie Robinson, George J. B. Thewlis, Edgar Shaw, Edgar Brook, Jack Barber, Jack Smith, Jack Shaw, Milnes Stogden, John W. Bradley, Clifford Harrison, Agnes Schofield, Harold Kelly, Arthur V.

DOCKERY France, Gladys Doosey, Clarissa I. E. White, Cyril Roberts, Ruth Booth, John W. Garside, Richard Longbottom, Thomas Hirst, Shaw Cliffe, William C. Crossley, Lily Hudson, Rachel Fraser, William P. Nuttall, Kenneth Earnshaw, Janet

DODDS ROYD Spibey, Thomas J. Davies, Herbert Furness, Leslie Grundy, Harry Cousen Fred Oldham, Edith A. Naylor, Harold Waters, Ann Armitage, James Buckley, Harold Dodson, Harold Waterhouse, Harold Bottomley, Fred Maude, Stanley Ellis, John W. France, Lily

Edmondson, Granville B.

Kaye, Ruth Sheard, Wilfred Mellor, Mary Hargreaves, Clement Booth. Leslie Tillotson, Willie Clayton, George A. Hampshire, Ethel Sims, Alec E. Brook, Leonard Grunhill, Herbert L. Stephenson, Beatrice M. Pinder, Harry Hollingworth, Ellen Armitage, Norman

60 Beecroft, George L. 62 Thompson, Arthur W. 64 Lockwood, James H. 66 Fallas, Derek H. 68 Harper, Annie 68 Stile, Albert E. 70 Ellis, Amy 72 Taylor, Samuel 74 Adderley, Harry 76 Heap, Varley 78 Wadsworth, Samuel H. 80 - Brammall, Annie 82 Ellinthorpe, Alice 88 Sykes, George A. 90 Haigh, Annie

DOD LEA LANE 1 Shaw, Horace 33 Garside, Kenneth 2 Lister, Fred 4 - Galloway, Ellen 6 Armitage, Annie 8 Hanson, Allen 10 Broadley, Lily 12 Taylor, George A. 14 Hirst, Norman 36 Ainley, Emily 38 Walkden, Donald A. 40 Crowther, Arthur 40 - Crowther, Philip 42 Nunn, Eveline

DOG KENNEL BANK 43 Klinger, Arnold 45 - Stewart, Maud 47 Wardle, Ernest 49 Mellor, Lucy J. 49 Weir, Robert 51 Biltcliff, Mary C. S53 Chambers, Minnie 61 - Broadbent, Frank 63 Pitchforth, Mary E. 65 Firth, Sarah A. 67 Earnshaw, Harold B. 69 Haigh, Bessie 71 - Bamford, Gertrude 75 Tordoff, Alice 50 Donaldson, Joe W. 52 Hirst, Arthur 54 Chambers, Ethel 56 Hill, Mary Jane 58 Ibeson, Helen 58 Newman, George R. 60 Parkinson, Ernest Jockey Hall Dodds, George E. Jockey Hall Walker, Margaret Jockey Hall Cottage Wright, Fred

DOLPHIN PLACE Scott, Willie Naven, John A. Brooks, George F. Cater, John C. Holliday, John Bamforth, Norris Hadfield, Jack Turton, Alfred Smith, Jack Lee, Geoffrey B. Schofield, Frank Wrigley, Arthur . 10 - Beardshaw, Arthur 12 Ewart, John 14 Candler, Frank 16 Blakeley, John S.

DORCHESTER ROAD 2 Firth, Alfred W. 4 - Crosland, Arthur g Wilson, Hilda

mnt funk samt & a A N ur J = \O -] Ut GJ m

Ratcliffe, James H. Farrar, Kenneth G.

DORSET STREET 1 Roebuck, Willie 3 Farrar, Lavinia 5 Foster, Stanley 7 Armstrong, Cyril 9 Wrigley, Harry 11 Underwood, Gladys 13 Willsdon, William H. 15 Price, David 17 - Gledhill, Doris 21 Bateman, William D. 23 Richmond, Beatrice 25 Berry, Norman 2 Turton, Herbert E. 4 - Walker, Donald 6 Woodhouse, Ernest 8 Armitage, Betsy A.

Joma bank poul C C O 4 LJ -~] Ut GJ m= \D \O ~] Un GJ


Goodwin, Stanley Wood, Frank R. Senior, Arthur Duke, Ivy Garsed, Fred Bailey, Frederick Woodhouse, Walter Harrington, Thomas Slater, Margaret

DOUGLAS AVENUE Andrew, William Walton, Clifford D. Ellison, Charles T. Goldthorpe, Tom Barker, Harry Farquhar, Lionel V. Lee, Reginald K. Mountain, Ronald Bramham, Norman Bolam, James A. Smith, Harold Haigh, Rowland Ellin, James Fozard, John W. Shepperd, Frederick J. Ellis, George W. Shaw, Albert Chambers, Cyril Mathieson Robert S.

DOUGLAS AVENUE Beaumont, Harold Moorhouse, Tom Milner, Abraham Groom, Wilfred (Sent.) Marsden, Solomon Morley, Albert S. Belcher, Ernest E. Sunderland, Lillian F. Sheard, Annie Garrety, Amy Cook, Jeffrey Higton, Frederick W. S. Uttley, Herbert H. Reilly, William Thornton, Albert V. Pearce, Mary E. Chapman, Ephraim J. Turner, Ronald A. Grange, Maud Rhodes, Jack Norcliffe, Philip Winteringham, John Rigby, John S. . Blacklock, Phyllis Dyson, Julius Scott, Eric Rhodes, Joseph Turner, Arthur Sykes, Frederick G. Hobson, John W. Myers, Harry O'Shea, Elizabeth T. Connolly, Philip O'Shea, John F. Degg, William Hill, Clarice France, John

DOWKER STREET Taylor, Albert & Sons (Valves) Ltd., Valve Manufacturers (Dowker Works) Halstead, Lenny & Co. Ltd., Printers, Bookbinders, Printing Works Turner, Herbert Blunt, Marion Beever, Harry Johns, Stanley J. Good, Douglas Fallon, Joseph Cromack, Cecil Kinder, Betsy Walker, Ronald Armitage, Mabel L. Brook, Annie Whiteley, John E. Renshaw, Albert Halstead, Eric Thorpe, Willie Balmford, Frank Kennerley, Herbert Green, George H. Riley, Fred Brook, Willie Jackling, Laura Lindsay, Cyril J. Roper, Ernest

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DRAWER'S ROW 1 Howe, Douglas 3 - Marshall, Arthur 5 Taylor, Alice 7 Holt, Derek 2 Firth, Sarah J. 4 Brooke, Ronald 6 McGowan, Gerald 8 Walker, Frances M. 10 Batley, Clifford 12 Hanlon, Arthur f 14 McGowan, Florence 16 Chadwick, Robert

DRYCLOUGH ROAD 1 - Womble, Arnold T 3 McEvoy, Peter J. 5 Shepherd, William Walpole Hotel Peace, Harry 9 Arnold, John H. 11 - Mellor, Harry 13 Barrow, Albert R. 15 Garner, William 17 Smith, Hazel L. 19 Haigh, Ruth H. 21 Anderson, Harry 23 Crosland, James 25 Robinson, Robert 27 Walker, Gertrude 29 Senior, Walter 31 - Butterworth, Joe 33 Hallas, Humphrey L. 35 Green, Herbert 37 Marsden George W. 39 thtehead Gerald G. 41 Law, Ehzabeth H. 43 Atkinson, Albert 45 Murton, Charles J. S. 47 Murton, Roy H 49 Hastie, Sydney H. 51 Barrett, George R. 53 Lees, Frank 55 Addy, Fred 57 Mallinson, George F. 2 Dyson, Hubert 2 Rangeley, Philip 4 Taylor, Reginald H. 6 Taylor, John L. 8 Dudley, Ernest 10 Feeney, Robert 12 Heap, Walter E. 14 Ellis, Frank P. 16 Addy, Albert 18 Burnley, Harry 20 Wood, Mary H. 22 Pinder, Norman 32 Ainley, Annie B. 34 - Schofield, Nellie 36 Murton, John S. 38 Schofield, John 40 Collins, Lew15 44 Armitage, Clough 46 Jessop, Annegret 48 - Evans, Kenneth M. 50 Stanley 52 Askham, Marjorie 54 Askham, Henry 58 Charlesworth, Alice L. 60 Gaunt, Charlie 62 Bell, Edith 64 Armstrong, Harry 66 Maude, Mary 68 Priest, Liversidge 70 Mallinson, Wilfred 78 Mellor, Frank 80 Mellor, Alfred 80 Farrell, John B. 82 Wilkinson, Albert 84 Dudley, Lloyd 88 Ingham, Harry W. 90 Ainley, John A. H. 92 Gill, George S. 94 Ives, Allen 96 Walkden, Reynold A. 98 Smith, Elwyn R. 100 Matthews, Mary E. 102 Greenhalgh, James

DUDLEY AVENUE 1 - Bradbury, Lewis 3 Longbottom, Hervin, Decorator 5 - Bradley, Barrett 7 Roberts, John 9 Royston, Amy 1 Sykes, Mary Louisa


DUDLEY ROAD 1 Dunn, Allan G. C. 1a Sykes, Agnes 2 - Hellawell, Arthur


Calvert, John H. Turton, Joe W. Pontefract, Clarence Wilson, Alice Farrar, John C. O'Connor, Vincent John Hartas, Peter D Warwick Harold Sharp, Horace Blackburn, Horace Rawcliffe, Wilfred Todd, Frank Stocks, Geoffrey Senior, Mary E. Brook, Harold Rogers, Mabel Parkin, Dyson Jebson, Fred Watkmson, Walter Bottomley, G. A., Family Butcher

DUKE STREET Crawford, Peter Gannon, Thomas Glynn, Edward Roberts, Tom Sladdin, Edgar Cuniffe, Thomas Joyce, Michael Ogley Bros., Joiners, Plumbers

DUNDAS STREET Borval Fabrics Ltd., and Worsted Manufacturers Tel.

1723 H. & Son, Wholesale

Telfer, Drapers Willans, William & Co. Ltd., Wool Merchants. Tel. 188 and 428 Kaye, Samuel & Son Ltd., Wholesale Tea and Coffee Merchants, Plantation House. Tel. 506

DYSON STREET Jubb, Alfred Cratchley, Robert Batley, Joseph F. McWilliam, Thomas W. Blakey, Betty Liversidge, Albert Armytage, Emma K. Prosser, Ada Knight, Herbert Sykes, Gertrude White, William H. Taylor, Sarah Waite, Nellie Naylor, Carrie Swift, Stanley J. Shaw, Lewis Thwaite, Hilda Oddy, Ralph W. Cannon, William H. Burford, Sybil C. Sibbald, Thomas Shelton, David Barden, Laura Hinchliffe, Ann B. Walshaw, Herbert Senior, Ernest Gibson, Ann Ely, Harry Sinden, Thomas North, Arthur Green, Robert Beckitt, Harry Ewart, Harry Cooper, Stanley H. Naylor, Hannah M. Senior, Wilfred Hirst, Norman Land, Joseph Brook, Eliza Whittaker, Harry G. Earnshaw, Minnie Dransfield, Arthur Hepworth, Thomas A. Whitworth, Norman A. Whitworth, Clara K. Halstead, Gerald Armitage, Emily Dyson, Alice Harper, Kenneth Griffin, William A. Rycraft, William F. Davies, Ernest Horsfall, John W. Roberts, Donald Dyson, Newton Smith, Bernard V.


EARLS AVENUE Brierley, Benjamin H. Moorhouse, Frank Lindley, Harold Varley, John E. Rosengrove, George W. Smith, Arnold vensholime Frith, Stanley E.

, EAST AVENUE Virginia Lea Avison, Allan Ash Meadow - Cressy-Hall, Hugh M.

EAST CLOSE Jones, Myra E. Akroyd, Sydney Stork, Mary Haigh, George A.

EAST PARADE Fitzpatrick, Willliam A Thirkill, Peter Conway, George Horn, Edward C. T. Cross, Jack Cross, Edward Sheard, Herbert S. Ford, Elizabeth Traynor, Harry Atack, Stanley New Central Ballroom 17A Central School of Dancing 21 Kaye, Hervin 23 Flat 1 Jackson, Raymond 23 Flat 2 Hobson, Leonard Broadpent, T. W. Ltd., Electrical Engineers and Contractors, Vic- toria Electrical Works. Tel. 5371 Boyes, A. G. & Co. Ltd., Auto. Engineers Butlin Bros, Cycle Dealers and Toy Dealers. Tel. 2096 Quarmby, J. & Son Ltd., Paper Boxes, Paper Merchants and Printers. - Tel. 5134/85 8 - Taylor, Henry 8a Battye, Richard Huddersfield & Dlstnct Bill Posting Co. Ltd., 10 Wareham, Charlie 10 - Banks, Jack 12 Brown, Percy 12A Robmson Jack 16 Chinn, Harold 16A Stansfield H. 18 Blackburn, George 18a Moore, Arthur 18A Sykes, Wylie 20 Jackson, Frank 22 Hyde, J. & Co., Accountants and Auditors 24 Abbs, Ellen C. 24 Stracey, Claude Brockholes Motor Co. Ltd., Ford Depot

EAST STREET Kershaw, Ronald Clough, Lily Wood, Walter Dickson, William Burland, Peter J. Ewens, John Boothroyd, Ethel Hanner, William H. 17 Oldfield, Arthur 19 Carpenter, James W. 21 Ward, Mary 23 Driscoll, William O. 25 Martin, Neville 27 Price, Edith 29 Foster, Gladys 31 - Martin, Oliver 31A Slavin, Patrick J. 33 Booth, Gilbert R. 33A Hirst, Edith A. 35 Butterworth, Frank 35 Lindley, Maurice 35 - Blezzard, Harry 37 Chappell, Jack 39 Neville, Ronald W. J. 41 - Bradley, Lily A. 43 Dyson, Annie B. 45 Berry, John K. 47 Taylor, Albert A. Methodist Church 51 Clarke, Herman 53 Ridsdale, Harry 55 Sykes, Herbert 57 Sykes, Albert 59 Crowther, Norman L.

C a\ ] Un GJ =-


ND U1 GJ == &

push ~ W w -D _] _] Ur GJ GJ

U W == \D s] UH GJ) =

pond seat


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63 Wood, Arthur 65 Dransfield, Henry 67 Hanson, Fred > 69 Kaye, Ernest 71 Tiffany, Frank 73 Brook, Amy D. 75 Lister, Harry 77 Royston, Frank M. 79 Holt, Annie 83 McNee, George A. 8 Dundon, Michael 8 -Green, Patrick 10 Schofield, Beatrice 12 Smith, John 14 Stead, John 16 Priestley, Ernest 18 Herd, James M. 20 Brier, Fred 26 Chapman, Leslie M. 28 Dyson, Elizabeth 30 Mitchell, Ada 32 Wilkinson, Arthur J.

EAST VIEW 9 Whitefoot, Stanley E. 11 Appleyard, Willie 13 Crisp, Thomas A. 15 Gannon, William 17 Parker, Nancy 19 Rimmer, Timothy

EASTWOOD STREET 41 - Bell, Mary Annie 51 Whitaker, Beatrice M. 53 Sykes, Joe 55 Birkby, Nellie 55 Kenny, John 57 Broadbent, Norman 8 Fletcher, Tom 10 Thompson, William 12 Machen, George A. 14 - Chadwick, Thomas 16 Smith, Joe 18 Roberts, Albert 20 Doosey, William 28 Clayton, Annie 30 Rayiner, Samuel T. 30 Casey, Wilfred 32 Dickinson, Maud I. 34 Manning, George A. 36 Kaye, Kathleen 38 Maynard, Philip 40 - Berry, Lewis

EDGERTON 1 Malone, Herbert 3 Scott, Gwendoline 2 Barraclough, Martha E. 4 Higgins, Sidney W. 5 Shires, James H. Sa Henshaw, Alec J. M 5B Eaton Smith, Gethen H. 5c Spencer, Emlly 7 Fisher, Dorothy M. 9 Turner, Gladys 11 Moore, Ernest 13 Harrop, James F. 15 Jones, Alan U. 17 Sugden, John Eric W 19 Graham, Peter P. 23 Baker, Montague H. 23 Kaye, George H. 6 - Gledhill, Edward 6a Turner, Allan G. 8 Brook, John W. SA Quarmby, Dorothy M. 10 Hoyle, Irvin 10 Devery, Patrick 12 Lockwood, Reggie 12 Shaw, Kenneth T. 14 Abbey, Ellen B. 18 Murgatroyd, Annie H. 20 Waverley School 22-24 Greenwood, Frank E. 26 Wood, Andrew F 26A Stevenson, Charles D. 28 - Wilsher, Florence L. 30 Klouman, Frederick A. 32 Williams, Denys R. H. Roseneath Birrell, Godfrey

Bremen House 1 Parkinson, Mary M 1 - Procter, Kathleen 1a Allan, Robert G. 2 Scholefield, Anna E. 3 - Marshall, Harold Desmonde Jagger, Charles A.


Brook House Mount 1 - Crowther, Nellie 1 - Shepherd, Emily E. 2 Moxon, Walter 2A Fisher, Harold

EDGERTON GROVE ROAD Rosen, Herbert 12 Henshaw, Dorothy M. 14 Trepie, Jack 16 Grainger, Thomas W. 18 Haywood, Norman A. 20 Willson, Clifford V. 22 Stallard, Richard P. - 24 Underwood, Gerald R.

Chapel House Pearson, Thomas

Edgerton Nurseries 1 Wood, Annie E. 3 Chilton, Edwin N. 5 Elliott, Walter SA Lockwood, Arthur P. 7 - Smith, Frank H

EDGERTON LANE Graham, Jack N. Grainger, Annie Methodist Church

Lod ==

EDGE TERRACE Haggis, Albert Haggis, Harold Rothwell, Frank Rowbottom, James H. Chapman, Wilfred Crawshaw, Josiah

tooca A v

ELDER ROAD 1 Graydon, William F. 3 Carter, Alec R. 5 O'Neill, Patrick J. 7 Liggins, Frederick 9 Meadows, Thomas 1 Courtman, Jack 3 Dransfield, Derek 5 Payne, Brian L Tyas, Ronald 9 Whitworth, Peter G. 21 Maginess, Henry 23 Thompson, Dennis C. 25 Ellis, James E. 27 Longley, Gordon 29 Carter, Alec 31 Chatterton, Arthur 33 Brown, Victor 35 Clark, George 37 Jessop, Brian 39 Head, Leonard T. 41 Dyson, Willie 43 - Garside, Dyson 45 - Hamlet, Harold 47 Stephenson, Arthur 49 Ovington, Matthias J. 51 Porter, Alfred B. 2 Stoker, Jack 4 Holroyd, Alfred 6 Pickles, Willie 8 Naven, Robert 10 Jones, Albert E. 12 Edwards, William 17 Polzin, Frances V. 16 Napier, Harold 18 Murphy, Gerald 20 - Horsfall, Malcolm 22 Taylor, Minnie 24 Thornton, Winifred 26 Dyson, Edward 28 Kenny, Christopher 30 Moore, Oscar 32 Evans, Rose E. 34 - Pryer, Thomas G. C. 36 Hopton, Lucy A. 38 Stanley, A. E. 40 - Hargreaves, William 42 Flynn, Arthur 44 - Giles, Willie 46 - Ballantyne, Emma 48 - Tushingham, William J. 50 Lindley, Charles F. 52 Lunn, Wilfred 54 - Calcraft, Thomas W. 56 Stubbings, Harold J. 58 Robson, William 60 Barber, Maurice 62 Morgan, Harold 62 Walton, Herbert 64 Mitchell, Fred 38 Thomas, Albert B.

v r- \Q \D \] UA GJ -s

punk fuk

ELDON ROAD Dixon, Allan Rogerson, Leslie Wood, William Walker, George H. Davies, Willliam Cordery, James Batley, Walter Blakeley, Hector B, Fish Fryer, Eldon Road Fisheries Hollings, Gordon Richards, Jack Schofield, Dorothy Brownbridge, Clara Richards, Ada E Ellam, John R. Iredale, Jack Riley, Nellie Rangeley, Edith A. Whiteley, Herbert Whiteley, Walter

37-39 Lewis, Philip,


, Provision Merchant Watson, Harold Pilling, Donald R. Cotton, Herbert Crawshaw, George Bates, Horace Walker, Charles G. Catton, Frank

Kaye, Emily

Winkley, Harry Bill, Harold Sunderland, John Brook, Leonard Dodson, Edgar F. Sykes, Harry Purdy, Caroline Rogers, George E. Oldham, George Jones, George W. Clegg, Albert Smallburn, Tom Schofield, Thomas O. Pogson, Sel Hollingworth, James Gledhill, N O'Reilly, Patrick J. Hanson, Elizabeth M. Matthews, Douglas Hall, Harry Yates, John Lumb, George Taylor, Florence Ellinthorpe, Edith Gledhill, Frank Roper, Gilbert H. Garside, Geoffrey Foster, Holling Woolhouse, Louisa Taylor, William H. Walker, Beatrice A. Bray, Frank Brook, Kenneth Shaw, Li ly Holland, Douglas Milnes, Herbert Elkington, Elizabeth E. Barcroft, Joseph Alderson, Francis G. Senior, Thomas W. Dyson, Frank Dawson, Edward Atkinson, Frank Shaw, Mary J. Scholefield, Louie V. Scholefield, Percy K. Muff, Arthur Berry, Marry A. Smallman, Francis E. Turner, Roy Arnold, Mary A. Benson, William A. Lawton, Winifred L. M. Wheelhouse, Harry Farrer, John Taylor, Clade A. North, Arthur Thompson, Arnold Dean, John Duffy, John S. Rothery, Harry Norcliffe, Arthur Singleton, Harold McGurk, David Schofield, Mary E. Sykes, John K. Barker, George W. Allison, Ethel Dyson, Flora E.

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68 Middleton, Eric T. 70 Barrett, William 72 Hoskins, Ada 74 Hiley, Mary Ann 76 Taylor, Annie E. 78 Fox, Edwin 80 Watts, Kenneth P. 82 Wilde, Leslie 84 Brooke, Frank M. 86 Duffy, Fred 88 Butterworth, Harold 90 Prescott, James 90 Senior, Robert A. 92 Yates, Leonard 94 Howlett, Willie 96 Dyson, Margaret L. Wilkinson, Jack Fairburn, Annie Kaye, Annie Bird, Evelyn Young, Willliam J. Copley, Frank Brierley, Albert Edwards, William O. Townend, Jim Sykes, Edith Firth, Will Priestley, Annie Gelder, Clement 126 Halstead, Joe Q. McStrafick, Frederick Illingworth, David E. Morton, John A. Dingle, Clifford J. Handley, Edward Barnes, Bernard Poulter, Leonard Gee, Douglas A. Brook, Sydney H. Turner, Charles E.

Shakespeare Buildings Hackett, Frank Butterfield, Margaret K. Hemingway, Frank Moore, Sarah A. Hemingway, Harry Moxon, Ida M. Tiffany, Ann E.

ELEANOR STREET 1 Oates, Elizabeth 3 Ellwood, James §I Uttley, Albert 9

C0 «1 O Ur J& L bJ

Uttley, Clara Sanderson, Helen B. 11 Hutchinson, Florence M. 13 Veitch, Frederick W. 15 North, Reginald 17 Kitson, Arthur R. 19 Cutts, Blanche 21 Rogers, Herbert 23 Wilson, Joseph E. 4 Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Society Ltd. 8 Cocking, Richar I. 10 Hoyle, Frank 12 Thornton, Frank

ELLISON STREET 1 Heeley, Arthur W. 3 McCallum, James 5 Boothroyd, Joe 7 Crabtree, Stansfield 9 Hall, William 1 Warburton, John (Senr.) 13 Vickerman, Tom 15 Torr, Thomas H. 17 Stalker, William 19 Jenkinson, Leslie 21 Ibberson, Arthur 2 Ward, Ernest 4 Mann, Stanley 6 Denham, John 8 Sykes, Brian 10 Dransfield, Jack 12 Gilfillan, Jean 14 Thorp, Jim 16 Jackson, George H. 18 Holdsworth, Vincent 20 Lockwood, Irvin

ELMFIELD ROAD 1 Bucke, Alberta A. 1a Milnes, James 3 Travis, William C. 5 Stringer, Peter 7 Swire, Henry T. M. 9 Vickerman, Thomas 1 Duncan, Thomas


13 15 2 4

duu u LA A w u 6 b

Anderson, Warren H. Mackenzie, Frank Shaw, Doris M. Whittaker, Henry R. Lake, Arthur B. E. Eastwood, Constance M. Shaw, James W. Wood, Walter L. Prout, William H. Jones, Arthur Stafford, Edwin L. Ellis, Marcus A. Nichols, Arthur D. Speakes, William Moorhouse, Harold A. Archer, Muriel Harpin, Donald G. Stancliffe, Harry Bygott, Kenneth W. Mellor, Godfrey

ELMFIELD TERRACE Draper, Gerald Barrie, Andrew Beaumont, John Hardcastle, Kathleen Lightowler, Albert Mead, George

ELM STREET Lawton, Brook S. Gibson, Dermott Townend, Sykes Robinson, Harry Holmes, Stanley B. Acklam, John Cox, Laura Garraty, John P. Dobson, Walter Winterbottom, Joe C. & Son, Plasterers, Slaters Horsfall

Sewell, Kenneth Day, Donald Woolley, James G. Cromack, Nellie Dodd, Sydney Hornciliffe, John T. Farrow, James Malone, John Cunningham, James Brook, Lawrence

ELMWOOD AVENUE Lockwood, Ida Duffey, James Brockelhurst, William Summers, Michael Winn, William C. Wallace, Keith Whitaker, James P. Edwards, Raymond C. Jones, Alexander T. Adams, Harold A.

EMERALD STREET Hustler, Allen Mulleague, John H. Hamilton, Patrick H. Egan, Annie Livesey, Ivor Hancock, Walter Whitton, Clarence M. Doyle, James Huddersfield Corporation Clean - sing Dept., Hillhouse Depot Carter, Albert Nielsen, Norman

EMMANUEL TERRACE Clarke, Fred Hoyle, Frank Rawnsley, Reggie Hardy, Mary Jepson, Albert Robinson, Sarah Brook, Derek Sykes, Flora Booth, Eddie Berry, Thomas D. Barrett, Roy Dearnley, Hubert Armitage, Annie Fawcett, Watson Peace, Norman Milnes, Robinson


ENOCH LANE Crowther, Jack Iveson, Richard J. Kelly, Thomas Haigh, Stanley Schofield, James E. Bolton, Geoffrey Steel, Bernard Armitage, Raymond Durrans, Victor Bedford, Albert T.

EVERARD STREET 11 Sykes, Winifred 11 Crompton, Sarah J. 13 Adams, John H. 15 Vickerman, Oliver 19 Avision, Donald 21 Steele, Edward 23 Walker, Thomas 25 Firth, Leonard Y. 27 Seddon, Robert H. 33 Hinchliffe, Kenneth 35 - Beaumont, Ethel A. 37 Brook, Norman 39 Cockhill, Norman A. 41 - Porter, Derek 43 Dawson, Audrey M. 45 Taylor, Ralph 47 Lockwood, Joe 49 Vickerman, John 51 Clint, John M. 53 Sykes, Hubert 8 Gay, Harriet E. 10 Beaumont, George 12 Marson, Arthur 14 Rayner, James A. 14 Wilkinson, Annie 16 Isherwood, Fred 18 Jessop, Harry 20 Kirk, Arthur 22 Clayton, Dorothy 24 - Brearley, Granville 26 Townend, Carrie C. 28 Porter, Robert 30 Nunns, Blanche M. 32 Gillett, Joyce 34 Dawson, Mary 36 Armitage, Hugh K. 38 Lodge, Mary E. 40 - Laycock, Jack R. 42 Walker, Agnes 44 Taylor, Florence 46 Brown, Edward 48 Ellam, Frank 48 - Battye, Ann 50 Atkinson, Clifford 52 Cartwright, Emily 54 Thompson, Kenneth 56 Sheard, Edwin 58 Holmes, Arnold

FACTORY LANE 1 - Johnson, Earnshaw 3 Whiteley, Fred 5 Warwick, William - 9 Fenton, George 11 Taylor, Nellie 13 Ashton, Joe __ 15 Chaloner, Norris 17 Steadman, John H. 19 Holmes, Frank 21 Burke, Thomas | 23 - Beaumont, Dennis 25 Lockwood, John L. 25 Townsend, Ben 27 Smith, Albert V. 29 Webb, Mary A. 2 Jolliff, Joseph M. 6 Rudge, John T. 8 Smith, Fred 10 Mullineaux, Joseph 12 Morton, William B. L. 14 Hirst, Albert 16 Mallinson, Leslie 18 - Mear, Albert 20 Dunn, Florence A. 22 Dean, Lewis 24 Baldwin, James W. 26 Battye, James W. 30 Twigg, Hilda E. 32 Garside, Herbert 34 - Wells, Lily 36 Kerrod, Thomas E. 38 Robinson, Harry ' Burdetts House Johnson, Sam

FAIRLEA AVENUE 4 Haywood, Frank 6 Dyson, Colin

funk & I J& N =- «] Un GJ e

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Broadbent, Jessie Weatherhead, Annie

FAIRLEA COTTAGES Lloyd, Ernest David Brown, Marion McLean, Harry Kelf, Leslie B. Sykes, Donald Mellor, Thomas A. Fitch, Caroline Longbottom, Edith Marshall, Edward Hopper, Sarah Priestley, Gordon Gledhill, Amy

FAIRLEA ROAD Maude, Cyril W. Lister, Eva Kilner, Elizabeth A. Haigh, Phyllis Crawshaw, Ernest Bairstow, Frank Longbottom, Bryan A. Stephenson, Charles H. Clegg, Harry Hargreaves, Willliam Turner, Thomas A. Matthews, Fred Bradley, Clifford Bradshaw, Annie Bedford, Norman Plows, Robert W. Pluright, Isabeal Tinker, Fred Haigh, Marion Thompson, Sarah A. Bailey, Tom Knight, Dora Bradley, Jack R.

Fair Lea Lodge Henderson, Norman

FAIR STREET Wortley, Joseph W. Middleton, Ann N. Carney, Michael Dyson, Albert E. Sykes, Ernest A. Haigh, Rosa Bailey, George Simpson, Arnold Dyson, Eric Haigh, Edward B. Pyrah, William H. Oldfield, Edgar Calvert, Arthur C. Walmsley, Alice Noble, Annie Conroy, John

FANNY MOOR CRESCENT Gronback, Caroline Sleep, Frank Hill, Allan Welsh, Annie Wright, William H. Phillips, Patrick (Senr.) Watson, Dorothy Bairstow, Helena C. Hargreaves, Norman Hargreaves, Frank McGuire, Thomas H. Hinchliffe, Dick Baldwin, Thomas B. Ainley, Norris Davis, Harry N. Rattigan, Patrick Booth, Ernest Morley, Wilfred McSweeney, John J. Williams, Edward Samuels, Thomas Daly, Francis Metcalfe, Trevor Avison, Percy Wilkinson, Willie Ibeson, Frank Cable, Lilian Oldfield, Fred Houghton, Leslie R. Wood, Thomas Cass, Clarence H. P. Stranger, Reginald Williams, Charles H. Parker, Eileen Spencer, Norman Moore, John T. Merlin, John Greenwood, John E.

Adams, Llewellyn Smith, William Catling, Norman Curran, Patrick Shaw, Jack Green, William Evans, Thomas Glass, David A. Duckett, Douglas Dalton, James Harrison, Clifford Jackson, Harold N. Coyne, Anthony Norton, William Rattigan, Mary Blackburn, Ruth

FANNY MOOR LANE Goslinski, Eva Wilkinson, John Jeffrey, Cyril Walter Whalebelly, Walter J. Thornton, Liversidge Jackson, Irvin Bryan, Reginald Morton, David Griffiths, Dennis Wardrop, John Davies, Frederick Jennings, Austin Murray, Herbert Wolfenden, Harold France, George Prior, Hubert Booth, Norman Yates, Clifford Guy, George E. Milnes, Kenneth Smith, Sydney A. Whitehead, Ronald H. Eastwood, Joe H. Gledhill, George O'Donoghue, Patrick Gaal, Katherine Hoyle, Herbert Baxter, Louis B. Newton, Alfred Cunningham, Robert Byram, Robert W. Bell, William H. Standish, Arthut Costello, Peter Noble, Walter Eastwood. William Jessett, Herbert E. Davies, Arthur Taylor, Bernard A. Swallow, Stanley Armitage, Fred W. W. Fenwick, Jack Woodcock, James A. Mosley, James E. Senior, William Rose, Ernest A. Walker, Ida Rodley, Herbert D. Silver, Wilson Shaw, James Green, Joe

FARADAY SQUARE Lomax, Kenneth Tansey, Donald Kenyon, May Haigh, Harold Hoyle, Jack Marsden, Luke Johnson, Alice M. Grocott, Joseph Baxendale, Harold Cook, Edith Hirst, John A. Leech, Lilian Mousir, Thomas A. Brown, Fred

FARFIELD ROAD Broadbent, Fred Fisher, Harry W. Isherwood, Dorothy J. Turner, Tom Beal, Edwin Erby, Edward C. Barker, Frederick Sykes, Mavis Cawsey, Cyril Shillito, Arnold Sutton, James George Hampson, Jack Gilliard, Richard H.

Bradley, Michael Sykes, Alfred Dodson, Thomas H. Trevarthen, Douglas K. Smith, Herbert Blackburn, Ruby J. Briggs, Herbert Day, Mary H. Maguire, John L. S. Turner, George E. Sharrocks, Thomas Cook, Harold Holberry, Edmund Chadwick, Leslie Kirwin, John Dearnley, Arthur Crosland, Ernest Collins, Jesse A. J. Crowther, Fred Lord, Alfred Hinchliffe, Willie Stranger, Arthur North, Joe W. Sutcliffe, Fred Williamson, John A. Gash, Lewis Womersley, James E. Crossley, Ernest B. Petty, Ernest Sutcliffe, Ernest A. Earnshaw, James H. Hand, Frank Wild, John Bushell, Frank Ogley, Leslie Whittell, Leslie Smith, George E. Lodge, Ernest Fitzgerald, Michael C. Bottomley, Robert Wood, John Feeney, William Bramhall, Norris W. Kershaw, Charles Armitage, Clifford Jones, John F. Oldroyd, Raymond Fahy, Peter Shaw, Arthur N. Scaramuzza, Mary J. Beaumont, Jack Padgett, Ernest Liversidge, Doris Tranter, George Halstead, Harold Nichols, Margaret M. Armitage, Arthur Bailey, Arthur J. Tarbuck, Thomas Oliver, Jack Mills, Willie Stonebridge, Albert J. Driver, Kenneth Buckley, Albert H. Moss, Edwin T. Sykes, Ernest Rousell, Victor L. Boothroyd, Brian Smith, Lindley W. Worth, Frederick Leadbeater, Joshua Holdsworth, Cyril Burns, John J. Sykes, John E. Weldrake, Ernest Watmuff, Ronald Harrison, George Grant, Herbert Vickers, Edward G. H. Willis, Norman Huthwaite, Harry Huthwaite, Elma K. Grant, Frederick N. Barker, Thomas H. R. Leslie, Harry L. Holbrook, Concrete and Asphalt Co., The Shore, John Lumley, Roy Crosland, Harry Sowden, Tom Goldsmith, Stanley T. Blackburn, Walter Bentley, Frank Bichop, Margaret A. Capel, Joseph Brook, Ronald Barker, Fred Green, Ernest L. Lee, Fred

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Berriman, Maurice Budd, Edward A. Womersley, George W. Phillips, Edith Arrundale, Herbert Sanderson, Edward Ramsden, Clifford Taylor, Fred Newton, Thomas Shaw, Lancelot Harrison, Owen F. Lowe, Reuben V. Hall, Harold R. Wilson, Charles E. West, Percy Steel, Harold Oxley, Herbert G. Kirby, Reginald W. Stead, Geoffrey Scaman, Charles H.

FARTOWN GREEN ROAD Tunnacliffe, Hilda Pearson, Stephen J. Lammyman, Percy Lee, Norman Eastwood, Magdalene P. Kolat, Gwendoline S. Sutcliffe, George Graham, Abraham & Son (Huddersfield) Ltd., Builders , Contractors, Fartown Bar Wilde, William L. Grindrod, Minnie Clayton, Doris Brummitt, Harry Jackson, Kenneth Brummitt, Colin Lockwood, Philip G. Heppenstall, Philip A. Healey, Gordon Clegg, Ethel Turner, James K. Gordge, Frank C. Barnett, Ralph Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Society Ltd. (Grocery Department) Schofield, Kenneth Lockwood, Edward Wallhead, Cecil G., Grocer Peirson, John E. C. Kaye, Norris Shore, George B. Blacker, Douglas R. O'Keeffe, David Guiney, Patrick J. Sanderson, Alice Turner, Norah Harrison, May Hopkinson, William McGill, William Battye, James A. Dransfield, Fred Dransfield, Harry Horsewood, Frank Lunn, Eric C. Webster, Wilfred Hargreaves, Ronald Firth, Tom Clifford, Sidney Pryer, Edith M. Dobson, Stanley, Off Licence, Mixed Watson, Ida Lower, Charles E. Sanderson, Clifford Smith, Henry Wallis, Fred Keep, Percy Ltd., Motor Engineers Fartown Green Garage Flynn, Edward J. Beaumont, Frank Lodge, Harry Lawton, George L. Duggan, Tom Edwards, Alan N. G. Wass, Edith Hoyle, Ronald Higgins, William L. Coultas, Elizabeth Smith, Douglas Capps, William E. an, Thomas Goode, Nellie Cooper, Julia Sykes, Nora F. D. Ward, William Reddington, Martin Gill, Harold


Flash Farm House

\D C0 _] O Un J& W bJ =-

Blackburn, Albert Boothroyd, Arthur Carter, Peter Green, Joseph Dyson, John Denniss, Douglas Moorhouse, Melvin Dodson, Arnold Martin, Herbert Maddocks, Peter Eastwood, Arthur N. L. Hartley, Sarah E. Jarrell, Charles H. Thornton, Fred Kennedy, Elizabeth M. Moss, Lily Cooper, Herbert Cooper, William H. Kaye, Charles W. Swift, George T. Dransfield, Norman W. White, Gordon Dightam, Ernest E. Eastwood, Harry Harper, Harry Mellor, William E. Booth, Frank Gibson, Keightley Appleby, Colin N. ale, John B. ~ Whiteley, Foster R. Hall, Percival Kaye, Edgar S. Potter, George Donoghue, Thomas Branch, Derrick Cooper's Buildings Ashfield, Henry E. Foote, Florence E. Jacobsfield, Derek Howarth, Horace Carter, James Wilde, Gertrude Ellis, Derek Hinchliffe, Willie Weir, Robert

FELCOTE AVENUE Sowden, Leslie Newton, Albert P. Adamson, Sidney R. Mowat, Alexander S. Roebuck, Walter James, Bertie R. Aston, Bernard Bell, Phillip H. Mitchell, Herbert Todman, Wilfred Clelland, Hannah Mitchell, Jack Nutting, Robert N. Goddard, Florence R. Waller, Alfred J. Wilburn, Fred Russell, Sydney A. Preedy, George E. Parkin, Adrian Nicholls, Ronald S. Edington, John Sutton, John A. Miliczek, Marguerite H. Gledhill, Ellen Varley, Willie Moss, Albert Rusling, Albert G. Thomas, Joyce Astwick, Tom Hawkes, Harold Woodhead, Cecil Wright, Raymond Hydes, George W. W. McAdam, Florence Burrows, Alfred Owen, Fr Blackmore, Cyril D. Evans, Thomas E. Dawes, Nellie Taylor, Lawrence Courtney, Hilda Holgate, Leslie

FELK STILE ROAD Crosland Heath Golf Club

Ctosland Heath Golf Club House

Swain, Sydney A.

Spring Grove Wood, Harry

1 3

FELL GREAVE CRESCENT Fox, Dennis E. Wright, Charles


5 Hinchliffe, Norman 7 Rodgers, James 9 Aistrop, Joseph 1 _ Whitehouse, Joseph 3 Lodge, Edmund 15 Lodge, Arnold 17 Devanney, Colman 19 Stott, Tom 19 Woodward, Michael 21 Brennan, Roland Harmon, Catherine Hessel, Robett C. Stopford, Ronald Lodge, Joe 31 Walter Balmforth, Colin Fretwell, Jack Joyce, Thomas Goodall, Wilfred 41 - Burns, Mary England, Leonard Oddy, Albert W. Denniss, Stanley Bell, Christopher Denton, Ronald 51 Bates, James W. 2 Dixon, James 4 - Metcalf, Gladys 6 Curry, Frank 8 McGowan, Mary E. Tunnacliffe, George W. A. 12 Gothard, Ernest Hamer, Frank J. Holliday, Stead 18 Redfern, Louie Pearson, Harold Firth, Margaret Mear, George E. Moore, Herbert Clarkson, John Knapton, Stanley Wadsworth, Fred West, John Ian Moss, Jackie Worsley, Norman Geary, Patrick J. Rutherford, Frederick W. Wilson, John Weir, Charles Durkin, John Taylor, Thomas A. Hirst, Jack Harrop, George Cliffe, John F. Taylor, Percy S. Deane, James Allan, Francis Kershaw, George Crowther, Cyril Noble, Frederick A. McDermott, Leo Chadwick, Willie Bruce, Leonard A. Yeadon, Gladys Thomas, James Clarke, William McDonald, Joseph Kaye, Fred Pollard, Arnold

FELL GREAVE FARM 1 Battye, Arthur N. 2 Holmes, Louie Crabtree, John G.

FELL GREAVE ROAD Winterbottom, Jack Naughton, Michael Astwick, Ben Taylor, Stanley F. Milner, Jack Ashcroft, James E. Melia, William Shaw, Edwin Cowley, Minnie Rogers, Harold Taylor, Charles E. Smith, John Lumb, Jack Fell Grove Cottage Wood Nook Farm Wood Nook Farm Sainsbury, Miriam

FENAY BRIDGE Brewery Yard 1 Lockwood, Sykes J. 2-3 Sparrow, John A. 5 Roberts, Wilfred 6 Earnshaw, Gladys 7-8 Dyson, Ronald

jams pmk joust junk O0 & O J& -] ur w - \D <] UL QJ is

Coleman, Henry T. Smith, Eric

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7-8 Bell, Jack 92 Wolfenden, Mary 9 Kinder, Willie 10 Cairns, John 12 Haigh, Louise 12 - Glendinning, Dorothy 13 Crowther, Charles F. 14 Randle, Vida 15 Elgie, Charles W. 17 France, Harry 16 Barnbrook, Elizabeth 18 Jackson, James A. 19 Padgett, John W. 20 Batch, Gerald | 21 Whiteley, John 22 Marsden, James H. 23 Woodhead, Frank Barker's Kennels

FENAY GRANGE 2 Pilling, George 3 - Smith, Irving Farm Pilling, Anthony

FENAY LANE Shaw, Norman Booth, John K. May, Wilfred Liversidge, Gladys Booth, Brian Livesey, Harry Wood, Allen Rushworth, Abraham Nutton, Ellen Boothroyd, Lavinia Nutton, Albert Beaumont, Alfred I. Inman, Harold J. K. Pearson, May Borrill, Mary A. Wilson, Pollie Lockwood, Ernest 10 Heywood, Eli 20 Barlow, James A. Almondbury County School Birksgate Dyson, George H. Birksgate Roberts, Elizabeth Fenay Court Jarmain, Geoffrey G. Fenay Court White, Daisy, Isobel Fenay Court Randle, Florence M. Stoneylands Golden, Constance M. Owston Lodge Gibson, John M. Medical Officer of Health Fenay Cottage Raiss, Henry W. Gardener's Cottage, Fenay Hall Banner, Robert L. Fenay Hall Roebuck, Gilbert Fenay Hall Pepper, Norah Fenay Hall Cottage Barraclough, James C. Fenay Wood Astle, Violetta Fenay Wood Charlesworth, Joe

FENTON ROAD 1 Wombell, George 3 Townend, Clifford 5 Castle, J ames 3 Mallinson, Annie 1 3

poot past jund prat frum

Osterfield, Lewis Brook, Walter Manchester, John H. 15 Sumpner, Claude 17 Sykes, Joe B. 19 Cawthra, Francis W. 21 Bevers, John 23 Webster, George Ed. 25 Eyre, Herbert 27 Lawson, Edwin 29 Bradley, Howard 31 Durrans, Jack 33 Hinchliffe, Arthur 35 Hoyle, Joe Allen 37 Dytch, Lewis 39 Copper, Edward R. 41 - Sykes, Elsie M. 43 Lunn, Kenneth 53 Frost, Joe 55 Bower, Harry 55 Stead, Colin 57 Leatheam, Harry 59 France, Arthur 61 Simpson, Edna M. 65 Sykes, Norman L. 67 Oliver, Harry 69 Hoyle, Annie 71 Boothroyd, Douglas 73 Hepper, Sutcliffe 75 Bottom, Gertrude 77 Dean, Eliza A. 81 - Broadbent, Lewis

1_ N O & O & t) -~ \D Ut GJ =


~ G u & w G LN D -=

J rat mas \D sul S] G/] tJ bout bas

Bell, William Saunders, Frederick W. J. Marshall, Eliza A. Barber, Clifford Whiteley, John E. Quarmby, Harry Harrop, Edi Goldsbrough, Clifford Kaye, Fred Hartley, Harold Pearson, Harold Reader, Annie Radley, Samuel C. Shaw, Cyril Sanderson, Lewis Walker, Matthew Halstead, James E. Blackett, George Sykes, Harold Kaye, Edwin Emery, Samuel Shore, Joseph Weldrake, Ernest P. Armstrong, Norman Green, Jack Raine, Stephenson

FENTON SQUARE Humphreys, John E. Jackson, Thomas R. Buttle, Herbert Lunn, Ernest Thomas, Tom Haigh, Tom Watson, George, W. Tipling, Herbert Horgan, David Knott, Albert Clifton, Cyril

FERN LEA ROAD Wood, Ada Boothroyd, Fred Shaw, Wilfrid Dyson, Vincent Appleyard, Carrie Rhodes, Mary A. Wordsworth, Walter Atkinson, Norman Hirst, Frank Mallinson, Willie Armitage, Edmund A.

FERNLEIGH Shaw, Jane Smith, John H. Kenyon, Jack Sanderson, Herbert Buckley, Joseph Asquith, Eric Dean, Arthur Littlewood, Ernest Taylor, James A.

FERNSIDE AVENUE Lodge, Wallace R. Oliver, Frank Monkman, Ruth I. Mallinson, Amelia Roberts, George H. Cassidy, John Russell, William J. Dickerson, Harry Lane, Flora Botterell, William Arthur Shaw, George Ellis, 1 Duncan, Tom Dodgson, Edith Jones, Mary E. Leadbeater, Harry Haigh, George W. Giles, John W. Crowther, James A. Steveley, John Butterfield, Fred Boyce, Douglas W. Newsome, Mabel L. Jemmison, John C. Booth, George H. Robinson, Thomas T. Reynolds, Norman Burns, William Birch, Albert Harper, Thomas Dyson, Thornton Hanselman, Leonard Iredale, Frank Bolton, Hugh

57 Y Craven, Edgar 59 Poole, George 61 - Fleetwood, Victor 63 Stead, Albert 65 Boothroyd, Clifford 67 Gait, Harold L. 69 Horn, Harold 71 - Tindall, George 73 Kitching, Harry R. 75 Mellor, Leonard 77 Ambler, Frank 79 Baldwin, Kenneth 81 - Ferrand, Bernard 83 Teale, Alice 83 Brook, William 85 Curtis, John E. H. 87 Cooper, Stanley 89 Bullas, Harold 91 Haigh, Edward 93 Rees, Clifford 95 McNickle, John 97 Williamson, Frank 97 Elam, Florence 99 Vernon, Walter F. 101 - Longbottom, Joss 103 Thomas, Frederick 107 Jowitt, Bernard 109 Hood, John 111 Dixon, John E. 113 Bottom, Wilfred 115 Beevers, David L. 117 Crossley, Harry 119 Mason, Leslie 121 Moses, John J. 123 Woods, Frank 125 Kitson, Alec 127 Clegg, Dennis 129 Whitworth, Lewis 131 Rowe, Alfred J. 133 Bradley, Norman 135 Brunton, Albert R. 137 Hill, Harry C. 139 - Richardson, Herbert 141 Cooper, Derek 143 Knowles, Caroline 145 Wilks, Stanley 147 Wand, Ronald 149 Jones, Arthur 151 Hampson, Raymond 153 Dransfield, Doris 155 Forman, Florence 155 Mear, Alexander H. 157 Wainman, John 159 Gough, John 161 Stewart, Kenneth S. 163 Parkinson, John F. 165 Morris, Leslie W. 167 Kelly, Thomas 169 Noble, Arthur 171 - Farrar, Dennis 173 Corcoran, George H. 175 Day, Eric N. 177 Wade, Frederick S. 179 Pollard, Victor 181 - Oldfield, Edgar 183 Fenwick, Cyril 185 Parkin, George L. 187 Holdsworth, Raymond C. 189 Goldstein, Joseph H. 191 England, Douglas F. 193 Lovick, Frank 193 Lovick, John 195 Tarbutt, William 197 England, Jack 199 Burnside, Frederick 201 Ware, Robert L. 203 Garside, Kenneth 205 Habron, John 207 Turner, Donald 209 Evans, Harold L. 211 - Smelt, Wilfred 213 Howarth, Frederick 213 Brown, Reginald J. 2 Debieux, Pierre A. 4 Sutton, Frederick 6 Fleming, Patrick 8 Newlove, George R. 10 Hargreaves, Wilfred 12 Whitehead, Norris 12 Noble, Emily 14 Thornton, Robert A. 14 Kirby, Leonard S. B. 16 Buckley, Jack 18 - Bates, Norris 18 Crowther, Jack 18 Bates, Dorothy 20 McGlynn, John 20 McGlynn, John C. 20 Sallis, Frank

Page 151

w 00 «_J O un & W b -

Brook, Charles Holroyd, Lister Flynn, John A. Senior, William Kilner, William Henry, Edward Booth, Allen Thornburn, Alan Townend, George Hampson, Jonas Dennis, Alfred W. Bycroft, Jeffrey Sykes, John A. Battye, Kenneth Jubb, William Meigh, Joseph Lafferty, John J. Woods, Ernest Johnson, Edmund Plant, Claude Mellor, George T. Tilley, Royston Johnson, Robert J. Hunneybell, William Parkes, Ronald Earnshaw, Robert

Waddmgton, George E.

Wilkinson, John G. Jones, Raliph W. B. Hirst, John W. Smith, Dennis C. Watson, Duncan Crowther, Reggie Rothery, Leslie H. Podger, Leslie E. Ellis, Ronald Shaw, Leonard S. Farrar, Milton I. Holland, Albert A. Green, Trevor Tansey, Harold Dockery, Michael Richards, Ernest Beresford, Ronald F. Weber, Joan Lynn, Herbert Redican, Patrick Robinson, Arnold Holland, John Knight, John S. Earle, George W. Smith, Frank

Wood, Harold West, Albert W. Gibson, Fred Dyson, Leonard H. Collins, Erna I. Parker, Frederick Sharp, Donald M. Armitage, Llewellyn Wright, Arthur F. Sharp, David Shaw, John T. Cage, Frank Stephenson, Frank Munro, Harold Conlon, John Roberts, Kenneth

Webster, Herbert B. Rogers, James M. Brunton, John I. Bennett, Albert E. Hawkes, Charles H. Rickett, John H. Harford, Daniel Duffy, Patrick B. Earnshaw, Albert A. Daubney, Henry M , Lawrence Jessop, Firth Fisher, Norman Middleton Geoffrey Dyson, Elizabeth Mullarkey, Thomas S. Dearnley, Wilfred

The Camp Sutcliffe, Geoffrey Law, Philip Taft, Stephen D. Roberts Geoffrey G. Whiteley, Charles S. Conroy, James Casper, Francis Roznowski, Mollie Gilroy, Harold



Jones, Arthur R. Harris, Harry Norman, Harold J. Higgins, Norman Motzheim, Annie Murray, William A.

FERNSIDE CRESCENT Bleazard, Harold Bodenham, Stanley Wagstaff, Leslie Wadsworth, Sam H. Stephenson, Ronnie McMahon, Gordon Rose, Stanley Jones, Kenneth J. Sharman, Ernest J. Brown, Jack Croxford, Charles D. Moore, Charles H. Fowler, Francis H. Folan, John C. Moon, Harold R. Haigh, Arthur Moorhouse, Eric Aylward, Eric Brown, Kenneth W. Curran, Leonard Lucas, Richard Fahey, Michael Bradley, Bernard Wade, Bryan Cooney, Mary Rodgerson, William L. Conroy, Bernard Scott, Eric Eagleton, Lawrence Goddard, Charles McNulty, Bernard Taylor, Stanley G. Whitteron, Jack Kaye, George H. Count, John C. Garry, Joseph M. H. Atkins, Reginald Williams, Barbara A. Burnett, Cecil Jones, John T.

FERN STREET Dobson, Kathleen M. Whitehead, John T. Swift, Mary H. Hamer, Arthur Phillips, Annie M. Dransfield, Horace Kitson, Thomas Sheard, John W. Jackson, Ida Sheard, Geo. & Son, Woollen Manufacturers (Bay Hall Milis)

FIELDHOUSE LANE Peace, Ernest Hurd, Walter E. Pounder, Trevor H. Boothroyd, Joe Schofield, John

Fieldhouse Yard Bickerdike, Leslie McCann, Peter

Hodge, Harry Walker, Lydia Baimbridge, Jane Caunt, Ernest Stembridge, Jack

FIELDHOUSE ROAD Porter, Harold Woodhouse, Stanley M. Robinson, George H. Bentley, Arthur O'Connor, Joseph Pestell, Richard Rayner, Rex Stott, Jack Lockwood, Clarence Sutcliffe, Percy Day, Norman Ackroyd, William H. Scrivens, Wilfred Longley, Haigh Dransfield, Edgar Watkins, James Dewhirts, John H.

Piggeries Green, Clement


FILBERT STREET 1A Relton, Joseph D. 2 Hauserowicz, Beryl R. 4 - Thornton, John R. 6 Whiteley, Cyril 8 Whiteley, Arthur 12 Ashwell, Roy 16 Hirst, Harry 20 Robertson, George 22 Thompson, Clifford 24 Siswick, William 26 Anderson, Philip 28 Woodhouse, Ernest F. 30 Burton, Richard C. 32 Flint, Wilfred 34 - Holland, Herbert 36 - Beaumont, Harry 38 Schofield, Joe 40 - Beaumont, Willie 42 Boothroyd, Algatha 44 - Rosengrove, Delia 46 Bruty, William H.

FINTHORPE LANE 15 Clarke, George H 17 Thorpe Farm Hayes, John(Senr.) 20 Mallin, John P 22 Brierley, Jere 40 Taylor, Humphrey N.

FIR ROAD Lodge, Frank Slater, Llly Sykes, Albeftt E. R. Wright, Harold W. Middleton, Derek Royle, Peter Pearson, Frank Woodhead, Henry Taylor, Lewis Wadsworth, Jack Atkinson, Leslie Armitage, Patricia A. 10 Bradley, Albert K. 12 Barker, Edward R. 14 Thornton, Harold 16 Jones, Norman H. 18 Weir, Kaye 20 Winpenny, Frank 22 Hesp, Charles 24 Aram, Reginald 26 Dyson, Norris 28 Lazenby, William H. 30 Hesp, Bernard 32 Womersley, Roy

FIRST AVENUE LONG LANE Smith, Mary E 4 Tunnachffe, 11m 6 Kendall, Robert H. 8 Coope, Mabel 10 Thatcher, Herbert L.

DJ rast bust just C O 4» N U UI GJ ims \O) -] tJ rs

, 12 Sutcliffe, Ernest

14 Griffiths, Thomas C.

FIRTH STREET Williamson, A. & Co., Textile Machuusts (Priestroyd Mills) Haigh, J. & Sons Ltd., Textile Machme Makers, Ironfonnders, Priestroyd Ironworks. Tel. 1503

(2 lines Greenwoo)d C. & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Worsted Spinners, Commer- cial Mills. Tel. 407-8 Lawton, Fred & Son Ltd., Yarn Spi Firth - Street M1113. Tel 4303-4 Brodrick's Coachworks Ltd., Coach Painters, Firth Street Mills Shaw Bros. Ltd., & Worsted Manufacturers, Larchfield Mills. Tel. 5066-7 15 King Peter 17 Ison, George R. 17 Dews, Stanley Keith Engineering Co. Ltd., Electric and Mechanical Engineers, Albany Mills. Tel. 4532 Wharf Motor & Engineering Co., Motor Engineers Etc. Tel. 4821 Night: Tel. Milnsbri mg: 1102 Huddersfield Motor Utility Co. Ltd., Tyre Distributors Huddersfield Tyre House, Tyre Factors . Haigh, A. & Son, Motor Dis- Briggs, W. & Co. Ltd., Tyre Factors

Page 152


2 4


Wilson, Sydney Wilson, Stanley Crompton Manufacturing Co. Ltd., The, Clothing Works. Tel. 7167-8 Woodhouse, Clarence Archer, Harry Potts, Eric D. Horsfall Jonas & - Sons Commission Manufacturers Hartley, Frank R. Connolly, Michael Shaw, Reginald Clarke, Wilfred Brook, Frank Crowther & - Gee, Engineers, Brassfounders, Firth Street Works Holroyd, George, Works Dyson, Fred T. Hanley, Frank Brook, Lily Northrop, Tom Stead, Ernest Taylor, James H. Lumb Bros., Haulage Fieldsend, Albert Trimmer, Percy Hirst, Joe Willie Brown, J. R. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Wholesale Drysalters and Grocers. Tel. 692 Morrison, Margaret Hever, George E. Armitage, Harry Waters, Frances Morley, John F. R. Marshall, George Smith, Norman Harley, Clifford V. Bridclley & Co. (Mineral Waters) td. Inman, R. H. Ltd., Mineral Waters Eccles, John Ltd., Cotton Spinners and Doublers, Upper Aspley Mills. Tel. 287 Innes, Vernon F. Charlesworth, C., Grocer Lockwood, Wilfred Nixon, James W. Morley, George R. Clare, Joseph N. Eastwood, Herbert Baker, Arthur King, Leonard Clay, Willie Clayton, Stanley Teale, Herbert Garside William Springham, Harold

FITZWILLIAM STREET Kitson, William H. Jackson, Wilfred O'Keefe, Peter Barrett, Bernard V. Taylor, Robert Murgatroyd, William Howell, Thomas L. Fretwell, Joe Walker, Beatrice May Hartley, Jack Wilks, Louisa M. C. Woodhead, Joseph T. Waring, Arthur Epton, Harry Nutton, Annie V. Buckley, Eleanor Kelly, Joseph Munt, Arthur W. Schofield, John McLoud, Gordon A. Wood, Harry Jeeves, Arthur National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers Hudson, James Battye, Robert Dawson, Irving Swallow, Peter Spence, Walter Eversden, William J. L. Robertshaw, Ernest Wood, Ronald Connolly, Coleman Mullarkey, Thomas Hewitt, Albert Milner, William


Firth - Street

Hesslegrave, Charles A. Clarkson, George Tipton, Frank W. Stanley, Malcolm Marren, Ernest Turner, Catherine Marren, Thomas White, Wm. & Sons (Huddersfield) Ltd., Silk Merchants and Yarns, Mulberry Mills. Tel. 761 Spratt's Signs Ltd. British Railways Goods Depot Haigh, Edward (Wool) Ltd., Wool Merchants. Tel. 5127-8 James, John H. Meyers, Lilian Woodhead, Wright Kenny, Leslie T. Robinson, Basil Lumby, Frank Bamforth, Margaret Hinchliffe, George H. Cummins, William J. Jagger, George H. Charlesworth, H. & Co., Printers, Bookbinders (Carisbrooke House) Bialey, Bridget Wood, Dennis Curtis, Bert Fisher, Robert E., Gestetner Rep- resentative Kitson, Jessie Harrington, James Cole, John P. Brook, James H. Sullivan, Nora Murphy, John Fitzmaurice, James Kerin, John Murphy, James O'Meara, Daniel Kerins, Patrick Whitehead, Mary Mead, Edgar P. Mitchell, Edward Barrett, Frank G. Beaumont, Samuel H. Hyman, James E. Llewellyn, Cyril Hickman, Herbert Freemasons' Hall Brearley, David W., Newsagent, Tobacconist Wood, Arthur Sutcliffe, J. Sons & (Huddersfield) Ltd., Waste Merchants, Rich- mond Mills. Tel. 2211 (2 lines) Habron , Thomas Whittaker, Willie Stake, Hilda Smyth, Bernard Priestley, Henry Brook, Harry Jenkinson Bos, Motor Funerals Gill, John James Bagshaw, Frederick Marshall, Walter Parson, Clara Caine, Fred Jacques, Florence M. Bell, Walter Dale, Winifred Tierney, James Rennards & Garside Ltd., Fancy Yarns, Wentworth Mills Beaumont, George

Newton's Flats Shepherd, Ambrose Moorhouse, Stephen

Cleave, J. H. & Son Ltd., Tennis Racquets Crook, Benjamin, & Sons Ltd., Sports Goods Manufacturers Hendry & Bishop Ltd., Golf Clubs Snowden, J. & Sons (Sports) Ltd., Billiard Tables Sandow Appliance Co. Ltd. Jowett, Wm. E., Plasterer Drake & Hirst, Wholesale Ware- housemen Taylor, Jack (Senr.) Abraham, Charles Annandale, Lawrence Roberts, Shaw Flynn, Patrick Allan, Robert B.

