Borough of Huddersfield Order of 1890 by Huddersfield Corporation

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53 &54 Vict. Local Government Board’s Ch. cciv. Provisional Orders

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480 58 & 54 Vict. Session 1890. Ch.

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53& 54 Vict. Borough of Huddersheld Ch.

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4.82 53&54 Vict. Borough of Huddersfield Ch. cciv. Order 1890.

Art. 1-3 The Huddersfield Waterworks and Improvement Act, 1876 ; The Huddersfield Improvement Act, 1880 ; and

The Huddersfield Corporation Act, 1882 (herein-after referred to as the “Act of 1882’) ;

And whereas the Council of the existing Borough are, by virtue of Section 80 of the Act of 1882, the Burial Board for the existing Borough, except the portion of the Township of Almondbury known as the Ecclesiastical District of Almondbury ;

And whereas the Local Government District of Longwood (herein- after referred to as “the Longwood District’’), in the County of the West Riding of Yorkshire (which District is co-extensive and con- terminous with the Township of Longwood), adjoins the existing Borough ;

And whereas by virtue of the Elementary Education Acts, 1870 to 1880, the existing Borough and the Township of Longwood are school districts, for which School Boards have been formed ;

And whereas the Longwood District is included in the Golear Electoral Division of the County of the West Riding of Yorkshire :

51 & 52 Vict. Now therefore, We, the Local Government Board, in pursuance of

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Vict. Borough of Huddersfield Ch. ceiv. Order 1890.


shall for the purposes of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1882, and Art. 4—7 for all other purposes, be the Borough, and shall be the County 44 & 45 Vict.

Borough for the purposes of the Act.

c. 50.

Art. IV.—(1.) One of the maps shall be deposited in the office of Deposit of

the Local Government Board, and the other shall be deposited by the ™@ps.

town clerk of the Borough at his office within ten days after the date of this Order. Copies of the said map deposited with the town clerk, certified by him, shall be sent within one month after the date of the Act of Parliament confirming this Order to the clerk of the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire, and to the Director-General of Her Majesty’s Ordnance Survey at Southampton.

(2.) Copies of or extracts from the map deposited with the town Copies of map clerk, certified by him to be true, shall be received in all courts of tobeevidence.

justice and elsewhere as prima facie evidence of the contents of such map so far as relates to the boundaries of the Borough; and such map shall at all reasonable times be open to inspection by any person liable to any rate leviable within the Borough, and any such person shall be entitled to a copy of or extract from such map, certified by the town clerk, on payment of a reasonable fee for every such copy or extract. All sums received under this Article shall be carried to the credit of the Borough Fund.

Art. V. An equitable adjustment respecting the distribution of the Adjustment

proceeds of the local taxation licenses and probate duty grant, and al other financial relations between the County of the West Riding of Yorkshire and the Borough, which may be affected by the extension of the existing Borough by this Order, shall be made by agreement within six months from the Ninth day of November, One thousand eight hundred and ninety, between the County Council and the Cor- poration, and in default of such agreement by the Commissioners appointed under the Act; and for the purpose of such adjustment Section 32 of the Act shall apply with the necessary modifications.

l between County and Borough.

[This adjustment was made on the 10th February 1892 by an

Order of the Local Government Act Commissioners. ]

Art. VI.—(1.) The powers and duties of the justices of the peace Jurisdiction - appointed for the existing Borough, of the clerk to such justices, and

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484 538&54 Vict. Borough of Huddersfield Ch. cciv. Order 1890.

Art. 8—11 the lists of county electors and the county register, the Local Govern- ment Board may make such order as shall appear to them to be necessary to give effect to the provisions of this Order, and may vary, so far as shall be necessary, the provisions in force with regard to such lists, roll, and register.

Number of Art.

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Art. 17—20

Property, &c. of Local Board.

Abolition of Local Board.

Audit of accounts,

Mortgage debts of Longwood Local Board and Corpora- tion.

Local Acts.

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