Huddersfield Lighting, Watching and Cleansing Act of 1820

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Defining the Limits of the Act.

On Death, Refusal, or Neglect of Commission- ers, others to be chosen.



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Meetings on Emergencies.

Regulating Proceedings of Commis- sioners at Meetings,

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Commission- ers empower- ed to cause the Streets, &c. to be lighted, and to purchase Lamps, &c.

Power to lay Gas Pipes, KC.

Commission- ers to repair Damage done to Walls or Rails by affixing or altering Lamp Irons.

Proviso that the Water- works, Pipes, &c. belong- ing to Sir Jobn Rams-

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Streets, &c. to be watch- ed, Watch- men appoint- ed, &c.

Duty of Watchmen.

Penalty on Persons harbouring Watchmen.

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Attendance on Duty of such Watchman or Night Patrol in virtue of this Act, then every such Victualler, or other Person so offending, shall for every such Offence forfeit and pay a Sum not exceeding Forty Shillings.

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No Person to take away Dirt, &c. but Contractors.

Persons may keep the Dust, &c. within their own Pre-

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Materials vested in Commission- ers.

Rates how fixed, &c.


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1312 °GEORGII IV. Cup.

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Applicatiqn of Money raised by

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1°GEORGII IV. Cap.xliii. 1317 and it shall and may be lawful to and for any Constable or other Peace Officer, or any One of the said Commissioners, or any Officer or other Person acting by or under their Authority by virtue of this Act, and without any Warrant whatsoever, to seize and apprehend any such Offender or Offenders as aforesaid, and forthwith to convey him, her, or them before some Justice or Justices of the Peace for the said Riding, in order to his, her, or their Conviction of such Of- fence: Provided nevertheless, that it shall be lawful for the said Commission- Commissioners to order and direct and maintain Prosecutions against

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Penalty for suffering Carts and Carriages to remain in the Street.


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Form of Conviction.


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IV. Cap.xliii. 1321

ALV. And be it further enacted, That no Proceedings to be had Proceedings touching the Conviction of any Offender or Offenders against this

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Rates of Commission- ers, without quashing the whole.

Inhabitants may be Witnesses.

Plaintiff not to recover after Tender of Amends,

Limitations of Actions.

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