78 - Brennan, Martin K. 84 Bairstow, Sons & Co. Ltd., Whole- sale Clothiers and Costumiers. Tel. 3605-6 Unitarian Church 88 Grieves, Murdock 88 Walsh, Colman 88 Hynes, Colman 88 Broadbent, Dennis 90 Hirmann, Stephen 92 Farrel, Ralph 92 Milner, Fred 92 Nicholls, Thomas T. 92 Lindsey, Jack 92 Milner, Walter 94 Hillthorpe Private Hotel 96 Horan, Thomas 98 McNair, Eli, Credit trader 100 Matthews, Edgar H. 102 Evans, John H. 104 Coldwell, Oliga E. 106 Gannon, William 114 Tomlin, Herbert 118 Kay, Emily 120 Smith, Thomas 120 Scriven, Edward 120 McCelland, Robert 122 Ellis, Joseph 124 Brown, Charles C. 126 Wiles, Wilfred 128 Butlin, Walter M. 130 Wilson, Wright 130A Linaker, Kathleen 132 Dawson, M., Commission Agent 134 Sisson, Douglas 136 Thorpe, Percy 138 Rhodes, William H. 138 Watson, Robert T. 140 Holmes, Edwina 140 Myers, Fred 142 Taberner, Ethel M. 144 McMullen, John P. 144 Brosnan, Michael 144 Grouse, John 144 Murphy, Terrance

Portland Place Overton, Harry Roberts, Frederick T. Owen, Florence H. Mortimer, Josiah

FIXBY CROFT Newman, John B. Fixby Croft Cottage Heritage, Charles

FIXBY HALL Huddersfield Golf Club Golf Club Jarvis, James A. Golf Club Rhodes, Geoffrey Jasmia Cottage McCombs, William

FIXBY PARK Shepherd House Barker, Elizabeth Shepherd House Barker, George H. The Stables Leverington, Sidney A. Thornhill Yorkshire Estates Co. (Workshop)

FIXBY ROAD 1 Kitson, Eliza 3 Haigh, Harold H. 3 Cawood, Muriel 5 Pontefract, Bryan 7 9

Un } GJ m

11 Norminton, Edgar 13 Shaw, C. 15 Hirst, Joseph W. 17 Martindale, Tom 57 Gummer, Percy 59 Jolly, James S. 59 Hirst, John W. 61 Pugh, James 63 Falck, Herman 65 Smith, Alonza 67 MacDonald, John 69 Croset, Paul J. F. 71 Hinchliffe, Geoffrey 73 Friend, Victor 75 Thorpe, Jack L. 77 Hanan, Percy W. 79 Rayner, Charles 81 Marsden, Douglas E. 83 Hopkinson, Leonard 85 Brook, William F. 10 Jagger, John & Sons Ltd., Builders, Contractors 12 Affleck, Alexander M.

Page 153

Gray, Elsie M. P. Kaye, Frank L. Sheard, Percy Barker, Margaret E. Katharn, Rae Inman, Sarah M. Stone, James N. Watkins, Rose Cresdee, William C. Wilson, Charles H. Firth, Norman Boaler, Bernard Dyson, Leonard Sachs, Franzi E. Hollingdrake, Elizabeth Bannister, Perry E. Sugden, Richard Childs, Fred H. Cheetham, Mary Scholes, Bryan R. Johnson, Roy A. Auckland, Arthur B. Brook, Thomas H. Radcliffe, Herbert Scholes, Geoffrey Castle, James S. Siggs, Mabel Walker, George R. Sanderson, Nevis N. Green, Arthur V. Dixon, Mary H. Richardson, Fred Priest, Kenneth

FLEMINGHOUSE LANE Murgatroyd, George Henry Livesey, Phyllis Duck, Winifred M. Goldthorpe, Stanley Schofield, Eddie Watson, Jeffrey Turner, Gilbert Wood, Esther Dyson, Elsie Sykes, John A. Heir, Stanley Walker, Richard A. Akroyd, Percy Wade, Mary Ann Blakey, Clarence I. Roberts, Emily Castle, Albina Robinson, Sydney Duck, James Gill, Harold Moorhouse, Harry Pearson, Roy Brierley, Jack Platt, John A. Robinson, Elizabeth A. Jessop, Clara Moxon, Albert Ogden, Bernard Kaye, Joseph F. Lonsdale, Alfred H. Haste, Sarah Popplewell, Walter Irving, Tom D. Bower, James N. Beaumont, William A. Park, William Law, Clarence Akroyd, Edward Sykes, Gordon Thomlinson, John Schofield, Annie E. Woodhouse, George Beadsworth, Douglas Pollard, James E. Davis, Edward F. F. Kaye, Jack Haigh, Cyril Sadd, Thomas J. P. Pearcy, Charles Roebuck, Blanche M. Sykes, Kenneth

Shillito, Ada M. Shaw, William F. Dawson, John E. Smith, Frank Crossley, Frances Whitehead, Wright T. Hargreaves, Maud J. Jackson, Herbert W. Hutchinson, Wilfred, Car Hire Mancini, Riccardo

** West View "


Wilson, Minnie Castledine, Charlie Liversedge, Norman Shaw, Alice W. Brown, Mabel A. Quarmby, Tom W. Cook, Lily Heppenstall, Ronald A. Lodge, Joseph K. Dakin, Leona Lawton, George E. Jenkinson, Robert Castle, Lewis North, James E. Calvert, Joseph Heppenstall, Herman D. Adams, Arthur Roberts, Jane E. Bentley, Harry Lenan, Bernard C. Naylor, Frederick R. Farrar, Mabel A. Shaw, Herbert Haigh, Mary Webster, Clifford Dickson, Ronald Vickerman, Herbert M. Dransfield, Harold Burns, Roland Darwent, Phyllis I. Senior, Thomas H. Cockroft, Edward Midgley, Florence A. Hindle, Samuel Moorhouse, Hirst Ingham, George E. Murgatroyd, Harry Birtles, James C. Hudson, Herbert Whittell, Cyril Ellis, Harry Atkinson, Sybil M. Senior, Donald M. Robertshaw, Jack Ward, Frederick J. Wilson, Peter P. M. Beaumont, Alfred Stead, Kathleen Clough, Frank Floyd, Eric A. Gee, Thomas L. Morgan, Lawton Long, Victor Milnes, Wilfred Marsden, Kenneth Isensee, Frederick J. Byram, Norman Crowther, Fred Cliffe, Verdi Bell, Laura Smithurst, Donald Parsons, Leslie M. Sheard, Thomas E. Whiteley, Joe _ McKean, Bennie Slatter, Ernest H. Midgeley, Derek Lodge, Vernon C. Roebuck, Jonathan Bradley, Betty Stead, Spivey Mellor, Frank Sheard, Denis Wright, George W. Milner, Harry Haigh, Marshall Lamb, Margaret B. Hall, Dennis Hart, Elizabeth FLINT STREET Home & Country Tea Co. Ltd., Brown Bros,. Textile Engineers Hobson, Lewis, Flint Street Garage Huddersfield Corporation High- ways Depot . Huddersfield Corporation Borough Architect and Planping Officers' Department (Repairs Depot)

FOLD North, Fanny

* Tetlow, Lucy ** The Hermitage "

Holdsworth, Herbert

" East View " Brook, Herbert


FOLLY Marlow, Kenneth A


Tailford, Harry Wootton, Elsie Smith, Harold Bamforth, Peter H. McG.

FOLLY HALL Calvert & Co. Ltd., Engineers, Ironfounders (Hope Foundry) 15 Haigh, John R. Yorkshire Hotel Shobbrook, Leslie Oakes, Thomas B. Mill) Hawkes, A. & Son, Motor Body Builders Spurr, H. E., Chemist 4 Thorpe, Peter 6 Brook, S. B., Family Butcher Folly Hall Sub-Post Office Lumb, Joseph & Sons Ltd., Worsted Yarn Spinners (Folly Hall Mills)

FOLLY ROAD Traynor, Clara Sutton, Arthur P. Booth, Leslie Sayles, Arthur Chambers, Charles C. Souten, Frederick C. Richardson, Harry Odamgoseph

FOREST ROAD 1 - Metcalf, Annie 1 Rollin, Frank g Howe, Robert 5

o oa o 4

=- \ Q) == - \C Un GJ

CJ pet jut pos

Howe, Miss B. L., Ladies' Hair dresser Yates, Arthur C. 9 Feather, Jim 13 Goodier, Colonel 15 Taylor, Mary H. 17 Kelly, John 17a Chambers, Harriet 19 Rattigan, John 19a Nichols, Emma 21 Feather, Emily 23 Barrowclough, Herber 23 Cartwright, George 25 Blackburn, Eliza 27 Woodhead, Sam 29 Jarvis, James H. 31 - Jackson, Leslie 33 Sutherland, Mary A. 35 Day, Arthur 37 Schofield, John H. 41 - Barrowclough, Wilfred 47 Broadhead, Kenneth 49 Preston Stephen 63 Wildsmith, Archie C. 65 Womersley, Joseph B. 67 Mellor, Kenneth 69 Heatherill, Thomas 71 - Smith, David 73 Broadbent, Sybil 75 Oldroyd, Geoffrey W. 77 Senior, Jim 79 Dutton, John D. 81 - Peace, Raymond 83 Booth, Herbert 2 Wood, David 4 - Beaumont, Percival 6 Hinchcliffe, Sarah E. 8 Stocks, Norman 10 Esslemont, Jack 12 Sykes, Herbert 14 Robertson, Graham 16 Hinchliff, Walter B. 18 Bradley, Tom 20 Morton, Charles R. 22 - Mawer, Frank 24 - Smaridge, Eric E. 26 Daley, Lawrence 28 Challand, William 30 Wilson, Albert 32 Batley, John 54 - Garraty, Harry 56 Clegg, Joseph 58 Wainwright, George W. 60 Cartwright, Joseph 64 Shaw, Arnold 66 Sargent, Edward B. 68 Crugman, Hyman 70 Gostellow, Albert J. 72 Nuttall, Henry 76 Poppleton, Joe H. 78 Fieldsend, Jesse W. 96 Hinchliffe, Ronald 98 Kendall, Roy 100 Brown, Douglas N.

Page 154

t- \O <] UL GJ GJ J) rt



Ellis, Herbert Moorhouse, Sarah H. Broadbent, Edgar Berry, Florence G.

FORREST AVENUE Bottomley, George A. Branch, Herbert Roberts, Hild I. V Roberts, George Mortimer, Grace A. Smith, Ernest E. Dichter, Leo

Lister, William H. Lomax, Harold Owen, Robin Wells, Tom Netherwood, Harry Hellawell, Alice Bentley, Jack V. Bentley, Elaine Waddington, Douglas S. Crosland, Frances Low, Eric W. J. Pollitt, Albert Fletcher, Percy .. Sleap, John L. B. @ Kaye, Fred Perrin, Thomas F. Revell, Norman H. Smith, Emily Ward, Edgar M. Revell, Florence Sykes, Edward Dyson, Horace Denham, Eleanor E. Hoult, Cyril G.

FOSTER AVENUE Beaumont, Harry Fyfe, Alexander Hollingworth, Peter S. Mitchell, Frank Brammah, Edwin Austin, Clifford N. Graham, Eric Vigrass, Clifford Wetton, Vernon E. Wagstaffe, Arthur Marchant, Cecil Ellam, Joe

FOUNTAIN GROVE Beever, James H. Pearson, Ronald Lindsay, Jack Royle, Jack Vince, Percy C.

FOUNTAIN STREET Thornton, B. & Son, Rug Manu- facturers (Pioneer Mill) Smith, Ronald Horner, George F. Hewitt, Harold Crowther, Olive A. Biddle, Maud

Stocks' Buildings Cocking, Michael T. Hinchliffe, Lawrence Young, William Ed. Stead, Ernest Day, Louis Saville, George Fleming, Elsie Kenny, Thomas Baker, John Tierney, Leslie Edwards, Emma Brearley, Walter Nicholls, Harry N. Brennan, Joseph Pollard, Joseph Bambling, Eric

FOXGLOVE ROAD Howard, Edward W. T. Sykes, Arthur Wim. Morris, Mary G. Hopkins, Charlotte I. Gledhill, George P. Binns, Geoffrey H. Richardson, John M. Whitfield, Charles F.

Junk funk foam: pand & O & N -] Ut t == -] UA GJ ims

FOX HOLLIES® ROAD Clarke, Arthur Brook, Percy Madden, James W. Roebuck, John Costello, Austin Rattigan, Bernard Hirst, Vera E. Simpson, John Imforth, Cyril V. Ward, William Smith, John W. Todd, Arthur Heighway, Albert West, Walter Stockdale, Carlton Hoyle. Vernon Irving, John Horrocks, Albert Senior, Harry Yeadon, Lawrence A. Flynn, Richard Brook, Harry Carson, Robert N. Henighan, James Pinkney, Robert J. Ginty, Thomas Bower, Joe Stennett, Arthur Warhurst, Thomas Pearson Johnson, Thomas Bolton, Fred Richardson, Joe W. (Sent.) Cassidy, Thomas Maloney, John Donaghey, Francis C.

. Armstrong, Harry

Helyar, John E. G. McAllister, Hugh Helm, Donald Askham, J seph Hutchinson, Thomas Higgins, Herbert McDonnell, Harold Stott, Arthur Thorpe, Harry E. (Senr.) - ° Burnside, Kenneth T. Lucas, Harry T. Smith, Herbert Israel, William Kelly, Margaret Styring, Tom Stewart, Thomas

FOXLOW AVENUE Whiteley, John Murray, Sydney G. Vaughan, George W Milburn, John T. Hardcastle, Arthur Binns, Harold Watts, Ethel Linsley, Norman Hebden, Louisa Lucas, Donald Castledine, William Jones, Herbert R. M. Beaumont, Joseph H. Golden, Walter er, Harry Parr, George W.

FOX STREET Preston Bros. & Co., Manufacturing Stationers, Printers and Litho- graphers etc. Tel. 58

FRANCES AVENUE Earnshaw, Frank Haigh, Keith Ineson, Ronald Elam, Eddy Brotton, Els1e Cowlmg, Edward S. Thornton, Arnold Stevenson, John Brook, Lewis J. Lockwood, Cyril Parkes, Frank Moorhouse, Gladys M. gton, Henry L. Brook, Edith Blackburn, Norman A. Hirst, Leonard Brook Colin N. ans, Ernest Moorhouse, Joe C. Oldfield, Albert Smith, Joyce

i U GJ =t

Birkhead, Lewis Wright, Alice Bond, Eric W. Higgs, Harry E. Rushworth, George Bamforth, Ro Hollmgworth Ralph

FRANCIS AVENUE Harper, Kate Livesey, Herbert Thorpe, Ernest Balmer, Victor Beaumont, John R. Pearson. Charles R. Woodhouse, John A. Gee, Norman Mullineaux, Frank Bray, Norman Modral, Ronald Haigh, Ruth A. Dyson, France

FRANCIS STREET Hinchliffe, Alec Thompson, Bertha Beever, Thomas W. Beever, Raymond

FREDERICK STREET Goodwill, John Morris, Harold Mellor, Elsie Miller, Leslie T. Allott, Harry Heywood, Lily Ellis, Norman Kaye, Joe Kaye, Dorothie Whiteley, Harry Waters, Alfred E. Ellis, Annie Hanson, Harold Pearson, Walter Simons, Herbert Taylor, Fred Shaw, Willie Hutchinson, Norman B. Bottomley, William K. Smithies, Richard A. Illingworth, Phyllis C. Ellam, Ernest Shrigley, Ellen Townend, Edgar W. Lumb, Hubert Shaw, Hubert Hoyles, Leslie Wood, Harry Porter, David E. Mettrick, John S. Ainley, Frank Brook, Reginald Cawthorne, Harriet H. Waddington, Tom MacDonald, Ian Watts, William J. Horsfall, Harry Addy, Wilfred D. Battye, Arthur Stringer, David Pick, Walter Crowther, Samuel P. Smith, Cecxl Alrey, Alice Allen, Henry Calverley, Eric Roebuck, Jim Binns, Keturah Ridgwick, Ernest Baxter, Lewis M. Farrand, Cyril Swallow, Harry


- Leech, Herbert E

Hardy, Mary A. France, Edith Kilner, Frank E. Costa, Ernest Askham, Tom Doosey, Bernard Williams, Walter, Joiner, Under- taker Vickerman, Frank Timewell, Thomas W. Smith, Mary A. Hetherington, William Boothroyd, John W. Hawley, Ronald

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23 Senior, Harriet A. 25 Richardson, Jack 25A Senior, Thomas 27 Day. Terence 29 Richardson, Edward 33 Burden, Harry A. 35 Wimpenny, Arthur 37 Bancroft, Gilbert 39 Schofield, Allen 41 Inglis, James P. 43 Whalley, John W. 45 Hill, Mary L. 45 Stobbart, Henry 47 Fuller, Walter 49 Bottom, Walter 49 - Bennett, Harriet E 51 Inglis, Robert 53 Giggle, Royd 55 Giggle, Hildred 57 Manning, Stanley 59 Harpin, Sarah 61 - Penniston, Elizabeth 63 Mallinson, Leslie

FULFORD AVENUE 1 North, Frank 3 Harrison, Walter G. 5 Mountford, Frederick T. 7 Helm, Frank 9 Pope, William B. 1 Dyson, Hubert 3 Harrison, Vernon 5 Parsons, John T. 2 Womersley, Arnold 4 Mason, John T. 6 Gledhill, Albert Winter, Rowland 10 Lee, David A. 12 Taylor, Reginald P. 12 Ely, Florence 14 Hunter, Emsley 16 Armitage, Elizabeth 18 Wood, Eric E 20 Fones, Norman

GARDEN STREET 3 Moorhouse, George 5 Dearnley, Fred 7 Brook, Henry 7 Farrand Arthur E. 9 Heaton, Mary E. 11 Branch, Arthur 13 Kener, Fred 13 Whnedy, John J. 13 Kilnittaker, Fred 15 Whiteley, Hannah 17 - Branch, Jack 19 Coverley, Horace 21 McCormack, James 23 Wainhouse, Hilda 25 Knowles, James 27 Quirke, Joseph 29 Atkins, Harry 31 Fallows, Walter E. 33 Farrier, Joe 35 Armitage, George 37 Lindsay, William 39 Darby, Roy F. 41 Mary 43 Hett, Timothy 45 Walker, Brook 49 Armstrong, Joseph W. 51 - Mallinson, Edwin 53 Marshall, Thomas 55 Sykes, Kenneth E. 2 Holt, George R. 4 Bennington, John W. 6 Wilson, Brian H. M. Topham, W. J., Undertaker

GARFORTH STREET 9 Dyson, Fred 11 Hirst, Willie 13 Drmkwater, Benjamin 15 Couch, Francis H. 15 Couch Nicholas H. 17 Hobson, Nathan 17 Thomas, John S. 19 Walker, Samuel 19 Woodhouse, George 21 Millman, Reginald 21 Lum, Kenneth 21 Millman, John

GARFORTH STREET 1 Manley, Albert E. 1 Dr eld, Mary 3 Dearden, Charles E.


Hardy, Alice Ann Beanland, Joseph H. Crow, George Smith, Annie Dodson, Walter Ramsden , Jack Broadbent, Edwin Morrell, John Roper, George A. Proctor, James Anthony Grayson, Alfred Palliser, Jack Monkhouse, Stanley Earnshaw, Arthur Brougham, Leonard Whittaker, Alfred Bielby, Walter Sparrow, Richard Lockwood, Willie Dixon, Tom Waterworth, Eric Dean, Tom Brewins, Harold Dixon, Reginald A. Priestley, Annie

GELDER TERRACE Malbert, William G. Iredale, Harry Beaumont, Emily Birdsall, Janet Stanley, Albert Farmery, William Stenson, Hugh Hepworth, Mary Ann Murphy, Edward Addy, Sarah E. O'Connor, Patrick Murray, Kate Goldsmith, Thomas W. Ferrier, William Stamper, Stanley McDonald, Anthony Brook, Martha Smith, Harry Stringer, Ivy Thornton, Louie Gee, Isaa Hoyle, Albert E. Peel, Alfred Daley, John Mullarkey, Daniel Brook, May Farrar, Harold H. Stott, Fanny Elleway, George Senior, Martha Morgan, Dorothy E. North, Emily M. McCullock, John H. Hill, Blanche Dransfield, Joseph O'Neill, Owen Jennings, Annie

GEORGE AVENUE Clarke, Thomas Bailey, Joseph Gledhill, Philip Haigh, Norman Moore, Hilda M. Bamforth, Stanley Dyson, Edward N. Bower, Leonard Thomas, William C. W. Gowans, James Brown, William G. Walsh, John J. Armitage, Lizzie Richardson, Frank Dalton, Walter M. Landsborough, Alexander Holdsworth, Jane Fawell, Arthur V. Wrigley, Lucy Sanderson, Mary Shaw, John P. Whitehead, Eric H. Flinders, Harold Booth, Alice Haigh, Carrie Probyn. Arthur Broadbent, Harold Buck, Thomas Eastwood, George E. Morton, Raymond F. Blackburn, Winifred M. Roberts, Frank


Brook, Norman Bradbury, John R. Gay, James E. Cecil, Tom Wood, Albert H. Atkinson, Alice M. Ellis, Lawrence Stubbs, James P. Price, Neville W. Hewitson, Henry Schofield, Harold Munthe, Frederick J. Dawson, Robert Sterling, John Parkin, Granville Stead, Henry

GEORGE STREET Shires, James & Sons Ltd., Spinners Manufacturers (George Street Mills) Stones, Arthur Turner, Florence L. . William Rawcliffe, Sarah E. Crowther, Harry Haigh, Harry Couchman, Leonard W. Fewster, Ronald Saville, Frank, Joiner, Undertaker Cowgill, Ernest Dixon, Foster Boulding, Thomas C. Barrett, Harry Baxter, Ewart Tindle, Sidney Taylor, William A. Pinkney, Violet E. Skuse, Annie Geoffrey Walsh, May Ambler, Ainley Gledhill, Joe Walsh, Elizabeth Sykes, George Clegg’ Dick Haigh, James A. Shaw, W. H.

rs Robinson, W. H. Ltd., Machm Noble, Wllham Lee, Harold Robinson, Brian Peace, Frank Hardy, William Smith, Harold Mowbray, Harry Johnson, Eli Fisher, Hilda Thwaites, Jack Wilson, Arthur Singleton, Norris Gothard, Eva Newbould, Willis Livesey, Rowland Day, Ronald A. Balmforth, Sarah A. Scholes, Herbert Ingham, Albert Finn, William Ogden, William F. Secker, Wilfred

& Son, Joiners

Metals .

GEORGE STREET Horsfall, Philip Jennens Welch & Co. Ltd., London, Shrinkers (Springwood Works) Bolton, William Kenyon, Peter Ltd., Drysaiters Westwood Co., Manufacturers' Agents Mortimer, R. W. & Son Ltd., Packing Merchants and Paper Bag Manufacturers. Tel. 2531 Lockwood, Rosa S. A Regan, John Hodgens, Mary F.

GEORGE STREET Swann, Frank L. Taylor, Harold Runham, May Batty. Lucy Lister, Joseph Horsfa 11, Trevor Wilkinson, Tom Bottomley, Hector

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Whitehead John Husler, Edward W. Pitchforth, Winifred Hanson, Walter E. Mettrick, Thomas Beaumont, John Hanley, Fred A. Kneeshaw, Louis Dean, Arthur W. Wood, Amy J. Blackburn , Sarah Mitchell, Geoffrey Tattersall, Sarah J. Haigh, Lucy M. Singleton , Reginald Singleton, John K. Hepworth, Emma Firth, Edward Whitwam, Arthur B. Wild, Eric E. Mayor, Clarence Wilson, Arnold

"* Bromley " Peckett, John "Bromley "' Peckett, George F .

2 4 6


port past fust J D Ut GJ 1s \© <] Qy pat at

GEORGE STREET Cole, James A. Reader, Arthur Whiteley, Frank Tinsdeall, Mary E. Shaw, Herbert Isles, Norman Calvert, Fred Dennis, Jack Aram, Edwin Isles, Herbert

GERNHILL AVENUE Jaggar, Arnold W. Miller, Harold L. Wilkinson, Harold Whitfield, Norman D. Berry, Harold Carnelley, Tom R . Woodhead , John Shires, Peter R. Horne, Harold F.

GIBSON STREET Allanson, Walter Carter, Ada Ramsden, Percy Smith, Robert Haigh, James Hinchliffe, Jack Waite, Norman Monkhouse, Mary J. Golgsborough, Arthur Cartder, Mary

GILBERT GROVE Hirst, Willie Reilly, Christopher Farnsworth, Ronald Cox, Cyril Carter, Stanley Wilton, Walter E. Bullas, Elsie Fulham, James McAliskey, Patrick Andrew, Tom Heptinstall, Alan Corcoran, Miriam Monaghan, Patrick Ford, George Gleeson, Patrick J. Dearnley, Clifford

Fowler, Norman Rodley, Ronald Earnshaw, Arthur Foster, Gordon Griffiths, Henry N. Drurv, Ronald Day, A'fred Aston Samuel O'Reilly, Edwin M. Kirtley, William Boyd, Kenneth J. Hemingway, Arthur Gill, Charles F. Murgatroyd, Ernest Hanson, Robert Boothroyd, George Jones, Bernard Mason, Ernest J. Hodge, Willie Smith, Gertrude

Jackson, Frederick W. Vickerman, Wilfred Crowther, Olive

. Pearson, Lewis

Beaumont, John W. Harrison, George Crabtree, Jonathan Bell, Henry Macdonald, May H.

GILEAD ROAD Owens Alfred Bailey, Edgar Stringer, Kenneth Bailey, Ben Shaw, Frederick Jackson, Harold Billington, Mary Haigh, Mabel Wood, Harry Rothwell, John Ellis, Dick Akhurst, Louie

GLASTONBURY DRIVE Balmforth, Jeffrey Charlesworth, Donald Daubney, Francis R. Makin, David H. Galloway, William J. Sugden, Victor Garrett, Jack Rothwell, John A. Tetley, Manks, Cecil Harper, Ellen S. Creaton, Arthur Meal, Isabella Heaton, Lucy Kirk, Joseph Harper, Gladys N. Heald, Annie Farrier, Alice M. Helliwell, Ernest Kenyon, Ernest A. Kilner, Roy Cliffe, William L. Webb, Wilfred A. Farrier, Douglas Siswick, Stanley Knapton, Norman Dudley Irving, Douglas Battye, Arnold Francis, Ronald Taylor, Alec Robertson, Richard W. Armitage. Leslie France, Alan Wood, Ernest Wielgus, Renee Foden, Geoffrey Hoggett, Austin Thompson, Charles E. Hemingway, Albert Bowering, Fred Wilson, James J. Holroyd, Donald Foster, Herbert R. W. Bennett, Henry C. Westlake, James H. O'Neill, John C. Morton , Arthur Jones, Edwin Wroe, James W . Hamer, Lawrence C. Morson, Gordon E. Mears, George H. Davies, Ellis Hallas, Roy Darwin, Gordon

GLEBE STREET Wall, John, Motor Engineer, Glebe Street Garage Renton, Beatrice A. Bevers, John, Tailor Manks, Arthur Jenk nson, Frances M. Denham, Henry M. Lancaster, Florence Hale, Samuel S. Keith, John Curtis, Eileen M. Pape, Winifred M. Rawcliffe, James A. Sly, Tom Ramsden, Thomas L. Naylor, William M. Mellor, Daisy E,

Hopkinson, Robert A. Stansfield, Thomas Jenkinson, Douglas Hirst, George H. Brook, Arthur K. Hobson, John F. Edgerton Sub-Post Office Hobson, John M. Davison, Frederick H. Beaumont, Elizabeth A. Dransfield, Gordon

GLEDHOLT BANK Marsden, Edward Coldwell, Charles F. Reader, Ernest Bintcliffe, Arthur Robertshaw, Herbert Bamforth, Thomas Archer, Stanley Fogg, William Rhodes, Thomas A. Mallinson, Cyril Stapleton, James Richardson, William H. Evans, Richard P. Norris, Harry Sanford, Esther A. A. Coe, Harry Jackson, Ronnie B. Flowers, Kenneth Gray, Andrew Wright, Thomas E. Hollingworth, Alathea Nichols, Charlotte Goldsborough, Raymond Norris, Harry Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Coal Depot Turner, Sarah E. Jennings, Robert Worsley, Norman Speight, Harry Haighton, Tom Nicholl, George E. Larder, Antony W. Shires, Miriam Charles, Amy Lockwood, William Flory, Eric Holliday, Rene Dale, Henry J. Robinson, Milford McLoughlin Denis Kitson, Alan Crossley, William Ainley, Donald G. Bishop, Ralph Crabtree, George W. Mellor, Beatrice Gledhill, Jack Lockwood, Herbert Heeley, James

GLEDHOLT ROAD Ellis, Edward Grundy, Thomas K. Owen, William J. Coldwell, Kathleen Greenhead Park Roberts, Samuel Robinson, Fred Taylor, Ernest Higgins, Charles Lloyd, Joyce J. Mallinson, John Porter, John L. Hirst, Noel Brewer, Harry Gray, H. A. Bennie, Consulting Engineer (Duneira) Simper, Eric Hill, Annie Vasey, Leonard Avison, George B. Cunningham, William G. Richmond, Sidney M. Bentley, Charles Hey, George R. Rigby, Harry Whitbread, Leslie G. Morton, Marjorie Hopkinson, lan G. Sykes, Malcolm Dent, Bert W. Prager, Paul Shaw, James C. Royds, John R. Thornton, Ermyntrude J.

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36A Hughes, Philip J. 38 Taylor, Dick 38 Coupland, John B. 40 - Galvin, Cyril 40 - Nolan Patrick 42 Caine, John 40 Brown, Frank 44 - Chatterton, Arnold 42 Hadfield, Thomas A. 46 Falck, Stanley 44 Ellam, Bernard L. 48 Fitton, Albert 46 Gray, Harry A. Bennie 50 Senior, Frank 48 - Broadbent, James 50 Ellis, Frank 50 Holdsworth, Dorothy 52 Sykes, Harry 50a Croset, Louis P. 54 Wigglesworth, Clarence A. 52 Leal, Kate Elizabeth 56 Buckley, Edward 54 Ellis, Harold M. 58 Cooper, William 56 Troughton, Michael R. 60 Watson, Ada 60 Taylor, Charles H. 62 Ewart, Jack 62 Briggs, William A. 64 Leathley, George 64 Brierley, Lucy 66 Withey, Frederick H. 66 Collick, Robert 68 Poppleton, Harry 68 Porritt, Raymond 70 Moody, John W. 70 Cuthbert, Thomas A. 72 Simons, Harry 72 Senior, Lewis H. 74 Brown, Ernest 74 Coulthurst, Norman 76 Smith, Tom 76 Clarke, Wallace E., Automobile 78 Horsfall, Harry Engineer, Gledholt Garage 80 Kelly, Patrick Denton, George & Sons, Taxis, 82 Statham, Annie Automobile Engineers, Gledholt 84 Easter, Joe Hy. Garage 86 Coope, Frederick G. Flat Hallas, Norman 88 Atkinson, Oliver Gledholt Hall Miller, Margaret G. 90 Dryer, Henry Gledolt Hall Niven, William 92 Charlesworth, Eric The Cottage Holdsworth, Thomas 94 - Brierley, Leslie 96 Noble George T. GLENFIELD AVENUE 98 Reddington, Francis 1 Chambers, Alexander C. 98 Dyson, Geoffrey 3 Walker, Eneas 100 Clegg, Arnold 5 Draper, Arthur 102 Machin, Cyril V. 7 Smith, Evan N. 106 Dyson, Mabel 9 Shaw, Arthur 108 - Lovatt, Thomas 11 Holroyd, Arthur 110 Payne, Frank B. 13 Davies, Robert D. 112 Gibson, Harry 15 Crookes, Jack S. . 17 Day, Walter GODWIN PLACE

19 Smyth, Michael 1 - Udall, George 21 - Falck, Frederick.D. 3 Connolly, John 23 Robinson, Sarah 5 Woodcock, Joe 25 Haigh, John 7 Gardner, Cyril 27 Paxman, William H. 9 Armistead, John

29 Bentley, Wilfred 11 McKenzie, Leslie 31 Gibson, Arthur N. 13 Turton, William A. 33 Robmson May 15 Kaye, Jack 35 Cusworth Frances M. 17 Walsh, Joseph 37 Woodhouse, Jenelle A. 19 Hope, Norman 39 Broom, Harry 21 Taylor, Norman 41 - Powell, Minnie 23 Moore, Kenneth 43 Emmerson, Gilbert 2 Dearnley, Wright 43 - Nolan, William P. 4 - Rattigan, Thomas 45 Henderson, Elizabeth C. 6 Williams, Lawrence 47 Bradbury, Thomas C. D. 8 Batley, Lincoln 49 Isherwood, Samuel 10 - Heaton, Thomas H. 51 - Senior, Tom 12 Sykes, Harry 53 Maynard, John W. 14 - Barnes, Frederick G. 55 Waddington, Ronald E. 16 Wilks, Desmond 57 Mortimer, Albert 59 Matthewman, Jack GOLDINGTON AVENUE

61 Harris, Arthur 1 Sykes, Ronald 63 Boyle, Geoffrey V. 3 Westerman, Derek 65 Chatterton, Ernest 5 Hoyle, John R. 67 Adlam, Charles C. 7 Walsh, David 9

69 Wadsworth, Eleanor Kinder, Donald F.

71 - Barrowclough, Henry 11 - Parker, Thomas L. 73 Towlson, Herbert 13 Moorhouse, Derrick 75 Carteg', Agnes 15 Wadsworth, Harry 77 Fenwick, Joseph W. 17 Carson, Clifford A. 79 Sykes, Thomas C. 17 Carson, Alexander 81 Brook, Arthur 19 Farrar, Leonard 83 Plowman, Percy 21 Taylor, Harry 87 Powell, Frederick L. 23 Humpleby, Kenneth 89 Skelton, Arthur 2 Firth, Gordon S. 91 Owen, William D. 4 - Flanders, Clifford A. 91 - Wallace, Dilys G. 6 Ffoulkes, James F. 2 Whitehead, John H. 8 May, Albert L. 4 Scott, Ernest 10 Hallas, George S. 6 Maynard, Albert E. 12 Haigh, Gilbert 8 Walsh, Willie 14 Harris, Kenneth W. B. 10 Moorhouse, Henry 16 Clark, Louis 12 ankersley, Elsie 16 Clark Geoffrey L. 12 Wilson, Margaret 18 Walker, Raymond J. 14 - Hawkyard, Derek 20 Sykes, Philip 16 Duce, Emma 22 Turner, Wilfred. 18 Oates, John 24 Bridges, Cecil H. 20 Smith, Harold S. 26 Trotter, Frederick 22 Oddy, Zillah 24 Bray, Ernest GOLDINGTON DRIVE

26 Kelly, Edgar 3 Askew, Robert R. 28 Ramage, Robert M. 5 Winterbottom, Leslie 30 Sidgwick, Tom 7 Howarth, James R. 32 Hardy, Eric 9 Fearns, Stanley 34 - Longshaw, Edward S. 11 Crowther, Harold 36 North, Joseph L. 13 Bailey, Peter C. C. H.


15 Wood, Robert M. 17 Battye, Pete® R. 19 Williams, Stanley 19 Williams, Ernest 21 Darby, William 23 Harper, Thomas B. 25 Jones, Raymond 27 Jagger, Willie 29 Booth, Harry 31 Richardson, Brian 33 Turner, John T. 35 Linsley, Wilfred 37 Watson, Stanley 39 Daley, Kenneth 41 Dixon, Alec 43 Firth, Ian 45 Hayter, Robert N. 12 Sellwood, Arthur H. 14 Howarth, Gerald R. 16 Young, James H. F. 18 Shaw, Eric 20 Telford. Douglas 22 Midgley, Harry 24 Brougham, Albert V. 26 Crosland, Kenneth 28 Lewthwaxte, Hubert W. 28 Hummer. James 30 - Butler, John A. 32 Hill, Derrick 34 Laycock, Edwin V. 36 Hoyle, Leonard 38 - Powney, William G. 40 Ellis, Harry 40 Jessop, Lister L. 42 Jamieson, Andrew G. 42 Abson, Mary 44 - Sanderson, George 46 Drabble, Frank 48 - Whiteley, Ralph A. 50 Booth, Douglas 52 Taylor, Frank 54 Sutcliffe, John A. 56 Pearson, Henry P. 58 Chadwick, Andrew J. 60 - Mellor, Edward 62 Woodend, John T.

GORSE ROAD Underwood, Howard Rugg, George W. B.

Boothroyd, Lilian Holmes, Hubert 11 Dyson, John B. 15 Boyes, Isabelia 17 Swift, John L. 19 Brooke, Laura E. 21 - Heylings, Gilbert 23 Wilson, Maurice Hepworth, John 14 Robinson, Norman Garage Thewlis, Harold H.

GRAMFIELD ROAD 2 Littlewood, Edith 4 Hepworth, William 6 Longden, George A. 6 Singleton, Elizabeth J. 8 Heap, Edward 10 Kaye, Randal 12 Beaumont, Sam 14 Sykes, Alice 16 Bayldon, Beatrice M 18 Bailey, Gladney 20 Biltcliffe, Ethel 22 Collinge, Arthur 24 Kelly, Michael D. 26 Anderson, Frank - 28 Chappel, Cornelia 30 Jones, Winston 32 Drake, Lois 34 - Blackburn, Leonard B. 36 Atkinson, Ronald 48 - Swift, Nora 50 Sykes, John E. 52 Holdsworth, Percy 54 John W. 56 Rose, Robert 58 Carter, George 60 Senior, Harry 62 Ellis, Leonard 64 Harrop, Arnold 66 Garvey, John | 68 Wood, Ralph 70 Wilson, Percy 72 Garside, Philip G. 74 Wood, Frank 76 Beale, Edward

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Mellor, Phyllis Wood, Percy Hepworth, Alan Sutton, William Pontefract, George F. Ellis, Peter H. Lucas, James W. Lee, Sarah Jane Hodgson, Trevor Turton, Frank S. Denham, Ronald Woffenden, Herbert Trett, Arthur Newton, Clifford E. White, Frank Mitchell, William B. Heeley, Harry Noble, Fred Briggs, George L Meller, Abraham Davies, Harry A. Chivers, Leonard Stevenson, Arthur Peace, Arnold R Shaw, Edric Whitwam, Harry Lawton. John W. Moss, Robert Ormondroyd, Fred K. Gledhill, Geoffrey Rangeley, Elsie Chadwick, Stanley Woodcock, Ivy Branch, Wlater Liversidge, Alice M. Maugham, Albert Irving, Albert McAlistor, Marion E. Hinchliffe, Edward Roberts, Stephen w. Ormondroyd, Mary E. Shuttleworth, William B. Parkin, Geofi'rey Gill, Walter Cooke, James A. Bentley, Harry H. Taylor, Harry Pickard, Robert Halstead, Agnes Ashton, Audrey Hamilton, Nancy Turner, Harry C. Brook, Kenneth Page, Albert J. Ramsden, Jack Harton, Leonard Bradley, Harold Ardley, Hedley M. Crossley, John Rawlins, Ronald Ainley, Albert

GRANBY ROW Eddie, Douglas Deardon, Samuel Watts, Joseph L. Watts, John Pilkington, James Lobb, Gordon L. Haigh, James Pearson, Ronald Ellam, Lilian Williams, Brian Howe, Joe Riley, Arthur Taylor, Fred Brook, Louis

GRANBY STREET Shaw, Roy P. McGuire, John Henderson, Mary Dunn, Alic Crulkshanks, Donald

GRAND CROSS ROAD Thompson, John R. Land, Wilfred Rainton, Arthur A. Parkin, Joe Smith, Willie B. Jenkinson, Marian Robinson, Frank Jackson, James W. Pugh, Albert Battye, William Puffette, Vivian J. J. Hindle, Lewis Carlisle, Jatnes

Haigh, Fred Hutton, Harold E. Edwards, Esther M. Hudspith, Robert Swales, Harry Hinde, Walter Eady, Wilfred Cuttell, Arnold S. Clarkson, Clive Senior, Brian J. Mallinson, Stanley Taylor, Walter Seel, William P. Ackroyd, Francis Lockwood, Frank Kitching, Leonard Goldie, Robert S.

GRANGE AVENUE Berry, Arnold Barrowclough, Hubert Charlton, Robert F. Houghton, Herbert W. Wrigley, Leonard, Painter and Decorator Tong, Cyril Holroyd, Herbert Holroyd, Arthur E. Smith, Cyril H. Barker, Dorothy Avison, Douglas Tomkins, Frank Johnston, Kathleen E. Richardson, Frank Ellis, Alan C. Storey, Cyril I. Elton, Thomas Thorpe, Willie Shaw, Philip M. Boak, James Holland, Winston, Decorator Carruthers, Joe Barker, Jack Milner, Percy Hall, Henry F.

GRASMERE ROAD Bradley, Grace Smith, Florence Bentley, Margaret White, Kathleen M. Radcliffe, Eliza Crowther, Joseph Kilner, Edith Mallinson, Geoffrey W. Plucker, John E. Shaw, Ronald Newton, Bernard H. Broadbent, Harold L. McCaskie, John H. Bygott, Beatrice A. D. Bellarby, Jessie B. Spratt, Walter Berry, Charles A. Jessop, Robert A. Morris, Alan S. Blake, William T. Cairns, Ethel Bray, Amy J. Collins, Cecil G. Holmes, Harold S. Thorp, Lucy Hey, Frank Chilvers, Kenneth W.

Painter and

Workshop and Garage

Robinson, John R. Laughton, George W Hanson, John E Moorhouse, Edgar Gadd, Frederick R. Green, Arnold D. Young, Herbert C. M. Cooke, Percival F. Bielby, Arthur R. Beaumont, Chas W. Lines, Frederick E. Holden, George E. Holden, Paul R. Hirst, Mary F. Woodhead, Lilian Wood, William Mullarkey, John Brooke, Walter Firth, Lewis S. Sutcliffe, John E. Lumb, Arthur W. Kaye, Charles H. Cooke, Arthur A.

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J ND \] Ut G) ==

Calder, William Golightly, Albert W. Senior, Clive A. Sugden, John K. Sykes, Agnes M. Pyrah, John W.

GRASSCROFT Godward, Kenneth M. Shields, Joan Eastwood, Kaye Moorhouse, Arthur Stranger, John F. Clegg, Victor R. North, Jack Wright, Leslie Pontefract, Edith Armitage, Sarah Silvester, George A. Fawcett, Peter Skelton, Eliza Annie Boothroyd, Frank Makin, James Waddington, Ethel Lee, Robert Dearnley, Ernest Anson-Crowther, Robert H. Butterworth, Herbert H.

GRASSCROFT ROAD Haigh, Leslie Robdrtshaw George A. Drury, Elsie Pickup, Harry Iredale, Walker Binns, Joe H. Sykes, Florence J. Hirst, Mabel Greenhow, Elizabeth Strange, Mabel F. Mallinson, Elsie Iredalem, Hilda Iredale, Gorald Haigh, James W. Iredale, Stanley Riley, Clifford Lumb, Harry W. Kendall Thomas Boardman Robert S. Downend, Ronald Kendal, Norah Dodson, Harry Noble, Cyril G. Armstrong, John McGrath, Edward Travis, Wilfred Van Bellen, Edith Firth, George Nevitt, George A. Brook, Lewis Bowker, Dan Earnshaw, Percy A. Addy, Edgar Lime, Cement Buttery, Herbert V. Morton, Arthur Threappleton, Frederick H. Whitfield, Margaret W. Booth, Margaret Stott, James

Batley's Buildings Terry, Percy Gee, John E. Hirst, Leonard Crowther, Beatrice H. Dyson, Ada Hinchcliffe, Ellen Kitchenar, Edith

Cross Cottages Webster, Percy Schofield Arthur Suggitt, George T. Briggs, Mary E. Archer, Mark Dixon, Eric Cheesbrough, Geoffrey H. Armitage, Arthur Ainley, Mary Frith, Jessie Eastwood, Charles H.

Holme Place Dakin, George fe, Philip Sheridan, Sarah Whitham, Arthur Grey, Alick Taylor, Allen:

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GREAT NORTHERN STREET 1 Hayes, John 3 Crowther, James 5 Ambler, John N. 7 McCracken, Stanley 9 Walsh, Thomas W. 1 Brayshaw, Elizabeth 1 Brown, Mary 3 Dickinson, George W. 15 Garthwaite, Frank I. 17 Kershaw, Frank 17 Hughes, Thomas E. 19 Scahill, Edith 21 Hardy, James 23 Berry, Derek S. 25 Foster, George A. W. 27 Broadbent, Stuart Garrards (Huddersfield) Ltd., Timber Merchants Beevers, A. & Sons, Painters, Decorators 2 Mannion, John H. 2A Griffin, John 4 Wright, William 6 Ison, Robert G. 6 White, John Great Northern - Congregational Church 8 Morgan, Thomas E. 8a Heywood, James E. 10 - Beaumont, William H. 12 West, Mary Ann 14 Goodall, Gertrude Chapel House Lee, Joseph

Brook's Yard 2 Butterfield, Bryan 3 Waring, John E.

16 Beevers, Robert 18 Aspinall, Annice 20 Bailey, Norris 42 Howson, Jeffrey 44 Ellis, GSorge 46 Boyes, Mary 48 Smith, Barry 50 Wilkinson, George E. Croft House Ballantyne, John E. The Lodge Livingstone, George Huddersfield Slaughtering Associa- tion (Corporation Abattoir) Wholesale Meat SupplyAssociation Ltd. (Abattoir)

GREAVE CLOSE 2 Starkey, Lawrence 4 - Horner, Frederick 6 Hopkins, Philip 8 Hindle, Evelyn 10 Connelly, Harry 12 Lane, Alwyn 14 Robinson, John 16 Saville, Wilfred 18 McNeil, Robert

GREEN EDGE Whitwam, Harry Lofthouse, Jack Sandell, Albert Stephenson, Peter Whitwam, Kenneth Barton, Benjamin Hardy, Eric Ainley, Esther alker, Joe Turner, Vincent

GREENHEAD AVENUE Robinson, Harry Thewlis, William A. Harris, Francis W. Booth, Leonard Horn, Winifred Poskitt, Arthur Harling, Leslie Hoyle, Charles S. Hampshire, Cyril Stocks, Willie Riding, Douglas E. Marsden, William Skelton, John R. V. Haigh, William Sykes, Frank Sands House Berry, Frank

GREENHEAD LANE 2 Beddows, Sam 4 Edith 6 Buchanan, Frederick S.

bouk NV O & N - \D G G

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punt loot bunt pant past d A t O Aa A& ND tJ \O _J Ut t ==




Holmes, Joan M. Hebblethwaite, Jessie Coldwell, Emily O'Neill, Vincent Platt, George Buckley, Frank H. Wardle, Tom Ellis, Arnold B. Flint, Mary E. Vise, William N. Baines, Edgar Clarkson, Norman Brier, Tom E. Green, Ernest A. Hirst, Geoffrey & Jones, Edward H. Wild, Harry Ludlam, Leonard J. Ledger, William G. Shaw, Walter Turner, Geoffrey Booth, Luther Jemmison, Arthur J. Appleton, Henry B. Baxter, James Summers, Jack Alpin, Nora Shaw, Kenneth Battye, Reginald L. Sykes, Kate Dean, Constance L. Purchas, Frank Baggs, Thomas D. Marshall, John F. Hindle, Herbert Topps, John T. W Dixon, Hannah Burford, Albert G. Mallinson, Luther , Mallinson, Jack, Plumber, Electri- cian Gunn, Alexander Heneghan, Nora G. Brown, J. & J., Market Gardeners Wooton, Joseph Thornton, Geoffrey Broadbent, Frank Renshaw, Arthur Sharples, Edward Taylor, Herbert Chappell, Thomas K. Sykes, Roy Littlewood, Edith

GREENHEAD PARK Lodge Irons, Joseph H. Greenhead Park Cafe

GREENHEAD ROAD Cooke, Frederick T. Devitt, William Wilkinson, Edith A. Whiteley, Beatrice M. Reynolds, Alice Swallow, Jeffrey K. Fahy, Lilian A. Mothersdale, Isobel Swallow, Gordon Gill, Albert, Cabinet Undertaker Heeley, Florence Hare, Malcolm A. Hallas, Florence Lee, James E. Holt, William Sykes, D. M. & Co. Ltd., Cotton Waste Emmerson, Norman Sykes, George F. Lancaster, Lillian Holroyd, William H. Haigh, Albert Frost, Alfred S. Robins, Peter Tomlinson, Cecily M. Kaminski, Jakub ' Holland, Thomas H. Martin, Harold H. Taylor, Harold S. Davies, James Sykes, Edward Etchells, Edward M. Christie, Edwin W. Sykes, Edward T. Nicholson, Frederick Saunders, John E.

Springwood Hall Jebson, William H.



First Floor Flat Sawers, Elizabeth K. 2 Travis, Leslie 4 Kaye, Herbert C. Ground Floor Flat Brown, Charles H. Ground Floor Flat Atherton, Winifred A. M.

2 Beaumont, Cyril 4 Thorpe, Vincent 6 Fox, Bruce 8 Wolfenden, Alice 12 Park Commercial Hotel 14 Berlitz School of Languages Phillips, William G. 16 Hobson, John 18 Jones, William 20 Hindle, Viva A. 22 District Midwifery Service 24 Cole Wilson Ltd., Colours, Chemicals Masonic Hall 26 Wilson, Edward G. A. P Greenhead High School 28 Calverley, Fred Wentworth School (Evans, Kath- leen M.), Craigmoor 30 Evans, Kathleen M. 32 Castle, Stanley 38 Ainley, Blanche G. Fairmount Littlewood, Mary Rhinefield Hinchcliffe, William Arthur Princess Royal Maternity Home Greenhead Day Nursery

GREENHILL ROAD 2 Crowther, Herbert 4 Firth, Jane E. 6 Allen, Ernest 8 Stevenson, Florence 10 Brook, Joe 12 Brook, Frank 14 Shaw, Bernard 16 Shaw, Herbert 18 Eastwood, Harry M. 20 Noble, Albert 22 Noble, Edgar 24 Mellor, Ronald 26 Wood, Lewis L. 28 Sykes, William H. 30 Swailes, Amelia 32 Wood, Alexander

GREENHOUSE ROAD 1 Gill, George H. 1 - Needham, Herbert

GREEN LANE TERRACE Charlesworth, Geoffrey Holmes, Edgar

GREEN LEA ROAD Heap, Florence Stewart, Malcolm K. B. Gilmore, Thomas C.

& b

jum rat S] S] COL G) mt E ia, K &. "3 I*

Hutchinson, Tamar S.

GREEN MOUNT STREET 3 Wootton, Norman 5 Piper, Emily 7 Buckley, Wilbert 9 Barber, Herbert 11 - Bradley, Cyril 13 Bradley, Irvin 15 Cussons, Harry 17 Large, Jack 19 Hepworth, John 21 Hargreaves, Fred 23 Doosey, Jane 25 Dawson, Colin 2 Oates, Beatrice A. 4 Grange, Leonard W. 6 Armstrong, Ann 8 Beever, Allen 8 McDonald, James Thompson, Walter



Paxton, G. D. Ltd., Tailors, Drapers Gormal, Les. & Co., Turf Ac- countants

Dransfield, Albert Stacey, George S. Starkey, Raymond Hare, George E. Shaw, Edward Taylor, Lucy Ward, Patrick


fous pant

Page 160

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Peaker, Doris E. V. Richardson, Thomas Thornton, Robert W. Whitehead, Frank Hughes, James Jennings, Patrick Firth, Josiah Bradshaw, William Hill, John Milnes, Keith Gibson, Ernest British Railways, Newtown Yard British Railways, Staff Canteen Martindale, M. & Co., Coal Merchants Murray, C. P. & Co. Ltd, Building Material Merchants, Midland

Yard Glow Coal Co. Ltd., Coal Merchants, Midland Coal Depot. Tel. 4812 (2 lines) Smith Bros. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Carriers

GREEN STYLE Nutton, John Riley, Colin Fella, Ralph A. Shaw, Ada A. Langfield, Harry

GREENWAY Pearson, Peter Smith Muff, James R. Tomlinson, Harry Lawton, Charlie Bairstow, John Norton, Stanley Jennett, Jack Fairbank, Colin Jennings, James P. Nasey, Douglas Workman, Bert W. Vince, Walter Taylor, Raymond D. Barden, Ernest V.

GREENWOOD STREET Poole, Mary J. Stone, George E. Taylor, Lewis Holdroyd, Thomas E. F. Oxley, Harold Turner, Jack Moore, James Brady, John J. Dutton, John W. Brick, Norman Beaumont, Trevor Bradley, Marshall Dyson, Elizabeth Todd, Robert W. Hopkinson, John McElroy, Robert Marsland, Phyllis Shaw, William

GRIMSCAR AVENUE Wilkinson, Harry Vick, Stanley A., Sweets, Tobacco Dyson, Herbert L. Riley, Tom B. Hirst, Alfred Sherwood, Eric V. Armitage, Laura Murray. Alexander Marshall, Douglas Coward, Richard Brook, Frank Murray, David Driffield, Lancelot V. Luckman, Katharine H. Lee, William Sykes, Norman Taylor, Stanley Thewlis, Fred Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Society Ltd., Grocery, Butchery Taylor, Stanley Chafer, Mary F. Rockett, J. F. & Sons, Fat Refiners (Grimscar Works) Parkin & Smith, Motor, General, Sheet Metal Workers


Cosy Nook Farm - Hey, Richard Cosy Nook Cottage Bundy, Ada J.

. GRIMSCAR ROAD Grimscar Cottage Green, Harriet Grimscar Smith, Charles Stead, Thomas 137 Stead, William H. 141 - Clegg, Vernon

GRISEDALE AVENUE 1 - Sutcliffe, Sarah E. 3 Nightingale, Ethel 7 Kaye, Robert 9 Thornton, Albert 1 Barrow, Hubert 4 Day, Wilfred 6 Hardy, Norman Kilburn, Hetty 10 Parker, George 12 Fletcher, Norman 14 Turner, Stanley 16 Heaton, Herbert 18 Lockwood, William 20 Cottam, Frank 22 Plant, Albert E. 24 - Morris, Francis K. 26 Mellor, George W. G. 28 - Rattigan, John 30 Dean, Stanley 32 Burley, Kenneth G. 34 - Gledhill, Ernest 36 Lodge, Eric A. 38 Berry, Annie E. 40 Smith, Victor R. 42 McMahon, John 44 Payne, Reuben 46 Bingham, Lowery 46 Littlewood, Herbert 48 Hewer, Freda

GROSVENOR ROAD 1 - Sharpe, Dennis 3 - Wright, Stanley 5 Fowler, John 7 Dransfield, Ronald 15 Naldrett, William W. 17 Bayes, Richard 17 Sykes, Edward L. 21 Hoyland, Tom F. 21 Fowler, John R. 23 Summers, George E., Card Nailer 25 - Mallinson, Percival 27 Phillips, Winifred 29 Holton, Graham W. 31 Batty, Richard W. 31 Armitage, Ida 31 Batty, David 33 Farrar, Maurice J. 35 Brook Jack A. 37 Townend, Joe 39 Turner, Edward 41 - Harper, John B. 43 Marson, Albert H. 45 Thomas, Eric S. 47 Jones, Lewis J. 6 Walker, Hubert 8 Hogton, Albert E. 10 Brook, Benjamin 12 - Gledhill, Philip S. 14 Hoyle, John S. 16 Senior, Herbert 18 - Mellor, John A. 20 Illingworth, Margaret M. 22 Thew, Arthur R. 24 Firth, Leslie 26 Beaumont, Norman 28 - Mackle, Thomas J.

GROVE STREET Hirst, C. & J. & Sons Ltd., Fancy Woollens Whiteley, Bros, Engineers, Pulleys, Ironfounders (Grove Works)

Parkwood Mills Parkwood Mills Co. Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers Longwood Finishing Co. Longwood Engineering Co. Ltd. Engineers, Ironfounders, Park- wood Foundry

Shop Pickup, Hedley 2 Shaw, Joseph W. 2 - Haigh, Calvert 12 Battye, Harry 14 Thornton, Leonard 16 Sellens, Martha A. 18 Haigh, Arnold 20 Stead, Herbert 22 Chappell, Florence 24 Tempest, Bertha 26 Booth, Wilfred B.

00 o

Up) ist same

U GJ =

Vickerman, Fred Rimmington, Charles H. Wadsworth, Norman Hallas, Agnes Hammond, Lucy Swann, Harry Stocks, Elsie Boocock, Grace E. Townend, Sarah J. Wragg, Dennis Handy, Eric Donaldson, Gladstone Donaldson Jean Morgan, John North, William Crowther, Jack G. Highley, Arthur (Senr.) McAvenue, Evelyn M. Bircher, Nellie Lyth, George B. Bottomley, William, Painter, Deco- rator Flockton, George W. Hills, Alice Kettlewell, Minnie Walshaw, Ada Jackson, Empsall Mallinson, Ronald Crossley, Matthew Dunn, Edward T. Dyson, Victor C. Knowles, Raymond Hardcastle, Sarah Bray, John Stanley, Laura Harrison, William W. Crapper, William C. Lear, John Hirst, Ellie C. Baldwin, Alice M.

Johnson's Yard Thomas, Sophia Haigh, Jack Green, Fred

Wilkinson, Derek Meagh, Ellen Wordsworth, Catherine Womersley, Clara Huddersfield Boy Scout's Local Association Hey, Brian Kidd, Mary Ramsay, James A. Burgess, Thomas N. Ward, Thomas Cleary, James E. Collinson, William H. Hinchliffe, Kate H. Shooter, Fernand E. Kitchingman, Walter Penrose, William A. Bowen, Agnes Roebuck, Charles Hirst, Herbert Moore, Stephen Hewitt, Edith M. Mannion, Patrick Travis, Arthur Watkins, Albert W.

HAIGH CROSS Binns, Eli Stanley, Norman Knowles, Ernest

HAIGH HOUSE HILL Georgeson, William Darlington, Oliver K. Williams, William H.

Sa Wilkinson, Kenneth

7 9 11 13

Berry, Norman Pollard Eric Sutcliffe, Jack Beever, Allen S.

15/19 - Wilkinson, Walter 17/23 Midgeley, George 51/27 Spruce, Frances M. 5

29 31

Clough, Harold W. Turner, Edmund Welch, Benny Jowett, Frank Wadsworth, Gerald H. Elliott, Duncan

HAIGH STREET Brooke, Hiram Fawcett, Walter G. Greatley, Ernest

Page 161

47 Downes, Stringer 49 Shaw, Lily

HALF MOON STREET Crescent Buildings

Netherwood, Edwin & - Sons, Chartered Accountants Newman, E. C., Cloth Manufac- turer

Northern Assurance Co. Ltd. la Brooks, Mary, Ladies' Fashions

Standard House 2 *" Shirley," Ladies' Hairdresser 3 - Armitage, James & Son (Coal) Ltd., Coal Factors. Tel. > after Office Hours Tel. 3257 Pearson, Ben, Tailor Marie Shops Ltd, Ladles Outfitters Business Equipment Co. td., Typewriters and Office Equipment etc. Tel. 4433 9 Wood Auto Supplies Ltd., Motor Accessory Factors 22 Monument, The Insurance Co. Ltd. 22 Provident Insurance Co. Ltd 22 Employers' Mutual Insurance Association Ltd.

co ~1 a\

24/26 Robinson, F. C., Ladies' Hairdresser 30/36 Dawson, A. & Co., Stocks, Shares

43 Fine Art and General Insurance

Co. Ltd. 44/46 Shaw, Henry & Co., Chartered Accountants 50 Jellinek & Howard, Woollen Manufacturers City of Glasgow Friendly Society Standard Fireworks Ltd. (Head Office Mendel, Jules, Cloth Merchant Huddersfield Chamber of Com- merce (incorporated)

HALIFAX OLD ROAD 1 Haley, Carrie 5 Boggs, William D. 7 Pearson, Frank 11 Keighley, Arthur V. 13 Kergon, Sam 15 Turner, Sarah E. 17 Dyson, Jack 19 Rider, Annie 21 Harrison, Irene M. 23 Berry, William 25 McCallum, William 27 Howells, Leslie 29 Passmore, Jeremiah 31 Harris, Thomas F. 33 Hewitt, Richard 39 Sugden, Irvin 41 Carney, George A. 43 Johnson, Joseph T. 45 Graham, George 47 Milnes, John 49 McNulty, James E. 55 Singleton, William 59 Warrior, Robert 65 Howe, Herman J. 95 Thewlis, Joe T. 97 Orme, Bessie, Newspapers, General 99 Broadbent, Elizabeth Waller, Jane A. Moorhouse, Norman Waring, Frank Smith, Dora Mosley, Fred, Fish Fryer Sherwood, Dons Lockwood Jack Fartown Conservative Club Garside, Harold Orwin, John W. Sisson, J., Butcher Hillhouse Methodist Church

Ark Hill 6 Tunnacliffe, Fred 7 Porter, Kenneth 9 Coupland, Frederick J. 8 Bull, Frederick Kergon, Mary A.

Mallinson's Buildings 1 Gill, Lawrence H. 2 Batty, Ethel 3 Moss, Gertrude 4 Phillips, Gertrude


w b) =

~\ O u A Wb =-

Holroyd's Buildings Thompson, John C. Drury, Edith Doris Foden, Horace

Edward's Buildings Walker, Liliazn , Bertha Hissett, Frances Haigh, Harry Hawkyard, Mary Sykes, Joseph Garsed, Ann A.

Fitton's Yard Balmforth, Herbert Taylor, John N. Byram, Ernest Stockman, Alfred E.

Binks, George Morton, Roy S. Preston, Annie E. Donnelly, John E. Dobson, Wilfred Lacy, Brian B. Starkey, Harry Childs, Marjorie A. Littlewood, Harry Lockwood, Hubert Glendmnmg, Marguerite C. Lacy, Doris Chapman, William H. Butterworth, Frank I. Graham, Ralph Stringer, Matilda Ramdsen, Mabel Wolfenden. Roy Starkey, Mary A. Starkey, George H.

177/179 Crossley, John H.

{77/9 Kaye, William

Priestley, Amy Stanley, Arthur Sutcliffe, Arthur Darnell, Leslie Holt, George Crosland, Ann E. McDermott, Bernard J. Smith, Edgar Lawton, Sophia Cardno, C. W. Butchers Mellor, Mary Bowler, Albert Cowlam, Joseph P. Sykes, Ruth Clegg, Thomas W. Thompson, Charles W. Senior, Stanley McDowell, John Holroyd, Frank Hewitt, Richard Ronan, James Maloney, Mary Cartwright, Jack Hirst, Brian Riddle, Donald M. Black Bull Hote! Roper Alan L. Firth, Albert A. Powell, William Fethney, Edward Shaw, William Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly and Industrial Society Ltd. Hill, Ethel Robson, James W. Barber, Jack, Decorator Shaw, Dora A Highley, Ronald M. Bingham, Ernest G. Bull, Georgina Ellis, R., Watch Repairs Whitehead, Hannah Wilson, Christine Hodgkinson, Sydney L. Walmsley, Harriet E. Gibbon, John T. Carter, William H. Burns, Percy Wilson, Ernest A. Tansey, Bernard P. Brown, William Marshall, Geoffrey C. Burgum, Anthony Mitchell, Frances M. Bailey, Frances M. Armitage, Hubert B. Lee, Mabel E. Taylor, Alfred L.

& Son, Family


Brooke, Harry Beaumont, Kenneth A. Keogh, Gerald Twomey, T. & H. J. Drapers; Rogerson, Maggne Jarratt, Herbert Eastwood, Frank Briggs, Emily Court, Edith Firth, William C. McGowan, Evelyn R. Jackson, Rowland Hinchcliffe, Hilda] Butterworth, John S. Turner, Stanley V. Holmes, Norman Topping, James F. Holmes, Benjamin Wilkinson, Ethel M. Caesar, Henry Marsh, Mary B. Hirst, Reuben Hall, Alice M.M. Bradley, Dennis Shaw, Charles S Potter, Arthur C. Stead, Jane A. Pestell, Frederick Megson, Kenneth Ashwell, Ernest Rawcliffe, Elsie Holroyd, Charles F. Kaye, Edwin Bagnall, Thomas Bramley, John M. Pickup, Walter Sykes, Annie Crowther, Mary Copley, Denis Holdsworth, Annie Clegg, Lionel W. Brown, Roy, Wholesale Newsagent Mitchell, Hirst Thornton, John T. Oldroyd, Bryan R. Baldwin, George B. Hopson, George (Senr.) Senior, Arthur Turner, Walter Pattison, Leonard Jackson, Stanley Wood, John T. Hardy, Ernest Rushworth, Caroline Terry, Daisy M. Brundrett, Harry '_ Fraser, Robert Pickup, Nellie Little, Frank H. Waterhouse, Stanley Crosland, Brian Brotherton, Charles W. Swallow, Gordon Drake, John L. Lidbury, Henry G. Crowther, Lavinia Bennett, Leonard Bickerdike, Joseph B. Lockwood, Harry Mather, Leslie Longden, George A. Dyson, Charles H. Carter, Harry D. Farrar, Frank W. Haigh, Frank W. Goodwin, Cyril G.

HALIFAX ROAD 61 - Martyn, B., Chimney Sweep 63 Peel, Richard B. 71 - Pape, Elsie L. Shires, John R. 73 Calvert, Roy 75 Armitage, Maurice 77 Holroyd, Olive 79 Longbottom, Hetty 81 Ronald G. Marchini, Ben, Brewery 83 Hart, William 85 Acton, Rowland 87 Mellor, Percy 89 Hanson, Holdsworth 91 - Revitt, Frank 93 Caine, William 95 Willerton, Walter 97 Dyson, Stanley

Ice-Cream, Old

99 Farrier, Richard

99A Jackson, Frank

99a Milburn, Sydney V.


Page 162

pronk (mask promt. proud ~ U W ss \D S1 Un Ut GJ *s


Powell, Leslie Willerton, Hilda Huddersfield Brick, Tile and Stone Co. Ltd.

Howe, Frank Wood, Walter Taylor, Percy Hayes, Kenneth Brook, Sam Boyes, A. G. & Co. Ltd., Auto Engineers Booth, Eleanor Hepworth, Sarah A. Broadbent, Beatrice S. Andrews, Mary H. Hellawell!, Irvin Clegg, Leonard Sutton, Geoffrey Robinson, Harold Royston, John W. Haigh, Fred Huddlestone, Peter Grey Horse Inn Collins, John W. Ball, John Charlesworth, James E. Buhler, Margaret L. Hirst, Frank C. Robinson, Arthur Beevers, Joe Hardy, Richard Bates, Lottie Harris, James Marchini, Ben Bates, Hubert Katho, Lily Warburton, Gwendoline Brennan, James Pottinger, George Taylor, Donald Simeon, Elizabeth Burke, Wilfred Bamforth, Sydney Ramsey, Kenneth J. Jessop, Stanley Dyson, John W. Chatterton, Hubert Brook, Irene Littlewood, William Smith, Roy V. Sunderland, James T. Birchencliffe Parish Church Brook, Reginald G. Rhodes, David Wood, Frank Garside, Aderman Hallas, Stanley Mellor, Arnold Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Butchers Newton, Marjorie Newton, Leslie Taylor, Hetty Craven, James Oates, Jack Rhodes, Leslie Gledhill, Joe Frise, Symons Batley, Maud Garside, Alice Robinson, Harry Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers Rollin, Edward Taylor, John Armitage, Vera Ackroyd, John C. Longley, Martha Taylor, Benton Kinsey, Josef J. Broadley, Fred Beddard, Ethel Heaton, Arthur Aspinall, Harry S. Bott, Walter Hodgkinson, Norman Aspinall, Wilfred T. Aspinall, Arnold T.

Branch Cottage Buckley, Allan

HALLAS GROVE Taylor, Joe H. Ireland, Eric Sanderson, Sarah Barker, Eric Barlow, John W. Stafford, Arthur Nobbs, Stanley Hargreaves, Teresa Williamson, James McG. M. Mallinson, Fred ___ .

tn & w tJ - &© \O 00 -] OA ur A G bJ) -

Quant sunt must mome jams

Johnson, Dennis P. Kerrod, Tom Fairclough, Benjamin D. Harrison, Herbert Townend, Jack Bland, Bernard Morrison, Archibald N. Webb, Albert Johnson, Ernest A. Brook, Norman Mallinson, Frank Shaw, George G. Wilson, Walter Jebson, Frank H. Sutton, Donald C. Bowes, Allen Hoyle, George W. Hallas, Ronald Stout, Thomas F. Bates, Arthur V. Lees, Ronald S.

HALL AVENUE Whiteley, Mabel Shaw, Frank Potter, Stanley Merridge, Jack Standing, Kathleen M. Eaton, Edgar Whitehead, Edith Pearson, Norman Wade, Arthur Mellor, Emma Wike, Herbert Hallas, Stella Tranmer, George Stansfield, Bertha Littlewood, Wilfred Bateson, Thomas C. Gd. Fi. Fit.

HALL BOWER LANE Bingham, Henry Pearson, James E. Whitwam, Roy Taylor, Arthur Jowitt, Harry Roberts, John Donkersley, Geoffrey Iredale, Harry Rawling, Norman J. Hope, Harold Radley, Fred Sykes, Jack Shaw, Fred Thomson, Robert J. Brook, Douglas Booth, William Burn, Stanley Catterall, Robert Thomas, William H. Turner, Leslie Ewart, Horace Buckley, Irene H. Roebuck, Norman Bradley, Ernest Baxter, Richard Thorne, Leonard W. Reid, Peter B. Potter, Jack Noble, Frank Whittell, Norman B. Fisher, Joseph L. Eastwood, Arthur K.

Crossley & - Drinkwater Ltd.,

Plumbers, Electricians Haigh, Fred Berry, Walter Swift, Robert A. Massey, Richard F. Lawson, Harold J. Hall, John K. Irving, John N. Palmer, Percy

HALL CROSS GROVE Johnson, Jessie Hinchliffe, George Fox, Jack Tinsley, Isaac W. Butler, Francis Bailey, Gordon Cryer, Maud Whiteley, Jack Hocknell, Carrie Johnson, William Knox, Melinda Lodge, Keith Mettrick, Jack H. Sanderson, Priestley Scott, John

Booth, Ernest Thewlis, Bernard Leech, Jack Rusby, Norman Moisley, Nellie Hemingway, George F. Paddon, John Beaumont, Arthur Bates, John W. Hardy, Harold S. Oates, Sam Morgan, Charles H. Brook, Nellie Senior, Charles R. A. T. Beaumont, Arthur Scholey, Arthur Wade, Ernest Whitehead, May Blezard, James A. Milnes, George Cyril Blakeley, James D. Sunderland, Harry Brook, Wilfred Crum, Leslie Priestley, Harry Fountain, Donald

HALL CROSS ROAD Teale, Leslie Garner, George F. Mellor, Arthur Clayton, Leonard Osterfield, Frank Scott, Edith Fuller, Wilfred Wood, Herbert Kaye, James E. Dawson, John W. Craven, Nelson Pryce, Arthur M. Dunne, Patrick J. Flynn, Richard D. Dunstan, Alfred Gardiner, Albert Ellam, Arthur Steele, Robert Longbottom, Fred Batley, James H. Brett, Frederick J. Harwood, Fred Garside, Norman Merriman, Herbert Scuffins, Albert F. Holdsworth, Edward Rae, Hilda Mellor, Edgar Hawes, Walter Jessop, George Wm. Shaw, Arthur Howarth, Louis Haworth, Harry Pusey, Christopher Baimbridge, Walter Robertshaw, Arthur Sugden, William H. Kaye, John E. Medley, Frank Brook, Wilfred Wilson, Malcolm Wadsworth, John Fox, Jack Kitson, Tom Turner, Milton Kenney, Patrick Wainwright, George Hill, Wilfred Batley, Lena A. Billington, Ivy Coffey, Patrick Taylor, Albert Howell, Clarence A. Tracey, Leonard Hardy, Herbert Gould, Louis Allan, Jessie B. Norris, Leslie Senior, Harry B. Hirst, Norman Halstead, Harold Wadsworth, Arthur Haigh, Arnold Callum, Frederick Swallow, Herbert Johnstone, John W. Ashton, Frank Yates, Albert Sutclifie, Bertha Hill, Eva Slater, William L. Wood, Robert H.

Page 163

30 - Toulcher, Charles H. 32 Dean, Lottie 32 Armitage, Donald 34 - Shaw, Arthur 36 Armitage, Jack 38 - Marsden, Albert 40 Parker, Beaumont 40 Morton, Eric 42 Richardson, Alfred 44 - Gee, Horace Alfred 46 Walton, Jack 48 Weldrake, Maurice L. 50 - Garside, Harold 52 Booth, Harold 54 - Cruise, Thomas 54 Taylor, Annie 56 Breeze, Eric 58 - Brant, Lily 58 Darley, Herbert 60 Armitage, Philip 62 Hodge, George O. 64 Pinder, George 66 Swinden, George 68 - Hellawell, Leonard 70 Burgin, Annie 70 Howlett, Frank 72 Dodson, Gerald 74 Ettenfield, Clara 76 Milnes, Raymond 78 Duffy, Walter 80 Nicholson, Margaret E. 80 Howarth, Gerald 82 Beaumont, Frank 84 Wood, Frank 86 Driscoll, A. W., Press Reporter 88 Edwards, Harry

HALL EDGE Hall Edge Farm Smith, William G. H.

HALL STREET 5 Hirst, George A. 18 Thornton, Richard F. 20 Harris, William H. 22 Beevers, Arnold 24 - Copeland, John H. 26 Taylor, Leslie Scott 28 Haigh, Donald 28 Haigh, John 30 - Horsfall, Arthur Savile 32 Armistead, Edwin

HALTON CLOSE 1 Binns, Frank 3 - Poulter, Donald 5 Mowbray, Fred 7 Chatterton, Brian 9 - Mellor, Ernest 1 - Senior, William 3 - Blackburn, Harry 5 - Milnes, Stanley 17 Morrow, Ross 19 Archer, Eric M. 21 Leigh, Frederick A. E. 23 Firth, Joseph 2 - Rattigan, Harry 4 - Healey, John 6 Hardy, Michael 8 Lockwood, Joseph 10 Billington, Frank 12 Gregg, Geoffrey S. 14 Tilley, Clement G. 16 Mitchell, James A. 18 Maynard, Ronald 20 Stokes, Alvery W. 22 Spavin, George A. 24 Wadsworth, George 26 Norton, John J. 28 Hardy, John G.

HAMMOND STREET 1 Knight, Harry 3 Mitchell, Gertrude 5 Holliday, Mary H. 7 - Boyle, Frederick 9 1 3 5

Garry, Cuthbert Brooke, Douglas Singleton, Arthur Earle, George A. 17 Holroyd, Charles 19 Langton, Claude H. 21 Carter, Elizabeth 23 Gorman, Ann 25 Gould, Edward J. 27 - Beaumont, Frank 29 Gilmour, William H. 31 - Brennan, William 33 Gillespie, John V. 35 Waddington, Norman 37 Mills, John T.


pum & co o &

12 4

Swift, Brian K. Carter, Walter Regan, Mary E. Taylor, Sydney Mudd, William Brewins, George Ellam, Clara Bates, Edward Starkey, Wilfred Hoyle, Derek Traynor, John R. Clowes, George Boothroyd, Stanley Crosland, William E. Richardson, Bertie J. Wilson, Walter Starkey, Thomas Speight, Mary E. Payne, James Cooper, Thomas Sutherlan, Mary A. Thornton, George (Senr. Johnson, John Donlan, Edward Butterworth, Brian Peate, Jack Smith, Ernest Armitage, Peter Lynch, James Cawtheray, Leslie Thornton, Harry Cawtheray, May Cooper, Annie Lynch, Patrick Clay, Irving Kaye, Eileen Dodson, Joe Brennan, Elizabeth Saxby, Geoffrey Mitchell, Emily English, Ernest Turner, Joseph Berry, Catherine Robinson, Charles E. Noble, Derek H. Clegg, John Winter, Phyllis Halstead, Geoffrey Thorpe, Gerald Brennan, John W. Wilkinson, John B. Bawtry, William Birkhead, Derrick Bagshaw, Charles Earnshaw, Lewis Megson, Annie Wilkinson, Fred Atkinson, Henry Lee, Thomas Hinchliffe, James Field, Kenneth Cozy Taxis Ramsden, John W. Wedge, Louisa Hayden, William Eastwood, Edith Purves, Joseph G. Whiteman, James M. Thorpe, Leonard Westerby, Annie

HAMPSHIRE STREET Donaldson, Frank Manchester, Peter Kitchingman, Geoffrey Beaumont, Ernest Charlesworth, Joseph Draper, Dereck Haigh, Henry Restall, Eric H. Jackson, Theron Lax, John Meaney, Frank Taylor, Joseph Haigh, Edward K. Thornton, Harry Gibson, Wilfred Bradley, Charles H. Valerio, Albert Castle, Ada Wilkinson, Eric Nunns, Leonard Pogson, Joe Thompson, Joe H. Midgeley, William Spencer, Polly Pursglove, Frances M. Aspinall, Florence Thompson, James H. Boothroyd, Ethel

Oa AD ] -] ut G GJ 1a

U J) =-


HANDEL TERRACE Beals, Sarah H. Mellor, Harry Haigh, Annie M. Shaw, Arthur K. Wise, John H. Mannion, James Davies, Gareth Lawrence, Harry K. Fenwick, Arthur Darby, Joseph E. Highton, John E. Hinchliffe, Arthur Hulley, James T. Greenwood, Thomas Tiffany, Arther C. Parkin, Willse Appleyard, Henry Mear, Emily Crosland, Norman C. Hilton, Frank

HANGINGSTONE ROAD Roberts, Colin H. Gregory, Harry D. Kilner, Clifford Jessop, Arthur Diaper, John Windle, Laurence Battye, Ronald W. Thorp, Cyril F. Cunnington, George W. Spencer, Vernon Kilby, Edward W. Calvert, Herbert Waddington, Wilfred Holt, Walter Crosland, Peter H. Kaye, Tom Townend, Jesse D. Gardner, Albert Lawton, Stanley Brammah, John W. Milton, John Abbs, Kenneth Nutton, Maria Lammyman, George Smallman, James S. Mallinson, Frank Theaker, John E. Seed, Robert Neaverson, Ethel Hinchliffe, Arthur Rhodes, Richard P. Fox, Herbert Lerpiniere, Denis R. Hardy, Jack Wroe, Dinah Coles, Stanley A. Strother, Philip Thompson, George A. Brierley, Louisa E. Waddy, Staphanie Booth, Alice

Parkton Grove Dean, Harry

HANSON LANE Hobson, Alonza Simpson, Harry Chamberlain, Edgar J.

HARP INGE Scaife, Raymond O. Gray, George Murgatroyd, Gladstone Crowe, Geoffrey Lister, Stanley Burgess, Samuel P. Wood, Ernest C. J. Dancaster, Albert J. Smyth, Robert Hallas, Lewis Livesey, Norman F. McCartney, Alexander Meston, Samuel Dyson, Eric Goodall, Joseph A. Owen, John O. Jennings, Thomas Walker, Herbert Caine, Thomas Taylor, John Brook, John Moore, John Lee, John W. Battye, William Stead, William Briggs, Reginald Cox, Frank * Johnstone, Norman

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w Oo O & ND G =-


t UJ) «


Bywater, Walter Tibbott, Albert Crossley, George Hayes, James Hewitson, Jack Lees, Clifford Moore, David A. Taylor, Iolene Rowe, Dennis Johnstone, John Armitage, Arthur B. Shaw, John F. T. Sykes, Arnold Letters, William Yarker, Harry Cox, Henry Milner, John Jackson, Harold Shone, John J. Hawley, Herbert Knight, Raymond J. Scott, Reginald F. Codd, Raymond C. Fenwick, Lewis Clarke, Joseph G. Hoy, Charles D. Wood, Frank Deane, William D. McKeown, Albert Gallagher, Thomas H. Dyson, Harold Wilkinson, Charles A. Essery, Robert A. J. Newnham, Thomas G. Thornton, Frank Simpson, Eric Shaw, Albert Taylor, Trevor Milner, Peter McQueen, Ian

HARP ROAD Quarmby National Spiritualist Church Town, Thomas R. Avison, Marion Groves, Jack Baron, Edward Fisher, Halsey Peters, John Harrold, Lawrence A. Cliffman, George C.

HARVEY ROYD Wilkinson, Stanley * Haigh, Herbert Hastings, Thaddeus G. Wright, David R. Spencer, Kenneth Harford, Edward G. Atkinson, Herbert Hardy, Jack Morgan, William E. Platt, Edwin D. A. Durham, Ronald Allardyce, William Crew, Robert Cumberland, Wilfred C. Evans, Percival S. Mellor, Harold Woodhouse, Jack Ideal Advertising Press Palmer, Stanley F. Dalton, Hubert Mettrick, George L. Bell, Edwm Taylor, William Walker, Joseph J. Swales, Frank Wood, Irvine K. Matthew Stanley Fisher, Harold Beaumont, John M., Pharmacist Lister, Irvm

HAUGHS ROAD Kaye, Franklin A. Redfern, Edward Hall, Reginald S. Eastwood. Donald C. Turner, Herbert R. Clayton, Jospeh H. Cooling, Henry C. Cooling, Ida M. thaker, Garside Taylor, Raymond

HAWES AVENUE Schofield, Nellie Jackson:! Leonard Whitaker, John

5 Holland, Thomas 7 Wilson, J hn G. 9 Manning, Albert J. {g Dransfield, Jack

Hoggarth, Wilfred R., Transport

Inspector 15 Ollerenshaw, Fred 17 Senior, 19 Holmes, Percy 21 Metcalfe, Wilfred 23 - Clarkson, Harry 25 Ramsden, Stanley 27 Tiffany, Doris 29 Plummer, George 31 Fryer, Robert 31 Fryer, Gordon 33 Pegg, Benjamin 35 Bottom, George 37 Brook, Albert 37 Brook, Fred 39 Horner, Norman 41 Firth, Harold 43 Robinson, Thomas 45 - Marsden, Norris 47 Wadsworth, Alfred 49 Casson, Arthur 51 Edley, Arthur W. 51 Haigh, Norman B. 53. Lunn, Hubert 55 Worsley, Leonard 57 Wilson, Edward 59 O'Connor, Patrick 61 - Peace, Jack 63 Mitchell, Percy 65 Jones, Edwin 67 - Fryer, Harry 69 Parsison, Sarah M. 71 - Swift, Ray 73 Chatterton, Edward 75 Hey, Rollinson 77 - Goodison, Cyril 79 Jeffrey, Edward J. 2 Lister, Eric 2 Walker, Jack 4 Cook, George 6 Bedford, Clarence 8 Ainley, Percy 10 - Langfield, Arthur 12 Lewis, William 14 Whiteley, Douglas 16 Day, Amos 18 Roberts, Leonard 20 McDonnell, Patrick 22 Pogson, Arthur 24 Bates, Edith 26 Bailey, James 28 Armitage, Frank 30 Smith, Charles A. 32 Charlesworth, Cecil

HAWKROYD BANK BOAD Allen, William G. B Brooke, Hary White, Arthur

Thorpe, George Hoyle, Hubert Oldfield, Enoch L. Jakeman, Arthur 10 Kirkham, Sidney 12 Carter, John A. 14 Wrest, William 16 Broadbent, George H. 18 Coles, Arthur D. 20 Garthwaite, Stanley 22 Holmes, Jac 24 Gill, Eric 26 - Stell, Wi lie J. 28 Dodds, Cecil

HAWK STREET 3 - Smith, Gordon 5 Broadbent, Annie 7 - Tetlow, Joseph 9 - Badowski, Hildred 11 Clancy, Thomas 13 Hughes, Annie 19 Bradley, Jack R. 23 Johnson, George E. 27 Mullazrkey, Eileen 31 Spurr, Annie 35 Spence, Fred 2 Markey, James A. 4 Toon, Vera 6 Duggan, Coleman 6a Whittaker, Peter I. 8 Timlin, James 12 Clarkson, Arthur T. 16 Rockett, Mahala W.

1 3 5 7 9 ? Blackburn, Alfred 3 6 8


~] past

pam: a w - \D _] UL GJ) ims

Earnshaw, Joseph Brennan, Bernard P. Crawford, Thomas Hughes, Peter Gallagher, Thomas Holliday, Charles A. Hoggart, Harry

Tindall's Yard Welsh, Idris John Emsell, Robert

HAWTHORNE TERRACE Bodenham, Harold Ward, Cecil F. Crabtree, Alice Kaye, Lilian Smith, Walter Wood, Eric Armitage, Jack Wood, Mary Beaumont, Harold Beaumont, Edith Holdroyd, Ivor C. Agar, Annie Sykes, Allen Churches, Derrick Spence, Fred Mansell, Dorothy Maycock, Ira Turner, Harold Sargent, William Edwards, Herbert Firth, Arthur Tait, John QOushworth, Audrey Bennett, Leonard Clapham, Thomas Hinchliffe, Lucy Middleton, Douglas Wrigley, Wilfred Dyson, Harry Evans, Hildred Dyson, Harry Paling, Alice Brown, Roy Proctor, Ronald Lunn, Albert Brayshaw, Jack Brayshaw, James Hill, Reginald Squire, Alberta F. Sykes, Amos H. Barrett, Amy Dyson, William HA. Whiteley, Robert E. Sulliavan, Bartholomew Cartwright, Norman Stott, Charles

2/4 Beever, Jack

-] Un GJ mas

Mear, Lucy Cockhnll Elsie A. Stephenson, Herbert Brook, Herbert Riley, Charlotte Kent, John H. Exley, Frank H. Lumb, Stanley Greenwood, William Ely, Elizabeth Lunn, Edith Devlin, John J. Tormey, Mary Hanson, Harry Boulby, Clara Copley, George Holroyd, Stanley Lee, Arthur Bennett, Joel Wood, Lewis Bellerby, Willie Spence, Robert H. H. Shaw, John E. White, James Treherne, William E. Varey, Peter H. Hayhurst, Norman Mowbray, Albert F. Auty, Emma C. Charlesworth, Colin Taylor, Clifford H. Jessop, Lewis Holt, James E. Taylor, Frank Ainley, George

HAZEL GROVE Buckley, Jack Webb, Frank B. Taylor, Joseph Crosland, Edith

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9 Rowe, Geoffrey A. 61 Kaye, Muriel 33 Walker, James 11 Wheatman, Harold W. 63 Ward, Leslie F. 35 Riley, Arnold 13 Hirst, Edward C. 65 Cavanagh, Thomas H. 37 Greenwood, Cora 15 Bearne, Gerald P. W. 67 Garside, Amy 39 Pickersgill, Harry 17 Willey, Ronald 77 Davidson, Frank 41 Drabble, Cyril 19 Dyson, Ernest 79 Mear, George W. 43 Hirst, Alfred E. 21 Diamond, John S. 81 Richardson, John E. 45 Savill, Patricia M. 2 Carrino, Vicenzo R. - 83 Dunkerley, John F. 59 Whiteley, James L., Manufac- 4 Willby, John 85 Dyson, Eric . turers' Agent 6 Gilmore, Joseph 87 Stansbury, Walter 61 - Grundy, John C. V. 8 Aspinall, Charles E. 89 Drake, Elsie 63 Stott, Joe 10 Boothroyd, Geoffrey S. 91 Roberts, Norman 65 Tyson, Robert 12 - Hellawell, Philip , 93 Hawkyard, Harry 67 Braithwaite, Gwendoline H. 14 Godwin, Robert E. 69 Baldick, George S. 16 Milnes, Edward O. HEATHERFIELD ROAD 71 \ Warrington, Cyril J. 18 Chapman, Doris 5 Moorhouse, Philip 73 Hartley, Ernest 20 Dagostino, Dominic 7 - Gill, Cyril 75 Wimpenny, Lena 22 Pickles, Stanley 9 Oddy, Raymond H. 77 Senior, Herbert 1 t- ray, Edgar owers, John W. | yy FAP STREE! 15 Goldthorpe, Albetr 91 Hinchliffe, Ronald H. 2 - Silrah 17 Taylor, Harry 93 Stott, Hubert 3 Smith g’arah A 19 Moorhouse, Norah 95 Clark, Alfred G. 4 Olds Annie E. - 21 McCracken, Robert 97 Netherwood, Minnie 5 G ooady Sarah g; Iélaighkyormarev N9)? lS-Imith’ .Iacclc:hR.l 5 * yers, George W. ouston, arles 5. 6 Oldfield, Evelyn 27 Taylor, Norris 2 Binns, Frank 29 Thornton, Hubert 4 - Priest, Walter HEATHDALE AVENUE 31 Leech, Clifford 6 Brooke, Kenneth 1 Dyson, Jane 33 Horsfall James 8 Hopkinson, Brian 3 Rhodes, Gertrude A. 35 Haigh, Gertrude L. 8 Ground Floor Flat, 5 Metcalfe, Walter V. 37 Thorp, Lionel Thorpe, David H. 7 Coops, Frank 39 Ramsden, Edith M. 10 Firth, Harold 9 Hirst, Benjamin 41 - Milnes, Kate 12 Morris, Moshe 11 Haynes, Arthur J. 43 Copley, Eric 14 Crosland, Frank H. 13 Mellor, Chas, J. 45 Senior, Frances L. 16 Wilson, William W. 15 Telfer, Elsie 47 Crawshaw, Frank, Gardener 18 Bavin, Elsie 17 Newman, Frank E. 49 Sutcliffe, Enc 18a Mason, Florence K. 19 Jackson, Ronald 51 Ramsden, John 20 Charlesworth, Elma M. 21 Hallas, Frank 53 Waiting, Arthur R. 20a Fitton, Harry 23 Beaumont, Ellen 55 Bloom, Wilfred 22 Walker, James W. 25 Horrocks, Ernest 57 Haigh, Jim 24 - Pearson, Flora 27 Farrington, Harold 59 Binns, Lewis 30 Ubanski, Lily 29 Thorpe, Leonard S. 61 Duffy, Thomas F. 32 Hall, Ronnie S. 31 Marshall, George 63 Dimmer, Reginald J. G. 32A Turner, Florence E. 31 Nicholson, Annie 2 - Butler, Leonard 34 - Lancaster, Clarence 33 Moorhouse, Arth_ur H. 4 Whltaker, John J. 36 Dewhirst, Frank 35 Thompson, Emeline 6 Petersen, Walter 38 Andrews, Sidney C. 37 Smith, Harry 8 Kossowncz, Mary G. 42 Hoyle, Ellen 22 Ramsden, Derrick | 10 Hobson, Ernest 44 - Lazenby, Eveline 24 Bray, Walter 12 Farrand, Fred 46 Senior, Mary E. 26 Clarke, Kenneth C. 14 Oates, Sydney 48 - Wagener, Muriel I. 28 Dorman, Ronald A. 16 Sykes, George G. 50 Hirst, Joe 30 Brownsword, John C. 18 Noble, Violet M. 52 Watson, Harry 32 Segar, Irene M. 20 Blow, Harry E. 54 - Bedford, Richard D. 34 - Starkey, Herbert J. 22 Stocks, William B. 56 Baxter, Arnold 36 Gaunt, Ronald 24 Hammerton, Herbert R. 64 Jessop, Eric R. 26 Winterbottom, Arthur 66 Wadsworth, Edith 28 Macdonald, Arthur 68 Stevenson, Eliza HEATHERFIELD CRESCENT 30 Wood, Philip R. 70 Greenman, James W. 2 Haigh, John W. 32 Marsden, Fred 72 Elliot, Harry 4 Beckwith, Annie 34 - Jackman, Harry 74 Spence, Freddy 6 Jubb, Hiram 36 Holmes, Ernest 76 Whitaker, Cyril 8 Hoyle, Ernest W., Mental Health 38 Smith, Arthur 78 Butterfield, Norman Officer 40 Moore, Frank 80 Carr, Clifford 10 Lake, Alfred 42 Milnes, Ernest 82 Wood, Herman 12 Taylor, Herbert 44 Haworth, Norman W. 84 Hirst, Ernest 14 Singleton, Malcolm H. 46 Senior, Westerman E. 90 Marshall, Harold Taxis 18 Barrow, Ernest 48 Ettenfield, Margaret E. 92 Walker, Thomas A. 20 Broadley, George 50 Cardno, Arnold 94 , Cecil H. 22 Coley, Alice 52 Shaw, Jack 96/98 Lowe Lilian 24 Ashton, Blanche 54 Haigh, Ernest 100 Wofl'enden Mary 26 Whittell, Anthony F. 60 Twemlow, Ernest W. 102 Dyson, Evelyn 28 Lister, Hart 62 Donaldson, William 104 Lawless, Phyllis 30 Lockwood, Amthur 64 Sheridan, Bernard Crossley, Joseph & Sons, Waste 32 Hiley, Hilton 66 Doosey, Bernard R. Dealers 34 - Jenkins, Cyril D. 68 Daniel, Maurice 36 Holland, John W. 70 Goddard, Edward A. 38 Dyson, Eric 72 Lockwood, Muriel E. 40 Wood, Alfred 74 - Caley, James I. HEBBLE STREET 42 Holdsworth Geoffrey 76 Milnes, Thomas S. R. 1 Beaumont, Harold 44 Holme, Clayence 78 Walker, Harold 3 Wllkmson, Alice 46 Booth, Leslie 80 Booth, Jim 5 Price, Hilda 3 Sutcliffe, Milford 82 Drennan, Albert 7 Wilkinson, Douglas

5 Simpson, William P.

7 - Saxelby, George W. 9 Gee, David 1 Hanson, Richard 3 Tinker, Gilbert A. 15 Kneeshaw, William A. 17 Buckley, Edward

HEATH HILL Mellor, Joshua Foster, Austin Roebuck, Leslie



Naylor, Charles H. Pearson, Eric Edwards, William O .

19 Stott, Douglas, 1 Tough, James B. K. Halliwell, Lawrence H. 21 Sandersoh, Keith 3 Hanson, Helena Todd, Arthur E. 23 Roberts, Jacl Lumb, Frank Berry, Mary J. 25 Garner, Reginald Bottomley, Cyril 27 Jamieson, Reginald W. HEATON ROAD Rastall, Laura A. 29 Thackwray, Ethel 1 Selka, Solomon M. Bassindale, Joe 31 Dyson, Albert 3 Loney, Percy Lockwood, Alec B. 55 Watson, Eleanor R. 5 Pearman, Lynn Sanderson, Jack 57 Broadbent, Eric 9 Dyson, David E. Waddington, Elsie 59 Pearson, Walter L. 31 Haywood, George D. Catherine Simpson, M.

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fa $a pot pas maximum—sequ—


HENRY STREET Battye, D. & Son Ltd., Oil Refiners and Merchants, and Paint Mer- chants, Lubricating Oils Greases. Tel. 7201-2 Beaumont, W. L., Rag and Waste Paper Merchant Bamforth, Herbert Hardy, Richard H. Woodcock, Walter J. Jarrell, Mary B. Sugden, Willie Wood, John Henry Abson, Ernest Spencer, William H. Gledhill, Frances Robinson, Eliza A. Battye, Joe


Carter, Herbert Radcliffe, Elizabeth A. Cleasby, Milton Walton, Ronald Isherwood, Joseph Jepson, Harry Earnshaw, Elsie Smith, Horace Holroyd, Mary A. E. Wing, Joe W. Cuttell, Jack Bentley, Polly Stubbs, Ethel R.

HEXHAM GREEN Chapman, Jack Nicholson, Joseph F. Sutcliffe, George L. Wharam, Gladys A. Bentley, George Binks, Gertrude N. Booth Jack Bates, Rowland Baldwin, Jack Ibbetson, Michael Sutton, Joseph Holland, Sydney A. Taylor, Joe Buckley, Jack Topham, Jack Wood, Donald Broadbent Norman Chaplin, Stanley Simpson, Henry Bushby, Ronald Simeon Kendal, Jack Hanson, George E. Fenton, Robert Lionel Harper, Robert

HEY LANE Blackburn, Edgar Booth, Maurice Hellawell, Reginald W. Boothroyd, Wilfred Sutcliffe, Harry Lockwood, Jack Mann, Elsie Holdroyd Elizabeth A. Roberts, Raymond D. Bates, Frank Murphy, Harry Crowther, James

12/14 Brook, Harry

J © \O «] O un J& o bJ mm

pout point gummt

HIGH CLOSE Riley, Frederick Wear, Annie Welsh, Annie Exley, Emma Atkin, Mary V. Lane, William M. Donnelly, Florence D. Jenkins, Robert A. Firth, Edgar Hobbs, Mary M. Bird, Loise A. Schofield, Ernest


\D _] UL UA QJ ms

Calvert, Anthony Ronson, Hannah Schofield, William H. Evans, William Haigh, Percy C. Stead, Frank Chappell, Clifford Middleton, Leslie Richardson, Leslie Abbott, Frederick P.

DJ meu sae bent sont joust pand OoogthN°ooN—'

Sykes, Jack Boothroyd, Lena Sykes, Leonard Birkhead, Frank Scott, Edward Middleton, Annie Wadsworth, William Marshall, Edward C. North, Alfred Booth, Sam C. Bowden, Arthur Tremaine, John C Bradley, Charles Watts, Beatrice Haigh, Amnon Lindley, Jack Beaumont, Percy Carrick, Leslie Jessup, Kate I. France, Harold Crowther, Alexander Leonard, Arthur Rockett, Leonard Horner, George W. Garbutt, Lawrence Mather, Emily Farnsworth, William Mitchell, James Hardcastle, John Dyson, Arthur Broadbent, Frederick E. Bradley, Luke Bradley, Vincent Pawson, Ronald Ewart, Edgar R.

Haulage, Coal

HIGHFIELDS ROAD Lindop, James Bradley Lane Nursing Home Co. Moulsen, Gilbert J. Waddington, Charlotte Wingrove, Elsie Lees, John P Ogden, Annie Hornby, Clara Winpenny, Hannah Bamforth, Edwin Highfield Congregational Church

Highfields, Wilkinson, Jack Highfield, Sykes, James P.

HIGHLANDS AVENUE Jackson, Frank S. Robson, Raymond Aspinall, Jack Schofield, Annie Johnson, Albert J. Hawley, Walter Jameson, John F. Sykes, Harold Littlewood, Rose Lockwood, Stanley, Carrier Haigh, Edwin, H Liley, Elsie Shaw, Mary McNab Peter, Slater, Plasterer Goodrnck Doris Schofield, Norman Beaumont, Reggie Hoyle, Seina Childs, Norman J. Owen, Sidney Kelly, John R. Hinchliffe, John A. Mellor, Walter Haigh, Douglas Fisher, Harry N. Foster, Gertrude Oldfield, Laurence Prior, Frederick Hall, Herbert Halstead, Gordon Shaw, George W. Stansfield, Alice Atkinson, Robert F. Hough, Jim Percy, William E. Hawkes, James Bottomley, Joe Gallagher, Patrick Dyson, Frank Taylor, James Beaumont, Reginald, W. Turner, George W Burrows, Joseph A. Riley, Willie Simpson, W. C., Painter etc. Haigh, Harry Devine, John C. Comber, Thomas (Senr.)

Whiting, Fred Wood, Arthur Francis, Richard H. Thompson, Leonard Donnelly, George W. Sandford, Allen Transport District Inspector Fretwell, John Macdonald, Wilfred Shaw, Tom Thornton, George V. Laycock, Frank R Hever, John Roberts, Hirst Clarkson, Frank Wood, Eric Prince, William Lindley, Harry Broscombe, Arthur Cliffe, Arthur Horsfall, Edgar Womersley, Albert Aldridge, Albert E. Gothard, Annie Speight, Ernest Johnson, William Jones, Thomas H. Gibson, Jack Tracey, Mary Clarke, Arthur Simpson, William C. Gill, Frank Lee, Harold

HIGH LANE Inman, Richard W. Mills, Olive Austin, Doris Garside, Albert Boyd, William B. Hall, Fred Cockshott, Eric Clark, Wilmar, M. Harper, Leonard Stansfield, Jeffrey Wilson, William H. Burton, George Cooper, William Ellam, William A. Jagger, John Smith, George B. Sherwin, Charles H. Hilton, Ernest L. Taylor, Harold Mellor, Edwin Threlfell, Norman B. Lindsay, Leonard Podgorski, Stefan E. Bradley, Edgar Bowker, George E. Calkin, Tom Robinson, Gordon Wilkinson, William Robinson, Carl Robinson, William Mangham, Luke W. Davis, Nathan Whitehead, Tom

School House Ford, John D.

Hall Bower Chapel

HIGHROYD CRESCENT Smith, Ronald Haigh, Eric H. Lodge, Edward Neatherwood. Ernest Butterfield, Francis J. & Sons, Haulage Contractors Waltho, Mary E. Pearson, Harry Pearce, Norman Foster, Harold Wade, Harry Briggs, Elizabeth W. Parkes, Willis, Joseph S. Leng, George W. Pearson, Norman Watts, Philip Lewis, John R. Flynn, John J. Binns, Henry Nightingale, Edward Flynn, Frederick Jennings, Terence H. Eldred, William Mitchell, George H. Hodgson, James W. Stead, Willie

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pam N O & O & N- _] ury, -


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poot puma

HIGHROYD LANE Sykes, Ernest R. Haigh, Alfred Booth, William Wood, Herbert Taylor, Arthur Haigh, Walter Cousins, Rebecca Medley, Bertha D. Brook, Lawrence Inns, Geoffrey Falck, Louis Chorlton, Stanley Tasker, Jack Iredale, Doris E. Field, Arnold Jackson, Harold Kaye, Read Wilson, Harold Goodison, George Booth, Harold Halstead, Leonard Kitchingman, Jack Gabbitass, Gertrude Hutchby, Sarah C. Grange, Florence M. Turner, Risdon Kaye, Harry Jessop, Roy Platt, William H. Sharkey, Louisa

HIGHROYD TERRACE Carpenter, Dennis Butlin, Frank Longbottom, Albert Senior, Roy Hellawell, Ernest Armitage, Joe Roscoe, Stanley Roscoe, Edgar Hepworth, Violet Lister, Matthew H. Oldroyd, Herbert Sunley, Thomas W.

HIGH STREET Thorpe, Roy Eastwood, Albert H. Wade, Jack Durkin, Thomas Lynch, Mark Sharp, William Green, Geoffrey Taylor, Donald Carter, Harry Garside, Archie Gill, Harry Woodcock, Brian Hopley, George Hirst, Lily Morris, Fred Cartwright, Lenn Horsfall, Douglas Hart, Dorothy E. Ashton, Maud Gaunt, Arthur Mallinson, John E. Mellor, Kenneth Holt, Phillip Bedford, Arthur Bailey, John W. Brown, Edward S. Firth, George H. Brook, John Beaumont, George E. Jessop, Harry

HIGH STREET Sykes, Florrie Roebuck, Alfred Crowther, Hilton Roebuck, Walter Dyson, Kenneth Shaw, Herman Clay, Donald Haigh, Herbert Firth, Stanley Hall, Harry Sanderson, Sarah E. Hey, Frank

HIGH STREET High Street Buildings Huddersfield Corporation Borough Architect and Planning Officer's Department (Offices) M. & A., Baby Linen, Hosiery

Broadbent, J. & Co. (Printers) Ltd., Bookbinders, Stationers


5 Boultons, Auctioneers, Valuers, 1 Estate Agents and Land Agents. Tel. 6013

4/6 Eddison, Taylor & Booth, F.A.1I., Auctioneers and Valuers 4/6 Thorpe, Edward 8 Kaye, Jospeh & Sons, Rope Manufacturers Mettrick Bros., Pork Butchers High Street Methodist Church Elite Cafe 10a Townsend, Peter - 12 - Bailey, Nora

HILLHOUSE LANE Roberts, Richard Scott, Florence R. Platt, Mrs. D., Ladies' Hairdresser Haygarth, James Milnes, Ernest Brearley, Ernest Marsden, Elizabeth A. Crawshaw, Edith 19 Auty, Joseph H. 19a Nash, Harry 21 Crockett, Francis H. 23 Hudson, John W. 23 Haigh, Douglas 25 Carter, Harold 27 Gillespie, Thomas 29 Gilbert, George W. 31 Boothroyd Herbert J. 33 Prytherch, Ada 35 - O'Brien, James 37 Whiteley, Harold 39 Buckley, Arthur S. 41 Griffiths, Hugh 43 Armitage, Norman 45 - Bradley, Jack 47 Hemingway, Harold 49 Pearson, Leonard 51 Redfearn, Arthur L. 53 Hayes, Leslie G. 55 Armitage, Florence 57 Harrison, Walter 59 Catling, Edward 61 Kaye, William 63 Swift, Benjamin 65 Taverney, Harold Stead, Law & Sons Ltd., Buildeis 67 Walker, Ernest 67a Normington, Harry 69 Lafferty, Patrick J. 69 Cunningham, John 69 Mongan, Hugh 71 Wilson, James C. 73 Moore, Priscilla 75 Norman, Barry 77 Moorhouse, Harry 79 Diskin, Michael S. 83 Buckley, Charles J. 85 Stogden, Roy 87 Sharpe, Tom 89 Blagbrough, Kenneth 91 Thorpe, William H. 93 Lee, George V. 95 Bailey, Carter 97 Rawcliffe, Ben 99 Rowe, Benjamin


101 Edwards, William L. 103 Bray, Benjamin 105 Short, Roy 107 Ellis, Ben 109 - Blackburn, Wilfred 111 Folan, Annie E. 113 Shaw, Arthur

Robinson, James & Co.

127 Overton, Norris B. 129 Rowan, George W. 131 Ormerod, H., Grocer

Moorhouse, Sam & Son, Metal Refiners 26 Oldfield, Lavinia G. 28 Brown, Henry G. 30 Crowther, Wright 32 Brosnan, William R. 34 - Bishop, Bryan H.

Rhodes Buildings Lawrence, Matthew Tunnacliffe, Alice Myers, Emma J. Gordge, Walter Percival, George

Wormald's Yard Waterson, Nora Liley, Herbert S. Rowan, James Robinson, Raymond C.

a i te b) =

U Jh UJ =-

66 Bower, Donald 68 Casper, William 70 Mills, John W. L. 74 Hall, Joe P. 76 Clegg, Albert F. A. 84 Taylor, Geoffrey 86 - Hellawell, James 88 Townsend, Harold 90 Marshall, Emma 92 Broscombe, S. E., Carting Agent 94a Bramley, William

114 Bailey, Alfred

Spencer's Buildings Bradley, Ronald Dickinson, George E. Halstead, Elsie Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society (Bacon Factory)

HILL TOP CLIVE COTTAGES Whiteley, Wilfred Dearnley, George E. ** Oak Dene" - Norcliffe, Stanley

HILL TOP CROFT Marsh, Tom B. Garner, Jeffrey Marsh, Margaret Mellor, Harry Hartley, Harry Hobkinson, Frederick Ladbrooke, Albert A. Nuttall, Keith Horn, Arnold

HILL TOP ROAD 7 Hirst, Allen 9 Boocock, Jack 213 Haydock, William 5

a u &

Johnson, Norman Bell, Irene E. Dungworth, Arthur 21 Haydock, Joseph W. 23 Vickerman, Joe 25 Armitage, Stanley 27 Hirst, Harry 29 Snowball, Norman 31 Chappel, Elizabeth 33 Wood, Amy G. 35 Edwards, George JH. 37 Gledhill, Ambrose 39 Cox, Herbert 41 - Graves, George W. 49 Aitken, Bernard 51 Schofield, George A. 53 Schofield, Bertha 55 Lyons, Donald 57 Edwards, Llewellyn 59 Johnson, Fergus 61 - Fryer, Charles H. 61a Spencer, Alfred 63 Hawkins, James L. 65 Wilson, Harry 67 Todd, Alfred 71 Cliffe, Sarah E. 75 Lassey, Emma 77 Flynn, Margaret 4 Ainley, Joseph 8 Hill, Kenneth 8a Sheard, Joseph H. 32 Taylor, Jack 34 - Schofield, Norman 36 Dickinson, Arthur

Granville Terrace Graves, George Frederick Fairbank, Roy Chadwick, Wilfred

HILL TOP ROAD Carr, Robert Barnes, Thomas Kitson, Willie Booth, Fanny C. Tolson, Jonn H. 11 Harrison, Clifford 13 Knowles, Fred 19 Taylor, Norman E. 21 Knight, James The Bungalow Simpson, Mark Roper, Jack 6 Kitson, William H. 10 Dyson, John 12 Hemingway, Stanley 14 Thornton, Florence 16 Sykes, William 18 Walker, Ronald 20 Barnes, Nora 22 Hibbert, Joseph

U UJ mat

\D \] Ut GJ »

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Lod pas

pont back pant part co a & ND «\] Ut GJ au} «ad Gt G4) buss

pud frat A b ®


Cartwright, William Netherwood, Lewis Horsfield, George

HIRST MILL Bower, Percy Byram, Wilfred

HOB LANE Boothroyd, Lewis Holroyd, Arthur

HOFFMAN STREET Nicholson, Fred Armitage, Jacky Price, George H. Livesey, Joe Marsden, John Hobson, Lewis Goldthorpe, Clara Mitchell, Fred Barraclough, Fred Sykes, David Lockwood, Eric G. Rhodes, Bryan H. W. Pickering, Jack Armitage, George Duval, Iris Hughes, Edwards A.

HOLAYS Carrick, Cyril L. Mrddleton, Richard A. Grundy, William H. Walker, Joseph H. Cheesman, John Shuttleworth, Raymond Aldred, George H. Hazeldine, Jack Brogan, Harry (Senr.) Atkinson, John M. Paxman, Arthur Lewis, Edith M. R Maiden, Harry C. Cooney, Anthony Croft, Derrick S. Harland, John L., Representative Ellis, Sam Conroy, John Whitfield, John Wilson, Maurice R. Ellam, Frank Mitchell, John S. Clancy, Bernard Clancy, Irvin Hartley, George S. Edwards, Ernest Palmer, Sam Joyce, Thomas Hill, Hubert Higgins, William (Senr.) Jones, Thomas G. Jenkinson, Bernard Smith, Ernest Booth, Elizabeth Hartley, Stanley Oldfield, Geoffrey Fox, Frederick Fox, Kenneth Haigh, Joseph W. Kieran, George Bull, Leonard

Askm Lewis Wadsworth Thomas Kendall, Arthur Bodley, Stanley Coldwell, Lewis Macleod, James T. Allen, Norman Welsh, James Armitage, Frank Ross, James Watson, Fred


1 Speight, Agnes Machin, Frederick W. Quirke, Thomas E. Goodridge, Dennis A. Davies, John Whiteley, Roy D. Alford, Daniel T. Smith, George A. Clancy, Stanley Sloan, Francis


N GJ =-

-D U a G)

HOLLIN AVENUE Fox, Herbert Rowan, Kathleen Wynnery, John F. Gibson, Albert Jones, Fred Lumley, George R. Driscoll, Donald P. Clegg, John North, Fred Fretwell, Clifford WilliamsOh, William Pearson, Daniel

HOLLIN NOOK Turner, Charles F. Haigh, Hilda Whiteley, Arthur

HOLLIN TERRACE Fox, Molly Bottomley, Alexander Leatham, Fre Parr, Fred Speight, Fred R. Campbell, George Berry, George B. Robinson, Florence M. Wood, Joseph H. Evans, William Sykes, Albert Hargreaves, Frank D. Kaye, John W. Blankley, Lilian Broadbent, Fred Bradley, Austin Eccles, Maximilian E. Sykes, Alford R. Bell, Percy Blezard, Frank Sykes, Harold Brook, Reginald G. Shaw, John E. Burgess, Edith M. Sham Suddin, Khan Bell, Thomas Taylor, Derek Horner, Willie Chambers, Mabel Calverley, Derek N. Sanders, Benson, Colin H. Tonge, Hugh Sykes, Ralph M. Parr, Emma H. Lodge, Kathleen W. Midgley, James H. S. Hill, Mary E. Airey, Alan Holroyd, Jack Hirst, Jack Bates, Edward Telford, Norman Moore, Joe Hanson, John H. Cooper, Frank Cooper, Kenneth Hobson, George F. Scott, Harriet Haigh, Harry Hudson, John S.

Cave-Brown-Caze, Stretton P.

Taylor Frederic Cook, Albert Barrett, James Riding, Arthur Luce, Albert R. Brennan, Michael Purnell, Charles N. Royston, Zoe A. Hanson, Percy H. Scott, Raymond Hodge, Stanley Siggs, William T. Young, Walter Howarth, Ronald Stead, Edgar Chambers, Reginald Edmondson, Willie H. Shaw, Herbert A. Royston, Norman Richardson, Henry O. Hardy, Frank Sykes, Joe Edmondson, Percival

HOLLY BANK ROAD Wilson, John R. Brennan, John Sykes, Ernest W. Townend, Doreen

Sykes, Derek Hirst, Norman Hirst, Albert Beaumont, Ann Wilson, Samuel O. Barlow, Rishton Donbavand James L. Halstead, Geoffrey Batley, Mary Beddard, Jack Varley, Ethel Tiffany, Ronald Garside, George A. Pearson, Raymond S. Hepworth, Stanley Harrison, Arnold V. Walker, Frank Crowther, James Brunyate, Jack M. Sellars, Norman Eastwood, Florence

Schofield, Herbert Jessop, William H. Hehir, Helena Smith, James A. Fawcett, James A. Walker, Hugh C. Lawton, John C. Dean, Robert S. Earnshaw, Eric Bailey, Gwendoline Aspinall, John C. Wadsworth, Ethel Sykes, Ada Clark, Samuel Graham, Harry H. Beardsell, James Fox, Walter Beaumont, Florence M. Roberts, Wilfred Brook, Ernest Firth, Alice Moon, John A.C. Armitage, Constance J.


Collings, William Burhouse, James E. Gay, Gerald Mackrell, James Carter, Fred Thompson, Alexander J. Whiteley, Fred Calvert, Roy Gensler, Vera B. Ramsden, Gilbert H. Brooke, George Firbank, Leslie J. Mellor, Fred Coates, Stanley Moss, Herbert Nash, Mark C. Winterburn, Frank Wright, Edward Moorhouse, Stanley Stocks, Milton S. Taylor, Henry , David Cooper, Rose C. Fairbairn, Nellie Shaw, Edwin McWilliams, Harry Wilkinson, Harry W. J. Clegg, Albert Stoker, Wilfred Barker, Reginald Shannon, James Pilling, Emily Swallow, Willie Chapman, James Lane, Francis S. W. Beevers, Lilian Rogers, Ann Taylor, Harold Clegg, Alice Jane Hinchliffe, Wright Batley, Walter Parkinson, Mary Stocks, Herbert Wilkinson, Harry Booth, May Corder, Florrie Matthews, Joseph Wightman, Harold Higson, John B.

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62 Wood, Harry 64 Beckingham, Alender F. 64 Winterburn, James F. 66 Wilson, Harold 68 Donaldson, Mary E. 70 Fontana, Victor N.

HOLME AVENUE 1 Littlewood, Gerald B. 3 - Taylor, William H 5 - Starkey, Jack 7 Kaye, George E. 9 South, Gerald 11 O'Connor, John 13 Bower, George H. 15 Horsfall, Frank 17 Driscoll, Betty 21 Sharpe, Reginald 23 Kaye, Edith B. 2 Barrett, Fred 4 - Mellor, Eric 6 Taylor, Wilfred 8 Lacy, Edward 10 Blackburn, Marjorie 12 Heeley, Donald 14 Ellin, Walter 16 Beaumont, Leslie 18 Meaney, Anthony 20 Priestley, Harry 22 Davison, Arthur N. 24 Auty, Ronald

HOLMEFIELD Holmefield Cottages Sunderland, Bernard Lyons, John C. L. Beaumont, Alfred

Flat Fender, Edward , Flat Old, James A. , Flat Parker, Fred Flat Stewart, John H. , Flat Ingham, Joseph

HOLME VIEW 2 Thornton, Stanley 4 - Ball, Hannah 6 Stephens, Lawrence

he W N =-


i 4 G h) s=

HOLT AVENUE 1 - Blackburn, Ronald 3 Tomkins, Albert 5 Fitzpatrick, Norman H. 7 Phillips, William 9 Armitage, Herbert 11 Bates, Lawrence 13 Wadsworth, Ernest (Senr.) 15 Tommis, Albert E. 17 Varley, William E. 23 McEvoy, Frank M. 25 Garside, James E. 27 Chesswas, Eric 27 Senior, Kenneth 29 White, Derek C. 31 - Foster, Harold 33 Dempsey, Richard 35 Clancy, Bernard 37 Williams, William 39 Brodie, Frank 2 Turner, Jack 4 Hunt, George 6 Booth, Roland 8 Hey, James Henry 10 Cummings, James W. 12 Bottomley, Frank 14 - Burgin, Colin 16 Kenny, Dennis 18 - Broadbent, William H. 20 Bainbridge, Waiter 22 Mitchell, Frank Leslie 22 McMahon, Michael 30 Buckley, Lydia 32 Sigsworth, Bernard 34 - Smith, Clifford 36 Chatterton, Clara 38 Lynch, Mabel 40 Lockwood, Phyllis M. M.

HONORIA STREET 1 Lammyman, Archie 3 Stanley, Joseph 5 Taylor, Clara 7 Ditchfield, Mary E. 9 Meadows, Muriel 1 Harte, John 1 Berry, Harry M. 23 Green, Ernest A. 25 Bell, Stanley 25 Dyson, John 27 Hughes, Edna 29 Sykes, William A.


o O. A&

prost Jand


Ayrton, Thomas Gibson, Jackson (Senr.) Richardson, William Whitfield, Mary M. France, Albert France, Louisa E. Holdsworth, Ronald Kirkby, Dennis E. Pogson, Arthur V. Simpson, Henry P. Laverton, Frederick W. Senior, Arthur Spwey, Douglas Wood, A. Haigh, Phnhp M. Oates, Jack Barrett, Harold Chappell, Peter L. Free, Archie Howarth, Clifford Halstead, Willie

HOOD STREET Waddington, William

HOPE STREET Wimpenny, Peter T. Dixon, Fanny Crawshaw, Leyland Smith, James A Whitworth, George Mills, Herbert Wood, Fred Dawson, Willie Dawson, Arthur Taylor, Benjamin Dennis, Matthew

HOPE STREET Casson, James W. Clelland, John Gash, Charles Blackburn, Fred L. Orwin, Douglas McMann, Francis Bramley, Dennis Bottom, Arthur Thornton, Douglas Hever, Michael (Senr.) Bushby, Simeon Tarrent, Albert Hirst, Laura Hepworth, George A. Brennan, Thomas Tracey, Albert Marshall, Joseph A. Durkin, James (Senr.) Holmes, Dennis Robinson, Thomas Cunliffe, Laurence Norcliffe, Ronnie Allen, Leslie O. R. Robb, Archibald Kenefick, Edward Robb, Andrew Bostock, Smith McKenna, Michael J. Spivey, John Kelly, Richard Farrell, John F. Pollard, Harry Thraves, Stanley Shaw, John Murphy, Joseph Morgan, Wilfred Shaw, George Rattlgan, John Smithson, Jack Higginbotham, Alfred (Senr.) Barber, Leslie

HOPE STREET Dyson, Harold Swallow, Annie B. R. Fallis, Joseph Schofield, Gordon Schofield Mary L. Sehofield Emma J. Berry, Jo hn W. Stanley, Arthur L. Siswick, Harold Livesey, Eric Shaw, Raymond Blake, Leonard Charlesworth, Ada Hirst, Jack Smallwood, William M. Hughes, Ronald Radcliffe, Harry


HOPKINSON ROAD Haddow, John G. West, Elizabeth Thornton, Terrul Raynor, Ben Long, Dick Eastwood, Harry Hutchison, Irvin Ellam, Bernard Senior, Desmond Hanley, John T. Green, Harold Eastwood, Harry D. Kelly, George O'Grady, Robert J. Crowe, Harry Mallinson, Annie E. Ellam, Gertrude Walsh, Patrick J. Shaw, Albert Singleton, Barry Whittaker, Albert Maxwell, Andrew Parnaby,. Norman Nicholls, Ronald V. Hinchliffe, Fred Taylor, Frank Stanley, George Brooks, Ernest Hinchcliffe, John T. Odam, Emma Cooper, Craven Denton, James A. Sawywer, Peter D. Brook, Roger Newell, Miriam Halstead, Joyce Starkey, Norman Otty, Thomas S. Forster, Leonard Womersley, George H. Makepeace, Roy Thornton, George W. Swaine, Arthur Eastwood, Allen Coates, William Dearing, Gilbert Carter-Waller, Elsie Mitchell, David Rogers, Thomas P. Ainsworth, George Smith, Harold Fisher, Joseph Green, Eastwood Simmonite, Archibald Charlesworth, Joe Davison, Jonas Littlewood, James Taylor, Joseph H. Huggett, Alfred A. Smith, Walter H. Fleetwood, Jack Dukmfield Arnold North, L111 Mallmson, Arthur Horner, Arthur Marshall, Norman Blake, Hilda Halstead, Harry Marshall, Annie Bowen, John D. Nalson, Roy Traynor, William A. Fox, Clara Abbs, Mary Tunaley, Ada Milnes, Edmund E. Hunter, Andrew Jones, Jack Ramsden, Lewis Saville, John E. (Sent.) Gilroy, Terence Dennett, Charles R.

HOWARD AVENUE Wheeler, Charles H. J. Hirst, Margaret Gothard, Geoffrey Broadbent, Joseph C. Gartside, Martha Cooper, Philip Haywood, Clive Robinson, Tom Kaye, Raymond Pontefract, Marjorie A. Brears, Francis Battye, George Brook, Trevor

HOWARD ROAD Prior, John P.

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bavut poms

Pillling, Frank Grieve, Peter Rylands, Hedley Crackston, Eric G. Owen, George Evans, Francis E. Evans, Herbert T. Rowcliffe, Mary E. Berry, George W. Helm, Sydney C. Mortimer, Roland W. Bailey, Gilbert Friend, Edward I. Evans, Harold Affleck, John M. Norcliffe, Frank Thompson, George W.

HOWARTH LANE Diamond, Sarah A. Hall, Granville Stephenson, Harold Baldwin, Lily Mitchell, Henrietta Brook, Frank Luty, May Phyllis Rushforth, Albert V. Rushforth, Douglas Naylor, Percy Sanderson, Muriel M. Burton, Amy Hawksworth, Phyllis Newsome, Ann

HOWARTH LANE Chamberlain, Lilian Bayldon, Frank Lunn, John Silas

Hamilton-Meikle, Neil D.

Robinson, Harold Kitson, Arnold Jessop, Laura Crossley, Mary Alice Shaw, Donald Higton, Frederick Sanderson, John E. Swale, Eric Jonas Durham, Frank Jillot, Eric Berry, Sarah Abbott, William M. Brook, Norman Driver, Francis H. Garthwaite, Harold Stacey, Norman Hirst, Annie Priestley, Ernest Bentley, Mary Miller, Ernest A. Rothery, Norah Balmford, Wilfred Smith, Stanley Yewlett, Smith Merewood, Alfred Boothroyd, John H. Page, Walter Quarmby, Arnold Goddard, CharlesfiA. Brooke, Thomas D. Brammald, Herman Peace, Evelyn Armitage, Joe A. Armitage, Gordon Peace, Jack Addy, William

HUBERT STREET Fearnley, Harold Greenfield, John W. Barron, Harry Gledhill, Frank Blackie, John A. Blackie, George R. Cocker, Evelyn Edwards, William H. Walker, Arthur N. Ferns, Wilfred Senior, Fred Rawlinson, Herbert Bell, Minnie Marsden, Allen Sykes, Willie Thompson William H. Jeffrey, Joyce Murphy, Joseph McDermott, James Logan, Albert Iredale, Albert E. (Sent.) Leach, James Jenkinson, Percy Hardcastle, Philip

bo hg mas mas pons part bans pose w o c coa Av G c O 4 N

3 O & O & N \ _] Ut GJ) ==

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pand band pmand & O & N Ut w >= \D =] QJ tJ m

Juamk punt Doot a Av o

bum | pas yout hat \D sl GL GJ

Maloney, James Waterhouse, Frank Lawson, Ernest A. Sissons, Ellen Sissons, Frank L. Sankey, Ernest Kenworthy, Roy Kelly, Alan Sykes, George Taylor, Fred Lockwood, George W. Scott, Albert Ryder, Shelah H. Wimpenny, Frank Spencer, Ronald Long, Frederick W. Newsome, Roy Heeley, Cecil Milnes, Norman Collins, Joseph Collins, Donald Green, Denton

HUDROYD Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Grocers) Lanaghan, John Todd, Frank Steel, Frank Carter, Harry Dearnley, William Milnes, James Turner, Eric Towlson, Stanley Hardaker, Annie Myers, Billy Brook, Fred B. Vigrass, Leslie

HULBERT CROFT Radcliffe, Norman Mark, John Wallace, James K. Gartside, Albert Horner, Charles D. Hanson, Kenneth Tordoff, Leonard Wood, Joseph Manning, Geoffrey Lewis, Lawrence

HUNGERFORD ROAD McLennan, Alexander Garside, Annie

Bryanclifie Residential Flats Jessop, Eveline Fawthrop, Kathleen M. Stead, Grace Y. Mortimer, Constance H. Mathieson, Jessie A. Skelton, Dorothy W. Dobbie, Catherine M. Fortune, Gertrude Howe, Hilda M. W.

Robinson, Eliza E. Dyson, Frederick A. Hoggard, Doris Oakwood Hostel (Huddersfield Training College) Oakley House (Huddersfield Train- ing College) Wilson, Joseph W. Leitch, Jeannie C. H.

HUNSTON AVENUE Johnston, Cecil Brook, Annie C. Kaye, George Oles, Kazimierz Sykes, Joseph E. Gledhill, Thomas Wood, Herbert Fryer, Ronald McGuigan, Charles J. Johnson, Jack Blackie, Sydney Gledhill, James H. Morton, Donald Pearson, Harry Dyson, Sam C. Blagbrough, Herbert

IMPERIAL ROAD Pyrah, John F. Rhind, John P. G. Ryan, Granville Briggs, Waldo R. Iredale, Leslie Hopkinson, Brian

pout pand bum C O 4» N UJ ra mt \D <] Qy mse


Woodcock, Brian W. Smith, Albert E. Dicks, John W. Webster, William H. Jackson, Pamela Hope, Charlotte E. Higham, Lily Pilling, Arnold Ellis, John C. S. Dyson, Albert Jones, John E. L. Fuller, John A. Sykes, Percy W. Wilson, Albert E. Wilkinson, William Gascoigne, Ernest Creaser, Jonathan Rouke, Louise E. M. Hirst, Sidney Hoyle, Harold C. Sykes, Fred Booth, Elsie Holdsworth, Harold Bleakley, Annie Haigh, Eric B., Electrical Engineer Dodson, Frank Jessop, Annis Sheldrick, William F. Balmford, John A. Whitwam, Hiram Ryden, Joseph R. Harrison, Albert Mawdsley, Lois Calvert, Elsie M. Jenkins, Garfield B. Wall, William L. Davies, George D. Peckett, Dora K. Brook, John H. Peel, Mary E. Netherwood, Law Ward, Eric, Doctor Brook, Lena Reiss, Frederick A. Bostock, Dennis Donkersley, Edgar S. Hadwin, John W. Wilson, Robert T. Atkins, Elizabeth Best, James F. Balmford, Edward V. Smith, Angus M. C. Hoyle, Harry K. Hadfield, Joe Dyson, Ellen Hallett, John H. F. Shaw, Donald C. Boycott, William G. Campinot, Beatrice H. Holroyd, Herbert Collins, Harold L. Burrows, Donald Hirst, Harry Johnston, Lucy F. Tolley, Cuthbert H. Talbot, Reginald H. Sutcliffe, John D. Hood, Frank Baxter, Oswin Evans, Wilfred J. Priestley, John Wilkinson, James Midgley, Oswald Robinson, Ethel Luther Place Hulme, Sidney

INDUSTRIAL STREET West, Ronald Firth, Florence Keating, Charlotte Kaye, George Ellis, Fred Crosland, Jack Roebuck, Ada Turner, Arthur Manley, Frances L. Taylor, Philip Wing, Arthur Iredale, Walter R. Earnshaw, Frederick Dyson, Ernest Haigh, Joe Coverley, Brian Schofield, Clara Beaumont, Reginald Lockwood, Arthur Hirstwood, Annie Wood, Ernest Mercer, Mavis Ives, Frank

Page 171

bout gomé somes ied port jund

INGFIELD AVENUE Crossland, David M. Ditchburn, John W. Bridgeman, Frank A. Lodge, Stanley Seddon, Gladys M. Iredale, John D. Cunliffe, Albert Wadsworth, Cyril Mallinson, Percy Kendall, William J. Jones, Donald Moore, John Simpson, Henry Kitson, Lewis Lockwood, Fred Sykes, Joe O'Dea, John R. Hawksworth, Geoffrey Gaskell, Sydney M. Lancaster, Albert A. Coverdale, Charles H. Riley, Dorothy Barker, Albert H. Sykes, Douglas Rhodes, Wilfred Naylor, Arthur Shaw, Nellie Tomlinson, Alfred E. Haigh, Jack Smith, Gerald Hardy, Reginald V. Tarttelin, Alfred Pugh, Harry O. Irving, William Smith, Frank Ireland, Richard F. Collins, Henrietta L.G. Heeley, Harry Green, Arthur Taylor, Harold Barker, John W.

INGS ROAD Barnes, Cecil C. Pickles, John T. P. Knight, George W. Wilcock, Watkin Field, Alfred G. McKinnell, Arthur Roberts, Ida Hardy, Kenneth B. Houldsworth, Joseph H. Hirst, Stephen Hill, Ada Mallalieu, John Brook, Louise E. Pearson, Allan E. Moore, Peter J. Cooper, John H. Haigh, Frank G. North, Albert Meller Liversedge, Hannah

IVY HOUSE FARM Netheroyd Hill Road Buckley, Gilbert

IVY STREET Scott, Wilford E. Sykes, Phyllis Hallas, Ernest Haigh, Jane Vigrass, Thomas H. Crowther, Donald Ramsden, Ruth A. Shaw, Mollie Green, Joe Lodge, Irven Whitaker, Fred Conway, Jack K. Schofield, Mabel Skirth, William Heap, Harry Edwards, George Shirt, John Holland, Ernest W. Crossley, Harry Vickerman, John Mudd, Thomas Calverley, Edith A. Booth, Martha M. Galvin, James F. Moorhouse, Frde Earnshaw, Horace Goodfellow, Raymond Thornton, Ernest Earnshaw, Louisa Castle, George E. Bottomley, Sarah E. Armstrong, Mary E.


1 1 1

I U y - _] Ur Q

IVY STREET Booth, Peggy Kaye, Mary Ives, Harold Whitwam, William D. Kaye, William E. Hirst, Willie Harrison, Elwyn S. Goggs, Arthur Crosland, Samuel Dews, Harry Westerby, Annie Taylor, Hilda Wood, Douglas Horsfall, William H. Zubbin, John Crossley, Arthur Shaw, Phyllis Edwards, Frank Hinchliffe, Arthur Waddington, Stuart R. Hartley, Gertrude Taylor, Beaumont Eastwood, Sarah E. Earnshaw, Arthur Lindley, Joe Ives, Winifred J. Chapman, Norman A. Hodgson, Frank Lodge, Joe Robshaw, Edward A. Ivy House Inn Kirby, Albert Greensmith, Henry Lochhead, Gertrude Boothroyd, Norman Wilson, Kenneth K. Baker, Lilian Craddock, Thomas R.

JACOB'S ROW Walker, Dennis Thornton, Nora Walker, Alfred Payne, David Aram, Frank Ely, Glyn M. Briddon, Leonard Aspinall, James E. Walker, Clifford Sykes, Albert A. Hirst, Emma Copley, Herbert Buckley, Norman

JAGGER HILL Waterhouse, Frances Crawley, Frederick C. Williamson, Donald P. Askham, Thomas W. Moorhouse, Ann

JAGGER LANE Pohl, Ivy Taylor, Rob Beardmore, George Brooke, William Evans, William C. Brooke, Wilfred G. - Haulage Leeson, Frederick

Jagger Hill Farm - Walker, Norman

JIM LANE hambers, Charles W. oble, Harold Smith, Beatrice Heath, Stephen E. Fearnley, Edward Brook, Arthur Noble, Frank H. Fearnley, Harold Chappell, Minnie Wilde, Clara Jane Brooke, Alice L. Armitage, John Miles, Annie Pinder, Harry ~ Sykes, Herbert Hill, Henry Dyson, Norman, K. Thompson, Albert Lockwood, Bernard Wood, Tom E. Chadwick, Lilian Smith, Charley Kilner, Amy Kitson, Frances


Hill Terrace Downing, Laura Downing, Jack


Cooper, Frank McGuire, Peter Chappell - Frank Baxter, Alfred Hall, Norman Fawcett, Fred Lees, Saffron Hamer, Lewis Crawshaw, Truth

wes pans bmmé. sound J& w N - O Ut GJ

Smith's Row Martin, Stanley

JOHN STREET Lumb, Derek Lambert, Henry T. United Yeast Co. Ltd. Powney, J. H., Tailor andCostumier. Tel. 747 Armitage, Harold E. Canning, J. Ltd., Tyre Factors Webster, Sarah E Leech, Fred Brooksbank, Herbert E. Bewick, Henry Wray, Harry Sanderson, George W. Lambert, Ernest M.

JOHN WILLIAM STREET Smith, W. H. & Son Ltd., Wholesale Newsagents 15 Fields, Geo. & Sons Ltd., Drapers,


poums quant joust prams whi- O -

sone pasa

Furriers 19 Pearson & Moody Ltd., Coal Merchants 19 Tate & Smith, Certified Accoun- tants

19 - Tattersall, G., Chartered Accountant 19 Appleyard & Crossley, Patent

Agents 19 Gledhill, J. E. & Co., Woolliens, Worsteds 19 Haigh Geoffrey, Architect, Sur- veyor 23 Culley, Norman, Architect 23 Kaye, T. Herbert & Son, Accoun- tants and Estate Agents 23 Lion Estate & Investment Co. Ltd. 23 Smith & Garton, Chartered Ace- ountants 27 Beevers & Shaw Ltd. 29 Boys' Shop Ltd., The, Clothiers, Outfitters 33 Pilling & Sons, Jewellers 33A Midland Opticians, Sight Testing Service 35 Hanson Coach Service, Excursions, Tours, Private Hire 35 - Hanson Travel Service Ltd., World Travel Agents 37 Osborne & Calverley (H. Osborne & Co. Ltd.), Clothers, Gent's Outfitters, Hatters and Hosiers. Tel. 412 Brittania Build ings George Hotel 6-8 Henry's Stores Ltd. 10 Shaw & Hallas Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers, Retail. Tel. 241 14 Armitage, James & Sons Ltd., Fancy Drapers 16 Young Men's Christian Association 16 Newlove, Arthur 18 Ryan's Gift Shop 22 Huddersfield Club Windsor Chambers 24 - Heap, Marshall & Heeley, Solicitors Stubbs Ltd., Trade Protection Society National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Society Ltd. Turner, John O'Keefe, Norah Huntley, Dora Patti, Madam, Ladies' Hairdresser Godsall, Lily Senescal, John H. Roberts, Alice Caukill, Shirley A.

26 - Brett &EO. Ltd., Gowns 30 Saxone Shoe Co. Ltd., Boot Manufacturers

32 Alexandra Chambers Royal - Liver Friendly Society (Assurance) Somerville-Jones, Owen C., Solicitor, Notary

Page 172


34 42


56 56

66 66 68 70 70

70 70




Caribonum Ltd., Carbon Ribbon Manufacturers

Taylor, J. H. & Co., Carpet Dealers Mollett, John Ltd., Manufacturers Wil-Be-Fort (Rainwear) Ltd. Stephenson, Beatrice (1936) Ltd., Fashions


LION CHAMBERS Learoyd, Sisson & Co., Solicitors, Tel, 7291/2 Huddersfield Automobile Club Cascade Water Coolers Ltd. Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Friends Provident Century & Life Office Hirst, W. Rex T., Manufacturers' Agent Cotton, A., Turf Agent Davison, Jos. R., Incorporated Accountant National Assistance Board, Area

ce Roberts, Arthur People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (Social Office)

Lion Restaurant (Huddersfield) Ltd., Caterers Reece, Fashions, Tailoring Lucette, Madame (Huddersfield) Ltd., Costumes, Gowns Huddersfield - Corporation - Pas- senger Transport (Head Office) Wilkinson, Ez ra Clean Press, Ltd., Dry Cleaners Berry Bros. Ltd., Woollen Mer- chants Cooper, Henry, Commission Agent Earnshaw, R., Commission Agent Huddersfield Corporation Passen- ger Transport Employees' Social Club Earnshaw, Reg. & Terry, Commission Agents, Exchange Buildings. Tels. 2960, 2324 and 6242 Coletta, A. & Sons, Imperial Cafe

72A Netheroyd Dog Shop

74, Barnes, C.

C. Ltd., Furnishers

5 Tunnacliffe, Marjorie S. 15 Wilson, Gertrude M 17 Hirst, Reginald 19 Midgley, Ernest B. 21 Fitton, Dorothy D. 23 Thornton, Kenneth 25 Ewing, Frank 27 Firth, Harry 29 Turner, Frederick 31 Dyson, Eric R. 33 Stansfield, May 35 - Wheelhouse, Ralph 37 Eastwood, Annie R. 39 Hepworth, Arthur 41 - Beever, Dora 43 Farrer, Edith M. 45 - Cardno, Mary 47 Clarke, Harold 49 Brooke, Edgar E.

69 Grayson, George W H. 71 English, Wright 73 Barton, Edmund 75 Sykes, Randall B. 77 Sutcliffe, Herbert 79 Blurton, Sydney E. 81 Brook, Bertie 83 Bell, Gertrude A. 85 Asnip, Cyril 87 Cole, Alexander C. 89 Dixon, Vincent A 89 Andrews, William G. 91 Sinnott, Robert J. 93 Harker, Harry 97 Barron, John T. 99 Haigh, Stanley

101 - Mallinson, Stanley 103 Jolly, Annie H. 105 Duce, Joseph C. 107 Butterworth, Hubert 109 Firth, Terence 111 Rooke, Ronald 113 Wolsey, George 115 Ramsden, Margaret A. 117 Schofield, George R. 119 Moore, Robert L. 121 Kay, William D.

Huddersfield Corporation High- ways Depot Battye, Irene


Wright, Rose H. N. Beevers, Roy Taylor, Raymond Lodge, Jessie Teale, Walter Wadsworth, George A. Wood, Leonard Mitchell, Herbert Miller, George Taylor, Sydney Griffiths, Harry Senior, Maurice Jepson, Edgar Whiteley, Samuel

KEAT STREET Lancaster, Willie Wood, Arthur Thomis, Alfred Muxworthy, Roy Morrison, Arthur E. Rowley, Bernal Muxworthy, John G. Chandler, Kenelm J. Brooks, Herbert J. Hill Thomas G. Ellis, Alfred Raynor, Harry Booth, Clara Wilkinson, Percy Booth, John T. Roebuck, Sarah H. Boyle, Herbert Battye, Joe W.

KELDREGATE Wood, Frederick W. Payne, Stanley Liversidge, Arthur Smith, Edwin Lee, Bartholomew Conlon, Patrick J. Duquemin, Joseph O'Hehir, Gerard Thompson, Eric S. Murphy, John C. Brooke, Sydney Broadbent, John W. Cartwright, Kenneth L. Rice, Wilfred Shaw, Leonard Hill, Arthur Sandford, Herbert

2 g Lenton, John H.

Coverdale Stead, Raymond

90B Atkinson, Edgar 92 Jackson, Harold R. 94 Stephenson, Laura

and Upholsterers. Tel. 3194 Brooks, Henry 43 Brennan, Henry 76 Hall, Harding Ltd., Drawing Office 8 Cottrell, John E. 45 Sykes, Harold Materials 10 Clarke, Mary 47 Owen, Stanley 76a Stanton, L. R., Travel Organiser 12 Minshall, Thomas 49 Franklin, Cyril 78 Booth, H. & Son Ltd., Cloth 14 Tunnicliffe, George H. S1 Green, Thomas R. Manufacturers 16 Garnett, Arnold. 53 Ruane, Michael P. Empire Cinema 18 Shaw, Albert 55 Cramp, Bernard 20 Schofield, John E. 57 Houston, William JOSEPHINE ROAD 22 Allen, John W. 59 Jakeman, George 9 Greenleaf, William E. 24 Poppleton, Harold 61 - Mernagh, John 11 Sykes, Helena 24 Poppleton, Violet, District Midwife 63 Rogers, Jack 4 Pidgeon, James S. 26 Schofield, Willie S. 65 Fisher, Frank 6 Scholes, Joseph A. 28 Codd, Reginald 67 Lee, Aaron 8 Nichol, Harold 30 Dyson, John Tudor, Clarence 32 Housley, Harry Martin, Thomas A. JUBILEE LANE 36 Schofield, Alice A. Spinnett, Bernard J. Jubilee Cottages 38 Netherwood, Ellis W. Hoyle, Hubert 1 Davis, Emily 40 Thomas, James Arber, George R. 2 Talbot, Samuel 42 Johnson, Fred Spencer, Leonard 3 Wilson, John W. 24 Ash, Leonard Smith, Albert 46 Utley, Raymond Jagger, Jack JULIAN STREET 48 - Black, Irene M. Metcalf, William E. 1 Beaumont, Geoffrey 50 Blackburn, Herbert Walton, William 3 Pickles, Arthur 56A Lindley, Fred 22 Gough, James 5 Chapman, Robert W. Gwenellen - Fairbank, Eliza A. 24 Lee, Harry 7 Kirby, Ernest R. Gwenellen - Lancaster, Clarenc eR. 50 Dickenson, Harry 2 Worthington, Bessie Wood, Douglas 52 Broadhead,. George H. 4 Whitworth, Annie 68 Uttley, Wilfred 56 Holmes, George 6 Farrar, William A. 70 Fleming, Eliza A. 58 Hoyle, Rowland 8 Brown, Ellen 72 Loughans, Sarah J. 60 Taylor, Reginald 10 Jessop, James G. 74 Crowther, Sarah 62 Gatenby, Robert 74 Atherton, William 64 Beaumont, Gordon KAFFIR ROAD 76 Morton, Samuel 66 Linsley, Frank Glenwood Cottage Frank, Toni, 78 Bussey, Reginald 68 Cooke, William H. Laboratory Technician 80 Stephenson, Philip 70 Sykes, John 2 Chatterton, James 82 ii) k, Alfred 74 Wyllie, Boyd G. Beevers, Geoffrey 84 Wadsworth Clara J. 76 Young, Lawrence 6 Mellor, David R. 86 Nield, Edmund L. 78 Kaye, Clara 8 Norburn, Frank W. 88A Taylor, Thomas E. 80 - Swallow, Harry 10 Glendinning, Henry 88B Stringer, Irvin 10a Boothman, David M. 90 Fidler, Ernest KELVIN AVENUE 12 Sellers, Amy 90A Winterbottom, Arthu , Nowell, Jack 14 Sykes, Walter J. Beaumont, Wilfred

Kitchin, William F. Weir, Robert

KAYE LANE 96 Field, Farrand Brook, Edith 1 Sykes. Lionel 98 Uttley, Fred Beaumont, Wilfred H. Lee, Mabel 100 Butterworth, James Bradley, Abraham

Page 173

15 Wilson, Lawrence 17 Kaye, Thomas 17 Sheard, Clifford 19 Moody, Mary 21 Winkley, Lewis Bell, P. H., Auto. Engineer, Kela in

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Colbeck, Philip 16 Berry, Tom 18 Ellis, Norman 20 Sykes, Willie S. 20 Sykes, Harry S. 22 Dibb, Ada F. 24 Burrows, Reginlad G. 26 Matthewman, Harry 28 Lodge, Ernest 30 Kennedy, Marion 32 Woffenden, Albert 34 Earnshaw, Fred & Sons, Builders Contractors 36 Haigh, Jack 38 Taylor, Arthur 40 Schofield, Milford

KENNEDY AVENUE 1 McCrea, Archie 3 Matthewman, Horace 5 Sharman, Gerald L. M. 7 Macrae-Tod, Margaret K. 9 Dawson, Colin E. 11 McKinna, Allan 13 Thorpe, Oswald A. 15 Schofield, Herbert H. 17 Barker, Alfred 19 Crosland, Douglas 21 Goode, John L. 23 Johnson, Arthur 25 Gisbourne, Bryan J. 25 Gisbourne, Dr. Margaret S. 27 Marsden, Clement 29 Roberts, George S. 31 Hinkins, Kate G. 33 Bracken, Robert W. 35 Busfield, Alan C. 37 Singleton, Henry 49 Hawkyard, Peter A. 57 Chatterton, Florence 2 Davies, Alice 4 - Mitchell, Arthur 6 Hinchcliffe, George B. 8 Prothero, George E. 10 Holmes, Stephen de Lacy 12 - Gledhill, Samuel 14 Haigh, George G. 16 Graham, Joyce G. 18 Sugleton, Ronald C. 20 Jarratt. Harold 22 Burton, John G. 24 - Bannister, John E. 26 Roberts, John G. 28 Dearden, Derek W. 30 Reason, Sydney 32 Hay, Alan E. 34 Hepworth, John S. 36 Thorpe, Dennis 38 Brook, Hubert 40 Chapman, Harriet A. 42 Holland, Charles 44 - Smith, Harold 46 Swabey, Edmund C. J. 48 Holroyd, Austin F. 54 Sykes, William E. 56 Keep, Percy G.

KEW HILL 1 - Handy, William 1A Hey, Percy 1a Mather, Philip 3 Mather, Philip D. 5 Williams, Mary O. 7A Pearce, Lena Pearson, Geoffrey 11 Gott, Thomas 13 Hoyle, Wilfred 15 Brook, Tom 17 Simmons, William J. 17 Sherburn, Ronald 19/21 Nutton, John A. Williams, Evan 27/29 Greenwood, Albert 31/33 Hanson, John H. 4 Smith, Herbert V. 8 Bottomley, Frank 10 Dobson, John 10 Dobson, Peter F. E.


KIDROYD Armitage, Geoffrey Johnston, Marion Hallas, Ann Vickerman, Cyril 10 Durrans, Annie 12 North, Gladys 14/16 Fisher, Ruth A. 18 Blackburn, George A.

co O 4 tJ

KILNER BANK Woodhead, Ernest Beaumont, Walter H. Foster, Alexander See, George A. Warren, William J. Barczak, Mabel Atkinson, Rose Heywood, Arthur Cocking, Annie 17 Wood, Leonard 19 Frost, Geoffrey 21 Clarkson, Edith 23 Whitehead, Harry 25 Bond, John 27 Haigh, Alfred Haughton, Harry 31 Mitchell, Jack 33 Sykes, Harold 35 Collins, Richard E. 37 Thristan, Thomas 39 Brook, Wilfred 41 - Ledger, Herbert 43 Wheelhouse, Joe 45 Davison, Wllllam 45 - Newsome, Edgar 47 Fisher, James H. 49 Reddington, William 51 - Calverley, Willie 53 Sugden, Brian 55 - Calverley, Willie 57 Fox, Terence 59 Crosland, Jack 61 Dawson, Norman 69 Kimmage, Richard P. 71 Cashin, Thomas 73 Dean, Michael 73 Curran, Thomas 75 Clarke, Albert 2 Boddy, Harry 4 Hill, Charles E. 6 Carter, Albert 8 Ginty, James 10 McGauchie, Robert 12 Moorhouse, Florrie 14 Freer, Richard H. 16 Fenwick, Edgar 18 Lockwood, Barbara 20 Collins, Clifford 22 Shaw, Norman 24 Kaye, Lena 26 McGhee, Robina 28 Cocking, Emily J. 30 Robinson, Albert V. 34 Chadwick, Richard H. 36 Ainley, Ethel M. 38 - Taylor, James 40 Lucy 42 Robertshaw, George 46 Rawlinson, Mary Hirst, James William 48 Hoyle, May 50 Baldry, Percy 52 Brook, Alice 54 - Pallister, Ada G. 56 Powell, Kenneth 58 Newsome, George A. 60 Horton, Alfred 62 Ellis, Willie 64 Kilburn, Charles F. 66 Dandridge, James A. 68 Nortcliffe, Ethelena 70 Castle, George 72 Joyce, Francis 74 Laycock, Laura 76 Taylor, Percy 78 Hynes, John 80 Lee, Laura E. 82 Eastwood, Harry 84 - Balmforth, Fred 86 Blagbrouhg, Edmund 86 Vickerman, Edith 88 Beaumont, Lawrence 90 Mudd, Robert 92 Mitchell, Arthur 94 Goode, Edward 96 Hunter Robert

poms: pout put

98 Ha h, Ernest 100 , Charles R. K. 102 Brammall Brian M.

Preston, Sylvia

1/3 Bingham, J.


Gibbs, Clarice E. Haigh, Gertrude Carr, George Kaye, Sarah A. Jessop, Clement Dyson, Alice Coates, William Dean, Alfred Hinchlifi'e, Elizabeth H. Barraclough, George Cliffe, Harry Langton, Lily Dransfield, Walter H. Ayres, Arthur Pawnal!, Caroline Briggs, Joseph Dawson, Arthur Dawson, Clementina Mellor, Willie Hynes, Elsie - Hynes, Harry Morgan, Leslie Allan, John McK. Hufton, Dennis Walker, Roy Tracey, Thomas Nuttall, Brian Hawley, John D. Lee, Richard Beaumont, Carlton Cooper, Joan Shepherd, Bella Fisher, Ernest Black, John Virtue, James

Mount Zion Puckering, William Aylott, Bridget

McMahon, William Miskell, Richard Maskell, Peter Unsworth, Lewis Marshall, Kenneth Howard, George Hetherington, Clara Roebuck, Peter J. Thewlis, John Longley, Bernard Flanagan, Frank Woodhouse, Arthur Strickland, Fred Lockwood, James H. Mason, Eric V. Downey, Victor Ernest Whitehead, George H. Holdsworth Florence Gibson, Fred Greenfield, Thomas H. Stopford, Joseph Fozard, Henry Taylor, William Newton, Charles L. Waddington, Arthur Coxon, John Winkley, Harold Smith, Christaina Hainsworth, Joe Hepworth, Armltage Shaw, Ernest Smith, Bartholomew Lee, Edgar, W Simmonite, Alice Simmonite, Harold V. Smith, Edward Hamilton, Samuel L. Lisle, Charles Wooler, Tom Kenyon, Harold Mallinson, Reginald Simmonite, Joseph Williams, Daniel Keegan, Herbert H. Mitchell, Leslie J. Thirkill, Albert Bostock, John E.

KING CLIFFE ROAD H., Confectioner Valentine, David D. Sutcliffe, Alfred J. Daniel, Hirst Kergon, Frank Brennan, Stephen Spencer, Charles North, Herbert Jessop, Guy L. (Senr ) Haigh, Olive M Welsh, William Fenwick, William D.

Page 174


2 4


Batley, Ruth A. Woffenden, Edgar Hillhouse & Birkby Bowling Club

Avenue Cottage Irving, Frank W Agenue Cottage Firth, Walter N. 1

20 22 24

woh pom bom jumab ~] Ut t -~ \D sl Qn GJ

b N J == \D

Styles, John Kershaw, John Myers, Jimmy Gargrave, John A.

KINGSBRIDGE ROAD Airey, & Robert Son Ltd., Coopers, Vats, Woodware Manufacturers. Kuvo Works. Tel. 976 Keegan, Isabella Tyas, Frank Usher, George A. Snowden, E nest A. Harris, James Rushworth, Jack

KINGSLEY AVENUE Brooke, Elizabeth D. Seal, George F. Roberts, James R. Waterhouse, Charles A. Bowker, Fre R Tatham, George Broughton, Herbert Mear, Frank Mawdsley, Fred Woodhead, Frank Fitton, Harold & Clarke, Electrosweeps Wroe, Fred

Lucas, Brian Gibbins, Harold E. Hampshire, Herbert V. Heywood, Leslie Harrison, Albert North, Harry Hallas, Tom S. Clapham, Geoffrey Bannaghan, Thomas Priestwood, Gordon H. Clegg, Frank Ellis, Alfred Sykes, Ronald N. Armitage, James W. Warburton, George Garside, Joe Jones, Sydney Smith, Clifford Bennett, Jack Smith, Arnold Stirk, Sunderland H. Wilkinson, Brian Brook, Irvine Pearson, Charles


Star Inn Hill, Percy A.

5 6

6a Brellan & Co. Ltd.,

Schofield, Amy Roberts, Phyllis

Worsted Manufacturers Parkin, Alan & Son Ltd. Printers, Houghton, Herbert St. Katharine's Hostel Pape, Thomas E. Mitchell, Edmund H. Blackburn, Mary B. Cliffe, Joseph McGillicuddy, Denis Hoyland, William Kaye, Brown Ltd., Woollen Manu- facturers McEvoy, Leonard Cuthbert, T. A. & Co., Woollen Manufacturers (Manor Mills) Hobson, Son & Co. Ltd., Woollens Worsteds (Manor Mills) Thewlis, Leonard Watson, Hannah M. Chapman, John Bairstow, Jack Knight, Percy Short, Thomas North, George Blakey, Annie Smith, Jack Sanders, Ronald Hogan, Florence C. Rothery, Douglas W. Williamson, Jessie Dunford, Stanley Peace, Amy Booth, Wright McGill, Waiter (Senr.) Varley, John Lowe, Ernest


wut momb sant fant U ) -a =e Q S} Ut GJ

Bolton, Frank

KINGSTON AVENUE Brooke, George Scott, Lavinia Stubbings, Wilfred H. Fuller, Edgar Huntley, Ernest Charlesworth, Harry Wroe, Gordon Baker, Wilfred A. Easter, Ernest W. Parkin, Leslie B. Mallinson, John W. Berry, Sydney Bedford, Harry Schofield, Harold Eastwood, William Mellor, Charles G. Moore, Norman Wilson, Joseph Brown, William C. Lofthouse, John Fryer, William R. Fryer, Elizabeth J. Goodwin, Frank E. Jessop, Joe Wallis, Charles F. Stocks, Mabel D. L. Hey, Vernon F. Aedy, Leonard D. Willcock, Philip T, Fountain, John Young, John Whalley, Frank A. Ainley, Harold Wrigley, John Bailey, Florence Littlewood, Walter Haigh, Willie Tyas, Donald Hoyle, Samuel Jessop, Thomas D. Sykes, Eric W. Dickens, Harry Harris, Robert Hinchliffe, Gordon H. Bower, Ernest Boyd, William T. Riley, Harold North, Henry F. Waring, John W. Nutter, Frederick C. T. Nunwick, George S. Barnes, Frederick H. White, Donald Riley, Harry Harper, Richard A. Hannon, John Dyson, Arthur L. Jagger, George Whitfield, Eric Dyson, Philip, Radio, Electrical

Engineer Bankfield House Stott, Harold

pooch toast U l -= \D _] Ut GJ ==

KING STREET Heathcote, Frank Bower, John W. Smithson, Bertha Tinker, Harry Burton, John Bottom, Samuel Goldsborough, Leonard Aaron, Agnes Moore, Wilfred Brook, George W. Shaw, Ada Donkersley, Arthur Evans, Evan Smithies, Edith Boothroyd, Ben Wright, Frank Edley, Fred Dryden, Richard B Dyson, Ruth E. Pexton, Nellie Doliphin, Edgar Gates, Douglas E. Roberts, Nellie Lee, Evelyn Shaw, Ernest Bottom, Samuel Briggs, John Hough, Edith Roberts, Fred Powell!, Edwin Fielding, Walter Patterson, Christopher Roberts, James E. Halstead, Harry

17 191 191

57-59 61-63

83 85 95 97


113 6 8


Hill, Lewis Schofield, Frank Pilling, Mary E. Dransfield, Percy H. Davison, Tom Auty, Charles E. Monkhouse, Ben Roberts, Clara Lockwood, Hannah Joy, John Hanson, Emily

KING STREET National Provincial Bank Ltd. Goodson's, Costumiers Kayes Drapers Ltd., Drapers, Ladies' and Children's Wear, Tel. 5401 Gregory Construction (Yorkshire) Ltd., Builders, Contractors Lea-Scott Ltd., Qualified Opticians Samuel, H., Ltd., Jewellers, Watch- makers Farm Stores Ltd., Pork Butchers Novello & Co. (Milliners) Ltd. Midland College of Hairdressing Dewhurst, J. H. Ltd., Butchers Smith, Mary W. Kayes Drapers Ltd., Fabrics. Tel. 5401 Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd. Whittaker, Harry H. Co-operative Permanent Building

Society Schofield, S. & Co. Ltd., Wallpaper Merchants Hughes, Edwin Better Repairs Stanley's Antiques, China Robinson, Stanley H. Throp, Peter R. «* Queen's Head * Hotel Stavordale, Kenneth Stephenson & Roberts, House Furnishers. Tel. 2204 Hill, Claude, Pawnbroker, Jeweller Blackburn Bros.. Florists Middleton, J. & Sons, Bakers Brook, Edgar C Mason, Geo. & Son, Tailors, Clothiers Balmforth, Norman Wilson, H. & J. Ltd., Costumiers Wallaces Ltd., Grocers and Pro- vision Merchants Kingsway Cafe


16-18 - Boots, The Chemists

Ja 's -

44A 44B 46

Market Buildings Ashton, Beaumont Ltd., Jeweller Stephenson, I., Ltd., Butchers Barrett, C., Shirts and Hosiery

Harrop, John Ltd., House Fur- nishers & - Whiteley, Outfitters


\Reidman, Edward A.

Staincliffe, John C. Pape, T. E., Fish Mallinson, D. & Son, Corn Seed Merchants. Tel. 1648

Wormald's Yard Slater. G. & Son, Plumbers Nicholson, John W. Waterhouse, Amy Sykes, Frank Mann, Annie Lumb, Thos. Di iver, Phillip Corcoran, Louisa B. MacDonald, James Littlewood, Eric

Barber, Jack Young, Andrew & Co., China Earthenware

Goldthorpe's Yard Heeley, Gordon V. Miller, Edith Kilburn, Florence Kelly, William

Dodd, J. & Co. Ltd., Chemists Herbalists Mitchell, Jack Swiffin, Douglas Tinker, Wm. H.

Page 175



Mellor, James, Grocer, Cheese Factor Hammond's Yard Cleary, John

24 Firth, Leslie


48 50

39 41

Jones & Farrand, Cabinet Makers, Shop Fitters, Sun Blinds

Law, Frank & Son, Gent's Out- fitters Firth, A. W. & Sons Ltd., Whole- sale, Floor Covering Factors

Broadtenter's Yard Littlewood, Frank Folan, Bartley Thompson, Fred Hill, Frederick Cornish, Terance

Heaton, A., Gent's Hairdresser Connelly, M. J., Tailor & Outfitter Parkin, G., Butcher Smith, R., Newsagent, Tobacconist Lord, Albert, Pianos, Furniture Hanson, Albert Pownall, Wm. & Son, Carriers Shaw, Raymond Hanson, J. & Sons (Pickfords Removers, Storers) Armitage, Joe R. Roebuck, Thos. Ramsden, T. D., Tobacconist McClosky, John J. Lockwood, N. S., Florist, Fruiterer Brooks, Wm. E.

KIPLING CLOSE Baker, Harry Crowther, Dennis Whipp, Mary E. Sykes, Leooard Gibson, Ben Waddington, Fred _ Mallinson, Fred Edwards, Walter Bacchus, Ada Shaw, Vincent Hessledon, Emily Boyle, John T. Lord, Sarah E. Stocks, Willie Holdsworth, Stanley Turner, Arthur Anderson, James H. Wood, Ethel Mitchell, Leonard S. Turner, Harold « Middleton, Cora Grundy Middleton, Mary A. Morrison, Richard Watson, Walter

KIRKGATE Cock, Son & Whitworth Ltd., Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Sur- veyors and Valuers, Central Auction Rooms. - Tel. 2351 Scotch Bakery, Confectioners Garton, George & Son Ltd., Plumbers, Heating and Electrical Engineers. Tel. 196 Wilkinson, J. S. & Sons, Family Butchers

Kirkgate Buildings Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., Wholesale Jewellers Sheard, Fred & Sons, Incorporated Accountants Kaye & Wood, Accountants and Auditors Neaverson's Ltd., Glass and China Merchants Huddersfield Parish Church Wood, - Clement, - Sweets Tobacco Ellam, H. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Tailors Darwent, M. & Son, French Polish- ers. Tel. 887 Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Builders and Plumbers' Mer- chants. Tel. 4382 (3 lines)

Waverley Chambers Harry & Co., Commission Agents. Tel. 2953-4 and 6358-9 Haigh, Jonas & Co. Ltd., Manu- facturers' Agents



J w -= \ _] UY GJ ra mas

pooh poumt pumk

Taylor & Wood Ltd., Deaf Aids Whiteley's Advertising Agency

First Block Tenements Sheard, Adelaide Chapman, Edna E. M. Stocks, James Connolly, John Brennan, Mary C. Gell, William McCabe, Mary Thompson, Annie Owen, William L. McGeoch, Gordon Hopkins, Ernest

Second Block T enements Wilson, John William Mobbs, Elizabeth Chadwick, George Firth, Wilfred Hope, William Dunstan, Elizabeth Bray, Nellie H. Marren, Annie Jenkins, Gilbert Owen, Ellen A. Lynch, Catherine

Third Block Tenements Rubidge, Florence Boyle, William H. Mitchell, Hannah Lebillon, Edward E. Abbiss, Albert E. Owens, Robert Richardson, Albert Gledhill, Sidney Dempsey, George Rattigan, Maggie Thomas, Elizabeth

Ramsden's Tenements Swales, James H. Booth, Mary Hepworth, Harry Conroy, Daniel Gunning, Emma Shires, Annie Dunne, Alice Middleton, Mary A. Kenny, Annie Hodgson, Thomas Mitchell, Mary A. Oliver, Edith M. Churches, Harriet Schorah, Mary C. Hobson, Ernest Lees, Mary Griffiths, Margaret Martin, Julia Cain, Ada Reeves, Moses J. Eastwood, Jack Codd, William T. Clarke, Jane Waters, Nellie Kirk, Andrew F. Royston, Nelly Wilkinson, Eliza Slater, Emily Davis, Annie M. Sullivan, Patrick Beardsell, John R. Montgomery, Ada Sherriff, Annie Gilroy, Albert E. Hall, Esther S. Blackburn, Minnie Berry, Albert E. Hanley, Catherine Todd, Alexander Bottomley, John Maher, Mary A. Butterley, Rose Winfield, Laura Churches, Lillian E. Wood, Elizabeth Shaw, Joseph B. Halliwell, Charlotte A. Hadin, Florrie Farrington, John J.

Wheal Friendly Mining Co. Ltd., Tin Mining Broughs Ltd., Grocers Brown, Albert Parisian Pleating & Valet Co, Dry Cleaners . White Swan Hotel


16 Pack Horse Hotel Haigh, James F.

Kirkgate Chambers Northern Trade Protection Ltd., Mercantile Agents Bradford Homecraft Co.

26 Snowden, H. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, General Merchants. Tel. 2858 28 Fleece Hotel Rowan, David 28 Lilley, Arthur

Palace Theatre Kirkgate Inn Johnson, Mary Cassidy, Ethel Hever, James 58 Billington, G. C. Ltd., Clothiers, Pawnbrokers, Jewellers.

Tel. 3223 61-62 Central Hostel 78 Rodgers, Thos., Commission Agent Bailey, Harold Hewson, Harold A. Calverley, John E. Clothiers Arms Brook, Keith

Clothier's Arms Yard 1 Zakrzewski, Joan 3 Haigh, Irene 2 - Rattigan, James 2 - Bootland, James 4 Waterhouse, Alice 4 - James, Clarke

Flynn, Thomas W. 88 - Burke, John 88 - Kelly, William Burke, Michael Wood, Norman Horgan, John Faherty, Peter Thornton, John

104 - Byrne, John J. 104 Doyle, Michael 106 Pell, Gertrude

KLONDYKE PLACE 11 Norton, Charles H. 11 Brook, John W. 13 Jagger, Ronald 15 Clayton, William 7 Dawson, Kenneth 19 Collier, Arthur 21 - Hinchliffe, Lawrence Greenwood, Gary 25 Crossley, Blanche Lammyman, Eric Gledhill, Annie E.

KNOWLE AVENUE 1 Fletcher, Emily D. 3 - Clark, Peter 5 Crawford, Robert 7 - Neary, Frederick 9 Rushworth, Harold 1 Crowther, Harry 3 Drake, Edna 5 Booth, Ernest 17 Earnshaw, Hubert 19 Haigh, Hildred 21 Holloway, Willie Chambers, Mary 2 Rogers, Edwin 4 Armitage, Alan 6 Brook, Fenton 8 Shead, Alice 10 - Haigh, Nellie 12 Bull, Richard ® 14 Tindall, Amelia F. 16 Senior, Harold 18 Edwards, Frank Hawley, Eric Shaw, John E. Emmerson, John Harrison, James W. 28 Shaw, John C.

LADYHOUSE LANE Siswick, Frank Leece, Frank Milnes, Sam M. Weatherhead, Minnie Hardcastle, Thomas L.. Ibbotson, John R. 11 Shaw, Edward 15 Donkersley, Norris 17 Hellawell, Frank 19 Donkersley, Harold | 19a Haigh, Matthew

jot toms pant

Page 176


21 Green, George 23 Brierley, Sidney 27 Shaw, John G. 29 Gross, Ronald F. J. 31 - Johnson, Kenneth O. 31 Davies, David J. 33 Hall, John R. 35 Taylor, Hildred 51 - Matthews, Herbert 53 Seddon, Arthur 2 Cunnington, Wilfred H. 4 - Shaw, Alfred 6 Turner, Dorothy 8 - Oldroyd, Douglas 16 Furness, Geoffrey G. 18 - Barber, Jack 20 - Gledhill, Harry 22 Whittaker, Sam 24 Rundle, Emily A.

LAITH CROFT Drake, Robert W. Williamson, Harry Mitchell, Thomas A.

LAKE VIEW Dearlove, Freda Raper, George L. Goldsmith, Peter C. Taylor, Elizabeth Hoyle, Harrison Hughes, John Brook, Ernest Taylor, Arnold

LAMB COTE FARM Lockwood, Ernest 2 Harper, James W. 4 Lockwood, Stanley

Un U) *=

w r= \Q \] UA UA GJ) -*

LAMB HALL ROAD 61 Workman, Brian W. R. 63 Akroyd, Irvine 89 Noble, Clifford 91 Patterson, Joseph M. 97 Sykes, Joe 99 Etchells, Emily M. 99A Morton, John 101 Etchells, Kathleen M. 103 Taylor, Geoffrey H. 109 Gledhill, Frank 113 Hirst, Robert T. 115 Hemsworth, Ralph 2-4 - Firth, John William 6 Dyson, Fred 8 Eastwood, James 10 Pugh, Peter Evans 12 Townend, Lucy 14 Crowther, Frank 16 Hopkinson, Edgar 18 Waterhouse, Herbert 20 Broadley, Ernest 22 Ramsden, Willie 24 Shaw, Hubert 26 Hellawell, Marion 28 Cowell, Vernon C. 30 Holmes, Willie 32 Wilkinson, Leonard . 86 Ainley, George E. 96 Hollings, Douglas 98 England, Frank 102 Hollings, Frank 104 Jessop, Frank 106 Collins, Clifford 108 Dye, James A. 112 Woodhouse, Herbert S. 114 Goldthorpe, Hannah 116 Goldthorpe, Ernest 118 Dutton, Norman 170 Pollard, Arthur 172 Robinson, George H. 174 Wilson, Richard

LANCASTER CRESCEN 2 Hilton, Harold 4 Whiteley, Clive S. 6 Harburn, Douglas 8 Taylor, Philip 10 Gell, Walter 10 Taylor, George E. 14 Turner, Arthur 16 Morris, Enoch 18 Cannell, Arthur 20 Hendrick, John J. 22 Pitts, Frederick W. 24 Hirst, Varley 26 Hallas, Harold 28 Pullan, Fred 30 Gledhill, James A. 32 Briggs, Leslie

LARCH ROAD Burgess, Roy Kaye, Joe Brierley, Raymond Pollard, William H. Thorburn, William Schofield, Lucy Kaye, Louie Preston, Hubert McGuirk, Ronald Wood, Arthur Gardner, Sydney Laycock, Wilfred Taylor, Philip S. Walker, Annie Heap, George S. Roberts, James W. Brook, Charles Winterbottom, John Dyson, John H. Beaumont, John T. Cuttell, Milton Marsden, Annie Swystun, Nellie Jessop, Bernard Heath, Harry Day, Nellie Haigh, Annie Abraham, Margaret McGaffie, William Carby, Thomas H. Messenger, Oliver Lusty. William Matthews, George A. Ditchfield, Ernest Tinker, Norman D. Aspinall, Eveline Howard, Jack Halliday, Fred Sykes, Samuel Elliott, Enid Martin, Willie Dyson, Arthur Pearson, Rosetta Robinson, Keith S. Lodge, Harry Booth, Guy W. France, Leonard Linaker, James W. Bentley, Charlie

Durrans, Bessie, Soft Furnishings .

Thompson, Harold

LARK STREET Schofield, Lucy Sykes, Alice Green, Ivy

LAUND ROAD Shaw, Kenneth Garside, Emma Ainley, Mary Ainley, Clifford Knowles, Charles H. Hirst, Horace Sheard, Ben A. Martin, John Hellawell, Harry Durrans, Hubert Gee, Frances E. Heywood, Edith Munt, Albert Atkinson, Arnold Spivey. Leonard Whiteley, Florence Crosland, Gilbert Whiteley, Mary M. Berry, Albert Walker, Clement Schofield, Wilson Myers, John H. Fearnley, Harold Comyn, Ronald Broome, Joseph A. Ramsden, Walter Leech, Arthur Claypole, Henry I. Turner, Thomas Jones, Alfred H. Taylor, Joseph H. Roper, John A. Thompson, Norman E. Archard, Arthur Matthewman, Harry Wilkinson, Ernest Reynolds, Robert C. Hollas, John" Holmes, Kenneth O. Weeks, Robert J. Thomson, Charles Crossland, Oswald

Ellis, Alfred Griffiths, Daniel Leach, Arnold Tonge, Arnold Burns, Ellen Bielecki, Czeslaw J . Nelson, John Earnshaw, David Hollas, Fred Dunford, James W. Pearson, Vera Cattell, Alexander F. Dodson, Dennis S. Richardson, Douglas Clay, Leonar Fleming, Joseph W. Weeks, Leslie R. Haigh, Donald Poole, Irvin Stott, Leonard Clough, John M. Oldroyd, Rhodes Baptist Chapei and Cemetery Hill, James D. Shaw, William Taylor, Elizabeth Walker, William Hobson, Roderick S. Casson, William F. Hopes, John A. Taylor, Polly Smithies, Gertrude M. Sunley, Mar Smith, Jack, Baker, Confectioner Siddall, Martha Gledhill, Ralph G. Harrison, Roy Mallinson, Harriet A. Levell, Colin F Walker, John Watson, Florence A. Milnes, Elsie Williamson, Joseph Ansell, Ernest W. Morton, Harold Lockwood. Ethel Kendall, John Gledhill, Norman Dyson, Hubert Walker, Harold Brealy, Reginald W. Taylor & Farnwoth Ltd., Waste Merchants Elam, Joe W. Hoyle, Raymond S. Hirst, Edith Mary Taylor, Willie Divies, Ernest L. J. Smith, Jack Iredale, Norman Gledhill. Joseph E. Townend, Denis L. Farnell, Louis Edinburgh, Frank Beaumont, Leonard W. Jevons, Clara Quarmby, Tom L. Dale, John E. Wood, Douglas H. Heap, Jack Sylvester, Gerald Fawthrop, George

LAWRENCE ROAD Fereday, Peter J. Micklethwaite, Frank Barraclough, Percy Hirst, Reginald J. Smith, George W. Draper, Marcus L. Clegg, Jesse W. Sykes, Edith May, Frank Lawrence, Arthur H. Barden, Ernest Shaw, Fred H. Slack, Kenneth Holdroyd, Maggie Silver, Ronald Morley, Annie Warburton, James F. Shaw, George N. Hamer, Ernest Pearson, Lamira fieley, Leonard Clar Pamela Smlth Irvin Pearson, Bernard A. Chinn, Fra Jones, Harold Dearnley, Annie [

Page 177

hous puma =I Un GJ ree w= \D s] U1 Gj ms mas

~\A Gau A /A wb -


Silver, George M. Horner, Robin F. Horner, Frederick G. Cosgrove, William E. Vile, Charles T. Lodge, Edgar Freestone, George Harrison, Richard H. Shaw, Harry G. Quarmby, Tom A. Crabtree, William H. Chappel!, Dorothy Roper, Esther Berry, Emily Harrison, Joe Eastwood, Eric Hanson, Willie Thomas, William H. Walker, Fred Riley, Ivy Rogers, Audrey McMillan, Thomas A. Nelson, George S. Schofield, Frank Willsdon, Laura Fahy, James Cliffe, George W. Boothroyd, Fred H. Meagh, Thomas Dyer, Elien Gooch, Ernest N. Mear, Clara Lumb, Samuel H. Landy, John Ackroyd, Irene M. Maude, Arthur

LEAFIELD CLOSE Singleton, Herbert J. Jessop, Wilfred Sykes, Fred Taylor, Leonard rter, James Winkley, Thomas Ball, George E. Thorpe, Frank B. Shaw, Harold Clelland, Fred Pearson Frank Barber, Arthur Hodgson, Eileen Lockwood, Irene Morris, Richard A. Crosland, Edward Ford, Charles E. Lindley, Wilfred Readshaw, Charles E. Marsden, Charles Morrell, George Turner, Frank Foster, John Leech, Stanley Cuerden, William Lord, Robert L. Knight, James Kilgallion, James E. Wilkinson, Fred Wray, Vernon G. Tuckfield, John H. Bamforth, Alfred Fitzpatrick, Martin Hoggarth, John W.

LEA HILL Drake, Joe

LEAROYD STREET Brown, Vincent Bootland, Fred Flinton, Herbert Barber, Victor Hemingway, Geoffrey Lewis, Frank Guest, Nellie Charlesworth, John F. Wellings, Robert

LEA STREET Knight, George Lammyman, Norman Rice, Charles E. Keep, Ernest C. S. Macer, Percy O. Sykes, Norman Kitchen, Joe B. Woodhouse, Herbert A.

Kaye, Wilfred Crowther, Harry Hanson, Harold Shaw, Winifred


$ & c a & t © aut - uw

\O _] Gy ==

Bottomley, Frank L. McVitie, Alan Kellett, Ernest Taylor, Fred Haigh, Arthur Armitage, Jessie M. Mellor, Lewis Crowther, Arthur W. Atkinson, Alfred E. Whittaker, Agnes L. Dyson, William E. Walker, Samuel B. Wright, Glyn Middleton, Fred Vickerman, Harry Farrar, Frank Oldroyd, Lee Jennings, Frank Heydon, John L. Townsend, Wilfred Balford, Percy R. Harper, Fred Story, Herbert W. Ramsden, Alice Walker, William H. Dodsworth, Norman L. Sheard, George Sheard, Geoffrey D. Barloe, Joseph


-3 Riley, Arthur

Dyson, George S. Cason, Basil Gee, Reginlad

LEEDS ROAD Doyle, Annie Robinson, Georgie E. W. ** Lord Nelson Inn " Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers Farrand, Elizabeth Hall, John Kelly. John Stead, Ernest

~ Dyson, Roy

Cosgrove, Catherine Tierney, Michael Schofield, Lilian

Tindall's Buildings Heighway, Willie Stembridge, Leah Tierney, Thomas Farrell, Michael Goodlad, Frederick Kenny, Alice Walsh, Thomas

Williams, Edward Evans, Annie Clegg, Kathleen Seaton, Douglas Frame, William D. Lockwood, Jack Gibson, J. S. Ltd., Wholesale Tripe Dressers Kelly, Florence Rosling, Bryan J. Stansfield, Fred MacDonald, Joseph Wood, Stanley Whiteley, Claude E. ** Elephant & Castle" Broadbent, Herbert Sykes, Frank

Waring, Frank Haigh, Lily Brown, Mary E. Gibson, Laura Taylor, Samuel J.

Fox, Emma Hardcastle, Elizabeth Drinnan, May Dyer, Mary Buckley, Eric Wadsworth & - Smith, Confectioners Cliffe, Sam . Bramhall, Elsie D. Cliffe, Roy Wright, Harold Boothroyd, A. Butchers Hansell, Stephen Senior, Helen E. Flaherty, Patrick Kaye, Ethel


& Son, Family


203 Mallinson, Sam 205 Hardy, Ernest 207-9 Smith, Joseph St. Andrew's Parish Church 217 Venus Electrical Co. Ltd. Exide Battery Service Station 231 Roberts, Barringon M., Joiner, . Engineer Bates, Frederick Hargreaves, William Taylor, Jack Owen, Hughie J. Ainley, Eric Dutton, Willie 251 - Gledhill, Lilian 251 Weaver, James A. E. Sykes, Kenneth Jones, Doreen McCallum, Peggy Hanson, Ellen E. 261 - Brunskill, James Haley, Arnold Vowles, Cyril Gibson, Richard Ashurst, Mary H. 271 - Garnett, Edward 273A Leeds Road Conservative Associa- tion and Clu Brook, Mark & Sons Ltd., Builders, Contractors, Stone Yard. Tel. 1040 Oates, Harold Higgins, Ivy 281 - Goodier, Grace Mallinson, Ada Lodge, Hannah Kavanagh, Joe 291 Fisher, Frank Davison, Leslie 291 Wild, Harry Spencer, Percy G. Horsley, William 301 - Gledhill, Norman Charlesworth, Harry 305 Warren, Arthur G. 307-9 - Bamforth, Joe 311 " Wagon & Horses " Inn

Gledhil], J. 311 - Lees, Jack

313 Haigh, A. & Co., Confectioners, Grocers Hardy, Brook Hardy, Brook Priestley, William 321 Stott, George W. 321 Robinson, Herbert Bolt & Shuttleworth Ltd., Joiners Funeral Directors 333 Kaye, Florence J. Cartwright, Joshua Gillott, Arthur 341 Littlewood, Fred

343 - Fisher, Albert 345 Mellor, Horace K. 347 Brier, Edward A. Family Butcher, 349 ArSnlfitage, John E., Plasterer ater

351 - Thirkhill, Harry Rowley, Louisa A. Taylor, Walter Whitehead, Eliza A. Rhodes, John 361 Penrose, Dorothy M. 363 Lewis, Cicely 365 Wilkinson, Harry Bailey, Beaumont Noden, Josephus 371 - Sudnik, Beryl Heywood, Harry M. 375 Kimmings, Frank Mitchell, George R. S. 381 - Gledhill, Annie 385 Kay, Harry Brennan, Leonard Lindley, Wimpenny 391 Smith, William R. Huddersfield Corporation Sports Ground Brown & Cheetham, Auto. Engin- eers, Canker Lane Garage 411 - Brook Harold Thirkill, George H. Micklethwaite, Emily Earnshaw, Albert E. Thomas, David 421 Turner, Adeline Lodge, Ben Ramsden, Granville Tinsley, Sarah Tiffany, Gerald D. 431 Normington, John L. Jagger, Law


Page 178



Lennon, Kenneth Addy, Edith Roberts, Stanley Mason, Dennis Ramsden, Nellie Hudson, Roland Hawdon, John Chisem, Willie Beaumont, Gertrude Taylor, Susannah Horsfa!l, Herbert Kelly, James Atkinson, Charles J. Loader, Jessy Brown, Hector Taylor, Edgar Kaye, Marion Hutchinson, William F. Whitehead, Arthur Hirst, Derek S. Haynes, Aan A. Wilson, Frank Paylor, Henry P. Brook, Geoffrey G. Steers, Ethel Mallinson, Frank Matthews, Ronald S. Nunns, Ernest Lockwood, Fred Bagley, Teasdale Varley, Annie E. Brook & Crowther Ltd., Engineers, Machines (Albion Works) Astley, Brook & Co. Ltd., Struc-

tural Engineers (St. George's Works) Procter, E. W., Restaurant En-

gineer (Triton Works) Markham, Frank Whitehead Clifford Jenkinson, Ann Butcher, John E. Holmes, Norman Wilby, Fred Ashcroft, Thomas J. Davies, Francis H. Davies, Gerald E. Abbey, Fred Crowther, Stanley Bradley, Frederick Hardcastle, William N. Thickett, Annie Smith, Kaye K. Bell, John Borrow, James H. Crowther, Albert V. Hoyle, Wilfred Woodhead, Ernest Brown, Kenneth Sierant, Joan Nixon. Leonard Brook, Tom Norcliffe, Jack Tunnacliffe, Peter Jennings, Raymond Crowther, JohnT.

Sands Terrace Green, Joseph T. Benton, Emily Bower, John H. Tomlinson, Harry Earnshaw, Charles Bailey, Donald Hampshire, Harry Lorriman, Frank Gibson, Edythe A. Milnes, Annie Niel Robert G. Bellamy, Mary Cruickshanks, William Parkinson, Willie Barker, George Fisher, Thomas Hainsworth, Noah E. Ireland, Sarah J. Hoyle, Fred Fisher, Rose E. Stead, Harold Seener, Ezrial Ward, Charles H. Senior, Stanley Johnson, William Foster, Horace Neesam, Arthur Kisil, Margaret Ellis, John L. Mauger, Verdun Albert Hemsworth, Stanley L. Leatherbarrow, William B. Brown, Arthur

1001 1003 1005

Wykes, Rose A. Bolsover, Alfred Varley, Annie Hulme, Joshua Durham, Christopher R. Mallinson, Henry McDermott, Robert E. Bradley, Phillip McDermott, Dennis J. Kelly, Mary W. Stott, Brian Charlesworth, Leslie Derham, Charles Yeates, Christopher Marwood-Watson, Gregory R. Sykes, John Moore, Jack Wood, George W. Pollard, John W. S. Priestley, Edith Rhodes, Harold "* White Horse Inn " Scott, John H., Grocer Berry, Walter & Sons Ltd., Yarns , Wastes (Deighton Mill) Williams, Rufus Wood, Clarence Gafney, Alfred Stringer, Arnold Harrington, Hugh Hutchinson, George Wiggins, George O. Farrell, Margaret A. Scott, Gordon Farrell, Eric J. Leahy, Elizabeth Gannon, Martin Farrell, Lawrence Ormondroyd, Walter Poole, Thomas Drescher, Ludwig F. Firth, John Hoyle, John H. Ormondroyd, Angus Crichton, John A. Dickinson, Arthur Bentley, James H. Williams, Ernest Steel, Kate Pollard, A. and E. Benyon, Willie Rogers, John H. Griffin, Leonard C. Smith, Joseph Smith, Elsie Whitaker, Fred Wilkinson, William Dyson, Arthur Barnes, Ronald G. Howarth, Emma S. Mann, Willie H. Gledhill, Alice Addy, Maurice French, William Atkins, Geoffrey G. Oddy, Donald Reast, John Marshall, Harold Shaw, Edith Fleetwood, Joe Barnes, Harold Howarth, Phyllis Schofield, Frank Challenger, Charlotte Wilkinson, David

Caravan - Durham, Eric Caravan - Parker, John P. Caravan - Leigh, Harry

Heeley, Kenneth Clarke, Harry B. Illingworth, Walter Mitton, Owen Hargreaves, Laura Tracey, John Armitage, Stanley Taylor, Charles W. Horner, Edward Leeming, Arthur Richardson, Norman Sykes, Fred Oldroyde, George Ward, William Rawson, John W. Gardiner, Matilda M. Wheeler, Samuel Smith, Isabella B. Folbigg, George Walker, Edith H. Skelton, Tom French, Maria Adcock, Harold

Stringer, Fred Cockburn, Fred Bowe, Joseph Leatham, Arthur Carter, Ada Cooper, Arthur J. Maddocks, Albert E., Grocer Stocks, Harold Hirst, Clifford Stocks, Eleanor Knight, Lily Walker, Ada Lamb, Ernest Brook, Kenneth Morgan, Wilfred C. Taylor, Hedley V. Lodge, Ernest A. Wrigley, Edgar H. Heywood, Laurence Armitage, Ada Munt, Christopher Taylor, Abel Williams, Harry Munt, Arthur Sugden, Oswell Dodman, Thomas Dyson, Harold Akroyd, George J. Littlewood, Herbert Bradley, Edward Booth, Tom Shaw, Oliver Parker, Ernest France, Wilson Hinchliffe, Herbert Stephenson, Eric M. Johnston, William Barnes, Emma Sykes, Roland H. Wilkes, Ralph Bradley Engineering Co. Ambulance Station Chapman, Geo. & Son, Motor Engineers, Helms Garage Girl Guide Association (Hall) Kaye, F. & N., Commission Menders Nelson Weaving Co. Cooper, Geoffrey Chapman, Harold Chapman, T. & Son, Haulage Contractors St. Mark's Church Lockwood, Kenneth Silver, William Cockroft, Stanley Draper, Evelyn Cocking, . A. Ltd., Engine Packing (Waterloo Mills) Huddersfield Corporation - Gas Works North Eastern Gas Board, Group Office. Tel. 6680-5 Firth, J. & Sons, Cotton Spinners (Grove Mills) Bennett, Arnold Brook, Harry Stringer, Henrietta Gill, Bernard Fleetwood, Norman Hemingway, & Manufacturers. Tel.

Learoyd's Yard Horsfall, Florrie Southward, D. A. Ellis, A. G. Sykes, Jos. W.

Son, - Rug 433

Law, Garnett Greenwood, Joseph B. H. Marsden, Tom Glendinning Bros. Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Cloth Manufacturers (Tanfield Mills). Tel. 4277-8 Womersley, George ** Spinner's Arms " Appleyard, Walter Methodist Church North, Tom Shaw, Wilson Womersley, Alfred Mellor, Alfred Kelly, Catherine O'Hara, Vincent Roebuck, Frank Harrison, Stanley Cornes, Herbert Sykes, Norman Binns, Walter Denton, Maud

Page 179

Sykes, Annie Cooper, James D. Taylor, Elsie Crawshaw, Harriet E. Dean, Clifford Corcoran, Jack Steele, John H. Helme, Walter Norris, Victor M. Fisher, George Harrison, Frank Heeley, Reginald O'Toole, Thomas Collins, Percy Worthington, Evelyn Gittins, John W Dxtchfield Joe Parker, Clifford F. Pell, Charles Twineham, George A. Cullen, Mary J. Sunderland, Ernest Wise, Lucy Haigh, Sophia D. Stott, Alfred C. Beckett, Mary E. Earnshaw Fisheries Earnshaw Wilfred Oates, Doris Corby, John Richardson, Sophia Prynn, Charles M. Shaw, David J. Balmforth, Arthur Pogson, John W. Boothway, Alfred J. Henderson, Helen Parkes, Albert Baines, Annie E. Copeland, Kathleen E. Burnley, Horace Broadbent, Rose Nevitt, Joseph H. Horncastle, Clifford Armitage, John Stanger, Alice L. Gearing, John W. Turner, Harry Booth, Annie Hall, Winifred G. Broderick, Patrick J. Cooper, Brian S. Stanley, Walter W. Midwood, Jack Walker, William R. Illingworth, Arthur W. Cusworth, Peter Hill, Gordon F. Payne, Fred Bean, Wilfred Schofield, Harry Pye, John Beaumont, John C. Broadbent, Charles H. Dyson, Fred Stead, John Stead, Leslie Browne, Robert M. Broscombe, Lewis S. Clegg, Gladys Beaumont, Ernest, tractor Waller, Winnie Gronow, Esther M. Hodgson, Ida Mallinson, Philip Whitmarsh, Stanley A. Heppleston, Doreen -- Hynde, Ronald Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Branch) Gallagher, Michael Lockwood, Harry Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ground Thorpe, Fred W. Dingle, William F. E. Clayton, Harold, Haulage Con- tractor Hemingway, Elsie Rigby, Douglas H. Rayner, Fred Winterbottom, Joe Crawshaw, Ernest H. Gwynne, John Thomas Dodson, Emily Gray, Alexander Hirst, Arthur Crosland, Joe Johnson, John Mallinson, Walter Booth, Arthur

Haulage Con-


320 322 324 326 330 332 334 336 338 340 342 344 346 348 350 352

Ayres, Helena Beaumont, Harry W. Lodge, Norman Laverick, George H. Clementson, Frederick Porter, Clifford Wellard, Eric C. Smith, James H. Midwood, Jack Smith, Norman, Haulage Halstead, Leslie Schofield, Clara Kaye, Thomas H. Tatley, Walter Kimberlin, Stanley Lwersndge, Arth Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ground (Entrances) Brook, J. W. & O. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Motor Engineers Pogson, Peter M. Halstead, Philip M. Shaw, Hi lda leson Harry Smith, John W. Hartley, Bernard Boothroyd, John Hinchliffe, Ernest Motor Exchange - (Huddersfield) Ltd., Motor Agents and Dealers, Automoblle Engineers. Tel. 4280 (2 lines) ** Peacock Inn " Noble, Thomas A. Sheard, Alfred Taylor, Stanley Noble, Foster A. Buckley, Anthony K. Stobbs, William E. Brook, Norman Day, Herman 472 Pounder, Harry I.C.1. Recreation Club Sawyer, Harry Mem Service Garage Scarlett, Jack Mem Service Garage Marsh, M. E.

Drill Hall Square Dyson, Geoffrey Cleden, Alan R. Mackenzie, Kenneth Boyce, Mary Oakley, Stanley Law, Samuel J. G. Cook, Sheila E. Smyth, Elizabeth Joyce, Daphne M. Dews, Gordon Taylor, William Knowles, Alice A. Nash, John J. Moore, Clara M. Armitage, Arthur Armitage, Frank Jones, Frank Malpass, Florence B. Bolton, James Hardcastle, Frank Bentley, Mary A. Cromack, Harry Mellor, Frank Hewitt, Jack Womersley, Jeffrey Berry, Mabel G. Algar, Charles G. C., Haulage Contractor Green, Jack Hanson, Stanley Shaw, Marion Ayres, William A. Wood, Horace Wynn, Josephine M. B. Bower, John D. Battye, Dick Lee, Amy B. Sheard, Maurice Stewart, Ralph Kenny, Peter Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocery Branch Rogers, Ernest Baldwin, John W. Learoyd Bros. & Co., Wosted Manufacturers (Trafalgar Mills) Clark, William chkson, William F. King, Alec Chappell, Colin Tomlinson, Joseph E. Eastwood, Ronald Bates, Fred Denbigh, Walter


370 373 374 376 378 380 382 384

Earnshaw, Burt

21 22 23 23 23 24

540 542

548 550

552 552 554 556 558 560 562 564


Mills, Ernest Goult, Alfred Law, Frances Pursell, Edward Stubbs, Arnold V. Woodcock, Colin Wormald, George R. Galvin, Terence Earnshaw, Maria C. Durkin, Wilfred J. Clark, Reginald S. Sykes, Annie Hughes, William D. Foster, Charlie Bailey, Willie Norcliffe, Harold

644/6 - Barnes, Reginald J.


652-4 Williams, John 658


Woodhouse Mills Thfrcriipson, Wm. & Sons (Worsteds td. Ackroyd, James, Cotton Spinner Airedale Co-operative Worsted Manufacturing Society, Whole- sale Warehousemen Aspinall & Heron, Piece Car- bonisers Ainley, James Bailey, Lucy Culpan, Ben

Addy, Albert

Campenot, Fred, Grocer and Confectioner Wilkinson, Ernest Walker, Frank Armitage, John L Bray, Annie Morris, Joshua Peach, William Holliday, L. B. & Co. Ltd., Analine Dyes Yeo, Jane A. Clayton, Cyril Garside, Norman Spearing, Douglas J. Newbold, Frederick Butcher, Wilfred Lockwood, Norman Jackson, Ada Walker, Lucy Asquith, Jonn Dutton, Alfred J. Heeley, Kenneth

Flat, Leeds Road Playing Fields

798 862

13 = OQ SJ Q1 -

Swallow, William H. Dale, Herbert H. ** Woodman Inn " Ackroyd, John A. Scott, John

Armstrong, Edith M. Clough, Arthur Barlow, Ethel Townend, Edward Walsh, John Townend, Charlie Cooke, Nellie Holmes, Wilfrid Jackson, Frederick Robinson, Willie Hargreaves, Young Wallace, Alfred Jackson, Frank Hey, Herbert Hopwood, James, Brass Founder, Central Brass Foundry Auty, - Clement, Central Works Berry, William Micklethwaite, Marsden Adderley, Florence A. Utting, Ernest E. Carey, Emma


Station Cottages Hall, Ernest Dickinson, Albert Dodson, Harold Smith, Norman

Fern Mills Mutual Mending Co. Fern Skip & Basket Co.

LEEF STREET Nattrass, Harry Robinson, Irvin Stephenson, Harry Waring, John C. Scandling, Arthur

Page 180

poach poms

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Reid, Alfred Walton, Thomas H. Milnes, Ronald S. Livesey, Albert Hicks, Stanley H. Shaw, Wilfred Clough, Marion Goodison, Kenneth Scott, John Duncan, Arthur D. Brook, William May, Edith Cornwall, James E. Darbyshire, Charles W. Smith, Doris Dickinson, Lily Waterhouse, Harold Nicholson, Joseph W. Fish, Stanley G.

LE MARCHANT AVENUE Horner, Arthur Thornber, George Crowther, Harriet L. Hudson, Ada G. Priest, Allen Boothroyd, Herbert Whiteley, Robert H. Greenwood, Mary M. Jarratt Arthur Jarratt, Michael F. Townend, Joe Moorhouse, Sarah A. Crook, John M. Shaw, Malcolm V. Gledhill, Bernard A. Brierly, Emily P. Davies, Guy G. Wall, William J. Cook, Arthur Pott, Mabel Swift, Roland M. Smith, Charlotte Townend, James Richardson, Duncan Westin, Walter S. Morgan, Kurt K. Pontefract, Norman M.

LEONARD STREET Shaw, Benjamin Dightam, Arthur C. Ellam, William Ware, Jean P. Bushell, Fred Jenkinson, Wilfred Crawshaw, Joe H.

, Carney, Wm. H.

LESLIE STREET Payne, Frank Wilson, George Smith, Fred Hill, Edith Lane, Gerald M. Padley, John W. H. McCroary, Samuel Hill, Harry Battye, Clifford Broadley, Florrie

LEYMOOR ROAD Washington, George Thornton, Cecil L, Northrop, Joseph A. Burkinshaw, Harry Walker, Herbert Wilde, Harry Beech, Percy Barraclough, Lewis Meadows, Alfred Swift, Ellen Staples, James E. Norcliffe, Ronald Walker, Willie Bones, Mary A. Howe, Maldwyn Green, Percy Wheatley, Frank Giles, Mary Green, Walter A. Walker, Tom Barber, Hilda Ramsden, Sam Harrold, Irwin T. Nellis, Sarah A. Booth, Amy Greaves, Percy Ayling, Wilfred J. Hamilton, William E. Sykes, Edgar

Earnshaw, Lewis 50 - Munt, Harry 52 Vickers, Leslie 54 Elam, Gordon 56 Shaw, Arthur 58 Dyson, Eliza 60 Coldwell, George W.

LIDGET STREET Lindley Parish Church Swiffen, Emmeline Powney, Ethel Armitage, Agnes J. Armitage, Eric Charnock, John H. Wrightson, Francis E. Schofield, John A. Bower, Clara 17 Holroyd, Jane 19 Quarmby, Charles A. 29 Stocks, Ada M. 31 Crosland, Elizabeth 35 Wright, Herbert 37 Johnstone, William W. 41 - Crowther, John 43 Denton, Gordon 45 Cockroft, Kenneth M. 47 Wilson, John R. 53 Riding, Frank Garside, Seth & Sons, Yarn Spinners (Temple Mill) Methodist Church 55 Buckley, Robert 57 Brook, Edward 61 Eagland Ada 63 Denton, Hannah M. 69 Craven, Elizabeth M. 71 Hirst, Amelia 75 Craven, Edgar 77a Moorhouse, Emma 79 Shaw, John 81 - Berry, Joe E. Economic Stores (Halifax) Ltd., Food Distributors Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. 83 Guy!ll, John W. 83 Woodhead, Raymond 89 Ellis, Cecil Gledhlll Mary 93-95 Hmchhffe, Jean 99 Cookson, Emma 101 Whiteley, J. H. & Son, Joiners, Undertakers 103A Dyson, Elizabeth F. 105 Kitchen, Barbara, Draper 107A Tweedale, Douglas 113 Wood, Dennis 115 Jackman, Charles M. 117 Cotton, Amy 119-121 Clough, Leonard 125 Warrington, Horace 125 Warrington, Roy Schofield, J. & Son, Plasterers 6 Milner, Herbert B. 8 Horsfall, George 10 Haigh, Frank L. 12 Jackman, Ronald 14 Hanson, Robert 16 Butler, Annie 18 Hodgson, Leslie 20 Drake, Ann 22 Woodcock, Norman 24 - Bates, Jack 26 Rawcliffe, Harry 26A Moorhouse, Ernest 28 Crosland, Mary 30 Shaw, Mary H. 32 Millns, Theresa 34 Eastwood, Amelia 36 Turner, Mar P. 38 Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd. 42 Bates, Lizzie 44 Haigh, Lily 46 Hobson, Terence G. 48a Earnshaw, Ernest 50 Sunderland, Frank 52 Sykes, Ramsden 52 Haigh, Walter 54 Milnes, Nora 56 Hirst, Fred 58 Ridding, Theresa 60 Pickup, Joan 62 Oldfield, Samuel 64 Greenwood, Thomas H. 68 Taylor, Ada 70 Bailey, Percy 72 Dyson, Wilfred 72a Tweed, Mary T4 Jagger, Joseph A. 74A Kelly, Thomas

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Scaramuzza, Louis Thompson, Clifford Donbavand, James W. Noble, Stanley Boothroyd, Norris Fairclough, Douglas Cliffe, Elizabeth

96-98 Robinson, Willie 102

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Cookson, Christiana

LIGHTCLIFFE ROAD Berry, Tom Wilkinson, Ethel Tyas, Annie Hoyle, Mary Ann Evans, Julia A. Hardy, Charles B. Hall, Ivy Davison, George N. Haigh, Clara Custance. Charles D. Crossley, Winifred M. Davison, Leslie B. Lee, Thomas H. Dawson, Arthur Pinder, Annie Riley, Joe Reddington, Edward Dixon, Nellie Wadsworth, Ernest A. Jillot, Arthur Hampson, Donald E. Moorhouse, Doris G. A. Whitehead, Leonard Horsfall, Maurice Hobson, Frank Campenot, Eileen Fox, Fred Mitchell, Margaret Oates, Nellie Taylor, Walter Spencer, Nellie Beaumont, Clifford Cockroft, Donald Theunissen, Lilian M. Gill, Frank J. Scaman, Doris Ingham, Wilfred Rees, Louis Bamforth, Stanley Rogers, John T. Walker, Emma Jackson, Agnes Starr, Frank Sykes, Gladys Mellor, Edward A. Thornton, John Livesey, Eric Wilkinson, Isabel Irving, Herbert H. Duke, Bartholomew Armitage, Frank Liversidge, Lewis Worth, Arthur Holmes, Albert Wadsworth, Elsie Hilton, John Glendinning, Roy Swift, Arnold Williams, Isaac Gerrard, Thomas Woodhead, Louis Travis, Eleanor Mattin, Herbert Knight, David Dyson, George Martin, Roy Sampson, Ernest Greenwood, Annice M. Avery, Charles

LIGHTENFIELD LANE Brooke, Edgar Whiteley, Mary E. Taylor, Eliza A. Brooke, Ellen Greenwood, James A.

LIGHTRIDGE ROAD Woollard, Adolphus C. Cross, Marguerita E. Hoyle, Lily Turner, Herbert F. Wilkinson, Frank Sutcliffe, Denis Wright, George Hirst, Mary K. C Booth, Alice Waddington, Charles A. Rushworth, Hannah


Page 181

25 Sykes, Edward C. 27 Barden, Joyce M. 47 Robinson, Harry 49 Drew, Raymond S. 51 Merchant, James M. 53 Potts, William 55 Woodhead, Jack 57 Hirst, William R. T. 59 Beaumont, Hilda 61 - Brook, Franklin 63 Wood, Riley 65 Whalley, Douglas F. 67 Bates, Donald A. F. 69 Mann, Frank 79 Iredale, Harry 81 Tanfield, Derek J. 83 Fogg, Arthur D. 8 Whitefield, John F. 10 Nuttall, John A. 16 Dyson, Alfred 18 Hirst, Albert 20 Clarke, Gilbert 22 Walker, Eric 24 Madden, Thomas H. 26 Valner, Jan J. 28 - Jarratt, Herbert 30 - Binns, Oswald S. 32 Wood, Henry V. 34 - Marks, Augustus J. 36 Armitage, Benjamin 38 Tiplady, Willie 40 Rippin, Harry B. 42 Marriott, Gilbert W. 44 Haigh, Harry S. 46 Hirst, Denys H. 48 - Marchant, James L. 56 Haywood, Joseph D. 94 - Lamberty, Norman A. Fixby House Dawson, John L. Fixby House Perry Sarah A. Fixby Lodge Crowther, Richard G. Lightridge Farm - Knockton, Arthur Lightridge Farm - Helliwell, Elizabeth Jilly Royd Farm Murgatroyd, Aked

LILY STREET Crosland, Harold Murphy, James Cunliffe, Peter Kennedy, Charles Sykes, Arthur (Senr.) Golden, Arthur Sedgwick, John Bott, Edgar S. Etchell, Arnold King, John K. 19 Dracup, John W. 21 Ainley, Reginald 23 Collins, Albert 25 Brooksbank, Jack 2 Evans, Margaret U. 4 - Garside, Edward 6 Townend, David 8 - Horsfall, Ernest 10 O'Reilly, Brian 12 Reilly, Edward 14 Sutcliffe, Elsie M. 16 Stubbings, Percy 18 Hackin, Joseph 20 Stockdale, Norman 22 Shore, Eliza A. 24 Falkingham, Derek 26 Mellor, Jennie 26 Hever, Thomas

LIME STREET 1 Oxley, Richard A. 3 - Broadhurst, Gerald 7 North, Frank 9 Richardson, Edith A. 1 Hirst, Frank 3 Jones, William H. B. g Wilson, John E. 4 6 8

som joust tomb bonk ~I U J > \D SJ Un UO GJ ==

Dews, George H., Taxis Carter, Douglas Rushworth, Albert Moorhouse, George H. 10 Finlayson, Colin 12 Flinders, Kenneth 14 - Scholes, Jack 16 Fryer, Joe 18 Varley, Leonard R. 20 Booth, Frederick

LINCOLN GROVE 1 Foster, Arthur R. 3 Grayson, Albert 5 Giblin, John 7 Berry, Roy 9 Castleton, Herbert 1 Earnshaw, Kenneth W.


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King, John A. Atkinson, Clifford Helliwell, Brian Garner, Brian Hobson, George Stant, John H. Mann, Geoffrey Rutherford, Thomas

LINCROFT AVENUE Smith, Donald Antich, Pamela W. Hinchliffe, Leslie Kaye, Norman Bailey, Arthur D. Pickles, Ernest Exley, Mary Wortley, Harry Townsend, Mabel Procter, John Walker, Leonard Potts, Stanley Peel, John T. Brook, Frances J. Pickles, Herbert Cooper, Frank Scott, Walter Pollard, John B. Bolton, Herbert Warner, Levis Helliwell, Ronald T. Pluright, Albert D. Asquith, George A. Senior, Harold

LINDEN ROAD Thomas, George A. Fletcher, Leslie Broadbent, Harry P. Haddock, Joseph C. Niven, Margaret J. Pickup, Leslie Hiley, Cyril Barrett, Amy Davies, Amy Kerr, Alexander F. Dyson, Thomas Moore, George Bower, Harold D. Barker, Donald Broadley, Herman Womersley, Norman Stephenson, George W. Milnes, Alexander Reynard, Frank St. Cuthbert's Church

LINDLEY AVENUE Senior, Norman Steeples, Lewis Thrun, Liese Singleton, Lewis Haman, Minnie R. D. Boaden, Percy Illingworth, Trevor Smith, Alfred Welch, Richard Naylor, John Peace, George Clegg, Jack Quintrell, Stanley J. McNeil, Sidney Fearnley, Percy Eley, Henry Fenton, Ernest Dawson, Slavko Holmes, Stanley Oxley, Leonard Linley, Harry Robinson, Derick Townsley, Charles R. Malaney, Albert T. Unwin, Joseph E. Taylor, Leonard K. Noble, David Booth, Reginald Tozer, Harold R. Hardcastle, Jack Beecroft, Harry K. Brier, Harry O. Grayson, William B. Sale, Harry Hollingworth, Emily Hirst, Mabel McCallum, John


Baker, Maurice R. Raby, Frederick F. Hargreaves, Cecil Holroyd, Frank


Thorp, Norman Bottomley, Charles E. Phillips, Joseph H. Crosland, David Holmes, Sidney

Maplin Lea 2 Spratt, Catherine 3 - Ball, Mary

The Yews Rodgers, Harry Woodlands Farm, Whitaker, Donald Woodlands, Drake, Mary The Lodge, Woodlands Sidebottom, Mary A. Gipsy Pond Farm - Pare, Walter F.

LINDLEY STREET Gardner, Robert L. Priestley, Arnold Williams, Ernest C. Levell, Alice Batley, Norman Whiteley, Clement Stringer, Mary E. Iredale, Ida Dyson, Edgar Hookham, Percy H. 10 Wood, Annie 11 Rothery, Kenneth 12 Peace, Haydn 13 Cartwright, Cyril 14 Hollingworth, Allen 14 Simpson Reginald I. L. 15 Crossley, Lily M. 16 Sheard, Frederick P. 17 Baxter, Margaret 18 - Turrell, Edward P. 19 Brooke, Harry 20 Hirst, James 21 Thewlis, Eric 22 Corby, Ernest 23 Dulieu, Ronald W.

LINK ROAD Eagland, Gilbert V. Senior, James P. Ellison, Albert Dickinson, Frank Shardlow, Mary A. Taylor, Harold Bailey, Horace Alsop, Norman Pitcher, Geoffrey Luty, Herbert

LIPSCOMB STREET Nicholson, Stanley Tozer, Harry Pepper, John W. Beaumont, Ruby Brook, Leonard Armitage, Frederick A. Noble, Harry Wood, Ernest Duncan, William R. 10 France, Douglas 12 Hallas, Fred F. 14 Hargreaves, Harold 16 Evans, Douglas 18 Cartwright, May 20 Sykes, Frances B. 22 Vickerman, Norman 24 Coop, Lilian 26 Hirstwood, Donald

punt. Jumt jamb -] UA GJ not \D

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LISTERS ROAD Muff, John H. Robinson, George W. Radcliffe, George Berry, Jack G.

D} «] Ua ms

LISTER STREET 1 - Bentley, Harry 3 Armitage, Albert 3 Oldroyd, Albert 5 - Reast, Ernest 7 Haigh, Arthur 9 Beaumont, Hyilda E. 11 Shaw, Joseph S. 13 Henderson, Lily M. 15 Dickinson, Miranda 17 Wainwright, Fanny 19 Stringer, William 21 Brook, Marjorie 23 Halstead, Enid 25 Rooke, John 27 Shepherd, Lilian 29 Clarke, Thomas H. 31 Fisher, Harold

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48A 52


Best, Sarah A. Hardy, Frank Sykes, Eileen Wilson, Brian O. Cryer, John Kitson, Jane Hemingway, Norman S. Whitehead, Luke F. Haigh, Stanley Carter, James Marsden, Herbert Carter, Frank Strickland, Wilfred Bates, Fred Bentley, Alice I. Alldred, Charles M. Schofield, Nellie Falcon, Lucy North, Edgar Day Ashton, Stanley Oates, George Brook, Amy Dobson, Albert V. Drury, Emma Turton, Francis Wildsmith, Alberta C. Turner, William G. Middleton, Hubert Lockwood, Peter Taylor, Albert Stringer, Kenneth Bradley, Douglas Stephenson, Harold Hoyle, Albert E. Holroyd, John Brown, Mary Swift, William Bull, Frederick

LOCKWOOD ROAD Senior, Herbert Hick, Alfred P. Dixon, Mildred Armitage, Norman R. Dawson, Ronald Rush, Nelson C. Swinden, Ivor Bland, Ernest Senior, Harry Wood, Philip Lunn, Fred Leslie Goodrick, Geoffrey

54-56 Rashcliffe Mending Co., Burling,

S4A S6A 58 60 62 64 66


Mending Mansfield. Kenneth H. Bonds, Frank Humpleby, Helena L. Broster, Harry Bray, Frederick W. Humpleby, Francis Barden, H. Printer Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Grocery) Chapman, Norman Wilson, George Wood, William W. Dalton, Asquith A. Robinson, Cyril Ashwell, Albert Horner, Elizabeth Parkin, William L. Hirst, Charles \ Mitchell, Rufus Edmonds, Eric Whitehead, Norman Douglas, George E. Ireland & Sons Ltd., Grocers Wimpenny, Jack Atkinson, Eric Coop, Ethel Taylor, Derek Noble, Fred Pilling, Frederick Jackman, Outfitters Hepworth, Gertrude B. Thorpe, Edward Jones, Frederick W., Fish, Fruit Gill, & A.,. Grocers and Confectioners Buckingham, C. A. & Co., Bakers and Confectioners MacNamara, William Whiteside, James Shaw, Minnie Adams, Hilda Shaw, Arthur Thornton, James E. Brook, Emma Brougham, Alice Winstanley, George

Sons, Tailors,

Wall, Georgina Ramsden, Emile B. McCluskey, John Rose, Donald Greenhalgh, Albert Stocks, Lilian B. Littlewood, Arthur Tyas, Harry, Dentist Gomersall, Stanley Atha, Thomas & Sons, Joiners, Undertakers Ibberson, Berry, Painter, Decorator Kent & Hirst, Blacksmiths Watson, Aeneas Bradley, Hindle Bottomley, Thomas R. Mallalieu, Florence Beck, Leslie Harness, James C. Cox & Co., Funeral Carriages Brook, Ethel Mitchell, Louisa Freeland, Clara Donaldson, Margaret A. Bucci, Anthony Gibson, William Hirst, Edith Bottom, Stanley Barlow, Joseph (Sent.) Thompson, Alexander Kirk, William Wood, Annie Ellam, Joe, Plumber, Electrician Boothroyd, James F. Robinson, James J. Dean, Herbert Gill, Willie Smith, Allen Gregory, Doris Merry, Robert W. Robinson, Charles W. Stuart, Edward Cook, Frances L. Chadwick, Gerald Wilson, Martha Brougham, E., Furniture Dealer Naylor, George Lockwood Picture Palace "* Woolpack Hotel" Hine, Vic Taylor, E. & V., Transport Cafe "Aline," Ladies' Hairdresser McEvoy, Michael R. Wood, Joseph Weston, Roy Lockwood and Salford Conserva- tive Association Silkstone, Fred Barker, Herbert P. Taylor, David & Sons, Plumbers Armstrong, Joe "* Red Lion Inn " Slicer, Jacky Mount Pleasant Berry, Herbert Dyson, Arthur B. Brier, Harold B. Brier, Herbert Lord, Thomas E. Collins, Fred Wilson, Laurence, A.

British Thunderstorm Survey Research Meteorologists, Labo- ratories Ralph, Harold Wood, Tom, Painter, Decorator Durham, John R. Nunns, Leslie B. Exley, Arthur Clifford, Vincent Petty, Horace New Victoria Hotel

Oldfield Square Brook, Gerald Gledhill, Raymond Bray, George Scott, Charles Naylor, Margaret North, Ethel Foster, John McSweeney, Anthony P. Armitage, Willie (Sent.) Legallez, Percy T. Farrier, William Stead, Wilfred Gledhill, Raymond Kitson, George Percival, Fred Sweet, May Ardron, Eva

25 63 73 75

83 85 85A 8

7 89 91 93 95 97 99 99 101 103 105 107 109 111

Kennedy, William Watson, Richard B. Hallas, Leonard Brook, Alice M. M. Smith, Maria North, Annie Bucei's, Ice Cream Manufacturers Graham, Reginald, Physician and Surgeon Coward, Frank Lloyd, Thomas L. F. Binns, Norman McDonagh, Patrick Conally, Stanley Shaw, Frank Cundall, Gladys Cooper, Erncst Brier, Ernest Kent, Thomas Henry Mellor, Ada Brook, James E. Wilson, Joseph W. Harman, Tom Beaumont, Jessie Kelly, Bernard Dockerill, Frederick

Garage - Littlewood, Irvin

129 133 135 137 139 143 145 149 151 153

Lockwood Motor Motor Engineers Wilson, J. W. & Sons, Sheet Metal Workers Hills, Joseph H., Plasterer, Slater Wadsworth, John Lea, Wilfred Mellor, Abel Alcock, William Dyson, Marion Battye, Walter A. Lee, Harry Hirst, Newton Nussey, Ernest

Garage Co.,

155-7 _ Thomas, William H.

211 215

Bellamy, George A. Field, John A. Moore, Arthur L. Hinchliffe, Edith Milnes, Harry Weston, Wilfred Byram, Ronald Gledhill Bros. & Co. Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers Bowring, John T. Taylor, Benjamin Eddon, Douglas Brocklehurst, Edward Hird, Gertrude V. Smith, Roland Batley, Alice Foley, Patrick Kaye, Harold Bellerby, Harold Openshaw, Walter Branch, Louis Calvert, Frank L. Allison, Donald Field, Walter Pickering, Harriet E. Jackman, Percy Senior, Harrison Hirst, George A. Crowder, Arthur W.

217 (over) Chambers, Elsie

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233 237

UY GJ ==

Taylor's Yard Quarmby, Mary E. Milnes, Ann

Whitteron's, Confectioners, Caterers Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Grocers) France, Stanley Frobisher, Hubert, Pork Butcher

LOCKWOOD SCAR Quarmby, Arnold King, Sidney Senior, H. & Son, Electricians Bottom, Ernest Fawcett, Frank Armitage, Phyllis Jones, Bernard Crow, Joe Beever, Jack Kershaw, Joe Horner, Vincent L. Sunderland, Jack Brown, Eric


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co O 4 NJ UJ =--

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poumk pant


LOGWOOD STREET Radcliffe, Elizabeth Kaye, Albert Lumb, Garfield Rattigan, May McManus, Patrick B. Hoyle, Clifford

Sykes Yard White, Joan M. Metcalfe, Audrey M. Webster, Hettie Shaw, Ethel Heseltine, Edgar Mellor, Jack Taylor, Laura A. Sharpe, Herbert Tetlow, Phcebe G.

LONGCROFT Reynolds, Charles Whittell, Humphrey H. Wilkinson, George W. King, Charles Kaye, Jane Lee, Irving Horsfall, Alexander Young, Arthur W. Richardson, Mabel Dearnley, Rowland Senior, John W. Butler, Arthur Mellor, Harold

LONGDEN AVENUE Sheard, John Smelt, George W. Randerson, Carrie Sykes, John V. B. Dodgson, Albert Nowell, Ned Beaumont, Clara Mellor, Elsie Beaumont, Albert Taylor, Gertrude Windram, Albert V. Macmillan, Archibald Ringrose, Harold Hudson, John A. Baker, George Denton, Walter L. Denton, John P. Calam, Herbert Moorhouse, Geoffrey Welsby, James S. Swire, Harold Brooke, James Dunning, Anthony S. Ward, Lewis Astley, Kenneth A. Edwards, George L. Moorhouse, Robert S. Mallinson, Bernard T. Broadhead, Louie Sykes, George S. Jackson, Lewis Downs, John A. Hartley, William Radcliffe, Joseph H. Peaker, Lindsey Gerken, Charles J. Pratt, Frank Cooper Hirst, Joel A. R. Marshall, George Hoyle, Charles C. Brierley, Joseph H. Cuthbert, Claude P. Barker, Norman Woodhead, Stanley Clegg, Stanley Collins, Frank Booth, Eric Bland, John E. Denham, Wilfred Shaw, Geoffrey A. Whiteley, Lily

LONGFIELD AVENUE Parr, David A. Aspinall, John Townend, Norman Isherwood, Arthur Morrison, John J. Bray, Ellis Woodhead, Brian Hirst, James Wilson, John Green, Marion Schofield, Walter Kilner, Harry S. Hepworth, William H.


Battye, Herbert S. Beldon, Sam F. Mallinson, Fred H. Gibson, Sarah H. Brook, Joe Ellis Stansfield, Donald H. Jenkinson, Sydney Hirst, Norman Clancy, Bernard French, Harold Bray, Lewis Walker, Harry McNamara, Richard Stead, Eric S. Powell, Jack Fox, Arnold Higgin, Robert Morgan, Hilda Roberts, Edward Holland, George F. Fox, William P. Gilbert, John Boocock, Caroline Roelants, John H. Clarke, Alec Cuniffe, Willie Puckering, Peggie Casper, Colin Brown, Frederick J. Baxter, Lewis Ronayne, Francis Field, Peter G. Rayns, Frederick E. Brittain, Kenneth Davis, Alexander Woodcock, Eric Percy, John Hey, Leslie Dawe, George E. Brown, Samuel S. McHardy, William A. Smith, Harold Oldroyd, Jack T. Howarth, James Shaw, Annie Orr, William Davies, John R. Hicks, Sidney Strachan, Peter Lynch, Martin Flynn, Frank McCririe, Dudley R. Holdsworth, Brenda Turpin, Harry Stephenson, Charles Livesey, Stanley Woodward, Frank Meal, Peter T. Hirst, Thomas Ainley, Lewis Dyson, Jack Briggs, Walter Senior, Eldred L. Broadhead, George Lewin, Ernest Byrne, Francis H. Cooney, Harold Moores, Gerald W. Habron, John M. Broadhead, Ronald Hill, Frank E. Moss, Norman Pawson, Harold Jackson, William J. Bishop, Philip A. Wright, Robert Holroyd, Gladys Littlewood, Wilfred Kain, Joseph W. Fisher, Ernest Smith, William Moran, Martin Lightfoot, Jack Pogson, Marjorie Seaman, Claude H. W. Armitage, Joseph H. Schofield, Eric M. Mosby, David Balicki, Joseph G. Challis, Thomas H. Southwell, Fred Herriot, James H. Draper, Stanley

LONG GROVE AVENUE Schofield, Jack A. Reeder, Charles A. Massey, Samuel Walker, Robert Scaife, Walter Wood, Ernest

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Wheelwright, Haydn Brammall, Albert M. Wilson, Kenneth F. Sykes, Donald H. Wray, Arthur Pitchforth, Frederick A. Mitchell, Ernest Hallas, Jack Boothroyd, John A. Fisher, Cyril Rostron, Arthur White, Charles V. Bailey, Florence Edith Dale, Gordon Greenwood, Harold W. Thomas, Frank Whiteley, Ronald Jessop, Frank Dickinson, John Keenan, Alexander M. Pawson, Harry Fallon, Thomas J. Holland, William A. Richardson, John Farrar, Colin Dawson, Thomas Walker, Stanley B. Thompson, Constance Swallow, John D. Stancliffe, James M. Dyson, Frank Fretwell, Jack Stevenson, John E. Crowther, George Forbes, Leonard Knights, Kenneth V. Sykes, Tom W. Dunn, William Walsh, Michael Ellis, Norman McGough, Patrick Beswick, Jack Pickles, John Cartwright, George E. France, David P. Kosinski, Lillias Kirkham, Eric Hirst, James

LONG HILL ROAD Poppleton, Leslie Holt, Wilfred Crawshaw, Samuel V. Crowther, Stanley Calvert, Harold Chessman, Harold M. Cannon, Reginald Newsome, Harold Barton, Thomas Gannon, John Hampshire, Willie Steele, Leonard Hufton, Edgar Bailey, Thomas Brennan, Robert Lockley, Ernest Charlotte, Alexander Wadsworth, Herbert Fretwell, Oliver Dyson, Arthur Foster, James Blakey, Harris Moor, Sidney Young, James J. Morgan, John H. Wright, George Duroe, Henry F. Marren, Martin Depledge, Roy Robinson, Frank L. Evans, Sarah Jarman, George T. Bennett, Harry Brown, Olive Holmes, Johnny Precious, Donald Bennett, Arthur Cooper, Jane Plowman, Frederick G. Worsley, Eric Sayles, Thomas Webster, Annie France, Arthur Norcliffe, Eric Senior, Lewis Redfearn, Kenneth Cundall, Brian

Brennan, Leo

Howgate, James Lawless, Joseph Hoyle, John E.

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bund. bond




McGrath, Martin Newton, John Pollard, Richard Gothard, Norman Lynch, Edward J. Evans, Stanley Wilkinson, William G. Glover, Samuel Hey, Alma Wood, Frederick H. Walton, Margaret Sloan, Joseph Reddington, Edward McCluskey, William Pearce, James A. Hough, George Buckley, Joseph Crowther, Harold Hellard, Luke Bustard, William J Harrison, Geroge (Sent.) Williams, Charles T. Megson, George Hawkridge, Frederick Hawkridge, Tom Robinson, John W. Boothroyd, Harold Hunneybell, Simion Sanderson, Alfred North, Marion Joyce, William H. Hayes, Harold Green, Charnock Radcliffe, Jack Sobczak, Winnifred Jones, Thomas William Hall, Peter R. Normington, Wilfred Firth, Mary H. Lerpiniere, William T. Dawson, Harry Hill, William A. Brook, Elizabeth Mallinson, Harold Steele, Robert R. Elliott, Mary Shaw, Norman Robinson, Harry Rowley, Owen Kenny, William T. Lambert, Michael Turner, Harry Thornton, Joe W. Heaton, John H. Balmforth, Tom Lockwood, Ben Mawson, John Haigh, Herbert Burton, Bessie Haigh, Percy Smithies, Herbert Hodgkinson, Wilfred J. Bareham, Brian Power, George C. Carter, William Armitage, Joe Brook, Annie Holroyd, Harry Durrans, Frank Farrar, Kenneth Wilson, Harold Castle, Harry Peace, Ernest V. Warrior, Harry Howard, Gilbert

LONG LANE Wilson, William E. & M., Bakers Robinson, Peter Brooks, Richard P. Gillham, Donald Dannatt, Joe Ryan, Bernard Donaghy, Patrick Woodhead, Frank Ellam, George Herbert, Leonard Lover, Brian Bradley, Eric Walker, William Lynch, Leo P. Morrell, Clifford Bailey, Frank Darby, Geoffrey Barker, Herbert Boothroyd, Leonard Boothroyd, Joah Parkinson, Friend G. Cartwright, Teddy Langford, John

Byrom, Joe Hammond, William Hankey, William Crawshaw, John H. Rayner, James H. Beever, Alfred Kelly, James M. Ridsdale, Leslie Tyreman, Mildred A. Oakes, William Exley, Abel C. Bunting, Anthony Sykes, John H. Hughes, Harry H. Humble, Mary E. Binner, Edith Oldroyd, Roy Wood, Harry Jackson, Harry Powel!, John H. Booth, Leonard Thwaites, Charles H. Dickenson, Derick Beaumont, Annie Fitzgerald, William L. J. Mason, Sydney Bradberry, Emma J. Mills, Ernest Bradley, Percival H. Clayton, Benjamin Tomlinson, Harry Beaumont, Herbert Gallagher, Thomas Cottingham, John W. Ely, Leonard Longbottom, Charles T. West, Joseph Drake, Eric Dalton Church Jarmin, Eric J. Cannon, William H. Haigh, George H., Contractor Franks, Harold Earnshaw, Arthur Hobson, Frank Bedford, Christopher B. Hirst, Sam Wood, Edward Livesey, Willlie Senior, Florence Kaye, Frank A. Gledhill, Vincent Wadsworth, Lewis Oldfield, Bernard J. Davies, Edward S. G. Broadbent, Leonard Dickinson, Frank Beddard, Eustace Buckingham Dental Laboratory

Buckley, Roy Hinchliffe, John A. Dawson, George F. Pearson, Ben B. Smith, Annie Rhodes, Frederick H. Townend, Leslie Oddy, Cyril Stanley, George T. Sykes, Gertrude James, Margaret Sykes, Percy Moss, Harry Miller, Gordon Spencer, Wilhelmina A. Muirhead, Albert S. Hudson, Elijah Armitage, Ernest Jackson, Martha E. Price, Nora E. Weir, Robert R. Hodgson, Joh n Foster, George Calvert, Walter Senior, Jack Quarmby, Dennis E. Walmsley, Ronald M. Moran, Terence M. Kirrane, James (Sent.) Braund, Kenneth L.G.H. Haigh, Adeline Thackray, Arthur Gibson, John R. Thomis, Richard Love, Robert Brook, Albert Martin, Harry Gledhill, Edward Bailes, Harry E. T. Dickinson, Richard


Jones, Robert Moss, Ben Mackay, Donald Lee, Joshua Jagger, Beatrice M. Hirst, Job Boothroyd, George Mulroy, Francis, Confectioner Littlewood, Frank Mitchell, Ethel S. Oldroyd, Wilfrid Williams, John A. Marsden, Wilfred, Radio, Cycles Armitage, Tom Roberts, Albert C. L., Painter, Decorator Taylor, Edith A. Williamson, Jim Hanwell, Thomas Jackson, Joseph H. Kippax, Jessie H. Stanley, Heber W. Holmes, Dorothy J. Senior, Harrison Senior, Colin Ashby, William H. Pidgeon, Kenneth Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Grocers) Miller, William J. Robertson, Thomas Durrans, Rachel Horsfall, Gordon Fleetwood, Ernest Guest, Isaac T. Wadsworth, Mavis Moody, Donald Wright, Florence G. Senior, Fred Morrison, Harry Wainman, Georgina Castle, Annie Sykes, Norman Secker, Albert Hargreaves, Stanley Walker, Arnold S. Morgan, Norman Booth, Renie Appleyard, Leslie Mitchell, James L. Hellawell, Wilfred Duffield, Frederick Duffield, George Pink, Herbert S. Nicholson, Ernest Turner, Sybil M. Moxon, Charles S. Ward, John F. C. Lanning, Joseph W., Inspector, R.S.P.C.A


Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ellis, John L. Thornton, Sam Ashberry, Ernest J. H. Gill, Lewis H. Laking, William Sykes, Ernest Barrow, Herbert Cryer, John Gelling, Peter D. Hughes, Herbert Kenworthy, Louie M. C. Eastwood, Frank Hirst, Frank Parker, Henry Marsh, John Gore, Ethel Halstead, Edith Armitage, Arthur W. Raw, Robert Sykes, Marion Sykes, Harold H. Quested, Wilfred L. Shaw, Gilbert B. Dodd, Thomas P. Scott, Winifred M. Cape, Norman Webster, Frank Littlewood, Fred Senior, George G. Shaw, Arnold Armitage, Jack Brooke, Gerald Shaw, K., Ladies' Hairdresser Cole, John Kaye, Albert Brooke, Lucy E. Bell, Frank

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pans punt sant

Whiteley, Frederick Mair, Alexander Woodard, Albert Chappell, Albert P. Brown, Jonathan Kitching, John D. Holden, Nelson V. Stead, Eric Walsh, James R. Cooper, William A. Kaye, Harold Moorhouse, Thomas Small, Arthur Robinson, Lottie Oliver, John E. Addy, Ronald Wright, Alice Kirkham, Ethel E. Hitchcox, Alice Whitehead, Arnold Scrivens, John W. Barnard, Kenneth H.

LONGLEY Kaye, Harry Kaye, May Tyas, Merab Lyons, Terence Tyas, Frank Willliamson, Roy Wood, Reginald B. Causier, Frederick J. Jackson, Alba Miller, Eric Q. Phillips, Charles Saville, Joseph S. Stringer, Florence H. Fox, Roy Price, David N. Laycock, Harold W. Horsfall, Annie Wood, Ann E. Thompson, Percy S. Wilson, Thomas Atkinson, John Gibson, Hilda Clarke, Ronald Atkinson, Edwin

LONGLEY LANE Hinchliffe, Thomas K. Angus, Robert Ainley, Philip McGauvran, Elsie Stoney, Frank F. Young, Leslie Weatherburn, John L. Wood., Arnold Shaw, Albert E. Crosland, Norman Lockwood, Leslie F. Betts, John E. Mitchell, Tom Pollard, Thomas Stansfield, Bert Hirst, Douglas Whitehead, Lewis Dennis, Annie M. Castle, Charles Brook, Dorothy Avison, Philip Douglas, Geoffrey Lawton, Hilda Schofield, David Reid, Hilda M. Smithies, Lewis Armitage, John S. Wheatley, Leonard Plowman, Mark Riding, Frank Holroyd, Norman

LONGLEY ROAD Brown, Robert W. Rostron, Gladys M. Crossley, Arthur Carreck, William M. Fielding, Frank W. Oldfield, Frank Pitcher, Ward H. Chadwick, James Thomas, Floretta E. Lockwood, Harold Ellis, Edward Horsfall, Eleanor B. Peace, William P. Monteith, Robert D. Clark, Tom W. Fearnley, Olive Davies, Philip T. Rothery, Eric


Radcliffe, Elizabeth Law, Thomas H. Coates, Wilfrid B. Thorp, Charles A. Marsden, Ada Keyworth, Mary E. Wade, Norman S. Pickard, Stanley Ashfield, Herbert E. Atkinson, Clarice Scott, Clement M. Pickering, Elizabeth A. Chapman, Charles P. Lunn, Fred Brook, Reginald H. Ashfield, Ann D. Ellis, Albert H. (Senr.) Hull, Reginald A. Wailes, John N. Iredale, Jack Donkersley, Ben Nettleton, Arthur W. Holroyd, Edith Hay, Cecil W. Marshall, Hubert, Grocer, Con- fectioner Milnes, Sydney Wilson, Arthur, Hairdresser Haigh, Ada Mellor, Joe O. Fox, Ellick Corbett, William L. Squire, James Stevenson, Louie Stevenson, Janet H. Bower, Douglas Grimwood, Geoffrey L. Marshall, William S. Peel, Paul F. Collinson, Eric Smith, Lister Kenyon, Ernest W. Waring, Shirley Moorhouse, Alfred Greenhalgh, Donald R. Smith, Harry Lumb, Herbert Brierley, Sam Wright, Hilda C. Clegg, Alfred E. Thwaite, Hartley Eastwood, Florry Himsworth, Joe A. Holland, Ernest C. Donaldson, John M. Fieldhouse, Harry Williamson, Harry Brook, Douglas Berry, Donald Wadsworth, Lucy E. Lister, Stephen D. Cooper, David M. Godfrey, Edward Marsh, Lucy Lord, Albert Anderson, Agnes E. Wainwright, Francis Mitchell, William S. Kane, Donald Valder, Edwin B. Kirby, Peter T. A. Fitton, James A. Isherwood, Agnes Carter, Wilfred ** Mason's Arms " Wood, Arthur Eastwood, Annie Kitson, Walter Tommis, Clifford Booth, Fred, Fish Fruit

LONGROYD LANE Gallagher, Thomas Craven, Albert Morton, Edward Brown, George H. Dolan, Alfred Campbell, Duncan United Indigo & Chemical Co. Ltd., Dye and Chemical Manu- facturers Tomkins, Alfred Maloney, William Woodhouse, Derek Firth, Brian Walker, Frank Stocks, Frank Hall, John S. Lewin, George A. Stephens, Nellie Furey, William P.

Kaye, Arthur

45 Shaw, Thomas 46 Sweet, Harry 47 Perry, Thomas 48 - Harper, Frank 49 Cocking, Joseph 50 Firth, Ronald 51 Grocott, Benjamin 52 Lumb, George 53 James, Walter 53 Nutton, Joseph E.

LONGROYD PLACE Wood, Harry Hinchliffe, Ada Shaw, John F. Wellick, Waiter Rangeley, Harry Thomas, Alfred Clarke, Thomas Edwards, Geoffrey Ibeson, John W. Haigh, Eric Whitworth, Robert L. Beaumont, William Bottom, Frank Shaw, Willie Tann, Harold B. Edwards, Brian Gill, Jim Eastwood, Beatrice May Robinson, Samuel! B. Daley, Sarah Tummons, Elizabeth Connally, Arthur Hampshire, Kenneth Segrove, William Allison, Charles L. Holmes, Harold Haigh, Herbert

LONGWOOD EDGE Morton, George H. Sykes, Kenneth Mearns, Francis Hirst, Douglas Barron, Frances L.

LONGWOOD GATE Longwood Parish Church and Cemetery Sunny Bank Garage Shaw, Herbert Sa Liggins, Elizabeth 7A Ibbeson, George F. 9a 'Taylor, Arthur E. 11a Tolson, Nelson 11a Tolson, Clifford N. 29 Cairns, Walter 31 Taylor, Annice 33 Lewis, Richard J. 35 Shaw, Lilian 37 Shaw, Ethel 41 - Cheetham, Mary E. 43 Burns, Kenneth Hoyle, Joseph & Son Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers (Pros- pect Mills) 53-55 Hazzlewood, Thomas H. 57 Sheeran, Edward 59 Ferry, John R. 61 - Clayton, Harry 63 Hanson, Thomas 65 Foster, Austin 67 Walker, Herbert 75 Fisher, James W. 77 - Benson, George A. 79 Leeming, Percy 81 Haigh, Harry Longwood Industrial Society Ltd. [OL Butterfield, Edith 103 Armitage, Lawrence 107 Mosley, James V. 111 Kenworthy, Marion 113 Taylor, Harold 115 Thornton, Ernest 117 Pitchforth, John C. 119 Good, Alice M. 121 Atkinson, Bernard 123 McLoughlin, Michael T. 125 Wadsworth, Leslie 125 Hill, Albert 127 Haigh, Albert E. 129 Round, Ethel R. 131 Sykes, George N. 131A Goodliffe, William 137 Milnes, Lily 139 Holmes, Herbert 143 - Beaumont, Douglas 147 Coldwell, Ethel 149 Noble, Dyson 151 Tomcezynski, Nancy 153 Robinson, Edgar

[uJ meo want jams samt sut met somb home brock © \ & 1 OQ i w h- © 0% JO u bb) -

Nb t b bo tog b) o _ O Ur & tN) -

b ©

co O 4 NJ -

Page 186


155 Haigh, Frank 155a Pearce, Herbert 157 Shaw, Florence M. 159 - Shaw, Harold 161 - Beaumont, Frank 163 - Moorhouse, Kenneth 163a Allison, Percy 165 - Baines, John 167 Winpenny, John R. 169 Eastwood, Florence 171 Darlington, John R. 173 Sokolowski, Wladyslaw 175 Taylor, Arnold E. 177 Parker, Annie M. 179 Hemingway, John 181 - Tinker, Norman 183 Foster, Taylor J. 183A Stainton, George 185 Ewing, Thomas 187 Walker, Herbert 189 Cocking, Kenneth 191 Pearson, Frank 201a Marsden, Edgar 203 Holdsworth, John 209 Brook, James W. 211 Brook Arthur 213 Bottomley, Charles E. 215 Kinder, David 217 Wilkinson, John 219 Haigh, Benjamin 221 Woodhead, Edmund T. 223 Wood, Sydney 225 Bolton, Stanley G. 229 Taylor, William 231 Wrigley, Dorothy M. 235 Daniel, Edgar 2 Batch, Selwyn 4 - Slavin, Joseph 4a Shaw, William H. 6 Hardisty, Mark B. 8 - Siswick, Leslie T. 10 Dyson, Vera 12 Swift, Mellor 14 King, Cecil A. 16 Vigrass, Kenneth 18 Sanderson, John A. Day, Gordon 22 Gledhill, William 24 - Buckley, Edward 26 Senior, William A. 28 - Pearson, Frederick Stanley 28 Heigho, Stephen 28 Turner, Harry 28A Brook Norman 32 Newbanks, John 34 - North, Geoffrey 36 Watson, Jack 38 Sapier, Nathan V. 40 Wright, Stephen 42 Diskin, Michael 44 Riding, Winfred S. 46 Tebb, Edwin W. 48 Crowther, Edith G. 50 Knott, Joseph 52 Bamforth, Mary J. 54 - Skrzynski, Edward Piotr 56 Hamer, Frank 62 Hall, Jack 64 Tomlinson, Frank 66 Hall, Albert 68 Allen, Albert E. 70 White, Charles W. 70A Lockwood, Leonard 72 Taylor, Annie D. 74 - Francis, Charles H. 76 Moorhouse, Thomas V. 82 Wray, Eric 84 - Weavill, Leonard 86 Hadfield, Fred 90 Lumb, Ernest 92 Wareham, George 94 Lambourne, Kenneth I. 96-8 Harrison, James 96-8 Leys, Geoffrey 100 Goodall, Frank C. 102 Baines, Vincent A. 104 Taylor, Erven 106 Stott, Fred 108 - Yearsley, Frederick E. H. 110 Walker, Leslie 112 Dykes, Fred 114 Bower, Harold 116 Keane, Bernard 118 Thornton, Albert 120 Crosland, Mary M. 122 Kaye, Jane E. 122 Kaye, Godfrey 124 Waite. Nellie 126 Hellawell, Mark 128 Armitage, Ernest 130 Taylor, John ER.

130A 132

Hawksworth, Cyril Gibson, Arthur Swailes, Albert Bell, Doris Pogson, Donald Woodhead, John B. Sykes, James Dyson, Fred Shackleton, Arthur Taylor, Fred Kaye, Raymond Fletcher, Amy Bailey, Herbert Iredale, Fred A. " Slip Inn "' Armitage, Clarence Wood, Robert Whitwam, Sir J. Bailderstone, Frederick Fawcett, Alice Barlow, Leslie Taylor, Marian Haigh, Lawrence White, Norman Shaw, Anne E. Staszkiewicz, Mary Turton, Gladstone Mitchell, Irene Greaves, Tom W. Thackray, Hilda Longwood Baptist Church Bray, Willie Arkwright, Herbert Beaumont, Alfred Townend, Alan Marshall, Ralph Dyson, Lizzie Pearson, Selina

LONGWOOD HOUSE ROAD Longwood House Scott, Walter A. Longwood House Farm

113A 117 119

Beaumont, Leonard

LONGWOOD ROAD Hall, Kathleen McFadden, Edward Chalmers, John T. M. Eastwood, Stanley Wray, Colin E. Wood, Maurice Scott, George Pattison, Peter Pickering, George South, Gertrude Bates, Donald Milnes, Stanley Whiffing, Robert A. Cowley, May Bolland, Clarence Holmes, Harold Thompson Bros. (Hudddersfield) Ltd., Yarn Spinners (Imperial Mills) Bedford, Roy Booth, Stanley Livesey, Herbert Hardy, Lily Ashness, Ivy Peace, Harold Walton, Albert P. Mitchell, Dorothy Iredale, Joe Earnshaw, Elizabeth Sanderson, William Swain, John Hall, Teddy Dyson, Elizabeth E. Peace, Harriet Whiteley, Agnes L. Hirst, Aubrey E. Duckworth, Elizabeth Ann Thornton, Edgar W. Menzies, Robert Smalley, Thomas Clay, Willie Dawson, Eric Sedgwick, Sarah E. Cotton, Wilfred Shaw, Thomas H. Walker, Titus A. Brook, Emily Oxley, William H. Whitwam, Brian Miller, William A. Asquith, Norman Cartwright, Benjamin Hunter, Jack Hunter, Herbert Bungalow Bakery, Bakers Walker, Frank Eastwood, Joe W.

Read, Fred Cullen, John M. Thompson, Mary E. Scott, Ralph Asher, Joseph Turner, Harry Milnes, Eva Shaw, Ernest C. Beaumont, Ernest Cone, Frank Oldham, Marion Walker, Emma Francis, John E. Jones, Richard Johnson, James Buckley, Donald Maloney, Henry Kendal, Douglas Hattersley, Alice A. Cail, Kenneth Hepworth, Frank Tindall, Francis Hartley, Alien Lockwood, Leonard Brown, Alfred Lockwood, Stanley O'Hara, Austin Brooke, Jack H. Dyson, Lucy E. Gray, Donald Turner, Jack Williams, Edgar Thorpe, Agnes Peace, Kaye Brown, Arthur Oldham, Leonard Sagar, Anna Farrar, Selina Farrar, Richard Tunnicliffe, Joseph Kenyon, John Kennerley, Wilfred Cooper, Frederick Keegan, Janet Pearce, Harry McCulloch, James Newton, Joe de H. Shaw, Sydney Wilkinson, Clarence Liversidge, Kenneth Blezard, Thomas W. Armytage, John R. Craven, Herbert Vautrey, Jack Armitage, Harry Booth, Jack Cottrell, Eric Greaves, Henry Sawyer, Harold E. Dyson, Hannah Mitchell, Frank Sharpe, John G. Dyson, Geoffrey Cheetham, William Fellows, William Wilkinson, Arthur N. Mullany, Kevin Lehman, Irene Wilde, Jeffrey Netherwood, Philip Tuckfield, Graham A. Lockwood, Ernest L. "Angel Hotel " Oates, Hilda Uttley, Mary J. Shaw, Albert Stout, William J. A. Holt, Willie Edwards, Jack Overton, William Vickerman, Norman Wright, Gertrude M. Haynes, William H. Dutton, Beatrice Woodhouse, Beatrice Wilson, Ethel E. Boocock, Alexander Ainley, Leonard Rowley, Matthew Jotham, Leslie R. Earnshaw, Martha A. Woods, Frank Quarmby, Maude M. Dyson, Tom Home. Miriam Singleton, Jack Nixon, Harriet E. Noble, Wilfred Haigh, John F. Armitage, George C. Hirst, Nellie

Page 187

54 Schofield, Joseph L. 56 Denton, Horace 58 Allen, Arthur Parkin, Clara Wood, Hannah Sophia Beaumont, David MacCullum, Agnes 68 - Cartwright, Arthur Ainley, Wellington Horsfall, Stanley Hayley, Alfred G. 76 Cunningham, James Gronow, Sydney 78 Livesey, Ellen Oldfield, Merchant G. Fairbank, Leonard 84 Smith, Joseph Marshall, William P. 88 Pogson, Arthur Sykes, Mary J. Downing, Eunice Schzfifild, Joseph & Co., Textile a

Haigh, Sydney Francis, Thomas A. Verner, Wilfred Hanlon, Joseph Kellett, Charles H. Holroyd, Joan Scott, Robert Chaffer, George A. Wilcock, Brian L. Heathcote, Harold Taylor, Ernest Curry, Alfred W. Hartley, Alice A. Kaye, Vincent Beaumont, James H. Peace, Kenneth W. Priestley, Willie Cookson, Joseph W. G. Horrocks, Victor Kaye, John W. Lodge, Gordon B. Wood, Harry Priestley, Norman Dyson, James Gray, Annic Massey, Ronald Milnes, Harry Germain, Norman Parker, John Bottomley, Kenneth Hobson, Willie Beevers, Bryan Hepworth, John W. Townend, Eliza Kaye, Ernest Taylor, Harold Mallinson, Leonard Shaw, Mary H. Blackburn, John Peace, Wilfred Lucas, Harold Holdsworth, Mary A. Charlesworth, Lavinia Iredale, Douglas Coldwell, Joe Hellawell, Alexandra E. Horner, Leonard Mullany, Donald Mullany, Maurice Rose, Gordon S. D. Buckley, Edith Mullany, John Buckley, John H. Moore, Wilfred Hirst, George Woffenden, Harry Haigh, George W. McDermott, James Pogson, Hubert Mosby, Arthur Gledhill, Frank Gledhill, Harry Heath, Douglas G. Smith, Anthony S. Thornton, George F. Camack, Herbert B. Lumb, George Bradley, William D. Livesey, Frances Riley, Walter Thornton, Cecil L. Haigh, Albert 250A Brown Derek 252 Kavanagh, James 254-256 Townend, Herman 258 Wood, Jesse 260 Price, Thomas 262 Ramsden, Hubert


264 266 268 270


29 33

& O IJ \] Ut Gy -~ C 1 Ut GQ GJ mes


Atkinson, Edwin C. Stead, Horace Wilson, Nellie Allen, Frederick

LORD STREET Clegg & Sons (Wallpapers) Ltd,. Wallpaper Merchants

Longbottom, A. & Son, Yarn Wastes Yorkshire Traction Co. Ltd., Omnibus Services Groves & Lindley Ltd., Cloth

Merchants Headlands Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd.. Manufacturing Tailors Marshall, Fred & Co. Ltd., Woollens, Linings Rushworth , F. A., Master Tailor Wade, B. & Co. Ltd., Tobacco, Cigar Merchants. Tel. 2842 Jordan, James, Woollen Merchants Goldthorpe & Co. Ltd., Mill Furnishers and Textile Engineers. Tel. 4295-6 Senior, Norman Fisher, W. & Sons, (Tilers) Ltd., Tilers, Marble Shaw, Fred, Tin plate Carmichaels Ltd., Furnishers Shoesmith, W. & Co., Shipping Merchants Wholesale Market

LOWER BROW ROAD Searby, Wilfred Senior, William Parr, Leonard W. Parr, Walter Leatham, Elizabeth A. Clearey, James Wilkie, Charles W. Kaye, Jack Mellor, John Myers, Annie Nettleton, Douglas Folan, Michael Renouf, Sydney J. Haigh, Harriet Cliffe, Arthur Knell, George Samuels, Martha Fielding, Willie Chatterton, Benjamin S. Haigh, Norman Furey, Patrick Garthwaite, Nellie Oldfield, Charles Barker, Harry Harrod, Fred Hirst, Joe F. Stevenson, Norman Pogson, Julia Beevers, Frank Dudding, Wilfred North, Joseph Johnson, Gerald Haigh, Harold Mitchell, Ronald Haigh, Alfred Preece, Ellen Speak, John C. Pearson, Gladys


Lower Burn Cottage Messenger, Walter

Vickers, John Smith, Edward G. Smith, Susann


Burn Farm - Jagger, James E. Middle Cottage Wise, George

A w bN N

LOWER CASTLE HILL George, Thomas H. Hinchliffe, Henry Hirst, Mary Charlesworth, Jack Fox, Fr Ingham, Stanley E. M. Nattrass, Thomas W.

LOWERGATE Duncan, George Clarkson, Mercy L. Hall, Raymond Whiteley, Harold R. Brearley, Sydney Evans, Leslie Kilner, George


11 Haigh, Harry 13 Walker, Lily 15 Sykes, Jack 17 Siswick, Percy 19 Haigh, Derek 21 - Cartwright, Alice 23 Stott, Clara A. 25 Leech, Winifred I. 27 Taylor, George Marsden, Alice L. 33 Baxter, Elizabeth 33 Sykes, John E. 35 - Basford, Edwin Balderstone, Harry & Sons Ltd., Shoddy Manufacturers (Lower- gate Works) 37 - Jackling, Ronald 37 Bertie St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church The Presbytery - Butler, William The Presbytery Shine, Patrick J. The Presbytery - Berry, Jane 4 - Denham, Jane A. 6 - Folan, John 8 Nixon, Albert E. 14 - Adsetts, Samuel T. 16 Jarman, Kenneth 18 Crowther, Hannah, M. 20 Atkinson, Edith E. Bailey, Herbert Bamforth, George Summers, Albert (Senr.) 28 Townend, Ernest Taylor, Frank 32 Clegg, Mray Pearson, Lily 36 - Crossley, Jack 36 - Shaw, Elsie 38 - Whitwam, James Carter, Harry Elliott, Gordon 78 Heaton, David L. Bradbury, Percy Barrowclough, Lily Sidgwick, Frances 88 Crawshaw, Joan Battye, Harry Broadhead, Percy , Coates, John D. Wilby, Mavis Gledhill, Walter Gledhill, Norman Parkin, Alfred Cartwright, Harold Richardsoh, Arnold Barber, Mary A. Lister, Percy Stawman, Fred Mosley, Jack Littlewood, Gordon Mallinson, Frank Fox, George S. Cartwright, Willie Sanderson, William H. Conroy, Bernard Borner, Henry F. Brennan, Norman J. M. Knowles, Hilda Wood, Ernest Pearson, Fred Blezard, Ernest R. Driscoll, Mary C. Crawshaw, Tom Wood, Leonard Rose, Bridget P. Cotton, Bertha Turner, Frederick O. Lunn, Leslie Hewitt, Granville Whiteley, Walter S. Sheard, William Whiteley, Kenneth M Barrett, Donald A. Keys, Douglas Dyson, Harriet Barraclough, Lewis Traynor, Bernard Hepworth, George H. Elson, William D. A. Baxter, Brenda M. Battye, Florence Frederick, William Haigh, Jack Dyson, William A. Goldthorpe, Norman 204 - Bialkowski, Mary F. Firs Garth - Balderstone, Frank 206 - Balderstone, Harry 248 Stott, Leonard L. K. 254 Shaw, David 256 Hey, Herbert

Page 188

258 260

& ND -] Ut GJ -

O 00 O & NJ - \O Uy --


UV GJ) ms sn


Hey, Eric Jones, Raymond A.

LOWER HAIGH HOUSE Wilson, Gordon Holroyd, Harold Lowe, James W. Cox, Harold PS Carr, Albert Spruce, John W.

LOWER HILL TOP Stephenson, Walter Cotter, William T. Dawson, Frank Roscoe, David Mason, John A. Cope, Harry Blackburn, Gwendoline Marsden, Haydn Smith, Jennie

LOWER HIRST Dyson, William H. Grodsworth, Douglas R. Boswell, Ernest Ellis, Tom

12-14 Tinker, Alec

16 18


Hirst, John T. Hirst, Joseph

LOWERHOUSES LANE Thorley, Walter Donaldson, Harry Sheard, Ernest Stewart, Peter A. Lowndes, Frederick Hardman, Edith M. Thomas, Fred Dearnley, Harold Carter, Frank Harrison, Norman Shaw, Kenneth Cooper, Norman Kendall, George Jacklin, George N. W. Gott, Norman W. Ralph, Harry Tyas, Stanley Womersley, Harry Smith, Frank Sykes, Edith Fry, Dorothy P. Wood, Kenneth Booth, Joe W. North, Thomas E. Sykes, Herbert Haigh, Beatrice Ward, Herbert Boothroyd, David Heeley, Nellie Middleton, Matthew H. Radcliffe, Annie Stanger, George Drury, George W. Jenkins, Nellie Donaldson, Nathan Boothroyd, Henry E. Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers Earnshaw, John Durrans, Elvina Foster, Lawrence Storey, George Armitage, Frank A. Harrop, Harry F. Douglas, John Stanger, Willie Daniel, Mabel E. E. Morgan, William E. Sykes, Eliza Pearson, Joe A. Rhodes, Margaret Hall, Levina M. E. Hey, Martha A. Whiteley, Eliza A. Myers, William Pearson, Thomas

Brandon, George

Bodley, Clarissa Spivey, Ann E. Peace, George A. Wolstenholme, Alice Rothwell, Harry Radcliffe, Caroline Gillat, Clara Read, Norman Taylor, Frank Hirst, Brian Phillips, Elizabeth A. Johnstone, Thomas M.

Moorhouse, John Gledhill, Willie Hinchliffe, George Thorpe, Stanley E. Drinkwater, Edith A. Hanson, Albert E. Horncliffe, Harold Lawton, Marian Goulder, Alan Matthewman, Lewis G. Crosland, Annie F. B. Liversidge, Rhoda M. Wood, Edith Sykes, Annie Kenny, Martin Makinson, Albert Ryall, Albert E. Liversidge, Stanley Mellard, Brian Ellis, Ben Woodhouse, Stanley Rhodes, Harold Cockroft, Herbert W. Bowyer, Thomas W. Sykes, Frank Day, Martha A. Lindley, Annie Sykes, Clara Squires, John T. Crawshaw, Philip Westerby, Nora Meller, Evan A. Ramsden, Laurence Berry, Mary Barden, Horace Firth, Henry S. Haigh, Herbert Eyre, Emily J. Bowman, Stanley Ewart, Ethel Metcalf, Elsie Berry, Harold Boothroyd, Albert H. North, Annie Boot, Barbara N. Swallow, Stanley Grundy, Emily W. Williamson, Harriet Swallow, Lois E. Kelly, Edith Field, George Wright, William Shaw, Clement V. Boocock, Gladys Lawson, Brian Taylor, Gladys Booth, Ernest Cockhill, John R. Taylor, John

130-132 Hall, William J.

134 136 138 142 144

Foster, Arthur Hawksworth, Norman Whitwam, Frederick W. Wilkinson, Florence Taylor, Walter J.

144a Norcliffe, Doris

Greenhow, Fred Douglas, Billy Jessop, A., Ladies' Hairdresser Bamford, Norman Poole, Thomas A. Balmer, William A. Leadbeater, Charles Armitage, Gertrude Oldfield, Harry Beaumont, Harry Holmes, Douglas Mullin, Daniel P. Booth, Joseph (Sent.) Meadows, William Mycock, Edith Ibberson, Haigh Riddial, Ernest A. Thornton, Dennis Crowther, Fred, Farmer Thornton, Ronald Whitelegg, William A. Tracey, John Patterson, George W. Bennett, John W. - Fox, Sarah Charlesworth, Norman Hanson, Willie Waterworth, Leonard Brown, Albert Booth, Willie Laycock, Arthur Haigh, Claude C. Senior, Albert E. Willingale, Harold Dyson, John E.

236 238

Cowgill, Tom Sankey, Stephen

LOWERHOUSES ROAD Hudson, Harold Chadwick, Cyril W. Crowther, Elizabeth Crowther, Edward Mate, Frank Haigh, Wilfred Batley, Charles L. Bamforth, Peel Townend, Mary Ashton, Geoffrey Mortoh, Agnes Shaw, Ronald B. Crosland, Annie Johnson, Winnie

LOWER PARK Taylor, Booth Atha, Harry B. Stead, Norman Gay, Annie Sykes, Clara Edmondson, Tom Noon, Donald T. Roe, Frank

-4 Hinchcliffe, William G. S.


DJ hy mat rt bast jut pout ;~©~le—\O\lmw—


Munt, Alexander J. Robinson, Robert H. B. Ellis, Maurice Ellis, Walter B. Walker, Lawrence Hewlett, Tom Hardaker, Roy Fry, Kenneth Milner, Herbert Swallow, Mary A. Cowling, Eric Megson, Harry Kettlewell, Thomas A. Wilding, Ida Jardine, Leslie I. Brearley, Ida Standish, Harold Wallace, Kenneth Bleazard, Frank Standish, Robert B. Williams, William B. Greenhalgh, John Hutchinson, Luther Leader, Ethel Lee, Joe S. Harwood, John W. Harwood, Margaret A.

HOLME MILLS Fearnley, Walter & Sons Ltd., Woolien Yarn Spinners Bottomley, E. & Sons Ltd, Dyers

LOWER WHEATROYD Midgley, Annie Cwalina, Mabel A. Codd, Jack Codd, Harold R. Shaw, Clara Wright, James B. N.

LOW ROAD Morgan, Sarah E. Kaye, Sidney Haigh, Harold Thompson, James Gee, Anne Smith, Gladys Shaw, Harry C. A. Spencer, Hugh Spencer, Gerald T. Imeson, James H. Matthewman, Emily Woodcock, Gilbert Wragg, William Fyfe, Lilian Berry, Charles

LUCK LANE Walker, Edward Haigh, Frederick Cockayne, Wilfred H. Worsley, Ronald Robinson, Doris Kaye, Charlie Springfield Place Cross, Willie Pigdon, Elsie Bray, Richard H. Reilly, Edward

Page 189

6 Halliwell, Willie 7 Smith, Ann 8 - Bamford, Fred 9 Hodgson, Arthur 10 Stead, Lewis 11 Tweedale, George 12 Taylor, Harold 13 Clarkson, Harold 14 Davies, Emmie J. 19 Uttley, Blanche 21 Sykes, Kenneth 23 Ellis, Frank H. Taylor, Alfred Hirst, Fred Atkinson, Eric H. 31 Chorlton, Norman B. 33 Cliffe, Jeffrey 35 Parkin, Walter 37 Denton, Alfred L. 39 Garside, Frank 41 - Jenkinson, Joe Rollinson, Harry Nuttall, Robert Mitchell, Harry Thorpe, Harold 51 - Beaumont, George F. 53 Ellenthorpe, Evelyn C. 55 Sykes, Levi Bates, Norman 59 Sellors, Joseph R. 61 - Bradley, Joshua Denton, Herbert 65 Kelly, Joseph 65 Clarkson, Betty Watkinson, Harold 69 Firth, Frank Parker, Duncan 71 - Wilmut, Frrncis S. Pearce, Violet M. Ellis, William E. G. Hitchen, Alfred L. Ainley, Clifford B. 81 Lum, Frank Mitchelmore, John T. 85 Boothroyd, Harold 87 Boothroyd, A., Joiner, Undertaker Tiffany, Gertrude Binns, Florence M. Chappell, Harry Beaumont, Edward Free, Edward Shannon, James Pearson, Arthur Livesey, Fred Singleton, Fred W. Aram, Albert R. Stubbs, John H. Binns, Rose H. Hardcastle, Francis R. Taylor, James W. Rawcliffe, Mabel Firth, Lilian Smith, Leonard H. Hicks, Evelyn Tinker, William E. Hogan, Michael J. Walker, Kenneth Ellam, Leslie Crossley, Charles H. Armitage, Robert Squires, Thomas Suthers, Ethel A. Armstrong, Harold Willow Garage Service Station Cooke, George A. K. Cooke, Michael B. K. Snape, Jack Hamer, Gerald Crowther, Philip H. Hearn, Geoffrey S. Mitchell, Charles J. Sykes, Ada Butterfield, Lewis Brook, Edna Broadbent, Fred Farrand, George T. Randerson, Kathleen Hardcastle, F. B., Chemist Hardcastle, Fanny Lum, Frank, Radio Electrical Prospect Laundry 6 Charlesworth, Oliver A. 8 - Beswick, Priscilla 10 Cliffe, Herbert 12 Schofield, Albert 14 Schofield, George A. 16 Bonwell, Lillian 16a Richmond, Ethel 18 Barracliff, Joe 20 White, George S. 22 Gray, John



3 59-61 65

Ramsden, Albert E. Murgatroyd, Clara Bower, Fred Illingworth, Fanny Haywood, J. & Sons Ltd., Woollen Worsted Manufacturers (Marsh Mills) Bill, Eric Whiteley, George H. Whiteley, Annie Bottomley Coach Service, Tours, Private Hire Dickens, Jack Bell, John P. Coutts, George B. Walker, Harold Haigh, Ernest B. Walker, Stewart Alsop, Harry Royle, Charles E., Grocer, Draper Tidswell, Fred Tidswell, George E. Booth, Ernest Armitage, Eric, Fish, Fruit Symons, Charles Senior, Annie B. Hawkes, Ethel Dyson, Dennis Draper, George Rollin, Ernest Galtry, Fred Stoney, Arthur Moore, Frank Skutt, Albert J. Gibbons, Harry Hill, Ronald Hirst, Joseph Holmes, Barbara E. Roberts, Douglas Davis, John B. Mitchell, Mary M. Cliffe, Harry Brook's Buildings Dixon, Rose A. Samson, Thomas Kerr, Charlotte Taylor, Fred Clayton, Harry Whiteley, Nellie Beaumont, Lily Taylor, Mary Elien Gortland, Winifred Wilson, Kathleen T. Campbell, Colin W. Holmes, Thomas F. Jones, Arthur B. Palmer, Fred Brook, Stanley P. Quarmby, Alfred Mayall, Ettie F. Moorhouse, Hilda Wyld, Jean Broadbent, Colin Oddy, Geoffrey Brook, Kenneth Walker, Edith Hartley, Frederick W. McGowan, Frank Gallagher, John Hawkyard, William H. Balderstone, Jack Riley, Riley S. Armitage, George B. North, Bernard Brunton, Alfred M. Boothroyd, Harold Thornton, Joan Carter, Sophia Townend, Bessie Barton, E. & Son, Bakers, Con- fectioners Gawthorpe, Tobacco Howarth, Arnold, Fruiterer Lilley, George H.

LUMB Hinchliffe, Herbert Hinchliffe, John H. Hall, Jospeh Holland, William J. Furness, Sarah E. Green, Leonard

LUMB LANE Lodge, Joseph Lee, M I

George F., Sweets,

, Mary I. Wimpenny, Noel Stringer, John S. Thomas, William Smith, Sidney


6 Newton, Marian 6 - Galvin, Frank 8 Mansfield, Edwin Battye. Fred Brook, Sam B. Senior, Harry Brook, Robert H. Green, Stanley Addy, Walter Marshall, Raymond A. Green, Emily Coward, Stanley Hardy, Edgar Hirst, Godfrey Hodgson, Joseph Brook, Thomas N. 58 Mansfield, Clifford Lumb Head Farm - Bolland, Thomas E.

Three Oaks - Quarmby, Harry

" Little Croft " Naylor, George H.

LUTON STREET Davey, Geoffrey Lawton, Norman Abbott, William Varley, Frederick L. Booth, Harold Stead, Edith Eastwood, Stanley Raymond Dearnley, James H. Beaumont, Eric Fisher, Florence M. 21 - Herbert, Alfred H. N. Pillling, Ronald 23 Messenger, Elizabeth A. 25 Whitwam, William Sayles, Norman 2 Shaw, Richard 4 - Horsfall, Edgar 6 Marlow, Frank 8 Hardy, Josiah 10 Bentley, William 12 Stevenson, Joe 14 Gregory, Robert G. G. - 16 Thompson, John 18 - Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Harry Fawcett, Leslie Butterworth, Albert Bottomley, Philip R. 28 Lockwood, Edgar

LYNDHURST ROAD Carter, Tom Brook, Sydney S. Derych, Jan V. Skirth, Henry F. Schofield, William Thristan, Reginald Beaumont, Norman Butterworth, Mabel Sykes, Norman Sykes, Paul Leverinton, John Schofield, Leonard Wood, Gorge

LYNNDALE AVENUE Eastwood, George (Senr.) Walker, Norman Sykes, John Brook, Joe S. Jones, Benjamin Wood, Henry E. Shepherd, Mary A. Tinker, Ralph Gray, William K. 19 Hunt, Robert 19 Hunt, Amalia, Nurse 21 Tiffany, Harold 23 Goodwill, Ellen A. 25 Earp, Reginald W. Lavis, Jack H. P. Charlesworth, Barbara M. 31 Laycock, Gilbert 33 Henry, Frank 35 - Blenkhorn, George T. 37 Lindop, William C. 39 Reynolds, Mary L. 2 Wilson, Fred 4 Smith, Alice E. 6 Hall, John E. $

C \] un tJ == \O _] OH {) 1s

past co I O $& NJ GJ +- \O -] On GJ ms

gous Sunt jams ~] U y = \O =] GL GJ ts

Wood, Joseph S. Marsden, John J. 10 Sykes, Jack 12 Laverack, Bertie 14 Hanson, Thomas G. 16 Hannan, Joseph 18 Sykes, Norman Garside, Edward H. Burhouse, George R.

Page 190

Plumber's Arms Plumber's Arms

to 5

U J - \D =] Gn QJ ==

part posa


Bottomley Elmslie, Alan G. Barber, Percy Parker, Ernest Mosley, Kenneth Crosland, Benjamin L. Holmes, William H. Shenton, Herbert S. Mellor, Percy

LYNTON AVENUE Wingham, William Poskitt, William A. Venters, John Pearson, Harold H. Houghton, John W. Senior, Donald L. Hoyle, Sydney D. Kitson, Arthur Dawson, Louisa Fox, James A. Gibson, Fred Dyson, Arthur Bamforth, Carl Deasy, Thomas Scrimshaw, Percy Sewell, Harry Harewood, Rupert G. Mather, Clifford France, Winifred B. Eastwood, Wiliiam, Rope Agent Miller, John W. Jones, Charles W. Paxton, Geoffrey D. Reynolds, Charles W. McCarthy, Francis G. Thackray, Ernest L.

MACAULAY ROAD Gearing, William D. S. Airey, Colin Fox, Frederick W. Owen, Herbert F. Steele, Barry Hesketh, Frances J. Hamilton, George E. Selby, Roger O. Smith, William E. Chadwick, Audrey Hirst, Ralph B. Hull, Thomas E.

Markham, Sydney Hirst, Thomas Michelbacher, Emily MACAULAY STREET Taylor, J. H. Co., Electrical

Radio Pattison, Joseph Rogers, John H. Dyson, R. S. & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Provision Merchants. Tel. 3370-1 West Riding County Council, Area Collectors Office, Weights and Measures Dept.

MACHAM STREET Smith, Arthur North, Albert

MAIN AVENUE Drinkwater, James A. Ely, John Seymour Woodward, William D. Whitwam, Benjamin Battye, Sam Sugden, Eric Charlesworth, Teddy Ellison, Richard Armitage, Dan Oldcorn, Edward Broadbent, Colin Whitwam, Fred Treherne, William E Earnshaw, Mary A. Gothard, Percy Haigh, Percy White, Albert Sheard, Harold Beattie, Robert Campnett, Harold L. Tinsdeall, Clifford Beattie, Thomas Gartside, Handel Johnson, Frank Tailford, Robert C. Walsh, Michael Carson, James A. Taylor, Simeon Slater, Herbert Lockwood, Eric

C \] ur Uh J e \D S] Un U1 Gz

Coldwell, Frank Jackson, Harry Shaw, Charles E. Mitchell, Herbert Wood, Frank Cook, Charles W. Dyson, Harold Machin, Edgar A. Machin, Roy A. Green, Barrie Crowther, John T.

MALVERN ROAD Sharp, George G. Falck, Stanley Tindall, Stanley Dale, Reginald Clark, Charles E. Turner, Lewis Birkhead, Sydney Greenley, William Cock, Miriam Gleadell, William F. Smith, Charles Thewlis, Kenneth Oddy, Tom Sykes, Olive France, George Jackson, Charles Tordoff, Harry Nixon, William Thorpe, James Bentley, Flora Quarmby, Archibald H. France, Joe Roberts, Thomas J. Hayley, Robert H. Hinchliffe, Percy Varley, Thomas Batley, John A. Cartwright, Reginald S. Thwaite, Arthur Lunn, James E. Hall, Kenneth Smith, Arthur Reed, William Waters, Thomas Ainley, Olive Lockwood. Alice Brook, Edwin

MANCHESTER ROAD Swinden, Joan M. Leah, Joshua P. Vickerman, Kathleen, Ladies' Hair- dresser Snowden, John A. Brennan, Margaret Conroy, George Pawson, Florence Morgan, John E. O'Neill, Patrick Kilgannon, John Wood, Richard White, Nellie Crosland, Harold Hough, Douglas Clayton, Ethel M. Brook, Herbert S. Wilkinson, Sam Horsfall, Terence Russell, Charles Hanley, Florence M. Moss, George Beevers, Fred Starkey, Herbert Wood, William Schofield, William Kitowski, Ivy M. Pogson, Arthur S. Caselton, Elsie Hirst, Amelia Wilkinson, Sam Brook, Harold Westerman, Leslie Ineson, James Walker, Lawrence Kelly, John Blair, Bridget Oates, Joseph Lee, Edward Aston, Olive Bewick, John H. Blackburn, Frank Hepworth, Walter Goodwin, Marjorie Smith, John Senior, Eric Hunter, Robert Waterson, Harold D.. Briggs, Mary

75 77 151 151 151 159-1

Taylor, William Connolly, Tom Brook, Eric Thornton, Thomas K. Roseann's, Ladies' Hairdressing 61 Hotel Riley, George H. Denton, Walter L., Springdale Garage

Longroyd Bridge Cliffe & Co. Ltd., Machinists Littlewood's, Albert, Successors, Joiners, Undertakers Springdale Weaving Co., Commis- sion Weavers Uriitgd Indigo & Chemical Industry td. Longroyd Bridge Post Office Timothy Whites & Taylors, Dis- pensing Chemists

Tinker's Yard Crowther, J. & E., Sheet Metal Workers and Welders Maynard & - Field, Wholesale Drysalters

Springdale Mills Hague, Harold H. & Sons Ltd. Wool - Scourers, - Carbonisers, Garnetters Bottomley, J. C. & Emmerson Ltd. Haigh, James & Co. (Wool) Ltd., Wool Waste Hastings & Rubber

Henshaw, Covers,

Springdale - Laundry, - Laundries Tel. 85

Earnshaw (Garage,) Motor Dealers and Engineers, Garage and Motor Cycle Agents etc. Tel. 1232 Pawson, Sarah Turner, Carr Green, Bertha Haigh, Dennis Kaye, Evelyn Spencer, George Tiernan, William Harper, Jessie Davies, Fred W. & Son, Electrical Engineers Berkeley, Mary Neil, John H. Nelson, Norman Johnson & Riddell, Drapers

187-189 - Clark, Marion

191 193

Ellis, John Allen, Frank

195-197 Horner, Thomas

2 275-7 219 281 283-2 3

Noble, Edith A. Ormond, Albert E. Wilkinson, Josiah Lancaster, William A. Tinker, Jack Royston, Ernest Mariin, Patrick J. Clark, Elvyn Jepson, Jim Tinker, Norman Armitage, Joe Wightman, Stanley Brunton, Wilfred Varley, Edgar R. Cain, Stanley Riches, Harry Scott, John J. Wood, Beatrice Mitchell, Milton Peace, Tom L. Pilling, Norman Davison, Frank Addy, Herbert Crosland, Hilda L. Dwelly, John F. Thorpe, Franklin Thewlis, Hornsby Furniss, James A. Griffin Inn - Wrigley, lan White, Elsie M. Junction Inn - Ball, Frank H. Bailey, Arthur 85 Simpson, George A. Haigh, Alice L. Firth, Arthur Keegan, Katherine Wood, John Kaye, William G. (Senr.) Swallow, Lucy H. Willis, Elsic

Page 191

455 457-4

Dawson, Edith Park, Norman Beaumont, Nellie Marshall, John W. Hollas, Fred Shaw, Gerald, Motors, Motor Cycles. Tel. 3560 Taylor, James W. Elsey, Herbert Stead, Mary Richardson, Ethel M. Beale, Eva Crawshaw & - Mellor, Shoddy Manufacturers (Crosland Moor Mills) Livesey, James A. Dixon, Ernest Hiles, Wilfred Wright, Annie Shaw, Osman Moorhouse, Lawrence F. E Johnson, Kenneth Rea, Harry Barrow, James E. Spencer, Fred Paley, Monica Algar, Richard T. Paley, Tom Anderson, Francis B. Johnson, Leslie Durrans, Joseph Hattersley, Mark Welsh, Thomas Earnshaw, Jonathan Sunderland, Amy Pearson, Ronald Pybone, John Sharples, Charles H. Thornton, Lydia A. Cliffe, Lilian Jackson, Martha Sugrue, Michael Normington, Harold Hoyle, David Lockwood, Kathleen Keating, Edward Senior, Wilfred Algar, May Whitwam, Lily Garside, Ralph C. Leonard, Herbert

59 Urwin, James S.

457-459 Armitage, Kathleen 461-463 Haigh, Norman 465-467 Walker, Eva

Foster, Charles C. Sykes, Elizabeth Bray, Sam Baker, Bruan Blyndell, Edwin L. Hamer, Fred Hindle, Gladys M. Wynn, Harriet Haigh, Herbert O'Connor, Denis Coldwell, Ronald Townsley, Jean Howarth, George A. Howarth, Eric Copley, Gerald H. Eley, William Frankland, Edmund W. Womersley, Sarah A. Ling, Billy North, Leslie Taylor, Arthur Lunn, Harry Zagorski, Alice D. Lister, Frank Barker, Bernard Payne, Ernest Smith, Joseph Whightman, Kenneth J. Beardsall, Dick Oldfield, Fred Cantwell, Stephen Craven, Hilda Henighan, James Worsley, Ada Holland, Willie Worsley, Fred Kinder, Stanley Broadley, John E. Moore, Jack H. Chappell, Harold Walker, Ernest Lockwood, Horace Quarmby, Jack McLean, William G. Westoby, Ida A. Stephenson, Albert


577 581 S85

Hutchinson, Hndry Greenwood, William Everill, William H. Womersley, Leslie Richardson, Alice Barrow, Derick Greenwood, Flora Whiteley, Ernest Beckett, Marion B.

5 573-575 King, Lowena

Sykes, John H. Vautrey, Harold Melluish, Willie

587-589 Mellor, Jack


Whiteley, Arthur

593-595 Thorpe, Fred


Cooney, Albert Senior, Albert A. Clay, Edgar Harrison, Albert Joyce, Martin Garside, Joseph Lunn, Frank Cross, Albert Watson, Arthur Turner, Richard Ricketts, Arthur H. Sharpe, Reginald C. Ainsworth, Stanley Noble, Fred Richardson, Sarah A. Smithson, John E. Smithson, Willie Wimpenny, Ronald Parkinson, William Lees, Walter Atack, Frank Jones, Wallace L. Swift, George Beaumont, Willie Scaife, Norman Edwards, William Mallinson, Wilfred Jones, Thomas E. Booth, Frank Rodgers, William H. Denniss, James Stephenson, Joseph Whiteley, Leslie Kaye, Albert Corcoran, Agnes Hiles, Alice A. Drinkall, Richard Booth, George A. Walker, Eli R. Dawes, Leonard Mitchell, Fred Whiteley, Emma Sykes, John Whiteley, Wilfred Sykes, Harold Sheard, Jack Haggis, Ethel Wrigley, Ellis Dyson, Robert Brooks, Ann E.

Cheetham, George Franklin

Saxton, George A. Askew, John W. Dyson, Edith Cornes, Ernest Hamer, George R. Blackburn, Willie Batley, Elsie Brock, Harry Speight, Harold

Esslemont, Gladys M.

Sykes, Philip

Bottomley, Frederick W. L.

Taylor, Frank W. Bottomley, Joe Dyson, George W. Oakley, Robert W. Hellawell, Albert Hellawell, Victor Pownall, Jack Beaumont, William Kilburn, Edward N. Taylor, John Smith, Philip Hall, Frank Nolan, John W. L. Beever, Harold Tozer, Frank Brook, Elizabeth E. Thompson,. William Redhead, Violet A. Sugden, John G. Redhead, William G. Bamforth, Roy Worthy, Lucy


Riley, William H. Spivey, Ralph V. Cliffe, John W. Brock, Frank Butterworth, Florence Priestley, Florence Hepworth, John Livesey, Mary E. Earnshaw, Elsie Haigh, Samuel Fenton, Florence Whittaker, Clifford Wood, Arthur Rowbottom, James Butterworth, Douglas Wilson, Henry Mellor, Harry Beighton, George Hutchinson, George Berry, John Taylor, Harold Earnshaw, Phyllis Preston, Leslie Kain, William L. Shaw, Martha Hallas, Beatrice E. Pogson, Herbert Pogson, Alfred Winpenny, Harry Raynor, Harold Baxter, Harry Jarvis, Harold Bush, Stanley W. Schofield, Harold Berry, Herbert L. Cussons, Frances E. B. Thorpe, Edward Bassindale, James S. . Mellor, Ethel Fielding, Arthur P. Chadwick, Lizzie T. Midgley, Walter Lockwood, Frederick Lockwood, Peter Boskovic, Thelma Stobbs, Gisela Hamilton, Nellie Bentley, Peter Walker, Mary E. Maynard, William E. Jowett, John Booth, Dan Ainley, Ben Miller, Wilfred Whitwam, Annie Hoyle, Joseph Sykes, Sarah J. Gardner, John Quarmby, Lawrence Nicholson, Wilson Baxter, Joseph H. Bland, Bernard Carter, Mary R. Hargreaves, William L. Bottomley, Emily Barron, Wilfred Dyson, George H. Shaw, Edith H. Walker, Irvin Leech, Wilfred Pritchard, John W. Townend, Eric Dyson, Ernest Satchwell, Bertram Moody, Arthur Percy Garner, Betty Wimpenny, Hilton Wood, James N. Lockwood, Marion Holt, Robert Lawton, Tom Hoyle, Lena Webster, Harold M. Gardner, James T. Milnes, Edgar Barker, Albert V. Clegg, Cyril Woodhead, Arthur Liversidge, Herbert Taylor, Frank Baimbridge, William Eastwood, Brian Sunderland, Marion H. Hodgkinson, E., Printer, Stationer Grand Picture Theatre

6A Furnishall, Wholesale Carpets

16 18

Hardy, Thomas Booth, Arthur Whitfield Bros. & Co. Ltd., Tailors, Drapers. Footwear and Furnishers. Tel. 623 and 4825

Page 192

45A 74

76 80 82 86


Crowther, Clement Salmon, Jack, Carpet Fitter Reilly, William Redfern, Eleanor M. Hey, Thomas Sykes, Amy Holroyd, Clifford Frost, Elsie May Booth, Sarah H. Berry, Edith E. M. Riess, H. & Co. Equipment Manchester, Arnold Garner & Mellor, Tailors, Out- fitters Webdale, Charles W. Garraghan, John Dennis, Edward V. Wood, Jack

Ltd., Sports

90-92 Mitchell, Frank

94 98 100 102

Brunton, Herbert W. Baverstock, Edward J. O'Keefe, Timothy E. Southwell, Martha E.

106-108 - Schofield, Walter

218A 220A 220A 222A

Christon, Thomas Holmes, James H. Bradley, Douglas Fisher, John H. Barrett, Edgar B. Briddon, Thomas Hirst, Albert Crosland, Edith A. Walker, Maggie Schutz, Gladys Dinkel, Charles F. St. Thomas' Church St. Thomas' Church of England School Dickie, James C. Crowther, Clarence Craven, Albert Hampshire, Edgar Moss, Florence E. Stockdale, Wilfred Walker, Robert Sykes, Eric L. Jepson, Ada Lee, Florence A. Oldham, Leonard Coldwell, Kenneth Ellis, Norman & Son Ltd., Printers and Stationers. Tel. 2791 Dransfield, Tobacco Albion Inn - Whitwam, Willie Shackleton, A. E. Ltd., Jewellers Whitterons, Confectioners, Caterers Milnes, Tom H. Hey, Fred C.

Victor, - Newsagent,

Grahams Yard Francis, Edna Scott, Daisy Norris, Florence Rushworth, Annie Kilner's Building

Cockhill, John Murray, James Hall, Ernest Pogson, Rose A.

Pogson, Lilian A.

lllingworth, Maurice, Dealer Dyson, H., Electrical Engineer Brook, Geo., Sanitary Plumber Woodhead, Maurice Middleton, Walter Hallas, H. Ltd., Library Carr, Charles W. Mansfield, Sam Broadbent, Ernest Watkinson, Evelyn Tindall, Thomas H. Electrical Installations and Motor Rewinds Ltd., Radio Dealers Plaza Picture Theatre Co. (Hud- dersfield) Ltd. Norton & Lindley, Plasterers Dunne, Joseph Coverdale, John E. C. Radley, Lewis Nelson, Norman, Crumpet Baker Henderson & Co., Engineers. Railway Arch Kaye & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Iron Founders, Moorbottom Ironworks. Tel. 3773.4



Jones, Alfred Earnshaw, B. & Co. Ltd., Engineers and Machine Makers, Crosland Moor Bottom. Tel. 1004 Horsley, James W. Pogson, Joe Noble, Stanley Bower, Elizabeth S. Marsland, Mary H. Paxton, Arnold

240 24214 Emmott, John

Electrical Engineer Barber, Amy McLean, Herbert Wheelhouse, Harry Preston, Arnold, Painter, Decorator Dyson, Frank & Son, Concreters, Asphalters Dyson, Harry Walker, Benjamin W. Whitworth, John E. K. Brooke, Herbert

264-274 Brooke, J. B. & Son Ltd., Build-

ing & Civil Engineering Contract- ors, Joinery Mi{rs., Tel. 5670/1 Wood, Ernest Lockwood, Kenneth Davies, John Smith, Harold Binks, Ernest Stead, Milton Ellam, Fred Fielding, Annie Spencer, Florence Davidson, George Cooney, Frank Bairstow, Clement S. Davies, Fr Whitehead, Harold Wasling, William Crowther, Arthur Holdsworth, Samuel Pell, Geoffrey Heeley, Charles W. Wimpenny, Harry Baxter, Stanley S. Herrin, Thomas J. Dunne, Sarah E. Stead, George D. Elliott, Lois C. Brennan, Sydney Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocery

Corker, Leslie A. Lyon, Fred Wood, Clarence Taylor, Edith Burns, Ellen Keogh, Bernard (Senr.) Birch, James W. Holmes, Sarah King, John H. Clay, Harold Mackay, Thomas S. Duce, Arthur Shaw, Henry Bones, Joseph Winstanley, Charlotte B. Totton, Harry Inman, Harry Braybrook, Arthur E. Woodcock, Joe Dyson, Robert Smith, Jessie Boryslawskys, Shirley Lumb, Fred McLean, Albert A. Joyce, Patrick Rayner, Sarah E. Brown, Roy Ricketts, Harry Wells, James A. McKenna, Sarah Penistone, May E. Davison, Douglas Kaye, Joe W. Shaw, Hanson B., Dyehouse, off Manchester Road Jones, William E. Butterworth, Eva L. M. Stocks, Eric Stevenson, Grace Williamson, Arthur Lawton, Florence A. Walker, Patricia Stansfield, Joe Barber, Frederick Napthine, Harold Shipp, Horace

Turnbull, William Furguson, Henry Smith, Herbert Thorpe, Peter N. Senior, Victor Williamson, Frank Lowe, Lily Jolliff, Martin Wilkinson, John J. Vautrey, Clara Stephenson, Thomas Kaye, John W. Roberts, Henry W. Pickles, Albert E. Dawson, James H. Case, James W. Holohan, Annie E. Booth, John Shaw, Donald W. Smith, Ellen Brown, Mary Brown, Mary Hartley, Harold Morton, Horace Avison, Helena Jones, Walter Beaumont, Hannah Bygrave, Arthur H. Swallow, Gertrude Grange, Ida Sugden, Carrie Woodhead, Fred Morris, Stanley Rankin, William L. Dixon, John T. Vant, Frederick Waddington, Jack Weeks, Eric Wilson, Mary F. Atack, Albert Crawshaw, Connie Wells, Doreen Lockwood, Benjamin Woodhead, Tommy Dyson, Hannah Shaw, Florence E. R. Harris, Clifford Haigh, George H. Kendall, Frank Sykes, John L. Giles, George E. Riley, Eric Henderson. David Higgins, Richard A. Crowther, Edith Shaw, Herbert Hawley, Harold Brown, Herbert Bullett, Willie Buckley, Joe Woodhead, Gertrude M. Clay, Emily Armitage, Thomas W. Dawson, Albert Renshaw, Fenton Thompson, Annis Taylor, Stanley Otley, Louisa Lightfoot, Sam Armitage, Gilbert Mellor, James F. Armstrong, Lewis Clarke, James M. Whiteley, Alice Coldwell, John A. Atkinson, Harry Reid, Alexander Hoyle, Nora Taylor, George E. Broadbent, Ethel Girling, Dennis Taylor, Albert Durrans, Victor Batley, Ben Copeland, John J. Weavill, John Barnes, Thomas Wood, Frank Hirst, Ernest Lawton, Thomas Bamforth, Harry Liversedge, Jack Williams, Ernest S. Austin, Alice H. Gledhill, Edward Slavin, John Lancaster, E. A. Shaw, Hilda M. Bamforth, Ida Washington, Irvin

Page 193

Smith, Frank Secker, Maurice Sanderson, Florence M. Hirst, Fred Crisp, John A. Ashcroft, Leslie Cocking, Stanley R. Brook, Sam Brook, Glennie Barber, Hilda Bray, Charlotte A. Byram, James T. Haigh, Nathan Whitwam, Gertrude Balmforth, Sophia Dodgson, Ethel Doran, William S. Williams, James R. Netherwood, John A. Lister, Herbert S Mountain, William C. Raynor, Roland Battye, Louis N. Baxter, Mary E. Driver, Olive M. Garside, Edgar Mears, Albert Taylor, Ainley Eastwood, Sarah H. Hayes, Mary A. Flaherty, Kevin A. Caulfield, Mary P. L. Walker, Thomas Whitwam, Charles S. Bradley, Herbert Coupland, Ernest Coupland, Ethel I. Haigh, Arthur Lunn, Peter T. Kendall, George Dawson, Gilbert Crossley, William C. Crossley, Joan M. Morris, Tom Hirst, Vivian

MANCHESTER STREET Conroy, Annie Banaghan, John Hinchcliffe's, Butchers Cryer, Joseph Harris, William H. Hoover Ltd

12-8 Cockhxlls (Grocers) Ltd.

14 16

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pooh frond pouh pamé A A& W N ~~ O \C 06 _] O Ut & W & bJ =-

Reaney, Andrew Armstrong, Jane A. Earnshaw, Mabel

Eastwood's Yard Young, Arthur F Kay, Guy V. C. Holt, Miriam Marsden, Daniel

MANOR RISE Woodhouse, Leslie Todd, Jack Kenney, Emma Kenney, Dick Mitchell, Thomas W. Moss, Joseph Green, Harry Taylor, Ellen Braisby, Edmund Giggle, Alice Marshall, Dugald L. Mallinson, Joseph B. Balmforth, William Lumb, Ronald Beal, Harry T. Peace, Alice Booth, Clarence Hobson, Lilian

~ Fox, Albert H.

Riley, Arthur Pheasey, John Moore, Norman Frost, John E. Beckwith, Emily Barton, Harry Stringer, Raymond Brook, Sam Bowker, Jack Toulcher, Fred Barton, John H. Kaye, Doris Levett, William Hellawell, Charles E. Coleman, Patrick J. Ramsden, Herbert Poole, Emma


35 Fleetwood, John A. 36 Grainger, Albert P. S. 37 Whittaker, Jack 38 Taylor, William 39 Hinchliffe, Harold 40 - Walker, Richard 41 - Creaton, Jenny 42 Ewen, Charles J. 43 Meredith, James 44 - Bethel, Thomas T. 45 Ainley, Arthur 46 Greenwood, Harry N. 47 Kaye, Stanley 48 Maloney, William H.

MANOR STREET 1 - Shaw, Edith A. 3 Harmon, James T. 5 Shooter, Minnie 7 Temple, Cyril 9 Rattigan, Norah 1 Adams, Clarence E. 3 Bolt, Norman H. 5 Burhouse, Archer 15 Sykes, Bessie 17 Coverley, Wilfred 19 Pierce, Arthur W. 21 Cooke, Ernest 23 Hinchliffe, Hanson 25 Beckenham, Annie 27 Newsome, Joe 29 Firth, George A. 31 - Henry, Daniel 33 Joyce, Patrick 35 - Farrand, Clifford 37 Crosland, John S. 39 Kaye, Stanley 41 Gawthorpe, Arthur W. 43 Edwards, Martha 45 Elsey, Winifred 45 - Brown, Wilfred 47 Smith, Thomas 49 Spivey, William 51 - Lyons, Louisa 53 Whitworth, Herbert 55 Day, Roy 57 Goan, Frank 59 Garthwaite, Stanley 2 - Benson, Roy 4 Adams, Archie 6 Tilley, Joseph T. 8 Collings, Thomas G. 10 Day. Lawrence 12 Matthews, Harry 14 - Bradley, Hannah 16 Fisher, Trevor D. 18 Armitage, Sydney 20 Hardcastle, Philip 22 Battye, Arthur F. 24 Taylor, Norman 26 Hirst, Gerald 28 Wood, Elizabeth A. 30 Ledger, Amy 34 - Clarke, James E. 36 Binns, Walter

MAPLE STREET Longley Lodge Jackson, James

MARKET AVENUE 4 C063, Alec (Halifax) Ltd., Ladies'

ear 5-7 Shevlioff, William 10 Mills, W., Watchmaker Maplestones, Baby Linen 12 Crawshaw, Frank E. 13 Tyres, H. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Gent's Outfitters. Tel. 6759 14 Sisson, S. A., Ladies' Hairdresser 15 War Department Recruiting Centre 17 Wood, Albt. 17 Dorothy s, Florist 18 - Juliet, Ladies' Wear 19 Benly's Gabardines, Rainwear 19 Kleimunt, Benj. Farmers' Butchers Ltd. Manchester Furnishing Co., Carpets

MARKET PLACE Sykes, John & Co., Solicitors, Rolls Office. Tel. 4580 (2 lines) Beaumont, J., Property Repairs (Battye's Yard) Garton, George & Son Ltd., Plum- bers, Heating and Electrical Engineers. Tel. 196 Demmy, Albt. Potter, Joseph Ltd.

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27 29


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23 25 25

31 39


White Horse Restaurant (Hudders- field) Ltd. Barclay's Bank Ltd.

Barclays Bank Chambers Bostock, H. N. & Co., Incorporated Accountants Pattimore, Thos. E. Taylor, Mary

Barker's Corner House, Sports Outfitters Smailes & Walker, Solicitors. Tel. 6140 (2 lines) Martins Bank Ltd. Central Buildings McCreath, J. S. & R., Watch- makers' Material Silverwood Irving, Insurance Broker Wilmhurst & Kay, Solicitors

Carter & Co. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Showroom District Bank Ltd.

Market Place Chambers Eastwood, C., Manufacturers' Agent Hird, James H., Manufacturer Jessop & Co., Commission Agents Sports Gear Billiard Supply Co. kaer John & Sons Ltd., Steeple-

acks Muff Victor

Huddersfield Citizens' Advice Bureau Briggs, Thos. Haigh, Frank Midland Bank Ltd. Tel. 2667-8


District Bank Chambers Bradford Equitable Building Society Dale, J. E. & Co., Incorporated Accountants Graham, Geo. H. (Contractors) Ltd., Contractors, Builders Simpson Wood & Co., Chartered Accountants. Tel. 1435- Woodcock, Edgar, Estate Agent Knockton, Harry Isherwood, Leslie

** Observer ** Buildings "* Yorkshire Observer " Pearson, Edgar, Yarn Agent Brown, Sam

Brook's Yard Vyner, George, Account Books. Tel. 4137 Bell, R. A., Drysaiter and Manufac- turing Chemist. Tel. 2665 Berry & Co., Manufacturers, Wholesale Engineers' Small Tools Co. Jacquette, Dress Maker Mellor, H. & Son, Woolien Merchants

Tetley & Sons Ltd., Cigar Impor- ters, Tobacco Emmerson, Bros., Sports Outfitters Level!, Kenneth Ltd., - Electrical Engineers and Fittings, Lamp- shades etc., Australia Buildings. Tel. 2294 Schofield & Sims Ltd., publishers Crowther & Shaw Ltd., Sanitary, Refrigeration Engineers

Exchange Buildings Montgomery, F. D., Commercial Photographer. Tel. 6132 Stock, Pegcy Ltd., Insurance Broker. Tel. 98

Thorpe, . L., Chartered Architect Vulcan Bénler & General Insurance Co., L

Gledhill Brook Time Recorders Ltd.

Av1son, Frank, Reglstered Accountant Rayner, T. H. & Sons Ltd., Heating Engineers Queen Hotel (Huddersfield) Ltd. Hobson, J. W. & Son, Tobacconists


Page 194


43 49 10



Swindlehurst & Nicholson Ltd., Printers, Stationers Smith, Lily, Newsagent Brooks, Leather Goods ** Retlaw Shop, The," Outerwear and Rainwear Distributors, Ritz Corner. Tel. Hall, Geo. (Huddersfield) Ltd., Ladies' and Children's Outfitters, Knitwear etc. Tel. 560-1 Ritz Cinema and Cafe Yorkshire Electricity Board (No. 2 Sub Area), Head Office Willans, William & Co. Ltd., Wool Merchants Heywood, J. H.

(Drapers and Furnishers) Ltd.

MARKET STREET Sykes, Aimee Crow, Emma Coggin, Joe Oliver, Dennis B. Downs, John William Standish, Donald Scandling, George E. Horgan, William H Jessop, Louie Barber, Geoffrey Carlton, Gordon Cocking, George H. Kershaw, Charlie Ashworth, John W. Parrott, John R. Heeley, Fred Senior, Arthur Todd, Eric Osborne, Edward F. Atkinson, Fred Marsden, G. Wilson Ltd., Manu- facturers' Agents Culina Products Ltd. Hirst, Colin Worthy, A., Butcher Heaton, Phillip R., Newsagent, Stationer Jepson, John E. Ashworth, Edwin Ferguson, Alfred Smith, Ethel Netherwood, James W. Riches, William Richardson, Edith I. Jackson, Geoffrey Howlett, Joe Smith, Beatrice M. Harrison, Keith E. Ainley, Emma Maltby, Harold Dobson, Jeannie North, Albert Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers Ellis, Francis S. Nestor, James Brook, Stanley Dyson, Jack Hallas, Francis Shaw, Ernest Lucas, Walter Gill, Kenneth J. Paradise, Thomas E. Rothery, Louisa E. Parker, James A. Graham, J. H., Grocer, Draper Burnet, John, House Furnisher Turner, Constance Clarke, Arthur H. Morley, John W.

Batley's Yard Shaw, Frank Mallinson, Eric

MARKET STREET Haigh, Thomas E. Davison, Harry Pollard, Norman Beaumont, George C. Swift, Fred Burns, Victor Hartley, Kenneth B. Horton, Francis Beardsell, Herbert haw, Jim Ballantyne, Frederick Hanson, Annie Topping, William Sanderson, Ernest

MARKET WALK Berry, Joseph & Sons, Architects Hughes, Edgar W. Molyneux, James H. Scott's Motor Service (Halifax) Ltd. Scottish Union & National Insur- ance Co. Hagenbach, C. & Sons Ltd., Confectioners Robinson, Kenneth Whiteley, J. H., Confectioner Howarth, Roger, Fruiterer Slocombe, Frank A. M. Vera, Madam, Gowns Huddersfield Carpet Warehouse, Carpets, Linoleums Robinsons, Gowns, Mantles Fillans & Sons Ltd., Jewellers and Watchmakers etc. Tel. 889 Brennan, W., Florist

MARK STREET Nicholson, Stanley Tann, Wilfred Money, Charles S. Gabrielli, Frank Bayldon, Ernest Brook, Norman Hopkinson, Alfred Rodgers, John C. Armitage & Grimshaw, Mineral Waters 21 Reddington, John 23 Stokes, Harry 25 Grimshaw, Frank 27 Blakeley, Alice G. 29 Buttress, Edward A.

MARLBOROUGH ROAD 1 Swire, Frederick L. 3 - Smales, George 23 Hirst, Arthur 25 Cockroft, John E. 27 Cheetham, Roy 29 Sutcliffe, Harold 31 Bottomley, George H. 30 Steel, Thomas N. 32 Haigh, Ellen

MARLING ROAD 1 Oswell, Charles M. 5 Wadsworth, William H. 7 Halstead, Charles A. 2 Dixon, Alice 6

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Hammerton, Richard W. Kaye, Ruby

MARSH GROVE ROAD 1 Fisher, Harold 1 Wilson, Richard N. 3 Sims, Harry K. 5 Wilson, William S. 7 Hutchinson, Jack 9 Dabner, John J. 11 Woodhead, Elizabeth A. 13 Hirst, Neil K. 15 Bletcher, Frank R. 17 Booth, John J. 19 Grimes, Joseph H. 6 Hudson, Richard 8 Gregg, Evelyn A. M. 10 Moorhouse, George C. 12 Crowther, Herman 14 Keats, George H. 16 Plucker, Charles R. 18 Walsh, Frances M. 20 Vaughan, Harold 22 Armitage, John H. 24 - Rhodes, Wilfred 26 Craven, Florence M.

MATLOCK STREET 1 Stansfield, Harry 3 Quarmby, Annie 5-9 Ladds, Edith 7 Turner, Gerald 11 Saltmer, Elizabeth 13 Birkenshaw, Sarah A. 15 Belbin, Frederick 17-19 Williamson, Alexander

MAYFIELD AVENUE Hill, Ronald Dutton, Harold Brown, Ernest Middleton, James Johnson, Gordon H. Hollingworth, Marie L. Kilner, Ernest A. > Farrar, Albert Ashworth, Sarah

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Senior, John Ernest Beckett, Watson Lee, Florence G. Wood, Ernest W. Earnshaw, William Nunns, Walter Garner, William Ewart, Keith Whittel!l, Henry C. Swift, Norman Bradley, Frank Baird, Hugh Bell, Alexander M. Stocks, Emily Shaw, Sam Bleasdale, Leonard Swift, Eric Thornton, Eric W. Ambler, Fred Newman, Annie E. Womersley, Emma E. Brook, Hilda Cryer, Stuart L. Wigglesworth, Elsie M. Boardman, Gordon S. Sykes, Fred Haworth, James A. Sherwood, Geoffrey Whincup, John Nevey, Alfred E. Fenton, John W. Broadbent, Lena Secker, Austin Sanderson, John S. Mason, Geoffrey E. Healey, John Thewlis, Reginald Moorhouse, Henry Naylor, Herbert Lawton, Norman Evans, Ivor Kaye, Harold Wadeson, Kenneth W. Kneeshaw, Albert Bates, George F. Addy, Joseph H. Simpson, Cecil J. R. Nesbitt, Eric C. O'Dea, Mary A. Hewitt, Phyllis Hirst, William H. Thewlis, Jack Stringer, Frank G. Hoyle, Geoffrey P. Armitage, Reginald H. Yewdall, Percy Simpson, Arthur Jackson, George W. Giles, John Ireland, Donald R. Napier, Charles R. Oldham, Eric Wilkinson, James Roper, Lawrence

MAYFIELD GROVE Myers, Frances A. Batty, James Cook, Arthur Garner, Dick B. Seymour, Joseph Hawkins, Henry Hay, Lawrence Cartwright, Charles P. Battye, Mary J. Thomlinson, Harry Barber, Harry Hirst, Ernest A. Senior, Beatrice M. Lloyd, Oswald Sharp, Jack Taylor, Mary L. Bailey, Frank Diskin, Willie Holland, Jack A. Tunstall, Andrew Pogson, Wilfred H. Knight, Joe W. Holroyd, Harold

MAYPOLE ROAD Hunneybell, Clarence Levett, Edward G. Longstaff, Minnie R. Dobson, Laura May Mandell, Walter Cooper, William Kelly, Austin O'Donnell, John Marsland, John Mulvihill, Martin J.

Page 195

Maypole Hotel

Curran, Stephen J. Gibb, Thomas Fox, Edward Lawton, John Maude, Wilfred J. Wormald, Joseph E. Crowther, Joe Turner, Robert Butterworth, Donald Lockwood, Hubert Gibson, George T. Athorn, Frank Knott, John Duley, Reggie Thornton, James A. Brook, Harry McArtney, Ernest Cartwright, Norman Senior, Thomas Bottomley, David Stanyon, Robert Brennan, Thomas Clarke, William Fletcher, Stanley Weavill, Thomas Powell, Wilfred Gallagher, Patrick Brook, Jack Turner, Ivy Lodge, Alfred Taylor, Jack Swire, Miriam Kenyon, Donald Broadbent, Jack

MAY STREET Pearson, Lucy Quinn, Norman Roper, William Standish Jack North, Gertrude M. Senior, Lilian J. Knight, Edwin Mills, Percy Milnes, Wilfred Hanson, Walter E. Smith, William Brook, Elwyn Hoyle, Joe W. Furnish, Benjamin R. Taylor, Albert Evans, Arthur Stephenson, Rachel H. Gibson, Lena Crawshaw, Raymond Peel, Martha Jane Sykes, George Leach, George T. Ellis, Norman Blackburn, Wilfred Laycock, Frank Ibeson, Edgar Kelly, Martha A. Abby, John Sutcliffe, Harry Sykes, Wilfred Rayner, Nellie Ellam, Jim Barker, Walter S. Todd, Harry Stott, Edith Oddy, Harry Gill, Brian Eastwood, Tom Brook, Albert Goddard, Clara Dean, Haydn Wood, George H. Dean, Harry Bamforth, Harry C. Armitage, Cyril Thornton, John H. Spivey, Jack Brearley, Herman Cotton, Richard Walker, Gordon R. Gray, Walter Kirk, David Thackrah, Alfred Williamson, Alice H. Isles, George E. Wheeler, Winifred M. Winter, Joseph Taylor, Walter Thornton, Wilson C. Lewis, Herbert Stocks, Arnold Booth, Annie McGregor, Arthur R. Holroyd, George W. Liversidge, Harry


Hepworth, Stanley Midgley, Harry Bettye, Cyril Dickinson, Frank Lumb, Frederick Eagland, Charles J. Kirkland, Lizzie D. Aspey, Beatrice Pea rson, Willie Marsden, Frank Blackburn, Agnes Simpson, Harold Haigh, Harry Sutcliffe, Arthur Farmer, Dennis Senior, Clarence Cooling, Walter N. Jarvis, Mary E. Cooper, Edward Dean, Samuel G. Fearns, Harry Booth, Gladys E. Carter George A. Dale, Fred Harris, Walter Tillotson, Joe Hirst, Charles H. Jones, Arthur Ainley, Harold H. Chambers, Fred Noble, Christopher Ellam, Emma Hutton, Sidney Monkhouse, Ada Harper, Harry Singleton, Maud Ainley, Fenton Mallalieu, Tom Curry, Albert R. Whiteley, Frank Boothroyd, David Rawlinson, Henry Hales, Mar E.

70/72 Hanslip, Arthur


Ground Floor F at

Eagleton, Frederick L.

First Floor Flat Barker, Robert A.

MEADOW VIEW Bates, Albert

Tolson Cottage Whiteley, Douglas

MEAD STREET Gilleard, Wiliam H. Booker, Thomas J. Durrans, Geoffrey A. Cass, Rena Stancliffe, William Newton, Harry Woodhead George Walker, Mallmson O. Miller Ivor, W. R. Kersh w, Thomas Hillhouse, Technical School

MEG LANE Allen, Thomas Hall, John Thomas Pheasey, Ronald Hollis, Ernest C. Beaumont, Harold Kaye, Mildred E. Baron, Lister Shingleton, Ronald Smith, Percy Armitage, Fanny Brambles, Harry H. Smith, Alexander G. Fanson, John H. Whattam, George W. Balderson, Frank Gee, Rosetta Mettrick, Emily Hirst, Martha H. Hamilton, William E. Davison, James W. Fisher, Arthur R.

Grammar School Burley, Frank Sykes, John Sykes, William Davison, Herbert A.

MELTHAM ROAD Schofield, WalterLtd.,Loom Repairs Crowther, John & Sons (Milns- bridge) Ltd., Lockwood Mills Smith, Harold


Buck, William A. Smith, Herbert Whittaker, Arthur B. Head, Alfred Harrop, Charlotte Lawson, Edward J. Harrison, James Campkin, Frederick C. C. Bentley & Shaw Ltd., Brewers and Wine and Spirit - Merchants, Lockwood Brewery. Tel 3380-1 Aspey, Louis G. Acklam, John L. Chappell, Edith Parker, John Mitchell, Rodney H. Brown, Leslie H Lockwood, John William Tomblins, Margaret E. Urmston, Frederick N. Higson, William A. Duckworth, Allen Senior, Ernest W. Brook, John A. Thomas, Arthur Moore, Leonard Lee, Jack Mossop, Nellie Beckett, George E. Cogan, Herbert J. Dowling, Charles J. W. Dowling, David Liversidge, Emma E. Roper, Edward Chippindale, William Halstead, Cyril Wright, Arnold Kent, Eric Wagstaff, Joshua D. Greenhow, Louisa Cotton, Joseph H. Hartley, Geoffrey Newdick, Frank N. Lockwood, Elaine Walker, Dennis E. Sharpe, Julian J. Brook, George Stocks, Thomas Stead, Florence Brooks, Mabel A. Cox, Geoffrey Marshall, Fred Smith, Nellie Noble, Herbert Parker, Jack Storey, Jack Berriman, Jeffrey Shaw, Florence Turner, Laurence Schofield, Annie Holdsworth, Harry Schofield, Hardy Cocking, Donald Osterfield, William Speight, Zilpha Parkin, William O. Heath, Edward L. Lace, Norris Ladbrooke, James A. Godber, Frank F. Boon, William H. Cooper, Agnes M. Sanderson, Herbert Wood, Raymond Walker, Harry Newsome, Fred France, Raymond Holdsworth, George W Beaumont, Doris E Gledhill, Ronald Pogson, Jean Miller, Ethel M. Nalson, William A. Senior, John Hattle, Charles Wood, Fred Brooksbank, Geoffrey H Hirst, Anthony Blakeney, John W. Earnshaw, Elsie Turner, Sarah A. Keys, Frederick H. Sykes, Harry Thornton, James H. Baker, John D. France, Alice A. Godridge, Robert W. Wardell, Brian W. Lockwood Toy Factory Waddington, D., Taxis Moore, Faster

Page 196

12 Nixon, Joseph 14 Moss, John W. 18 Redmayne, Proctor 20 Price, George Innes 22 Habron, Ellen

24 Jepson, J. E., Shoe Factor

26 Mitchell, Alexander 28 - Hemingway, Joe 30 Avison, Thomas W.

32 Walker, James D., Physician and

Surgeon 34 - Wilson, Willie 34 Waterton, Ella 36 Earnshaw, William H. 38 - Barton, Joe 40 Pickles, John 40a Mettrick, Philip 42 Matthewman, Mary E. 44 - Booth, Percy 46 Handy, Walter John 48 - Stirk, Stanley 50 Schofield, Harold 54 - Bradbury, Norman 56 Wade, Ernest 58 - Jessop, Harriett 60 Wilds, Thomas A. 62 Earnshaw, James W. 64 Cartwright, Hiram 66 Hirst, John Willie 68 Whitwam, Leslie 70 - Mallinson, Janet 72 Dyson, Geoffrey 74 Mills, Alice, Maud 76 - Brearley, Clarence Workshop - Mallinson, Irvin 88 Chinn, Ernest C. R. 90 Millington, William B. 92 Smith, Luther 98 King, Elizabeth J. 100 Sykes, George 100 Bottomley, Herbert 102 Clarkson, Fred 104 Wright, John F. 104 Wright, John F. 106 Swallow, Arnold E. 108 Lynes, Kenneth 110 Sutton, Clara A. 112 Jackson, Watson 114 Duke, Ernest 116 Dyson, Harry 118 - Marsden, Nellie 120 Hirst, Fred 122 Carter, John A. 124 Sykes, Wilfred 126 Gaunt, Edith 128 Smith, Doris V. 130 Durrans, Hubert 132 Walker, Irvin 134 Noble, Sarah A. 136 Greenwood, Una 138 Brook, Joseph 138 - Flooks, Arthur 140 - Bradley, Arthur 142 Swallow, James A. 144 - Sugden, Clifford G. 144 Stanton, Frederick 146 Crowther, Hubert 146 Davison, William 148 - Cox, John William 150 Simpson, Tom 152 Young, John W. T. 152 Young, William T. 154 - Gledhill, Joe 156 Nelson, Clara 158 West, Frank 160 Aspey, Kenneth W. 162 Dawson, Alec 162 Eeles, John B. 164 Sykes, Leslie 166 Davies, George H. 168 Liddle, John 170 Fallon, Roy 172 Gee, Clifford 174 Norris, Charles D. 176 Ellis, Norman 178 Parkes, Ada 180 Essex, Eliza H. 182 Jakeman, Fred 184 Wilson, Clifford 186 Lee, Derek M. 188 Jackson, Theresa 190 - Gentles, William H. 192 Finlayson, Geoffrey 194 Dawson, Harry 196 Crosland, Harold 198 Thornton, Harold L. 204 Brook, Ada 206 Curry, Alfred 208 - Jillot, Donald 210 Slee, Jeffrey 212 Starkey, Millie M.

214 Castle, Frank 232 Swallow, Arnold 234 - Robertshaw, Herman 236 Graham, Arthur 238 Brown, Alfred 240 Hodgson, Harriet 242 - Buckley, Joe 244 - Waters, Edward 246 Hirst, Louie 248 - Brodie, Norman 250 Hellowell, Philip 250 Quarmby, Jean 252 Garside, Harold 256 Whitehead, Thomas 258 Jackson, Albert 260 Henson, George 262 McDonald, Fred 264 - Mellor, Richard 266 Porteous, Richard R. 268 - Hellowell, Alice 270 Quarmby, Norman 272 Adsetts, Ernest 274 - Mear, Irving 276 Brodie, William 278 Brook, Norman 278 Moorhouse, John 280 Wood, Martha A. 282 Robbins, Peter F. 284 Wade, Abraham 288 Watmough, Ernest 290 Greensmith, Ella 292 Cooper, William 294 Pycott, Rose 296 Walton, Kenneth 298 Craven, Leslie 300 Mortimer, John 302 Roebuck, George 306 Lunn, Percy 306A Alcock, Charles 308A France, Gordon 310 Roberts, Jeffrey 312 Shreeve, Charles F. 314 - Ware, Colin 316 Rhodes, Emily 318 Todd, Elsie 320 Ellis, Harold 324 - Brankley, John R. 326 - Barker, John 328 Robertshaw, Rawson 334 Dowling, Harry C. 336 Hayward, William 338 Avison, James 338 Humphreys, Charles 340 - Jessop, William 344-6 McKean, Frederick 348-50 Haigh, Bernard 356 Sykes, Arthur 358 Cardwell, Fred 360 Foster, John 362 Beaumont, Jack 364 Todd, George W. 368 Eastwood, Grace M. 368 Heap, Georgiana 390 Little, Norman H. 392 Watkinson, Charles E. 394 Pearson, Robert H. 396 Wilkinson, Arthur 400 Goodman, George J. D. V. 402 Atha, Reginald L. 404 - Mellor, Hannah

MERTON STREET 27 Gregory, William 31 - Maher, Elizabeth 33 Butler, John W. 33 Quinn, Michael 35 Moore, Austin 35A Barker, Kenneth 37 Yates, Hannah 37A Thewlis, Raymond 39 Cottrell, Jessie 41 - Hellewell, Donald 49 Bradbury, Bridget 51 - Lockwood, Irvin 53 Reece, Charles H. 55 Murray, Alex M. 30 - Beardsall, Stanley 32 Lodge, Muriel 34 Lee, Arthur W. 4a Titléy, Walter 36 Waddington, Constance 36A Lamb, Charles E. 38 - Bailey, William A.

40 Higgins, Leonard, Light Haulage

42 Carver, Jane 44 - Leathley, Edwin . 46 Womersley, Lily 48 - Mawer, Thomas R.

MIDDLE BURN Casson, William


MIDDLE HAIGH HOUSE 1 Wadsworth, Henry A. 2 Stott, Ronald 4-6 Lockwood, George M. 4-6 Woodthorpe, Albert H.

MIDLAND STREET 1 - Marshall, John C. S. 3 Roberts, Frank S. 5 Addison, Gertrude 7 Grogan, James 9 Kershaw, Arthur 1 Hobson, Mary A. 3 Sutcliffe, Evelyn E. 15 Bradley, Wyndham 19 Higgins, Bernard 21 Baxter, James 23 Hoyle, Gilbert 25 Jackson, Edwin T. S. P. 25 Geldard, William 27 Buttle, Walter 29 Lorriman, Arthur A. 31 - Seal, Ethel 33 Coldwell, Arthur 33 Liversidge, Mary 35 Price, Ronald 37 Woodhead, John 39 Taylor, Philip 41 - Hughes, Thomas 2 Kelly, Gordon 4 - Akeroyd, Walter 6 Willims, Elsie 8 Harold 10 Akeroyd, Hetty 12 Lorch, Charles 14 Braybrook, Charles H. 16 Finney, William 18 Hutchinson, Walter 20 Hawkes, Charles 22 Rushworth, Leslie 24 West, John 26 George, James 28 - Beardsell, Betty 30 Forney, Frederick W. C. 32 Wilson, John C.

MIDWAY 1 Lockwood, Lewis 15 Mitchell, Harry 17 Peaker, Mary 19 Ellis, Hilda E. 21 Clark, Leslie 23 Taylor, Derek G. W. 25 Quarmby, Sam 27 Lockwood, Charles W. 29 Broadbent, Arthur 31 Sheard, Doris 37 Bates, Joe R. 39 Smith, Fred S. 53 Lockwood, John 2 Hunt, David K. H. 4 Clark, John W. 6 Holdsworth, Alfred 8 - Barker, David Sun End Farm - Knapton, Harry 28 - Peaker, George E. 32 Furness, George B. 34 - Sykes, Dan 36 Ronald 40 Pearson, Willie 40 - Balmforth, Herbert 46 Mellor, Fred 48 Lockwood, Edith A. 50 Ladd, Stanley G. 52 Dodson, David 54 - Flockton, Harry 56 Dransfield, Harry 58 Boothroyd, Cyril 60 Upton, Elizabeth 62 Biltcliffe, Fred 64 Sykes, Mary 66 Shepherd, Lilian 68 Cowling, Dennis

MILFORD STREET 1 - Green, John W. 3 Smith, Henry 5 Clegg, Joe 7 - Nicholls, Edward 2 Addy, Harry 4 - Fitzpatrick, Joseph V. 6 Moore, William 8 Schofield, Fred 8 Blakey, Albert E. 8 McDonald, Joseph 10 Easton, David F. 10 McGill, Patrick 12 Joyce, Patrick 14 Nightingale, Ernest 14 Bowker, Nelly 16 - Piatts, Harold

Page 197

tant punt pant

Ineson, John Dalton, Joseph Battye, Alfred Dyson, Geoffrey Galway, David Goodfellow, John W.

Arthington's Yard Taylor, Tom Laherty, Francis Armitage, Albert Arnold, Emily Noble, Frank S.

Graham's Yard Marsland, Ernest Thompson, John W. Connelly, Michael Kilgallon, John Lewis, William Panter, Joseph E.

-13 Howells, Wilfred

Hirst, Kettlewell & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Clothiers, Progress Works

Milford Engineering Co. (Hudders- field) Ltd.

MILL GATE Taylor, Livesey & Co. Ltd., Rug, Woollens, Paddock Mills Green, David Lawton, William - Ltd., Spinners

MILL STREET Bassindale, H. B., Wool Waste Law, William

MILNER STREET Rajcewski, Iris Huddersfield Corporation High- ways Depot Liversedge, Frank Quarmby, Jack Finegan, Kevin Morton, Sarah E. Iredale, Muriel Moorhouse, Beatrice A. Garthwaite, George Sheard, Alan Taylor, Edith Wood, Clement Sheard, Herbert H.

MILN ROAD Beaumont, Arthur Green, Andrew Hirst, Elizabeth Thornton, William Spencer, Philip Liversidge, Ernest Cotton, Fred Turner, William Oldham, Henry G. Oldfield, Herbert Wilson, Thomas P. Shaw, Edgar M. Thornton, Hubert Wood, Walter G. Boustead, John E. Haigh, David & Son, Whitesmiths Harper, Harold Scott, Arthur Haigh, Forrest Hirst, Shaw Brook, Minnie Heywood, W. H. & Co. Ltd. Glazing, Roofing, Bay Hall Works Lodge, Sam Haigh, Ellery Gilleard, Walter W. H. Bell, Florence Dickinson, Thomas Petersen, Gertrude

MINERVA STREET Dyson, Willie Paterson, James D. Hinchcliffe, Donald Taylor, Ronald Dearnley, Joe Miller, Herbert Brammail, Harry Kershaw, Eric Taylor, Eddie J. Hudson, Roy F. Robinson, Fred Fairbank, Jeffrey Lees, Frank Denton, Clayton




past a £ N - GL _J Ut GJ GJ


Wilson, Frank Wilson, Mary E. Taylor, Donald Paterson, George V. Harper, Robert Cargill, James A. G. Beaumont, William D. Emmerson, John Hanson, Arthur Vince, James F. Dyson, Selwyn H. McDowell, Hildred V. Sykes, Joe Barrett, Lavinia Oldham, Haxey

MINT STREET Walker, George N. Gent, Elizabeth A. Bower, Arthur Bailey, Charles B. Brown, Keith Morton, Arthur Mansell, Walter Hirst, George H. Heeley, Harry

MITCHELL AVENUE Shaw, James A. Hindle, James A. Whitwam, Norman Hall, George H. Boustead, Joseph, Towing Con- tractor Wilson, Gordon Hanson, Albert Madden, Roy Stephens, Joseph Berkeley, Frederick R. Wood, Joe Hill, Fred Hebdon, John R. Wallis, Edith Durrans, Annie Carter, Stanley Waddington, Bertha Senior, William H. Briggs, George Turner, Stanley Howarth, Waiter Grant, Eric Schofield, Frederick Warwick, Alfred Bell, Edward C. Whitworth, Frank Castledine, Albert Wetherby, Joseph Kaye, Joe Hissett, Charles A. Raby, Joshua Dearnley, Lizzie Stringer, Percy Millard, Herbert Whitehead, Ernest Whitfield, Alice Bentley, Allien C. Bland, George Hosker, Robert (Senr.) Kiteley, Arthur Strong, Frank Jenkinson, Ben Firth, Fred Mann, Harold Robinson, Kenneth Watson, Walter C. Smith, John Edward Hays, Raymond Foster, Arthur

MITRE STREET Sharkey, Andrew Shaw, Amy F. Thwaites, Wilfred Green, Kenneth Brooks, Philip J. Elliott, Donald Smith, Stanley Bennett, Elizabeth A. Norman, Thomas B. Yates, George Roberts, Kenneth H. ~ Gallagher, Joseph F. Hunt, Elizabeth Rowe, Fred Sykes, Marion Devaney, Richard Lee, Lilian Reynolds, Alice er, Spivey, George E,. Haigh, Fred


Lemon, Jesse E. Armitage, Harold Crawshaw, Jack Wood, Eveline Doherty, William E. Anderson, Alice 2 Haigh, John W. 4 - Newsome, James H. 6 Whitehead, Charles H. 8 - Bradley, Herbert H rlock, Thomas Beevers, Morton Carter, Sidney Gledhill, Edwin Power,. Patrick Nestor, Michael Noble, Sidney Jones, Ethel Moorhouse, James Smith, Frank L. Gilbank, Alfred H. Metcalf, Trevor S. Beaumont, Wilfred Woodhouse, Amy Butterworth, Leslie Thwaites, Bernard S. Hirst, Rebecca Woodhouse, David Binks, George H. Noble, Merlyn Plumb, Janie Nottingham, Edwin T. Newsome, James R. Bradley, Allen

MOLD HALL 2 Taylor, Frank 4 - Smith, Herbert

MOLES HEAD 1-3 McGlory, Ronald 5 Lees, Joseph 9 Gledhill, Walter 13-15 Quarmby, Norman E. 17-19 Townend, John

MOORBOTTOM ROAD Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Butchers 3 - Richardson, Harry 7 Dyson, Harry 9 - Brearley, Harold 1 Watson, William H. 3 - Mallinson, John C. 5 Yates, William Oldham, Clementina 19 Dews, Lewis Mosley, Irvin Wilson, Eric Shinton, Gertrude Boothroyd, Allan Vickerman, Arthur A. Smith, Harold Brennan, William Taylor, Blanche A. Whitehead, Ralph Hirst, James E. Dyson, Herbert Hey, Herbert Sykes, Jack Schofield, Herbert Dugdale, Beatrice Hirst, Harry Bingley, Richard Sykes, Joseph H. Hirst, Stanley Bailey, Frank Hanson, Harry W. Stead, Roy Walker, Doris L. Shaw, Harry Clegg, Mary E. Taylor, Norman Mitchell, Norman K. Armitage, Harry Short, Stanley McDonald, George Teasdale, John J. Hemingway, Ernest Stalker, Millicent Morley, Leonard

8 Bentley, John Beaumont, George R. Senior, John K. Calverley, Annie E. Booth, Harold Hutchinson, Harry Lawton, Emma

Page 198

Goodall, Harry Shaw, Tom Dyson, Nellie Earnshaw, Frank N. Spencer, John A. Sedgwick, John W. Metcalfe, Leonard French, Fred Morton, Fred Mellor, Jane Roberts, Ethel Clark, William Hoyle, James Stocks, Carrie Malton, Geoffrey E. Bamforth, Vincent Wood, Thomas D. Siswick, Frank Hoyle, Clara Todd, Trevor Hellawell, Fred Needham, Clifford Singleton, Roy Armitage, Ellen Newton, Violet Broadbent, Lewis Burton, Fred Waddington, Jack Roberts, Percy Hirst, Stanley Heaton, Gordon Gledhill, Ruth H. Priestley, Alfred Mortimer, Kathleen Wood, Billy Lee, Ann Illingworth, Maurice Sowinski, Mary Jones, George H. Pristley, Willie Littlewood, Lena Dyson, Nellie Blackburn, George S. Lambert, Eliza S. Battye, Herbert E. Thorpe, Ephraim Dyson, Ronald Schofield, Robert Dyson, John H. Branch, Fred Barber, William L. Buckley, Albert E. Stead, Cyril Hoyle, Eva Taylor, James H. Hoyle, Gladney Wood, Charlie Brooke, Emma Hirst, Joseph Beaumont, Harry Hardy, Hubert Stead, Ronald Bedford, Gertrude Sumpner, Eric Wilson, Walter Dyson, Stanley Callaghan, Jane A. Dyson, Frank Barden, Charlie Asquith, Herbert H. Bowers, James V Singleton, Harold Schofield, William Whiteley, John C. Waddington, Stanley England, Agnes Kaye, Mary E. Barron, Gertrude Egan, Stanley Chappell, William H. Tucker, Amy || Armitage, Norris Peterson, Mary Bagshaw, John Hindle, James A. Thornton, Irvine Windle, John Sugden, Walter W. S. Hewitt, John L. Lumb, Joe Birdsall, Wilfred Allen, Elizabeth A. McCracken, Norman Ellis, Gertrude Taylor, George F. Cave, Benjamin T. Sampson, Jeffrey Marshall, Emma Mallinson, John


& \ co Oa u &


MOORCREST ROAD Dodgson, Eric M. Mather, Llewellyn Jones, Ernest J. Udell, William G. Whiteley, Cecil Allister, John W. Dunne, Richard Auty, Frank L. Graham, Thomas H.

MOOR END ROAD Webb, Arthur Holmes, Alfred Pennington, Ernest Baxter, Alfred Brown, Fred Ansell, Thomas W. Buckley,Joe, Maintenance Engineer Nicholson, Thomas H. Holmes, Frank Fairclough, Frederick Townsend, Harry Gough, Harry Tandy, Ernest C. Farrell, John N. Sarsby, Jim Schofield, Arnold Horne, Geoffrey Taylor, Charlie Mackrell, Edward D. Radford, Alfred Woodhouse, Tom Milnes, Phyllis

~ Liversidge, Hubert

Liversidge, John Sykes, Jack Taylor, Joshua Flynn, Robert Thorp, Sam S. Bassindale Leslie Cartwright, Jabez A. Hodgkinson, Leslie Cartwright, Douglas Brook, Kenneth Comins, George W. Ward, Ellen Taylor, Gertrude Smith, Emma O'Brien, Nellie Hinchliff, Charles Weavill, Noel Winifred, Leonard Senior, Arthur Wilkinson, James A. Jepson, Emma Hanson, William E. Hopley, Kenneth Brook, Harriet A. Edwards, Anice Edwards, Norman Binns, Law Blackburn, Norman Bottomley, Ernest Wilcock, Kenneth Blackburn, Thomas W. Prince, Harold Balmford , Percy Balmford, Harold Woodhouse, Irvin Muscroft, Thomas M. Mellor, John A. Tough, John Brierley, Herbert Pickering, John W. Cartwright, Norman Higgins, Nellie Pogson, Charlotte Hills, Lily Bonson, James E. Bottomley, Jack Morris, Sidney F. Boothroyd, Norman Boothroyd, Joe Stott, Lilian odes, Oswin Power, Mary Lee, Mary E. Singleton, Emily Shaw Ainley, Harold Emerson, Cyril Gilfillan, Robert C. Harper, Alan E. Brooke, Robert B. Brook, Pamela Armitage, John A. Bilbruck, Hannah E. Beaumont, Lewis Harrison, Arnold Bennett, Thomas Spellman, Gregory

Armitage, Martha Davenport, Ellis E. Spencer, Frank Dunne, Benjamin J. Hoyle, Eliza Ann Lum, Walter B. Kelly, George Darwen-Bradbury, Marion Hoy, John Dickinson, Dennis Easterbrook, Ernest Sykes, Richard Humphries, Francis S. Cocking, Fred Charlesworth, W. H., Potatoes, Fruiterer Clegg, J., Grocer and Baker Bodsworth, Herbert F. Metcalfe, Joe ,

87-80 Kenworthy, Louie 82-84 Rushworth, Frank

E & & O & NJ w - \ _] Ut GQ GQ) ==


bund ANDi - y r= \ s UL) --


Roberts, Mary Alice Heaton, May Lillian Harrison, Albert E. Pilling, Gilbert Bodsworth, Joseph N. Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers , Armitage, Jack ~* Firth, Willie Ainley, Oswald Ainley, Keith Heeley, Arthur F. Barmby, Rose Wright, Douglas Fairburn, Ernest W. Dugdale, Harold J. Brook, Sidney B.

MOORFIELD ROAD Shore, Lewis Spink, Arthur McKie, David Jef kins, Ethel Wilkinson, Jack Kean, John V. E. Gledhill, Hubert Parkin, Daniel Daniell, Kenneth V. Sulch, Marjorie Place, Ethel May Raynor, Harry Megson, Annie

MOORHILL ROAD Boothroyd, Violet T. Martin, Edith Taylor, William H. Noble, Emma Hoyle, Henrietta Walker, Pheobe Fawcett, Thomas Baptist Church _ Smith, Fred _ , Sykes, James J 1 Dyson, Arthur

6-8 Briggs, Robert

\O \] Ut QJ -

Hoyle, Harold | 4 Bell, Eliza J. . , Sykes, Thomas Bray, Harry Gee, Leonard Mellor, Willie Vickerman, Fred

MOORLANDS ROAD Eastwood, Albert Cockroft, Geoffrey W. Harrison, Leonard French, Lizzie Speight, Walter

11-13 Haigh, Eric

Holroyd, Ammon Cookson, George Haigh, Frank Haigh, Hubert Firth, Colin Wilson, Henrietta Gledhill, Joe Farmer, William C. Taylor, Rose Aldersley, Kenneth Haigh, Willie Mellor, Harold King, Arthur F. Walker, Nancy Stanley, Harold Garside, Harry Thorpe, Stanley Hirst, Nellie Ingleby, Herbert

Page 199

Armitage, Keith Westerman, Percy Mitchell, James E. Wood, Margaret Kirby, George Haigh, Hervey Edge, Walter R.

MOOR LANE Nuttall, Ivy Dowling, Percy B. Todd, Elizabeth Roberts, Harold Bradley, Sarah A. Heeley, Ethel Woods, Edward M. Thomas, Edward Webb, Harold Rowlands, Hector

Buckingham, Williham T. B.

Hirst, Frank Norcliffe, Mary A. Diamond, William Lunn, Gerald P. Lossius, June D. Holdsworth, Minerva Noakes, Charles H. Wlaker, Frank F. lIdwell, Ernest Garside, John E. Newsome, Harold D. Smith, Hubert Mallinson, Dorothy J. Taylor, Fred Stewart, Joseph Rhodes, George Smith, Robert Carter, Charlie Bray, David Cass, William B. Sykes, Arthur Hinchliffe, Charles R. Carter, Albert E Abbott, Florence Avery, Arthur Hartley, Beatrice Earnshaw, Harry S. Daniel, Albert H. Dearnley, Douglas N. Turner, William C. Newsome, John S. Atkinson, Arthur Sykes, Ethel Brooke, Harry Sykes, Harold McCallum, Harriett EF. Pearce, Ernest S. Dobson, Gerald M. P. Lawton, Arthur Lockwood, Edith A. Mitchell, Alec G. Wrigley, Margaret Hirst, Michael H. K. Holdroyd, Sydney Thomas, Bertha E. Beaumont, Herbert Thornton, Fred Thornton, Bernard Hinchliffe, Reginald Cuttell, Ellen Moss, Sydney A. Young, John Crowther, Winifred Hellewel!l, Alice Thomas, Clara Thornton, Sarah E. Kaye, Norris Marshall, Frank Tunnacliffe, Henry Carter, John Roper, Allan Currie, Adam Ellis, Tom L. Robinson, Ann E. Maude, Frederick E. Abbott, Walter Hirst, Sam Peckett, Elizabeth Nuttall, Hannah Riley, Herbert Ward, Albert Brooke, Frank Dearnley, Joe Baines, Edwin Battye, Ethel E. Bendle, John F. Gillet, Leonard J. Sykes, Harry A. Brook, Norris Feather, Donald Kilner, Ernest


Aspinall, Mary A. Lawrence, Victoria L. Taylor, Mary Scholes, Cedric W. Booth, Florence A. Thomas, Joseph H. Crosland, Hannah Taylor, Norman Shaw, Lancelot Walker, Beryl Hardcastle, Dorothy Frost, Fred H Reid, Frank Chrispin, Stephen S. Hartley, William Hellawell!, George Knapten, Gertrude Rowbottom, Annie Stocks, Frank W. Slater, Ernest W. Johnson, George Ellis, Harry B. Bottomley, Emma S. Wood, John T Haigh, Joseph Brooke, Ernest Hardy, William B. Lunn, Hubert Stewart, James Ledger, Terence Dean, Hudson Netherwood, Donald A. Airey, Norman Longbottom, Arthur S. Littlewood, Herbert Sunderland, Edgar Cartwright, Norman Quarmby, Nora Robinson, Edric F. Bailey, Frederick H. Wood, Fred M. Todd, Frederick Murfin, Frederic A.

MOORSIDE AVENUE Forster, Herbert W. Booth, Arthur Rowsell, James A. Mercer, Samuel E. Boothroyd, Fred Sykes, Chalres H. Simpson, Charles A. Walsh, Daniel Betts, Ethel Walker, Arthur Graham, John Sutton, Harry L. Denton, Ernest Whitehead, Sidney M. McKay, James Hirst, Horace Hirst, Brian Wood, Herbert Brook, Jack Shaw, Arthur Edwards, John W. Westoby, Frank Blackburn, Harry Witty, Arthur Speight, Leonard Beaumont, Polly Schofield, Brian Donkersey, Joseph Champion, Alfred H. Garside, Ronald Wilkinson, Norman Hanson, George E.

. Kaye, Alwynne

Rodgers, Jack Jones, Alfred Comyn, Terence W. Garside, Frank Gilbank Ernest R. Donaldson, Brian Wood, John Roberts, Samuel F. Harrison, Ethelbert S. Taylor, Fred Wilson, Ronald Turner, John C. Haigh, Stanley Clay, Phyllis Taylor, Dennis Bainbridge, Margaret Taylor, George L. Foote, Leonard L. Moore, Norman Dearnley. William Hickman, Harry J. Gilling, Charla H. Walker, George


Bywater, Stanley Churches, Henry W. Lockwood, Harold G. Tempest, John Greenwood, Thomas Iredale, Frank Stainsby, Henry Smith, Joseph N. Barker, George A. Thewlls, Ben

Lnberal Club Heydon, James W.

oa A4 tN


pond putnk: pum just a AN O

MORE PLEASANT Littlewood, Gilbert D. Schofield, Norman Kitson, Walter

MORLEY LANE Sykes, George Hoare, Maude E. Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Cociety Ltd., Butchers Webster, Harry D Howarth, Harry Lunn, Hannah Haigh, Joe Bray, Walter Mitchell, Joe Ellis, William Brown John R. Ashcroft, Raymond Mountney, Erne t Sweeney, Ernest Hellawell, Ruth Hinchliffe, Frank Symes, Mabel E. Hayward, Lawrence H. Beaumont, Ronald Hatt, Stanley France, Harry Murphy, James H. Taylor, Willie Chappell, Rita M. Taylor, Frank

MORTON GREEN Gartside, Wilfred Smallwood, William A. Bates, Harold Charlesworth, Frank K Leathley, Lewis Middleton ,William A. Thorp, Reggie McKay, Thomas Dunn, Frederick Culloden, John W. Cryer, James W. Ward, David J. Simmonite, Samuel C. Bray, Allen

MOSS STREET Senior, Stanley Taylor, Albert Thomas, Percy Dodson, George R. Shaw, Leslie Barraclough, Geoffrey G. Kelly, Bernard Berry, Richard W. Knight, Marion Hynes, Ernest Brook, John Prook, Philip Watts, John A. Lawton, Charles Irvine, William G. Ellis, Frederick Oldroyd, Joshua Yates, Fre Hadfield, Frederick S. Tullett, George Cockmg Harry

MOUNT AVENUE Ackroyd, Maurice Dyson, Eric Strickland, Cecil Bateson, Lennox O. Fearneside, Henry Atkinson, Walter Fairbairn, Godfrey Albarn, Norman Whiting, Albert C. Atkinson, William Taylor, Joe Newsome, Frank Mellor, Emma J. Duckworth, Peter

Page 200


MOUNTFIELD ROAD Woollin, Tom Raby, Cyril Gibson, Charles Falck, Charles W. Stone, Albert E. Taylor, Francis J. Carnell, Albert E. Astley, Eric Turner, Mary S. Beaumont, Laurence Price, Edward Dyson, Martha - E. Birks, Donald H. Sykes, Frank H. Davies, Frank Woodhead, Ronald Senior, Ernest W. Dearden, Gerald Wood, Derek

MOUNTJOY ROAD Haigh, P. A. & Co., Industrial Caterers Woods, Josiah Mellor, Edith M. Leeper, Michael L. Tovell, James Knight, Olga S. Leeper, Dr. B. C. A. Jackson, Frank Fortescue, Katherine Turner, George Burnett, Edith C. Burrough, Henry E. Love, William Tait, Donald Cousen, Frank Hall, Frank, Solicitor Boothroyd, Alfred Broadbent, John T. C. Allinson, John W. Wood, Reginald Hobson, Willie L. Pearse, Doris L. Rothery, Herbert Mallinson, Herbert Wood, George H. Brierley, Marion Tansley, Ada Middlemost, Maude M. Earl, Walter J. H Parry, Robert R. Mason, Margaret Hoffmann, Eleonore Tiltscher, Otioker McMullen, Allan B. Grist, Alexie M Priestley, James J. Butterworth, Frank, Builder Bailey, George Goodman, Robert L. Firth, Mary

ggA Lawton, Joseph W.

Haigh, Norman

28A Crowther, Edwin

David N. Wood, Charles R. Whiteley, Selwyn Mills, Harold Kidd, William H. Jackson, Cecil B. Sutcliffe, Ralph H.

Brigg, Dr. Joyce, Physician and

Surgeon Crowther Ronald L. Hardy, Davrd Fieldhouse, Edwin Ewart Pickersgill, Frank Crowther, Sarah E.

MOUNT PLEASANT STREET Reid, William W. Wood, Arthur Hamer, Harry Flint, David T. Leech, Margaret M. Walsh, Francis J. Lee, Ernest A.

45A Bennett, Kenneth J.

Berry, Annie E.

47a Catterson, James C.

Carstairs, Gertrude Smith, Harvey

MOUNT ROAD Gatenby, Roy Firth, Arthur Clay, Joe Hitchen, Fred Hirst, William H.

Wood, Blanche Eastwood, Frederick Waddington, Donald Seaman, Arch. M.


-3 - Marshall, William

Broadley, Ann Bradley, Annie Crowther, Walter Broadbent, George W. Marsden, John O. Whiteley, Eric M. Whitwam, Eric Parkin, James E. Kitchen, Fred L. Booth, William E. Brogden, Willie Dyson, James W. Bottoms, Donald Brook, Joe Garside Braithwaite, Frank

MOUNT STREET Radley. Irvin Methodist Church Mount Pleasant County Mixed School School House Mosley, Arthur D. Ollerenshaw, Herbert Gill, Lawrence Lawton, Joe Sanderson, Roy Keating, Alma - Osterfield, Laura Cock, Phyllis M. Walker, Roy Bottomley, Arthur Martin, Annie Atkinson, Frederick C. Lewis, Henry W Mitchell, Ada Turner, Norris Tinker, Lilian Dannatt, Willie Boyd, Charles Horsfield, Harold Haigh, Irvine Cockburn, James Hooper, John W. Shaw, Edith A. Manchester, Ernest R. Etchells. George G. North, Frank Sanderson, Gordon Wood, Joe Halstead Harry D. Hobson, John W. Brier, Kenneth Haigh, Ernest Longstaff, Fred Haigh, Florence

MULBERRY STREET Schofield, Keir Aspinall, Frank Flanagan, John J. Kelly, Peter Bartrop, Ellen Rayner, Agnes Hardy, Lewis F. Thewlis, Frank Armitage, Emily Taylor, Alec E. Bowdell, George R. Gardner Phayer, Mabel Green, Gordon Brook, John P. Poppleton, Brier Hurst, Clifford Brook Elizabeth Dean, Harry Boothroyd, Louis Haigh, Donald Haigh, Ada Cooper, William Phayer, Jack Hirst, James A. Northrop, Stanley Steele, William Avrson, Leonard Hallam, Joe Johnson Elizabeth Morgan, Francis J. Geddes, Thomas Doddy, Joseph Shaw, Herbert Mawson, George D. Cockroft, Arthur J. Schofield, Jack Lynch, Matthew

J b} Ut UJ +e

pum & O & J - \D _J Ut QJ i=

& bN QJ) =-

MURRAY ROAD Walker, George W. Stott, Syndey R. Barclay, William Tranmer, John H. Guest, Clive D.

MYRTLE GROVE Sykes, Jack Pogson, Tom Harrison, John W. Turner, Clarence Jones, Sidney (Senr.) Stott, Violet H Priestley, Frank Pearce, William Butler, Lewis M. Gothard, Alfred Smith, Sam Firth, Frank Hammond, John Cutler, Henry A. Barden, Albert Kellet, Edith Stead, Bertie P. Leech Leonard Degg, Kenneth Chaffer, John Holmes, John W.

MYRTLE STREET Gray, Bernard Camplin, Thomas Oliver, Harold Gothards Ltd., Dripping Refiners .and Tripe Dressers Waring, George F. Aspinall, Guy Bailey, Tom Carroll, Thomas F. Starkey, James Ltd., Potato Mer- chants

NAB Morris, Henrietta Watthew, Fred Garland, John Dyson, Rose Ann

NABCROFT LANE Hanson, Frank Hirst, Ann Lumb, -- Boothroyd, Fred Townley, Doris Wood, Ernest Henrickson, Albert Brown, Ivy Thorpe, Emma Galvin, Charles Sheard, George W. Haigh, Douglas Keene, John Thomas Cammack, Lewis D. Mather, Herbert Hooley, Ronald Scaman, Herbert C. Harvey, Harold R. Lockwood, Charles P. Denham, Harold Wood, Leonora Hanson, Tom Butterworth, Gwendoline Shaw, Heaton Livesey, Marie Davidson, Iris Lockwood, Ronald Brierley, Sam Cave, Gertrude Steel, Roy

18-1 8 Bailey, Arthur

Ellis, Mabel Robinson, Henry Foster, Kenneth Spencer, Fred Smithies, Ronald Hartley, William St. Luke's Hospital (Ward) Mellor, Norris Milnes, Leonard Sunderland, Fred Earnshaw, Lewis G. anpenny, Ronald

Taylor, Archibald N. Booth, Roy S. Sykes, Brian Withers, Charles H. Crowe, Donald Bottom, Harold

Page 201

manc pros - O0 _1O u &A bN

pand pant w

pak J

w 00 00 _] C& un A& Go b) -=


rae \ Sl Sal CGL GJ tone beat


Ridsdale, William Whitehead, Mary L. Hodgson, Samuel Turner, Margaret Bond, Alice

NABCROFT RISE Berry, Herbert Sleight, Harold Hartley, Wallace Thewlis, Marion

NAB HILL Kinlan, Thomas Carstairs, Jack Kenyon, Ronald Greenwood, Joseph A. Hanrahan, Eric Bell, Brian Wilson, John Fawcett, Hubert Stevens, Henry Price, Thomas E. Brook, Joseph A. Murphy, Richard F. Carmichael, Albert Durrans, Charlie Wilson, Peter Shaw, Gerald Durrans, Luther Redfern, Samuel! Bowden-Smith, Charles Stephenson, Cora Thewlis, Isabella M. Liddle, John P. Lounds, Horace Robinson, Harry Ball, Albert Sykes, Eveleen Hawkes, Nicholas R. Porter, Fred Knight, Lewis

NEALE ROAD Jessop, Jack Cruickshank, Charles Dawson, Cyril Johnson, Victor Chadwick, Ronald Moss, Cecil V. Kershaw, Dorothy "* Shoulder of Mutton Inn "

Peel, Doris Crow, Evelyn Barrett, Maurice

NETHER CLOSE Haigh, Victor B. Halstead, Norman Burrows, Ada Kitching, Charles W. Gannon, William Greenwood, Stanley Sollitt, Edward Hodgson, Norman Wood, Nora Hanson, Ernest Proctor, William Henry Kaye, Gordon Crossley, Frank Livesey, Frank Hargreaves, Oliver D. Eastwood, Frederika M. Marshall, Roy Radcliffe, James Redfern, John R. Broadbent, Tom

NETHER CRESCENT Meachan, Harry Young, Lilian Pengilley, Arthur G. Hella well, Jack Roberts, George D. Alberts, Willie Tetley, Thomas Webb, Ernest Taylor, James A. Senior, Melvin Taylor, Ernest

NETHERHALL AVENUE Clay, Denis Flynn, John Dodson, Herbert Wareham, John Wilson, Edith Sidebottom, Jeffrey . Battye, Beatrice Noon, Frank

Wilson, John W. .


Schofield, Dora L. Nelms, Ernest (Sent.) Whitehead, Eisie Etchells, James M. Cartwright, Thomas J. Cartwright, Thomas G. Caine, Frederick Cockroft, Harry Spence, Annie L. Wood, Frank Wilcock, David Brown, Edward Stephens, Willie (Sent.) Betts, Arnold Oldroyd, Laurance Price, George K. Ellam, Swift, James Sutcliffe, Clarence Taylor, Arnold S. Booth, Allen Whittaker, Albert Whittaker, Willie Walker, Alfred Hoyland, Henry J. Thomas, George E. Dawson, Daniel Wood, Leslie Rattigan, Peter Hirst, Franklin Hickman, Robert F. Armitage, Norman Patterson, Thomas Ward, Albert Hardy, Samuel


Nether Moor Farm Bradley, Robert A.

NETHEROYD HILL ROAD Nichol, Hubert Dixon, Lucy Turton, George W. Fry, Geoffrey, K. Schofield, Peter Sharpe, Geoffrey D. Stell, Arthur Owen, Gerald M. Chilton, Herbert Brook, Annie (Senr.) Dyson, Joe Holt, Mary Regan, John P. Chapman, Charles B. Frith, Kenneth Frith, Tom Tann, Ernest Clegg, Willie Holt, Ronald W. Winn, Edward S. Weatherhili, William Thewlis, Willie Rooney, Hugh Haigh, Tom H. Elam, George Smith, Mary H. Baxter, David A. Uttley, Joseph Cowley, George Earnshaw, Frank Lindley, Ronald Jenkins, Ernest Wright, Florence Chappell, John Thornton, Arthur Dyson, William G. Bairstow, Edgar Ashwell, Harry K. Beaumont, Arnold Kitson Fred Kitson, Hubert Ogden, James Lee, Erasmus Thornton, Malcolm Greenwood, John A. Hesp, Eliza Schofield, William Leeming, Albert Sub Post Office Longbottom, Arthur Hillhouse Perseverance Friendly & Industrial Society Ltd. (Grocery) Turner, Minerva f Hamill, Frank Pickles, Edwin Hallas, George Marshall, Geoffrey T. Wood, Albert E. Broadbent, Arthur Grant, Thomas B.


Wood, John A. Fox, Leslie J. 42 Tedder, Nellie W. 44 - Jenkins, Hilda 46 Platt, Mary Haythornthwaite, Gladstone 48 - Spence, William H. 54 Thornton, Brian 56 Woodward, Waiter 66 Oxley, Robert D. Thorpe, Alma Broomhead, Matthew Stone, Auskey Lindley, Edith Netheroyd - Hill Church Stoney, Wilfred Eccles, Alice Wilkinson, Fanny Ellam, Frank Denny, Henry R. Cowcliffe Mission Church Mettrick, Percy Sheard, Edward C. Charters, Robert P. Devlin, William Littlewood, John Sutcliffe, Irvin Ruane, Thomas P. Davison, Bridget A. Pearson, Ronald Maynard, Eric Plumbly, Leslie E. Charters, William Platt, Alice Moore, Gertrude A. Raynor, Albert Moore, William Dyson, Laura A. Wood, Ruth H.

NETHERTON FOLD ** Field Head *' Booth, Mildred E. 5 Metcalfe, Sidney A. 7 - Buckley, George D. 9 Thomas, Dorothy 13 Nicholson, Geoffrey 15 Ramsden, Mary E. 15 Wells, Albert 17 Avery, Clara R. 19 Mitchell, Emily A. 6 Shanney, Jo 12 Mellor, Arnold 14 - Cutts, Walter 16 Thomas, Arthur 18 Mather, Harry G. 20 Wilson, Harry 22 Sparks, Eric E. 24 Proctor, Edwin 26 Hutchinson, Norman 28 Mate, Donald

NETHERTON MOOR ROAD " Wyndene " Jepson, Samuel R. "* Wyncroft ** Barker, Robert 4 - Byrne, Sidney 6 Jessop, Ruth E. 8 Jessop, Donald e 10 Addy, Annie 12 Lockwood, Norman 14 Heaton, John W. 16 Armitage, Donald 18 Sykes, Charles W. 20 Swallow, Ernest L. 22 France, Edith M. 24 Bower, Honor E. 26 Bray, William P. * Pendlehurst '"' Coldwell John


NETHERWOOD CLOSE Tyas, Selwyn Darling, Adam Schofield, Dennis Hogan, Michael Crossley, Harold Ellin, John Weekes, Joseph Golden, Fred 17 Foor, Albert A. 19 Stocks, Ida 21 Kennedy, William 23 Whitworth, Arthur 25 Brook, Arthur 27 Dyson, Arthur 29 Wilkinson, Brian 31 -Rathmell, Lionel V. 33 Shaw, Frederick B. 35 - Beaumont, James H. 37 Tidbury, Raymond H. 39 Cowley, Leonard R.

woouk pant U J) -- \O _] GJ Un ==

Page 202

50 54


Brook, Clive Wood, Frank Pusey, Christopher Sweeney, Bernard P. Carter, Joseph H. Turner, John F. Needham, William Broderick, Peter Lucas, Geoffrey Gatenby, Jack Baker, Sydney G. Robinson, James Drybrough, Frank Barrowclough, Derrick Thornton, Edgar Truelove, George Walker, George S. Marshall, Robert F. Crowther, George Hames, Wilfred Hall, Harry Ashcroft, Wilfred Wilden, Kenneth Robinson, George King, Harold O'Kane, Denis Lees, Lomas K. Carter, Magson Tullett, James Hastings, Vincent Saddington, Elsie Akroyd, Willie

NETTLETON HILL Charlesworth, Ronald Charlesworth, Joyce Shepherd, Ivan G. Holmes, Jane Haigh, Harold Wood, Dyson Holdsworth, John W. Holdsworth, Norman Lake, Christopher R. J. Pogson, Albert Mallinson, David Garside, Marion Taylor, Joe E.

NETTLETON ROAD Peck, Edward Pearce, Frederick S. Allan, Thomas W. Bottom, Albert L. Grange, Tom Hainsworth, Ernest Kaye, John S. Stubley, Albert Perry, James A. Garthwaite, Frank Wadsworth, Tom Harrison, Roger Taylor, Edwin Hartley, Roland Oldfield, Gwilym I. Hawkins, William E. Sykes, Joe Willie Nuttall, Richard Washington, Robert Dryden, Andrew Jessop, Peter McLoughlin, Sarah Whitton, Leslie G.

2 44/46 Wilkinson, William B. 48

Wise, Agnes Brummit, Ann E. Bradley, Roy H. Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Grocers) Large, John Maclean, Donald Buckley, Dennis Riley, Albert Broadhead, Edith Smiles, Arthur G. Hellawell, Sarah A. McGuin, Peter P. Booth, Stanley Gentry, Henry A. Jardine, Michael Brook, Kenneth Lockwood, Harold Orme, Charles F. Innes, John

NETTLETON TERRACE Fisher, Ada Dawson, Lucy Brearley, John W. Thornton, Lewis Hill, Allen Haigh, George H.

prot pound. jaunt & a 4 ND Uu W - \ _J Qt GJ ==

pou joust bums Neuk o 4 N ©

Ewart, Cecil H. Crosland, Trevor Mitchell, Frank Whitwam, Hildred S. Hamill, John H. Payne, Edward V. Bates, George Brook, Albert Flynn, William Harpin, Albert D. Jessop, Arthur Rowe, John Hoyle, Norman

NEVILLE GROVE Stanger, William Charlesworth, William A. Morley, John H. (Sent.) Dowie, William Schofield, Clifford, Battye, John E. Harrison, Henry L. Wilds, Frank R. Branston, Robert A. Milner, Herbert Brown, Reginald Moore, John F. Jennings, Emma Gatenby, George Goddard, Wilfred Brown, Laurence H.

NEW HEY ROAD Roberts, Clifford Lardner, Alice Whitehead, Norman Lynch, James Middleton, Joseph Sherbon, Jane Rushworth, Edward Gribbin, Patrick Brook, May Jackson, Arthur Robertshaw, George A., Stationer, Tobacconist Marsh, Methodist Church Sutcliffe, Smith Gibbons, Ernest Littlewood, Thomas Marsh Garage, Motor Engineers Slowe, Robert M. Tattersall, Dorothy P. Newsholime, Harriet M. Armitage, Frederick C. Firth, Lucy A. Moorhouse, Sam Smith, Stanley Hirst, Amos B. Mallinson, Mary Beardsell, Edith M. Sharratt, David & Sons Ltd., (Firebricks

Broadlands Hepworth, Elizabeth A.

Walker, Joseph Greenhalgh, James K. Peace, Amelia J, C. Lunn, John W. Hanson, Edna Ministry - of - Education, Inspector's Office Blackburn, Herbert Hudson, Kenneth Howells, Geoffrey Masonic Hall Firth, Reginald Wilby, George H. Lockwood, Emily Brigg, Harold Peace, John Jessop, Albert Madden, T. H., Dentist Elbourne, E. G., Chemist Garside, Joseph Kilburn, Theresa Holdsworth, Emma J. Hopley, Herbert Beaumont, Emily Skilbeck, Terence A. Richardson, Dorothy Beaumont, Annie Smith, Jessie Sullivan, Charles Thornton, Annie Carter, Ernest Frith, John Sykes, Herbert Shaw, Ann Haigh, Ruth Beaumont, Frances Wade, Wilfred Lowe, Sydney B.


Wakelin, Sidney Guest, John H. Firth, James W. McManus, Joseph P. Smith, Annie Dyson, Cyril Senior, Harry Simeon, George Berry, Laura Kaye, Agnes Harrison, Ethel Taylor, Albert E. Netherwood, Edward E. Hey, Abram Weir, Ernest G. Butterworth, Emily Weir, Douglas Leaker, Alan M. D. Thornton, Lewis Brook, Hubert Dodson, Beatrice Spence, Frank Kaye, Ronald Smith, Leslie Peaker, John Johnson, Harold Edwards, Herbert Pickup, Jack M. Heap, Clarkson Simpson, George A. Booth, William Senior, Albert Buckley, Ralph W. Brook, Agnes Daly, Robert J. Edwards, Ellen M. Wood, Ronald Janowski, Mary B. Taylor, Gertrude Bower, Edith Clough, Nellie Marsden, Fred Gibson, Tom McAllister, Roy Woodhead, Ben Illingworth, John Townend, Clara Berry, Walter Hollingworth, Ernest Whitaker, Bertred Hepworth, George E. Wilkinson, John McM. Hepworth, Lucy Pogson, Ella E. Smith, Herbert Boothroyd, Harold Dolphin, Keith Wood, Bryan Hallsworth, Agnes Boothroyd, Luke Gee, Edric Firth, Susannah Y. Sykes, Norman Lodge, Beatrice D. Johnson, Tom Smith, Clara Hoyle, Alice Smith, Edith A. Jaggers, _ Hairdressers, nists, Fancies


Wood, Stanley, Sweets, Tobacco

"* Highgate Oakes Hotel Crawshaw, Harold Edwards, Bernard Bottomley, Harry Scott, Leslie Varley, Ernest Gledhill, Edwin Stead, George Knight, John K. Berry, Cyril Brearley, Frances Rawlings, Vernon Wilson, Arthur Shields, Alexander B. Chapman, Gertrude Evans, John H. Broadhead, Arthur Lewis, Noel L. Webster, Alfred E. Halstead, Elizabeth Watson, Stanley G. Sykes, Keith K. Taylor, Sydney Cousen, Jack Littlewood, Ronald Jackson, Keith Whitwam, George W. Sykes, Peter Pickles, Henry N. Mitchell, Arthur

Page 203

390 392 394

Knight, Frank C. Kneeshaw, Albert Kneeshaw, Raymond 396 - Taylor, Jack H. 398 - Shearman, Bryan 398A Crossley, Evelyn 400 Tomlinson, Mabel 402 Brook, William H. 404 " Spotted Cow Hotel " 452

Shaw, Arthur Wood, Alfred 454 Wood, Frank 456 Castle, Kate 458 - Broadhead, John W. 460 Sub Post Office Haigh, Herman 462 Westmoreland, George W. 464 - Dawson, Wilfred L. 466 Beckett, George 468 Hardy, Maud 470 Gill, Arthur 472 Webster, Alfred 474 Hargreaves, Norman 476 Holdsworth, Frederick E. 478 Hirst, Hubert 480 France, Fred 482 Whitwam, Henry 482 Morton, George 484 Howe, John 486 Hargreaves, Alice 488 Chappell, Ralph 490 Sykes, Joe 492 Garside, Mellor 494 Hoyle, Albert 496 Broadhead, Stanley Blamires, James L. Sheard, Willie Smithies, Arnold Wheelwright, Mary H. Darlington, Irvin 508 Lees, Eric Pennine Grange Ackroyd, John E. 520 Dale, Oscar E. 522 Baddeley, Alfred G. 524 - Beldon, Gordon 526 Myers, Percy W. 532 Armitage, George 534 Moorhouse, John 536 Hinchliffe, Harold 538 Singleton, Harold 540 Clissold, Frank W. 542 - Gledhill, Frank 548 Shaw, Henry M. 550 Jowett, Thomas W. 552 Priest, Philip 554 Gee, Eric A. H. 556 Pilling, Dennis 558 Garton, William H. 566 Metcalfe, Arnold 568 Stafford, Mary A. 570 Midgley, Norman 572 Dyson, Arthur 574 - Gledhill, Harry 578 Dyson, Joseph (Waste) Wastes and Shoddies 580 Taylor, Wright 580 Whitwam, Clifford 592 Daniel, Herman 579 Whitehead, Wesley 596 Wood, Eric 598 Bottomley, John T. 600 McConnell, Sarah E. 604 Wilfred 606 Denton, Edgar 622 Schofield, Edward M. 634 Hodgson, James A. 636 Anderson, Edwin 638 Gaukrodger, Norah E. 640 McGhee, Alastair S. 642 Gee, Sarah 644 Holroyd, Ernest 646 Crowther, Sydney 648 Wilkinson, Hannah 650 Briley, Percy 652 Dyson, Jeffrey 654 - Bulless, Geoffrey 656 Jagger, Emily 658 Brown, Albert 660 Rhodes, Alfred C. 662 Beaumont, Bertha Beaumont & Gledhill, Egg Mer- chants Pilling, Albert Fox, Mary Lister, Albert Lister, Herbert Crane, Leslie C. Wadsworth, Roy Ciampton, Joe W. Crampton, Walter Gee Bros. Ltd., Motor Engineers, Outlane Garage



720 720

722 1724 726



Pearson, John Wood, Robert P. Hill, Harry Lister, Clarence Bolton, Fred Spencer, George H. Sutcliffe, Albert E. Bottomley, Jack Mannion, Thomas Spencer, William Taylor, Sam Wood, Charles E. Boothroyd, Mary E. Taylor, Arthur Lisle, Reggie Avison, Herbert Armistead, John R. Evans, Edwin J. Stansfield, Edgar Stott, Mary L. Stott, Frank I. Hartshorne, Donovan J. Methodist Church France, Frederick H. Dawson, Arthur Booth, Arnold Shackleton, Clifford Wall, Harold Whiteley, Arthur Robinson, Frank Mellor, Ellis Taylor, Charles L. Booth, Jacob H. Sykes, Irvine Hoyle, Hildred Hellawell, Mary Spencer, Thirza Collins, Joseph Robinson, George W. Weldon, Ronald Pilling, John A. Gledhill, Clara

Shop - Mallinson, Herman 8

Turner, Florence Proud, Percy Smith, Reginald Nuttall, Peter R. Flat Legge, Alice M. Bain, Dougal Turner, Joseph H. R. Naismith, Graham Mellor, Douglas Baxter, Peter Littlewood, George W. Carnley, Albert Sheard, Florrie Shaw, George Hallam, Heywood Baker, Charles T. H. Bray, Charley Pilling, John A. Gledhill, Walker Bottomley, Ronald Sykes, Sam Pilling, George E. Gledhill, Lily Clarke, James P. Pilling, George Brook, John E. Littlewood, Roy Morton, Enos Lumb, Joe R. Mortimer, John Nolan, Joseph Wyatt, Dennis Moorhouse, Ellen H. Dyson, Harry Hoyle, Harold P. Butterworth, Alice Fairclough, Emily

40 942-944 Taylor, Tom

Brotherton, Edward C.

948-50 Sykes, Herbert

974 .

9 74A 976 978 982

Jones, John W. Russell, Leonard J. Pilling, Maurice Heathcote, Ronald Gee, Joe E. Harrison, Janet J. Haggis, Harry Outlane Methodist Church Burnham, John D. Milner, John W. Pilling, Eric Pilling, Joseph ** Commercial Inn " Lees, Frank L.

984 Wike, Joseph B. 986-8 Lockwood, Fred

990 992

Heathcote, James E. Littlewood, Kenneth


994 Atkinson, Donald 933 Matthews, Christopher 9 998a Burnham, John D.

Taylor, Ronald 1000 Tweed, David

School House Gledhill, Leonard M.

Springfield 2 - Williams, Geoffrey 4 Lumb, Eva

NEW HEY ROAD (Continued) Barrow, Leslie, Grocer Dodson, W., Butcher Schofield & Smith (Huddersfield) Ltd. (Hollins Mill, Marsh) 5 Clafton, Eric g Gledhill, Arthur 1

LJ mat

Gott, Norman Greenwood, Norman 3 Whitman, Walter B. 15 Smith, James 17 - Burton, John 17 - Taylor, Arnold 19 Haigh, Alice 21 Inman, George W. 23 Topping, Frederick C. 25 Nettleton, Maurice 27 - Buckley, Harry 29 Huddersfield Society Mome for the Blind 31 - Marsh Liberal Club 33 Bratman, Frank 33 - Balneaves, Alexander 35 Webb, Barbara J. 37 Pilling, Furman 39 Berry, Benjamin A. 39 Berry, Brian W. 41 - Shaw, Ernest 43 Godfrey, Marjorie A. 43 - Wood, Julius 45 - Stewart, Davis S. Beaumont, Alice H. 47 - Fowler, Leslie H. 47 Jessop, Robert A. 47 Munns, Eric J. 49 Muir, Donald L. 49 Garrety, Michael J. 51 Parker, Richard D. 51 Taylor, Robert W. 51 Atkinson, Richard M. 53 Stringer, Wilfred Belbin, Harry 55 Portland House, Harvey G., Surgeon 63 Anderson, Wilfred A. Crosland, B. & Sons Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers (Oakes Mills) 91 - Berry, Harold 93 Hey, Dorothy Young, Josiah Beedles, Frederick L. Senior, Eric Vevers, Gertrude Cousins, Herbert H. Jagger, George H. Holroyd, Arthur V. Brook, Arthur Walker, Frank Small, Henry France, Walker Monks, Edwin Callaghan, Frank Newsome, Albert Brogden, Joe Crapper, Arnold H. Parr, Ralph W. Cotter, Charles A. Robinson, Edgar Akroyd, George Anns, Geoffrey B. Whalley, Ann Hinchliffe, Joseph H. Howarth, Elsie Heeley, Edward Ball, Fred, Decorator, Painter Pearson, Charles W. Johnston, John A. Wall, James Castle, Alice E. Jeffries, William Lockwood, Gladys W. Percival, Rachel A. Norris, James G. Midgley, Charles B. Ramsey, George Griffiths, William H. Sharp, Hannah Gee, Emma

Braham, Dr. Pyhsician and

Page 204


Gee, George W. Upton, Herbert Thornton, Jessie Bailey, John E. Dyson, Fred Holroyd, John Creighton, Thomas Binks, Norman Binks, Ratcliffe N. Kenefick, Edward Kaye, Peter McCulloch, Jphn E. Steele, Leonard Woolhouse, Levi Roberts, Doris Kershaw, John E. Taylor, May Earnshaw, Walter Noble, Ernest Dyson, Kathleen O. Hanson, John Cooney, Arthur Milnes, Denis S. Senior, Sydney H. Jackson, John Horn, Robert P. Foster, George Flitcroft, Donald Crosland, William R. Parkin, Ronald T. Harrison, Tom H. Burke, Donald Wilson, David A. Eagland, Tom V. Smith, John Sykes, Harold Sutcliffe, Crowther Simpson, Mary E. Mear, Fred Fielding, Willie Johnson, Lucy Kavanagh, Thomas Halliley, Frank Jackson, Victor Cooper, Ada Crampton, Irvin Crampton, John G. Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd. (Bakery) Evans, John . Morrison, Albert H. Crowther, Arthur Wood, Jack Whitehead, Hervey Walker, Jack Gledhill, Olive M. Bower, George J. Berry, Ronald T. Crooke, Herbert E. Field, George T. Jackson, Harold Bray, Stephen Scott, Ernest Ashness, William McKenna, John Hirst, Fred Edwards, James W. Hoyle, Nellie Holland, Mary Stead, Kenneth Whitehead, Ernest Brook, John Schofield, Sarah H. Shaw, Elvyn Whitwam, Ralph Taylor, Kathleen Lockwood, Lena Whiteley, Stanley Whiteley, John R.

453 5 Townend, H., Grocer

Norcliffe, Alec Meachen, Albert Pickering, Fred Kaye, George L Edmundson, Mary Shaw, Florence Mary Taylor, John R. Myers, Edith Akroyd, Fred Law, Ernest F. Beaumont, Leslie Mount Sub Post Office Smithies, Ronald

505-7 Townend, Bernard S.

Benson, William H. Barlow, John H. Bates, Sarah E. Bamforth, Edward Garside, Joe Fleming, Hubert Haigh, Leonard

523 Taylor, Alex. E. 525 Rushworth, Frank 527 Winter, John 533 Thornton, Tom 535 Noble, Hilda M. 537 Rawcliffe, Edgar 539 Gledhill, Alice 541 Dobson, Frank 543 - Greatorex, Joseph 545 - Shaw, Bryan 547 Braithwaite, Fred 551 Haigh, Miriam 533 Whltw§m, Harry 555 Haigh, Harry 557 Shardlow, Harry 557 Mitchell, George E. 563 Whitaker, Frank 563A Whitaker, Joseph H. 565 Moore, James W. 567 Whitaker, Geoffrey Earnshaw, F. & Sons, Wreaths, Bouquets, Outlane Nurseries 573 Pilling, Ivy 575 Beaumont, Albert E. 577 Netherwood, Bessie 581 - Beaumont, Eric 583 Lunn, Frank 585 Earnshaw, Arthur 587 Earnshaw, William 589 Earnshaw, Frank 593 Sutcliffe, James E. 595 Longley, Joseph H. 597 Quarmby, William H. 599 Lumb, E. W., Joiner, Undertaker 601 - Bowmer, Arthur 603 Lumb, Edward W. 605 Garside, Annie 607 Wood, Wright 609 Fallon, John 611 Ainley, Annie 613 Evans, Robert G. 615 Mallinson, Jessie 617 Gledhill, Ben 619 Eastwood, Jack 621 Needham, George H. 623 Dyson, Mary A. 625 Dyson, Harry W. 627 Pearson, Edric M. 629 Hinchliffe, Frank S. 631 France, Roy 633 Spencer, Samuel 635 - Beardshall, Victor 637 Lumb, Sarah Oakes Secondary Modern School 639 Sykes, David J. 639 Sykes, Edith E. 641 Edwards, Alice 643 Hirst, Kenneth 645 Lumb, Jack 647 Wilson, Harry 649 Dyson, Olive 651 Erskine, Robert 653 Shires, Charles 715 Gee, John T. Crosland Bros., Landscape Gardeners 725 Crosland, Nellie M. 727 Crosland, Joseph A. 729 - Earnshaw, John 731 Schofield, Alvin E. 733 Eccles, Lizzie 743 Hoyle, Gilbert 745 - Whitley, Tom 747 Crosland, David 749 Atkinson, Alice Outlane Golf Club Ltd. St. Mary's Church 753 Garside, William Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers 763 Ardron, Fred 767 - Harrison, John C. 769 Crooks, Geoffrey 771 - Hey, John C. 773 Hoyle, Herbert 775 - Bentley, George 777 - Hewison, Tom 779-81 - Outlane Sub Post Office, Keigh-

ley, Ben 783 Boothroyd, Edith E. 785 Lewthwaite, Alfred P. 787 Lord, Stanley R. 789 Gee, Percy 791 Lumb, Mary A. 793 Harrison, Brian P. G. 795 Morton, Sarah 797 Smith Francis Stationer 805 - " Waggon and Horses Inn " Shearman, James W. 811 Shaw, Eric

V. - Newsagent,

813 815

Smith, Francis M.

May, Edwin F. Saxton, J. & Sons, Haulage Con- tractors, West End Garage, Outlane

Saxton, George E. Thompson, John G. Townend, Arthur Haigh, Veda A. Hirst, Peter Haigh, Herbert H. Gartside, Harry Bottomley, Ernest Waskewycz, Iwan Sykes, Hilda Morton, Leonard Horner, Fred Lumb, Douglas Pilling, Reuben, W Schofield, Norman Walton, Frank Schofield, Wilson H. Lister, Richard W. Hibbert, Frederick Brook, Herbert W. Douglas, William Firth, Joseph E.

NEWHOUSE PLACE Ellam, Harry Jayez, Victor Beaumont, Sam Stiles, Arthur K. Knight, Francis Rutherford, George Thornton, Albert Hardy, Charles E. Atkins, Mabel Doyle, Kevin Welsh, Frank H. Clay, Harriet, L. W. Sutherland, Robert M. Clay, Ronald Gill, Charles P. Hibberd, Ernest G.

NEWHOUSE ROAD Richardson, George R. Taylor, Hilda Hampson, John V. Holroyd, Alice Dyson, Stanley Gallagher, James Walker, Agnes Spence, Leonard Boothroyd, Frank Binns, Joseph Sidgwick, Emma Thomas, Ronald C. Gill, Arthur Bentley, Lewis S. Knight, Gordon B. Cooke, Joseph G. J.


Newhouse Farm - Kershaw, Wilton

Newhouse Hall Newhouse Hall

Chapman, Ronald A. Gouldin, Harriet

Newhouse Hall Wilson, Bernard R. Bungalow - Kemp, Arthur

poomh pamak bana i a & N Ut ut t == = \O _] UA GJ mas

pouch pom

NEW LAITHE CLOSE Sewell, Frank Field, Percy Denton, Harold Wood, John Middleton, James W. Dyson, William Fisher, Tom Thomas, Lilian Clare, Ronald Nelson, Brian Powis, Percy Coverley, Lewis Barratt, Cecil Bianchi, Frederick Robshaw, William Allen, William

NEW LAITHE HILL Childs, Dennis S. Jackson, William Szostek, Dorothy Johnson, Annie Thornton, John A. Booth, Brook H. Paxton, John Blundell, Gerald Paxton, Stephen J. Hirst, Arthur Cooke, Basil S.

Page 205

Jackson, Stanley K. Boothroyd, John Bower, Sarah E. Lingwood, Victor G. Weavill, Marion Wood, Richard Donkersley, Emma Hopps, Philip B. Fox, Walter G. Chambers, Emma E. Jackson, Alice Freestone, Leslie Dance, Arthur G. Ellis, Herbert Barnett, Harriett A. Pickering, William Snowden, Ronald J. Hirst, Harold G. Greaves, Jack Clarke, Leslie MacKinnon, William Mear, Leslie Jackson, Roy S.

NEW LAITHE ROAD Murgatroyd, William G. Jarrell, Samuel H Siswick, Edgar Fox, Alice Nicol, Roy Sykes, Fred French, Edward Tetley, George Oldfield, Audrey Robinson, Sydney Shaw, John Tansey. Lawrence Sykes, Harry Lorriman, Ronald Conroy, Thomas Fairey, Ambrose Atkinson, Agnes Whiteley, Frank Field, Evelyn Shaw, Frederick Finchen, George Speight, Florence Courtman, James H. McLaren, Jack Hirst, Doris K. Thornton, Willie Appleyard, Ernest Green, Charles H. Smith, Harry O'Connor, Abigail Eastwood, Ethel Armitage, Harold Shaw, John W. Hill, Raymond Stead, Alfred E. Johnson, Robert Thornton, George H. Heeley, Olive M. McDonald, John Schofield, William E. Dodgson, Raymond Watson, Raymond P. Robinson, Sidney Littlewood, William Gilbert, Francis G. Denton, Dorothy McGorrighan, Hugh Birmingham, James Barker, Herman Rattigan, John Crowther, Edith Holmes, Frank Parker, William Pawson, James E.

NEWLAND AVENUE Holroyd, Florence Bradley, Kenneth Dorr, Ivan C. A. Green, George M. Clark, Joan B. Laycock, William M. Clifford, Leslie Haw, Emily Fox, Thomas A. Wood, Joseph Eastwood, Phyllis M. Mellor, Arthur B. Sayles, Stanley

NEWLAND ROAD Thornton, James C. Stephenson, George W. Kaye, Annie Jagger, Jonas P. Lumb, Harry


12 16

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Moss, Jam Metcalfe, Rowland

NEW LANE Morton, Milton Whitwam, Ephraim

Brook Holme Whitwam, Brook

47 49


1 1

NEW NORTH ROAD Young Women's Christian Associat tion Rayner & Keeler, Ltd., Dispensing Opticians Hinchcliffe, F., Footwear Queen Frozen Confections Cummins, W. G., Saddler Brook, Irvin, Furs New North Road Baptist Church Pluck, Nellie Murphy, Michael lngustnhal Economy Ltd., Welding u Uri-did Fnendly Insurance Society

Drummond-Jackson & Mathieson, Dental Surgeons McGuire, James Hardy, Leonard M. Noble, Mary A. Healey, Sarah E. Oldfield, Laurence V. Huddersfield Corporation Hospital Management Committee Finance Department Royal Infirmary Nurses' Home Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Spencer, G. & E., Poultry Farmers Huddersfield Executive Council, National Health Service Harrison, Richard O.

Springbank Walker, Edward G. L., Physician and Surgeon Beaumont, Henry W. Whitwam, Jack

2 Sgging Bank Cottage Harrison, Edith

55 539

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8 10

Gamm, - Frederick, Surgeon Sykes, Clarice

Lucid, Jeremiah

Flat 1 Marshall, Lilian Flat 2 Trotter, Bertha Flat 4 Riley, Arthur L. Flat 5 Crosland, Mary K. Flat 6 Learoyd, Ada Flat 8 Holroyd, Hannah L. Flat 9 Hirst, Ernest E. Flat 3 and 10 Manks, Alice M. Eastwood, Phyllis L Sale, Frederick J. Chappell, Ellen Thompson, Nina B. Thewlis, John H. Rome, David Denton, Gertrude Hutcheson, John Rawson, Frank L., Physician and Surgeon Sweetnam, W. P., Paediatrician Backhouse, Reginald Ground Floor Flat Carwin, Sidney First Floor Flat Wood, Gwladys G. Oldfield, Hubert Johnson, John T. Hellawell, Joseph H. Walker, Audrey M. Carter, Henry Kelson Nursing Home Flat 1 Owen, Annie Flat 3 Burns, Neal Flat 2 Kerr, George C. Flat 4 Park, Elsie Flat 5 Dyson, Mildred M. Flat 6 Pearson, Daisy Varley, Gilbert British Railways Goods Ware- house Brown, Walter D. Walker, Isobel D. Paxton, Mavis C. Hirst, Stanley Broadbent, Edith Cairns, Dr. David Lewis, Physician and Surgeon Broadbent, George S., Physician and Surgeon Whittell, Molly Senior, Percy S., Dentist


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prom joums pads - Ui L G) \D S] S] Un GJ ==



Edwards, Dr. T. H., Surgeon Wright, Tom Briggs, Naomi, A.M. Affleck, J. & Sons Ltd., General Warehousemen eck, Alan K Ramsden, Joseph G. K. Eastwood, Mary Gibb, Cummmg N., and Surgeon Copland, James G., Physician and Surgeon Heneghan, Anthony P., Physician and Surgeon Bradley, Walter H. Lee, Henry D. C. Grogan, James Quirke, John St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Dickinson, Dr. W. S., Barlow, A. J. E., Dermatologist Affleck, A. Murray, Phsyician Hirst, Dr. J. W., Physician Pye-Smith, E. J., Physician and Surgeon Rear Verkuylen, Edward Dickson, Dorothy J. M. Roberts, Hilda Stephens, Hugh D., Dental Surgeon Sisman, Eric W. Dickson, William S. Hull, Zilla E. Cockroft, Amy Fitt, Marie Louise Calvert, Jessie Blacker, Ella Marsden, Walter Lumb, George N. Moore, Colin Huddersfield College Mepstead, Reginald B. Hirst, Charles Normmgton Central (Kaye's) College, Secondary and Commercial Stobbs, Herbert E. Walker, James A. Berry, Stanley V. Court, Conrad, V. W. Peters, Harry Atkinson, George, Decorator Wylie, Edward S., Surgeon Dentist Firth, Richard N. Hill, Kenneth Gossland, Adyar D. Thompson, William E., Surgeon Whiteley, Albert M. Smith, Lindon T. Holt, Donald Marsden, Tom Flat 1 Whiteley, Ethel K. Flat 2 Wood, Lionel Flat 3 Broadbent, Denis B. Stanley, Charles Flat a Hirst, James J. Flat B Rothery, Joan

New North Chambers Cheasty, Mary Margaret Hetherington, Ellen Gaunt, Mary Bruce, Dorothy Burrows, Nora Kilburn, Lily Reid, Alexander V. Critchley, Emily Beaumont, Annie

NEWSOME ROAD Kennedy, Wilfred Rothery, Brian Thornton, Albert A. Sidebottom, Ernest D. Kaye, Eleanor Lynch, Arthur Clay, Arthur Netherwood, Marion Jakeman, Fred Brook, Harry Hoyle, Herbert Blakelock, Thomas Ward, Robert H., Magician Garside, Eric S. Lightfoot, Thomas Kaye, Hilda Mosley, Lewis Newman, Leslie Davies, Fred W. Haigh, Daniel Thomas, John T.


Page 206

~] UY GJ ==


Mellor, Arthur Armitage, Percy J. Sharkey, Michael Potter, Cecil Langton, Leah Pollard, Eric Barker, Ethel Sykes, Nellie Bentley, Frank Swift, George C. B. Powner, Edwin Harding, William E. Oddy, Walter Ainley, Joe Rowlands, Elsie M. Simpson, James P. Dean, George Clayton, Ann Corps, Annie E. Pearson, Jack Hynes, Peter Ward, Peter Earnshaw, James Dawson, Arthur, Transport District Inspector Armitage, Arnold, Grocer and Confectioner Kaye, Edgar Beaumont, Ernest Kaye, Garnett Greenwood, Ethel B. Hanson, Fred W. L. Craven, Herbert Holroyd, Joseph Broadhead, Sarah E. Dyson, Frank Tolson, Hilda Hardcastle, Vinda Pogson, Harold Wilson, Harold Mail, John A. Hall, Lily Powner, George Taylor, Stanley MacCallum, Eric F. Lodge, Frank Moon, Lily Newsome, Mabel

Stott's Buildings Walters, John A. Wheelwright, Laura Hick, Lawrence Hobson, Ethel

NEWSOME ROAD SOUTH Lawton, Richard Brooke, Sarah, A. Shaw, Alice Coupland, Harry Blakey, Ronald Burluraux, Mertile Mitchell, Norman Sharp, Walter Gilleard, Tom L. Goddard, Ellen Lodge, Arthur Boothroyd, James A. Hewitt, Annie Ainley, Edward Quarmby, Joe T. Hirst, Kenneth Heel, Harry Chappell, Willie Kelley, James R. Batley, Richard E. Hutchinson, Joe Horne, John Battye, Thomas H. Woffenden, Florence E. Cliffe, Percy Hann, Arthur E. Dean, Eric Bradley, Blanche E. Walshaw, Irvin Bower, Fred Gywnn, Percy Senior, John M. Bickerdike, Arthur Haigh, Harry Hobson, Frank Rigby, Cyril Brooke, Harold L. Pearson, Walter Taylor, Harry D. Smith, Geoffrey K. Heeley, Harold M. Clay, Philip Eastwood, Selwyn Whitehead, Hubert Oddy, Maxwell

ram jmak sows

Knight, Harry Sykes, Kenneth Coldwell, Harold Haigh, Donald Littlewood, Ernest Grainger, Eric N. Hall, Frances M. Hirst, Allen Day, Harold M. Berry, Lily Beaumont, Tom Atkinson, Hector Carter, Eric F. Wilkinson, Frank Stott, Edward R. Hirst, Norman Wimpenny,. Harold Smith, Harry R. Taylor, George W. Cooke, Godfrey Hannam, Frank Scholes, Walter E. France, Willie Eastwood Alan Hallas, Reginald S. Beaumont, Sidney B. Lockwood, Sarah E. Morton, Frank Thompson, Wilfred Armitage, Frederick Harker, Geoffrey Shaw, Walter Maltas, George Atha, Herbert B. Hardcastle, Marie L. Blackburn, Harry Robertson, Stanley Hinchliffe, Horace Allen, Emily Dobson, George F. Bates, Edith W. Wilson, Walter J. Lloyd, David N. Lister, Raymond Garside, Willie Beaumont, James E.

NEW STREET Holt, Claude W. Rattigan, Henry Mills, Arthur E. Wood, Jack Pilling, Henry Norman, John Burkinshaw, Dennis Hanson, Ellen Hutchinson, James J. Liversidge, Andrew Liversidge, Ellen Pearson, Willie Fox, John W. Irving, Beatrice Popplewell, Edith Norton, Jack Whiteley, Emily Hirst, Clara Kaye, Harry Brook, Elizabeth Dickinson, Frank Wallis, Ethel Platt, Bertram Buckley, Laura H. Dodson, David Cliffe, Alfred Parkin, Jack Evans, Frances A. Haigh, Jack Holt, Adeline Murgatroyd, Ingham B. Birdsall, Clara Lammyman, Gerald Crowther, Ronald R. Halstead, George A. Gilbert, Walter Gabrielli, Ernest Jackson, Arthur Wood, Jean M. Singleton, Alice Cooper, Rose C. Kaye, J. W., Chimney Swee Edwards, Herbert Ibbotson, Robert Brabrooke, Lily Brook, Percy Harris, Ellen Lister, Annie Senior, James E. Holroyd, Bernard McKay, Stanley Stevens, Brian Wood, Joseph W.

Cockroft, Arthur Durrans, Gordon A. Booth, James A. Hanson, Henry Lomax, Joseph Jessop, John R. Hargreaves, Thomas Mills, Fred Colborn, Frank W. Shaw, Edith Heppleston, Maggie Fulton, Agnes Hanson, Geoffrey Wood, Jack Hamilton, Hector B. Holt, Jack Hampshire, Thomas Swallow, Lucy Clough, Emma Sykes, James R. Coverley, Harold Barraclough, William Shaw, John A. Arundel, Clifford Noble, Raymond Bowker, William Sykes, Joseph

NEW STREET Lewis, Thomas W. f Bradbury, Lottie Senior, Fred Clay, Frank Firtb, Frank C. Longbottom, Annie E. Hanson, Edgar Dyson, Ronald Lomax, Harry Smith, Gordon Lomax, Doreen Knight, Willie Lockwood, Donald D. Flat Henderson, Joan Flat Smith, Edith Flat Crowther, Annie Flat Ford, Rosamond G. Flat - Barnett, Evelyn M. Bamford, Fred Woodhouse, Stephen Beevers, Eliza A. Woodhouse, Arthur C. Hutchinson, Ronald S. Ackroyd, Norman Edwards, Eric Butterworth, Benjamin Broadbent, Hilton Forrester, Jospeh Deal, Gertie Chaffer, Willie Smith, Harold McKenning, Julia Wood, Harry Forrester, Isabella Jones, Jack Lisle, Alfred Avison, Ernest Newsome, Leonard Broadley, Annie Fox, Jane Wyatt, Clara Roebuck, Stanley Carter, Herbert Earnshaw, Ronald Bray, Leslie Hine, Percy A. Jepson, Wilfred Hirst, Lottie Lewis, Herbert Shaw, Trevor Topham, Gilbert Treherne, George Geoghegan, Priscilla Brook, John Ro'!ls, Sidney in Booth, Ernest Clay, Winifred Johnson, Ernest H. Haigh, Albert G. Shufflebotham, Hart Sykes, Edith Downs, Geoffrey W. Firth, Joshua (Senr.) Hirstwood, Cyril Butterworth, Frederick S. Rhodes, Dennis Pearson, Mary E.

NEW STREET Stead & Simpzgon Ltd., Boot and Shoe Dealers Greenwood, W. & Sons, Jewellers and Silversmiths

Page 207

7 Armitage & Son, Seedsmen and Florists 9 " Boot and Shoe Hotel " Thorpe, Stanley

15 Wimpenny, W. E. & Co., Stock- brokers 15 Mellor, John A. 21 Marks & Spencer Ltd. 29 True-Form Boot Co. Ltd. Imperial Yard Furniture Exchange, Furniture Dealers. Tel. 1905 Beaumonts, Wholesale Warehouse- men Heppenstall, Norman 37 Watson, George (Huddersfield), Confectioners, Tobacconists 37 Collins, Norman 39 Collinson, T. & Sons Ltd., Caterers

41-43 Brown Bros. & Taylor Ltd, House Furnishers 49 Woolworth, F. W. & Co. Ltd., General Merchants

55 Albert Chambers Haigh, Phyllis Naylor, Phillip

Pearl Assurance Co. Ltd.

61 Timpson, Wm., Footwear Retailers 61 Schofield & Oldfield Ltd., Drapers 63 Cole, Alec, Tailor 67 Wood, J. & Sons, Ltd., Pianos, Music, Records 69 Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., The 71 - Jax Stores Ltd., Ladies' Wear

2 - Beaumont, E., Consulting Ophthal- mic Optician * 4 - Barratt, W. & Co. Ltd., Footwear 4 - Bamforth, Leonard, Solicitor 4 Stafford & Co., Caravan Distri- butors 4 Lister, G. A. & Co., Incorporated Accountants 4A Hartley, Jos. W. 6 Arctic Cafe 2 Wheatley, Dyson & Son Ltd., Printers, Stationers, Bookbinders etc. Tel. Manfield & Sons Ltd., Manufacturers Sykes & Co., House Furnishers Rymer, Wright Radio Equipment (Yorkshire) Ltd.


Hawksby's Court Taylor & Hobson, Furniture, Carpets Upholstery, - Cabinet - Makers. Tel. 4830 Marshall, Shaw & Lister, Solicitors 36


Woodhouse, James & Son, House Furnishers Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd. Smith & Wilkinson, Drapers Campbells, House Furnishers

Imperial Arcade Worsley, Ben, Tailor, Outfitter Colne Valley Conservative Associa- tion Wurzal, Barnaby Craven, S. & Co., Accountants, Auditors Littlewood, Miss H., Milliner Potts, Herbert W. Haigh, Miss E. A., Confectioner Moore, Vera, Ladies' Hairdresser Bower, F. & Son, Librarians, Booksellers Halifax & District Manufacturers' Association Huddersfield & District Master Dyers and Finishers' Association Huddersfield Woollen & Worsted Federation Sugden, J., Jeweller Silver, Martin " My Valet" Goddard, H., Pianos, Radio Laycock, Hainsworth Ltd., Elec- trical Contractors

J - W W _ OO) & Gh) _ muje =_ jas jas

fJ ms s se © 00 4

Union Bank Yard Furniture Exchange, Furniture Dealers. Tel. 1905 Sykes, John S. & Co. (Tobacco)

Simpsbn, John


pand jowet junk U UJ = \D _] UL GJ =s

prot Janet


Books (Fashions) Ltd. Ellwood (Silks) Ltd. Bradley, Bakers and Caterers Barrie, Joan (Bolton) Ltd., Ladies' Fashions Cash Supply Stores, Grocers and ines Hopton, R. S. & Son, Paint and Varnish Coldwell, Lawrence Qutsize Shop, Costumiers Dixon, Bernard

NEW STREET Littlewood, William A. Fletcher, Herbert G. Wilson, John E. Coles, Geoffrey Brook, Harry Sheard, Mary H. Platt, John W. Gayer, Ernest W. Robertshaw, John Jagger, Kathleen Jackson, John T. Pearson, Alice A. Watts, Irene Sheard, Marion Lawrence, Henry H. Lamb, James G. A. Woodhouse, Fred Garside, Jeffrey Hendrikson, Edward

NORCROSS AVENUE Senior, Albert Senior, Brian Milnes, Harriet A. Royston, Gilbert Sykes, Leslie H. Nutton, George Holt, Arthur Fisher, Norman Oldham, Roy Craven, Harry Gardner, Colin Moore, James Schofield, Eunice C. Whitwam, Clifford Stringer, Herbert Quarmby, Frank Taylor, Lawrence

NORMAN ROAD Eglington, G., Butcher " Patricia," Ladies' Hairdresser Graham, Hubert Crossley, Mabel Harper, John R. Taylor, Norman Whittell, Ronald W. Hirst, Sarah A. Brook, Arthur McCarthy, John Gilbert, Alice Booth, Percy Wrigley, Harold Dickinson, Edwin Boylan, James S. Cooper, Arthur Garvey, James Parsonage, William Sinfield, Henry A. Hirst, Walter Lister, Norman Clelland, James W. - - Garside, Clifford Stork, Emily Tomkins, Jack Mackenzie, John E. G. Rattigan, Bernard Nicholls, Geoffrey T. Walker, Frank Mortimer, Keith Savile, Francis Hamill, Fred Ewen, Alan B. Atkinson, James W., Dentist Denham, Leonard Milnes, Ralph Pack, John C. Horsman, Herbert Spokes, Albert Quarmby, Mabel E. Davies, William T. Smith, Arthur Lockwood, Ervin Denham, Herbert Kinder, William B. Hinchcliffe, Agnes Ellis, Leah

91 93

jun: pand J O & O $ N Ut L - \ _] Un G) mes

pand paws

[J bt bonk bunt past r- ~] U1 GJ =- \D \] Un GJ) ie

191 Hirst, Frank D. Waring, Harry Middlemost Bros, & Co. Ltd.,

Manufacturers (Clough House Mills) Lancaster, John McGaffie, Ethel Prince, Edith Oldham, Kenneth F. Ware, William N.

* Jenkinson, Keith

Pettit, Stanley G. Kidger, Alexander G. Lindley, Frank R. Powell, Arthur Mellor, Harold Crossley, Thomas Martin, Robert S. Hawksworth, Emma Harrop, Daniel F. Rogers, Lily Brook, Walter Brown Joseph Wiper, George Wakefield, Herbert Smith, Gilbert Senior, Helena Sykes, Harry Schofield, Frank Beaumont, Joe Woodhead, Norman Wood, William Galvin, Raymond Shaw, Lewis Swift, Harold Battye, Kate M. Whitwam, Herbert Massam, Philip Shackleton, William W. Brawn, David Smith, Elizabeth E., Confectioner, Sweets Cowan, Alice M. Mellor, Edgar Blackhurst, Thomas Donaghey, David Bootland, Tom Ellis, Wilfred Harburn, Geoffrey Roberts, Fred W. Pattison, Robert S. Hewett, Florence Sweetingham, Ronald H. Grindrod, Kenneth W. Flemming, Jack Drake, Cecil Ambler, Leonard Beverley, Donald Newburn, William Renton, John H.

NORRIS CLOSE Chambers, James W. Lang, Ronald Lawton, John H. Sanderson, Thomas W. Iredale, Jack Rattigan, John W. Stephenson, John Roscoe, Vernon Coverley, Gilbert Stead, Derek Sugden, Ronald Whitehead, James H. Booth, Cyril Harvey, Richard

NORTH BANK ROAD Booth, Chas. W. Burke, William E. Mear, Fred Brown, Geoffrey H. Dodgson, Norman Crooke, Jack Bower, Annie L. Mallinson, Arthur Taylor, George E. Wood, Donald Hoyle, Raymond L.

NORTH CARR Armitage, Frank Oldham, Ronald Oliver, Richard Senior, John Johnston, Douglas Dowling, James W. Senior, Jack Foxcroft, Herbert Littlewood, Ronald Small, Richard C.

Page 208



Connelly, Catherine Oldroyd, Jack Hirst, Harry N. Thornton, Walter H. Pratt, James Barker, Herbert Senior, Richard Calvert, Arnold Haigh, Walter Spencer, Arthur Goode, Stanley Townend, Norman Stockdale, Frank J. Dawson, Charles Levett, Frederick Rich, Stanley C. Ashton, Arnold Good, Bernard Oates, Jack Wren, Reuben F. Beaver, Albert J. Gledhill, Simeon A. Midgeley, Wa'ter Loader, James L. Cook, Edward Taylor, George E. Hyde, Leslie Varley, Victor Wise, Ronald A. Jenkinson, Harry B.

NORTH CARR CROFT Greeley, James G Dickinson, Joe Dickinson, Harry Clarke, Frank Billington, James H. Wood, John F. Tibbett, Charles E. Shooter, Vernon O. Butcher, Harold Thackray, Norman

NORTH CROSS ROAD Booker, Alfred R. Jackson, Joseph S. James, Frederick Taylor, Arthur E. Dews, Joseph Clayton, Martha J. Wood, Mary Mitchell, Leslie Chatterton, Hildred Ashwell, Albert Thornton, Sarah A. Bruce, Arthur W. Bruce, Robert H. Blakey, Phillip Wrightson, William

32A Flood, Clarence A.

34 36 38

Rothery, Percy Ambler, Mary E. Shaw, Arthur

38A Morsley, Eric

40 42 44

Heaton, Leonard Moulton, Harry _ Thornton, Edward B. P.

46/48 Brook, Willie 50

52 54

poms poss pant & I 4 N Ut W - \D a] GJ bat ae



Gledhill, Walter Kirk, John Barmby, Fred

NORTHFIELD AVENUE Buckingham, Fred G. Robertshaw, Colin Lodge, Frank Trowell, James W. Yates, Walter Baxter, Harry Dyson, Luther S. Dannatt, Thomas H. Craven, George Turner, Eliza Kaye, Ernest Drinkwater, Cyril Wilkinson, Arthur Varley, Norman Hopson, Jack Jessop, James A. Kinloch, Thomas

NORTHFIELD GROVE Megson, Harold Mellor, Edwin Hey, Colin Littlewood, Stanley Johnson, William Richardson, Harry Barker, Arthur J. Bottoinley, James Thompson, Alexander J.

Armitage, Eric Lawton, Edward Laidlaw, Harry Beaumont, James E. Dyson, Jack Bower, John A. Hardy, Douglas M. Thorpe, Donald Maude, William M. Shaw, Marion Kirby, John Daniel, Brian Kilner, Arnold Kilner, Philip J. Bourn, Frederick C. J. Booth, Doris Pitt, John R. Poole, Sydney Booth, Dick

NORTHGATE Wroe, Bernard Mitchell, Geo., Plumber, Electrician Credland, Harry, Tomlinson's Yard Perry, Fred, Sheet metal Worker, Tomlinson's Yard Spivey, Beaumont Taylor, Frank Mawer, F. & Son, Haulage Marsden, Joe, Caterer Appleyard's, Butchers Booth, H. A., General Dealer Lydon, Thomas, Schoales Square Booth, H. A., Milk Bar Firth, Colin, Grocer Mee, Frank, Fruit, General Hays (Huddersfield) Ltd., Boot Repairers and Clog. Makers. Tel. 2396 Ogden, Joe Thompson, James Dawson, John Hallas, Harold, Pork Butcher Hellawell, Harry Cockroft, R., Chemist Ireland & Sons Ltd., Grocers Harrison, G. D. & Sons Ltd., Electrical Wholesalers Wiles, Fred Shakespeare Hotel Best, John, House Furnishers, Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums etc. Tel 3524 Avery, W. & T. Ltd., Weighing Machine Manufacturers (Wells Mills) Tailford, R., Fish - Merchants (Wells Mills) Helliwell, Clement Rawliin's Dance Service Brook, Ethel Winterbottom, S., Saddler, Leather Goods Nagle, Monica Vasey, Annic Moore, Arnold, Oxford Street Garage "* Fox and Grapes Hotel " Widdup, Harry Mathewman, H., Fruiterer Hudson & - Pritchard, Books, Models Brennan, John A. Kistell, John T. B. Gannon, Kathleen M. Caselton, Tom Quirke, Edward Carter's, Agricultural Ironmongers Boothroyd, Harry Johnson, Harry R. Washington, Hubert Sykes, Mary L. Cryer, Thomas Hellawell, Edith Brass, Mary Rachel Hague, Horace Noble, Foster Arthur Confectioner Baxter & Crossland, Newsagents Rogers, WilhamII-I Drapery, Taxis

"* Spotted Co Whittaker, George Parkin, James Crosfield, Stanley Harrop, James Cuthbert's Buildings Lenard, Peter Jenkins, Olive L. Shipley, Sarah Dutton, Raymond Olsen, Olaf Chadwick's Yard Howarth, Jack (Sent.)

84 86 90

92 94


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144 146

91A 93

Andrews, Harry Dodson, Thomas H. "* Fitzwilliam Hotel "

Ainley, Fred Marshall, Willis Furness, Donald, Washers and Service Longley, Bryan Fretwell, Sam Rushworth, P. & Son, Busy Boot Makers Walkley, F., Clog Manufacturer Mayo, Harry G. Malone, Fred Faulkingham, George Hill, Harry Senior, John Ashton, Fred Oldham, Kenneth Stead, Joe R. Brooke, Florence M. Green, Veronica Clelland, Florence Dyson, Maurice Fahey, Edward Tinker, Brian Thorley, Joshua

Parkin's Buildings Sadd, Leslie W. Hulme, George Walsh, Terence

Kaye, Albert

Lister's Yard Moor, Elizabeth Cassidy, Donald F. Pegg, Ernest F.

Wilson, John E. Buzza, Henry

Hepworth's Yard Rowe-Gagen, Wilfred Allan, John Thomas Wilson, Fred

Berry, Lucy E. Smith, Vaughan McKim, Polly Howson, William Wood, Harold S. Owen, George E. Alderley, William Wainwright, Stanley, and Haulage

NORTHGATE Kaye, Walter Booker, Charles H. Muscroft, Andrew E. Hepworth, Louie Sykes, Fred Davies, Randall P. "* Rose and Crown " Inn Starkey, Albert Mallinson, Herbert L. Beaumont, Alice Blackshaw, Donald C. Jessop, Allan Rice, Harold Ross, Dr. George Wood, Frederick M. Broomhead, John W. Gilleard, Philip B., Radio Electri- cian Parker, James C. Wild, Ernest Graham, Andrew, Optician Riley, George Watmuff, Bernard Wallaces Ltd., Grocers, Provisions Smith, Arthur Dodson, C., Fish and Fruit


Chemist and

95-97 Storey, Arthur

99 107 111 113 113A

Duce's Cafe, Bakers Wright, Geoffrey Whitehead, Norman, Butcher Hales, Thomas W. Binnie, Fredk. W. Tip-Top Cleaners, Dry Cleaners Pearson Herbert Holt, Annie Crawshaw, Philip Whiting, Douglas Taylor, Norris Thewlis, Ronald Brooksbank, Jack

33 147-49 Blacker, Harry, Baker

Page 209

o O O 4 NJ -] Ut G2 -=-

LJ ms

Shepherd, Mary Hitchcock, James McNab, Peter Holloway, Annie Horner, Fred Jackson, David Street, Edgar Turner, Gertrude Hartley, Terence B. Burnett, Robert Huthwaite, Eleanor Taylor, Clara A. Harris, Ivy Gardiner, Elsie Finnemore, Ernest H. Moorhouse, Stanley E. Holdsworth, Oliver Ford, Colin Berry, Emily Astwick, Lilian Hanson, Agnes M. Liversidge, George Nutton, Emma Mallinson, Bert Hallam, Marion D. Lodge, Annie Hall, Douglas Lomas, James Chadwick, Joe Peace, Jane Stansfield, Marion Robinson, Joe Noble, Minnie Haigh, Douglas Haigh, Harry Haigh, Stanley Beaumont, Percy Ellison, Herbert E. Kellett, Mary M. Burkitt, Harry Cartwright, Gertrude S. Taylor, Arnold Shaw, Thomas Clarke, Florence Griffin, Ethel Milnes, John T. Mail, Alice Earnshaw, Norman Beaumont, Annie E. Meller, Annie Lockwood, Ada Boothroyd, Harold Howarth, James E. Mellor, Frank L. Whittaker, Joseph Crawford, James Mellor, Thomas Lodge, Fred M. Kitchen, Queenie Robinson, Frank Bottomley, William Taverney, Edward F. Sykes, Norman Sykes, John Briggs, Wilfred Bates, Kenneth Atkin, Jack D. Hallas, Edgar Priestley, Kathleen Armstrong, Willie Whitehead, Martha Oeos, Herbert Booth, Charles E., Fish Fryer Almondbury All Samts Church

Alms Houses Stead, Louisa

NORTH RISE Magnall, Ronald G. Acton, Walter Babb, Harriet Dickinson, Leslie Bartholomew, Charles H. Booth, Fred Glass, William J. Drury, Alfred J. Evans, Roger Broadhead, Lucy W. Addy, Annie Marshall, Lillie Kilner, Harry Hewlett, Thomas H. Hardy, Fred Garwood, Arthur H. Hutchinson, John

NORTH STREET Pearson, Stuart B. Laherty, Patrick

Crowther, F. T., Grocer, Wines


proms bomb pood L tb @ a $& ho

Huddersfield & District Co-opera- tive Society Ltd., Grocers Wimpenny, Ann E Rollin, Gertrude Hawksworth, Joe France, Ambrose J. Bridges, John S. Lord, James E. Wheelhouse, Edith

NORTH STREET Riley, Ellen Pearson, George N. Abbott, Henry Mercer, Norman Platt, Annie Gee, Leslie Sarsby, Kenneth Barber, Friend Bates, Horace Cartwright, Vincent Dews, Emma Bower, John W. Seel, Edward C. Cattan, Jeffgey Jessop, Sydney Groves, Agnes M. Vigrass, Norman Whitwam, Roy Morris, Joseph Henry Hirst, Harry Winterbottom, John L. Mowbray, Irvin Ellis, Herbert Holland, Victor Chappell, Joel Firth, Wilie Vlckerman, Stanley Morley, Frederick E. Holland, John, Radio Electrical, Lawton, Hubert Beaumont, Henry Mullally, James Shaw, Tom Wilson, Donald Portch, Harold A. A. Riley, Walter Howarth, Harold Dyson, Geoffrey Ellis, Edward E.

7-9 Leonard, Mabel

Kenworthy, Stanley Boothroyd, Stanley White, Harry Hoyle, Reggie Rowe, Leonard Earnshaw, Frank Bower, Peggy Stell, William Gledhill, Ethel M. Bamforth, Tom - Taylor, Percy Hirst, Harry Charlesworth, Harry Hallas, William Ellam, George Pearce, Alice Holmes, Annie E. Halstead, Catherine Taylor, Harry Mallalieu, James W. Tyas, Harry Powell, Annie Gwendoline Joe Todd, Frank Wilson, Dora Taylor, Sarah E. Knight, Mary H. Gill, Fred Lodge, Harriet V. Milner, Harry Bower, George E. Bricklebank, Eric Grindrod, Leonard A. Miller, Derek Dyson, Gertrude Wade, Geoffrey Whiteley, Percy Hepper, Jack Wood, Stanley Senior, Emily S. Wilson, Taylor Earnshaw, Geoffrey Hibbert, Joseph Hall, Walter Armitage, Derek W. Armitage, Harry Booth, Clara L.

Booth, Gcorge S.



25 Wood, Frank 25 Bamling, Wilfred 27 Bradley, Tom 29 Ward, Henry 31 - Buckingham, Gerald G. 33 Glynn, James E. . 35 Maynard, Dennis 37 Garside, F. & A., Window Cleaners 39 - Langlands, George

NORTHUMBERLAND STREET Princess Pictures Ltd. Dugdale Bros. & Co. Ltd Woollen Merchants Crowther, - Alfred - (Huddersfield) Ltd Pl bers' Merchants. Tel. 1275-6 and 3045 (3 lines) Friendly & Trade Societies Club 9 Brown, Joseph E 9a Hirst, Hugh Kahn, M. & Co., Clothiers 13 Barker, Stuart W. 15 Hodge, Douglas 17 Roberts, Edward 17 Taylor, William 19 Horan, Thomas 21 - Millane, John 23 Rattigan, Edward 25 Adsetts, Fred 27 Denton, Eleanor V. 29 Joyce, Joe Keane, Bernard

Benson's Square 3 - Beaumont, Stanley 4 Hampshire, Frank 5 Clelland, Alexander 7 Hardy, Harold 8 Kelly, James W. 9 Griffiths, Robert 10 - Bull, Nellie

31 Turner, Elliott (Senr.) 39 Brennan, Edward

Harris's Buildings 1 Hymas, Dixon 2 Gannon, Brunetta

43 - Randerson, Kenneth E. 43 Taylor, Alan 47 Ramsey, Alexander O. 47 Downs, Mary A. 49 Priestley, Harold E. 53 Warrior, John 55 Elliott, Willie 57 Duff, Robert H. 59 Massheder, Arthur 61 TIbberson, James 61 1lbberson, Malcolm 63 Parkin, Florence B. 6 Heaton, S. & Co. Ltd., Confectioners Crescent Hotel 8 - Strange, Alfred, Ladies' Hairdresser 8a Strange, Harold Huddersfield General Post Office Northumberland Street Methodist Church 12 Edwards, Ernest C. 16 Brook, Taverner & Co., Woollen Merchants 18 Clarkson, F. & Son, Butchers 86 ** Prime Hotel " Ingham, Winifred 90 "Enid," Ladies' Hairdressers 90A Lee, Joseph Baynham, William J.

NORWOOD ROAD Norwood Engineering Co. 2 Jessop, Willie 2 Goodhead, Arthur H. 2A Spencer, Edmund 4 Fletcher, John W. 6 8


Blackburn, Arthur Dawson, Harold 10 Dyson, Hubert 12 Dawers, Ada 14 Booth, Henry 16 Hicks, Leonard 18 Lilley, Medilla 20 Smith, Major T. 22 Weir, George 24 Hoyle, Harry 26 Whitehead, John A. 28 Armitage, Thomas 30 Hollingworth, Jack 32 Thewlis, Herbert 34 - Lawson, Robert 36 Willey, Derek G.


Page 210


_ 3 3 _J & O & N NU ut w - \D _] Un GJ =



Wilkinson, Joseph Sykes, Garah Riley, Leslie Hargreaves, Harry Brook, George Taylor, Lawrence Hogg, Robert Bentley, Sydney Binns, Leslie Bray, Fred Clay, Harold Wootton, John Holt, Charles Wardle, Ernest Garner, Clifford Taylor, William H. Clay, Nellie Charlesworth, Frank Littlewood, Lewis B. Hird, Hannah Tweedale, Minnie Hewlett, Geoffrey Clarkson, Raymond Jagger, Lewis Lisle, James McGough, Alfred Iredale, Rolland Sutcliffe, Robert Steele, Clarence Devine, Dennis Cwek, Dorothy Waterhouse, Norman Pearson, Lawrence Beaumont, Harold Nash, William Parker, Norman W.

Winterbottom, George H.

Taylor, John Leslie Stanger, John T. Hayward, John Greenwood, Kenneth Wood, John P. Smith, Gordon

NOWELL PLACE Sullivan, Lawrence Coletta, John R. Spivey, Ered Kimmings, Stanley Moorhouse, Norman Lee, Richard Hobbs, Alfred R. Ellis, Alfred Bawn, George W. Walker, Charles H. Reeve, Wilfred Battye, John E. Whitwam, Wilfred Potts, William H. Blacker, Thomas H. Gilleard, Harold R. Sawyer, James E.

NURSERY STREET Casson, Frank R. Rattigan, John Oates, Lydia Bennett, Alfred Thorpe, Fred Perry, Harold Pluright, Mabel B. Woodcock, Thomas Mosley, John T. Smith, Brian Raithby, Christopher Barber, Ernest (Senr.) Durrans, Stanley Boyle, Francis Townend, Edith Buckley, Arthur Overton, Albert S. Wall, Thomas Brailsford, Charles Buzza, Renee Buckler, Ronald Gilbert, Frank Downey, Thomas Jessop, James E. Littlewood, Harold Senior, Frank Littlewood. Harold

OAK AVENUE Oates, Clifford Armitage, Norman D. Boothroyd, Ruth Winterbottom, James Moulton, Leslie Kilner, Willie Hepworth, Kenneth Singleton, Haigh


2 4 6 8

Sewell, Ernest Routledge, Reg. N. Aaron, Edward Jarrett, Stanley G.



n J& w tJ - & W -] _] O Uu & u

Jumk buut pont bunt punk

Dransfield, George E. Leadley, John C. McRae, George E. Wilby, Gilbert D. North, Harold Castle, Franklin Holden, Frank North, Ernest Wadsworth, Robert D. Davies, Mabel E. Lee, John Henry Moore, Kenneth Meadows, William Ramm, John E. Stocks, Horace N. Kershaw, Gordon Holmes, Henry Richardson, Frank Hunt, Harry Bolton, Eric Sutcliffe, Harry D. Forsyth, George Brennan, Martin Jones, David Thomas Jackson, Raymond Hopkins, Harry S. Gingell, Sydney A. Tommis, David N. Stewart, Eric Killeen, Thomas Kaye, Luther Drury, John H. Lindley, Walter (Senr.) Spivey, Harriet Fraser, Jean Day, Douglas Wareham, Frank Fitton, Teddy Brook, Barnabas Catton, Gerald Cross, Harry

OAKES ROAD Oakes Secondary Modern School Oakes Baptist Church Bezant, Arthur E. Marshall, Emily Iredale, Emma H. Wood, William Mear, Edwin Kaye, Norman Newsome, Arthur Hirst, Clifford Wilkinson, Norman Moorhouse, Fred Greenwood, Albert G. Shelton, George Hinchliffe, Emily Haigh, Annie Jones, Richard Ballinger, Frederick Wood, Stanley Broom, Horace Callaghan, Wilfred, Grocer Dixon, Herbert Wren, Joseph H. Batley, Joe Robinson, Leslie Bullett, Elsie

OAKES ROAD SOUTH Birks, William R. Green, Brian Hare, George R. Crowther, Norman W. Shaw, Ethel Goodall, Frederick R. Clough, Miriam Walker, William R. Jackson, Arthur, Deputy Water- works Engineer Webster, Arthur W. Hollingworth, Leslie Crowther, Philip Crowther, Fredrick Walker, Annie J. Rawlinson, Ruth Taylor, Eric N. Roberts, William Mitchelmore, Barbara Raynor, Arnold Sykes, Sarah Lockwood, Willie

96a Thornton, Peter


Williams, Trevor A.

98A 100 102 104

Chapman, Sydney McHale, John E. Smith, Jospeh E. Thorpe, James S.

OAKFIELD ROAD Thomas, Joe Moore, Arnold Wainwright, Edward Coldwell, Arthur Thompson, George L. Metcalfe, Thomas Dawson, Arthur Bocock, George E. Tilley, John G. Druce, Edward T. Garton, Richard V.

OAK ROAD Lamkowski, Jeanne F. Leatham, Mona Ashwell, Trevor Ackroyd, Jack Ward, Sarah Candler, Arthur Haldenby, Fred Lyons, Leslie Scholefield, Charles B. Dyson, Harry Schofield, Harold Heeley, Walter Hamilton, Alexander Heath, Jack Royston, Lily Oldroyde, John Heeley, Eric Iredale, Roy Shaw, Mary E. French, Harold Hopwood, Beatrice Ellis, Raymond Spence, Daisy E. Ellis, Arthur D. Edwards, Fred Littlewood, Hannah Berry, Albert E. Brown, Alice M. Dalton, Percy D. Hopwood, John H. Buckley, Kenneth

OASTLER AVENUE Schofield, Clara Turton, George H. A. Rudd, Lawrence W. Coke, John F. Lusty, Eric W. Chadwick, Elizabeth Bentley William Broadhead, Edward R. Hawkins, Dorothy G. Newman, Eric C. Chadwick, Fred Rhodes, Gerald Riley, John T. Craven, Sydney Rushworth, Frank Mitchell, Cyrus Lazenby, Thomas A. Denham, Florence Mear, Jane Mackinnon, Malcolm W. Smith Tom Garland, Edward Waite, Horace Bedford, Gilbert E.

OCCUPATION ROAD Turner, Frank Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Branch Hospital, Green Lea Linsley, Benjamin Auty. Lewis Evenson, Mabel Crowther, John M. Tetlow, John L. Prior, Frank V. Dyson, Kenneth M. Bamforth, Richard W. Taylor, Joseph Netherwood, Emmeline Hill, Kenneth B. Whitteron, Elsie M. Rawlings, Wilfred Sykes, John Newton, Charles H. Shaw, Harry Wilkinson, Stanley Rowan, William W. Moore, Florence H. Whittle, Ernest B.

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4 - Beaumont, Elizabeth H. 6 Overton, Ernest 8 Kaye, Sidney 10 Foster, Sydney 12 Wilkinson, Eric S. 14 Chatterton, George W. 16 Lockwood, John B. 18 Kaye, Edith 20 Sykes, James A. 20 Sykes, Joseph G. 30 Shaw, Frank Liberal Club Worsley, Harold Vicarage Tuff, Harold

OCCUPATION ROAD Wilson, Walter H. Radley, Wilfred Oddy, Vincent Beaumont, Harry Dyson, Conrad D.


Dunnock Hill 53 Bragg, William E. 55 Kaye, Arnold 57 Horsfall, Ellen 59 Hallas, Richard 63 Quarmby, Garfield

OLDFIELD STREET 1 Kaye, Arthur C. 3 Foster, Bertha 5 Holden, Frank 3 Watson, Henry E. 9 9

60 O\ 42 N -

Gledhill, Evelyn Rushworth, Eric Barlow, John W. Crowther & Vickerman Ltd., Fancy Worsted (Crosland Moor Mills)

Armitage Square Temple, Newland Skocz, Marion Burkitt, Albert Lunn, Lewis Ellam, George Bedford, John France, Leslie Buckley, Kenneth Long, Ronald

Oldfield Square Furniss, Bertha Howard, William Nunns, Dennis O'Brien, Winifred Atkinson, John Henderson, James M. Luty, Eric

OLIVE STREET Goddard, Alfred Tebb, Hugh B. Ramsden, Harry Charlesworth, Thomas Thewlis, Roy

ORCHARD STREET St. Matthew's Church 50 Bryan, George 52 Davis, Edith E. 54 Todd, Wilfred T. 56 Allatt, Richard 58 Fouracre, Althea M. 60 Waterson, Raymond A. 62 Donnell, Robert 64 Hallas, Oswald 66 Gregory, Kenneth 68 North, Harry 70 Winterbottom, Frank N 72 Lumb, Fred J. 74 - Green, Harry 76 Tomes, Ronald G. H. 78 Dawson, Smith 80 Sykes, Arthur 82 Tracey, Arthur 84 Jones, Nicholas 86 Davis, Reggie 88 - Baddeley, Joseph J. 90 North, Wilfred 92 Oakes, Claude 94 Reddington, Leonard 96 McWilliam, Jack 98 Richards, Samuel P. Shaw, Albert Taylor, George Wall, Ivy

ORCHARD STREET WEST 6 Parkinson, Edgar 8 Hoyle, Ernest 10 Oldham, Lewis Robert 12 Elam, Dorothy

\D -] O Ut A& Q N -

C J Ui / G b -

IJ J Uh Ua G2


pand joust vene U y -= \D _J UJ QJ =-

ORCHARD TERRACE Hoyle, Jack F. Hall, Polly Goddard, Benjamin H. Wilson, J. W. & Son, Plumbers Kelly, John Parkinson, Thomas Sykes, Arthur Vickers, Isaac Griffin, Beryl A. Cox, Roy Copley, Teddie Marsden, Bernard Marsden, Brian Stephens, Albert Roberts, Frank Townsend, Lawrence Land, Henry Wing, Edith Young, Ernest Shaw, Thomas W. Butterfield, Jack Brewer, Annie Swinden, Harry D. Day, Norman Davies, John A. Tunnacliffe, John Hodgkinson, Harry Scott, Ronald, Private Hire Hanson, Derek Scott, Lloyd N. Sizer, Charles E.

OSBORNE ROAD Taylor, Joe Wilkinson, Harry Lamb, William Smith, Joseph Morrell, Harry Chambers, Horatio Meade, William Wilson, Arnold L. Newsome, Edward Matthewman, Joseph A. Townend, Harry Brooksbank, Bertha Hall, Frank Iredale, Wright Mellor, Elsie Fox, Edward H. Hodgson, Herbert R. McGauvran, Arthur Darlington, Frederick Thackray, Doris Caine, Delia Merrick, Ernest Ridings, Alfred H. id Wainwright, Arthur Butler, John Crawford, Leonard J. Downey, James Carter, Cyril Whiteley, Alan Winterbottom, Brian Doughty, Thomas H. (Sent.) Laws, Joseph J. Higton, Arthur B. Shaw, Albert Juniper, Dean F. Roche, Maurice Brook, Harold Day, Harry Hirst, Sarah J. Stuttard, George E. Gordon, George C. Islip, Geoffrey Reynard, Ada